Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on May 3, 1962 · Page 7
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 7

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 3, 1962
Page 7
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Established In 1914 My Neighbors TP? NATIONAL EDITORIAL Cfttk Cl (I A P„t>,A Subscription Rates In Fayette and Adjoining Counties _ $3.00 Per Year Outside Kayette and Adjoining Counties $3.50 Per Year The Leader Is published weekly in Fayette. Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice Stoneman, Owner and Publisher "Kough game." Editorial Comments - - - Wh»( Shall We Give Them Next? The red carpet was really rolled out for Titov this past week . . . and for what reason — so he can go home and tell his superiors what progress the stupid capitalists are making? Would the same welcome be afforded John Glenn, were he to visit Russia? Titov even had the nerve to degrade the United States space program and express doubt as to whether he would feel safe traveling on one of our space capsules. He also knew a great deal about the U. S. space projects — probably a great deal more than the average American knows — and stated he had seen films of John Glenn's flight. So nice of our government to provide these for him. But could Glenn say he had seen pictures of Titov's supposed flight. He couldn't say a thing. The Russians claim that Titov circled the globe something like 17 times, compared to three times for Glenn . . . but there are no pictures or proof of it. It would appear that if this were true it would be quite a feat to brag about, and should be backed up with a little proof. We know the Russians enjoy bragging but where's the proof? We have always doubted that they ever had a man orbit the earth . . . and we still do. But we have little doubt that they care, because the capitalists seem to be playing right into their hands anyway. Let The Constitution Prevail The United States is sending billions of dollars ( added indebtedness ) off into space trying to keep up with a mythical goal set by the Russians. Maybe some day we'll reach the moon, but how much farther will we be in debt. And will there be anything Valuable enough on the moon to get us out of debt? In the meantime the Russians keep things stirred up by antagonizing our political officials, starting revolutions in neighboring countries, and in general creating a great distrust towards the U. S. 'Was it Marx who made a statement to the effect that the Communists would not have to capture the capitalists ... the capitalists would do the conquering themselves and the Communists would just have to come in and take over? This begins to look more like a truism every day. The increased foolish spending, the inflationary prices, the turmosil and bloodshed in surrounding countries, and the unrest among the United States population indicate that we are headed in that direction. The question is, how far can it go? At what point do the Communists step in? And will our political lead ers come to senses in time to avert this tragedy? Certain legislative proposals should be opposed on broad questions of principle. Two such proposals are now current. One would give the President the authority to raise or lower the individual income tax, in order to deal with possible inflationary or deflationary developments. The other would give him carte blanche to launch public works projects costing as much as two billion if he thinks it necessary to help prevent a recession or depression. There is no sound argument, under our system of government, for giving one man an authority which the Constitution, in full wisdom, vested in Congress. It is no reflection on Mr. Kennedy or any other President to say that one man's judgement is much more likely to falter than the collective judgements of hundreds of members of Congress. It is argued that giving such vast and unprecedented powers to the President would make possible instantaneous action. But can act in such matters, if action is needed, with only brief delay. And if Congress surrenders the power of the purse to the Executive Branch, the systems of checks and balances established by the Constitution will be weakened to the point of importance. It is a question today, whether sufficient resistance can be maintained by private enterprise and opponents of socialism to prevent it from engulfing our country in the coming generation as Khrushchev predicts. Homemakers Dateline by Dorothye E. Busching Fayette County HOME ECONOMIST Have you seen the new snap down collars for men's sport shirts that are the