The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1927 · Page 3
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1927
Page 3
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I 1 1. - , -V Carlpfoi) (jviclii a Junior litutU'ta »J iliti tlnWvrrMy of Kan »mK. [hun ,4K;en p"lp(lK<ti »)y ;tlM' Riippa Higma i —SiMH-Iul Lsaiiiliijr Dinner, HMB and «%«ni(iKLi^V <'x'- KHIi*}- HoteL -i Mrs. 1-:. (;ji<eRK of -(IS, ,\ortli Jef- fi>rfiou went lo AS'.'chltiv yfste|clny . wlipn; Mil* visit rplnlives. —\V1uit LNortn! Cuess. . J Mrs. C. F |. .Ipncs Vaiiic from "'WJcliUh lasi' «'\yiiiiiB for a visit ^i.•itil ,j-clativ<d and friendH. . i\'m. Pcnn—."» wjil-s—.\ Good Cigar ' Jl. R. Daniolfi, wlio ha.s been - l^t-r*' uii buitiiu'.Ks. rfturiied to his liomp in Cu.shiiiii. Okla.. TliiirsUay j —Saturday, March 2'>. is the last dayf'ir Stamp Photos. 5Vi X. JefJ. .Mrs. .Mary Williams, who .spent t \e winter with her daushler. -Mrs. .1). AV. Kine. .".:U Souil) Third, left for Shawn,e«?, Oklu., to Hvo with an- |!li<?r"daughler. -Mrs. Hoot. —Dr. A. B. Twadell. Osteopatb. Phone 191. New ciobje Bldg .Miss Vtlma rjixon, who teachei? In the .•chools at; Iniontown, passed t|iro;i«h here lo(jay I 'nroute lo Em^ . pnriti to h-pcnd the week end with Jliss Kathvyi! Scruggs; who is a i,bidont at XM Kan.sus State Teachj- f^r:- collogc. " " « • • 4 « * Vonr S|»riif(f Coat can bfe 'rolrcsl od hy dry cli-aninsj. <• i 111 iii:,. ihlesun (.'leaners T ..M. Han>.(i<k. field jnanagor for , thf Kiillcr l{iii!«!i <'i)ni|)any. of In- dt-iK-ndc-nto. Kan.s., i.s spfndliii;| a 'f*-* djjys luT With tli«' local m.inu- Ror. C. K. Coy.''Mr. 1 uncock says • that: lio is vvry, wi-U den.sed with Ihv'Kulli 'i' U lit!! ii-.s.s iu lola. —t liivvp estublishi.Mi ja iiMnporary offii"? at my n-siilcnrp^ N. Jef; ferson, w -ln -re I lati vxiiinine eyes 'fit glassL-.s, ; ami ni4lto Jepair.s PhoiiL- !j(t- for appoiiitrtumt. Ira B. » Fraulz, 04)tomii(iisf. Uuii J. ji -^y of tJOS East Madison \Wf) )ia.s bVen ill for .sev- . avctnu^, w era I wefk left toda}) aV).. wher With a V kfiieral .s.V -\..r(jii went tp ( w'iii a t jtlil and Krijipe. for : Kxct'l.'^ior Springs. • 'hv will take tredtmeuts ev.' to i<'i-nperatiii4; hi.s .sttim.: A. 'Vyalker of l^Harpc Itawa today to vi.=it her .•8i .sl<>r-iin-law. Mrs. .\iina Bodiey. Vim. Penn—.'> c^nfs— A (Jood Cigar Wayne •Vybite,,came up from Tul• sa, Okla.. a. t<;w days ago for a visit -»Vith his ' parent.s. .Mr.' and iVirs. G. A. Willie of ni Swfh Koiirth street.' Wayne experts to rotifriito Tiils.ij loniorrow. It • » * For Friday :ind Saturday $:5.r >ii value Silk • Scarfs, on. Kak' -uf _.»2.n5 i Miule of Iicawy quality Ccorg- ette and rntfdim nllk in tin- ilred and plain i.