The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 30, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1892
Page 4
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USED TUEH Iff 1119 BT-OrT-GUN. Doctor—" Well, my lino little fellow, jrou havo (rot guito well agnln. I wu •uro th«i pills I left for you would cure yon. How did you take them, In water •r in enke ? " .Boy—" Oh, I used them In my Wow- pra." The little fellow put tho nasty, great, griping, old-fashtontKl pills to n good use. At most, all his Internal economy needed was a close of Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Tcllets. They are tiny, sugar-coated granules, ca^y to take, and aro gently aperient, or actively cathartic, according to slro of dose. As a laxative, only one tlnr Pellet li required. 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Another case Is that of a young lady who after using 8 bottkii of l'astor Koontg't Tonlo a positive oure was affected from ovUepUo fits. ItEV. JOHN LOEVEMOH. HOTEN, SOUTH DAKOTA, Oct. 27, 1800. My health was entirely rained by epilepsy and I could do no work. 1 used Pastor Koenii;'a Norva Tonic. 'Die offeot vas euoh that I dally grew 1 't'ttt'r and Htrouger; since four months X have • loe.i lu-avy labor, and havo had no morn tits. JOHN MOI.ITOR. i— A TaluftMo Worm on Worroaa PfHeuaos sent free to any addreus, and poor paUonu can altso obtain thin medicine freo of chart©. This remedy has been prepared by the Uoverend Pastor Moonlit, of Fort Wayne, lud., since lSifl. and Is now prepared underbla direction by tho KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. Sold by Druggists nt SI por Rottle. 6 for 8r> r.nrco Slie. 81.75. O Bottle* tor «JO. FREE "Why Are You Sick?" 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Woo, ^S~S?&tf~m $©©©©©©©©© •Tuffs Tioy Pills ^bntlinulfttc tlio torpid llvur. strengthen »A •.IHIWI'IS, ami aro iim'qufiled n*»nnnti 9 ItHliiiirt invdiciuoi " OtllLV IJttHO amnll. Price, \ MiSsdl J'urk rincre,N.\\ THE ONLYTRUE IRON TONIC BLOOD, rsnlatf d .tT»n «E,r*m«w . lS'lia/uou.Biai^KKftoit b. Mwer faersasea, hetias. (Marrst, MM* _slas, reeWyeaew Slrea. %£v£s?j;r&$t,a . 1 , a aars. speedy etrre. Maw bloo»^,>iaas l >ie*u>««0^ma4«>jri»«« i ML HUTU HUMMII M. iMik\ >, MADCAP; I -OR— THE STOltY OF A SIN. BT HELEN B. MATUKItS. "I'stiiiwl" saia Mr. Jiyre. Willi a gesture of disgust; "it's impossible." "Yomiij men will bo young mon," said the titrmer.sliakinK hisUeud;"they don't alius keep in miiid Poythur Wilf- latns' advico, who' Tliotiirht of tho futnro wlintovcr ho did. That ho ni!Vor nilKht wrlevo for the past. Hut lor! sir, wlmt a sight (if ple.isant tliiuisa that old chap uiuat have missed!" Mr. Eyre joined for a moment In tho fanner's hilarity, then rode forward to rejoin his wife. ilo had scarcely done so, when he hoard behind him the almost noiseless Bound of horses' lionl's coininir ovor the turf; lie guessed that they wcro in pursuit of him, and, turnins to her, cried— 'One itallop, Madeapl" and a timeh. the Mood-horses stretched fleetly out almost to raciiit; speed, and like winded creatures titeastetl tho long low hill before them, while far lioliitid, like dull, low echoes, came the pursuing feet. Had some of .Madcap's own wild spirit leaped into Jlr. fOyre's veins that day ns they rodo neck and neck, horses and riders alike exulting in that masterful rush through tho soft spring IIT ? Of their own will the horses seemed to stop at the prison gates of Marmiton, but before she could even east a glanco nt the building, Mr. Kyre had seized her bridle, and tinned her lace and his own homeward. 'So ends a happy day," he said, as at tho end of the stniggling town his keen eye delected amounted messenger approaching, who bore in his hand our. of those yellow envelopes that in rural lives not inl'reipientlv cause a revolution. 'No!" cried Madcap, si ill breathless, and all her young blood kindled in her by tho dare-devil ride; "it is only just begun!'' I'riuen Charlie, who knew his mistress's every mood, and had carried her barohacked many a time in glorious spurt over hill and dale, tried to nesllo his velvet nose in her hand, upon which she threw her arms round his neck. "01 Charlie." .she whispered in one of his big, quivering ears, "don't you feel I /moil/ to-day—just as we used "to Ion ago?*' Mr. Eyro read his message through twice; then telling the man that thero was no answer, asked Madcap if sho were too tired to ride further. "For it is your birthday, Madcap; and we will spend it together;—hut tomorrow— to-niorriiw " 'To-morrow will be as happy as today," cried Madcap; but to tins, Mr. Kyre made no reply. GUITARS "•"MANDOLINS •alUn ttoni U.H >»»araa HandoiUurroai IlLOOsywaHb y a£tii!Sffg*, lMia . T Bi ,i ? u0 ,K,'£.W.C. Y ' All the stove Mid uuder our ewo auareateei ,( «•-, ta.lrum.oU la •» Tour local dealer will erder (or je«. Q?Z Una bare sues Israeli oa lailda. Bead he ulaauated eaulosu. 1.YON e* HBAI.V. aa Monro* aJtrsMt. Ohleaa* VUC All you have guessed about n iiu * nsunuico llia y ^ 0 wrong. PAY If y ou v™ 1 * 1 40 know'the nnPT trut ' , » S0U(1 for " u ow and - Why," issued by the PEM .pr MU'I'UAL LIFE, 921-3-5 Ohesb- Mot. nut Street, Philadelphia. PATEN TS^™»»'® Wumimti, P ,0. niCMC|af>|rj ><III.\ W.niUHKIH, Successfully Proseputes, Claims. • Lata Prlnolpal Bxamlner u^B. Fanttlon Sui-wnu. B3yrBiulast war, IflmHmlliiaUinf olaluis, atty siuce. BARLOW'S INDIGO BLUE. Tlie Family WaaU lllue, tor sale by Qrocers. jro it HEMORDIA TUB OSXV *UUB CVBB. Fries tl.«0 by msil. WmuBPtaV CO.. 110 fqltoa at., Maw Talk. WAUTCni M ^ NTO TBAVEt. w« par «u« |BB8T POL18H IN THB WORLD. I CHAITKIl IV. Ilo h»lst up siiil.-*, IIIKI HH'H ' Piillod ho, Alltl s-illr-1 uiilo u tin- (Milntrlel Anil wlii'U lie looke.l liis rini.