Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on July 28, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
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Wednesday, July 28, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTV1LLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, Jufcy 2 , 1* See It by C. W. D. There was a decided red tint over Philadelphia last week when Henry Wallace and his gang arrived for their third party convention. The presence of Representative Vita Marcantonio. American Labor Party member from New- York, on the platform added strongly to the Kremlin background motivating this new party. The new third party platform advocated public ownership of key industries and public utilities, immediate peace negotiations with Kussia and the party will lead the fight for the constitutional right of the Communists to express their views here. Henry Wallace, himself, may not be a Communist but his movement has been taken over by the Communist party and the movements of the new organization are being directed by the Reds. ***** HELP I Xced Someone Through the courtesy of the Henry Herald of Verden. Oklahoma, we reprint the following statistical report. The Henry folks down in flat and windy Verden got it from the Chickasha Daity Express i which is the fiat and windy town ten miles to the east where Jeff Williams, who was here not so long ago for the bankers' convention, does his living.) The Chickasha paper in turn reprinted it through the courtesy of the Pawnee (Okla.,1 Chief which got it from a Missouri editor, who in turn had seen it somewhere else. So we swipe it, likewise. (Not to be outdone, we swiped it from the Fayette County Union who in turn clipped it from the Waukon Newspapers.) BALANCE SHEET (Certified) Year Ending December 21. 1947 Population of U. S 135.000.000 People 65 or older 37.000,000 Left to do the work 9S,000,000 People 21 or younger 54.000,000 Left to do the work 44.000,000 I Working for the government 21.000,000 Left to do the work People in Service 23,000,000 10,000.000 Left to do the work 13.000.000 In state or city offices 12.800.000 here, but it is hard to believe that the question was brought up in the blustering tough cattle center of northwest Iowa. Apparently the 'police chief is becoming a little near sighted and in his efforts to read all the books and pass on their moral qualities and is unable to see over or beyond the covers at the normal run of life along Fourth street day by day. • • * • • They did it in Waukon. The city council of Waukon in a meeting Monday authorized the installation of parking meters on the main streets of Waukon. The street decorations are expected to be installed within the next three or four weeks. The super salesman of today must have .all been hired by the parking meter companies. They have done a mighty fine job in Iowa during the past year. LeftToWrite By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. Left to do the work 200.000 In hospital and asylums.. 126.000 Left to do the work.. Persons in jail 12.000 11.998 Left to do the work 2 YOU AND I. And you'd better get a wiggle on. I am getting damned tired of running this country alone. • • * * • One of the most amusing stories of the past week was the book ban imposed in Sioux City by the police chief. Such books as "Tobacco Road." "God's Little Acre." and "The Passionate Witch," came under the scrutinizing eye of the chief and after blinking several times he decided that others should not have the opportunity to read such stuff. The matter of "obscenity" in the books is not a point in question Grasshoppers Threat To Crops In The County Increase Your Returns Do you want to increase your returns on eggs sold on grade? Experiments have shown that when eggs are placed in the fillers with points down it results in less second grade eggs. When eggs are placed in the fillers with the air cell down it causes the yolk to move from its central position and resembles an old egg. Pack your eggs with the small end down and increase your profits. Hansen & Matson Co. washes to take this opportunity to thank all its friends for coming to our new plant to celebrate our grand opening and for the many congratulations expressed by you personally as well as in the Postville Herald; also for the baskets of flowers and for personal services rendered by the ladies who served the refreshments. According to our guest book, the following towns and cities were listed as the home address of our guests: Postville, Luana, Monona. Garnavillo, Elkader, Clermont, Castalia, Ossian, Waukon. Becorah, Wadena, Mt. Vernon, Northwood and Des Moines, Iowa; Minneapolis, Minn.; Milwaukee, Wis.; Evanston, Park Ridge, and Chicago, Illinois. Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa The grasshoppers will seriously threaten growing crops in this area within the next few weeks if control measures are not started at once, County Extension Director" Fred O'Riley warned Allamakee county farmers this week. Tre- menduous grasshopper infestations are building up all over the state this year and the 'hoppers are now moving from stubble fields and fence rows to corn, soybeans and alfalfa. In southern Iowa, where the 'hoppers are biggest, they have already eaten their way as far as twenty rows into corn fields, leaving bare, stripped stalks behind them. The pests are only about half-grown in central Iowa, where little serious damage has been reported as yet. In the northern part of the state the 'hoppers can still be controlled at little expense in the hatching beds. To control grasshoppers in this area, here are the Iowa State Col-1 lege recommendations prescribed by Dr. Gunderson.