Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1927 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1927
Page 2
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Let me but do myijrork tronx d^y to day, • iin tiold'or foresti-at the'desk or loom. • /: lij irbaring market, placpi or tran- ; qnirroom; ' Let iwe but nod it in niyj lieart • • to.sak . • j yihm vasraut uisbes ibcjckoa nie • astray, '.-This is my workMiiy | blessihg, not iny doom; Of all who live, I am thp' qne bj;. whom i Ti'.is workj:an best be done in the • rig:bt way."' I i Thenv shall I see it jjot too great, •' nor !$mall; Tj'p suit my spirit'and to prove . • niy powers; ' Then shall"! chccrfnl greet the ; labouring hoarR, . . ' ' -\ud cheerful tnni, when the long shadows fall \ ..f At eventide, to play and love and • ' "• rest. Because 1 know for-mc my • is best. I • , —Henry van Dyke.. Kirtii Annonnceiiient: Mr. and Mrs. G; A. Hofer. of Kaii- ias Clt.v, .Mo., >iiin»i|'it.°c the birth of a dauRhter, Saturday, March 19. Mrs. Hofer frtrmerly was iMiss Irene Houiul of Tola and this is >he (third dauKhtcr ii) the Hofer family. :Mrs. HoferV mother, Mrs.,.). H. Round is in Kansas City with fher daughter. ' <' « * , —.S]irrfal Sunihiy; IHjinrr. noon nnd CTcrilnif. rmc. ".'ni. Kfllrv Hirtcl. •:• • •:• «. Pi «. ElkN No. .-.CO • ,('l«st's Social Season ^L. bridge party, last nislit iii. Iho club;rooms clo.scd ;i'successful so- tial'.^son (>f the B. P-j O. li:iks No. 669, with; Mrs. A. B. Twadell. chairman, assisted by .Mi;s. D. G. Minesihger. .Sirs: AV. (J. Burnside.. Mrs.O. H. Harkening, .Mrs. J. U Hair and Mrs. .1. Fred iSchmidt. After cards there ^vas; dancing; to musib played by^ iho Klingiusmith {orchestra and refreshments were isei-ved. _ ; i At bridge higli score favors went to ?Jr. and Mr^. W. ii, Randall and the eDnsolatioi;is to Miss Ethel An- deijson and -Mr. J. GllMittelbaeh. ",The guests iiicludeil: Messrs. and Mesdames Paul Reed, D. P. Norch- "rup, J. D. Mittelbach, Gilbert Re«res, A. R. Enfield, A. L. Ellis, of Humboldt; . J. tl. Mittelbach, G. W. Burnside. .1 "D. Arnettl, Fra'ii- cis Stocker, of Yates Center; W. Ffeca. F. .T. Horton. C. H. Shields. E. E. Lynn, J. D. Mundis, T. Oi Caiiatsey, Paul IClcinj M. L. Lauile, Lloyd Carter. G. J.; Marr. Melvin Fronk, D. G.' Miuesingor. Harry Oook. j. L. Hair, \Vv 13: Rundall. 'Yani? McCarthy, L-ogan Hunsakeri L. B. Chevalier, iHpward MlUer, L. N. Gisti, G. J. Stadler. C. B. Spencer. J. Fred gchthidt. Dr. and Mrs.'J. T. Reld, Dr. and Mrs. A. B.' Twadell, Mrs. O. H. Pat-kening. Mrs. .T. F. .Niigh. Mrs. Amelia Works, of fiumboldt; Misges thelma Mad- 1uxi Julia Irwin.; Etiel Andersohi Haze! Bowlus. .VelliciTwadell. .Miriam Clirk, Marvello Clark. Dorothy Simpson, of Moran • andMessrs. P. H, Hopan. of Humljoldt: Thok. Coieman.' Vernon •piiggau, Harpld Troutinan. Joe Chehajski and Ralph Sutherland. ;. ' i » t»'* * • • •;* * * «'*«^ Foii^tb Blrfelon X< Gne^s of ^ JKOMI B 1 Tl^ IRonrth Divi wer€«fi(e8ts oftlie E x&^vmy^ ol( tl^ Pres' ing Soclete yesterda: tbe-iHof^eof Mrs. C. KoEtb Qojttbnwopd SI Mnj. oiiip sii, Florence. Mrs.. %viii%x%:'m SuUi ^rl; aiid were. wJlWJ-^wajljyiillpw mfmb^s id OiTislon jerian Wor)c- ttemboii. in (Dortner. 219 Harhr. rl4nd. T^h. Tpli iStQypr actpd as reissed^ in . |1 c»ps- pr Jthe Sec- THB ifrwiipepis were'servpd Fbrty-flve atsfliwi^ttje^ WQifljiB wpre RrpsMt Juice, For Friday andjSuinrday v^lue Silk Scarfs, on :salu at .J-—.