Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 14, 1959 · Page 10
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1959
Page 10
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Name Crew Leader for Farm Census l Appointment of M. L. Wiese ss a ( ITU leader for the 1953 Census of Agriculture was announced today j hy Acting Field Director Percy R. billiard of the Census Bureau's regional office at Kansas City. Mr. Wiese will direct a force of census takers who will canvass farms in Crawford and Carroll Counties. Before assuming his post, lie will go to Ford Dodge where IIP will receive five days of training by a member of the Census Fiirea'u's staff. Topics to be covered include procedures for recruiting of census Inkers, census taker I raining, canvassing methods, preparation and submission of reports, and the supervision of census takers to insure a complete and j accurate count. j The crew leader is one of the key i people in the field operations of the Census of Agriculture. It is his responsibility to recruit and train the census takers and supervise their work; plan and allocate work assignments: review the work of the census takers and take remedial action where necessary, and to conduct difficult interviews. After completing his training. Mr. Wiese will return to his district where he will spend several weeks recruiting census takers, and training them in preparation for the start, of the field canvass on November 11. Proofreader ECONOMY and CONVENIENCE TWO HALF-POUND BAGS IN EACH HILAND TWIN PACK BOX Nixon Heads For Florida Rest By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Richard M. Nixon heads for West Palm Beach, Fla., Thursday for a vacation before stepping up his politicking next month. At a time when New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller remains undecided whether he will contest Nixon for the 1960 Republican presidential nomination, the vice president gives every evidence of confidence he could win such a battle if it develops. Although Nixon himself has said he doesn't put much dependence in polls, his associates are getting a big kick out of gathering the results of various public opinion surveys that show him highly favored over Rockefeller and running ahead of Democratic hopefuls. Rockefeller once said he would take a look at the polls in November and make up his mind whether he thought he could offer the Republicans a better chance to retain the White House next year than Nixon could. The governor subsequently downgraded the polls, however, saying his decision would depend on whether he thought he could be of service to the country by offering himself as a candidate. Industrial Corp. to Elect October 20 The annual meeting of the Carroll Industrial Corporation will be held at 8 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the Burke Motor Inn, President H. C. Schogren announced Wednes day. Officers will be elected and annual reports presented. Coffee and doughnuts will be served. Retiring directors include besides Mr. Schogren, J. P. Meinhardt and Dr. Paul D. Anneberg. Red snow and green snow have been known to fall in Greenland. This snow is colored by tiny livings things in the snow. FREE PORTABLE TYPEWRITER Someone who purchases a portable typewriter from STONE PRINTING CO. between October 15/ 1959 and 12:00 noon, January 5, 1960, will receive their typewriter alsolutely free. Ask for details at STONE PRINTING CO. Complete Selection of Makes and Models at Catalogue Prices \ WHAT BETTER GIFT THAN INSTANT HOMEWORK! MM^M«MM^MMMMMBMMNMM«^^B^MMMMM | ( NEW FROM HERMES the "Professional" Portable . 5 like an office ma| JL chine—witheveryoffice machine extra to boost your grades fast. Exclusive "Flying Margins" streak across paper —set over your work at the touch of a button! Special pencil guides for fast, easy ruling! Extra setting for typing in center of ribbon when top and bottom are worn! All- tab clear key, margin release, release for jammed keys! 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A number of desirable effects result from liming, but the three main objectives are to reduce soil acidity or to make the soil sweeter, to supply calcium which is an essential nutrient for plant growth as are phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and so forth, to make soil nutrients, especially phosphorus, more available. Since the lime must dissolve in the soil before it can be effective, the finer limestone, the sooner it becomes effective. Lime trucks do a good and efficient job of spreading lime uniformly. But make sure that the truck doesn't make its trips across the field too far apart. For best results, uniform distribution is as important as is getting the right amount of lime on the land. You can apply lim any time it is convenient, though it should be worked into the soil soon after application. Movement of runoff water after application can decrease the effectiveness of a uniform application by concentrating the lime in depressions. Because of this, it's not advisable to spread line on sloping ground too far ahead of plowing or disking unless there's good plant cover. Since a given amount of limestone may be just enough for one soil, too much for another and too little for yet another, a reliable soil test for the lime requirement is important before liming. The lime requirement recommendation is reported back as the tons of lime needed per acre to adequately correct acidity. Liming is the cornerstone for building sound soil fertility, conservation and management programs. At times liming can act as a shotgun treatment, and returns are usually high fir the money invested in it. IN "LUTE SONG" ATCHINSON, Kan. — David Slater, sophomore at St. Benedict's College here, has a role in the classic Chinese drama "Lute Song," to be staged at Mount St. Scholastica College in Atchison Oct. 25-26. