The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 30, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1892
Page 3
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LUHMAN & SANDERS. SHOES! We have just finished our Yearly voice, and find that we have a good many odd makes of Shoes cn hand If^.^'iiC ..XV!: "'1 Which We Will §11 al mmsa M P Until all are cleared up In- Tlie Postville Weekly Review —Ringling Bros. Crtsco, Aug. 13th. PUBLISHED EVERY SATURDAY W. N.BURDICK. BY TERMS: $ 1 .bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Six Loaves of Bread (or 2fic, at the Bakery, tf —Miss Bessie Roberts Iowa City. is visiting at — Who will bring us a loud of good timothy hay? — "Jimmy" Hanks had a severe Bick spell this week. — All tlio saloons license, ton in nil. havo taken out Shoes. o 50 to 2.75; --Lois Tuttlo went to Decorah torday for a short visit. —Miss Ku'h Travcr, of Milfonl, is visiting with Mrs. Lucas. —A daughter of 1'. Corcoran is out from Chicago on a visit. — Charley Weber "fell down" to Monona again last Sunday. Tbo Oood Templars picniced on Yellow liter on Wednesday. shoe. Ladies' Fine reduced to 1 75. Child's Grain Button, cap toe sizes 9 to IS, at 75c. Men's Carpenter Shoes, in congress, worth 2.50; sold to close out at 1.75. Come and look us over if you wish anything in the Shoe line. We have the largest stock of Shoes in town. Richardson & Norcross line of Ladies' Fine Shoes, in all styles and sizes. RESPECTFULLY, ~LUHMAN & SANDERS. — Mrs. J. II liurlians was down from Castnlia on Tuesday morning. —John Moir's uew soda fountain is a daisy. Try it this hot wauther. --Mrs. ('as- II. H. Taylor visited at tnlia Wednesday and Thursday. - Mr. Hollinson's uew houso will no up soon, on west Williams stroct. - Mrs. Burton's brother and family visited hero for a week or so past. - -Oui "child" roller (Androw Stockman) is lathing Will Kobbo's house. —Moxie, Milk Shake, Soda Water, (linger Alo otc., at JOHN TIIOMA'S. — Mrs. Geo. W. Pearson, of Hardin, visited with Mrs. Tuttle last Monday —Mrs. II. J. Schull/.' lino new rosi deuce is in the hands of the plaslorers. - (Jet your girl and your grub and go on the steamboat excursion next Tues day. circus shows at For Sale. My residence on the north side. Mas. H. H. IIAZI.KTON. Miss Anna £aston. Instructor on the piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Miss Nellie H. Abbott, readier of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. Dr. 0. I<. Topliff will be at tho Park House, Postvillo, Aug. 2nd and 3rd. —Mrs. Kapler, of Crosco, and Mrs. Mikota. of Spillvillo, aro visiting with the family of Joo Mick, out in the country. -The churches, not only hero but croiywhoro, wore sparssly attended last Sunday on account of tho oxtrenio heat. —Corn that is tasicled and silked the lirst wook in August is pretty sure of riponing. Somo fields havg already reached this slngo. -Live hogs, $5 33. - Miss Birdie Gray, of the U. T. K captured Domcrest's Medal Inst Friday — It is repor phorson's team ran away with his lilt! —Sam I.udeking was over at koti lust Sundr.r. Wftu- —John Hammond will 'remove to tod "that Hans Chrislo-! Monona and engage in business. — In the census column to-day wo mention a new girl out at Fred Wdl- der on Friday of last week, smashing the ma nine all no in little lino pieces. —An expert in tho employ of the screw door bank safo ard lock Co., ouo of whoso safes is in the Citizens Stato Hank hero, was around on Monday and dunned and regulated the time locks and put everything in shape. —Mrs. Peter Sebastian, wh.> resitted just .south of the cumatery, died this week and was buried on Tuesday. Services ut tho Lutheran church. Mrs. Sobastian was in tho 70th yoar of her ago. The friends hare our sympathy. —The ilomocrntic county convention will bo held nt Waukon, Aug. 1Mb, to choose delegatus to the statu and congressional conventions. Horso-Shooing. N» hit and miss, but a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable). THUS. KiioirriiKKD. - Mi*. Thos. Condon died Wednesday at tbo farm residence in Grand Msadow township. The relatives and friends havo our sympathy in their great beroaveiuont. —It is roportml that a man by tho name