$2.S5 ^^adelof heav>?quality Georgette and Tadiuiu. silk in figured and plain cstfects with hemstitched "and 9-inch silk Iringe fiuisb shown in every" •• conceivable popular Spring, shade.;: • RAM SAYS cereal coaVe'd with dp^s. creaipL cris^ whole wheat tc^ast, bread «ruiitb'griddle cakes, maple siriip, mlll^ coffee. ^ i .LJINCHBON—Scallop .Of e«;g3 and - potatoes,' stewed^ tomatoes, ralshi bread, molacses cookies, milk;, tea, li ' DJNNfiR—Boned slioijlder of lamb stuffed and roaked. twice baktid sweet potatoes, creamed celeb', shredded fresh! pineapple, nut macaroons, ^ran rolls, milk, coffee. \ • • • -. , Tie white of ;i egg might be «dd|^d tP each ! person's orange juic^, since; uo dish particularly rich-in protein is included in the breakfast menu. Snipj the white almost constantly with the kitcheh eclsflors as \X drops from the shell Into: the glass. Add oijange juice and in lieu df a shaker beat slight ly With a silver fork.]. Serve as usual. . [ i ' Scallop of aSges and Potatoes Five hard!cooked eggs, 4'cup( hot .hashed potatoes, 1 tablespoon bul(er. 1 tablespoon minced pars- le.v,S4 tablespoons girated cheese, 1 cup .medium thick white sauce, ^ teaspoon mustard, %| teaspoon pepjier, 1 teaspoon saltJ / P^t. avlayer of masbeld potatoes in ^'Vell.buttered baking.di^h. Tlie 'Jayer should be 1 inch thitk- Addia layer of eggs cut in slices, spriakle withj cheesej parsley, nui.stard, pepper and salt and cover -with half the saUce. Add mother layer of potat0 half as thick as the first one, remaining cgg3*cut in slices, cheese, season­ ings'and sauce. Coveii with re- maiiftng potato. •• Make lh% top of "the aish rougl^ with a fork and brush over. w^th . melted butter. Bak6-in a moderately hot oven,for :!0 niinutes and serve from baking disli.':.* : • •; i«< * «. % 4: « ft *' i «1 * « * 4. « * 4 <'<.'<' Third"niiisjon tillfrtJiiii.s First nhision MeoibcTK The nienibers of the Third Divi; si .nn entertained the members t>f the First Division of the General Mcrkin.g society of the First Presj byteriaii cliurch yesterday after; n <ion in th<'' home of Mrs. 'F. Wl SlwrwOod. -Il.T .South ~AVa .shhigt6n avenue: . . . Mrs.- Richiird Kwing. prosinent, |f»Pfncd-thp meeting aiid Mrs. H- M.itbis 1 conducted : ijlie devotion.Tl.s. The remainder of tbr afternoon was .spent socially and a iirogram was gi^-en. Miss fclnola Green played a piann niimbpr. M5ss Rpth lliggins :»nd .Mr«. Klmer Ksiin gave readings. Two stunts by junior high school studc'nts were'put on under the - direction of Miss Daphne Stodghill. •• Refreshments were served. ' • • • B. {'hrShtiiui Kudeavor ^iivinetis MoetiBK; c\ business; meeting ,of the in- .ermediate Christian Endeavor 'so- f:iety was held inj the basement] of he Uivlted Brethren phurch Mbn- iay ni«!hl. The president. Arl^ne Plsher. wa »'abhentHrf;nd tlie mdet- pg was In charge of the vice- ".•esidnnl, (Jlcnn Tweedy. Seveirol lew officers were; elected. Supper ind games were enjoyed, and the oUowIng young people wer^- pres- 'l»t: .• i • ! i Clcrli Donovan, tVabel Oliyor. riolii Smith. Li'uora l.