-ffi'clH with Ii<>mstiii;hfd| aiijd !t-'1iich silk iriMRe |i«l«l);»lii)wn in every roneel\'flbI<''ii(}|)Ulur SprlUK Hhadi'. RAMSAY'S t t. * * * 'i' * * a t- t t ^ * * * Mr.x. H. I{. niirhlr and daiiRhtor. .Jliss Vivian, will arrive iu lola to spend file n-oi-k fiKl wild their husband and father. H. ^l. Harktr of the • Portland Motel,. .Miss Vivian ts a .stttdcnt at • Southwe.stern Col- lepe at Winfield and .Mrs. Barker St) re 'nainiDg vriih h -Jr until thje end of flie-school term-when thei" will come to lola :fpr permanent resl- ,» . .- . • ^ , I . , - .(• " * /* * I • • • r»-: . • » • r. L. B. LEATELL, M.;i>. • Sttecial attention siren DIB' : of Colon and Rectum. I Electro-jTherapy and ; Physiotherapy." I Office Tola State Baalt pidg. Phonea-rl't and 706. V ' 'OeorRC .MtKSuhjy, .Fr., and fani- tliy of Kinp 'oria were between train ; vftitdr.s, yiwloiflay WilJi .Mrs. .Mc• iKIhley';* siHter, Mrs: I*. 1{. Neyinan ; of 209 North C.o tonwood titreet. i They Were retur (iuK lioine - from ailendliiK the funi-raPof .Mr. .Me- K (ltle >''rt father, the late (!i-orKe • McKlnley. Si^.,,<'f 11 iimholdt. ' , I-Hail* for eblldren, In nil ocdtirn 1^u\ MiiicriuN. friMn 11.Mi lo |:i,7fi. .; Kilwurtlit Millinery, .: ii ^iiM l.iiulxe J'oniiler of lulu I IUM . tlt()tt|i . Htdeeted SIN eiiiilnitlit HO I U I H I I lniMM'« .Mjt'icliili whlih wlliriie jJh'ii(«»M(l Ity III" folleiti- of Kill- H« Vi'Hiior ClKiniN lit i3Ht niiiiuni iifRfeNUviii^ April 1(1,1^] und 13, /n|j2ii J'oiiMler, wlio U n;' Mfnlpi; al :'tll|«t Ootlnvo. ia i)iu< of thi< nioNi «iia< -j||itiidrng ctmlrullo itoliijHiN i^at t o bin bi!cn lietlve in tnitmlciil jor-. Ultiitloilii'tlurlnK lierlf^ufM ymirii. Emporia.' Ui addlttoii to ' her : ''-;nuatoal ntliWlCea In the Collego nho mtitipl^t of ttie'niliced quartet •""^Jfiral CtingroRBJtlonal eJniri-h U^Ha;.>:-j)i8s Ponsler in .jbe [St UfBi h. U Ponaler of -iArt Howoy of 3d South til?cky »<recl' went ito Butler, u^loy after u truck! load of hojuae- hrtid gooda for .Mrs', .McElwaJn, who ii^ morlng to lolu to make her h()me. ^ ' \ Brautlfy Yoiir Lairii. \ (—Of course, you ^|rlll want ptleyof tljose beautiful feiiilorccd poiijreto flower urna on. your lawno- In fiibnt of your place of business this Slimmer. See W. A. Woodruff and ofder ojne-now so it_wlH be rpady S21. va\en yoii want it. ^ Telephone T A . A ] Holdcman,!-Cashier ofj the F^rst :<ationa! bank of La|I;|rpe, was a biipiness visitor in lol^ lo- Ahy. t ~Spwlal Chicken Dinner Sujiday a^ Clinkenbeard'a pafe, north jside, J Archie Browrn of d02 S retovered from sfreet. bas t^easles. Wnu Pena-^ cenlfi—A Good 0 juth the Igar ^ Mrs. I Birdie iLotti who has k)een visiting her prfrentk, Mr. and Mrs. jTseorKe' Kweli. .returned tixlav to her home in Oklahoma City. —Trupks, Bags, Suitcases. Hen- nJnger^s Furniture Store. . • J. Meyers, wbo has ;beeni vis- iSing' his family at' Mildred. Kans., i^Pturned today to Blaikwell. Okla., where he is employed in tbe ^mel- tl'i-s. ' -*' -^i—Try