Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1927
Page 6
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,:-VfiPAGE SIX rXESU WjlTJiK SPKUftt UT • -THE «EA.' Tke IHtenintltti'Kl Sandar School I ierlr It«TWj «St«dl«« In the Chrlsllun LU IB '?—Revl '7i9.17. ^ ' (By William T. Ellis.) One of the : countless - curious acbJ to be leiarned by leisurely •Etndy in £ible Lands lis the existence ot fresh-water springs flowing Un the'midst of the salt^sea— ' a perfect parable of life and of i^hc Ijregcnt Sunday sc)io6l-Jes8on.._ At two^ points oa the coast of Syria. iMie'aioagBidfe of th£. Island Tof Buad.jmay *e found^he phenomenon-of] springSs^of fresh water bub- -bliug lip from the bed crf^the Medi- terran^n, so thattit inaybe drunk withoii!t any, taste of the isalt wa- tBT thijough Iwhich it has forced itself _to ithe surllace. ; ^ Moreithan once, in times of siege iwben the cisterns of Ruad' (the Old JTOstament-Arrad) have failed, the . inliabitants of the island liave had ^ tor depend upon this sweet -water spring welling up. through the salt ^sea. . - ,.• , 4. • • This natural wonder is: la picture of the Christian life. Des^te all^n ^rroundings—^encompassed about bjr wt>rldliness or licathehism as a 's6a—the Christian may keep his freshness anil sweetness and pur- ' itji, because his spiritual nature is a ispring fed' from above;i even as .the dfeep sea spring^jin .r the; Mediterranean ha !\4 their source liigh .up in the neighboring Lebanon IMountalns. -' • i' i I It is not what is around a pfer-^ isoJi, but wliati is within lilm, that idetcrmines his character. The miracle of the Christian religion is that Christ WcTls up as "living water" in the life of His disttples, regardless of their en- vifonmeut. Ho said lp,thc Samaritan womeo at Jacb »'s well, "The water that I shall give hint thaji could not be euiotled In tlfi Tioitn.} Oouncil or CHurches tbtin to ^11 ^of .the rcgtilar thorclty. 1 : Boldjy chaUpnging the whole* ai st^iriimon of the Christ an religiol are ^frequont articles it the perioj IcaH press."- A recent t: sue o^ fiti\ ^ r's Magazine t >ffere^ as a co chnrcheoSir - .tihair I e,in him a well (ft water spring ng up into everla.sting life." Th<j Vofnie of Tbth TUnkingr. In t ur day's present mood of thin tnlnkit ^g, it seems easier to talk - about the go.od life in more material terms than those used by Jesus, i ^^e Himself presented His •way,of;lir6 as a wholly new spirit within the Indiridual. Jesus offered no ready-made wholesale -methods of making over mankind. His programme was the patient one ofMndlvidnal men.and women transformed outwardly because entlrelvi reborn inwardly;-- The "new birth" was basic to . His teaching. One by one. man after man was to come to know Jesus as a Sariour, and so to be -made, all over in the niw by His Spirit, In- all our hours of tliorough thinking, and of sincere Marching -for the plain significancie of the Scriptures, we know- that, the one adequate and rpei -manent r^orm of human lite ^ the /world around comes by (iVinglng inen and women into : discipleship to the Saviour- The Teal need is set fortli in the prayer «sed[in'the present "Bishops Ousade'-of the Protestant Episcopal church: /"Help me to see Thee more clearly.; to love Thee niord dearly ..and to follow Thee more nearly." ' «Sh «ln Cnfk" that l>o \ot Arrke. Ariv honigl review of this sub- liect -of thd Christian Lite, which the Sundaj schools ot the world Iiave Iteenl studying for the jjast three .TOontaisl must recognize tlie tendency :df the times to Substitute new ijrogrifiinmes for that bf {Jhrist "Queer" cults; jmoatly pseudo-oriental-, abound in the great cities. . High-sounding Inom- enclatu}-^3 lised to entice th6 unsatisfied, whose siiiritual-thirst ha' not found the real Water ,of f^lfe ia their chiirches. When t cotintt- ed the '.'religious notices" in a Chicago newspaper "recently, I found more space given to' advertising vai -lDUs cults . and organizations 1%^ i<rofe«sorV "SnAsti lute fir Aigbtedusnibss'^ the discarded breek cult of beauty. The inte aatronal Council of Re igious Education, Wnlch Is contrillcd' by tl e put^ication iMards of the erang licaj denominations ot the Unltdd States and Canada, is unblushlni- ly ^iTldg' more^ attention to tks pedagogical and psychological as- pe^ of the Sunday sciool than t> the definitely Chrlstfai contetrt o t the Scriptures or to tii e evangelis tic jmrpose of the Sunday school Thl^ powerful and exp mslve" Inati tutlon is avowedly dtmlndted bj the 'contemporary mo< '&'6t "high- bro*ism",i which-iJeeki' a way o: Salvation'for man via t lie sclenufi( lifibqratot^^ rather thMi by>^ni in- diviljual experience of Christ.. " -'A^alnslj! this trend, it must h< saii^. the sound sense ind real I re Ilglon of jthe devout piinis^ry anc lait£; as iivell as of the real}] thoi^ughiscolarship of the churches, ' IS • .mahifestly rev iltiog. Twc thousand I "years of 0 irisiian ex perionco j have itaugh^ tbfe work that'Christian. life aiij ^haractei cQm^ by jway of the vj rltten' Wore and bfitho Living Won ; ftnd thesf are Dot yet to be disca -ded for tbi newest th^ries'of bal -baked ani: nntfred" pedagogical ju ycho^ogists A»,'^c 'travels ove the land mas loM^AajmisaWEEB. FRJDA^ i. I MAIUm 2(t. 1027. mee ^nit laymen and clergymen, i^ quickly, b<>comes apparent that all puhlyi^-minded and tho ightful pcr-| sons are seriously con :erned ovei present tendencies in mr contemporary life. It is not merely tlM f .iip8i 'flclal and inescipable e\'i dencAs of prevalent a id arrogan crlmn: of varied law esshess; o shanfclessly • Indecent literaturt and flrama; ot youthlul cynicisnr and Jriaterlalism and despair: ol the disintegration of iomcsticity; and jff .the vogue of t le Substitution of institutions int tead of life lu the realm-of religicn and phil- anthi^opy, that alarm tiem: but It^ is mpre deeply the sense that wfe| are losing tfi 'e finer values and profornndcr motives o our common rlffe. ; 1 Buuiness nien who aie not themselves notab^ religio is express .solic^ude over the wi akenihg of the «Id^fas*hioned qual ties of integrity and industry an i righteousness-'which- havnheir springs In Chri|tian homes. Christian churches aiid Christian schdds. "What is gluing to happen wl en our six hundred . thousand scho ol teachers become Indoctrinated with- this stuff*^" exclaimed a man wjio had outlihed to me certait positively imihoral 'teachings c f ' psycho- anal^tsis aiid beha-viorisn and other f^ms of "new psyclwlpgy" tliat UK toeing widely read now^adays in manX edudational centers—stuff so 'v ^le that, detached from the l )ooki§ which conceal ii s real na- ;ture,;<!t could not be sent through the ^ils Without coiimittlng a icrimC. Ge/irge Washlnfeton, i t his fare- •welf