Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 12, 1961 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 12, 1961
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

ALttJN EVENING TELEGRAPH • . _^_ o/ Teacher Endangers Stole Aid for Alton's Sight Handicapped '-By KLMKtl BROE *ci0j|VftfNi Staff WiHer the Alton school system has one will fled Instructor for students of partial vfetion but indicated state action next year will resolt in the necessity to employ •ft. additional teacher. afayd Norman, who heads special education in the Alton system. told the board of education fdfently that another certified teacher will be needed for the visually handicapped at Alton High School and East Junior High. The announcement was based on the indication that the state may demand that a certified instructor be available for East Junior and Alton High partially sighted students or all assistance to the Alton program will be withdrawn. Currently, the state is assisting the program at the elementary level. There are 15 students in the class which is taught at Humboldt School. The teacher is certified, meaning she has special training for the task .which is the usual requirement when the state 1 specifically pays yearly toward a salary. In this case it is $3.000. The problem lies. Norman said. when the students move up to a Junior high level. Presently there are seven such students attending: East Junior. A teacher has them: under her charge, although she; has regular classroom work too.; Program Threatened This East Junior teacher Levfe Home Owners to Meet Saturday CIW- ford Ktttf announced todty that a of •IijM'opErty owners of We pNUpbMQ Warwn Levn wwer dttWct fan been called fur li p.rn. Saturday at the town hall Ifrug s«M three more guMlvi won developers have announced ftohannon to Address Public Meeting Here Leo Bonatnwn, twcuUvt tafjr ot the St. Lout* League, an argarriratton that dedicated "to employment and improved relations for minority groups." will apeak at the Steelworker* Halt. 2821 E. Broadway, at 4 p.m. Sunday. Bohanmn, well known as an an | thorlty in race relations was chot- Jen to speak to the citizens of Althe employment field. Following his address, an Mean Teacher M (Ml tPH.wWw Of mi m» of Nti 'fhtit fMMMKMi of Ctm -'- ^tu.^A- * — Mrs. mit ..^._i ,.j» . .....; fc ~. iij^i Ataim ^* *^-- C^Jdk. narrfnOfT, IFrainWWr m uW UilM* — fi^ , jji^fc^^JI jf*^4^^^ ^^^|^b ^^ sire wnon fysiwii, ipoiR to bets of th* Future MUNMR of Civic Mtnwrlil Hlftf School Tuesday on tewtilnf mtn- tally twrndhsftpped chlWrm. tt was announced that ttie will net) ticket* for a concert flan- day at the high school featuring ptoymetrt dtacrtmtnitttn, ONI" COAT «»H^StlJ^2r^m £ Arrangements for the meeting 1& WTJ?12L 1«» : «* Mn * «"•*• ^ the Educa ' JL Hon committee of the National announced. Agsn {0r ^ Advancement of M«dl«on County was established'Colored People, Alton Chapter, in 1812 — six year before Illinois Purpose is to acquaint citizens became a state. with problems in overcoming em- Stops Constipation Due to "Aging Colon" New laxative discovery re-creates 3 essentials for normal regularity. VLATUIX MAGNIFIED READING Student uses projection magnifier to read book at bottom of machine. Some in class at Humboldt School may have good vision but because of temporary eye troubles eye specialists recommend that they use the facilities to prevent permanent sight damage. Glass requires a specialty trained teacher certified for duty by the state.—Staff Photo. Polio Immunization Set at Bethalto BETHALTO — Approximately has 299 pupils in school district 8 will not been specially trained for the receive their third shot in a Polio j task and it is there that the state Immunization program at the Cot-, may raise its objections and tage Hills Grade School on Mayj threaten the program at Hum- 2, the school nurse Mrs. boldt, Norman said. MeUger announced Tuesday. , The class for the partially Local physicians Dr. Walter J.