It ones—yoa will lui'« no (Hber. Van Hoozer'a Bread. : Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Samiiels m of 7?22 Kast Jackson avenue, we it to I^ansas City today to speni the Weak «nd. Mr. Samuelson wi I return home Sunda}*! but Mrs. 3am- itelson will vissit relatives in Se- dalisi. Mo., before returning liome. Vim. Penn—« cen(s-^A Good •> "Jgnr > — i .loe McCpleater of the K. C. <:iec- tJfic and Pluni'bing|comptiny, is in Kansas City taking a special c( urse ia ra <lio. i —For Sale or Trade: .My entire Ktock of hardware and builiing.i. IJ. n. Bpicer. Cetieva, Kansas. ; .Mr. and .Mra. Herbert Lind.sly and iyuall id'iughter, Jo Ann, of Augusta, JKas., who have been visiting their, parents and granllpar- ents, Mr.. and Mrs. Prank Li idsly ajid .Mr. tind .Mrs. John Rei ther, ll-tt today for Colllnsville, Okla., to visit over the week end wit i Mr. Uir dsly 'H gra^dmottier. Mrs. ... H. I> They will'return .Mi nday atid.spend next wepk here. ;^A Refrigerator that we have s^ld tor over 20 yeara "The Herr^ck." :A small payment down se- ciires one at our special price < and ttrms. i A. W. Beitk Furniture Co. Mr. and Mrs. Tony .Mlison who hjive bieen in Fort Scott atteiding tiic fuiieral of Mr. Allison's ne )bew, I:i)ren Allison, passed .through here tcHlay ^nroute to their horn* in C )Uawa. ytr: and pin. 3. V. .Moody of Tulaa*, Oklaljonia are spendiite the wfeck end h>re with. Mr. anilj .Mrs. Arthui* Cobjentz - uf G17 ^unih Washington iavenuel y¥m. VfHB—o rentii—A CWHI ne to f her .Mr.s. Mrs. L. W. McCOrd has g. Shaw, Kans., to tiike iare sister. Mrs. John jOayheart. . Oayheart is a former're »id4nt «f Idla. • ! —irbnt is,>'ortu! Giiess. Miller McDonaldson of ciiunril Bluffs, Ijwa spent yesterda his cousi^i, Harvey Parkeif Vfm.- Pen' rigar ^1 with and Mrs. Paijker of Sir North F'>urtli .street. n—5 cents—A Good Mrs. 14 E. McCIain and M^s. M. ' A. Oanit were dinner guests .Mrs. J. K. Childress toda.v. Cigar of \VmJ Penn—5 cenl.f— A Good Mis?: Julia Irwin went to burg today to attijnd the niefc of the Vpung Women's .Missii' Society ^if the .Vertslio Presb; which Ii^ being held In that tlMs weeK. * Igar Mttfi- ting nary J -tery city •—Special Sunday Dinner the Porllandi Hotel, Cic. Hours: 12:1.'; tr 2 p. m. ' •.Mrs. Florence Collier of Chi HR", wjiio \mv been here visiting Iter piirents, Mr. and .Mrs. 0<6rgo K-ivell. vent lo Channtc toduy to vfwit l)efi)r«! returning home,. ' * Hnts! II U I H ! HalA! ^ <—For ^11 ages. In snappy Sjirlng 'sli>l»s for less money; also '>eau- tl.ful tlo\yers, lC<l^ard» Millijiicry. .'R. A. Burtch Ik Kansas salesman for the Noggle Bikery Company, ivislted yesterdajf his aunt. Mrs. Arthur Cobl^r^ City. with tz of 617 South Waishington averiii[e. >—For "Tainting 'and Decorbitipg. phone 786W. C. AV. Roblnsoi^, 215 Nfcrtti First atreet KJanlSas I )ln, Ira a^h- Mrs. Bertha Lewis of Cyy, -Mo., a former resident o is' h ^re visiting Jter brothcK Burns and family] :S07 .