Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 25, 1927 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 25, 1927
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YOIAJME %XX. No. 1,30. The Weekly' Register, The loia Dally RoKlstei EsUbllKhed liifiT. •. Eatatllshed 1897.^^ 10^. KA| J ., FRIDAY EVENItJG. MARCk 25, 1927. CLOTHING IS TAKEN FROM a S. WOMEN Admiral Hough in Report To Navy Department Tells of Crimes Perpetrate by { Soldiei^. Preparations for Bombardment ' Are Pos step is Taken When Partia§ ; ers is Kfirecled-f-Notice esc Commander to| Evacuation of City by ForeiRn- Has Been Served On Canton- Guarantee Proiection. Wa.shington .^larch 25. (AP)—Preparations for a bombardment by American and British Nanking has been pdstpioned .ujitili tomorrow b^ of a partial evacuation of' ha.s been effected. ^ AVashingon, M^r. 25. (AP). .Brutaf mistreatment of many Americans, including women, by Chinese .soldier.s in the Na- tiohalist uniforrti git Nanking! wa.s officially reported to the navy department today by Admiral Williams, who forwarded a report made to Jiimi by Rear Admiral Hough at • Nanking. i ' Clothing!was .stripped from the women and they 'were otherwise maltreated, the report said, adding that in one . in.stance a I Cantonese officer .shot down! a French priest,;!;^]! the city by fjcireiij-ner.s. which] .Volice hiiil been i-Mprvpil on Cantonese coninian(lers at Xaiikiig that salient military points would hi^ shelled unless iinntediate Kuur- aiitee!<.of sufufy ; f<jr ; foreign li,T»' were furnished. "I^ht- liombardnu was to liuve begun- late tliis aftt; noon. Tlie decision to iiosiiionc r drastic action decided upon v.(is reached by the Aiin'ricjin and Br isli naviil,coiiiiii:i"iders vvheii it w seen that concrete rekUlt.s had fi| loweil the anii<>uiici;ineni i>f tli CONSUL DAVIS CABLES VIVID STORY TODAY NO TRACE OF 20 AMERICAN' CITIZENS NOW Dr. J. E. Williams Is Only Known Dead American; IlUnois Girl Is Shot Twice In Body. I U.' M- MouKh. tlie! American i oniiMander. reported o ;lie navy dfparinifnl that the Ja )-i anese in .VaiikinK were c^)iiij>lei'ii K ' tlieir ev .-icualion. that iuiissini; ISri -. i ish iniirines were coming out <»l" tl e city and that there Tvai a. fair po; - sibilily tliai AliuMicaiis wiio took retnse in Nanking university would leave l (tn:glil. The admiral's report dated with • his' pistor. p. Ml.. .N'anV.iilK a result of the strong time, said: sta; tak^ II today by the forces beroitl I lorf ijrners i are beginaiiig to con i out of the city. | I "The Japanese are complet!] I llieir evacuation tonight.. The l!i : is)i consul gcncrnl and the luissiijg .s. fc:nieral<\ It is ii lair prossiliiIlly marines are now coming oK H. i\. now con.slder^d that the .1 Aiiier;cai;s wlio look lefiigi^ lu king Ifiilveisil.v v.ill be evacualltig to tlie;fihips (tlie destroyer.-? IJre<- tou an'd .Voa, and the convert yacht'Isabel) KmlghLi "In iview of (Ills, we are ytoii Chinia BuU^tins Smedley Sutler Isiin Charge of Marine Corp I : I . Wasliingfonj March • Zf,. (AP)— Hrigndier Oenjeral SinedUJy D. Uuf^-! poning. further coimideraiion of abler h .is assumed cominaiid of thel'i"'i Ui tomorrow. .