- upon, Ilo kncwMiu IOVLM ] miot lit'r muu. Ho liotst »i% snlla. and liiimo oaino ho— lliiiui' unto IIL-J alu cntititi-[(v. Tlu; Ilrst ho mot on his <nvii html, It ttlmticed to t)u u iK -'Ktfiir intlil. Tho beauty of Lord Lovol's woods was invisible to tho man who al'terdurk that night traversed them with now hasty, now lingering steps, inhaling Willi an odd sense of monory thee mlied scent oj the wild llowors tliatfrom time to time he trod under foot. Xo friendly gleam of light beckoned him toward the ancient house; no voice save a hireling's was likely to ho uplifted in his welcome; and that senso of dullness with which wo approach a place of which hearlsonee mattea homo oppressed the wanderer as he crossed his own threshold, and hearkened to tho long roverberations of tho great bell as it clanged through tho lonely, deserted place. At last a woman came; but, before she could ask a question, he had passed her, and was standing in tho midst of the diuing-hall, when, amazed at his audacity, lamp in hand, she had shut the hall door and overtaken him. "1 want Job," ho said; "will you send him to me?" And his voice and manner being of that sort which wins princess and peasant alike (for, after all, a princess, however finely sho laces her bodice, can do no more than have a woman 's heart inside, it), sho departed, and presently an elderly serving-man onter- ed, who looked scrutiuixingly a,t his visitor's back, at that moment turned toward him. For a moment ho stood, his poises beating between doubt and hope; thou, as the other turned in his wall;, he ran forward, and seizing tho young man in his arms, cried out in a paroxysm of lovo aud joy— "So you've come homo at last, my dear, dear little Master Frank!" " ITes. Job; come back at last," said his master, laying his hand on the old man's shoulder; "and come home to stay please (jod." "That's good hoarlng," said Job, retreating a stop to gaze at his now-found treasure; "but what brought you homo 80 Biidden -likoV" ho added, certain misgivings darting painfully through his mind. "I got homo-side," said tho young fellow, still resolutely fighting off a curtain thought that hart besot him ever since he set foot on English soil; "and, perhaps, I was tired of playing schoolboy, and wanted to be my own master— and youra, too, old friend," ho added, wringing Job 's hand, as though he found In that honest palm nil the welcome man could desire. "God bless your little heart!" Baid Job, to whom the birth of Frank was a mere matter of yesterday, and this stalwart young soldier no bigger than the toddling oliild whose steps he had so often guarded from danger: "but no bells rungl no carriage to meet youl Wbttt'U folks say to your coming homo In this promiskis sort-of way?" "That as 1'vo boon travoling since daybreak 1 must bo hungry," said Frank, seizing tho candle. "Come along. Job. I've ransacked the larder too often not to know its whereabouts." Job. as ho followed those light heels, thought how bright the house had nil at once become with that suiishino which his young master cartiod with him everywhere—in ut tho chinks of men 's hearts, and lonely places that the BUU had forgotten, and, in short, into every nook and corner where his eye glanced, and his stop came. Aud travel stained as he was, he yet made one of those lovely ngures that no man nor woman either could look on without admiration of that sort which leana to love. "A poor home-coming!" said Job, ahukiiitr iila limui KM l le Borve-1 his master at the kitohen-labio; "aud yoirvo come a bit too early or a hit too late," he added below his breath, wistfully Bearohing Frauk's face for the wickedness nowhere to be found in it. The young fellow caught tho look, and colored. lie too longed, yet feared to ask a certain question, but it was unasked Btill when at midnight he stood alone in his oliamber, and, drawing aside tlie curtain from his mother's plotiuo, answorod in words to the mute welcome her lips ueeinad to speak, "I've come home, mother," he said, simply, just as though she heard him; "mid you'll help me;" and perhaps she dirt hear her hoy, and did help him— afterward—who IttiowsV Sleep was Impossible ti> him; here, under his own roof-tree, he realized what his future life must andjhQuld ha. m >- It vexed tho old man that his master would look through the open windows instead of at his plate; ami yet who could take his eyes from those threo avenues each above a mile in length, through Whose fretted aislns, li!;o a maguilicent burst of melody from an unseen source, had swept tho tide of Cioil's eternal green? 1 don't s'poso you've seen anything since yon went away to beat Muit," remarked Job complacently; "but. lor, what can you expect out of Kngland, Master Fraukr" Frank laughed, and his laugh was something to remember, for its delightful ring, and tho suggestions of happiness both to himself and others that it unconsciously brought. "And vet thero are somo fine sights abroad. Job, as yon would say, if you could see them." 'And you liked 'em so well you could stay away these six years?" said Job reproachfully. "There was work to do," said Prank, the color rising to his face (and this was one of those traits that wanned men's hearts to him. as showing that in ids mind still lurked tho ingenuousness ot earlier years). "A man does not run away home when hiseomrades aro lighting; and 1 was wanted. Job, and nearly got mv billet hen','' he added, lmuhing, as ho touched a scar on his left. ii -iupln that gave earnest ness to thoahuost boyish beaul V of hi .'j I'.IOO. ".So it wasn't a hit of foolishmv -H that kept you abroad all these years'.''' cried Job, triumphantly. "Love's all very well, but li ;loiiig's better; it warms Liu eiielUes of one's'heart, and when all's said, it's the real work a man's done, not the times he's made a fool of himself to think of when he's got the blues, and you'll have wnrkouough t >do about tho estate, without thiukMigof any lovemaking this ever so long.'' "1 11 leave that to the sipiliv." said 1 'niiik. laughing. "Is he as had .is ever?'' "The sipiiiv has led, the Hall." said Jul;, putting on a deceit I ill air ol imio- cenc • as he p >ir e I his master out a cup ol loll'ee. "lie'.