*lKh,./Aldola roedpian. Ruth Tweedy, Bertha •iunt. Dorothy Fisher, Hazel Flsh- (r. Edna Montgomjpry.: Harold Dale, iarold . Kinley. Lewis Maddux and he superintendent. .Mrs. Opal ^aycs. • <• •> jOpvn Meftinirkiid Lnnckeoii The ope^ meeting and; luncheon >f the lolaMufeic club wBl I>e hold ipr^l 12 Instead of April SO Hibllshed In Wednefjday's Register. The l»incli«9n will ije at the Porjt- ,and Hotel had th^ program |a the Jidme of -Mrs. P, E. Waugh. • ^ NORTH WISE i ' (Mrs. McKinney.) Th6 community was visited Friday Jilghta'nd Saturday i by heavy rain .and hail. The hail did con- <$idera,ble' damage to hen houses, roofs .'and other ^buildings. . Mrsi Jim Rypn received a letter from titer dai ghter, .Mrs. Ruth Casse^, of Teet it- Hill. Kjins., stating ttey had qilte a cyclonb near there Friday nl jht that tqi«o thints up where It tri feled. I . Word was r- celved here of the birth >of a baly daughter to Mr. and J^rs. Fred Coker of Valley Pall8,'.Kan8.,ff other and babe doing fitie. The ittle Miss has been christened th.e laime Freda Nadlne. .Mrs. (:okcr was formerly Miss Crystal Smith of Dlamoid. Mrs' Jim Ryon and son Jack and Slont Smith; were trading in tola Tf'uesday ahernoon. Will Grieve crttered St. John's hospital at lola jThursday for an appendicitis "Toporatlon' Which was perfor.iiied Friday. llis many friendri will be cladtp know ho is getting along fine. Edwin Wllmoth visited Sunday iifternoon with the Sterling boys. Mr. -Sterling and son hauled kafir Aorn to theliSdd Jones home TuosdAy to grind; for fe^d. Eve^y lady and her mother has baby chicks or an inci^bator setting. We." have two s^ttftig. but we are going to sell the; chicks. • VeliAa and Leroy Ryon were calling atf the McKinney home Wednesday evening. Qnitle afew went to Colony or lola l&st Saturday despite the rain ^nd hail. • , ' Mr. Jand Strs. Dick Culler and Wendell were calling a the parental /McKlrincy home one evening la^it week. The following ladies gathered'at the Will Grieve home^ Monday, March 14,,to help Sirs. Grieve celebrate ,her birthday: Mrs.' Joshua Jacksin, Mrs; Qlenn Smder, Mrs. Loran:^ Minkl.e^., Mrs. Mbnt Davis, Mrs. ilijii Ryps and report a fine afternoon. | . Wh^n this job of painting here is finished peopl^ won't; recognise the old. home place. Mr.^and-Mrs.i JIm Qooden and baby 4)1 Enreka, ' Kansi, visited here Htst Sunday afternolon ,at the hom«< .of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Zuu Ballard. Jim.- Ryoa and Hauy Smith helped Mc. McKlnnoy-bpild a hoc houRc}Tuesday'! of this week. Mr«^ iWIU Grieve gooa' to , the MORAN Ms Of^E DAY Ticket for Sprihg Election Xamed Aatomobllei Foand. , (Mrs. G. ri. Ford) MPRA.N, Man 22.—Many friends ai:e glad to. know that Miss Eva Hurifey who underwent a surgical operation for appendicitis Sunday afternoon at St^ Joh is hospital, lola; has beai gettitig <n very satisfactorily siiice that time and with every hoije for ultimate recover}-. Mrs. T. H.^McLaughli 1. of Bron- soa, a former resident hire, is »t St. John's hospital folidwing an operation Monday mori ing. iter old friends here are esp icially glad |to know she is getting on nicely and it is now thought v ill sood bo jrapldiy improving. Mrs. Graham, secfcfaty of the Board of Foreign Missiiins with of-- fices in New. York, will 4ie 1 ere Sunday and will give an addres:: at both the morning and evening hjolir of worship at the I'resbyteijjan church. Miss Thompson of the high school faculty was (|Uite ill Sun lay and.unable to attend to her scj-ool work Monday. Dr. Prank Sargent, who has jiist recently located here in the piijic- tlce of medicine, -visited ovjr he week end in Burlington.' Mrs. Anna Wilhite. who has In'en jhere visiting her brother. (I. H. Sc- ber and family, and who was v4ry ill the first of the wceli. is n JW rapidly improving and her physjic- ta!n thinks she <-an leave lier room in a day or "two. which is gtod news to;her friends here. Dr.