\iuerican liiijrines in iihimghai. ' ~ ~ f- ' The Mituation at Shangiiui. a.s rcr , jiorted by Admiral •WiMlfiins in a dispatch at •4:45 p. m., t <J<|ay (Chiii; ese limei waii that theH "antonesi> force.s in the city .were cionsolidatf iiig their positions in the Chinese sections outside of the iiiternation ;il Settlement and tbe Fiiencli'ci>n <ession. Tells of Cold , Blooded Murder of American Missionary and His Own Flight. \Vashington. Mar." 25. (AP)—The niurder of one American missionary and attempts to slay many others at' Nanking was described In the report of American, t'onsul J iJv. IJavi.s. which was recelv iat the navy department, j The report, fdrwarded liy Admir 'al Williams. American Asiatic fleet '(•ommandor. told of the escape of i.Mr. Davis, with "one offii'er..eleven After 13 Days \ SuccJessor ti-The lola Dally Register, nihe lola Dally Record, and Ida Daily. Index. EIGHT PAGES SAPIRO DID NOT WORRY INDEPEN; lENT NO MORE SHIPS , TO CHINA NOW Y. W. C.A.Seci Ordered to etaries shanghai New York. .March 2.5. (AI')--Y. W. (". A. .secretaries at! Hanchow. So'orhow and Nanking, Ifave .lieen iiisirncieii to go to Sltangliai. ac- c.irding to a rablegraiii received here today by the Natiicjnul Y- W.! .-X.. council. The t.wo .Nanking <i/Iici;U.s are believed eiiroute to -1 J^resident Coolidge Thinks .Ships Already There Can Handle "Foe^." i Washington. 2.^.' (AP)-^ ^'ar. ^ . , l*resident Coolidge believes American naval forces now in Chine.-je waters are adequate to take caije of the ."Htiiation as jit now exisjs in connection with i pi:«tection (Jf .•America us. I •sailors, nine civilians, and two children." Tlie rescue of ..Mrs. Da- Qjvis was repo)fted yesterday by •.•\<(iM(ial Williain .M. "tin .March 24. alioiii noon, after bo'li the and'Uritixh con- .siilates had been •attacke<l and the i consuls reportiKl killed' and after t-,the known cold-blpoded.iiiurder of one American misalonnry and the attempted murdor of many others, all by .N'ailonallst «oldler .Sj. the Chi- liese police informed; me that we would be destroyed unless wc could escape," t onsul,' Onvis said. I •'Accord ngly, qur 'party of one I officer. el<ven siiilors, nine .civilian land'two I liildren escaped tinder a 1 constant f re across ih'e country to the Socon;- lioiis<s on Standanfoil hill just a lovethe city-wall, which are v(slb/<j from the- ri.ver and where many American and British al.l-eady were.' "Although repeatedly robbed and threatened by Nationalist soldiers, niy vii-e con.~nl i.l. Hill Paxtoi^ of Danville. Va-) and the Socpny maiia^ei-. managed to keep them out of the house for two hoiirs. btit they finally broke In and see- Shanghai, China, Mar. 25.(AP) — Wanton de.struction, vandalism and outrages, perpetrated by uniformed Cantonese troops* in Nanking, are described in reports r.eceived tonight from the trouble-torn' city on the Yangtse. Approximately twenty..A'm- j,ericans are yet unaccounted \ I ior. Tihu.s far the only known ed to<iayj American fatality i.s the death . lof Dri J. E. Williams of Shawnee, Ohio, a. member of the Northern Presbyterian mission, and vice-president of th^ Nanking University. i Katrlua -Van RensHelai^, a WastaiitPton tiixMs glrU wed- died 13l dajm [aNkMl a cipttal court "40 annni her marrla re to jBastavi> de Xedlna, Sj« mish fffitaNNr employp. She el larjr- ieW iooerrlon, irandnlent \ rom- Ises, and say|i Mhe was in a "blirhly nerroo.s and pjdriletl s(ale." Slie (jhanted, too, thai ..Medina, who has Rune liu-li to ; Spain, alreadf hati a wifp. the Amerlrah commanders. FATALTO Report Shows' 237 Dfeaths From Ajccidents Kansas in 1926. Topcka.Kans., March 2S. < API- Motor car accidents cause I 237 deaths in Kansas in 1926. f)r Rarle (J Brown, secretary. of thf' state boaril of health, reported at the board's quarterly n^etlng. muzzles of bifeil'^''''''"'-'' - ' bpys. Owen. Topeka. Kansars, is one llanchow secretaries. American Destroyer Returns ' Gun Fire Shanghai, Mar. 2.'