-, eating li'o.;s '.hs lili ed minute, no doubt; ibough I'm much mistook if Nancy of the Mill cottons down to 'em along with him." "The old squire has left l.ovel?"cried Frank, pushing luck his pi.He. "To lie. suv,'." said Job, with an elaborate appearan •' of iine.mcern: "it must, be nigh on live, year and ahull that the county folks made, up their minds that tliey couldn't stand Miss Nancy, mid so " "And so the Ked Hall's empty!" ex claimed Lord L>vol, stariingup from bis seat; "and I've been thinking of that old reprobate as holding his court there, and setting a 1> i-l example to ih neighborhood—an influence that would dwarf mine so hopelessly. Job, that 1 could make no way a ainsl it." "Well—well," said ,Jolnl"precatinglv "he were a tare hit of human nalnr', to he sure; and human natur's lively and inteivstin'. Master Frank, while Hi Ten Commandments in tho main is dull." "Hut they don't bring disgrace in their train," said Frank, walking to the window and looking out. "Who was it you said was living at the Ked Hall how?" "His son,"said Job, in a tone of sns picious mildness, as he busied himself about the table; "he's been fc.ere for vears, and a new ord .T of things it is up yonder—church and children, and sweetbearting—but always with his own wife; they ride by here often, and I wonder how long it will last," added Job, with a smile. " Harrington Kyre is ni'trn'cil."' cried Frank, advancing; "then what became of-of " "Mr. Harrington was killed in a duel, said Job, inwardly marveling at his master's ignorance; "it's young Mr Kyre that's living up at the Hall now." '"Young Mr. lOyre!'' cried Frank starling back as though n bullet had struck him—"old Mr. Lyre, you mean —and he is here—Jii'/v—impossible!" "Well, ho ain't a chicken, to bo sure, said Job impartially, "that's why I've got somo holies of hint yet; when folks of his ago takes a moral turn, it get fixed into a sort of habit with 'em." "Then he / KM turned over a new leaf 1 ," exclaimed Frank involuntarily. "Lor,-Master Frank, I wonder if he knows his own lace in tho glass, he's that altered; lie's a justice and a magistrate, and punishes folks for being wicked instead of making 'em so, as ho and all the Hvtvsdtd aioro him. Hut it's deadly dull in tho village now," .n'dod Job regretfully, "or so the women say nil the pretty chincks hereabouts go un chueked, and if there's a bit ot beauty growing up in the place, there ain't tv sou) in life to discover it." "Would you havo him as had as his father?" burst out poor Frank in a rage, and still pale with tho shock of finding Madcap living at his very gates. "Well," said Job, in a lone that befitted his name, "I hope it may last; but there's no reckoning on them Kyres: and though ho just dotes ou her now women cloy, even tho best of 'em—God a'mighty mostly makes 'em too sweet or too sour, and there's fow a man can sup of every day and not wish for a change once by whiles, Master Frank But tho latter part of Job's dissertation was lost on Frank, who escaped through tho opon window, and was striding down the central avonno as for a wagor. This sudden knowledge of her nearness for tho moment overcame him—it, was as though a picture ho had been gazing at from a distance had stopped out of its frame to stand beside him, and he must tako its llosh-anil-blood hand til his own. and change the likeness or his race toward it" lor win to in his memory, and afar off, sho was still ins sweet httlo Madcap, his tyrant, his lovo * hero at his gates sho was wife to his friend only—his friend who had stolen her from him, but who had made her—-happy. Ho looked around him—that exquisite sense ot newness with which tho old country ever strikes us after long sojourn in burning climes, gradually stole upon and soothed him; and tho pride in ins own sod, that every true man knows nw'iWo and prompted thoughts of an ex istenco apart from lovo. With a sudden backward movement of tlie shoulders, sis though ho shook some weight from them, hu stood for a moment to watch the woven dazvtlo of light nnd shadow above—a shaft; of sunlight fell full on the young, beautiful face, refined al most to sternness by ifcj absorption of thought; but, like ma<;lo, the look faded, as almost at his side* here broke forth a peal of childish laughter, and, with a violont start, ho perceived how ho had reached a portion of his ostato that adjoined Mr, L'yre's, a tall hedge forming tho boundary betweou them. Ho was turning to retrace his steps when a woman's voice, following on tho othorB', drove the blood from his cheek, and rooted hira to whoro ho stood. A moment and ho was parting tho young leavos to look to the inoiuloiv beyond, across which he saw his lost Madcap coming, holding up her gown with one rounded arm, a baskot in her baud, aud a olii d on either side, tripping over tho cowslip's head, with a footfainight nsa shadow, qulok as a suuboum, A woman jim-inoC us n youiiif mm'* rtronm, Ann bronthlnif beauty uuU tho old swoot atr or tiiu tulr ilttya ol old, when mini wua young And llfo nn opto. HeavoiiB, how he had forgotten her! Memory's colors had no moro power to paint her as sholivod and breathed than an echo is able to repeat the tone or a woH-lovod voice; and If but a moment ago lie had thought other ad happy, Uow poor and pale a thing that hapul- npsa Beornod buBlde tills radiant joy that glowed_ with color, life, and songl And he realized then that in hor oholoe she had done well-that she might nevor have looked as she looked then, If she most moving, palhet :c situation a wo- I man can (111 in the eyes of the man who ] loves her, was Madcap then. Her voice camo to him like a revelation as sho dropped her basket to throw an arm round each child's neck and call them hor little loves, her sweethearts—after all, might not secret of her happiness lie with Ihcm, not wilh Mr. Lyre? iVnd now lor tho cowslip ball," she cried, and came nil breathless to the brook, and sat down beside it wilh her lapful of gold—"(Sort's gold," as Donne, who was beginning to understand what his prayers meant, with some condescension iniornied Dorty. "Hut mo kimw suniliu' too," said Rody, who was watching the fall of each cowslip's head with absorbed attention— "A ivolMti un'l n wrmi Am (.ml a'mlk'liiy 's cock anil hon. Did 'oo know :xt. muminv?" No," said Madcap, laughing; "but Doily knows lots and lots of Ihingsthat mummy doesn'tl" Mo'il seep wiz 'oo to-nlglil," Baid Dorty, with a roval nod, "and then mo'il tell 'oo." 