Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 14, 1959 · Page 13
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 13

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1959
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Junior Editors Quit on SALT SWEETIE PIE ly Nodint Seltzer eut out WAY BY J. ft. WILLIAMS OU* 80AR5IM6 HOUSI . . . . . MAJOt •/STOP IT- QUESTION: What is a salt lick? ANSWER: Salt Is a necessary chemical in tht body functions of man and other warm-blooded animals. Man can obtain salt from tea water, salt wells and salt mines. But animals often have to obtain the salt their bodies need at places where veins of silt ere on the ground's surface. These places are called salt licks because the animals lick the salt. They also can obtain salt by chewing the bark of trees, which can prove ruinous to orchards. For this reason, orchard owners often put boxes of salt near their trees for the animals to eat. These are artificial salt licks. Several places in the United States are so named because in the early days they were widely known salt licks for animals. Deer Llek, Ky., is one. FOR YOU TO DO: Here is a drawing of a boy making an Artificial salt lick so that the deer will not eat the bark of his orchard trees. Color the picture, making the deer brown with white spots. i (Gail McCarley of Hickory, N. C., wins $10 for this question. Send your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgins, AP Newsfeatures, in care of this newspaper. If duplicate question* are received, Mrs. Higgins will select the winner.) CARNIVAL By Dick Turner T.«. »•«. o*. !••«. o* A 1*Mby Mt UntM. "But, Dad, you know how expensive education is these days, homework alone costs me five to ten sundaes a week I" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "Maybe you did just get 50 cents a week when you were my age, Mom, but I'll bat you didn't enjoy economizing until after you were married!" T,M. *<(. U.I. FM. M. ft 1«l ky NIAHirviu, Int. 'BRAKESI" TIZZY By Kate Osann /•LJU^/V^ • 1159 by NIA Strviw. Int. f.M. KM. U.». Fit. •*• 'You knew, Tiny it right—this IS comfortable!" Musical Medley AGKOBS ' I IMtuic*! meuure 4 Tumult « Hurt . 1) Swett it eider Ctrl 13 None writings 14 Kind of note ISNaufhty 16 Winter tov«l ,18 Struck' 20 Tetn 21 ExolinMttotu 36 Greek (odd«w •17 Rue iOCom* MJUlttd 35S»lt ISMr. O'Shtnter 3T Trench retort 38 Dupes (eoIL) 40 (Same of chance 41Mooctsin 42 In that place 45 Musical Instrument* 40 News worker* 51 Eagle (comb. form) 53 Kind of curtain 83 Discord goddesg 54 Scottish no 55 Posture. 58 Essential being 57 Elder* (ab.) DOWN 1 Food* 2 BlbUcul ohiractef S Kind of menage 4 Musical directions 5 What musician* often are Answer -to Previou* Puxilt rawrara | Mwoy:-JMr-ibin rgLii -«a • i.iarjiHtiii WGJI UMIII'JlmiJHM ICIWi-J EWI-U • Hiiju ummi-j milUI b^LJM FlDfJMH l:JI»l:iUWl JM WWH rjaLydw uaiji anw mraizir'-in i-inn I?LJUffll«fcJrt LdEJWuW tiHky r^rai-j i UJLlki?ra Idllia • IM&JGJIM rjnn iiirasii31 OU/JMLM HBiMniaiai^t^ I LJLJUIW li3CJUt JWWL .