Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 10, 1963 · Page 7
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 7

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1963
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

IHfc KtiolbltR-NEWS — Ml. VtKNON, ILLINOIS To Wed December 22 DEAR ABBY . Silent Middleman! Abigail Van Burer DKAR ABBY: T am 15 and love both my parents very much but I'm afraid they will end up indivorce court if my mother doesn 't change her ways. Dad is a lawyer, around 50, and he has a cood practice. But, Abhy. if most people knew how hard a lawyer works on briefs, court, arguments, witnesses, testimony etc., they would break riRht down and cry. Tonight Dad carne home at 7:15. RiRht away Mom said, "Have you eaten yet? No "hollo, just, "Have you eaten yet? He said, "No, I just got out of court.' Then Mom said, "What do you think I'm running here, a rcstBiirant?" This sort of thing goes on all the time. I know Mom loves him but how can I get her to treat him nicer? T was taught that children should be seen and not heard IN THE MIDDLE I>EAB TN: I don't believe that children should be seen and not henril. Wnlt for the opportune moment, and when your mother Is alone, IIIM plenty of time and Is in n good mood, tell her she should bn more patient and gentle with Dad. Sometimes from the mouths of bnhes . . . * t DEAR ABBY: When you said a 76-year-old man was only running for tiie exercise, you forgot the saying, "There are a lot of good tunes played on an old fiddle." OLD FIDDLER MISS PHYLLIS SUE HAMSON Mr. and Mrs. Vern Hamson of Belle Rive are announcing the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Phyllis Sue, fo William Franklin Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Elisha Wilson of Mt. Vernon. The wedding date has been set for December 22. DKAR F1DDLKR: But who listens? * * • DKAR ABBY: I am the mother of five children, but my 14- year-old daughler is my problem. When I tell her to clean up her room or to turn off the TV and do her homework, she tells me to shut up! I told her she was getting out. of hand and if she didn't watch her step I'd tell her father. He is very strict with the children and if they ever talked back to him they'd never forget it. I think it is a mother's job, not: the fathers to discipline the daughters. How can I make my daughter mind without telling her father, A MOTHER'S JOB DEAR MOTHER: Disciplining children (boys or girls) should be a team effort. Personally, I think you've lost control. And once it is lost it is rarely regained. Unless you want even more serious problems with your daughter, let her father handle her. * * * What's on your mind? For a personal reply, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. *• * * For Ahby's booklet. "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Abby, Box 3365, Beverly Hills, Calif. Engaged FOR LADIES ONLY . . . — By SALLY — SOCIETY Red Cross Gray l,adies The Red Cross Gray Lady shoppers this week are Zelnia Kovach, "Rosemary Chapman. Evelyn Harlan, Delia Tuegel, and Gertrude Kaelin. On Wednesday of each week, a group of these ladies shop for the patients at the Mt. Vernon State Tuberculosis Sanitarium. St Mary's Alter Society Members of St. Mary's AlUr Society met last Thursday in the basement of the church. The Rev. Fr. James P. Burke offered the opening prayer. Mrs. William Snow, president, presided. Tt was announced that the bloodmobile would be in Ml. Vernon on December 27 and any church member desiring to donate blood may call Mrs. Snow at 2-12-0159 for details. Mrs. Snow asked for volunteers to help clean the church on Dec. If) at 9:00 o'clock that morning. The Rev. Fr. Burke gave an Inspiring talk in keeping with the Christmas spirit. A gift exchange was enjoyed and refreshments were served by Joy Evans, hostess chairman, assisted by Cecelia Johnson, Lillian Herbert, Marie Brien, Laura Sherwood, Anastasis Taliann, Ediift Holcomb, Ruth Boll, and Ellarcttn Hcil. Mrs. Jean Rot tip received the attendance gift. WoodJawn HomcmnUcrs Christmas Party The Woodlawn u n i 1 of Homomakers' Extension Association will have the annual Christmas dinner Thursday evening at: 6:30 o'clock, in the basement, of the Faith Lutheran church. A dollar change will he held. gift ex Dorcas Class Meeting