Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 10, 1963 · Page 4
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 4

Mt Vernon, Illinois
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Tuesday, December 10, 1963
Page 4
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THE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1963 MT. VERNON REGISTER-NEWS 118 North Ninth Street, Mt. Vernon, Illinois (DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY) MT. VERNON NEWS ESTABLISHED 1871 MT. VERNON REGISTER ESTABLISHED 1882 CONSOLIDATED SEPTEMBER 28, 1920 EDWIN RACKAWAY _ Editor WM C RACKAWAY Bujineu Maneger ORIAN METCALF New« Editor JOHN RACKAWAY Sporti Editor GUY HENRY City Editor .,—— — Advertising Manager — - - Society Editor ROBERT K. THOMPSON IRENE PURCELL JOHN McCLURE MEMBER OF TKF ASSOCIATED MESS The Associated Press It exclusively entitled to use for the publication of all news credited to it or not other­ wise credited In this paper and also the local news published therein. Second Class Postage paid at Mt. Vernon, Illinois „_•- Circulation Manager SUBSCRIPTION RATE Subscriptions must be paid in advance By Mail, Jefferson County end adjoining counties, one year % 7.00 6 months $4.25; 3 months 42.75; 1 month S 1.00 By mail outside Jefferson and adjoining counties within 250 miles, one year, $10.00; 6 months $6.00; 3 monthi $4.00; per single month $1.50. Outside 250 miles, 1 year.... $11.00 6 months, $7.00; 3 months $4.50; one month $1.75. Delivered by carrier In dty per weelc 30 A Thought For Today Her children rise up and rail her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.—Proverbs 31:28. o-o-o o-o-o o-o-o When God thought of mother, He must have laughed with satisfaction, and framed it quickly—so rich, so deep, so divine, so full of soul, power, and beauty, was the conception—Henry Ward Beecher. Editorial The Error Of Snap Judgments THE SLENDER YOUNG WOMAN who walked away from the ' White House a bare fort-night after her husband was cruelly struck down will be remembered as a First Lady unique in American history. Millions in America and the world saw the incredible courage and dignity with which she met the ordeal of John F. Kennedy's violent death and his solemn burial. It is not clear how many, particularly in her own country, grasped the full import of Jacqueline Kennedy's illustrious example. For the hard truth is that, until tragedy struck, countless Americans had been sadly misjudging her as a frivolous, flighty, glamor-conscious, pleasure-seeking woman who graced the White House poorly All the solid evidence was against this harsh verdict. But, unhappily, many Americans—perhaps many in the world—are given to measuring people according to shallow stereotypes. In Jacqueline Kennedy 's case, the stereotype was made of such fragments as these: a "breathless" voice that sounded to some like affectation, pictures of her in such informal attire as Capri pants, or with wind-tousled hah", or laughing gaily on some foreign beach. The root truth is that she is a woman of high breeding and great sensitivity, well versed in literature and the arts, independent of spirit (she held her own against the army of Kennedys), a devoted mother determined that her spotlighted children should have as nearly a normal life as possible, a faithful, dutiful wife to a man who held the world's most demanding job. Far from treating her White House years as a time for frivolity, she used them as fruitfully as any First Lady in the nation's whole history. She set about with unmatched intelligence and dedication to make of the White House a living repository of all the best In the nation's background. Her restoration efforts were remarkable for their taste and thoroughness, and the new First Lady, Mrs. Lyndon Johnson, is wisely urging her to continue them. Mrs. Kennedy also made of the White House a center for the celebration of the arts, a place where the greatness of the spirit could bo honored again and again. Here came poets, dramatists, musicians, dancers of high fame. At no time did this make the White House less than a home for her, for her late husband and for their two children. Somehow it managed also to be school, playground and comfortable home all the while she was busy enhancing its symbolic image for the good of all Americans. This, then, is the woman whose character and quality were given supreme test in the searing, gruelling hours from midday, Nov. 22, until now. The manner in which she bore herself in that test was no surprise to anyone who had troubled to look beyond the fragile stereotype. She behaved exactly as she had always behaved— true to herself and those she loved. Now that millions have been awakened to her always visible qualities, perhaps they will move with greater care hereafter in judging not only the broad range of public figures, but their friends