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Don Slater, Templeton, and a graduate of Sacred Heart High School. "Lute Song" has been produced for 500 years in China by strolling players and by showboat troupes. Mr. and Mrs. Clem Rehker, Mrs. Andy Krapfl and Mr. and Mrs. Joe Riesselman left for Naper, Neb., Wednesday, called by the death of Mrs. Jake Blum, a sister of Mrs. Rehker, Mrs. Krapfl and Mr. Riesselman. Old Friend and Skilled Diplomat Will Be With Ike at the Summit By TOM A. CULLEN NEA Staff Correspondent LONDON — (NEA) — Prime Minister Macmillan's British election victory means that President Eisenhower will be working in harness with an experienced diplomat and a true friend in the tricky summit negotiations ahead. This is one of the most significant results of the voting which swept the Conservatives back into office for the third time running. The Eisenhower - Macmillan friendship dates back to the North African campaign of 1942, when Macmillan was attached to the general's headquarters as British Resident Minister in Algiers. It has been strengthened by visits exchanged in the past two years. When he was here in August the President made no secret of the fact that he would like to have the 68-year-old British premier by his side in the difficult negotiations ahead over Berlin and disarmament. Macmillan, for his part, has been tireless in his plugging for the summit meeting, traveling to Moscow last February in order to speed it along. In his election campaign he took credit for Khrushchev's visit to America. Americans generally have cause for welcoming the Tory victory, for it means that Britain will have stable government for the next five years. In refusing to veer leftwards, British voters have resisted the temptation for further Socialist experiments such as were proposed by the British Labor party. Instead, they have voted for the slow but steady progress toward prosperity of the last eight years. "Life is Better under the Conservatives," the Tory election posters proclaimed. A majority of Britons apparently agree. Although there was mud-slinging the election .campaign was notable for the absence of real bitterness, which means that there are no deep wounds to heal. Men mattered more than issues. In almost every case the electorate voted for men of proven experience as opposed to politicians who have been out of office for eight years. In this respect, television played an important role, by bringing the politicians directly into 10 million homes. Whichever way one looks at it, the Conservative victory is a great personal triumph for Macmillan, who was leading his party into electoral battle for the frst time. Macmillan's growth as a national leader in the past two years has been nothing short of astonishing, observers here are agreed. In January, 1957, when Macmillan took over the.helm df government from the shaky hands of Sir Anthony Eden, the nation was deeply riven over the Suez debacle, the Anglo-American alliance had been fractured, Commonwealth relations strained. Today, the Atlantic partnership is once more on an even keel. So are Commonwealth relations. And Britain is not only solvent, but en- PRESIDENT EISENHOWER'S obvious friendship for Harold Macmillan didn't hurt the Briton's chances in the election. joying its greatest prosperity since the war. , Macmillan, the grandson of a: dour Scottish farmer, refuses to panic when faced with a crisis. "Calm, cool deliberation solves all problems," reads the. motto in Macmillan's own handwriting which hangs outside his door at No. 10 Downing Street. That coolness and calm can be infuriating to friend and foe alike at times, but it works, as shown by Macmihan's confrontation with Khrushchev last February. In face of Khrushchev's toothaches and tantrums, the British premiei\displayed dignity and firmness, and in the end even the Soviet boss was won around to grudging admiration. Macmillan is also one of the most energetic of British prime ministers. His official day at No. 10 Downing Street starts at 10 o'clock, by which time he has breakfasted with Lady Dorothy and read all the newspapers. From 10 a.m. often until midnight, the premier is on the go, at-i Lending Cabinet meetings, consult-: ing government ministers, reading reports, making appearances in the ! House of Commons. For recreation, the premier enjoys a glass of sherry with cronies at one of his clubs (he belongs to seven), but. mostly he prefers books to men. He gets through at least two books a week — solid stuff like Dickens, Jane Austen or Thackeray. The secret of Macmillan's monumental calm possibly lies in his happy family life, as is the case of Sir Winston Churchill. His long weekends at his Sussex home surrounded by 2,000 acres of rich farmland provide Macmillan with a welcome escape from the anxieties of Downing Street. And he has 13 grandchildren to play \vith. BEAUTIFUL RCA VICTOR COLOR TELEVISION See them on display. FREE demonstration in your home. DIAL 9513 Sporrer's TV & Appliances Open Evenings Except Sunday. Corner 9th and Salinger more Mothers buy milk FIRST IN THE NATION • FIRST IN IOWA Mothers all over the nation and right here too, have learned to rely on pure, rich and wholesome Borden's milk for finest quality. That's why more mother* buy Borden's milk than any other brand. Your family, too, deserves to enjoy the best. Start serving Borden's today. IF IT'S BORDEN'S IT'S GOT TO BE GOOD! If* 9« M be |ood to bt FIRSTI It'i 90* to be flood to STAY flriN Kelley Dairy and Produce 703 Simon Carroll Phone 4242

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