of Jas. Jones, on Ysllow river, has throe children very low with diph- thoria, and little hopes aro entertained of thoir recovery. Steamboat Excursion. The steamboat excursion which was postponed somo weeks ago on account of the washouts on tho railroad, will ocour on Tuesday, August 2nd. Tho time of train and the prieo will bo tlio same as beforo. Time of train <1:\\[>\ faro for the round trip, SI.00. - Mr. Jcrald displays in his tailor shop a diploma from the Rtono cutting school of Chicago. He bus tbo Stone system down line nud now hns perfect confldcnco to tackle any man, long or short, lean or stout, and will gunratifoo to give him Ills, and not hurt him a piulidn. ('all and sue thn new samples of fall goods. - -(treat fear for the safely of ths wheal crop of North Dakota on account, of frost. The crop is late and frost comes early up tlwro. Their wheat is in just as much danger as our corn, ltut it is host not to borrow trouble uutil it comes, in cither Cit.'e. This country generally gets to the front with unougb and to sparo. iams and a boy nt A. Tangeman's. - Jonathan Moultbrop and Mis;; Phelps spent last Sunday in Crosco vls- itilig with the family of A. II. Barlie?. —The broadside that we wevo to recoivo from some one in tho Graphic on the labor ipiestion did not materialize this week. Possibly the woathor was too hot. —Thti following subscribers are cnti- llsd to crodil and thanks for cash on subscription this week: 8. K. Wickham. S. W. Iloynton, J. X. Perry, Gust Wogner, C. Wegner, B. II. FIcGonigle. - Will Darling returned from Chicago on Wednesday evening, whom ho had boon having an operation performed or. his eyo, which by tbo way is greatly improving. Ho wil'. leave for Denver noxt wuek. OUR SALES, ALWAYS ! FOR MANt REASONS ! The PRINCIPAL On© I When \V->. CUT, WE CUT .OJUEP ! Look for the price marked in RED. Former price marked in BLACK. —This is a bad tiiuo for the oroam- eiies. On account of tho extromo heat much of the milk is soured beforo arriving at its destination and has to be returned without separation. —Miss Bessie Warner is visiting her undo, J. I). Glass and family, alMttson Citv. -The annual reunion of the Coursou family will lako place in Postvillo next Monday, Aug. 1st. This has been a custom of the family for several years, and it is a very pleasant custom. —John Crosby makes his bow again to our readers to-day, and with it makes duop cuts in many lines of goods. Don't fail to read bis advertisement. It is big with bargains. -A saloon license ordinance has been submitted to the town council of Waukon, backed by a petition signod by business men. The ordinance is stringent, making the pay $'25 per month and all day Sunday closing. We don't buliuye it will carry though in Waukou, as that has always been innro of a prohibition town than Postvillo. - Hall Roberts informs us that corn will now avorago larger than it dil last year at this time. Tho first silk he found last year was Aug. 1st. This year July 26th. Somo corn is very backward, and so it was year. Ho sayi: the acreage is Hot so large nor the stand *s good this year, but it is larger. - Since writing his notice elsewhere, Rev. Lockwond informs us that tho evangelist, will arrivii on Saturday oTpning and will preach in tho Methodist church on Sunday evening, thus commencing tho series of meetings Sunday evening instead of Monday, as announced. First lent meeting Monday evening, bowover. -Kay Schuler is building a kouso for Matt Powers, near the Postvillo junction. —Frank Gosi was down from Albert Lea to attend the funeral of Mi's. Sebastian. — It will be strango if much sickness iii not the result of the protracted heated term. —Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Jerald returned home ou schedule time last Monday evening, —Tho first cool wave for over two weeks struck us mildly on Wednesday eyening. -Mrs. liariiHi 'd, of Waukon, was the guost of Mrs. H. 1). Taylor last Fiiday and Saturday. — Hi Hawkins got off the train here on Wednesday. Wo boliovo he hails from Kansas. • Of course you will not fail to rind carefully tho now advertisement of Luliman & Sanders. This firm advertise* nearly all the lime and does business all the