>. ,llAP)—TJie .Ateamer Kungwo. bearing refugees from .Nankiiig and es'coijted by. the .American destroyer; Preston, was fired on this morning iff Chinki- ang. The-Preston returned the fire. • .( Slianghai today. -Misf l,;:'"^^^^^^^^^^^ then dropped shells imme- ' J t'f-cl; Americrfu citizeiis unless^tlie; i diately around the house and New York Cable Says Women, Children, Safe so far as the naiy departraeilt 1 '"K our numbers they retired and and othef administration branch* s |'•om"i*'"'«l firing .at us in ever in- 4-^n foresee, in the opinion of tl:eK :rPas !iig numbers, p-resident. the naval vessels noV I T""" American and British naval -New Yflrk, -.Slar. .teen or twtiit>; .women and children of the ?)llnili(^a ot Nanking missionaries! of all deiinmliiatrons had either reacheil Shanghai in .safetj^ or -taken refuge 'an /warships; it w;i.K aniiounced .in a cal^leKraiu ref . ceived by the Methodist • board, ot " Foreign .Missions this afternoon. About llie same nunilM t^,' most of tiieni men, were Vptill in ".N'Hii 'kins, the cahlegram said. j Rat ControlMeeBijig Conductbd'YIesterday noy, GMin, county agent, was in cliarge of a rat control idemonstra- lion at the S. A. .lohusOn ifarm, \ near Mortin, yesterday. [Atietidance of persons Interested and of rats was pxceptionayy goodj Gwin .saiil. sitiiation take.s a more' serloij tiirn. i Ueports from American navjil officers on the scene have a.ssuri'd tjie president that thfe situation it Shanghai is^ less tense and th tt sltho.ugh serious, trouble stilt is Mrewing at ^Ciinking, no furth ?r outbursts by Cantonese irregulars (ir soldiers are in immediate }>rds- pect.j . • . I I THE WEATHER ' KOK K.\>.S.l.S: I 'artlr cloudy io. o I k M and Saturday: colder in I southeast portion loniirht. 23. (.\P)— Fif-l' For ;fola and Vfclnlfy: Vur^ly 'elondy ioniirlit and .Saitnrday; <-o^d> er foiilttht. ny ill. y, V, 28 TernPfralure—11 i{;hfsf ypr.lerd aZ. al i p. m.; lowest last liigl 42. at ^1 p. m.- liiirmal for'to'l:! 4S: exfpss or deficiency yesterd:! 0; since .liiniiary Ist. ;! deKtces: this date llast year, hij^h- e.s*.' IR: lowest] .'Sl.i Precipitalfoii for (lie 21 hotjrs endttiR at 7 a. uu loday, .00; tojal for \m year to date, 4.6S: dtfi- i'i'jucy'since .laiiuary 1st, .!."> Ini 12 we escaped over the wall. The American consulate was forced by; tiontllist soldiers and' is repdrted by the Chinese as thoroughly looted. It has not been 'a.scertalned whether the safe has been foiler and the codes List. ^ Armistice Day ,Grojip Reports Nice Balance Ileport of the Armisti :e , .Day celebration committee made at a meeting of (he committee last night by .1. .1. Griffin, chalrmani showed a nice balance In the C (>mn)lttee treasury. Letters are being .sent out to various o.rganlzatioits in the city asking that they appoint members of a comniitlee for the next celebration. l.,ast night's meeting was lield in tlie office of FVank Arnold. School Districts to; An ultimntum iand Hritish nuviil backe^I by grltii ini guns Iraineil on ille Cantonese po- sition|,>haH eased .the perilous pci- sitionl of' the foreigners; and the, first t^f the 120 Aiiierican mission-il aries who took refuge In the nn\-^ versify while ye«t,erday's fighting was under way .liegan arriving at the dock near the war ships early tonight. ! One of them, a Mi.fs .Moffatt, (Anne K. .Moffatti of Fort Sheridan, 111., is listed as being at Nan­ king) bad l>een .shot twice through the body. American women were sulijected to the greatest brutality, during tlie anti-foreign rioting, the reports say, and in many oases their clothing