-.Novltt. formerly |0f .MildrMl. who has been Here sintic his off i< was vacated by Dr. ('ai>r<>rd a f'W weeks ago. bus definjtcly (Icii-ii ed to luakehis home hi>re iinilwili his family will occupy the n<l- dencn properly: of .Mrs. Jem ie Rumbel a block north- of the I'rif.s- byleriah church. , \ The city caucus was held IK Tu'esda^ evening and the follp jlng ticket named for the appnhj jof the voters at /he i-egnlar iji-r election: W. K. mayor a pWessrs. (Jeorge Yeagi-r. Ha^fi ITS Father and Jions. B.niiuet Will Be Held IB High School (iyniu. slBB^Kcetlngr at the Baptist ' Chnrch Cpntlnaeti. Here in the better half of the Ford-Saplroj jury pif duty between the hearings by truiiiping their partnfi^rs' aces. (Se); are. left to right. .Mrs.; Anna (.;. BroWn, Mrs. Grace Stllos, M lookers, left to riglit. Mrs. ,\iina Konch and Mrs. Emma Chi re nl Id ! The "Ho rksoii jurywomeh are Svhiling away a'fe L- to Play .-Vuc^io^ Bridsc.'l The C. Hoffmaa aiul Mri- Grace Jc-v. hours pl;iyer« cil; on- Church "I the Xazare^ip. td St. Tlmnliiy Fpiscoiml Church. (200 South Walnut Street.) Church school. 10 a. ra. Holy cummuulou and scrniou. U a...m. Li'iilon services Tuesday night. 7:l.'i and Kriilay afternoon at 1:1.^. TllOM.\S (iBTZ MILL. Rector. I • On Bmlth, Walter Woo(l. F. .E. Hurt and S. Knight, conndlmen. Mr. and .Mrs. Jack- Ketchtim trove herc;from lola Monday jwy good-bye to their friends he lefore leaving for Wichita "wlip «rs. Ketchem will enter a hospii or special treatment and where s hoped she will be greatly itted. It is certainly good luck filn plailde Welch that his coupe stoh ast week has been found. ClamK had about decirled his best w:iy travel in* the future would be foot, but some of his frteniis thinjk he might hitch his car to tt- bu glar hlarm and b,^ safe. So I may at least try the sclicuie. MORA.N', .Mar. 2:{.- -A n-.-il .Man day. with wind, clouds, rain :n snow, ana at interviils ii bri-'ljt sunshine. JuSt honest-to-giH)) ness Kansj»s .\farch day. Moran friends are deliphtcd hear of the cnntinurd improveniei of Miss Eva Hurley and also .Mr Iva McLAUghliu. iMjth of whom lyl at Si.;; Johns hospital leiovcrin from recent surgical opc!-uiRin.«.i The Rev. John K. Ooidon. .see i{i lijry of the United .Vi-s.-'lonary « cictler, with headquarters • :it !? Loui^:.-stopped here the first of thj week for a visit with his ayi)' Fir>t. Ciirislian Church. I'reat hiug at It :(., m. and T:.".it p.;in. by the pastor, J. K. Reynolds. .Morning subject: "The Sanctlfi- calion of Christ." Evwiing (opic: ".•\ Searching (Juestion." • Bible school at 9:.{ii a. nip.'Dr. ilai-i)ld Lovitt. Supcrinrondcnt. Senior and inierinediate Kride.-iy- or socieli'.-s puifl at 6::!0 p.m. Teacher Training CJass moets Wt-dni'siia.v 7 p. m. i I'raycr mot-liug Wcdrfesday 7:1." p. m. : "If you think you caji't, you won't: If you; e,\i.4'ci to lose, you're licked. If you want to rise I I or win a prir.e. don't forget the Ijent'-I thinking yoij can and re- i mtmber to think—I' will. "Can" is a weak word. "Can't" does not c.