Jaddres s, ,with far ess reason thaninow^ |xi^ts, expressed public con^firn. for religion: 'jOflall thje dispositions and lianits wiiicu lead to political prosperity, religion at d morality!:are indispensable supports: T In ivain would. that mau^y^laim ij thf tribuite of patriot isipFwIio I ishduld labor to sub» irt'. theSe ' j great .'pilfarsfiof luitHn l^appj- 1- ne^is —these firtnestl irdjps cjf and public felicity. Let it slm- plyi bo asked. Where is the security for property, for reputation; for life, it the sense ot religious obligation desert the oaths which are the instru- rnehts -of _investigation .in t'o.uirts of justice? And let us With caution iudulge tlie supo- si'tlbn that •. m'orality ;can • he maintained without | rcllglotv "Whate>"er may bt/coiyrort- ed to thel'influcuie of refined cducatlou.'on minds of peculiar structure; reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality cani prevail in exclnsiou oti religious in-Inclples." %. | In most practlciil tprms.!,let it be ^ald that the shortest. 8t ;ra}ght- est road [to service of our generation Is to'promote Chrlstiiin life; by Ihterf^lfyiug religion in the home, first of all; by -vitalizing.all churches and by increasing :A- tend^ce upon them; py personal effort to gather all the youth of the land into the Sunday school; arid by asserting the \ rights of Christian standards to tion in public affairs, in the press considera- SoldieEs'/roin tho Palomar, near Aires, search the burning wreck of the airplane "Detjroit" for thti Benton, wh of Captain Clinton F. Woolsey. Lieutcristnt John W lost his life as a result of the "DctroitV* cqllisioii li^ "mid-air wi "Xcw YorkJ"-was thrown clear of the "Detroit" as the macUlncs.r to a cabbage Held. Parachutes saved Major Herbert;A. Dargnc, mander of the Pan-American "GoofI Will" c.xpcdition; and his ion, who were in the "New York." .The first picture to i-cach the cd StalCJi. - ^ 1 ! Buenos body I al.'^o h the iu- coni- coijiipaii- Unil- ftll of all forms, and lu other vehicles of public Instruction' '• and. entertainment. Only the' upwelling springs of "Living Wajter" can satlsfv the present thirst of mankind."' . 'tSEVEX 5 SES T EXIE !;JEK.M 0 XS. i The reverence of a man's geU is, liexi religion, thp chiolest bridlo of all vices.—Francis Bacon. « • • ; "Givo me, O God." she prayed, ''power to make of all my sorrow music tor the world."—Elinor McCartney Lane. , i ' The mother said to | her daugh­ ter. "Daughter, hid thy dailghlcr tell her daughter that her cjangh- tcr's daughter bath a daughtjer Georgo kukewill. ^ • * • * Count that day lost whose law descending sun. [ Views from; thyi hand no v orthy action done. 1 —I AUOII. to ride, and imillions readir saddled and bridled to bo riddcfn.—Ricb^ ard Kumbold, on the f scaffold, 1S65. • ! Search* the Scriptures,; for in them ye think ye hav^ eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.—John &:30. i i rather riot had the ruin. Bdt we arc better ot( Uuiu lots, of iacople. }• Arlle Duggan.vtsited llclun Bn^rt jone afternoon last week. 'They ^tb visited the; school.' Mrs. Dug- gsn Wad. Mrs. Huydcii culled .on airs. 1. •Yank; Bacon.. I Mr. andi Mrs. Wiley Myers, of Mildred ,vUited at the Fi-ank Myers honic Tu«6day afteraoou. -Mr.jMy- ers IM v.orkiiift in lllacl.rejl.^'^'*'' atul wa.s home for a £cv*r days!visit. _ .Mamta 'itiokcii r atteitjlcit miJct'^p of liK' t&im biifL'.