Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 11, 1961 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1961
Page 18
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PAOE EffWTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH tyttck Turner TV digest (ABO) I, KMOX(GM) 4 W(MM) I, «W*U Tuesday Evening TV Digest ... _ tepedltton: Stony of CNn. rfctfcrttfel Lyon and tht Civil W» battta of Wilson's Cw*fc in OTVt ondoetd "tM» psrate D«y»." 4 News: MM Rofty 3 Newt: John Roedei 9 News: Walter Ross 6:10-4 Weather: Fontaine 5 Weather With Armand 6:15-4 CBS News: Erhvnrds 5 Huntley, Brlnkley News 9 Doll and Toy Workers ; April 14. Program tells story ofi 6:90—2 Bugs Bunny wllh John $. Junes HIVI (Am > *, HMO* <MW) *, USD (ADD) *, Kl'LA 11 "1 BBMRMBKR—Cl-OSfc-tT munist film crew, working under j APRIL 14: Exclusive film shot; ABC producer Nicholas Webster. be ! lllld _^!.l! on Curtal " -^.P^wtH be seen by viewers of ABC's iCIose-Up "I Remember," Friday Girl* 4-H Club Meets at Fidelity I former Nazi concentration camp ; inmate Simon Gutter retracing his j flight from Germany and revisit• FIDELITY - The Fidelity Busy I ing Europe more than 15 years iBee 4-H Club met Friday inght, H fl Pr his esrnpc from Buclwmvald. •at the home of Ruth Shaaf. A1J AH orNl> THE Tt:»E: Demonstrations and1 talks were; Jw> ^ sfand ., n fof .. Rifle . sriven by \\anona fritz, Laura Rich. Linda Johnson. Wanona • fc Fritz. Donna. Bnieggemnn. Patty sh(W ^ * Johnson and Sally Jo Schnefer. j ' ' vv Ruth Ann Scnaaf gave a special ' * number. Janice Healey had Joe Benson, stand-in for man" Chuck Connors, on as a nis a|d | who rides to and Mark— ... . . hundred dollars worth of dresses •. 0h lT_°L lh !.. ™™"°"?lr r ^<™™ Europe', leading designer*! 3 Phil Silvers Snow 5 Laramie: A killer poses as a college professor and hires Slim to guide to a lost gold mine in "Two tor the Gallows". Donald Wnods. 9 Academy of Science 1J Bold Journey: Trail to Wildlife 7:00—2 The Rifleman: Two outlaws maroon Lucas andj Mark in wild mountain country in "The Score Is Even." 4 Father Knows Best: ^™«™^J*^* h *,™ moWon the Tom'Ewell| Bud sets up clamor at home 'If this doctor is so good, how come I haven't seen him on TV recommending something?" win be April 22 at (he home of; shmv fonjght when hp ^ Fmn _°l 1Sor _______________ ....-« <ww wardrobe. But don't fret. THEY WANT TO FORGET ladies ' if - vou can '< P it<k U P DVRHAM. N. C. <•*>> - A meeting of the regional Metho- "* the originals, reasonably! Night Family Observed at Graf ton Church GRAFTON - Family Night Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Steph- priced copies are now available; in the when he trades an old watch for a set of bongo drums. (Repeat) 9 Mathematics Course U Science Fiction Die art thwarted In mtrrttfli plans by a domineering nwtntr, until an tvO act achieves tlWr dfMtn. B Speech Count 11 State Trooper S:0f>»3 Stagecoach West: A minister protects an outlaw in "APtece of Still Waters." Darren McGavin, Edwin Blnns. 