wa's partly torn off by Nationalist soldiers in uniform. The reports reiterate, that practically all the outrages, . both against persons and property, were carried out liy uniformed Nationalists, thus fixing the responsibility for the outbreak on .the Southern forces. There is reason to believe that the majority of American homes and .mission properties in the city were looted and i burned. It is knowii the .Nanking theoldglcal seminary and the Ilillcrest school, valtiable American mission properties, .were destroyed by fire. All the official, and personal property ,at the American contm- late was Jooted or destroyed by uniformed Nationalists. A Fren(;h priest is .said to have been shot with a pistol by a Nationalist officer. The vanguard of the missionaries arriving at the dock were without military escort, but It is stated they \V"T" not molested, while making the (rip to the river. Whether the entire 120 are coming out has not been established. Their appearance on the waterfront foUow^ed the ultimatum , by i (he Anglo-A^ierican, naval officers that If the foreigners were not per- niitted to leave the city, (he CUHT tonese positions would be bombarded. It. was atated authoritatively tonight thtU, as the result of ''|iego- There were two more motor ties In 192B man in 192.=;. i .Morc than two-thirds of wiio lost their lives in autd year, wen- ni Aged people apparentl>i more hazards |haii young fataii- those mobile i 'li and face people in tills motof cjrn. By classifying pOtyear Brown discovered of fa- iStt-vlctlms accjordihg to age groups, Dr (bat the largest pcrcenlage talities occtH-red among per.sons more than; 60' years bid. [Thirty- seven of the 231 deaths—more than etween one-tenth wer* of persons I iCO and 70 years, persons who hail . passed score and ten were killed b.i- moldies. Careless driviiig was blamed for lt> fatalities, anpong ' drivfrj passengers. Seventy pedc were killed. Jail \ May Be Hospital^ Comity ofilrer^i are oo »>!id? eriair Inrninirllie county Jail Into a ho <i |>ilal. art-ordln r to 1'nderslierli'i' Kd Itunfee. fe«r declared today that i here are three onef-lnrteed - men nnd .a one-armed liuin In the r< nn^ jalL The one-Iei^ed men Jure: ^Snorky Martin, (;harles >f Mson "pton, all held for the prohil ilory The one-s rmed Such Is Assertion! jof the Editor on Staikd in Minion Ooilkr Libel Suit Today. / Detroit, Mich.. March JS. (AP)— Aaron Sapiro'fl" deinand upon the Ford-owned Dearborn ir dependent made no difference in th« weekly 's editorial procedure, \Vm. ,1. Cameron, editor, testified, today in- Sapi- llro's $1.000.0«0 libel suii against :Henry Ford. ; Cameron testified that he laid Saplro 's demand for a retraction ibefore the' aut()'moblIe m inufactur- er *;.who also is president of the CQpipany, and that Ford it with the wave of a hai remark: /."Well, if you-are wroiig, take it iiick; if yon are right, s' jCameron testified the bclous article."; were in before publituition, and thought Fred L. Black, nianager. initiated an in after ^receipt of Sapiro' for retraction. The ecitorial department made no iitvestigation. j .said Cameron. • i "We can and will prove that these '. articles were suspeudei) until .April 12. 1924. at Henry. Fc rd'.s order -—.'• stated Sapiro'sr coui sel to the cciurt, but he was hailed before he ciiuld complete it. . A moment later, he rji/ferred to the subject again w'itli. f'.Mr. Konl did not discus.s re.sumptio'n of articles." i 1 m today dismissed d. and the ,ick; to it." plleiged li- vestigated . tliat he business •estigatifOn demand , Ford'sAid Fred Ii.' Black. buKlnes!