| undcr sighted is one of two in special Reuter. Dr. Anthony Sammis and 1 education that Alton has pioneer- Dr. John Leblanc will administer | ment ed in Illinois. fThe other is ] the Polio vaccine shots it was re- speech therapy). Its history goes \ ported. The immunizations will back to 1337 when it was started;start at 9 a.m. Mrs. Metzger under the guidance of the Na-jsaid. tional Assn. for the Prevention ol f Blindness with the assistance of; the late Miss Eunice Smith, Alton Greenfield Class To Present Play GREENFIELD — The high school senior class will present the comedy. "Angel Brats," at viola 1 7:30 p.m. Friday in the high school aduitorium. The play the of PTA Meeting Set Monday at Midway School As you trow eldw, thc internal mu»- «!(• «f your colon wall alto a|«, low the itren|th (bat propels wuu from the body. Stagnant bowel content* become i« dry and shrunken that they fail to stimulate the urte to purge. Relief, doctor! My, lies ia a dew laxative principle. Old-style bulks and ffloisteoers may create fit. lake 3 or 4 days for relief. Old-style salts and drugs cramp and gripe the entire system. Of all laxatives, only new COLONAID gives you its special 3-way relief that works only on the lower colon (area of constipation). (1) COLONAIB tBoisturitei dry. hardened watte for easy passage with- •ut pafa or strain. (2) COLONATD'I unequalled rebulking action helps re- tone flabby colon muscle*. (3) And COLONMD acts gently, en the nerve reflexes that stimulate the vital "mast movement" of your tower colon. COLONAD relieves even chronic constipation overnight; it so gentle It wat hospital proved safe even for expectant mothers. And COLotnAio won't interfere with absorption of vitamins or other food nutrients. Oet COLONAID [ today! tNTKODUCTOKY SIZE 4S« I DOIIAN AVIRAOt SIZI ROOM I WASHABLE! FADEPROOf! EASY TO USE! UNLIMITED HORIZONS — IN COLORS — 3,000 Colon To Choose From GISSALS HARDWARE MART 919 BROWN ST.—ALTON nVHWHM MM WHIWf I tin CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY CO. M West Broadway HO 2-5214 is philanthropist Only One in County The Alton Evening Telegraph is the second oldest newspaper in Illinois. the care that is taken with these Even today the partially sight- j poorly sighted students is cotisid- ed class at Humboldt is the onryjered both socially and economical- one of its kind in Madison Coun-jly sound, ty, Norman said. Most ol its stu-i Stows Others dents come from the Alton sys- 1 A student with impaired vision | strode tem but a few are from surround- can hold back a non-handicapped ing communities, which pay their j student because of the extra time Greenfield Vocalist Rated Superior GREENFIELD — Miss Mary Ann Hazelwood received a superior rating in" girls high voice solo at the junior high school sectional vocal music, literary, and art contest at Virden Saturday. Miss Hazelwood is eligible to enter the state contest in Decatur. Ben MORO — Assistant Principal Donald Smittey of the Edwardsville Junior High School will be . W!]I . shiest speaker at the M&M Parent £» ifh H nL,? Teacher Association meeting Mon- English depart-| day evpnjng Thp moeting ^ be held at the Midway School, beginning at 7:30. The program topic for the evening is "Key to Better Future." Members of the fifth grade dramatics class, under the supervision Four is vocal superior contest music director, ratings in the at Jerseyville ««*» of Mrs. Viola Henke, teacher, will present a playette. Miss Janette Heuer will sing two numbers. More Notes MORO—Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hoi- beck of Hamden, Conn., arrived Friday for a visit with their parents. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kasten and Mrs. Martha Holbeck. On Sunday, Mr. and, Mrs. Wayne Helmantoler of Wood River, accompanied by the Holbecks and Hastens visited with Mr. and Mrs. Damon Helmantoler and children in Peoria. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Unterbrink tuition. ithat the teacher would devote to! wre also entered in the'section The students must be channeled him. In a social sense it gives thei a j contest and received excellent into the class by an eye special-i partially sighted as much ai ratings Th ey were the mixted 1st. Their vision may be as good j chance of attaining an education ] choir; Kathy Melvin in art; Cathin one eye as 20-70. Which means las the student without such that a person with 20-70 vision can!handicap, see at only 20 feet what a normal j At East Junior the 20-20 vision can see at 70 feet, j dents with a sight However, there are other cri-!assisted mainly in the teria for entering students. These 'tion of their assignments which | range from temporary dangers j they do during study period, following infections to eye disease teacher uses a typewriter which has not particularly im- extra large type and an electric paired the vision but threatens to j magnifier, do so if care is not taken. i High School Too . Stay With Regulars I The partially sighted students | rnceived of thp death of Mrs -;his home here following an ex- At Humboldt the children take ; are given similar help when theyi Mar y Hoobler ofSpringfield which | ten ded period of hospitalization as many studies as they can with move up to the senior high school.joccurred Sunday night at Spring-land recuperation in a nursing the regular students. However, However. Norman said that as a \ flpld Memorial Hospital. Mrs. j home. during such sessions as reading safeguard to the entire program j Hoobler was the mother of Mrs.«— ^—^^^-Q^^^ where their poor eye sight would another certified teacher is need-;" 0 **^ Hanvood. wife of the pas-, (MMM) founded many cat hedral result in a handicap, they go toled to handle both the East Juniorifor of the Greenfield. Rockbrldge. ^ monas , schoo|s altn „ the special classroom for instruc- ; and the one at the senior high! and Rubicon Methodist Churches. ;he WmseU was iluterate unti i a erine Thornton and Terry Rhoads, j girls medium voice solo. "j Jerome Ruble, instrumental di-jand family of Madison, Mo., spent DanM lrector ' and Ben Strode will ac- i the weekend with Unterbrink's par- p para j com p ar) y a group o f 70 high school i ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Unter- students to the. • band, solo and brink. ensemble district contest in Barry o r . and Mrs. J. J. Dobrinsky of! 15- jllliopolis were Sunday guests ofj Mother Dies :M r . and Mrs. James L. Brazier.] GREENFIELD—Word has beenj Thomas Rose has returned to I of the. death of Mrs. tions by the certified teacher. ! school groups. funeral services and burial will . . The teacher has the Alice and I The class at Humboldt is at ca- ;take place in Streator. his in special education,.'great. Greenfield Note* GREENFIELD—Mrs. Glenn W. i wherein the age spread is not too! Haven was hostess at a meeting Jerry series reader in large type'pacity. The state permits 16 stu- and also has such'aids as talking; dents under the best conditions books. As usual (Shields. Rhonda's father, Bill Shields, is a patient at St. John's! Hospital, St. Louis, following surgery. Why an atomizer? It's the difference between wearing a fragrance and living it! A gift atomizer is specially packaged with Eau de Toilette byHOUBIGANT three fragrances: harming, disarming &*Z8&r 3 25* ^ 9 O? fashion's favorite flower filled Quekjues fleurs 3,25* •rnicc* *uu» TAX to» 4 W« 6Jvt *«<! Redeem |«gi c I Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Greer and of the Tau Upsijon Club Monday night. Mrs. James Pettit of Oklahoma | son of Carrollton spent Sunday City is visiting her sister, Mrs. j with Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greer. Mrs. Ruby Harrington, who spent last week with her daughter, Mrs. Ray Mons and family in Lombard, underwent major surgery Monday at Memorial Hospital, Elmhurst. is Maurice L. Melvin. Mrs. Don Luketich and daughter, Claire Ann, of Alton, and niece. Rhonda Shields. Roxana, visited during the weekend with Mrs. Luketich's father, J. Russell WASHINGTON AVENUE RESIDENTS— FOR CALL HO 5-2585 » A.M. W 10 P.M.—? Ovyi • WMk WE DELIVER GIBSON'S SPRING SPECTACULAR CHAIR-O-RAMA find For 1961! ---ON ANY ONE OF THESE NEW CAPTIVATING CHAIRS! • NEWEST DESIGNS • NEWEST COLORS • INTERESTING FABRICS • NEWEST LUXURY Danish styling complimented by genuine walnut wood and appropriate decorator fabrics. Some cushions reversible and zippered. Smartly styled modern rotating tub chair. Available in a new selection of high piled fabrics in the latest colors. Gleaming brass ferrules and self-leveli/ing glides. DANISH MODERN CHAIR Danish Modern: Reversible foam cushion. 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