'Josephine won't let you," said Donne, who looked upon such talk as a frivolous interrupt ion to cowslipiug and whose love for his mother was rare ly shown in outward expression. "His father's son," thought Frank,as ho looked at him wilh a momentary throb of aversion; then awav from him to Dody, who in 1'ealuro aiid coloring equally resembled Mr. Kyre, but curried a subtle look of Madcap in bis every look and gesture that won Frank'slieart on the spot, as later on, Frank won his and kept it, too, to the last. To the young fellow, tho making of that cow"slip ball was an idyl, and never sure was a string more prettily held tlpn by this little pair of lads, so serious, so intent, so fearful lest even by a wandering glancu after a butterily a shake should be engendered and a bio -sum pilled: while bet ween themku rlt -Madcap in her white gown, swinging tho .-ii) golden bells as one who weave-; in with each a hidden joy, a sweet content, that made the wr.'.tilling of this child's plaything as true an index to herlitj as though Frank had followed it, day by day. for the past six years. ' d'j.'iy moro Powers, mummy?" said Dody. speaking lor tie first time sinco tho ball had been eommeirvd. Yes! thero was ou • n.or.-; it w.v;be­ tween Madcap's li'.igjrs thou. Sli'j wa3 looking into its heart, cinque-spotted but she saw not tho llower, sue had forgotten her children; a dark beloved face, seldom an hour absent from her sale, had risen before her, and in - pint eho hud leaped to it, and was crying out-"Yesterday. I wished you away; but. to-day, I wish you /e iv "Me kiwii:* mo'il drop il," said Dody, in a voice of grave rebuke; and then Madcap came to herself with a start and swung her cowslip, anil with inueli squeezing of certain little fat hands in side it. tho ball was th il and tossed high in the air, with the lna-.-io iuvoeatinti— 'I'i-ly-lusly, 1 i .ii- una loi-iy. Hew liiitny yeais shsll I li \e? One Down slipped the golden ball through Madcap's lingers, and wilh a shout of joy was sei /.i 'd on by the children, who held it up for her small—velvety, voluptuous, like a lull rich draught of Rummer after tho wayward sips of sweetness that lurk in the pale cups of primrose and anemone! As the children ran away with their treasure. Madia) cast a quick look around aud dicw from her bosom a letter, that she first kissed, then held a moment in her hand, as a child will delight to abstain for a mo ment from its coveted cake; and Frank wondered what could be on the page to bring such lovely lights and shadows to her face as sho road. Was it, then, Mr. Fyre's habit to write his wife a love- letter every time she took a morning walk without him? She had found it on her pillow that morning when she had awakened to lind Mr. Kyre gone ami this was his letter.—the liist love letter Mr. Eyro had ever written his wife,— '•Madcap," he said, "I go to my father, who is dying. This is our liist purlin:', the first in six long happy years, mull leave you thus rutliur than that tho word •Farewell' siumlil hn mioktui lietwyen e-: It is a wont Unit must not, slum not, unm any iiuaviuug for yuu and inc. In Ihrer days, u'l latest, I will return, or summon veil to mv side. I would take yon with me, l-ut associations, iini nut for you. Wile—sweetheart—Joy of my life, wiitu lo mo 1 1 if > inii- uuuit you receive this—aud every day. nut let those roguos delay vim lor one moment. I'slniwl I know tlu 'iu Uive-i me in thy real heart hotter, I think, than tho pretty buys 1 gave thee. "I urn. now ninl always, "Your loving, firtikt'ul husband, "KYIIU." FARM AND HOME. A Olt .VTIiKMAX. "I didn't think it of you, Master Frank; UQ , that I didn't." said a rt proachfnl voice at Frank's elbow; "let alone tho Hible, I never know'd no good as ever come to a Peeping Tom they mostly peeps after petticoats, and petticoats bring misfoitiiis." "What is it?" said Fran!;, whose color announced him fully alive to tho mean ness ot tho action ih which ho had been caught. "Was that lei lor from 111111? lie added mentally. "Why, Colonel Husby's asking for vou; sure you don't forget /iini, Master Frank, the biggist fool in these parts." "Confound liiui!" cried Frank,heartily. "Well, I hope tho callers have be g'nn early enough." "It's not a call exactly," said Job "it's business. 1 s'poso tliey want you to sign tho 'morial they're gelling up for that poor soul up yonder;" and ho po.nted in the direction of Marinilon "What pour soul?" said Frank, for a moment the thought of Madcap swept iisido. "Tho woman what's condemned to death for drowning a child in UIJ Shil't- iii'g Fool," said Job, speaking slowly una watching tho effect of his words. "I'oor wretch]" said Frank, absently; "by tho way, Job, do you know it Mr, Ewo is from home?" "What made you think of thai?" snld Job, with a shrewd suspicion as to what Ids master had been peeping at; "well, ho t's— 1 heard it just now—the old squire ii dying at last, and Mr. Eyro ho was telegraphed for yestorday, biit wouldn't i;o cos'twas his wife's birthday; but lor, Master Frank, don't 'eo go in i'ov looking through Mr. Eyro's hedges; lie's a bad one to meddlo wi'\ an' David ain't tlio only ono as ;£t>t into trouble tJirolijh i» spying after what wam't his'ji." "Ah, how do you do, my dear LovolV" Baid Ci'luiiol liusby as Frank entered tho library by tho wiudov.; ",'"ji )icert to sco you homo again, ami looking l.'ijlit and well; you havo coiuo, too, in tho very nick ol'tiinoto ivmrter tuo a Diuti vnluablo assistant:;). Fur soma reason, Eyro has set hinisolf from tho liiBD against that unhappy woman up at tho jail, and will out off her last chance: of life if ho can; but with your signature"—and hu suddenly unfurled beforo I'lituk's astonished eyes a scroll on which wero insurlviv-rt names varying in dignity from tlitttof a lord of thoiuanor, to u tiller of the Bttino—"wo hope to defeat him yot." "What is il?" said Frank, passing his handover his mouth to hide a smile, Colonel Husby's Httlo fat form and extended scroll irrepressibly suggesting tlio personage who in a piintoinino is al ways striving to get a hearing, hut novox auenoeila To bo Continvtod. MAll'IAllKT E. 8AN0HTEK. I kni'iv him for a opntleman fly eleiii. Unit moor fall! ltl« -out tvnH roii^ti nnd riithor worn, lllf CIU'CIIK woro thin ruul rather palo- A liul who hull