Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 10, 1963 · Page 6
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 6

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1963
Page 6
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1963 FOR RENT Modern 2-bedroom duplex* close to grade and high school, automatic gas heat, plenty of closet space, basement. Rent $50.00. Call THE SUGARINE CO. Phone 244-0921 Bury Dirigible Crash Survivor , l.O .XC .MKADOW, Mass. I—Shim.* S. Ilalliburioti. "7. t mi• (of I hp .Navy's early airmen and | a survivor of two dirigible rrash- jes, will bp buried \Verlnesda> ,at Arlington National Ccmi 'ter .v. j Halliburton (lied Mmiday al-, most a quarter •.•enlitry ' after I his relirctnenl as a warrant of- i fi.-er in in::!). at Hull. Eti...'.' in l!f.'1. Ho so survived the crash of Shenandoah in Ohio in BARBS Smog Is Here To Stay: What Do You Do With 1,000 Sofas? liy tOCIIK.W 'flip tulip and other bulbs you IhinK to look forward to all plant in the fall give you soinc- wintrr. Sonip tccn-aKC novs need a H P was onr of five survivors i good belt to make them buckle i of the wreck of the dirigible R-'W 1 clown. All through the house SINGER helps her work wonders! By JERRY SHEEHAN Newspapers Knterj»rl«c A «t «n. N EW YORK—Talk all you want to about smog control . . . But how do you get rid of an old sofa? Permanently get rid of it, that is. This is the headache which confronts the New York City Sanitation Department — and every similar organization across the country—every day. Sofas, of course, are just one item discarded all the time by 16 million persons in the nation's biggest metropolitan area. For sanitation officials, a thousand old sofas al the end of the collection day present a titanic problem—a problem which shows why complete abolition of smog in the 20th Century can never be more than a wispy dream. Arthura .i. Henline pressed his forehead and peered down at smoldering junk yairls on the .Jersey side of the Hudson River. Ronline is bend of New York's air pollution control, and the clouds of smoke which rose under the belly of the helicopter were his problem. "Well, there are your .sofas," said Renline. ''You can't dump them off hnrges in the Atlantic or you'd have derelict furniture piled up like a breakwater along the beaches. "You couldn't die a hole big enough (o bury them, so you have to burn them. Did you ever smell a sofa after a cigarette got going in the stuff­ ings'.' That gives you a small idea of what vve'rp up against." Someone in H IP helicopter, taking the Reader's Digest- sponsored smog excursion, sug- gester rocketing the sofas into orbit, but Henline didn't laugh. The helicopter rattled nnd shuddered past the dumps and over the great, [timing New Jersey refineries. These produce millions of gallons of gas which, when burned, produce more fumes to pollute New York's atmosphere. The smog which drifts over the New Jersey turnpike, and' It's Morrison Vs. McKeithen in Louisiana By DAVID 7 .INMAN drew the same 33 per cent total and saw Jimmic II. Davis—who hud 25 per cent ot the first primary vote—pick up enough stip- l>ort (mm the eliminated candidates to score a 65,000 vote runoff victory. With 2 ,t !00 of the slate's '.',219 NEW ORLEANS (API —'precincts reporting, Morrison Front-running de Lcsscps Mor-: had 2n,'),270 votes; McKeithen. rison faced the issue ot "(eder-, i:>l,!USI. Rep, Gillis Long, (Us- al intervention" toda as he taut cousin of U.S. Sen. Russell plunged into a bitter runoff for Long, 1M.801; Kennon, 12-1 .R36; Smog-maklng operations in New York's East Side. a pungent, ncking odor which makes the vi.iltor driving into New York for the first time think that his motor just blew up. On past chemical plan's and steamships the helicopter jogged—circling the immense bedroom of Manhattan its boroughs. Again, more dumps and incinerators, open construction fires and a Vesuvius of dust from the Verrazano Bridge construction area. The New York Airways helicopter then danced around the belching smokestacks of the electrical generating plants which keep the city's elevators, adding machines, printing plants and subway trains running. "M a y b e," said