-iii ia. lata Saturday tiiiil went to CoJony fo b-t»y all niiiht wjijth iier uffrio an.'l auiit./.Mr. Kiid .^Irs. /. KasHcet. Sao - IcJa. and l>aUnvi-o vhiior^ Mdhiiay? To look up anil not down To look forwaitd and not lack, To look out an'cl nob in, &nl To lend a iianfl. ' —EMwardl Evdrett Ha e. I never could believe t^iat Provi- ilence had sent a few men iQt6' the yorld, ready J>ooied and ;8pi|rred PBAIRIE H^L (Mrs. Mye^s) ! .Mar. —Keuioiu'b«i' preaching sorvjiof! iifBct Sunday pt 9j:.W. The W(,';illi. r so bad ijlicrt was no Sundio' srliool last Sijnds^.v Three of the Karl IjViklund <-li,il- (Irrn have the measlesj at Ihis writ- illR. ' I Arthur -Nicholas. th» !asse.ssor, I WMs nnftitig call.s in tniij pciEhbor- hoiid W' ck. The I work of .paintiiiig! the big new Warn of John Borken's haH I bf ?«n. ' ! ; 1 Helen Smart visileft'Lucy Stan- Icy one afternoon last| week. J 'raiik Myers called on Mr. -Folk S"nday afternoon. Some of the farmer have oats in and potatoes nlantojl and would • ••I Just received d carload' of exceptionally fine! Kerosene, for all purposes.'] Co^ts us moije but we sell sd tlie same pi-ico as ordi^ .nary. ' T}^ -this in your incubatorij,. feints, stoye;s:and tractors. Better than any Ker-: bseiie sold in this locality. •.' I ' , . • • ' • . ." . Proiupt countiy deliveries on Highest Grade? Petroleum Products. Phone 489 OiJ|)<; •.lit' U'c riant E. V. Slack. lM;ina<,'i r I • • : 1 the dutlep pt mbn and| Tiie merh politician, wiwi thel pious-man. citizens. , equally- tought to resj)ect ;and to cherlfeh them. A Volumb could not their connections witlk I - Producers Re^ce^ti^i Pork by Buihiing G>nia^ I By W. 0. KAISER Agricultural' EnBlnsw By building a concrete'wallow lor 70ur hogs. yoD can reduce the rpst of. producing pork about'0De4kal( ce,nt a pound, according to the .Texas Agricultural Experiment Station. • ' To bnlid a wallow for your herd, flr8t :.!eixcavnte the ground where! it WUl jset. Be rare) that the soU' is firm and that it Is thbroU^Iy com- is ii8(^ as re^Dfordng. ting it to,.place concr^i flodr -to 4 1 onUoim thickness race ail private^ Ipefore pnt- te on tr when tlto idded, m complewr tl ^^BUnche8. so that oUt >r jtbr«e Inches are reli iforcemenit will be enclos^. i ' , .A dealn pipe placed'at the lowest pol it $n the floor will tnable ]r<^ to' :bBjlige{ the water an d to clean tlielwaUow when necest uy. Tbe^brete^sed in ihls wallpif I co^idstB ot one sat t ot port^ ' la^d ^ment to twoi icnblc of(sand and, three '>f-peblge^ Btitlf thenuid and p bbles m {l8( I bedtenanc hardtoMK caret I K 9t resaltji llxthep. iBent.san I ' and pet ^ ble n MATIXEES • Dally . ''Saliirihiy 1 lo 11 -•M).:):m p. m. Big Double Prosran— ^Pk-lurcs imd Visiraviil'.' .Johnnie Walker" and Yiroinal Li ? (brliett —!n— 'Lilies oftfie Street"- It is jarn -piickct! with tirf.n-uiii. (jy?iainite'^:!iut v.ill its way info your!-! _ It':- cHterlainmont to the last degr-^e and" a pictuvj^ that tvV-ry n-aii, wbrrian and child ow^s it to him.self or hor^-rfifto : : Krazy Kat Kartnbn Koiredv __Bpn TurrAr. C 'l nr -'dvt VAUDEVILLE^ the Pansy Players -Performers—4 Presinliriar-Siu.i'-^nsr- T.Jk.fn.^^. Comedy, Dancing and Bhic .iifacr—I cur A... Ti!'jn.t'- ed Performers. Rpal Vaudevilie, Come Early. Children 10c; Adj]:-; ;]5t' Saturdiiy .Hatincc -Bfe Donolr Sho.