\prlli >V iitktoh avonije. -Special tor Sati 'irday: Spanish Cream Kisses Howard's Candy Shop. .Dr. Ira B. Frantz baa leasild the room, now occupied by the Annex t(^ ttic Economy ; Shoe atore, back ol? the Brown Driig store, an I will occupy it flis bis permanent loutlon vai soon as it cap' be vacate 1, re- ilecora^d .tud th^ Idoctor can move iir hlH equipment^ | Dn Frai) r. ex- pe<-ta to ndd moro efiultfindit jo ht^ already well eciuippe<I shop and w£ll endeavor to gjve the v^r ' best ««rvlce poHMlble, • • 4lJrf> i» nmlftj In |,iiiirl'BfrnK ^-'NoiU 'H 14 iiH^4**y - 11K uf H Will lilt ll^fl d: M .I 11 (or lloUa. lainn grrafe. 7. Mi |il»d bMa fur jlliti furiilNli ihv followlug uilN iind greaHij 1m ri^calvod ul II IM ttffleu o (!iiiinly Kitginni'i; ul U)lii, H uiitir Tell oVIuJHvU. in. A and llteii |ili)jllcly opaii i Hlilx. Mtitor i« I for Fori 4 liblM. U«avy tiiMivr oil Uijr irueka. % Ubis. Tractor t t m». Trankifilp 1 tlbl. Cup grvna ] -DUl. 'Alemlt'ejciip groaae. To .bo delivered in qut ntltlcM whiin and aa ordered to plac m des- IgnAted by tbe County Kngl ieer. To be:paid fo^ monthly a i used, •- By. Ofder |or The Boa d of County Coibmlssldnqra. —Homecoijklng's pnr sper.ialty. Chicken Dinners on Siindax^ and Thursdays. Lewmau's Cafe. | Mrs. Daisy Edwards, of the Kd- wards Millinery, will go i <i l\ansas City Sunday to visit the markets and buy new. millinery for her store. —Xorta. Timching four .icitiii •i.ts tTDSsing tiie AtliMiiii I'.MCI-. present flight of C'ji. iv,< o t.e I'inedo. when conuilvf! ii. l.ri.i the Italian aviati;-,;:;' JILUC AI.V mihslKe iu the alr^i) v *-:i .O'. L .wi!: niaay tiitin- niiU:: u\ li;.- i r- ul; nur iiigl I'll- wat'. Tlie ni;i;) siu )v..H d.- I'i'u."- route.. Hv is' .-••i-iK-i; ii- q l<i , uri ':Vi' on'fnitetl Sral'^.s yr-ii ui. :i .Ni .v .r:: wluniiic lands a: .v (ii-rl.-iu j from ihe iioi> fruiii i'.i'.;:. 1, j Thcrcafti'.r, two con;'- i:l w.. I The flitir's- iaclina!; >.-v. I leaiiv'd fi -ciii I'M - iiyi' nail!..: 'inward lb.' riiiilc .wi -i « .n >.:'.; "i virtuali.v foll -nvs till'' !• H<• the fiiited Mait-.,-' Tir • route li<y i'i'"!U '''^;'i New Yolk, vi;i r-;. i -'i.:.- .ii.u ' caKi>. in c. s. lyiss ioia tfii.s lOfsell of \w: niii! niiii'. .• ......v..;) \v;i ijll iillsi:!' Mrs. "Horace Francis of 4(lrt South Jeffer.son, avenue, returned home yesterday: from Pleasanton. Kansas where she has been visiting relatives. —Dr. n. S. Lambeth, Surgeon. Office phone 256; Res. phone ClfiJ. Mrs, S. J. Coffield is visiting this week with her niece and family, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dunlap, south of Humboldt. —>'ertn lias no e«iual. For « hat ? GtiCKs. iOut of town friends and relatives here for tliie funeral of ftfr. O. \\% Witt yesterday were: .Mrs. Edith Clark and sons Leo ' aad George Clark of Wichita: Mr.s. j Edith Norton, Russel Norton, Kirk Norton of Broiison: Mr. ami -Mr.s. S. K. Russell of Carlyle; .Mr. anil .Mrs. Frank Veech and .Miss IVarl Lasbley of <;irard, Kans. Wm. Penn—5 cents—A Good Cfear • .Mr. and .