—On green, succulent vegetation use chlordan or chlorinated camphene. Apply one quart of 50 percent emulsifiable chlordan spray or 30 pounds of five percent dust per acre. If chlorinated camphere is used, apply one and one-half quarts of 50 percent emulsion concentrate as a spray, or 40 pounds of five percent dust per acre. The effects of chlordan and chlorinated ' camphene will last three to 10 days. However, both leave a residue which may be excreted in the milk of cows grazing in treated fields. Where vegetation is sparse or dry, use benzene hexa- chloride or poisoned bran bait. For benzene hexachloride, apply a spray of 0.3 pound of gamma isomer per acre as five pounds of six percent gamma isomer wett- able, or 30 pounds of one percent gamma dust. This material has a disagreeable musty odor usually repellant to bees and livestock. Chlor­ dan, chlorinated camphene, and benzene hexachloride may be applied as dusts or sprays, from either airplane or ground equipment. Poisoned bran bait may also be used as a control. It is cheap to use, but is hard to apply and may be dangerous to livestock if stored or put on improperly. Iowa Campaign Opens Iowa Republicans officially opened their victory campaign last week at their State Convention, one of the largest^ and the most enthusiastic gatherings which the party has held in Iowa in many years. The Convention heard a stirring keynote address by United States Senator George A. Wilson, adopted a strong platform and nominated 34 year old Helvin D. Synhorst. of Orange City, for the office of Secretary of State. Synhorst, a veteran of World War II and a lawyer, will add much to the Republican state ticket. Those attending the convention could not help but be impressed by the party harmony which prevailed and the general feeling that this year would see a sweeping Republican victory, not only in Iowa, but throughout the nation. The State Committee Whitney Gillilland, of Glemvaod. will continue to head the State Republican Central Committee as a result of his re-election as Chairman immediately following the Convention. Mrs. Gertrude Wilharm of Sumner was re-elected vice chairman and W. Keith Hamill, secretary-treasurer. Four changes were made on the committee. S. R. Torgeson of Lake Mills is the new Sixth District Chairman, while the vice- chairman is Mrs. O. G. Clause, of Jeffer-, son. The new Third District Chairman is Boyd G. Hayes, of Charles City, while the new Eighth District Vice Chairman is Miss Elizabeth Thei. of Sibley. . The committee plans an aggressive campaign in the state. Electors Iowa's present governor and Iowa's next governor will have the honor of casting the state's two presidential elector-at-large votes this year. The State Convention selected Governor Robert D. Blue and William S. Beardsley, the Re publican candidate for Governor, after the committee and nomina tions had recommended them. share in benefits derived from the new practices. Cosh Lease Not Affected The effects of new methods on the farm rental bargain will vary according to the type of lease used, Arthur points out. Even within the same type of lease, individual pairs of landlords and tenants will handle the same practice differently. Straight cash farm leases are affected least. In the cash lease, the tenant pays the landlord so much cash rent per acre or a lump sum for the annual use of the farm. Arthur says that if new methods affect the cash lease, all other types of leases also will be affected at the same point. LET PULLETS HAVE FREE CHOICE OF CONCENTRATE Keep on the safe side with insecticides. The National Safety Council warns summer gardeners that plant sprays and poisons claim many child lives each year. Keep poisons locked up. In June and July, about 1,200 persons will drown each month, if past experience holds true this year, the National Safety Council savs. LOWE BROTHERS PORCH AND DECK PAINT is really durable ... it dries exceptionally hard and wears well and long. It stands up exceptionally well under scuffing hard' leather heels and chairs that skid across the floor. It's so tough that it's virtually unaffected by sun, snow, sleet and rain. Your choice of many pleasing colors. Postville Lumber Co. H. J. MEYER, Manager Telephone 196 "Mamie, you ought to drink more WATERS' PASTEURIZED MILK. Good milk makes good blood and your cuts and bruises heal faster." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese, Call 237-J. 237-J Accidents On Increase Throughout The State Statistics released today by the Iowa Department of Public Safety, on accident records for May show that fatalities, accidents, property damage, and drivers and owners involved in accidents in the State have increased greatly. Total fatalities for May nearly doubled the April record, with 51 in Iowa against 52 traffic deaths last April. The property damage totals took a similar upswing, with a May figure of $2,213,899 as against $1,649,800 for April. Traffic accidents jumped 452 for the month, with 3.224 recorded for May. and 2.772 for the previous month. Drivers and owners in volved in these accidents totaled 8,026 for May and 6,810 for April, and 1,289 were injured. Sgt. Kermith Rhoades of the Highway Patrol, has given out figures showing the contribution of Patrol District No. 10 to the state totals. Property damage in the district totaled $111,012. The damage was the result of 176 accidents involving 423 drivers and owners. Damage in Dubuque county, which amounted to $35,360 was the largest in the district. Allamakee county had 19 