4 tfcm EweU: Potter foregoes economy 'for elegance in "Put tt on, Take It Off." 5 Thriller: John Williams, Donald Woods, Edmon Ryan, Adam Williams afar In "Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper." Elusive 19th century knife-killer ol women suddenly appears in contemporary America. (Episode directed by Ray Milland). 9 Ch. 9 On The Line 11 This Man Dawson 8:15—9 United Nations Review 8:30—4 Red Skelton: Diana Dors guest 9 Ragtime Era 11 Meet McGraw 9:00—2 Alcoa Presents: Donald Pleasance, Adrlenne Corrbc star in "The Confession." Dishonest lawyer allows an innocent man to die. but the guilt remains. 4 Garry Moore Show: Woman's Society of Chnsti.-m „, .., , 4 , . . , , . . . ' , \\aaner didn t know what to do ens and \V. H. Dunlope. Members •*" orvi « I has **'»?•? rongiv«. w|fh ^ ^^ ^ fig lirlnc ; Laving birthdays during March S1onal actlon «» lllo '^ 1 "S « *""• ht , and April were also recognized. - vpai ' centennial commemoration, Following this program tlie ot the Ci\-il War. saying such an. briry Golf." So Wifey Natalie^ obsen'ance can only stir t;p; i\VCKX) had it built-in as the base! group went to the church auditori-... , . . ., ,. urn where a program "This b "slumbering wrtionalwm -«| the pride of Roberto's den.-Three- Your Life" was dectdaed to Mr. ^ e 5^._ c _T_ r !?.' 'time academy Award winner and Mrs. \V. H. Dunlope. Mrs. were: Mrs. Dunlope'sbrother. Au-jWalter Brennan of ABC's "Rea ii Legate served as master ofihrey Bailey of St. Louis and OttojMcCoys" will soon have an al- hv mom ceremonies. She was assisted by R - Mrs - stella Orr vj u - - -- - bers of the. Methodist Church with amj Mrs ^ Wilson Mrs w . Q. a carry-in-supper at 6:30 o'clocki Smith, was accompanist for Miss at the Annex. 'Mildred Dunlope. who sang 'His '*,jto a glass top table and now it'si ana!., :J —, «_w_-»_._ j— TI in the Army in "The Solid Gold Dog Tag." 5 Hitchcock Presents: Eileen Heckart. Don Delore costar in "Coming, Mama." A cou- 7:30—2 Wyatt Earp: Earp aids; George Gobel and sultry son- Sheriff Brhan who is framed! on a robbery charge in "Until j Proven Guilty." Steve Brodie. 4 Dobie Gills: Tired of be-' ing pampered. Chatsworth de-j cides to join Dobie and Maynard stress Diahann Carroll guest. "Year' is 1922. 5 JFK Report No Durotfiy (IMS) Story of yotffig tttttrit couple and nw coonjt hava when Icamtnt nwtlw tt dylnit of cancw. , 9:30-2 Highway Patful 9 10:00—2 Man without a Qua 4 Newi: SpciMMf Allen 5 News: Bob Hllle 9 New. Walter Ren 10:10-4 Weather: Fontaine 5 Weather: St. James 10:15-4 Eye en St. Loufo 5 Jack Paar: (Color) Paar returns tonight with Andy Williams, Alex King guests. 9 Out of This World 10:30—2 Movie: Rhonda Flem* ing. Gtry Madison: "Bullwhlp' (1958) Man is framed on murd er charge. 4 Movie: Paul Muni Anita Louise: "Story of Lout Pasteur" (1935) Life of man who discovered cures for dread diseases, anthrax and hydrophobia. 10:55-11 News Roundup 11:00—11 Movie: Martha Dris- 2! coll, Tom Neal: "Blonde Alibi' (1942) Commercial flyer finds himself in real trouble when the man his girl was to i many is murdered. 