time, and a groat doal of it. — Wo call attention to the advertisement of tho Clermont Ilrick and Tilo Works in this issuo. Messrs. llossfold & Dibble have put the works in good shapo nnd aro prepared to furnish brick and draining tilo in quantities to suit purchasers at tho lowest living prices. Don't send to a distance for these goods when you can got them cheaper nnd better dose at home. — It has been many yours since there has boon as many fatalities in the citios from sunstroke and tho effect of heat as this wook. Nature seems to have boew trying to oven up tho cold record of Mav and June. - Tuesday wo received the youngest subscriber over entered on our books. Ilu is a yoar and ten months old and lives nt Cabool, Missouri. His name is Hart Burgess MeConiglo and "Honest Kill" says ho is n democrat. If bo will only keep right on rending the REVIEW we will do what wo can to make a republican of him before ho gets old enough to vote. Ho is a right smart boy anyhow. FOB SALE! Buggios of All Descriptions. Oiiaranteo: After two week's trial if tho Hice Coil Spring proves not to be the easiest rider on Mirth, will exchange and give any spiing desired—with the "Handy Top," tho most convenient ,,u Kn>'- W'. S. WEIISTKK. WASH DRESS GOODS. Persian Mulls, fast colors, price 20c; . - "will be 14jc per yard. Canton Cloths, figured, fast colors, pretty, price, i5c;. will be 1 lie per yard. Light Colored Lawns, open stripo, very fine, price 15c; will be lOic per yard Fast Black Lawn, open stripe, price 1 5c: will bo 1 lie per yard. Fast Black Lawn, stripe, price 12ic; will be 9c per yard. Fast Black Bedford, light figure and stripe, prico 15c; will bo 11c per yard. The Finest French Black Figured Sateen, price 35c; will be 26Jc per yard, Look for RED prico on our Black and White India Linens- Our line of White Goods, Black and White Embroidered Patterns and every piece of embroidery we haye. WOOL DRESS GOODS, pr'ro oi it, ;no-. in- :t.- A goou Dr. Will Colo's Dental Booms Will hereafter be open every week day, as I have associated with me Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduate of the dental school at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall coutiniio to visit Postville on Tuesday and Wednesday of each wook, as heretofore. WII.I. COI.K, D. I). S. F.vory piece in the store will have the Rr lime to gel, your dresses for fall. I'inostnll wool, silk finish Henrietta, -10 in. ividi gray, medium blue, light blue, price 70c; will be i Fino Henrietta, black and all colors, price •tOc; Iledfords, Chevrons, all novelties in dress good- , blac!;, brown, cardinal, lighl -V p'-i yard. red price, will be 'J.U: pur yard, cheap ami I he good, will [..have, tho Ri:i> price; look for it; it will bo low.. Von never-bought Dress no cheap, nor will you a<rain, it mailers not what others tell yi>,'. LADIES' VESTS. lft cent ones, nt —The residents of Summor street | ask for a crossing to bo put in across Tildon stroet where it is intersoeted by | tho former, now being no crossing between Lawler stroct and Maple, at Hull Roberts'. —Considerable hay was caught and injured by Sunday's storm, though tho bulk of tho crop has been saved in good condition. As haying is nearly over this is ouo strong point scored for tho crops of 1802. Standard! Standard! If you aro in need of a Sewing Machine it will pay you to buy the Standard Rotary Shittllo Sewing Machine, the best machine on the market. it is thn only Rotary Shuttle manufactiDod. It sews faster, runs lighter nnd does better work than any machino on tho rond. Cull on or address, C. A. HAHUWIOK, Agt., •lw , Postyillfl, Iowa. Take Notice, That tho Postville Steam Rollor Mills wiil grind Feud, Corn Meal and Graham Monday and Saturday of each week hereafter. Having added a line of wood-working machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, oh short notice. Rring in your logs and havo them sawed. Kospoct fully, K. D. STII.F.S. I —K. 1). Stiles has put a lath saw into his mill for the purpose of sawing thick lath for foncing. mmm wm Han ALL SUMMER — (). C. Hinman, of Hardin, had a horso badly mangled in a wire fenco last week at Luana. —Miss Anna Boody, of Waukon, visited with the