accidents which amounted to $13,430 in property damage. , Start pullets otv a self-feeding program of whole grain and a concentrate by the time they are 10 to 12 weeks of age. says W. R Whitfield, Iowa State College extension poultryman. Chickens easily acquire new habits while they are young. Later, a change in feeding habits may cause ill effects, including going off feed. This results in a production slump whether it is in eggs or meat. Whitfield reports that the cafeteria method of feeding is the most successful one followed by flock owners. It is securing the highest production for Iowa Record Demonstration Flock owners and is saving them much labor formerly required to mix feeds or to hand feed. 26 Percent Concentrate Whitfield also says that if there is enough self-feeder space, the birds will eat adequately without needing a wet mash to sharpen their appetites. He suggests self-feeding a 26 percent protein concentrate grower for young stock along with whole oats and shelled corn, each in separate troughs. Replace the growing concentrate with a breeder concentrate when pullets reach laying age at four and one-half to five months. The breeder concentrate is used with whole grain through out the laying year. The advantages of this feeding plan are shown by comparing re suits of. flock owners who used a high protein mash with grain and those who fed an 18 to 20 percent, or low, protein mash last year. Users of the concentrate had an average production of 189 eggs per bird, compared with 174 for those who fed a low protein feed. Lowers Feed Cost Another advantage of feeding a high protein concentrate is that feed costs are lowered. The flock owner can make use of more home grown grains which he can produce cheaper than the price he has to pay for feed in the bag. This feeding program also produces meat efficiently as is shown by tests with 400 straight run White Rock chicks at the Floris experimental farm in Wapello County earlier this summer. Cockerels there weighed 2.3 pounds at eight weeks of age and the pullets weighed two pounds. At 12 weeks the cockerels weighed 4.1 pounds and the pullets 3.25 pounds. ATTEND THE Ossian Harvest Festival Wednesday, August if MORNING, AFTERNOON AND EVENING PROGRAMS FARM LEASES MAY GET OUT OF DATE Provisions of your farm lease may be out of date and may need revising if you are to keep in step with the near-revolutionary changes in farm practices that have come about the past 10 years. In a study of the problem, I. W. Arthur, farm economist at Iowa State College, found that farming methods have changed too rapidly for local tradition and custom to supply the answers to new farm rental problems arising from technique advances. Fertilizers, Sprays Some of the recent changes in farm practices affecting farm rentals include the recent boom in the tise of commercial fertilizers and limestone; use of chemicals to control weeds and insect pests such as corn borers, grasshoppers and flies; conservation practices, including contouring, terracing and grassed waterways; the use of expensive farm machinery such as combines, balers, field cutters and tractors, including custom work; and the greater use of new crops such as soybeans and bromegrass. New methods in farming usually call for new decisions between landlord and tenant, Arthur says. They must decide how much each will furnish and how they will A new type mechanical tree planter now being tested may make possible increased tree planting for erosion control, wildlife cover and timber crops in Iowa. The mechanical planter gives promise of cutting labor costs and speeding reforestation in areas where many trees are to be planted. Treated oats and barley seed left over from this spring's planting should not be fed to livestock, says C. S. Reddy, Iowa State College plant pathologist. Seed which has been treated with either Ceresan M or New Improved Ceresan contains mercury and lead and can kill animals. Total milk production is lagging behind last year's output. Don't let your combined oats bin burn. Use Saf-T-Sur Compound and be safe! Spray those thistles that come up in your oats stubble. We have both the Amine Salt Base and Estercide 330 Sprays. — • — Do You Like Yeast Feeds? We have Mycolac Mineralized Yeast to use with your new oats. PostviHeFeedMill Phone 244 Postville, Iowa 11 BIG FREE ACTS BASEBALL — OSSIAN vs. FESTINA RADIO BROADCAST from Ossian Main Street with McElroy of KXEL from 12:00 to 12:15 p. m. * — — Sponsored by — OSSIAN COMMERCIAL CLUB llllllllllllllllllillllllllllllllllli ATTENTION PLEASE Big-A Fair The Big-4 Fair is only a short time away! There never has been such a demand for space, both on the ground and in the Exposition Hall. If you had a booth last year and want it again this year, check with Willard Schutte at once even though you contacted him last Fair time. That way there will be no misunderstanding, All outdoor exhibits, and all eating stand operators must contact the Secretary at once if they desire space. Naturally, we would like to give these concessions to our nearby folks-' but time is short and we can't hold them much longer for our local friends. We have secured the largest truck Carnival on the road this year and must limit our space to take care of this concession. BIG-4 FAIR A. S. BURDICK, Secretary SAVE w/w ^a* SECURITY • • . by opening a savings account here today. Deposit regularly . . . your money earns a worthwhile return as you save. Start with any amount! Citizens State Bank POSTVILLE, IOWA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

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