1 12: 00— 4 Movie: Ann Harding Following the supper the follow-!Eye is on the Sparrow" and pre- Bailey of Hardin: two nieces and;bum out titled. "Walter Brennan their daughters, Mrs. W. Edmis-'at the Fireside." Not many people ton and daughter. Patty, of Alton know it but Brennan's other .two and Mrs. W. Wilson and daughters jalbums sold in the Barbara and Nancy of Grafton; .Bobby Darrin, who Mr. and Mrs. W. LnMarsh and | whole country snap billions made the its fingrs. Assossment of the first 82 days; of President Kennedy's administration. NBC newsman Edwin Newman U anchorman, 9 Casals Master Class: "Bach, Suite No. 1 in G. Major for unaccompanied cello." 11 Movie: Robert Young, Herbert Marshall: "Flame With in" (1934) Attractive woman psy chiatrist straightens out lives oj drunkard and unhappy girl who wants to marry him. 5 News: You Asked 12:OS-2 News: Comedy Time 1:15—4 News: Prayer Wednesday Daytime, April 12 t Kilted Pram GfWutQt ow. prlv*t« ertnrml Mar Oil hfttoric mintnf town in tfie CaHfofflla aern Mofr day night Wiling two of tile three men aboard. Tht tone survivor wa§ 3. J. Starlwy, president of the Stockton, Calif., box company. He Buffered a broken rib. Killed wen pilot WilUafn P. Mathteson, 47, Stockton, and David Fairbrother, 48, a San Francisco attorney. Witnesses said the Cessna 183 .was trying to land shortly after sundown on an unllghted dirt F.E.OILBERT DlilOL44tt« Honesty h Our Policy WrLLHILFFUT YOU w INTHi DRIVHS lt*tr Dial Cratfif D»pmoomt Cl toll* ILLINOIS STATE BANK OF EAST ALTON EAST ALTON, ILL t TM* BEST POSSIBLE HOME LOAN OH THE BEST POSSIBLE TERMS ("III /'•US ll;l • -T plun Uin) rouowmg me supper ine louow- c*ye is on ine opnrrow ana pre-i^ir. anu «ir». «. uiitutinu aiiu;miuir L-UUMUJT aiiap iu> uiigia.; ing church school teachers werejsented her molher with a corsageiMr. and Mrs. Thomas Edsall of has a prnblem: He's too much ini 7:00—4 Morning St. Louis recognized: Mrs. Fannie Slaten,|and her father with a boutonniere.jalton: Mrs. Faye Fulkerson, Mrs.;demand. Young singer will forego Mrs. R. Baxter. Mrs. K. Taylor.! Others appearing on the pro-jJ. Bradfish. Miss Freda Fvei- TV til) '62 and do only guest Mrs, C. Pellikan. Mrs. W." Q. Smith, Mrs. Art Wilson. Mrs. Art gram and relating instances of j man. Earl Legate and Forrest shots along with scheduled four their association with the couple)Duncan. movies Are people getting smaller? 8:15-2 4 DR. X-RAY HAS THE ANSWER! DETROIT MUST THINK WE'VE SHRUNK... TO 6tT INTO THESE "LOW AAV X-RAY BOOKS* SHOW ONLY A RAMBLER 6IVES Y FULL YARD Of HEADROOW SEAT TO ROOF. Plymouth Falcon t Comet BuicK SP«C'»> tpldsF-85 . Corvai' THIS RAMBLER CLASSIC is THE ONLY COMPACT FOR SIX 6-FOOTERS. 1 Dave Garroway 7:30—2 Community Album 8:00—2 Camera Two •4 News: Grimsby Willie Wonderful Capt. Kangaroo 8:30—2 Romper Room 9:00—1 December Bride 5 Say When 9 In School Programming 9:30—2 Jack LaLanne Show 4 Video Village 5 Play Your Hunch: (Color) 10:00-2 Topper 4 Double Exposure Price is Right (Color) News: Hayward Surprise Package Concentration Coffee Break Morning Court Love of Life Truth or Consequences Love That Bob Search for Tomorrow I 5 Could Be $ou (Color) 11:45-4 Guiding Light 11:55—5 NBC News: Scherer Noon—2 Camouflage 4 5 News: Weather 9 TV College 11 The Story 12:05—4 Burns and Allen 5 Charlotte Peters 12:30—2 Number Please 4 As the World Turns LI Modern Almanac 1:00—2 About Faces 4 Face The Facts 5 Jan Murray: (Color) 11 Movie: "Claudia" See Wed. 9 p.m. Ch. 11. 