^ manager nf tlie nearborn Independent, lleiiry Ford*s newspaper, is one:of the Important figures in ^ei nilllion-doliar libel suit liy Aaron Sapiro a^inst the niannt'artnrer, on trial at He. troit,/ BRUCE BIELASKI GIVES DP PdST Twentjy-three thiree auto- and istrians hun. and jianey 1 ,TloIation of JlfinOr' law. man l .o Harvrjy CnmmlnirKJ for piiKHlni^'ii n|>rtliless Recreation Meeting Here XT-.—^ n^^^Ar, AnMl oi^iaflons hetween the Anglo-Ameri- Name liOardS Apni 8 |Ja„s and, (here Seventy-seven school districts In h.! Allen county will elect school uohu o- Ileladv/p hiiniidil.v at .v.esne;day. .10 I>T cent; 7 a. m. d;»y, ."fC per .icli(;i barometer duced to sea level, |2!).S7 inc-he.-!. Sun risAs. n.:ls a. m.; snn sei (!:SH p. m. r | ' IVenfher anil Koads. : AH clear^except |l*iitsburg: pah- Iv cloudy; roads good. s. hoards and fix budgetn at meetings at the various dis.trlct schools In' ili«- count\' Ajiril-S. ^Miss Florence: Hound, county Tcuper ,in(ei ^deiit. announced (oday. Boards will be selected in every town and district in the county withthe exception of lola.'l.allarpe and Humboldt, she said. ' ' - g"Quit Fighting drBdck to China," Tongs Are Advised .New York.: Marcji 2a. (AP)— •back to China ;hy theishipload. if • necessary." was the i ultimatum given by District Attorney Blantoh to the rival Hip Sing and On I^eong io»g.s w'hen |;e called upon them to attend a peace .conference today. The consul general' was Invited toattend..' ! £arkiii£ guns* that marlccd the end ot a : two-year truce between was . no bombardment." General Pat Tsung-Hsi, Cantonese commander in Shanghai, interviewed at his hi>adquarters here tonight Insisted that the Nationalists should not be blamed for the Nanking outrages. W. Pearl Martin, speciali the Kansas State Agricultu lege, is conduqting a recreation m'ee Farm Bureau 1 and Mus ni lisle Ing for >adcrs today Chamber of Cijmmerce roo|ms in -Memorial Hall. i>t from al col- and >+omen"s at the Recess Is Called in Mine Wage Confcjrence Kansas City. .Mar. 25. tonference between mfneijs Operators attempting tci fix wage scale in the southwestern held recessed at noon Fifty thousand .Northern .soldiers I permit the miners to alljend to: Qie tongs took eight lives—threc^ in Ohicago. two In Brooklyn, one lir Xewark. <jne In Pittsburgh, one ifl Manchester. Conn. One was c:itr ft-all|>^ wounded inj Cleveln^-; nd Several otliers were .shot la these citleh. ' . . • Characteristic oriental .sileic^ nandlcapiped'policcj In theiii hint tmr the killers, although 4!i CI in- ise were arrested) in! connection «-lth the shootings.. Police say Ohlnese gunmen are pfiid $2,000 a k'tlling by the rival tongs. Two years ago a'roundup of several bu^idred Chinese In New York With deportations of those' wlio couM not display credentials fbr their presence in this country forced the rival tongs into a tmce after a tbng outbreak duririg which fifty-nine Cliinese died from .gunmen's bullets. When ,thl« truce fended tbe present oittb^eak began. and from 2,00Uto SMQ white Russians were in Nanking shortly before the outbreak of yesterday, he said. The Northern retreat began Wedne.sday afternoon. The fleeiiig (Continued on Page 8, Number 1) fneetlng in Indianapolis. ! The conferetjce will re^nvene next.Thursday. ' Neither the ikiiiie leaders or the operators would, discuss tl)6 progress of the ccnf^rence. Artificial Feeding Keeps Baby A live Five Day^—Operation t^ Open Esophagus Is Sucrssful held heelu C oday and a new lay Chicago. March 2h. (AP)—Kept alive since birth by artificial