hlrt way to make, Willi lllllr. tlino tor oluy- l knew him tor u gfiitloiiiiiri H>- oiTtiitn rlitiin to tiny lie mi't lili» molhfroii llio utreot; llfT came III* Illtlo cup. My iloor iv/m MIUII ; h" waited thoru Until I tn-nril hie rap. Ho took tlio liiuiiUo from my hand, /. ml when I dro|i[iod my pen, lie sprang lo pick II up for mo, Thw o/Millpmnn of ton. Ilo do"*- not pindi and crowd aloiiit; 11 In voli-o I" Ki'iuly pllchod; Ilo it.i,--* not itmg hli< hookH about AH If tio uoro hoivltcliod. Ilo Mantis HHIII lo lot you pium; it" HIWIUH hhul- tho door; lie rniirton nrraiul* wllltnitly To furia'iind mill nnd dtoro. Ilo IMnk* of yon liofnre himeelf; II,- M -rvi's yon If lie ran; For In whiiti'vor conitiany Tho niaunor in ike tho muu. At ion or forty 'tli* t!i" pamo, 'I'ho manner ti'lld the lalo; And 1 iUfcri! tho ooniloniun iiy fignsthat nevor fall. llurpurV Voting IVople. KAItM NOT KB. Cliorrloa mid llooa. Mr. Siiniu-1 Miller, of 13hiffton, Mo., s.iyri, in a late issue of Americtn Uardon- ing, that he seldom had a crop of cherries till his nous located an npinry near his plantation. Tueir work in fertilization has injured him regular crops. How to Trovont Colic. The colic i.eanon is here. Many remedies ire given to cure it. Sometimes they work and soiiietiiiicu they don't at any rale the best way to trciu colic is to prevent it. He careful about ever-feeding ml changing I 'oed Maidenly and giving loo much vater when overheated. Ohjeol oftlio (.iirdii lii growing Iruit, il iwers or vegetablef for market, it is well lo have but few kinds, mill make a i pecialty of them, BO lhal thero may be a loud ut otic timo, hut in growing tlieni for home uso, try to keep up the variety mid havo something fit for use ad the Heat -on. There pre or should be always two objects in tho giu-ded. The lir.-t and most important being to supply ihe luinily with whatever can he grown tlieie, and the next to have something to ell which may help to supply what does not grow there. will not be long, tho clover noeds to be raked into windrows immediately, where it can remnin for Rovsrul hotin, allowing t ha air to circulate through it and carry off some of the mointurr. Uefore the early dews of night have Immn to full, however, the hay should be cocked up and allowed to remain for 24 hours. if ti'ene cock* leuiain ovor night they can be thrown ooen with the pitchfork in the following morning, to «ivc the molut ure a chance to escape. The, heat, of the interior of tlie cocks will also ehcupe, and by noon the buy will he ready to haul. It must be watched at this period, for some suns are moro dryinir than others, and some clover purls witn its moisture mon rapidly. If there is any "danger of its he comingso dry that tho leaves will crumble under the touch it should be carted to the barn immediately. When put in tho mow groat care should bo taken that there is no dew or moisture on the hay. One load of such hay will start tunny tons to excessive Hweiitini/ nnd heating. Storing it in tue b.irn pn^ rl} is n very inipirtant part of the wmk. II the hay is thoroughly dry pu* " '""d or two in the mow, ntid then put in a lain lajerof dry straw over it before the sec ond layer of hay is put in. The straw will have a tendency to prevent heating in the mow. Clover h.iycut and cured nnd mowed in this manner is pretty sure to produce tine hay. Scarcely any loss or injury from hen'ing will he experienced, and tho nourishing qualify of the clover will DO re tained.—A. 13. Barret, in American Cultivator. THK IlOUHKIIOl.U. I.lvo Woll. Prepare for Dentil ua for » Jouruoy. The proper way of lookmit upon donth Is to regard it as a part of life. It means Iriinsitiou. 'Tia transfer—we were lietcj wo are there. "Death," us "Victor Hugo anil), "is not a blind aliev, but a tlior- punhfaro opeuiug on oarth, oiidlug in betweu." Kurly llurvoHtlilfr. It will foon he time for harvesting the •un II grains. He sure to cut early or bo- tore the /train has become hard or dry enough to rattle out. It will continue to draw nourishment from the juices in the until the hitter is fully dry, and the grain will be more full an 1 plump if cut when just passing out of the milk than it would be if ripened standing in tho fields. It cut while in tho milk it will shrink, as it does not find enough in tho straw then to mature. Poultry l'olutorit. A hen at Hawthorne, Flu., hatched nineteen chickens from eighteen eggs. Wilh proper fejding a chick should double its weight overy ten days until forty days old. Keep the ducks our of tho chicken yards the water they befoul wili soon bring on contagion. The good layers aro activo and general ly on l he move and scratching about—are the iirst birds out in tho morning aud the last to roost at night. (Jive your young brood clean water, plenty of grit, a .variety of crnokoil nnd whole grain, mostly in a dry state; keep them out of tho grass wkon wet with dew and rain, and they will thrive. For chicken cholera thor is nothing bet '.or than carbolic acid, ono drachm wilh two gallons of water. Let tho fowls have free access to it as r drink, and mix it with ether food once a day. Dostro not to Uvo lonrj, but to llvo woll.- How loni; wo llvo, not yours hut actio n toll. Who does tho host his clrtiiuiHtinico allows Poes well, acts nobly, ani,'i-ls could do no moro.' Aa Amerleea AchteYemenft, Chicago Is a synonym tor entorprUo, •«* detivor und (niece**, butmual pooulo uisocl* ato hor fume with BUCOO-B lu ilie muterlevl and stnplu 1IUB4 rutlior lliun thu urtlailci h -nco It- will surprlso wuny to Iturii thai lo tho iiiiiiiufaclure aud ttulo uf musical in* Hiriin .oat-, Chicago possesses the larKoffc hi 'iiso not only in America but lit the eu« tiro iMirld. & Hoaly, whusu fucloriel aio loi-utoil Dour Unluu Purl;, products un* uunlly lonro mjslcul lnsiriiuiuutH ttiun any other ftu-lory In exMonco. 'tho yooriy output now uxouvds 11 )0,000 Instriiioont, of all kinds, und tlio tur ^o tmildiUKS which a few youra uito ttinpiy hutticod fur ihoir pur- poo-,, uro new tii .vud to tho ut oi, HI lo ;u> cooliledatu th '-lr Woikin; urioy of thive liuinliott aUillo I in .H -biiiili s. '1 ho Ijiisioo-i d "ne by thoio in Uroi^-buiid snppltu- iiluno ts oioiriiMius, and envors liio onttro I'liit'-d Males, from lUititrur to 'flu Jiuiou. and fr >>m Viliiileoui to Do I-'unluk .