1:15—9 News: Walter Ross 1:25-2 ABC News: Al Mann 1:30—2 Comedy Playhouse 4 House Party 5 Loretta Young 2:00—2 Day in Court 4 Millionaire 5 Young Dr. Maione •.':30—2 Seven Keys 4 Verdict is Yours 5 From These Roots 3:00—2 Queen for a Day 4 Brighter Day 5 Make Room for Daddy 11 Ilka Chase 3:15—4 Secret Storm 3:30—2 Who Do You Trust 4 Edge of Night 5 Here's Hollywood 9 English Literature 11 Scope: Documentary 3:45—11 Cartoons 4:00—2 American Bandstand 4 SS Popeye 5 Life of Riley 11 Capt. ll's Showboat 4:30—4 Movie: Robert Morley.j Ann Dvorak: "This Was Paris" 1 (1942) Paris dress shop is aj Fifth Column center. CITIZENS Dial CL 4-3842 DRAPES! CUSTOM-MADE AMI 5 Wranglers Club (First 15 min. color.) 5:00—2 Loiie Ranger 9 Krickety-Krackety 5:23—5 Mr. Magoo 5:30—2 News: Hayward 5 Whirlybirds OF CHARGE! i NOWI DRAPERIES pleated to exact i width in inches — Plus: 5-INCH BOTI TOM HEMS. Weights In bottom of ail I Drapes. ! LARGE SELECTION OF NEW I-AU : RICS! Use Your Charge or Open an 1 Account) Getftembfer Excellence »FREE CAR X.RAY BOOKS AT ANY RAMBLER DEALER DID YOU KNOW-that Rambler Classic has more front-seat headroom than any Big J make, including the highest priced? • That most people believe ail compacts are small inside, but those who try a Gassic are amazed at its big-car room? • That the all-purpose Rambler Classic is the only compact with comfort space for six 6-foot- en>. even in all-day driving?- • Compare all the advantages over other cars ... get the lavishly illustrated, easy-to-read Car X- Ray Books. Free at Rambler dealers! •"This Rambler Classic is America's only middle-sized cor. MI Humbler Cbustc Custom, 6 or V-6 No other car is built like, saves like, lasts like the Classic with Rambler Excellence e FINEST RLST PROTECTION -exclusive Deep-Dip rim- proohng-~righl up to the roof—rights rus>t longest. e RATTLE-FREE—all-welded, stronger Single-Unit construction e INDIVIDUAL LEG ROOM—Sectional Sola From Seats (low- coil option) adjust separately to driser and pa^enger needs • PROVED LOWEST L'PKEEP-Rambler voted Amwkai most irouble-free car in impartial owner bur\e>» • PROVED LONG-TIME ECONOMY-No U.S. uu matchei the ga&-ba\mg Rambler Classic Tor lowest maintenance and hjgheu resale value over the >ear&. Superb Quality— Compact Price Although the roomy Rambler Classic is a finer car than the old "low-priced" curs, puces begin at least $212 below Ford, Chevrolet and Plymouth 4-doortcdan*. . . jusi a little above the small compacts. Monthly payments a& low as S45,«5. bojtfj nn */\ J<irt/j payitwnl. .tt>-<n»tilh >.<tnitint i art i m;; i/iarj,'i(s, llUeral la\e\ panl. Ofiivnul i^ui/ forialuni. insurant. Kul» aiij /^-<u/ /ujyi. i/ an), taitot) utmenu, rt.trwal i, iraru- fa* World standard of compact car excellence *"»"Git your fret Car X-Ray Book* at your Rambler dealer'tf" Trotter Motor Co* Inc., 49 Edwardsvllle Rd. Wood River TTTESDAY N-News KSD (NDC) w— Weather _.