Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 14, 1959 · Page 12
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1959
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

, Ride the 'Gravy V/sft Our MP * If Train HANNASCH SUPER YALU lobby's Famous Fruit Cocktail A popular ingredient for many dishes — also excellent served plain as a snack or dessert And you buy with confidence when you buy a famous'irand euch as lobby. LIBBY'S FAMOUS TOMATO JIJI £L 4 NARGUS Ketchup H«im—3 Yellow, White, Devils Food, Spice Cake Mix o««y cr « ker 3 69c 89c Star Kitt lUna Chunk Style Save lOe Swiftning- o 6 ^«- c » n » 89c 3-lb. can 69C Pinecrest, Strictly Fresh, Ready for the Pan Chickens WHOLE BIRD CUT UP Kraft's Famous Miracle 29 c Lb. Nabisco Prem. Crackers 25c Planters Cocktail Peanuts ™- BISQUICK Green Giant NibletsCorn Tender, 5we*t Peas ° re « n ° iant — 12-ci. cans 16-oz, cans $1 $1 • • • I GOOD VALU „.. BACON H AMS RATH CANNED _ „ Can $2.79 BEEF SIRLOIN STEAK TBONE STEAKS 5-lb. Can SUPER VALU TRIM Lb. SUPER VALU TRIM *. 49c $3.99 79c 89c Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake Mix—- Campbell's Chicken-Vegetable SOLID ~~. 2 ^j VX Vtff !•/ -—•«.— — f^ Alcoa Aluminum Foil- **. •*< 1. cans 49c 35c «.29c Modess Ova I tine Popular Brand, Whole or Jtf\ Shank Half—14 to 16 Ib. Average _ „ Lb. *|VC i—I 1 I—I 1 I- t t «-•••' ' * ' J_l 1 L. T — i — i — i — i — r — i — i — i — r J-L I II I M I « I I i I r"~i T- i i- or Chef Boy-Ar-Dee Beefaroni Flour Gold Medal ..2 Boxes of 12 89C 33c 49c 5-lb. bag 49C FREE SAMPLE WILSON'S CANADIAN BACON SERVED SATURDAY, OCT. 17 Wilson's Canadian Chef will be here all day Saturday to pass out samples of this fine meat product. ON SALE AT 89c A POUND J-J—I—l—«—i—i—i—i—t—i—»- -t i i . M I I I I I III I II I I I I rrTTTT Stofeel/s Frozen Orange Juice 4 Breaded Shrimp sHRiMpAH ° yFr ° itn *& 49c Fresher by Far Fruits & Vegetables FLORIDA FRESH NEW CROP JUICE DOZEN 6 oz. eras SNAPPY RED JONATHAN STOKELVS Froien ----------- ...... PEAS— CORN OR FRENCH FRIES pk » l( $1 lt 1 PlGS STOKELVS Froien APPLE—CHERRY— PEACH 3 Pk **' STOKELY'SFro»n CHICKEN—TURKEY—BEEF STOKELY'S Froien Vegetables Cauliflower—Broccoli Spears—Mixed Vtgetablet Strawberries NORTH STATE Froxen RaSpberrieS NORTH STATE "A" GRADE Perch Fillets 10-01. ORANGES APPLES POTATOES CARROTS GRAPEFRUIT 8 4LB. BAG WHITE NEW CROP 25 LB NORTHERN GROWN .... BAG CRISP TENDER BAGS. CELLO RUPERT Frozen 5 10-01. (t»1 pks*. ;|>| 5 l(k>z. |f»«f Pkg«. J^| 3 Mb. Pkg«. I Velveetq2 1 69c| Yes .». this beautiful personal- size Westinghouee All-Transistor radio is yours FREE with Gold Bond Stamps I It comes in an attractive, shatter-proof gold and grey case,.. gives 200 hours of listening pleasure . . . and has automatic volume control—perfect for football listening. Right Reserved to Limit Quantities save, save GOLD BOND stamps 12 Times Herald, Carroll, la. Wednetday, Oct. 14, 1959 Words That Parents Tire Of Hearing By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK (AP) — Teen-age remarks that parents get tired of hearing—or overhearing: "I'll do it later." "The trouble with you and Dai is that you've forgotten what it's like to be young." "Hey, Sis, I hear Dad got a five-buck raise. Let's ask him te double our allowance." "I know it's a weekend night, Joe, but you'd better go now— even if it is early. The old folks need their rest." "Hey, Mom, can I borrow $19.95 to take this muscle — building course by mail?" "Mother, pul-Mtease act your age. You can't wear a dress that short. It makes you look ridiculous." "You think the pictures in your family album are funny? Boy, wait'll you take a look at ours." "What makes all parents