-iirlii^i. 'i'hoir suvco -s IIUB boon woo by yours of earnest work, coo,tiiio-d wilh carofiil attention in tlit* m ciiiaof tho musical public, and as a nault iho Aiiicrlcaii-iuailo guitar, luinji, inaiid 'iiin, or any nlleT inst riimout is pi -iforrod I y tlio bust .iii'l -'o -i to liio lluost i\(irk of furulitn manufacture. li U a real pluu ID an Aioorlcam journalise to rocold such an achievement, bftciniNO, wtitlo wo uro ,,u>tiy promt ot'-ut gro stick yards, ion- colossal olovui -'rs aao our lmmen-.o shiplduic intoro-i-, it t» Ci no tiling moro t" kuo,v that our people buvo uol notice 0<t tie- morcclovato i ti ,-i but Hiaiid as prominently f< rwurd In thorn ai In the others. 'I ho largest and mint Tarled *loclc of musical Instrument, currtfld by any lirm in liio world con bo soon al .Lyon A lieaty'a warori.oios, f>:i Meriroe • -.root, Chtcaico. falale-tiu -i of Milcb ran be bad freo upon applieni -nri. Tin-: h reign tr.uie of China last year aggregated ^oO.OnOOOO. Tan MOST VIOLENT EX PLOSIONS, of Cough hie; nro itoppud hy HALK'S HONKT OF HollKllOVJNtl ANIlTAIt. I'IKK'8 ToOTiinciitt Dnora Curo In one Mluulo. Labor, l.tfo'H K«ym>to. t'llANCKS S. OSUOOll. bailor Is llfo, 'HH Un) Ktlll Wilier fi.ll.itli; ldloiU'i>sovor depnireth, heivalletl]; Keep tho watch wound, or the dark rust assail etli: l-'lowors dropumi dlo lu tho stillni'hs of noon. Labor luxury!—the llyin^ cloud lighten-, Only tho Mavlru,' wind chauoef ami brlehtons. Idlo hearts only tho darl; future friolUens, IMuy tho swoot keys wouhlsl thou keep them ll. time. Tho Lliulou for lioea. The linden, or common bnaswood, is not only it liandsouio troi, hut its blossoms make excellont heo pasturage. It is planted in some parts of Kurope for this purpose chii/ly, though the wi od is also vidua 1 le for somo purposes, liouoy froin Imsswood blossoms is to many tastes better than that from white clover, and if moro of it woro marketed there would soon he a great demand for it. Sometimes a bui er secures a box of honey of extr; flood lliivor, hut, he does not know bow to dupiicato it. Nino times out of ton this oxtrn good honoy is from basswood bloi-soina, which are now in thoir fullest blossoms. Uurvtijtlug tho Coru Crop. Too much leisure is often manifested in Iho matter of harvesting the corn crop Somo farmers seem to think that after it is well ripened it cunuot ho damaged by stiindtuf.', aud so purmit it to reiuniu in the field until somo wholly convenient time for gathering; but corn, as well as other crops, should he hnrvestod and put securely aw.iy us soon as it 18 roudy. Depreciation will result from many causes when loft standing in tlio field nttor it is riuo anil dry. Some stalks will droop until tho ears touch tho ground, nnd then rot nt tho tips if wot woator comes. Others will bo pecked by birds, and whoro tho husk opens the entire oar may be damaged by rain, Beside this, when the corn is harvested so late vory little good can be had from tho fodder. It gets over-ripo mid is blown to pieces by tho wind, so that the stills: field is of slight vnlue oven for pasluruge. Too I'ut. Wtnt is tho mnttor with my hens, thoy fall dead from tho rooBt?" "Why don't my hens luy, they are fod rogularly throe times a day?" Suoh questions and many similar aro being continually asked. What is tho matter? Too fat! A too-fat hon lays very few eges. A too-fat hon's eggs do not hatch woll. A too-fnt hon is a ready victim of disease. There is a soienco in feeding. You can niako a niiBtalio hy not givuig enough, So the beBt rule to go hy is to give all thoy will eat up clean. But you must feed according to the objeot you havo. For instiinco, give tons ail the coru thoy will eat up clean, and you aro making fat. But give oats or wheat and you will not be ranking fat, but eggs. Double- yolkcd oggs are the result of too much fat. An egg within an egg is caused by too much fat. Regular ftu dii g, proper food, and comfortable scratching- [ions are unti- fllt rules. JSxperleuoe With mover!,!!!**/. Clovorhtiy is too often cut lata in the season. It is too ripe then for the beBt curing, and it-'i feeding value is lessened. It is ono of the hardest cropB to handle for it cures only when the proper weather is at hand. If harvested when the blossoms begin to turn brown it will have to be gathered in between rainy spells, for wet wcathor 1 B generally at hand hy thai timo. If ono wishes the olover to scatter a little seed around, it is all right to harvest Iho o'evar at this lots p«iioa of its lifu- let if tl„. To owe is human, to pay divine. A man's conduct is an index to hi- worth. Next to livim: with honor, is to dii with honor. One unguarded slip of the ton^iio may do irreparable injury. A judicious silence is always better than truth spoken without charity. God hud to deal with man by law he- fo c o could deal with liim in love. 1 will lift up mine eyes onto tho hill j , from whence cometh my help. — I's. oxxi. 1. Ho not overwiao in doing thy business, md boast not thyself in tlie times of th) distress. Adliclion is a kind of moral gymnasium, in which tho disciples of Christ are trained to robust, exercise, hardly exertions, and severe conflict.