feeding becaiise its* esophagus was blocked through undevelopment, a flVe day old baby girl "-has successfully undergone • an i operation involving incision in the child's abdominal wall, opening of the esbphJaguB and connecting it. to. the stomocb with a rabtwr tube. The. child i.ijthe daughte • of Mr. and "Sira. Jay^Kraut. Doct >rs said a second operation would be ^r- formejl later tio lift the stomach and sew it- to the shortene 1 esi>ph- agus. In. the meantime th( baby is taking nourishment thnu'gh the tube. I Prior to the operati >n nonr- ishmejit was given in liquids in- Jectad Ibrougti tlia skin. Prisoner Es(lapes at Missouri! Penitentiary .lefferson City. Mar. 2,5, (AP)— Officials were mystified*! today by the disappearance from | the Mi.s- souri penitentiary of George Miller. | .lasper county convict under five' sentence for : forgery, who al.'-'.o es'-aped the , Kansas state prison while seryinji aa 21-year KM -.m iinde-.- the ali;is oftTlint Han- .son.. ; ' I ^ .Wilier answered sick ;call this in.^riitng and started t()ward the prison hospital. He tlten • dlsap-. peiired, leaving his prison clothes near a water tank insidcjtbc wails. Officials believe he nia}f liaVe escaped in a refuse' w.Tgon which was driven out ttiis inbrnin^, or po.^.-si.bly scaled the 20-fo|)t wall. Time Not Ripe f<ir . Mexico-U. S.! Treaty - _ ' i Mexico City. Mar. 2."). (AP>—That the time is not ripe for a treaty of amKy'and commerce bc-.tween tlie United States aiul Me.xicj). -was .(lie opinion expressed by former I' dentj Obregou. He was | commenting on the suggestion m.-ide in certain Uiuarters thut'Such'ai trcaty^be drawa up to replace', the ariti- smuRsling convention hfj|tween the United States and iMexicp. abrogation of "which was announced at Washington a few days ago. "We must not tliink ajbout such a treaty." he declared,."bijfure m.ost cordial and sincere rehjtions are established between Mejiico and the United States. 1 entitling us to enjoy mutual confidence.'f Notid Undercover Agent Of PVohibition Deptj ' Has Resigned.. Washington, March 25. (AP)— A. JJruce Hielaski, famous under- crover agent of the prohibition department, has; resigned. ' Making ,a trip here from New- York for the purpose. Bielaski .submitted his resignation today to Assistant Secretary Andrews, who is' in charge of tlry law enforcement. The date <)f his retirement has not been definitely determined. Mr. Andrews' said Bielaski was retiring (or 'personal rea.sons and that his work had been e.xceeding- ly creditable. Bielaski was attacked - by several members of- congress during the last session for his enforc-ement methods, and much of the opposition to the treasury's undercover prohibition' A'nforcement work was centered about him. He has been supported strongly by^ officialfi here, who said some of (lie biggest cases asaiiist pfohiliition viol.ntofs hufl lieen-developed by him. INDIANS ARE OF JOURNEY Two Are Within Sixteen Miles of End in Run From San Antonio To Austiii, Tejxas. Buda. Tex.. .Mar. 2.j While their unfortunate companion Augitstin Salid (AP)— , rode by. their side, the other t vo Tara- humara Indians, Jos >. Torres and Tomas Zafiro, Training in the 82-mUe run from .San Antonio to >Vustin, arr ved here : at 2:30 p. ni., sti 1 going strong. • . . Sixteen more miles and the "super men" will be at: the goal . which they set out fo r at>^3:19 a. m. today. j \\. Maintaining a, ^peed of "about- £:i.Y miles an hour, the; runners-' are expected to arriv^ in Aus- • tin ab>iut. a o'clock. Kyle, Tex., Mar.; 25. (AP)— After running approximately |G2.7 v^tk. Augustin Salido, one of the ,'^ree Tarahumara Indian runners ralTrlitg the 82 mile run from San Aiitonio to Austin, collapsecb as he reached: the elge of the city here. •The collapse resultec* from aii a?iack of stomach cramps earlier in: the da.v. He was placed In an aiitomobile and the other two •stiper men," Jose T^orres and-. Tomas Zafiro, are forging ahead. Three Mexican Indian Girls Start Long Run :.