\Ir.i. Paul Reed diovi- to Coffeyville aud Tiilsa today on business. .\l:irf.lcy Mi^.s 1^ hontf iliiti e".ci', Kan^as.lll i ;j v, u Olid with homo i'uihs. ^ —Niiria bus im cijiia!. Vi-r (^'ness. ; Mrs. Bell .Mi V\.'\v. <•:. i, . St. Jdha'.i hi'siiii;i; t li.- liii. .il.,'.;. . .1. U'. IMV On acii - i: rlic iiirr.,-'-;. V. • STAR V (Mrs. S. 10. I^ss.) '.Mr. and Mrs. Ru.s.'^ll .McHenry il v -tre asreealily siirnrised, Mon- l; rlay cvciUug. when a| number of J i;;.ir friends and neighbors called j for a fariiwell party ]and miscel- 'ancous shower, as tiley are mov- i iii-i ont of the to lola. :; .Mrs. .McHenry received a number ; <.f useful pdesents, among them iroiling pin which we hope she wii] not have to use 4s effectually . aji v.Maggie" "does. ; was spent ki games i and refreshments of ; cake and coffee weife j il^irty-five' people. .Mr. and Mrs. Pi^ul; jThe evening and music sandwichea, served, to Bustard of icial club i"'^ spent Sunday;' iafternoon at er Thnr-s -jS. E. Ross booie.! iiiii of- .m» Miss Josephine. tBremer spent (ti.inTniiniiv ' ^'utiday wiili Miss-Evelyn Van Bun;. •fen- Man wanted ^Xs iiiKlit watchman jand janititr for shdrt time. See Lynn, The Re.^isler. Jj. Cox, Al. I).. Eye, Ear, ,Nose ami Ttiroat. ' T!ie S'.i'nrisf !i < .•••h v. .! iiold a rci)r}.Mii::.i-, :i.M ; i -' r" Mi»,'ill I lie i'ai: \ • ". i; i • . Win. IVnn-."» ccn:^ V t:i,.>i'. i Tlic l ;,.!ii-r liiiv. I >:;. will t^ivi.! a I.'l 'iJ ;;r;:: : ..!:;.;.i.', ,.' bi-ginninjr a; T:'.'' <• •• . i. l'"ir .-it .McUiodisl. i'liii 1 ;•. i .:, i-jiiii is coiMpo^^)'.! j" .if and-four gir!.-'. 'i"; ..• ..'•: •', arjiiiissioti cii;iri :i..- •.•.••I •, . Ciirdially inviiiil >.> ;iii. i,.;. •1 i:-.!/. iir .niii: ? ioiaci •••I'.v. M:t i th \i'.-. ai'd •• liiri' -i -i.!)! i-'! nl.;tii),i ; • • •• -.v '•I r I'M Tlie nu'nili- i> • :' I'llns uiil im^s il' niiirnini; <if i\\r'.\ '• < SfiiitU .i'o (III f !!• 11 . .• :: DklaliOiiia lo K :i i : - i foriy-iWii ir.-H i-.i •. Ihcy arc I r ;i Vfii:::- in !: 4 j Saiil.i tic' fii-m i '.i.-.i . < r'iii'! I -^(M-ri:!!.- ;li>':.i:'li;";. = ; • 'VII Si;); ^!!s. K i: \'•'~. .vH 'i'Ic ii';;;, i.l 1 ili- i- .r.rk H j.':.lli^ lif a ••.ii'ili :i- -I. .y . i .tills, i.f !• |ili:i,-. .xrvcd Markii y .Mr. am! iioiis.^ 'if of iiiii.d in 1-. a I. .'u -li' !;i>nu' Mrs. .1. \V..! iiiiiiiy ex- and lic:;t C.ilbert Thompson, iof nm-theast of Ida, spent. Tuesday night in tlie Geo. Davisf hom^j .Mr. and Mrs.. F. yV-i Bremer and family spent -SundaSk with Mr. B. F. Griggs and Frainkie Lee, of Ioia. 11 -Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Stuckey spent Sunilay evenifig with Mr. and -Mrs. S. E Ross ind family. Mr. and Mrs. Frahcis Bremer : of lola spent Tuesday morning with ."