The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1927 · Page 5
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1927
Page 5
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This Has ira |)|>piie (i / Clay Curtis, returning j to. Col~' fax fr/im a flying i trip to Xew Yorlv. stuns Ms father, Thbnias Quinu Curtis, known to every employe of bis mammoth «Ie- 1 partment stbrc as "Pltl T. Q." by ann<)unciUjg he will no loiiper re; main under his fiither':^ roof. He admitsi that CJaire Donnell. a musical 'conie<ly star, has ihrown him over because .she ; has learned: that their marriaRe ' will mean Clay's disinlieritaiire. •To reiiain his self-resriert. Clay declares he must makt his own way and give the lie to Claire's ' jeer , that lie couhln't support liimself. -I • Old T. Q. then t/ffors him the assistiintmanagersliip ik the store. Clay ref.use.s. a,s he recog- nrz's tlMP offer to he mist another sof berth iirepared' for him by liis father, whom he wishe."? to 'imitate b.v^ making his own way. •'the old man yields to the sons point of view and Ihe two part • in fiorrow rather tlian anger. •• Clay jirepares to leave. Me has been a sliiijent of music and his ambition is to bj -conie a great t-oinposer. Old .T. tj .'.s eyes 'dim T .vith sa<!ne.'W w(icn he is left alone. He WDIHIITS liow ihiuv's wouhl liave. been if lie ha<l harl a ' daughter iiLsiead of a .-;<lu. In liis reverie lie murnnirs. "Well - mavbe I will." ' Sow Hit Un 'Mml Ihe Slory CII.VI'TKH II; U 'heti Cl .'iy Cur(i.-;-lef( liis f.iiher to biood alone iu th<- litirary. he wi-nt to liis'owii riHiiiis on the .-iec-- _i)nd floor an aiiartineiii tliat )iad seen little of hiilL sine e his foUeg'- <lays. btit wliicli was always riejil in readiness agiiliisi his reiurii. The"ri! was a llbrary -^ittliin room, with one wall of book^ .shvlvi ^i devoted almost exclusively ^ to vnl- um<-s on music. A «raiiil luano i tha' had cost T. Q. Curti.'^ ten ihou- ! j'and <lollars dominated one corner in the .center of • the room, lookiiig aljou; llilli as if ile liad iievci-'si -eii tarn? Jxf mP^Sewcelnc - viith^nt retdizing that h<> was doing so, leaned against a low picket fence and Ustenetr. It was odd that MUtfh music should come from a fnnny little house like that. There v.-ere Jisht>! in ith^ front ro6in. Fhnwfng along the wige of u crfick-] wl ereen ;-thade. • t "That's real playing," he told h'mself •increilnloualy, forgetting the cold ind .the future. "Who would have dCeamed of hearing Chopin plAyed by a genius on the violin in a funny little dump like this:" .. i i / • •• •• He leaned forward, drinking in the pure, clear beauty of the notes.- until the music.was stopped suddenly, in the middle of a ^ea^ure. He woke from the spell the rfbllri had ii|i«n him. aiid stared at the w.iidow* ; '* ; Then he : 1>ecame aware of a white cardxonrd. lettered in tUack. tatked upon the C-orher : of .the bouse nearest the little itcrap of front porch. He tot<ld not rebd (be lettering., but he had an instinctive knowIe<lge of what it snid. Lifting his suitca .se8, ho pushed through the little igate. stopped at the steps and li.ehted^a, ,match to read the card. He had' ^uei«8eU correctly. The lettering was: "Furnished Itoom for Hciit. With or \J 'ithoiit .Meals." ; . J "With meals--and musle.-• Clay (•iiriis grinned to himself in the dark as he rapped upon the door. '.