Benline, ! "Atomic power plants would Benline was hopeful, likewise, that, more efficient local control coupled with federal technical assistance could cut down murk above America's cities. Air pollution experts, such as Benline, see no quick and Louisiana'* governorship, '"The people have demanded, from the candidates their stand i on federal Intervention In statej affairs," runnerup Jlhn Mc-1 Keithen *ald. ! McKeithen, '15, who had attacked the administration's civ-: 11 rights program during the 10- j man first Democratic primary, j made It clear he would resume an anti-Washington campaign. Such attacks halted with President Kennedy's slaying. McKeithen, state public service commissioner, said the states rights issue "was borne out" by the fourth nnd fifth- place finishes of two strong segregationists — former G o v. I Robert F. Kennon and Shelby j H. Jackson, state superintendent of education. Morrison. 51, appointed to a diplomatic post by Kennedy, attempted to steer the runoff toward local topics. He said tlw. issues were the need for a government cleanup and a postive boost-Louisiana program. A former ambassador to the Qrgaiuzation of A m eric a n States, Morrison for ycare has been regarded as a liberal in- this Deep South state. Morrison had borne the brunt of stinging anti-Kennedy blasts. How the losers' support is divided should tell the story of I he Jan. 11 runoff. -Morrison, a former New Orleans mayor making his third try for the top state post, got 33 Jackson, 102,101; State Rep. Louis Mlchot, 37,708; nnd State Public Works Director Claude Kirkpatriek, 28,008. The runoff winner faces Republican Charlton Lyons in the March 3 general election. Your Manners . Saying "I'm sorry," Hkr ; pulling tooth. Once It's done, the pain fades away. easy way out of the man-made per cent of Saturday's primary on into America's biggest cut down on the smog. After town is. when the wind is right, all, they wouldn't be burning like nothing else on earth. It Is coal." gioom---llke the scheme someone had to mount gigantic fans across the Hudson. These theoretically would blow refreshing zephyers right across the city--ventilating the smog- bound "metropolis with the flip of a switch. It may be that Benline and his sharp-nosed cohorts in time can do something about the smokestacks and auto exhaust fumes. But there remain those thousands of thread-bare sofas that will not sink in the ocean nnd are too big to bury. vole, McKeithen 17 per cent. But four years ago, Morrison JANSEN'S SELF- SERVICE N LAUNDRY AND CLEANING XX I I— I— •» S €»VI £t M«M Of THt N019I O .VI ».ON Of THI »Q*<i W«»NH CM >e »«TiaN SAVE on DRYCLEANING FU/LL LOAD FOR LEAN soties THAT'S ONLY 3c EACH FREE Parking in Rear and Side of Building JIM JANSEN, Manager 318 S. 10th Open 6 A.M. to Midnight Daily Attendants On Duty At All Times BUY NOW—LITTLE OR NO DOWN PAYMENT—FIRST MONTHLY PAYMENT IN JANUARY Open every Evening 'Til Christmas— MONDAYS specially lor men c I > * i Singtr Cnmfimu RtterA Album FRIE villi «iy yurthut celt $10 with tint coupon. Or, takt (J TJS coupon to your SINGER Sf i\'/.VC CENTER andact your 12 tn. hi-fi record album for IJ.rC .O/frr fin'rrlDf.- JI,19f\J. NCER SEWING CENTERS ".ilk 01 THE SINGER CO'.'PMV Ibted in your ptionc book under SINGER COMPANY 107 N. 10th Mt. Vernon, III. Manuscripts Lost In Fire CHICAGO (AP) - A 28-year accumulation of original manuscripts and art work printed in esquire magazine has been ruined in a warehouse fire. "The collection included practically every famous writer in the United States since the first issue in lf>3(>." said Heleaie Richards, Esquire personnel director. "E r n v s t Hemingway. John Des Passes. F. Scott Fitzgerald, Aldous Huxley..." She broke off. "I don't want to talk about it any more — You name him and we had him." The fire Thursday was on the top floor of n three-story factory and warehouse at 1600 Dearborn St. the fire was limited to causing $15,000 damage to the building, but tons of water cascaded onto the Esquiare cache of manuscripts on the second floor. Ray Thompson, in charge of Esquire archives, estimated the loss at $250,000. Also lost were original manuscripts of Coronet magazine dating to 