such squares? Were they born that way?" "Sure, I said I'd cut the grass and I will —tomorrow, when it's cloudy. You don't want a fellow to get sunstroke, do you?" "You know how hard Dad says he had to study when he was a kid? Well, I found one of his old high school report cards in the attic, and guess what." "Tell me, Mom, what was life really like in the old days, when you were young?" "What's wrong with me, Mom? Here I am 13 —and not even going steady." "Yeah, I'm looking for a job after school, too — about five years after." "I don't see why you're so shocked at what I wrote in my diary. I found some of your old love letters and." "Why can't I? Every other kid my age does." "Every family In the block has a new car but us." "If you think I tie up the phone so much, why can't I have a phone of my own?" "Papa, what's a depression?" "Yeah, and they danced something called 'the Charleston' and 'the Big Apple,' and made fudge in the kitchen. Weren't they quaint?" "Wonder what Dad looked like when he had hair. Was he handsome?" "He says that since it's Saturday night we can stay out until midnight. Big deall" "Well, if the television's broke, I guess I might as well do my homework." "Go on, Dad, the walk'll do you and Mom good. I can't spare the car tonight." "What do you and Pop know about love anyway?" Rev. Stimpson Attending Seminars On MentaS Health (Times Herald News Service) LAKE VIEW — The Rev. Dixon Stimpson of the First Congregational Church is attending the biweekly seminars on mental health at the State Hospital in Cherokee. The seminars are under the direction of Dr. Carbone. The Rev. Mr. Stimpson is preparing a one-day seminar to be held in his church in December. The seminar will be under the direction of a member of the staff of the State Mental Health Institute. Richard Miller, Iowa City, spent the homecoming weekend witli his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Nelson and son and Mr. and Mrs. Herb Schultz were part of a family group in the ?. W. Kirkpatrick home at Early Sunday which honored a number of September birthdays. Several events last week honored the 81st birthday of Mrs. Henry Miller. Neighbors brought refreshments Friday and spent a social ifternoon. Relatives who helped her observe the occasion Friday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Walt Dettman, Lytton, Mr. and Mrs. Art Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Crum, and Mr. and Mrs! Don Gunderson, Ames. They irought gifts and refreshments. Sunday Mrs. Will Miller entertain- id Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller and Arnie, Mr. and Mrs. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Gunderson at dinner at the Frozen. All were guests in her home for the afternoon. Sixteen members of the Pleasant 'asttimes Club met with Mrs. Will Miller Friday afternoon. Mrs. 'rank Nicewanger of Carroll was a guest. Mrs. Harry Strong, Sac- City, had devotions. Mrs. Ethel Hamm was hostess to he Simpson Aid Friday afternoon. Mrs. Chris Boiling, Mrs. Leo Miler and Mrs. Lester Hamm were uests. Roll call was answered by omething pertaining to October. 'AINTS OF HIS NEW LAND MADISON, N. J. (AP) - Pro- essor Gyimesy Kasas, a Hungar- an freedom fighter who escaped rom Budapest in the 1956 anti- Communist uprising, has begun a enes of oil paintings on American istorical subjects. "I wanted to iye something to my new country, ot just take from it," he says. N OMAHA HOSPITAL (Times Herald New* Service) TEMPLETON - Mrs. Bud Oh- nger is a pateint at St. Joseph's lospital, Omaha. She is in room 46. Mrs. Ohlinger entered the hos- ital Monday.

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