\ist. The v.-ord is "Will." The person who say.« "1 can't is a quitter. He who iiays "I can." half F-rst .HeOiodist Cli There is In the heart feeling that ono : world rch.- mai^ is enougli for the and fiiJlcst loed we l!vcn expression of life, i Hiince tlic for eternilv. SiindH>ii inoriiin:^ will think of thci jo^l if Ii< over the faci that a man kvill <!o*me home' to (iod. : At the evening hour tjhere lie a sacred concert given by Baker University i;iee; <'llil). is a group of twenty-pne foyr women. You Will hear them Sunday: night, or. course tlie i.Sunda.\i men want will meet at !t:1.'> and tie and Intermediate ca.cues at the Senior-iieagut at U::!i. Von are welcom • to all t!io xU-MA of the' (-hn:- Ii. ('. 1. VOLDS^^MiTH. The 'astor. who halt thinks Jie ci:n. hut the say.s."! will" i.s nii)n> tl cv'-r liiefliiil. Kvcryboily ought to attetnl cinirili s"i-vicc-s da liie , Lord's ii;:y. .'.iid y.)u can, if you b i -v. ili. Cmnc and worship wiili lis. (1. .Vssociale iltlble Students. K. I'. 'rei!ii;ii-. «"or. W'!. and Chnrcli of the I'nllc ren In Christ. Our i)re-Eastcr jcauipaidn is4on.' we are enileavorlngi to enl * ' member of the clwirch to! ate in this effort. | Prayer meeting!^ are h|ld Tui'sdaif evening ip the folir p er meeliug district.^, wbth' yonng peoples prayer mo|etihg tlie ciiun-h on th^ s--ame then on Wednesd.-,y night a big union jirayci- nieetinjg in chnrcIi. These jdayer liieef will continue up to and inclulling April 1,'!. I I the not will tiio This and to hool nior and The revival which' dibs Sunday wai; very b'..>n-_>fi«.'la cliui-cli andi rtsuUed in the of ten tnl-nibers with othtir; ilo on Siiinlay. The evalngelists v.-^^rt- niucli: beloved, thel^ l>reaching :!nd ^ingin.c v.-ere very « ffective (.Mrs. Opal -Mitchell) ;LAHARPa Marl 24.—High school boys are . looking • forward with a great deal of pleasure to the Fath- «ir and Son banquet'Which will be held on Friday everiiiig, April 1st. in the: high school gymnasium. Any man desiring to bring a boy should notify Mr. Culbert.son^at once. —A'Lacquer bcmonstration will be held at the Kerr Hdw. Saturday. March 36, by a Devoe representative. Bring some article and haye ft lacquered free. Mrs. L. E. Brown, known as the Ozark evangelist, who has been liolding meeting at the baptist church here the past week continues to give her audiences splendid sermons. She gave a very interesting talk to the high school students at the school one day this week, telling them of her experiences among the mountaineers in the Ozarks during her five years work among them. She will give a special talk to girls only; Saturday afternoon. . There is a good at- to un- and their itiinisiry wa.-r ni pri'ciated by all who hear -Mmiit twenty-five victorit; last L.i^HHnn ' '^ndance each night and every one Md.litiou ; :^ present. --We ha-.e a load of Paint In our window. Guess the value of it and win a prize. Inquire at store fori particulars. Kerr Hdw. Ladies of the Christian church won foi-. oiir give tliaijks. Lord toi- wliich we icb ap- them. were now lif !»:l.j Tlie regular .'^orvii-c.s will rcnovviMl. Sniiday ydiooj a. lu. .Morning tlifiiie. "li4Us and l'o;ii">«i-;'!i-jt!'s "; nj.ulii. •f.Siiprenie Foliy," I Thf .lunii''rs~ri'>ci-t at I p. w. Mrs. B<-n l-'riedlund. Siipt. TlnUSeniors ni<'et at ():.':•) p.m. .Mrs.: , -A. K. I.ance. Pi-c'-. Hilil" Stuil.yl Friday iii.Kht at t!:o cliiii-ch. Yoill are for- diiilly invit.nd to all of out^isorviccs. are planning Jp serve a chlclcen. e dinner, election. day, in April. Mrs. Hamlin fs reported; on '' sick list. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Owen^ of Humboldt visited fclic former's'nio- ther and brother, itfi-s. W. J.Ow-'ns / and Fred Owens Tuesday. 1 C. T. Harris ^-as a Chanute visitor on buainesif Tuesday. #'•k Mrs. Dan iMflman hi lola anttV- Mrs." Mayipe Gilbert, of Garlan* nr& j assisting in the care of their ninjth- er at the Charles D^ntp^ Jjome. Hcrl condition remains iabout the • same. ; ~ ' -^For Rent: Five r6om house j_ with <)arn on N'orUi Harrison. Telc- phope 87. • " i Mrs. Carl Zink and son G. C-.iof , Parsons, are visiting their mother;-" and gvandmother .Mrs. Goo. Sallee and W^illiaai. this we"k. —S. C. B; iff Minorcu Iiatchin-; eggs, 10c abbve market price. Mrs. J. -A. .Bauer, R; >. fhone BtJ9. • William SaiUe trft V.'eiinesday for Emporia;where he has employment. —For.-big savings on Spring Me'h- chan'dise attend the sale beginning Saturday, March 26. and ending on Saturday. April 2. Garvey Dry Goods Co. Give a .j:mall boy a watch anil he will have'the time of jus lif?: F LU-COLDS Check at first sneeze.' Rub on—inhale vapofs (hnrrZt Free -Hetliodist Cliiuvh. (:!i'7 'Xcrth Third' Street. 1 scr- I Bi^th. r.inidayi school al 10 a. ni f;:-a.v. Siipt. I'fV. F.i K. :IJon1iaiii will fo;- v.>; :-.t;ll a. in. and alw evening at 8 o'clock. . Y. I', win: hold tliefr f;:.".0 p. ni.. Clias Robinson, ,1 St efery cooffer- ach ray- the in even' t he-He 'is the Lngs . -Anna pri-ach in the » • vice at leader. Tuesday at Spring Millinery i Just Arrived This morning we unpacked a lai'ge shipment of new Spring Hat.'«. You'll'be delighted with the styles, material.'? and especially the prices. $2.39, $2.69, $3.98, $4195 iWcsa SIS . Id a. Scrijiturt '("i.Sii'dy for ai'iili and junior Bible ''Sludinis coinpa'ny. .Xdull (iipic: -T"0:-fa;ii/.a;ion of lUv "'X '.'W- Crea- ^jtiim." —I I'fi :;:y. -• .Iniiior topic: ••!"Kn.'n!y (ii-pani /.i 's.'i ' Cen. 11:1-1. ,11 a.- III.. "TIiP Son ;lnd Scrvanl."! •t.Mail. 2.'!; 11. il'. S p. m.. "Ddiv- ''i.r.ince." ' j •| Weilni'siiay. (iS .Monroe St.! 'Praise. )iraycr anil iijstiinony ser-j ' vi.-c. . Bibli," t-.\l. ."il<! w-ill fini-hi-Il Simtiay servic()s will he as lo'As: i . Sunday school j at !•: l-i h. vs\ I'r: aching at 11 -ii. ra.' Junior t'iiristiaii KndeaVor p. m. I ^ Intermediate C. K. at 6: Senior C.'. 1:. atj 6 ;;!o p Song .'Service ai^d prcac :"U 1). ni. E. .V. .\I().\Tt;OMERY. I ousness." IJo!:!. OrLS: K. V.'. JIOTI-K.MAX. Sfcv. Mr.«. J. -M. Spawr, and his cousi^^'.i4\/,%'':i,,,l cVii it shorriii riglit^ Mrs. Clarence Watson and fami y.' The visit is the first Mr; GoldO i had made here with his rolativ-fi tor thirty years, an-l was especiall njoyable. j ! | Ada Pauling, the little ihreo-yeajr ^Id daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kv- rette Norton, of KtmsaH City, haf: leen quite ill for sevt-lral weekly nifferiiig from absce.>)ses in bet- lead. It is greatly to j be ; ihc will soon be very jmuch ini iroveil from her weakcbed coiidi lion due: to so much suffering. ^Valter Strong and -Anderson a^id The Suhaihin Aruiy W. ."Madison. tTapt. It. :n p| m. 'as m. at E. I !).