1933. The cause of the blaze was undetermined. People duck the commercials on certain items to get a snack of items that aren't advertised. Last-Minute Shopping Sure Path To Doghouse By AIXEKN S.VODDY, Ncwspnper Enterprise Assn. Multiply $165x190 million people. The sumtotal should mean across-the-board happiness for Christmas '63. Of those involved in the gift-giving triangle, the businessman may be the jolliesl once all the presents are rescued from the crumpled ribbons and wrappings on the living room floor. Frankly, many men believe nothing makes a woman happy. To hear them talk, any man who buys the perfect gift yuletide sfter yuletide is loo perfect to be mingling freelv with society. With a little thought, though,' holiday giving and receiving can be fun. Trie surveys a guy reads at this time of year "may vary but they prove the old saw that a woman docs change her mind. So, heave a sigh. Mink does not top her "most wanted" list this year, fnstead she would like such shop- pable reminders of your affection as a dress, a watch or! s »e ills0 would acCL, P l Wlt " a ving. little nagging .such homey What she reallv doesn't ' Koods as a new car, tableware, want is MONEY. This gift she I television, stereo or hi-fi equip- considers crass, casual, cool; mont - transistor radio and and careless. ! paintings or prints. If tliis is you, feel sale in I There are. a survey (Schick) the more antiseptic environs j revealed, tlhose with other to ask about antiqued panels, decorator colors, wood chopping block tops, and furniture housings for these. Also in the home gift department are sofas, new car-! pcting. dining room or bed- 1 | room furniture. I Wait. Don't close your note-; i book. | I GIVE THE GIFT THEY'LL ENJOY EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR! A V is A GIFT SUBSCRIPTS A V 8 of the housewares or house hold appliance departments. Women wnnn to items here as ideal Christmas gifts. In fact, they appear as "most wanted" second only to personal clothing items. Favorites include such snuggly things as a food freezer, sewing machine, air ideas of what constitutes a suitable Christmas gift, for the home. One woman said she wanted a new set of tires, another a crate of celery and another n horse. All in all, if you are an average guy, you'll wind up in the dog house with t>5 per cent of the other wrong-guessing TO THE conditioner, clothes dryer and j males. After all, if she wants dishwasher. And, high on the | a cotton candy machine or list this holiday will be tjie adding machine for the home, portable hair dryer. Remember' what are you going to do? For The GUYS i For Ik HOME 1 For The HOME I For The GALS western pantj, ihirii, boon, buckles, collar tips, tiol>. novelties, tiitt ctrtllicalet. Ccnc Cox Western More. Discount puces on tleclrtc sh.ivers "-complete line mens' jewelry, watches, rings. Gilt Chesl Jewelers, Hunting «nd fishing equipment. 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Gift M Chest Jewelers. S WW a Matching sweaters, and skirls, Ship'n Shore blouses, Vanity Fair, Hollywood vassaretle, Klckernlck lingerie, Love dresses. The Mammoth. Lounge Sets, matching skirts and sweaters, car coats, shaggy hats, mittens, Cinderella, Peaches-cream dresses. The Mammoth. New Tests For Color Blindnes CHICAGO (AP) — Specialists are now able to discover color blindness without trusting to the subjective response of a patient. The new method was revealed Sunday by Dr. W.A.II. Rushton, professor of physiology at Cambridge, England, who received for his work the American Academy of Optometry's first Prentice medal. NOHOnV HANGING UP I.IBF.RTY, Ky. (AP)—There's a telephone line within 20 feet of the French Toms home at Labascu.s but the former Casey County sheriff said he'd tried unsuccessfully for five years to get a phone in the house. The line, he said, was overloaded already with party-liners. This prompted Toms to take his complaint to the Casey County News. Ue wrote: We are supposed to MT. VERNON Register - News We Would Be Happy fo Mail The Register- News ro Your Friends and Relatives Any Place That You Desire It to Be Sent. A Christmas Card With Your Name Will S Be Mailed to the Person Receiving Your J-J Gift Subscription to the Mt. Vernon 1} ^ Register-News. able to get a phone as soon The test, railed spectral an- ; somebody drops out. Or maybe alysis, determines the existence j a better statement would be For your college students. Send Ihe Register-News. They'll be pleased to hear from the old home lown. By mat counties S10.00 and SU.00 per year, a s a x i For KIDDIES ike them Make them a real cowboy or cowgirl for Christmas. Give them boots, shirts, Lee Riders from Oena Cox Western Store. Ver- seloctlon of toys and gilts for all lha family. n IIUIII inw UMJ nvme town, .y w .