family of K. R. Marsh a day or so this week. —Tbo barloy harvost is pretty well advanced and tbo crop is henry, tliough it Is somewhat colored. —P. Corcoran was another sufferer by last Sunday's storm. Ho had a cow killed by lightning. —Miss Klla, Deunis. of Dubuque, is spending several weeks bore visiting her friend, Miss Edna Lucas. —Excursion tickets for the Y. P. SC. E. stoatuboat exoursion, which occurs on Tuosday of noxt week, will be on sale at the postollico all day Saturday, Aug. 30th. Secure your tickets early and avoid tbo rush. —Postvillo can't get a circus, a theater or anything else of the kind it seeniB this season. But It is to have a sorieB of tent meetings, commencing noxt Monday, and these ought to do our poople vastly more good. -The storm last Sunil ay whs some what destructive in the form of light' nlng. Carl Wegner lost a valuable horse, C. J. Suhultss two steers and Henry Wcihe a steer. All rofetfrett iff the Clayton county farmors mutual. Farm I"or Sale, now offer for sale tho Wm. Mitchell farm. .1} miles west of Postvillo, containing 1G1 acres, with good house, barns and outbuildings, an unfailing well and running wator on tho premises, and fenced in sevoral fields. Cause of soiling, advanced years and inability to seperintend it. For terms call on tho undersigned on tho premises. (17m!t) JAS. KH.NNKDV. £0 2f> Ho .10 CO 75 Lisle fancy, at with sleeves, fancy, very linn thread, while, with sieevi->, " extra fino, with sleeves LADIES' WALKING SHOES. Styles tbo late;!. These will bo in '.bo KKI> pi ice. 1.00 Walking Shoes, good style Ail desirable, will bo 1.85 t.50 1.60 2.09 10 (Picnic) every pair warranted, " patent, tip, every pair warranted, (Popular; turned, warranted; an easy shoe and a seller, .will lie patent leather trimmed and tip.! turned, every pair warranted, wiil bo cloth lop anil plain top, in,- eery pair warranted, will bo patent l''al!i(!i'Tel..p, o.'u.v vv.a iriiuli'd, will !»• He. lui. 21c •i7i: .cn. i!n, fi-.'r. K.'H; I.IJI- 1.76 l.U£ 1 .(if) 1.7/; 2.00 All goods m:ii!;cd with the Do not, ooiiie in after the because something thai you olhers of getting there lirst. W ONE PRICE PiKii pric .i will be Mniirri .v ('AMI. sale lias been running a few days and complain wanted i.s gone Yon havo ancpta! chiinco i/itl; P. S. Remember! ALL, NO DEVIATION ! JOHN CROSBY. We do the Hoot and Shoo Iiiisine.vs in Poutvillo! •f POSTVILLE, IOWA, —Mrs. Dunn, Mrs. W. J. Hanks' mother, returned home last Monday, after a VIBR hero of seyoral weeks. WAT DOWN. -Will Makepeace is building a largo new barn 88x70 feet. He evidently has a little hay and a few head of stock. --Mrs. Talcott returnod from Rockford yesterday morniug, wo are glad to learn considerably improved in health --Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Flue Finishing, for sale nt SANUEHS & KAI'I.KU'S —Miss Anua Loul apont last Sunday in Dubuque. It was a pleasant change from her labors at Crosby's store this hot weather. First Harvost Accident. Henry Poosch furnishes tho first harvest accident of tho season, which occurred on Tuesday. Ho started in on his barloy and all wont well until somo grain was caught by reel nnd carried around with it, which frightened tho horsoB, causing thorn to start into a run. lleury succeeded in getting them almost stopped when a rein broko, thua making it impossible to control them. Ho jumped oft" tho machine and let them go. They run into a wire fence, cutting one of them badly. No dam- ago was done to tho binder except tho breaking of a rool arm. -John J. Boody is no longer tho Nasby at Hardin, hts resignation having been acceptod. Mrs. MaryThibido is oxpectcd to be his successor but her appointment had not been received when John was in town a few days ago. - Wo havo received complimentaries to tho Minneapolis exposition which opens Aug. Stst and closes Sept. 24th Extra exertions are being iuado to oclipso everything In tho past. It will bo the proper time to visit tbo twin oit- ios. —Miss Anna Walk'tns came up from Monona last Sunday via tbo horso and buggy routo and visited with Uor reUv tivos, tho McNeil family. She returned in the evening aocompanied by Miss Grace McNeil who will brenlho country air