- ts. Officer ip ('har;?c. i S.!!id;iy .-('(inipliny meeting !l>. 111. Y. I', l-egioji i p. ni. lair meeting 7:i:>. !Salvation i !'re>ltjferlan t'hurcl), Iji |,. ,„. ' !•! VDiir Sunil:'>'s give yjiu in-• Thursday- Oiicn air 7:1-7 | •;.;iii;! iii:d iriforniation at the 1 .Salvation meeting S p. in. I Saturday—Open jair.'7:13 i p. in. l»ia — $un Stone CInircli. I "For it v.rillcn. i:s , saitli till' l.onll cvry kii bow to .Mc. and cvury tongu I sllali;^=''^*'""" ""'eti'iK.jS (Jl'TPOST. East The B:i!iti>.f Temple; Thi.^ is itlic time of yepr when wc delight to .s:udy devo'lioually 2:30 1 she life of Christ and e$pedally hiii dosing days. "Dr. Soworby will discuss two i."!iasi>s of this wonderful liitf Ui» the regular iorvices on SiiiidayJ AU tiic i-t!ier ierviccs will be hi Id as u.-ual. ' ;nr. i Tlie aiiiiiiai biisine-s meeting of j the i.'iiircli will J)t- I'c.M nt^btt Wed- i.ucyih;yc-veiling. All the members [rib-i-of the diuri-ii are e.xjieded to be I present. We have had |i great L'-:{0! >''••"' ''M"! !' will.iloiis .-ill good to hear thje r'pcord of the year's L.^^^. work. ' Supper wii! be served at <•.;:!() ji. .ni.:and after the business •is ccincludod a fine program will- be rendered. L>1! rneinbers land es- shall i bope^l.....^ „,iy„ I(-o^ nueiing 10 a, m. ' of US sl»i!r givcj acctiuu! of liinisdf P- SVeilnc-dak-. hospital every!day to Grieve. Mr. Swigart, worklfig for them, Ukes and f*rth. sec wbcj • ••• • ! •{•BK&L ESTATE TBAHSySBt • <• laaiUd Dailr from Office of • * %• Iota Abstract CoT • Mr. is her back I Cl'cin have unloaded two-pars o lime for soil buihiing Itore re <}ently. Moran is to have a se<-oiid hai" itore. ThCjgooils.arc beinp bi-ou.t;!: i?re froni ;l-'<Harne and are hcinfi dafied in ;he Ed Ilapp Iniildin;] icross the: street tvesi from th'i tnmbsl lumber yard. Claude Welch went to I'ai'siin. Wonday to bring his c'^r ' honii which was stolen from lits parkiiid )lacc here one night histj.weck. bni| V8S somewhat|i*in||ed as th* i'ief of jiolice at that i'place re used to release the car until I'l- wenty-five dollars rewiixd offcrci jy the Insurance com(>any haii leen paid. Young'.Mr. \\'elrh wa; 00 much of-.a hoy to be able I1 mpress so iinpor|,-int a pev.sonau' IS a police chief that il wa.s n'li lis ^(ligation til pay tjje:.r» lint had lieeii offered, (lom- without bis car. O ay-this father, ti. W. W and bronght the left all good wishes dowp ml SI» jwan t-anu rAVeilncs •Icb. went <ar honn with-, tin to tlod." ll'uv can wi' liv hi a coiiinHiiii- ty with <-lnir(-h privileges anil neg- le<-i the cbiiich and lb'! opportuni- tii's she afi'ord.s to ^noW 'iod hel­ ler and \vi>rslii)» llini'.' Conie li> diin-cli 1 )>'.M Siiiiil.iiy. Vrni will In.-.. I 'lc-onic. J Alrruing w'M-.sliiii .-il 11 :'"> o'clod. Theme. "Ti-'.Jidici;. or . Leliiai«y. Which?" > . . , : v.ition meeting, p. hi. Friday, Evi-niii;: wm TIH-IIH -. "Wli.-il savfd'.'" The d I'ip 7::'.(' o'do<-k. {itist I tin III lit- (lir will rfV.ilc r special iiMisic al both scrv'i< cs. Sunday School at 1M:00 a. 111 .and Y. V. S. t'. K. at «:.';o p m. -II. (J. .AIATIIIS. IVislor 'police f'irrc lli:il. tlo.-y iiiHylcfdlcct tb'-'r reward wiliiont updiie dcla.v. Th"" iiaine of K. .N'. ?.r<Corm.-ii:l«'. n'>!iiin'-c for pnli. e jud,-;o for thi- coming city i'lc;!:ioii, was'oiiiilt-v' iiiiinteiit:i,iially I'rcni tli<' report of til'- i!---! 