The Dorcas Class of Wesley Methodist church met. last Thursday at Opal's Cafe. There were 12 members present. Bessie Vaughn offered prayer before the dinner which was served at. a beautifully decorated table. Marie Eaton led the devotions and presented a Christmas story and poem. Helen Hongsermcior and Lillie Johnson sang a duel and, following group singing, Lillie Wood offerer! prayer. Lillie Johnson, president, conducted the business session. Plans were marie for the Christmas activities, correspondence was read, cards signed for out of-town members and Linda McGuire gave the closing pi-ayer. A gill, exchange was held. The next meeting will be held January 7 in Fellowship Hall at the church. PERSONAL Wcsleyun Service Guild Party The Wesleyan Service Guild will have the Christmas Family Night and a pot luck supper at the First. Methodist Church, Wed,, Dec. 11 nt 6:30 p.m. Dr. Don R. Crocker will present the program, "The Christmas Story." .Meat and bread and drink will bo furnished. Each group is asked to bring food service will he furnished. I). A. V. Auxiliary The l.i. A. V. auxiliary will meet. Wednesday evening at T:U0 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Esther Hamper, '.'19 south 19th street. A dollar gift exchange will he held. Uliu'li llninemiikers To Meet ThuiMhiv The Block unit Bill J. Bailey, 802 south 23rd street, is a patient at Barnes Hospital in St. Louis where he submitted to surgery today. His room number is 7228. Mr. Bailey is a member of the Mt. Vernon fire department. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Chapman of Carmi visited friends and shopped in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Mrs. Eula Thomas of Fairfield was a King City shopper Monday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Davis Warren of Benton spent yesterday afternoon shopping and transacting business in Mr. Vernon. Mrs. W. W. Smith of Sandoval was a King City shopper and business visitor Monday. Mrs. Charles H. Robinson of Benton spent Monday afternoon shopping in Mt. Vernon. Stanley Pyszka of Scheller made a business trip to the King City yesterday. Layman Summers of Christopher transacted business in Mt. Vernon Monday. Mrs. Earl C. Willis of Benton Tabic j visited friends and shopped in | the King City yesterday. Edward Harriss of McLeans, boro made a business trip to "' ' I\lt. Vernon Monday. Vern Baldridge of Bin ford spent Monday afternoon transacting business in the King City. Dwight Hopkins of Salem was a business visitor in Mt. Vernon yesterday. Jack Woolbright of Kell made a short business trip to the of Home makers' Extension Association • King City Monday. will meet Thursday morning, December 12, at 11:00 o'clock in the homo of Mrs. Bcrlie Arnold. Dinner will be served at noon and the business meeting will follow. The annual Christmas gift exchange will be held. (ioiid Humor Club The Good Humor Club will meet at 1:00 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Raymond Briril, 802 south 26th street. There will lie a dollar gift exchange. W.S.C.S. Mcctlnc The Woman's Society of Christian Service will meet at 11:00 o'clock Wednesday morning at Wesley Methodist church. Program Chairman Mrs. Paul Wielt and officers will bp in chnrge of the covered dish luncheon at noon. The afternoon program will begin al 1:30 o'clock with Mrs Mrs. Carol Breeze of Bluford was a Mt. Vernon shopper and business visitor yesterday afternoon. L. L. Lovin of Belle. Rive made a brief business trip to the King City Monday. Herman Green of Bluford spent yesterday afternoon transacting business in Mt. Vernon. George L. Chase of McLeansboro transacted business in the King City Monday. Mrs. Joyce Piercy of Dix spent Monday afternoon shopping in Mt. Vernon. Howard McKinney of Toxico was a business visitor in the King City yesterday. Mrs. Alma Bruce of Norris City visited friends and shop- peel in Mt. Vernon Monday. Jim Scott of Bluford transacted business in the King City yesterday. Homer Wood of Dahlgren was a business visitor in Mt. Vernon Monday afternoon. Mrs. Otis Soclclers of Dahl lesse Stringlield, president, in 1 gren spent yesterday afternoon charge. shopping in the King City. I just love Christmas carols— especially the one telling me to deck the halls with boughs of j holly—then goes