-.; \',aln ih:nit :a "Kr-ii -fa «><'d KMurtj"—IJoK-Uij- rhliliiis in "Tlie Har (l..'«.v,>l(-rv'' i.iu.iV Kat K«ri «MiH Komedj-—.Senm-lt ruanvfy, -l ^ss liu- nH!;i ;)l :'::;i.~ I as; but not lea-st. The llip 1 V;i:iil?vi'lc «rl - .Shi:,'I..'«-. TjJii.ii!:.'. « ('jin-zfi.' Wancing— r »mc' Earlj -.Molliire lOt-: Plane for a . i Practical Concrete Ho0 Wallow. parted. As the floors and the walls are a|I six Inches thick, the excavation ishould be 15 Inches deep at one end and 21. inches ai the other. This will Insure a : depth- In the wallow yarylnJE from nine Inches to If the ^11 fa Unti. forms will not. be ^needed ll()r the oatslde ot Uie wails below! grouniL The forms used for jklje Inside ^and for the but- -Rfde above sjronnd: are. like those for other .ftttB strtictnres.-built of one' inch Itijnber, braced with 2 toy *\ . J'J: ' jj ' thorou^fyiso that „ - coniblna- tion will ^ave a tmlffirm color. Then intx in enough water to secure a Svorkable concrete. Do not add to4 mjidh wl»t»,':fer if yon do. the mit^rlal *wm lie sloppy, which U nii^ll^le. {, It a 3^6rt'i^lece' of pipe la screwed in the 9raiii a« llloMrated la the plans,'4 c<mstant -witer level six Inches below; the top of the sides can. be itept A cormgated Indine will aJdi the hogs Injen'terlng and leaTtiigiiW wallow. i Tbi^.iiVallow Illustrated be^ will —fi host of •vement^ New AC Air CJLeaner New AC.Oit filter ^ New HeavyOne-Pi&e ^uU-Crown l^endtta ^ew Winds VeidPillart ' ifNAfcowcff to provide -pec* New Bi3let:Type Head* New Tire jCarrier New Coincidental Lock -(CooUaatim Iniitioo and Storing lode) ^5^^ With the beautiful C|ievr61et Coach reduced to $595, ybtt no longer need to deny ybu^If the lukurypfowningaclosedcarottra ifin^ quality and modem design. The Fisher •Body is spatfbus, contfortable and finished tin lasting lustrqus St. Ja^es Gray Duco. ^ndlike all oma Chevrolet model?* the,Coach proves* Chevrolet's world ^un6us)smar6iess»c^ and. iUty^nhancedbya ;ho8to £i]tewquaIity features and mechanio^ improvements Come in! See the ^preatest do^ car value of 4ll time! New|Ju?^\. ^iew Cisol^e NewKadiator Nt /Boditebr Ne^Wtnddii Open loa BRUISh NAIIONAL PICXUllEi- v?x3zt=-i DOROTIiT Tfcc most heauiilul Cfievi'olet in Chevrolet • ••i • SHi^^ MPTOR .lis W£^J[A(IK3QN ' I ' • 1 hfftoryl The Coach The Coupe • - ~ j The Sedan! The Sport Cabriolet The Landau l -ToA Truck (Cfcouboab) %.TonTradc (Chmbenly} • * BdlooaTiiaj III addidoa to diese-low price* ChevFoIe^adeliversd prices ixk> dude tlielow^ luHuflinK and liiMindnffdMfkcs avaflafelie. * ingwrHMiifefd Ott G Qiramoiint Qictiire The romanee^of .a Iit(!e Orange Girl and . • Gay king Charles—It's one. of, hi.^tory's ' ; in.ost famous'"Affairs." • | Added—Comedy hnd Ne^vs Reel. ^ , i Salurdji};—Jack iloxip in 'M?«u(rli and IJ ^iilj'* .VildeiU-Siher Htreak. Jlalc«lmj|.1Ie(ire»t»r and l.oiiisc j.orndae in ''Waters Death," 3rii rbniMer of **T!ic Mlewt fciyer"—Comply and News .•WO.SOAY A.\D IIESDAY 01 I TELEPHONE ed mmmm 1 Youni .«it -spellbounil a.*! Dick fiarihetnic-ss builds bis -i)k|ttiBe' into one solid Iionr. of .slashinK aciioii—his masterfilui! iJ^olii cowing room to dcserl-^— from boulevards' to beggar's tent. ;bu cast from society—then outlawed ;by Shefk.a. But v.hat a gloiiots coniebayk he stuKOE :,^-lien tliclQv.e ot k JIancing gtal restnfc! his' fnllh In women \vhi'fti{.i;^^^^^^ • ; J I

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