for several weoks. -Wo understand that all preparations aro being made and nil tho details arranged for the tent meetings to bo opened bore next Monthly. Row Lockwood is trying to arrange for a chorus of fifty voices, and the music will bo fino. Tho evangelist is said to ho an effbetivo one and if tho weather is I favorable great results nro expected. Of course everything doponds on whoth- or tho pe:ple will turn out en masse or not. No matter what ojir yfovys inay, bo wo say to all, turn, ou'f to t 'lieso meetings, so far as possible, whether your predelietions are favorable or unfavorable. Np man should, be so set in his way in religion or politics that ho will not hear all sides, Turn out to thoso meetings and give them careful if not prayerful attention. GOOD FARM FOB SAIJE. My farm of 200 aores for sale. Situ- atod in Madison township, Winnosheik Co., Iowa, three and a half miles wost of Decorah, in sections 11 and II. Well improved and timber enough for farm use. In good stato of cultivation. Well watered and good buildings. School within six rods of house. Long time will bo givefi on part payment. Inquire on farm for pariicnlars. Address, WM. MCINTOSH, (ROX. 238) Decorah, Iowa. —iMndam Mitcbellcan toll you tho Post, Present and Future. If yon aro in trouhlo over marriage, lovo or busi ncss affairs, or if you have beon afflicted for years and think thoio is no rem ody for you„onll and giyo her a trial as'her powers aro wonderful. Tho Madam has saved thousands from ruin and made countless homes-happy, and will show you the likeness of your future partner. Call and bo convinced of nor wonderful powers, at hor rasi donee, north of the Milwaukoo depot Postville, IO,\VH. —Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Eaton, of Monona, spent last Sunday with relatives hero. Mr. Eaton has moved into his new store. H —It was Jas. Fisher who Uasl tho contract for painting Warlield's store, instead of Mr. Boyuton, who was aim- —We are to have another 4th of July holiday Oct. 21st, it being tho 400th anniversary of tho discovery of America by Columbus. If we are not to have another in 400 years we ought to observe this one, as we shall be too old to got any comfort out of the noxt one. —-F. W. Roberts started for New A Cordial Invitation Is hereby oxtonded to tho public to attend the tont meetings to bogln next Monday, Aug. 1st. Tho meetings will, bo in charge of Evangelist Jesse Vlpder- wood, one of thn most successful evangelists that has worked Iu Iowa for years. Ho is a clear, forcible and Interesting speaker. Mr. Underwood is a beautiful gospel singer, and will sing one or moro solos every evening. The tont will easily aucomnu-dnto 400 people; It will bo pitched In the vacant K. N |->Ol'«;|.ASS, l'ur-,. J. >'. SMITH, V, I' JAS. MCF.WK.N'.CASIIII I:. PAID UP CAPITAL, ^5 ,000. Do a General Ranking Ilusinc.HS. liny and sull Foreign and Domestic Exchange. Accounts ol Fanners, Merchants and others received and carefully prolcc'eil. Interest, paid on Tiiuo Deposits. Investments made tor outside par- tics on favorable terms. J®-Protected by lire proof vault and Screw door safe. Safety deposit stoe^ drawer.; for vo:it. lime lock, burgl .ir proof 5* r i2 —The Valder Business College nnd Normal School at Decorah, Iowa, has soven courses of study; Commercial Normal, Soiontilic, Shorthand and Typewriting, Penmanship. Teachers' Review. Common School and Select, 426 students during the past year. 1«0 graduates. 200 enrolled from Wume- shoik Co. Decorah is the cheapest place to board and room in the northwest,, , jl'e^t-bppka are rented. Kail t^riU'opens August 20. Drop a postal card for cataloguo containing full information. It also contains a largo list of. students who aVo hbhfrftg pH'jfiig positions'. BLACKSMITH & WAGON SHOP. FURNISH ALL KINDS OF , DRAIN TILE AND BRICK, In Wholesale and Retail quantities. Our Briok and Tile areniftnufaoture'd of the Best White Clay, and, are Burnt So Hard there is practically NO BREAKAGE in shipping. WRITE FOR PRICES. Yourfj Truly, HOSSFELD & DIBBLE: AMD' jSlOW We Want to Tell Tou About our repairing department. We have engaged the services of a fln-

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