\ girl ojiened for him. stood scaring at him, her violin lying cradle*! In hei- arm. I • * (To Be Continued) to his. toiicli Then, as plainly as if. the roi'in. he .heard i laiisliler the plaie before. Then he. went a'loet tiie room slowly, touching ihe ivory keys cf the piano witii | >'.'itri'r''K"' lovin;: fiiijiers. staring a", tliestacks; i><" of music as if he vvere tryini; to i " reail it all. lo memorize il. so tliatijob as I he could liold it., in his lieart and itrain forever. , He weut; -to the - .'jilionosiraph. j>,,,,.,it snatch, oiieiied .-i drawer ami look or.l 'Ix-iynd rtlndowiisi first big red re. ord.that liis finpers 1 ,4 .,.]u j;t.„„i .M,-...] touched. It,.happened to lie a rc'l;; production ()f the fiisl movenuiit of, Heethoveu's pKroica" .synipliony. as'^ played by the .New York I'hilfiar- j.".'" nioiiic Orchestra. He adjiisled tlie"!'";^ needle, and his the music tlocdur •forlli. h»' stepped into tii.e sei-oni! l'". <•!' jt!ie .^iiile of three rooms. Ills!*' l"-<lroom. an^ bcnaii to pack./ \ \ The suftt-.ise which '• Ite luid * .lii'.iiisiit with him liom Ills living iKll l.T. Iliere yoti ai •>. Ciav. ills up to tc 1 yoii 1 ^iipper set our f"! ikjasi room. Or wo( jiaVe it Willi youi' tat •itad vdui.' Iiijiiic a ^• n wliile tills ?ira>^.' :e; was pn-tiiid.iijr fl st'e tin' >iiiicases. iri!) to .N 'ewj York coutaitieil diiiiier 11- lollies, a suit, foiir| < ii.**- I'liii-iiiade sliirt.s. three suits iSJ silk • jiajamas. liajlf a dozen pairs of silk I''I^' . :-o(:ks. a iloicn of lavoiiii- .-(d-j'; I l .irs. a week 'i. stiplily of liaiuiker-|''*"'' cMif'fi. ' rive suits ol his ni;ide-lo-. order lour i ravals fwnii j j' th<- stock he had. laid in-on bis • "' l.:-*! vi -iit to I'aris. HIHI a ije.ivy ilaVk-bliie silk dT'essing gown. ••Two suits, cou'iitiiii; tin- one I've f-'ot on." lie miittert-d- to himself. "IJeclioii that's iUioiit all any stnit;- .r.liii;:. young Horatio .\lger hero I'a . a right to take away wit,h : • Might as well.leave the Tux lU i ^. ,^ Here. .May gel an invitiilioii (o | ' tii.- Koilermakors- Hall. . ' )"'\\ |er no nil: "•I St'll J-'rom": -his dressing room b.e^^^.^ broiiuht a second suitcase, and .'ak- j.,,,, I an a 1 t Ul til inf it into the librar.v of his suite. •• I " lie bej;.iii filling it wiili a ctrefuliy ' ,. ^ seiei-l 'i'il stock, of iniisic. three or • fciir of liis most iirjzed volumes I ^'^ a'.id a gn a-t pil<- of iiia 'iiusciipi thijil j I'^ - lie. had liims -lf .written, Into jt. "" ;oo. went till Uiols for settling .music i!own4 -ink. special pens, music manusqript paper, ink. eras- in-.; tluiit—aiqthing that he could \Jae his ha'iiils on. lor. as'lie told «-Miiiiiself. tlje "truck" co ;iId be of II'/ use !() iinyoue but himself, and wiUiotit it ho would be lost. '• In his bedroom again, he filled nil the suitcase t() bursting point with odds anil ends of clothing ihat h'- deenieil absoluttlyessential. and •which the'other Suitcase diil not .eiiMlaiil. .He paused at the door ofthe bvil- rooin -for-a last looli at the e.i.s-e j jj-, ;ind eoniiort and lii .Miry lie was.j;' iVhy. Clay, you eo!i||iln' ill they were* !>iviii^ ' presents! (•oiiliiu 't; liil'r.' I U]) ir l.irs. .\t .Moore. Iloviid II he were ;ie link!! hi Cla iter vtiilln cradled'in her urni. 111. : pl -ice in^the world as the fittifre Jno'vnrr of the Curtis .Store. l.Ml be II!;. j nii'jlity glad to see ^oii. liiii—nn- !iie til then- well. I gui'ss wed better , not s-.