newest variation of the popular button down collar? The tips of the collar are fastened to the shirt by snaps instead of bottons. Men report they like these new collars because they are so easy to fasten and for the women it should do away with the old problem of sewing buttons back in place! DEB Learning to ride a bicycle safely will bring good times to the children in your family. There are several ways you can help your child to have safe fun on his bike. Be sure the equipment on the bike is in good condition. Teach him to use regulation hand signals before turning or stopping. Caution him to always ride single file and always wear something light that will show up at night. Safe bicycle riding is fun. . . accidents aren't! D-E-B Plentiful food supplies in the United States have made possible some "mighty good" buys for consumers. According to the Bureau of Labor statistics the time spent working by the average consumer to buy a dozen eggs has been reduced drastically in the last 30 years. It was 48 minutes in 1930, 30 minutes in 1940, 25 minutes in 1950 and only 17 minutes in 1960, D-E-B In cooking that fresh asparagus it is important to cook it properly. Many people overcook vegetables and lose much of the color and texture appeal. In order to get the stems tender and not overcook the tips of fresh asparagus, cut the stems into even lengths. Tie them together with a string and place stem ends down in a small amount ol boiling salted water. Cover and the steam will, cook the tips while the boiling water tenderizes the less tender stems. D-sMf , . Bach. year more than' 7W f 0fJ0 accic ^mu ^ponie minor and cj#ara very serious, occur in the home 1 » - —- ••• •• — •» workshops of America.. You can take most of the danger out of this room if you follow wise safety precautions. Padlock power tools when not in use. Follow manufac- urers instructions when using all tools. Prevent fires by removing greasy rags and left over wood scraps and sawdust. Why not take another look at your home workshop to give yourself accident free insurance! D-E-B May is Beef Month in Iowa! Last month a new steak was named by the Iowa Beef Producers Association. The "Top of Iowa" steak is cut from the tender portion of the sirloin. The bone is removed and an jWequate covering of fat is purposely retained for tenderness, juiciness and flavor. There are only 16 pounds of "Top of Iowa" boneless sirloin per steer and we can be sure it will be a fine example of Iowa cornfed beef at home and throughout the nation! D-E-B 4-H girls in Fayette county will hold their* annual Rally Day on Saturday, May 12, at the Maynard Community Hall. The all day meeting will Include election of county officers, initiation of honorary 4-H members, a talk by a former 4-Her who has spent part of 1961 living in homes in Finland, and the county wide 4-11 Better Grooming Contest. Friends of 4-H are welcome to attend this all day meeting and see a part of the girls' 4-H program in action! D-E-B Did you know that although Thomas A. Edison is most famous for his scientific inventions, this remarkable man also gave us waxed paper and gummed wrapping paper? D-E-B Birthday club to meet The May Birthday club will meet Monday May 14, with Mrs. Leta Paul for their annual picnic dinner at 12:30 p. m. Everyone with May birthdays is cordially invited to attend. Extension Council Activities Calendar Saturday, May 12 — Girls' 4-H Rally Day - 'Maynard Communtly Hall - 9:30 a. m. to 3 p. m. Union Eager Beavers 4-H club meeting - 8 p. m. - Artls and Morse Burington Monday, May 14 — Putnam Foremost 4-H Club meeting - 8:00 p. m. - Lamont School Tuesday, May 15 and Wednesday, May 16 — District Extension Conference - Dubuque Thursday, May 17 — Smithfield Liverwires 4-H club meeting Chattin' With Stoney If all of the Fayette school activities were as successful as the band program, we would ceHainly be on top in everything. This was proven very plainly at the spring ronce-t held in the school gym last Tuesday night. We thought the junto'* band was real good, and they'll really be an asset when they join the senior band. And then when the senior band took the floor, they were great. And one reason is that instructor Dave Hamilton seems to feel every note, and really puts his heart in his work. We don't mean to slight Mr. Powis, because his chorus did real well — it's just that we thought the band preformance was outstanding for this size school. Since we do have such a good band, why wouldn't it be a good idea for the town to have them play a concert once a week this summer. Certainly the council could allocate some