\u.stin. Tex., .March bs. (AP)—, Three Mexican Indian ^irls b'egan their twenty-six-iiiile loftt race at 11:38 o'clock today, cheered on by hundreds of spectators | assembled ^ at thp starting point. Their course . was 13 miles froni the cUy and rer turn, to end at the stadium of tbe r I'iiiversity of Texas aboiit the jtime , t^e Texas relay games start. ; The [ girls started with "a slow jog itrot. Kach parried a bamboo at^ick which it wa.s explained helped balance their .strides. Two autoiiiobiles ac- confpanied them. National Home for ' Soldiers: Gets Cash Not Guilty Is iPlea' / ' Of Baiik Officer^ Leavenworth. Kas., Mar. 23. (AP) Officers and directors df the defunct Farmers and Alerchapts State Bank, TonganoxEe. which was »j :rlosed two yeaj.s ajt^ by. .order of the iitate' bankj con today - entered ' pleas bf BONUS BOARD ; MEETTUESDAY Group Will Arrange for Bonii Issue to Raise Bonus Money. mi'ssioner, •not guilty to ten coijnts in a complaint charging them with accieptin; deposits when they ||new thcj bai^k was iii- .solvent. !; I^reliminary hearing has been set for April 13. The lefendants furnished bond; Those arraigned are \V .-H. New- hi; president; Frank^ei)aliau. vice presirent: _ Oeorge. A. Denholm. cashier; .lames K.'i Farr ;ll. assist- an''c^<:hier; .Mrs. Anna B.-BeS^a'nd "William l)ei[ihorm. ciirectUrs. -Topelia. Kan., March 25. (.-VP)^ Tlie Kansas Tioldiets' bonus board will meet.Tuesda^ to prepare for issuance of bonds .to raise, money for thousands of vetcjrans., who failed to present clalfhs' before the "dead line" of Juije 30. .1925. Pay- liient to those ex-soldiers has been made-, possible by the recent legislature,- which extended [the closing -date for. claims to June 30, 192!^. Frank J. Ryan, secretary of state -and a member of the'btirns board, estimated today that a i bond isstie of at least $1,000,000 wcjuld be necessary to mget the claims that have been revived by the (legislature.' .An effort 'may be made, he said, to notify veterans who have falle'd to apply for a bonus. Approximately 4,500 veterans •who have been allcited to Ivansas by the war department are eligible to, the bonus. Of this number some 400 already h^^e made application for and probably w-ill receive their compensation withip .'iixty days. Ryan said. j Poison Whiskey Found . In Snyder Hoiiie Today -New York; Mar. I 25. cov'ery of poison iri in the home of Albjert regared by police todayl stantiailng charges! of Gray that' .Mrs.. Rijth planned to poisop some time before he Sunday. Gray and are awaiting trial ifor ;AP)—Dis- whiikey found •; .was as sub- Henry Judd SJnyfler had husband Kvas slain . Snyder titurder. Shyder; heK W. C. TrU. Cohtihues , Battk on Cigarettes Ottawa, Kijrt.. .Marchi 26. (APi— Befoi-e adjourning a three day ses- Isiortof tlie state executive committee last night, W. C. t. U; leaders passed'resolutions cleclaring intention of keeping up -tise fight on the cigarette-by nieanB of - arousing lanblic sentiment and to insist that the phaBe of the new law to protect-youth from smoking be enforced. Scientific temperance instruction in the public sphcx>is is urged. Topeka was selecte'd