-e each utlier.l (looiil.y, siui. jii'lake car^- ol yourself."' tlii'iii aWay i "(Miodhv. Had. I want to say a?;aiii that Iiii ku-Tcing myself out p,l ' liei-aiise I wall! a chance to make : invself. as yo,i maile yourselfi .\nd Kc tfe laii;:! s Sl'.iti-: the foot the ho!i .\lr.. .Moore. Tl;:knks <i I was i\ liave a n you in Id you 1 ler'.' W. ;aiu, C -1 at she "I'm . ivon 't wait to eat i I .^wliilly good to iii<j Itis haiiiis on liei of i ,1S! I cei hei ke tier l,'o kis Im tak clothes Hi't on ^^<'opV(| ovi (ai clieek. A'cir. Iii .d. I'ill oU. vv-.iliin«~ iiisi vhal •It'- to Hied '('elole ;'>!!i! soire tiin.^i.' I i.'it I kn' 111" else vvoal.l wan .' That l,i|l ;i 'l'.'• >l'T. (J. 'ose iioiiil liis cli; llRm .siN leel two. I meant it when 1 said 1 admire yea more than any person in th« woi'lii? .Vnil lake cure of yoursell'.'j Tw<'iil>-oiie dollars an* thirteeii cents; Thi 'ieeii cents! What did people <lo -with thirteen cents'.' Wliere had tile e.\tra thrie cents 'ci .'iiie from anyway'.' Chan ;e from ,y.'paper b; ys.-probably. Hut he usually let them keci> the change— ill! It was odd, |("Iay Curtis thought, loll a-- he walked liris'Jy tbroiig!]. tiie oi.jlii 'te. (old fii' tile early .laiiuaty ow. You've I nighi. tl '.aN ^v; .shoiihl be ihjnking 1 . " .\nil he About dollar- an.I cents, ini^tead of Hlioiili! -r.s aboiit his la'lur. aii 'l liis father 's (ler I l'e;'.ri :ir |,e an I |iine|i,i, ss. and Ills o«ii inliire, 'iR;. i'«emv-on- dollars and'thirteen "irceiit,.". Wliv, that wouldn't keep uy bi"i : T day at a hotel, the'kind of wjlioiel !i. 'd he. 11 iisi-d to.' Was that i!o\Mii Von liis son. wlio ! Ciny Cnrtlif has i"»nnd n home A -and » jrlrl who Is l« <-liange hi* ivholp IHP for iitni. .1le>t Dlllr Wells in the neaji rliji|)fer. LaHirpe.^slrch 23.—.Mrt ting; ini h hurrle to get her gari^'u •• plot^ I. Went lib ne and the storm t*mp up. She is waiting for a dry sielj. So Othcro. .Mary SI^i isier and ' co; ui^linion expect to'cpine home this summer UD a visit. I ; , i Prentice did the right : h'injB^ln coming back dnd making ill; rong right as far ak possible, f .Mr. Owens,! who' lives at Fort Scott but roims at Akl erman's when here, came-back Mot day. He is second "baJss" at the < russher. Mrs..\Vm. He&rld has bsen real poorly" and ib staying ^ Ith her daughter. Mr:!. Otto Oldfa a. Henrie Buster, his brother, i i butchering at th6 hom^. ' Lucie Jur/ls out .early and late caring for her garden t nd her flowerti and chickens 'and her mother. : So she is a bu .^y girl. She;qult her school work to keep the ^oirie - fires a burning. Mrs. Snodgrass* got a letter froin thear daughter. Allis..written at trie hospital at Pueblo the 19th,- that she thought sh^ w mid be able to go hoijie the 24th, but Kd-' win cQuld nottgo to schoo as the snow was toil rteeh: inch is deep and snowing to beet the b: nd. Say you sure would not a'ppn elate a breeze, like that. Mrs. Parker's son -C 'laley and wife and daughter-are or Uiear way I'o Califoijnia and .sto| iled off for a visit with his niotler, and are rain staled. Ben Gardner, the tea min. was hear a Tuesday and said be wa.s surprised to findl the roar s In aK •t much enough : on the n early, a fflajx and oats warjn weather td" hear of I they wer planted • "sus- heven yrhen snow ground- The farihera came We«lncsday and go| as it looked, like, to see the feun shiiia We wer not surp^isei the de&th of .Mrs. jameb Williams. Her son Alfred has our sympathy as he has done M\ hie could to make a home for liis mother since his father's death and we hope his last years- .will 'be hip best and are glad he was speared to take ere *t her. in hejr last hours. Death is no respecter of persons —we all ninst cross ov ?r the. river wiiose btidge is death. .f. T. Treadwayj has concluded to live more at hoine a id has |ak- eu rooms at'his n |eceS ).