right on to remind me that the season to be jolly is at hand. Or. perhaps r should say this has been my favorite yule jingle during other holiday seasons . . . The song has lost some of its appeal since last Sunday afternoon. . . . That was when I discovered that 1 couldn't do the type of decking that I prefer— and more about that later .... it was also the time I found that I had no desire to be jolly .... and, more about that later, also .... The fact of the matter is this: I was seized with an awful spell of sulking . . . But, while brooding, I decided that other homemakers are faced with similar problems .... Thinking it all over, I got the idea that we'd feel belter if we sort of shared the burden of trying to do all this decking—and being real HO . . . HO . . . HO . . . about the whole thing .... So, let's compare notes, shall we ? ? ? ? Naturally, I have no way of knowing just what is holding up the. yule spirit at your place . . . But. I'm ready to bet a tall Christmas tree that something is ... . It's possible I'm not being fair in thinking that you've run smack into a snag on your annual planning—just because I have . . . Maybe everything is running smooth as a yard of bright gift- tying ribbon at your place . . . It so, maybe you have time to listen to my tale of woe .... So, here goes: To begin with, let me say that I have no halls to deck with boughs of holly—and that isn't my complainl I wouldn't do it if I had several halls . . . But. I do like to do my "decking" with old Christmas cards .... And, I had quite a collection put. away in a box for this purpose . . . Cards wluch in other years have been strung all over my living room .... A wire was attached from win- clow to window behind the couch —and it. was filled ... In brief, these cards were my real pride and joy . , . (Besides being so attractive, the collection also made it appear that Glenn and I were unusually well remembered —since I never once bothered to say that they had been accumulating over the years instead of just the two weeks before Christmas.) Incidentally, you'll note that I say I HAD these cards—and that brings me right up to the reason why I'm not doing any decking. Since Sunday afternoon, I have not been particularly jolly —and I'll tell you why. There I was, all set to start, the card arranging ... As I recall, I was whistling "Jingle Bells" as 1 headed for the store room—and the box containing the lovely cards ... It wasn't there . . . Still. I wasn't too upset ... I continued to whistle the merry yule ditty as I headed for the basement — recalling that, one year, the box had been placed there when the store room became over-crowded . . . When I got to the basement I stopped whistling—and started talking to myself .... The place looked so different ... It was not only well swept, there were no boxes at all under the stairs—and that feeling generally referred to as *'a mounting lear" sent me rushing upstairs to question Glenn . . . (Seems he decided to surprise me by giving the basement the cleaning that I suggested it needed last September.* So, my plans for "decking" have gone up in the smoke—right along with a couple of boxes filled with magazines I intended to save because they were filled with line recipes. Well, as usual, one thing follows another at my place, and when I stopped talking he said lie would be glad to begin addressing Christmas cards—if I would bring the address book lo him . . . .Tliis led me to ask him how I should know where to find it He replied that I should know because, last year I told him I was sick of searching for that address book year after year— 1 was going to put it where I'd know where It was . , , (I'm sure I did know, too ... . The only thing was, I was a little absent minded Sunday . . . And, before I finally found it— is tht meet unlikely ptact in the world I was a lol sicker of the search than ever before.) Bui, I did find it . . . He did start on the addressing . . . .And. could be, when Giristmas is over I can again start saving cards with which to do some "decking" next year. * » * MRS. DANIEL KENNEY OF i 1515 PACE not only brightened the office of The Register-News with her presence Monday morning. . . . She brought along a box of peanut butler fudge which she made according to a recipe received