^fr. and Mr.s. Fi W. Bremer and famil.v. ' • •> , John and Rex Birilsong' enroll- 't"^' .''i"i i''i school Tuesday morning. They moved on the Jack'Herring :.a.hai .i f^rm. .; • .Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Kester of '•<-<-«yi-rwr, i„i;i .^„j jirs. Irene CiUbertspp ^il!i liis K. Kaljn. .Mark Illy htal -Mai-ll- I'l In.i: lia'iy . av" 'joy. il: -'. Tred til know I at I hi: . fof Oknijiilgee, Okla.. spent Thursday with Mrs. Beatty Ray. i Mrs. S. K. Ross eared for Mrs! KcU Kults's two little grandsons. Warren and Richard;!Fults.Tues- d,iy and Wednesday as Mr;). Fults was called to (golden|City, Mo., ito attend the funeral of her daugh- ler-in-la.w. Mrs. Earliest Fults. j -Mrs. D. A. Ray yisited a few days last weak with j.Mr. and Mrs. : i City, Tulsa • .Mr. a'ndj .Mrs. Kr;i ilrovf- t'> ('Dliiii -'viii'-. "; • •,• •.•.;'• ..;:r< li i ill IU'. i> at ! liis i Heaity Kay. ! ' v,'r ,;:i!L, and h;i.- b. iii ri'imncd! Mf. and Mrs. Arthur Rhinking ' ' •' *" I of: I'.ninson. Kans., ealled ()u Mr. and Mi-s. B. A. Ray-iSuiiday even- i .; I'; .Ij; I's !;.j:i |lifal to tiic ! t • I'! i • ' ni- JM I'V, .Ml S. • Kraiil. i • ' •• ii> il: Laliiirjic. • •.V. I.: : : i; I ;l .un' H .I pli <':i''oi; -'!c 1 A'.ffi:! I 'llKi- ill. , Mr. and Mrs.: MonL Palmar ^.f' ll';;;^";;:;. 417 Ea-st .lackson avenue arrived'"'" ''"" ' iuir: —Telephone your tL'lassified Ada to I.S. . " homo at noon {oday from.a five wei;ks vacatipn j at San Antonio, Texa.s. Wnst like Angel Food Cake, Van Hoozer'a Bread, 2 (or ISc Mrs. Leota Cluck, inarceller at Edw irds MiHinei^y. left Tuesday to t^ke a "brusli-np course" at a Beauty Culture Scjbool and will attend the convention of Beauty Opei^ators to be held In (?hlcugo sooni :' —This is the last week for Stanjp Photos. Sitr^U Jeffer.son, Dr. C. Rhea of Tha.ver. Missouri I K a guest In the home of Mrs, E. li. Patterson and Mr. and Mrs. E lAive. M'nu Peni —.> centtt-A Good Cigar The gli 'lH of the Horville Community 4-H club will iiuet tomorrow morning at the lion e of .Mrs: (Jrac'o Clayton, The lioys will meet at night at the; jjenn ng home, • '• II. Lindsl.v. Mrs. Nillio ll,i:ikiii .-^i-...! niglU from Id.ilia. Kai.- .short visir in lin!!-..'- • dausiiter. ilr-'. J'"- -1. 'I' Siiuth Walnut sir- i.i. .Mr.s. C. I rhilltcoilie. er. K: went as fur .Mrs. U'.-HV. iVr.'v lo Lawi-einc to .xpi .tf end with liiT il.aiiu-iiii'i P «cJ<. a sUKi' lit ..i i!: o[ Kan.'^as. .Mo.. !•! vi- it h- •• ;:M' zalji-.'!: i ;iii( iMil ii. .••^ 1' .ti-ivl:... Carrinifton lJi<»(h(»r.s . Not to.Speak for Voiir j . • Ni-w A!.... !i i ('. t'arrlntj'uii. .''i.'. .i . ;:ii..i' II Carrlnf-Miin. uiili'i' . ,•• • i • ;U't> no' 111 .