-<^lrs. L. B. DEER GREEK (Miss Opal Taggart.l The attendance record will good shape a.i:th^y wer. n traveling on them Sunday. .Mr. I'ayne was a gust Baker a Mortda.v. His teaches the s|.x grade at .lier mother's death .makes for her father. ..Mr. Reves has been dp carpenter work for 1... B. 1 since his retin'ng from whrk. There is no use worrying .and wearing a terrible frofivn, Sfihool will .soon.!'be on • thear will be a .silent Tlie janitors will go to . rest all day Ffir (hey have had a terri ; so I've heard .lack s; ; ."Mr. Yancey Is working be jiiouse he moved over by somewhat higheir this month than \ tist church and Mrs. never ye^ seen ih«m deslroyetl if Itoumonk, on .^utli Washiiigton street. ' 'i We appreciate the remark otir worthy editor said In regard -to the piano for the county home: No one knows where they may land in the winde-up and the coun-^ ty and town should be proud of tiie county home ani it shdubl be a land mark for many miles—as the home for the unfortunate, and who is that one. • ( Tom Slussher has heeh^ doing som pliimbing wor for J. Thread- way. Tom Is sure a good hand with the iron key. J. W. Baker was in lola a Monday. He sald^ie dodged thel sheriff and all the officers and landed home safe. John Garvey had .1. VC. Baker help him fix his barn Into a garage, j ; ' ' ' IOLA -kiCNJ *AX JjncejSSfZ' - if .f. w. augliter ! d since a home ng SOU) ianmouk t. then town. 4jed and de time. J'- ; on the he Bab- in months gone'by. .The .school b^ard piped gas to the schoolhousei Tuesday and is greatly appreciated by the teacher, and pirpils. Quite a number from Ueer Creek district were-present at the «on«-i feaVIhe 'ii "oVa "toes "on" St.' muuity night entertainment which i . . ,^ fr„«ted but was give,, Tuesday night, at Car-t ""^ f"). teu. nut lyle. anil all enjoyed a i'ine pro-j gram and a fine ten cent lunch which was given to help the 4-H club out with its funds. It was in charge of Mrs. Fred Cook. The p'la.v "Deacon Dubbs'.' will be given at (parlyle in the near future. The exa«-t date has not bet^n set yet. i Air. and Sits. Sanl Taggart of lola were itlllers a^ the Alva Shadwlck home Tuesday evening and attended the community night entertainment at Carlyle. Mr. and Mr.s. Alva Shadwirk and daughter. Ruthle. land .Miss' Taggart were Sunda.v! evening guesta of .Mr. and ^Irs. Roy Cit^lninghatn. .lohn Wynn was busy planting his oats and potatoes this last week. • The liall game which was playe<l Friday" between ,Deer Creek and Hock Creek, was an interesting one,' the. score being nineteen to thirty-two in Deer Cripek's favor. Jlaggie nil then Thompson will occupy it thear will be fa general nJove., Dr. Allenbaurg. John and Gedrge McDonald and Maggie Thonu<son will I all emagrate. :(We want i^tf;gp to • Heaven our nex.t move;) I i The farmers were worr iiig for 1^ Patrick Ivp have il! u!:y !ii< fat net- Iiad griiin-d when The girls 4-H lol." T. a^ halt': s|io; i.-r. " iifli't til!); li:.e a •Jriillly. "Hiiw alioiM nioiie aiiylJiin^; !. I' in the bank'.'" |!ic i o\ liii.