—Ex. Have A I'urposn. Resolve when you awake, that it will be to some faithful purpose, and that your renewed powers shall bo obedient to him lo who has renewed them. And throw a glanco backward, beforo your eyes are weighed down, to soo how well you have kept the morning's resolution. — Krothiag- ham. Homo INillteiiotin. A boy who is polite to father and mother is likoly to bo p 'jlito to evrybidy else. A hoy lacking politeness to his parents may have tlio r-euiblniice of cour tesy in Focioty, but is never truly polite in spirit, nnd is in ilaugor, ns ho become familiar, of betraying his real want of courtesy. Wo aro all in danger of living loo much for the outside world, for the impression wo make in socioty, not covet ing tho good opinion of those who aro in a senso a part of ourselves, ang who will continue to sustain and he interested in us, notwithstanding these defects of deportment and character. We say to every boy and every girl, cultivate tho habit of courtesy and proprioty tit home, iu tlie kitohon as woll us in tho parlor, and yon will be sure in othor places to deport yourself in a booouiiug and ttttracrive manner. Iltinltbono. There aro certain animals that havo no backbone, They can not Btundjupright Tho backbono enables an animal to stand upright, und tho better back none it has the bottrr it stands. There is very littli mo in r-tanding upright ovon so strotigl; if not of nso to help others in bearing sumo burden outstdo of their owu bodies. When it linrt'en comes on an animal that has no backbone, it strengthens it. We need not ho anxious about burdens coming on these of good strong principle, for tho very burden will make them stronger espocinlly if they carry tho whole matter in prayer to God. Paul did tins with his burden and had God's grace given until bo could carry it. if you have a hick- bono do not bo afraid of a burden .—Select »d. AN OUD DHKAM. Aire Strehel flromiiotl That Ilor Daughter Stolo Ilor Waleli Mrs. Marv Streliel, wile of S. L. Strehel a florist of No, 332 B?ilford avenue, Williamsburg, N, Y., was robbed somo days ago of a gold watch. Sho has in similar casos often consulted a fortuuo toller, anil concluded to do eo in this instance. She wont to u woman iu Humboldt street, who informod her of hor watch UB follows:— "Mrs. Streblo, your watch is in a pawn shop. It was pawned by a woman, but don t be frightened. It will bo returned to you all right." Mrs. Strobol was awukoued next morning with a sudden start by a strange dream. It was to Iho f-ffect that hor daughter Emma took the watch and pawned it lo buy medicine for her ilyinir baby. Emma, who is living iu lloebiiug street WIIB Bent for. Sho did not respond that day. Mrs. Strobol told her droiun to detoctive sergeant Coroornn, of tho Bodford avonue station, aud ho is now working on the case, Tho daughter is a Uivudaomo, robust looking vouae woman in hor twontieth year. Her baby was horn some months ago. Shortly after HIIO had a misunderstanding with hor mother, and Euinia, who, it is claimed, has always boon a wayward girl, was forbidden thu houeo. Emma, nowovor, camo to hor mother's house on Mummy a week ago, whoa tho baby died. She wiBhod assistance in providing for its funeral. Mrs. Strobol told her site would pay for ono coach and would Bend some llowors. That did not suit tho young mother, who wished to make us elaborate a display a possible uud she hired a white bourse and two couch™. Mrs. Strehel would not attend the funeral, hut sent Uer two boys, Henry and Edward. The boys told their mother thoy hud boon instructed not to toll her of the hearro aud coaches. It was not until tho day following the fuuoral that Mrs. Strebol missed hor watch. I asked her who thor she thought hor daughter had taken tho watch and Mri. Strobol replied that she accused no one. "Emma has pawned other things," she said, "and I have asked her to come aud see we. If she uawusd lh« u/nini. *- i Many coffee planters In Mexico make a proitl of 250 per cent, on tlio amount of money Invested. Makes Marvelous Curee Kvery Day, Cki6»g» UtaU, Chicago. A trifle, orcr a hundred miles south of Chicago thoro is a beautiful little valley of the shape of a horse shoe. In the •ummer times there are no greener hill tluiu those looking down upon the land, tho shape of which all tho world ovor is :i symbol of good luck aud a ccrtuin protection ngiiiust tho assaults of tho ovil ono. Whether the horso (shoe hills havi uiaguoti6ed the crystal waters at your feet or whether deep down into tho heart of the continent duuio nature has not up opposition to tho schools of modicine, no one can say, but it is certain that at Iudi ana Mineral Springs marvelous cures aro being made every day. Mr. H. L. Kramer, the energetic pro motor, developer and manager of this magnificent property, npon rhich ho has lately expended upwards of $150,000 in its improvement and development, thinks it is a little of both. Now and then you hour a patient dccluro that tho managt r alone is a good remedy for diseases. A man of first-class business capacity. Ilo hub every detail of tho business about the hotel and ground.- at his end and theie is u, hearty, though quiet fellowship about the man that makes him tho friend of every guest. It is a tradition about the pluce that the people go uway from tho Springs one summer cured and then comt hack tue next su aimer to spend their vacation and visit the manager. This health and pleasure resort has been rightfully named tho Indiana Mineral Springs and is located in Warren County Ind., and the liladi takes pleasure in advising any of its four hundred thousand readers who are seeking quiot, rest and recreation or improvement in their health to visit this most popular reasrt of this country. A beautiful, illustrated book that tells all about this wonderful spring, will ba sent by mail free to all who addrosa II L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., box 8, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. Sistor— I dou't think that girl yon're engaged to JH very pretty. C Brother—She is beautiful when she •miles. Bister—Yes, but she won't smile much when she marries yon. l 'Tt'S.—All V'its slopped 'free by Dr. Klim't Unat A'titt ItnUm-r. No Fits utter Itrst day's use. Marvellous cures. TrtuilUe ami JU.OO trial liottlo freo In Kit cases, 8etid to Dr. Kllno, 01 )1 Arch St., l 'lilln., Pa. Tho tortoise- U the Inni^est lived ot all an imals. Many have attained tlio ago of 250 years, wlillo one Is known to have reached the ago of 400 years. "Oou't Tobacco 8pH Your Life Away Is tho startling, truthful title of a little buck just received, telling ull about Nulobac, tht wonderful, hartnUst, tcouoiti- ical, guarantied cure for the tobacco hubit >II every form. Tobacco users who want quit una Ciii 't, by mentioning this papc, can get tho book mailed freo. Address THE STERLING REMEDY CO., Bex 244, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. Little D'ok—Mamma, may I go over to Johnnie Black's to pluy? Mamma—Why do you spend all your time at Johnnie Cluck 's? Little Dick — His mumma hasn't any new carpets. 