*f-31 L-)l Jf-IF-l 6 Scandinavian city 7 Oriental porgy 8 Thia gow with sackcloth o Money lOPureue UWoricunitf 17 Lubricant 19 Pronoun 23 Wipe out 24 Sever 25 Region 26 Swedish author 27FiutUt«, for instance 28 Upon. 39 Decimal unite 31 Superficial coating 38 Malayan 38 Lid* 40 Danish eota 41 Police force 42 Journey 43 Demigod 44 Heroic poetry 46 Eye part 47 Clow 48 Saintei (ab.) 50 Oolfer's mound BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Bailed Out BY EDGAR MARTIN &n I fc-%HB«S i*- ^-.-.w 0 Tl .-,. , V ,HAVETOH§AK TCOMSS ^.MOZART,_8UT V^£ LL a^-THfe ffSCOflO-& LiMCLS I |N t3 >-* ' ,•».—••> J, * r - - • :—- —- ML' ' ~ ~ ' 5OM6' v.;;TM-/ r AMt> A ^3 IMS,/ OOT fi.BT- ff^^NS£f?!j NOV^ 30ST « iv/w i *y *«* i II "T — —- TiM6AM <SvAl£'«e. AUD\Tl^sl\C5y^j<> ^£FOf?e\Tj HP^ <zr&G>r<f *s ' I ( THAT* WHAT we > FI6URED--JU4T I ABOUT POWVI TO ' \ OUR 5PEED, A FOOTBALL WITH ST^AW WON'T VWOW'T BE ANV LIFE W TH 1 BALL AM 1 IT'LL SLOW DOWW THE 6AM P. TOO MUCH. 1 THE WORRV WART All Kinds of Things BUGS BUNNY SOLLY, VACN SEE AlUtf KINPS 0' THINC5S WITH AWJ THI9 BIS WINDER! HOWPOVOU I STOPPED ?Y WITH BUSS YES 1 OH, DEAR 1 PICTUKI W1NPOW PETUNIA1 BY AL VERMIM For the Book PRISCILLA'S POP rJO,NO! GO TO GRIFFIN'S. I'LL GO TO CWEEVER'S. WONDER IF CARLVLE WILL RUN TO THE DRUG THAT'S THE NEAREST.' TRADING ITS BERNARD'S INDIGESTION AGAIN! MEDICINE? TERRIBLE BY V. T. HAMLIN End of the Trail ALLEY OOP YEH, BUT ITS, BETTER-SI/OH,T TRAIL I SUPPOSE HOLP IT/ EASV SO, BUT.. / NOW.' THISTRA.ILOF v _ , DINNVS MUST BE ^ AT ALL! AT LEAST SEVERAL DAYS OLD •Y DICK CAVALLI MORTY MEEKLE VEAH/ TWI<5 WTHE JOINT/ l<5 THI6 THE JOINT YOU PICKED FOR US TO KNOCK OFF? THE BOOMER CO.-PRDPIT GRAPH HARD TO TELL IN THE PARK- GIMME THAT FLASHLIGHT. I'M NOT <5URE. BY MERRILL BLOSflt FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Tag Cashes In UH? TM-TMAT L WONDER. WMKX EXPENSIVE TASTT THANVbU ISMT FAIR./ OP H»S LITRE <&<RL HE'S OO- INKS 10 PUT TBITE OM THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE Assuring Billy BY WILSON SCRUMS I STILL SAV ITTvOU MUSTW'T TAW M ' 8ILLV, iOCUJSff MY SHOP KX. A MOUTH BEFORE I'P HIK5 J. ? IIUU 3A7 11 I 7VU MU3 t N I I AWT >— ISU'T PAIR/ y THAT ATTITUDE,BILLY, ^ VOU SEC.LIPC WOLDS' I DOU'T WAWT SOWC WHILE MK. MAirriW 15 IU EW6LMJD/ Herd to Believe IT MWT B THE tflUWWN I HI I TO CCMP16TB THI5 MORWIM6 KklO, " 4- »o t xB,» WHXT ARI \Hg H^ ^ VI r*i<^ «^ee%•><F i r^r*' ^ *»v »«'*•« f § •• n^ - •» \ DREAMED YOU WERE THE ONE H6 •A INSISTED COULPM'T 9E IMVOIVED' HOW COUtO AW&WE CRACK SOU TALKWO \ IT WA6 WOMP WU TALKW<? \ IT WA6 WUWD OK) A K6P WWW COUlf W AWUT, EASY? AGBWT WHO WA* K4LED J UT» H| RARELY INVOLVED IK) L k)EA<Z TWEE6 TOWKjHT 1 . ^ Bsga ~~ •' BY LESLIE TURNER

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