- licil. "I'lii aYraiii I liawii. I u-ave ('iii:'!- a s :i li II.. kill .It Mie iiioiny.' T^iouuht ir, he 'd be sitealiiiiu lionie agaiii in frii>vi|(il I*. nty -ioiU' hcifr's, iiroke and wlll- .-is .III iiijcir'iiig to be .1 g.iiiil boy :ind mind bis i'ajl. I'';iliiiy how tiiat <'iild-<liearted Pitle ^•ol.l-'li :;;;er 's w <i ;iis kept coni- iu'j. Iiack to liiiii. And how he'd loved Jief! Her ii,<],i a nth pink and jnlwirl,- beai:ly! ' 11. r jierfect iiody. p-dii-played like a white slatii*' to all club wJll meet with their leader, .Mr.<<. Shadwlck Saturda.v, at th am! (:i;iiiioiiil In .i|.-.-let befi^-e 1 w lio had f; l.'jt.' pay for I I r. V-.1-' In .\'i * i|i-:if lii .r .yoii! i !e:;i.-i m. and s It. oiM -r to : give it fn'cl;. lihl'l !ia\e t .ikeni |1t a:ry.v:i ei.u:s.-. r,!U j'vlf " jhaiige :ii iiiy |poi-|ii e Jhrnsi !iis Ir.ijid : <lj -ew out a silVer aii.ii'iil of snialjl c ntv -cme dollars. I tl 111.- liiiiil I Ket a kinjil.- .\':i. sir. I 'ion' pr ite.-^te'd i n-o his, ch( iui do tal. I think iito a pock lill clip aij ins. ".\lio: 1 . le I he was: had not been iiaying much j [t want aiy j attenn'oii. lint ho had ;turiied in- ariicslly. ••eC t'(. cl.*-lio:)k. > I tell you. erjtini; Aiy.svlf. and tli'r job up brown, in'i an unfair advailitage of ij •'ler's hand' re:(c!ied for sir. I'm d I 'VI' f:ot \s it :s. nek 'sell by cart inn alj clijthi's away with iiu n'thrni, too." . (J. ihrusr out a liai goo'.iby. .\.s you inheriting yourself. , v.oluniaiily giving up. How bis j yo(i;(? better stay disinlierited uii to rooms were! How soft and'thick the carpets, how stordy, and-.genuine the heaivy furniture: He would miss bis piano, his phonograph w^fh i(s.records-of s.rniphotties anil opera.'-, liis musical librar.v. Sud' dihily he wondered why he ivas .20- ing. where he was going. 1 Wla^u'l he .iiist a*melodramn(l(\ s^'ntilpien- r tal kid. -making a fool of jiiniself? Hi' had known solt carpers' and wide. soft, deep beds, iind the lux- itiie.- ol a perfect,"bathroom, all of his life. He couldn't'earn- why he coiildn 'i earn enouBiii to pay tlie : rent on one' room as good as these -lie was giving.up! .He who loved b'-'uiv and music and peace and leisure was hurling himself. ,inio j ugllneHs and noise ami strnvple'; atiil viclojis, jjiean poverty. .Wliv?| ' wiy? , : 1 r • : He dropped his suitcases, turned, ,i'i :-lowtu"d Uls' jilano. the -beautiful, iJ A'perfect Instrument That responded; yijn'i^e really 'o: ciwiie back and Co ve sHowii nie loii'glit t!i'; t I've be?n w •oug, Icttinii you -ji ay arou id o\ 'r]Kurope lor tlie las: four yea's. filli'ig .vour foolish, hiad up'w th niisLc. When ycu're ready to coi u 111 m^ and .mi to -work, a id latje yo ir k HEAD OFF STOMACH ITfKK.S. . .—Vlctlriis of indigestion are in d.inger of developing ulcers of the stomach. If nothing is done ' to ^ counter|ict the acid conditPou ] of the .stomach, a more I serious ' trouble is (sure to develop.-' \S'M- sbn's Stomach Remed^ keeps, (he .Stomach in a health:^- condition: j ST OM ACH REMEDY re.' For^le by Brown's Dri^g Store Cook's i Drug .Store, Fry's Prug { •Store..!- ,: " -J. •-'•.•'U w^irk in tlie Curtis Ht'ore. You Jy.jle.