'ot iMuiiini-os Wednesday. With all d!ii- iipolngics till' ri'i-orl- <•!• iriist-^ lb"' lu gleet will in no w:iy jiiar the campaign or interfere, with the dedioii returns of ! thi <-.-i"il!dai'.-. Salvation meetinc. JS r. in. .'Monday, March 2S, there a special, uipetlng for Soldie friends of lola ('or|)s. Youj- presence requested. j Corps lUidct Clasji Tiiesdajy .-ilf 7 p. III. All Corii.s Cadets an to !ir pr'scni. j There will be a memorial Sunday. .March S o'do<-k| lionor, of our departcfi »n^H#-3de, IJio. Orlando W. Witt, at tli dd. 21) AWst Mi'dlson. Yon are invited. : .Sclpn SMbj hct. at Fi<^>.t Chiirrli of <h|jl>l Sunday school at 9:1" ('hurch al 11 it. m. •Reality." \V'edi>c:<day evening meeljiig?^ S o'clock. Services will be held ,at chiil (•diii'c. corner of Sycamdrei_ I'-ast .streets. The reading TI; over Ramsay's Dtlv Goods St )re, lot'i East .Maiiisoh avenue,, open each week d:ly frojn 2 to p. f^riie public i* cordially ijivilcti attend thel services of th;o cfeuf-ch and to visit the reidiiig rooni. : • ^ first in quality -j- first in leavening streagdi—first in economy. • + • • •W S. EUear»at and wife Jos.- pphine^ F- H. Elscaraat and wife' Eva lir. to J. «. Adwii lots 6. 7. 8. ft okA X^:xvk Wftck i 20. .i» First AdrflUwn to Pietrolla, .?4O0L MAKES BiOSINe RIMS ^imATJ^ST POWDER EASnSB -irS DOOBli ACTlWe (!!ass nieetiug ou 7::!'t p. ni. Prayer meeting Th'.irsdaK' p. m. i There has been good Unterost J infMiifestr*d i?i our week) night I meetings. : Ip :oni(> of t^em. we have .seekers icr , salvation, and the church is encouraged. >[ We belicv:^ in and fnich the ^"8- I Cospel of ..le:-i!.s Christ, that living, holy faiih of ••oar fathers ai)d ntiuhei-.s. wii'th r-rop-u-es us for life or'deatli. We v.-clcome yoti in our midst. . ALBKIt'EA W. nO.\H.A.M,iPastor. EICHARPSON'S fol- ni. ! ifpcially t!io.=e m. lUie churcji' during the hist are iirgedito be pres.-nt. ay. w.ijo have (oine (into yenr Temperatures whiih !!:(•; i|ai;! to nii'U eirvirlc baiterics- )i-ivt> been: encoiiri'ere:! iri th- worl; of drill- i«ig a well ill ();•!!::.:;«• County;,Calif... which is/,Kaid to be ilie deepest hold in ih" World. , : i : BETTER GROCERIES We only handle groceries that are better than u.sual— in fact ours are the best you can biiy. Wholesome food- stufYs productive of tasty enjoyable meals—that's whiit you get here. ; , | • Our quality meats are carefully inspected and i.e^-ted, and the price is not high considering such quality.j Thayer's Grocery & Market WE DELIVER '!10 South State Phones 13-14 Clita- the Leaderf 6if@®t@it Yalu^s Ever Offered! LN'OTK OtSRjSI'ECIAI, PRICES FOR SATURDAY AND MONDAY. 25 N^l GOATS 25 NEW COATS I >ress jiiid .Spori Mjie's| roirft.-ihocns, Ninclly Wctdois. l-(iury 1'liids ' $£7Zii V-jtLI'KS Exclusive Dresses » • !. I' Sp'pcla! for i^nlurdu) li|iid -Honday Only! |i Dre«s Coaf», Fire Qpalify, r'''r^l'*'i«'<'n, J-'ine .SlUk Liuiiiff.. $1^.75 Vnluei i» mm "Good Mori)ing Frocks" $3.50, $7.50 (lever .Styles Kiitl folorM. the OMiNt wonderful Uao «f Wr<h: Fro<-k)< HP fcave-^ver seeiij iWMMl TALUKS I ^ Beautiful New Spring Hats •$3.98™ $5 . V Children's Hats $1.98 up Purje Silk Hosiery. $1.00 I A» Shadt-j i; ValhlRaalte Silk J Gloves • $1.50 ^ \ewi Hpr'ins SJiadPi^^ Our Elahoratr IILs|iIax of Sillis and Wasb Fabric* f>r Sj.riBK.i f . " 1

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