-in:i!< i. i ..." '•'•_[• .Mill of a ciiiMi li;i : .1-. • . Edward waii tmir : . liiy n. ri ordcri.v cdiid.ii 1 . li it I niad<-.-.Till" linKlni- I 'l.t-'t • •s :•• dud" recitiily. h»II Sat- ! (Norma Isaac.) March 21.—The rata' and which ffell Friday nfght and,— ui-day will be bad for the ^ardenk and potatoes which had Just been pNnted. Charley Hill ' had dental work done at .Moran Thursday. f .Mrs. Clarence Isaac helped Mraj C. L. Isaac make soap Thursday. ; The .Mrs. Johnson's- of LaHarpe; visited with .Mrs.' Stlnn^t Tuesday.'l EdtKi Hulton did not go to school Wednesday. .Mrs. .John Rogers left W^ednea^ day for Eldorado to bo with her brother who is seriously HI. C. L. Isadc was on tlie sick list Saturda.v." Mrs. Riggs accompanied Mrs. Walter Cushing to the. Fort Scott hospital Tuesday where Mrs. Cu£l|ing underwent a very serious operation. Mrs. Cushing will be remembered here as Miss Fannie Riggs who was school teacher at, Montevale for several years. Harold Dozier baa the leading; part in the junior play which rtillj be given March 21. 'at the .Miltlred high school, auditorium. Miss AVeir and Miss Davis visited from Monday until Tuesday at Charley Hills. Marie Huttou is out of school on account of measles in the fam*- ily. ; The .Montevale schottl' children: a^d their teacher had a w^einer ONE LOT SPRING COA 'SPECIALLY PuiCED SATUKJDAY Large Assortment Ladies' Georgette Dresses ! $9.95 Hair Braid Summer Ilats, Briglit Shade.i. ' to Select »m. : McLAIN'S 114 Ea.<it .Ya^fson : -Tfhe invigorating drin . of the Hiils Bros Goffde ^in,theOb|i9 in A ^ Large Assoiiai^tu^l DRY GOODS-WOMEN^ WEAR-MILLINERV • KMJk-- KANSAS- Nartlirap Bld^., fomerlr oceapM Ir James Bkhardson lOLA'S POPULAR STORE m Special for Saturdayj 75 New^ Spring The kind seldom seen any sale at this^erj? lp# price. • Ke Sure and See These Bx< tional Values. SENEKER'S 4 •\V KSTE RX i'igdr—western; cheer isjj ia c\ cry tragr: nt cup of Hills Bros. Co^ce. livery sip, aivvdys has an inspiring inifiu- cncc that Aakcs a **big day" look ciiisy. Hills Bros.' patented process of^Gion- trollcd Roasting is the rcasori for ijxcH uniform c.\< cllcncc. Ask for HiHs Bros, by na nc md^look for the Arab on thp Jan. VUuint /ff Your Bakinas..Usc itfi Ih^n |of higher prkcd brands Millions of fbuiids Used|B)( Our povdrnmetit Stndifor /r tn ^inihg. g copy.of "The Art of Enfcr- kddms Hills Bros., 25i2S. Southwest Boulevard, Kansas fe'ity, Mo, HILLS BROS COFFGE »r{fhid o^rwm .*>ar*. Efsilf tfentdwillkatty. 1 Now Your Edisi Can Use the Loij^ A repre.seritative of the Edison Phonogrttph i . will Da in the «tore all day Saturday, March ;26,-to d on.slrato the aliachment which can be piffiied ~on ^ EdiKon PhonoKraph enabling it to vmi the long J)!ay roeordu. - ' KVKRYONK IKVIfTEl) '1

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