from MRS. MYRTLE HARSHBARGER OF BLUFORD . . . . (Believe me, it is really YUMMY.) Mrs. Kenny tells me they are former residents of East St. Louis—but they are delighted with life in Ml. Vernon .... (Like myself, she has no desire to be a pari of mad city life. . . So, even though I'm about two years late, I say welcome to the community . . . Nice folks make nice communities . . . and, folks like the Kenney family certainly add to this one.l ^ * * Anonymous: The best preparation for tomorrow Is the proper use of today. MISS NANCY LOUISE NELSON Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson of McLeansboro are announcing the engagement of iheir daughter, Nancy Louise, to Fred A. Dunham, son of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Dunham of Mt. Vernon. Wedding plans are incomplete. Polly's Pointers TUY Tins AT CHRISTMAS BY POIXV CRAMER Newspaper Kntrrprlsr, Assn. DEAR POLLY—We are invited lo three weddings, so I have been busy wrapping wedding gifts. When wrapping a gift that is in a box with a lid that comes down over the sides, I jusl cover the lid with pretty paper, put it on the box and tie ribbon around the entire box with a bow on top. It makes a most attractive package. I always hated to see so much fancy paper torn off and thrown i away.—ELSIE. GIRLS—Often I lime rov- rred a shower gift box with Inexpensive white rayon satin. A bit of paste holds it on tightly. Wide white satin ribbon is tied around the satin box and a "wedding bouquet" of white, artificial flowers Is placed on top so it looks quite apropos of the oneasion —POLLY. DEAR POLLY—When painting chair legs, put each leg in a jar cover placed upside down on the floor. This allows room for the brush to get around the legs and the cover catches the paint drippings. Coffee grounds make a good sweeping compound for basement floors. * Leftover bread slices are easy to cube or grate for stuf­ fings, meat loaves, etc. if they are first frozen. Use directly from the freezer.—MRS. O. K. GIRLS — This last hint works so well I urn going to definitely use it for stuffing my Christmas turkey. — I'OLLV. Married At Decatur MR. AND MRS. RICHARD J. SCHAEFER SOCIALLY YOURS Edmisons Wed Sixty Years Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Edmison of 1708 Logan street, will observe their sixtieth wedding anniversary on Friday, December 13. They arc the parents of three children: Mrs. Glee Wood, Krekel and Arthur Edmison, all of Mt. Vernon. They also have six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Due to the fact that Mr. Edmison is now recuperating from surgery, no special plans have been made for the occasion. Mrs. Edward Sitlman of Havana, 111., is visiting in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Doug Van Ellen. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Jimmie Frosl and son, Billy Bob, and Erie Frost: of Mt. Vernon spent. Sunday visiting with Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Boyf and sons in Maryland Heights, Mo. * * * Mrs. Opal Jones has returned to her home on Route Four Mt. Vernon following a six weeks visit with her sister, Mrs. Sophia Sauls and their niece, Mrs. Doris Pierson, both of Eugene, Oregon. The trip was made, both ways, by plane. * * •.< Mrs. Jewell Tallin! t. who spent, several days visiting with her mother, Mrs. Mayme Walker and other Ml. Vernon relatives and friends, has returned lo her home in Pontine. * * » Mr. and Mrs. James Walker, who spent the weekend visiting These birthdays both Thursday, December V2 . . . .Mrs. .Millie Keen or RKD 1, Keenes, will be 75 years old according to a telephone call received from Mrs. Reba Burgess of this city . . . and Mrs. Anna Harp of 101 north Maple in Ceiitralid will lie 85 years old we were informed in a nolo from Mrs. Ben A. Miller of Mt. Vernon . . . She also tolls us I hat Mrs. Harp is a former resident of this city and a member of the Royal Neighbors of America Lodge . . . We do hope each one will receive many other cards with the one we are mailing today. DEAR POLLY—Since your col- ! umn is my favorite, 1 am send; ing you my favorite hint. To keep : slipcovers from riding up and ! down, 1 sew strips of twill tape | ,on lo the inside seams I wrong of:cur ! side) litxi to the furniture legs. Strips should be long enough to cross around the leg and tie in a secure bow. Saves lime and fingernails and keeps Hie chair or sofa ncalcr looking.