as the place for the next annual state convention and the dates will be October fourth to seventh. Jlrs. , October 4 to i;' -Mrs. pllian .Mitch- 'ner of Hutchinson, state pnisident, •directed the conference. i,<;avenworth, Kas., Mar. 25. (AP) Ili< vjng" secured approval' of' plan- from Presideiit Coolidge and General I:«rd. budget dirjector, the bo-ird of managers, natibhaLJhomes for disabled volunteer sdldierB. in session at the western branch hercs today, advanced' money! frbni the gerre.'al post fund for use in! lieu of the appropriation'*pi'ovided in the. general deficiet^-cy bill, 'U-bich failed of luis^age. ' ; . \ ' : The session which began ;here Thur.odny morning'''Will come to an end tonight, it was announced by- Xleneral George Wood, JJayton,.^ Ohio, presidetjt of the. board. Kiss Shortens Huinan ' Life Three Mmufes Gunnison, Colo., March 25. (AP) —Students' In the department of ' psychology at Western State Col-_ lege here, have arrived at the con- , elusion that a kiss shortens human life three minutes. A survey in genetic psychology showed that a kiss cavses such pa^-' pitation of the heart that the- extra! 'bei^s of the organ amount' to the| nonhal number taking: place in three minutes. - — '• .Figures'^ that are interest^g, if; tnie, show^ that 480 kisses, jwould shorten life by one., f-^ day. and ', that 3,3(50 kisses'wouldi eliminate one week. Life would be. Shortened by a year after 175,200 kisses. : ^ That was as far as tbe statistic-' ians cared to figure. ; • ' i California Man Shoots j' Self With Lawn Mower i*>rke!ey, Calif.>.Mar. 25. (AP)— J(}hn Haggerty shot himself with la lawnmower today, j i Haggerty is janitor at: • the U K. Conte school. This being-a beautiful day. Haggerty decided tox cut the lawn. SdSsone had dropped a .38, caliber- cartridge In the ^1; gratis; The mower picked it up; sciuee^ed it just right and the shell exploded with a loud reports The bullet struck Haggerty in the forer head, chipping off some skin, Haggerty quit for the day. Rod and Gun Club Is To Elect Offi'ceis The lola Rod and Gun club will, hold its' annual meetlpg at the city (] lihall at 8 o'olock tonight.< Officers, will be elected. i Chaplin Divorce Suit Nears m lx)s Angele.^, -Mar. 2:| (APlj—A climax in: the divorce and alimony battle between Lita Gijey Chablin and her screen star hiisband was in the offing today as aitorneyd for the actor's wife w;ork^tt toward a ew "<riick showdown" Wright, the comedi^ri's lawyer, aped to New Yorl^ to ^discuss the now tinrn of events with his client. Abandoning all efforts to collect temporary alimony Mrs. Chaplin and her attorneys tailed ta appear J. in court yesterday to. prosecute Oioir claim. ' Just what! ne^ tact Mrs. Chaplin's Uegal advisers 'would take was not disclosed. ' They ipdicated. however, thii they intend, to force Lloydithc. issue to a quick termination by abandoning "complicating tech- nlcaMties," in the' divorce action w^hicU; has been marked from the outset by legal <:bmpliiRation8. The new course had been jadbpted. they explained, with the vieiv of brliig- ing Chaplin into court to answeq his wife's charges at flie earliestr' possible date. b; ;Mra; Chaplin's attorneys also an- ' nounced thit their client Would no^/ fila an amended divorce complaint, V as had been xontemplated, but may.*, later file an amendment to the" origipal petition. This ttias decld-'^ ed in order to avoid^the pqssiblw!? delay of another 90 dajrs tedniredr fctr the re-publication •of sununona on the actor. L . ' "i 1

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