money to pay them, even if they couldn't afford the whole band. The concerts could lx- held on the cement platform on the west side of the grade school building as they were years ago. And we also would recommend that the concerts be held some night other than Saturday. Let's invite our area customers in for an evening's entertainment without trying to sell them something. We can think of a few sales promotions for Saturday nights to bring them back to town. And while we're on this subject, how about the Chamber of Commerce sponsoring old fashioned outdoor free movies on Saturday nights during the summer months when the theatre is closed? The movies would keep the kids entertained, and would give the parents much more time to shop. Since writing the first paragraphs of this column we have learned that the band played in one of the state music contests at Strawberry Point, Saturday, and received of all things a No. Ill rating. This makes us feel that we're a very poor judge of music..makes Mr. Hamilton feel that his work has been in vain...and makes the band members darned unhappy. We understand that the contest was judged by University of Iowa men who have never been band instructors. Ain't that a blast! Seems like the judges should be people who really^ understand what tney are Jutlg)ng^r*«*)iy don't they bring in out-of-state band instructors who would be able to judge a band on its true merit and not just on the instrument they know the most about? The size of the school, number of pieces in the band, age of students, and their capability should all be figured in. High ratings mean a lot to all concerned. But don't judge Mr. Hamilton or the band on what these supposedly qualified judges say. In our book he's still doing an outstanding job, and he has a wonderful band. —•— There certainly was no lack of workers Saturday night when the flood waters threatened several Fayette homes. Several hundred towns people, high school students and college students turned out to help fill and place sand bags, and to help evacuate some families. They all helped to avert any serious flood damage and their assistance was greatly appreciated. Sunday we had an experience which we hadn't experienced in many a year more years than we like to remember. We visited friends in Independence who live to enjoy life and during the day went on a hayride, a weiner roast, and horseback riding. Now hayrides have been a faint memory for years, and horseback riding just hasn't been our long suit but it was fun, and maybe we aren't as old as we feel. Fortunately, we didn't ride long enough to Creek Bottom Comments The Liberty Bell in Independence Hall at Philadelphia is one of the great symbols of the American spirit and the American heritage. It is fitting and proper that the State of Iowa should have a replica of this great symbol. And the right place for it, is on the State House grounds in Des Moines. It is a ridiculous and shameful travesty that this replica Liberty Bell is being trucked around over the state in connection with the current "Freedom Bond" drive. There is no logical correlation what-so ever between the spirit of Independence of 1776, and the present bond drive, which will increase — By Reuben the already terrible national debt to be faced by the citizens of tomorrow. There is NO logical reason or need for this bond drive in the first place, and in the second place it's dangerous. Let us take the second consideration first. It is dangerous because deficit spending is inflationary. And inflation is already a real threat in the U. S., as Congressman Bromwcll so ably pointed out, at Colcgrove Auditorium, last Friday morning. In the second place, there is no need, for deficit spending, at this time. Shiny new stationwagons, speed boats, and go-karts are every­ where. The American people could well pay more federal taxes, if it- was NECESSARY. But ir the thing which Congressman. H. R. Gross so fittingly calls "squandermania" was discontinued, the federal budget could be very well balanced on present federal tax receipts. If the people of these United States really want to do something for their country, they will ignore this bond drive, then write the squandermania infected Senators and Congressmen to cease and desist in their damn foolishness, and get on the ball, with some sound thinking and common sense. The reason behind this bond drive is little else but political cowardice about facing the fiscal facts. (Do You Recall | 20 - 30 - 40 Years Ago| 20 Years Ago — The most common news in all newspapers these days, is that concerning "radio". Every city, and