**"o-w* II .In .Jefferson .and .adiolnlng ffl Shopper's Mart, Ml Main, Ml. miles J7.00 per year. Outside, yj non's toyland. Complete select! ------ - t per i it | |^ SHOPPING GIFTS PERFUMES—For the girl In your lite. White Shoulders, Chanel, Ar- pege. My Sin, Blue Grass, Memoirs- Cherle, Fame, Shallmar, Tabu. All famous fragrance. Ross Drug Store, 10th and Broadway. « CHECK * i TIIKSK LISTS CAUKFUIXY FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS Blankets, China ware, samps, pic- lures, drapery, bedspreads, rugs, Samtonila card tables and chairs. The Mammoth. a a a Russ togs sportswear, complete Una Van Raalle, lingerie, robes. Quality merchandise al reasonable prices, Crystals, 111 S. lOlh. WATCH THIS SPACE DAILY FOR MORE CHRISTMAS BARGAINS SAVE NOW! of three chemicals in the ey, ih improper concentration of which causes color blindness. With Dr. Rushton's method, white light is shined into a patient's eye. Colors from the eye are the which the patient is blind, Rushton said. A spokesman for the academy which is holding its 43rd annual meeting, said about 7 per cent of Americans suffer from partial color blindness and about .2 per cent from total color blindness. when somebody drops dead. "The trouble is that all my neighbors arc healthy, and Mrs. Toms and I probably will die before they do. After all, I'm reflected! 69 and Mrs. Toms is 60." ones to f — "SUBSCRIPTION RATES" — — * •Y MAIL JEFFEfiSON COUNTY AND ADJOINING COUNTIES: I Thr*« Months $2.75; | I HEARING AID GIVEN A most unique tret offer ef special Interest to those who hear but do not understand words, hes fust been announced by Oanavox Instrument Co. A true line, actual site replica of the smallest Oanavox aver made will be given tbtolulely free to anyone answering this advertisement. It weighs less then a third of an ounce, and it's all el ear level. Weir test It in the privacy of your i own home without cost or obligation I of any kind. It's yours to keep, free j This Coupon Today I DANAVOX RESEARCH 13)1 G. St., N.W. Washington 6, O .C. Dept. A.M. STRAWBERRY ICR NF.YV YORK (AP)-The frigid temperature of dry ice. -110 degrees Fahrenheit, makes it valuable for refrigerating perishable foods but that isn't why it is used to keep California strawberries fresh on 3,000- mile trips to the East Coast, says Cardox Division of Chem- stron Corp. Chunks of ice packed into the berry-loaded boxcars vaporize Into odorless, nontoxic carbon dioxide gas which inhibits growth of fruit- destroying molds by excluding oxygen necessary for their growth. About S35 worth of dry ice protects a $5,000 shipment of strawberries. Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't b« embarrassed by loose false teeth slipping, dropping or wobbling when you eat, talk or laugh. Juat sprlulcle n little FA8TEKTH on your when plates. This pleasant powder glvea ft remarkable sense of added comfort mid security bv holding plates more 4 ttrmlv. No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. It's alkaline (non-acid), a** FAOTMrni it any drug count**. Or* Year $7.00; Six Months $4.25; One Month $1.00. 1Y MAIL OUTSIDE JEFFERSON AND ADJOINING COUNTIES WITHIN 250 MILES: Six M~-ihs *\00; One Year $10.00;... One Month $1.50. Three Months $4.00; SERVICEMEN AND OUTSIDE 250 MILES: " One Year $1 l .OOj Six Monthi $7.00; Three Month. $4,50; I One Month $1.75. D Please tend The Register News for to the following: I Name . 1 Address I CHy State I Christmas Greeting from _ IBM J MI. VERNON Register News 112 N. 9th Street Phone 242-0117 s 8 1

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