„ ..., S— Sports 800 KC T; C s M - 0:5°, J :f« 7 .00 .15 .30 .45 8 .00 30 Us 9 .00 .IS .30 .15 N- S; Law Huslness; Welk Hille N Coma: N N: S A. Kostelanetz World N E. Moman N: Music N. Music tt tt N: Music N. Music Metronome MBM^B-aW... ^ M -~~ Memories & :: 11^ 1 1 .45 » 61 7 .00 .11 :JS 8 :S .30 .45 9 r. .i? lol n :S .30 .« J2| «•« IB 4K 3 .r . !U mmmmomm* 4i N: Memorlet Memories " Memories: N H. Gunther Roedel N H. Gunlher xocdel N N: Gunlher H Gunther Hoedel N World N H. Gunther N: Gunther H. Gunther N: Burke J ; Burke .» » N ; Newiom* ci ; New»ome .* >• N. Newsome G. Newsome N P (1uu«« PtV. » i> \ Party e ii'iuse I'tv. N; Burlte N : Ntwioroe G. Newiome u Newtonu t Hawk* Play 5U» G«me. b;30 9. 1 Miwlc. \VE\V (»I»S) 110 HC Music World N; W; Music Music World Music: N: W Sign Off W Opener Music World U Viewpoint Music World N. W; Music Music; N: W Mu«ir World N: W: Music Music World Music: N Music World ii *• N. W: Music Music: N; W Music World '» 'I N: W. Music Music: N; W Music World it '* N: W; Music Music: N: W Music World N. W: MUSIC Music: N: W Music tVorld N. W. Music Music. N: W Music World »t •* N: W: Music Mu.sic; N; W Music world " M N: W; Music Music: N; W MUSIC VVCMU N: W: Music Music World Musxv N: W HMOX (CBS) 1130 KC N: W: Davis B. Anlhonv S: N N: S N In Person B. Burnes S: N The World P. Story Q. Music N; Music Q. Music N; Music Q. Music N J. Buck N: Buck J. Buck • • ft *» •• EDNESDAY N: Wllll«ms U. Williams Clockwatcher N: W Rex Devi* World N Clockwatcher Rex Davis clockwatcher N: W clockwatcher Flair: Scott N: Godfrey A Godfrey N: Pertv House Party (j. Moore (.riifchy Clounfty Your Service Rex Davis Your Service II H • • »• tl II N: McCormlck J. McCormlck C. William* •i >» Your Servte* M 11 >• H H tt N: Buck }, *«* KWK 18SO KG N: Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard N: Richard K. Richard S: Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Wilde D. Wilde N; Wild* p. Wilde N: Wilde D. Wilde »» M N; Wilde D. Wilde S: Wilde D Wilde N; Wilde D. Wilde N; Watch N. Watch N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N; Club Coffee Club N: Davis G. Davit N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis G. Davit N; Davis G. Davis N; Davis G. Davle N; Davis G. Davli N: Davis G. Davis N: Davis C Davis N: Jone* J. Jones N; Jones J. Jones N: Jones J. Jones N; Jones J. Jones N. Jones J. Jones N: KUhurd K. Richard K.' Klchtrd N: BtoMrd K Richard BU/nes, r«5 H«wk Preview; «:U U»wiu-Bo»ta»: • \VOKZ 1510 Kt> N: Music S. Digest J. Palen Palen- N Sign Ott - N: Day Bob Day N: Day S: Day N: Day Bob Day N Bob Day N: Music Take Break Tell A Quli R. Benson N: Benson R. Benson *• ii N: rime Cty. Time M Galnes N Harm Mkl. Hev. Burgund Club News N: Day Bob U.y S : Music )( . Benson N: Pftw .', l '*}f n N; PalM J. Pain tt II 00 The World: »:J8 P. N. HIRSCH & CO. Alton Plaza North Alton Wilshire Village Downtown Wood River WEST JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM . 1961 "Miss Alton i Pageant" \ \tpril 15-7:30 p.m. Idword N, Poltn of WOKZ Master of Ceremonies Ticket* on sale at following loctttloiu Mid at the dour: PHIUN'S PAINT. WALLf API* STORI 101 W. Broadway—Alton IAIN A/« Supw Skip FOOO MAIT Kut Kim—Alton 01 511 ANY JC tr MISS ALTON CONTISTANTI

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