town has one, either public or private. Clermont has had a private wireless station for the past esveral years. R. V. Lucas editor and co-owner of the Oelwein Daily Register died Sunday. Illyria township was the first township in the county to pledge its quota of war savings bonds. Deaths — Barbara Claxton. All women have been urged to attend the canning demonstration so as to preserve food for the national defense. May five and six were sugar rationing days in Fayette. Sugar consumers of the Fayette consolidated school District are to register at this time. Vic Dahl of Flandreau S. D. has purchased B. G. Moeller's picture show business. —•— 30 Years Ago — The Peacock Pageant will be presented June 6 and 7. Bishop Edwin Lee and his wife, Mrs. Edna Dorman Lee will come the greatest distance from their home in Manila. A recent survey made of Fayette county reveals that 53 per cent of the farmers live on dirt roads. Any road that has had an application of gravel, rock or concrete was considered a surfaced road. Postage rates were raised a cent by an act of Congress. First class letters will require three cents of postage Instead of two. Two maple trees and some lilac • bushes were planted on the Donnan • school grounds on Arbor Day. L. 'D. Parker who has won local recognition for his work in genealogical and historical research, has been honored by being included in the list of the leading active genealogical researchers in the United States. Deaths — Mrs. Emily Stogden, Randalia; Lizzie Agnes Conrad Burdick, Maynard. 40 Years Ago — Earl Birdsell has purchased his necessitate eating our meals in a standing position, because we don't have the traditional fireplace to place the dishes on. —•— We feel that all the residents of Fayette owe Dr. Scott Linge and Vic Dahl a vote of thanks for bringing a dentist to town. They have spent many hours interviewing prospects and attempting to interest young dentists in opening their dental practice here. Their time has been well spent, however, and they now have a very personable young dentist who plans to open his office here in July. Dr. Linge's and Mr. Dahl's reward will come in knowing they have helped the community. But your words of appreciation would let them know that their efforts have been worth while. Vote For Robert F. SWEHLA For Fayette County SUPERVISOR Term Beginning Jan 1, 1964 Capable — Experienced Qualified Your Vo»* Will Be Appreciated Agency :i:::::::Uin :»::i !H :!t!>:!:i:'!:::i:iii!::!:::^ brother Lloyd's barber shop. The state supreme court makes it clear that the public highways are as much the property of the average school boy or girl as they are of the fellows who speed over them in high powered autos. The Willing Workers club was entertained at the home of Mrs. Clyde Ostrander. The day was spent sewing for the Council Bluffs Orphan's Home. Deaths — John W. Langerman. A radio set is expected to be installed soon at U. I. U. It will be used only for receiving messages. Horace Troy has purchased the Denniston Clothing store. TRY LEADER WANT ADS For weed-free lawns Quick results with WEED-NO-MORE Here Is a 2,4 -D in a penetrating oily emulsion that cuts through waxy leaf surfaces of weeds In minutes . . . dooms them, root* and all! Kills dandelions, plantains, chickweeds, docks, thistles, mustards, poison ivy, poison oak and many others. Does not harm common lawn grasses. Safe . to resee3 in 5 weeks, DANIELS DRUG FAYETTE, IOWA LUCY'S GARDEN OF EAFEN MOTHER'S DAY MENU FRIED CHICKEN — BAKED HAM SWISS STEAK MASHED POTATOES BUTTERED PEAS — JELLO SALAD HOT ROLLS COFFEE and MILK DESSERTS APPLE and BANANA CREME PIE STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE NATURAL GAS G00KS 8 BREAKFASTS Save money... save time. Let your modern gas range do the watching and waiting. Your gas range gives you, the automatic Bumer-Witha-brain, the new keep-warm oven heats, and instant heat you can control E recisely on the top urners—-all for only pennies a week. • Natural Gas does so many jobs around the house »o well... and so dependably. You see, Peoples' experience and efficiency assures that tine little gas flame is on the „ _ ^'i^T_ _ job at the touch of a PEOPLES finger, And People*" NATURAL free service keeps all -*•-••« **•» •* mm " your gas appliances operating perfectly. Peoples Natural Oasis a business-operated, investor-mme^^^ , pony. Peoples can draw on the technical skills of more tjm SfiQQ •'' trained, experienced utility workers, The high standards of pflfcn*** once Peoples demands assure dependable, economical gat lerofce, M

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