1 Only Ono Kver 1'rliitnil-Oitn Ton rind Ibo WunlT Tlicru Is a !l Inch display advertisement lit ihls paper Nils week which lias Do two words alike I 'xciipl. onu word. Tlie snine la true of fiieli now niiii iipiii -urliigencli week from The Dr. Hurler Medicine Co. Tills housa places a "Crescent" ou everything they make and publish, bunk for It, send them the nam 8 of the word, and tliey will retura you BOOH, luiiuTir -iu, UTiioaiiAi 'us or SAMPLM rtu Franco's last torpedo boat, No. 14», ran fur two hours at an average speed ol knots nnil a maximum sp ««4 ot •T«X M knots with Sai) revolutions. "German Syrup" Just a bad cold, and a hacking cough. We all suffer that way sometimes. How to get rid of them is the study. l,istcu— 11 1 am a Ranchman nnd Stock Raiser. My life is rough and exposed. I meet all weathers in the Colorado mountains. 1 sometimes take colds. Often they are severe. I have used German Syrup five years for these. A few doses will cure them at any stage. The last one I had was stopped in 24 hours. It is infallible." James A. Lee, Jefferson, Col. 05 Ir you wish to do tlie easiest and qulckc-l week's wttshlng yon enr did, trv Dubbins' Electric 8unp next washday. l'\illo\v the directions. Ask your grocer for It. heon on the market 24 years. Tuku no other. It Is calculated that 1,000 thrifty coffee trees will yield a fair average of 3,300 pounds of cotfee per annum. B. A. ROOD, Toledo, Ohio, says: "nail's Catarrh Oure currd my wlfo of catarrh fifteen years ago and she tins had no return of U. It's a aure cure-" Bold hy Druggists. 75c. Tins human system needs continuous and careful attention to rid Itself of its Impurities. Iteeehaiu's pills act like magic. Hnile to 1.00k I,lk« V«w. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, (llovss, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plush QarmeuU Slcanied, at Otto l 'letch 's Dye Works, 34« W. Water St., Milwaukee. Bend for circular. In Corfu sheets of paper pass for money) one sheet buys one quart of rice, or twenty sheets apiece of hemp cloth. A Mother's Gratitude Too fjvtMit for toiiuutt (<> tvll, U due Uooil'n KftriittJiirUlti. My t«r 0I |v« tkre* year* ago bad tli'«*a4ful \miiia, begiunlug In oum kneo uud «x toil ding to «liuont 0voi,r joint la hot body, cuunod byCou«tltutloiiul ttovofult*. Tht' iiiln* grow lusi and tho • welling* iub»ldod utter ualug una liottloof IIUOU'HNA|(^AL>.\UlM,.\. Thou liu(iroraui«ut wu ruptd, uutil U atteuUd a porloot our*." &iAV. J. A. OIUL, KuyuoMnvUlu, I 'e.. UUVK UAIIL. warn* It fTor *B CoM*, COUKIH, (for* Throat, Crovfb IiifiueniH, WlHHipinj,- Couth. Jlrouohitlt aol Asthma. K certain euro tur (UmHU.nptlon In Aral muva, md H Mif rcilpf m tviviiiirAd Htniro*. Uil •t <>ivt>. You wilt HOC tho exc «lt«nt «il«ot *lt«f tttklnr tho Mrnt <lo«o. Hid hy dftftitri «*arrwti«*, Laiiie bottiUn, &o ouuU uil 91,00. llootl'u Pill* B re the best uftar-dluuor ViU* HI tint digestion, euro li •••»-• •»•''•- OJNTIS BNJOYS Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleusnut •nd refreshing to tho tasto, and acta gently yot promptly on tho Kidneys, Liver aud Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to tho taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the moat healthy and agreeable substances, it* many excellent qualities commond it to nil and have made it the moat popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60c «nd $1 bottles li^r all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on handwill procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, OAU IQUISYILU, XT. NEW YORK, N.t. EWEEKLY COURIER-URAL Is the Lnrgost, Newsiest, Host Paper puk- ILsliod. Has the groRWKt circulation ot any Domoorallo paper In tho ttnitoU States. LOTTERY Schemes have been supyirosseil by Stute anl legislation. Hut this lias uothing to do with the WBEKLV NAL'S lawful, lOBltlniato, honest plau to distribute) absolutely free $14,400 in Gold Coin To subscribers who may answer aoouratoly or wine nearest to answering aoonrately oorj tain questions rog-urUlntr tho I'rcaWoiitlal olcetion to ooour lu November, 1803. 'Itior* will bo One Grand Prize of $10,000 AND 44 FJUZKS OF 1100 KACIl. Kvory snbsorlber at II a year gets I ho grcntosl Damooratio paper published, for BS weoka, anil in addition has 46 ohaueea ut these grand gold coin prizes. In iiililltlnn to this H-roaleat, offer over inailo, ti.o » bl-.KI.V COUU.[13H-.H)UUNAI,OlVl-:3 AWAY AVISO LUTKI.V FUUH, overy day, premiums ninif lug In vnluo from »-'.'"> to tall. A line in-i'soia everyday In the week lo tin. raiser ot tm> Inw estclllb. Tho ItBI.IAIIlI.lTV tMl.l Itl-'.SIHIN. BMI1MTY of the i.'OUKI UU-.IOl! UN A I, t'OM- I'ANV is KNOWN Tin-; woiti.ii ovua Kvory tiromwo it miikes la always l'liltUli-U. A samiilo copy of tlio pa|im'. eoutalnliu! fuU dotaila of theso intirvolous niters, will bo serJ trco auywhm-o. Send your uauio ou a postsj WU, COUKlij?t-J0lJUNAI. COMPANV Loulsi'lilo, Jfjr. Jlot Woiitlit'tvilluxiius. Wo aro now lu luklsummor, and these intensely hot days are liable t» be tollowoil by cool nights. It Is now tuul ,!«ooplo aro in the greatest danger. They sit in draughts, they drink large quantities of ice water, und they suddenly check the perspiration. Tho waste matter Is thus thrown on the klduoys and stomach. The result is un attack ot cholera morbua or pneumonia. When you are affected in this way get a bottle of RuiD't GEUMAN Couan AND KIDNBY OniM and take It. It contains no poison, and you can tako It freely. If you will take It In small but frequent doses you will be astonished to Had how auon you will be relieved. No other remedy on the niurket equals It In any way. SYLVAN UBMKDY CO., Peoria, IU. ! -^M*. RIPAN81 TV §uTVa # nSleaM: theBtoniiii ^.llvurtoidXowels, pure-a ty uie blmHl. ftp) mto aud etlwvoikl iS tlio lioftt uitHllolna kuowu for bUiou>i uest, cQiutliintlen, iWbiiomlii, (oulj lirt-Atli, iieailiioliu.uieniei deprettlan, 1 1'iln™ illgntloa, lmil COUIOIMJOD, anil all ilU ^aM'a cansei) by fatlura or tlio etoinacli, llvor or boivel. to petv 0 ItlPANS (llilCMlOAt, «)., niTrunion St., Kow YorE ie-i«»<ooeeeeeee>eeee<eli«etMeee.< " "E1PMABTERS for LOW PRICES

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