-!i, h.', iiiiew nciw ..niitil that ^ot a ii!tlie;la>t ^alt hour, when she'd mocked! ink. Kr.ouih ial! ii'clit. He iiardly kiiew where] jol' of sot: Onglil 1. "I u'l .l sav. von Well, sijin. til ShadwU k home. fJeorge KettleMiad a slik horse Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Volio w^re 1 guests Tuesday evening al the 1 Yoho home. ! Thousands Keep Well-Nourished Righi Through TheWmter-^THey Take SCOTTS EMULSlbN RichlnCod'lafetOil Vitamins Scet\ k Bowne. Bk>om6eId. N. J. 2^30 .A large proportion of (he in-; habitanis of Pekin are too poor to i afford any heat and in winter from ; (iiillars ai>d-a halfl,,,.,. 10 half a dozen persons are i tickei 11 the nudest j fr „7f„ (rtUipoth each dav. VorK. She 'd n-ner .";liim. laiiclied al liiiu. and kicked! •I'hlni out lor'a babl-headed biltter- d '. aiid-egg man. It • Well, he couldn't walk the .streets lis ; st:iict;vely toward the poorer part a I ot tl'i- town, the section where j s-I working people lived in smtfll cot- Itbjta^es. Hu niust have walked fif- iii;ie.'ti or twenty blocks, h-^ thoughu ly I as he looked about I '.ini.. He was ;liese -iolidiold and tircl. He w:is looking^ for a street sisn whei .i, lie became conscious of muss , s'c. Violin -music. He stopped. Bunions Quick reli^ from .paiii. Prevent shoe pressure. At oQ iJnxr md shoe sant. mscHoii 's Alt one oa—<K« Lawnmower Sharpening'and Repairing W(j call for and deliver PLOW WORK, WOOD VWORK, . AUTOMOBILE PAINTING, GENERAL BLACKSMITHJNG €. C. McCarty & Son 301 South St. Phone 216 YouriLdst The monumen t we erect at your direetior will endure for ages. We use only the best the quar]'ies produce, cut the-design! and inscription deep aid build a foundation thjat will ^Yith- Btand jtinie itself. If you are planning the erection of a memoriial our services are at your command. [QNUMENTAL WOmS 301 SoJitli Washington. 1>h^iie 671! 1 J Nash 6-c>^lindcr, 7-bearing performance costs little, i/ any, more than 4-cylinder performance, l You Can buy a Nash Light Six enclose^ call for as little as $925 f. o. factory—sin amazingly low price for a car! like this. For besides the exceptional smoothness iof Nash :6-cylinder, 7-bearing performance, the Nash Light Six has 'every ^worth-while feature of modern niotpring: Fill] foFCk -ioed lubrication; Nash- miechanicar wheel brakes, with front!whejel brakes totally enclosed.- Double-beam headlights; AiJtomatic windshield cleaner;Rear-view mirror; Gasoline gauge oninsitrumentboard. 5 Budd-Michelin ste^l disc wheeH; Alemite chassis lubricatioa, instead of old-fashioned grease cups. . Air cleaner and oil filter to seal the .engine; steering gear especially ^engineered for balloon tires. And, in closed car bodies, genuine hardwood frames with rounded rear roofs like the costliest custom cars. You can buy this car for about the same price as one of the higher priced fours. At tlie most, you'll only iieed to add $50or $60toyourfirstpa3rment. • •I f- NASH MOTOR SALES CO. 214 North Jefferson ' Phone 720 5'. If We know a champion when we see one. And this new-type All-Weather Tread Goodyear Balloon, brandrnew 1927 model, is a knockout! \ For longer wear, for i/creased safety, better traction,* more peace-of-mind, and long» slow wear—this is thie tire you want. Come in, see it, be tire-wise. Know why more people ride on Goodyear Tires than on any other kind. it, • r This is I the piew Goodyear Tire; announced by "The til e in the World.'* Afler ^ests and c that statement. its makers a^ lose inspection we are! readv to. back up ALU REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED ROAD SERVICE IS UNEQUALLED

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