—MRS. B. J. M. FEDERATED CLI'B Members of the Mildred D. Shcrr.'id Federated Club will hold a Christmas party Thursday evening, December 12, at 7 .no o'clock in the home of Mrs-. Nettie Porter, 1123 south in the home of their son-inlaw j Ninth street. All members are and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. j asked lo bring (able service for Donnie Lec in .Toilet, have re-1 themselves and guests, turned to their home in Mt.: Vernon. I ODESSA HALL, pres. GIRLS—When slipcovers do not have flounces around the bottom, I sew a piece of material, about five inches deep, on each of the four sides between the legs. These bands are pulled toward the center of Hie underneath part of the chair and pinned securely to the bottom so Hie slipcover never rides up.—POLLY. DEAR POLLY—A couple of years ago, just after Christmas, I decided on a gift to give my aunt the nexl Christmas. She has three children, so from New Year's Day until a few weeks before Christmas I made a point of taking as many snapshots as possible of her children. I put these in a small album that holds 20 pictures. She was so thrilled with Ihis photographic record of her children for one year that I now do it for several friends and relatives. It brings great pleasure for a small expense.—M. W. Miss Frances Marie Kittle and Richard J. Schaefer both of Decatur were married October 26 in a double ring ceremony performed Saturday morning, October 26, at ten o'clock in St. Patrick's church in that city. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Everett Kittle of Wayne City and the bridegroom is I he son of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Schaefer of Hartville, Ohio. The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a floor length wedding down beautifully fashioned in \vhite satin and lace. She also wore an elbow-length veil of illusion and carried a bouquet of white roses. June Kittle, of Carbondale, j sister of the bride, was maid of j honor. She wore a blue satin | brocade dress with bell-shaped j skirt and carried a bouquet of | blue mums. I Martha, Joan, and Marjorie j Schaefer of Hartville, O., sis-, tors of the bridegroom, and Marilyn Coley of Evansville, Lid., were bridesmaids. Ralph Soluino of Canton, O., was hest man; the ushers were Louis Kittle of St. Louis, brother of the bride, and Lee Shaefer of Hartville. brother of the bridegroom, and the groomsmen were Francis Elmerick of Canton, O.. uncle of the bridegroom, Robert Moledor of Hart­ ville, cousin of the bridegroom, Larry Bien and Robert Mack of Decatur. Barbara Schaefer was flower girl and Robert Schaefer was ring bearer. A reception was held in the Walnut Room of Grove's Restaurant in Decatur with Nancy Hazlet, Pat Owens, both of Decatur, and Pam Gries og Evansville, Ind., serving. Carole Sue Kittle of St. Louis, sister-in- law of the bride, kept the guest register. The bride's mother wore a navy blue jersey dress with matching accessories. The bridegroom's mother wore a blue and green jersey dress with matching accessories and each wore a corsage of white carnations. For a wedding trip to St. Petersburg, Fla., the bride changed to a navy blue suit. The bride graduated from Southern Illinois University and is now employed as a secretary for the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company in Decatur. The bridegroom served four years with the U.S. Air Force and is now employed as a supervisor with the Firestone Tire and Rubber Co. in Decatur. ; They are making their home I al 2372 East Johns, In that city. Clearance Fall and Winter Hats Select Group Now V: PRICE Felts, Feathers, Velours, Furs. Black and Colors. In the true spirit of Christmas giving... Bibles (KING JAMES VERSION) World Bibles are beautifully printed on strong, thin, opaque World Indo-Text...handsomely bound in a large variety of styles, colors, leathers .. .published in editions appropriate for all. See our fine gift selection. A. Family Bibles—Master Art Reference Bibles with Biblical Encyclopedia, many pages of readers' aids, beautiful illustrations. Fine genuine leather or morocco bindings, $12.50 and $18.00. B. 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