and associates as well. Jacqueline Kennedy should have taught us all to measure people not with surface labels, not by artificial standards which in fact are merely the appraiser's own, but by the only fair, gauge: fidelity to oneself, the best in oneself and in humanity. Medley ACUOSS 1 Jumps 0 Direction 11 Trying experience 13 Harsh 14 Official program 15 Kitihen implement \fi Hups'kiln 17 Aries 19 Fish eggs 20 Uoks amorously 22 Dispassionate 26 Puff up 31 Turns inside out S2 Shabbier 33 Milk-curdling substance 34 Entreaty 35 Grimace 3G Cuddle 37 Noted golfer 40 Mongrel 43 Hen product 44 Worm 47 Most painful 41) Joins 52 Attacks 53 High home* 54 Globules 65 Pithy DOWN 1 African worm 2 Therefore (Ulln) 3 Drinks made ' from fruit 4 Confined 5 Sorrowful 6 Fiber knot* 7 Above 8 City In Nevada 0 Woodland plat 10 She 12 Greatest MAtW 18 Masculine nickname 20 Musteline mammals 21 Percolated slowly 22 Indian weights 23 Level 24 Low sand hfil 25 Finnish name 27 Race course circuits 28 Dill 29 Short-necked river duck 30 Mystery novelist, —• Gardner 32 Nicaragnan lake 38 Seines 39 Exempli gratia (ab.) 40 Ice cream S. container 41 Bear constellation 42 Bamboolike grass 44 Ireland 45 Mix 40 Observes 47 Convulsive cry 48 Streets (ab.) 50 Kind of profit 51 Mariner's direction 1 2 3 4 ! 1 f 1 8 3" nr II i 3 14 5 I" • I 14 J I • I „ I I * 1 39 I 1 • IT IT h BP p il 12 t | ii H 56 10 Inauguration in Venezuela i HOROSCOPE FORECAST By CARROLL RIOHTER WASHINGTON COLUMN.... By PETER EUSON Washington Correspondent Civil Rights Bill Petition Gives Johnson First Test- Newspaper Enterprise Association ASHINGTON—A first test on President Johnson's influence with Congress is shoping up on civil rights. The Johnson jjnal is simply to get Hit' ndnilnist ration's civil rights hill cleared by thr House Rules Committee before Christmas, lor floor action early next year. Octogenarian Howard VV. Smith, D-Vn., chairman of the Rules Committee, has made a flat .statement that he will not let the civil rights hill be reported out this year. He is sup- w ported in this position by southern Democrats, the House Republican leadership and a House GOP caucus. President Johnson has approved an effort by liberal Democrats to force the bill out of the Rules Committee for a floor vole. 'Phis can be done only by a petition signed by 218 of the 435 representatives. According to H o u s e rules this petition was not to bo placed in the well of the House for signing before Dec. 9 and cannot bp considered by the whole House before Dec. 23. This m iikes it a battle against time. Many congressmen want to adjourn the session for the Christmas holidays on Dec. 20. Some would like to push adjournment to Dec. 17 nr oven Dec. 14. Congress would then reconvene on Jan. 2. -o- -O- -0- Roy Wilkins, executive secretary of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and chairman of the SO-organizatinn Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, thinks that the 218 signatures can bo obtained. NAACP and other Negro organizations have counted congressional noses on Ibis score often enough to know. Hut VViikins admits that he doesn't have absolute pledges to sign and that after 200, the going will be tough. So the out come will be close and il could be failure. Rut Wllkins says: "We won't make a Imw to anyone's Christmas vacation to get action tiiis year." In other words, lie wants Congress to work right through the Christmas holidays. Most conirressmen say there* isn't a chance. But Wilkins, speaking only for himself and not for his organization, says: ''This is a crusade. It can't be guided by cold realism. You have to believe in fairies and magic will be accomplished." This is like believing there will be another Christmas miracle this year. The political question is what will happen if there isn't a miracle. •o- o -o- WilU'nis promises retaliation at the polls in the 19R4 elections. Failure to sign the petition will place a congressman under suspicion, though it won't necessarily blacklist him. Rut he will have to have a good alibi. Failure to vote for civil rights legislation on final passage will subject a congressman (o N.AAC'P opposition. Wilkins says that a moratorium on direct political action of this kind has not speeded congressional passage of civil rights legislation in the past, i "This year's demonstrations 1 have sharpened appreciation of the issue," he adds. People In The News ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) —Francis Gary Powers, former U2 pilot once convicted by the Soviet Union as a spy, has entered the Lovelace Clinic for what was described as a routine physical examination. Powers now is a Lockheed test pilot at Burbank, Calif. A spokesman at the clinic said GENERAL TENDENCIES: All sorts of opportunities are present Wednesday for you to acquire whatever knowledge and understanding you desire as well as to find articles or persons whom you have had difficulty In locating ere this. Determine early to get a great deal accomplished today and tomorrow and proceed in dynamic fashion. ARIES (March 21 to April 19) Being basic in all of your affairs, whether personal or business, brings the best results. Use your intuition with mate this evening and reach better rapport. TAURUS (April 20 to May 20) Listen carefully to views of partners and be sure you coordinate your efforts where matters of policy are concerned. Later, step out together for relaxation. Lift tensions. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) A bit of enthusiasm is all that is needed to get those many duties behind you quickly, satisfactorily. Co-workers will understand yoour ideas and gladly cooperate with you. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) You can certainly make greater progress through your own talents, so be sure to commercialize on them. Be dented to loved one tonight. You vill get fine response and happiness increases. LEO (July 22 to August 21) Kin look to you to be helpful in bringing greater harmony within the home, so be sure not to disappoint them. Know where you are going in business affairs. Then make concrete plans. VIRGO (August 22 to September 22) Much talk with those who are experts in your own field brings forth better ideas that lead to greater profit, success. Fine day for Christmas shopping, too. Don't be extravagant. LIBRA (September 23 to October 22~\ Giving full attention to financial affairs shows SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (AP) . . ,. . . , • i Bob Hope apparently will be ganizatmns in the leadership , AB , E LO MAKE NJS ANNUAL Q,^,. Monday Powers will be given v, n „, /,„,/„ 0 „ •,;„":"'";""„;••"„,• an examination and tests such ^ S ™s.^ ^ as are given test pilots once a ^ ' w n n* I hai Jf™ s are „„.,.. I made to property. Get the approval of others, also their esteem. SCORPIO (October 23 to year. Conference on Civil Rights are being reinforced by 30 special legislative lobbyists from the United Steel Workers Union to pressure congressmen into signing the House discharge petition. These forces will be supplemented by volunteers from other labor unions, church groups and Negro organizations in a drive to get some Mouse action on civil rights this year. It is admitted there is no chance to gel Senate action before late spring or earty summer. The Doctor Pings Treat Those With Orthostatic, Hypotension By WAYNE G. BRANDSTADT, M.D. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Q — I am 35 and suffer from nausea, dizzy spells and fainting. I have been told that this is due to orthostatic hypoten­ sion. What is this? What causes it and is there any drug that might help me? A — Whenever a change of position from lying or sitting to standing causes a fall in blood pressure sufficient to produce the symptoms you mention, a diagnosis of orthostatic hypotension can bo made. What happens is that the lowered pressure prevents the brain from getting enough oxygen. This oftenh appens to people who have taken too largo a dose of a drug to control their high blood pressure and to victims of diabetes, multiple sclerosis and adrenal deficiency. In most victims, the cause is unknown. In treating this condition elastic stockings that reach to the hip and an abdominal binder help to keep all the blood from going to the foot and abdomen. Transfusions of dex- tran are sometimes necessary, but most victims can be benefited by treatment with drugs. Q — What is hemolytic streptococcus infection? Is il serious? Is it contagious? What is the usual treatment for it? A — The streptococcus is one i of the so-called pus formers and the hemolytic variety destroys red blood cells. This is the germ that causes strep sore throat, erysipelas, tonsilitis, child bed lever, scarlet fever, \ blood poisoning, rheumatic fever, and rheumatic heart disease.' mas season tour to entertain troops abroad despite a worrisome eye condition. Vision in Hope's left eye is blurred by a blood clot on the retina. He has been under treatment at Children's Hospital in San Francisco since Friday and a spokesman said Monday he probably will remain there until the end of the week. But, the spokesman added, Hope's planned visil to U.S. military bases in the Mediterranean shouldn't have to be curtailed. PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Rep. William J. Green, D-Pa., 53, is in critical condition in a Philadelphia hospital after an oper- ition for peritonitis. Green was stricken Sunday A -hile in New York for the funeral of Herbert H. Lehman, former New York governor. Today In History By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Today is Tuesday, Dec. 10, the 344th day of 1963. There are 21 days left in the year. Today's highlight in history: On this date in 1898, the peace treaty ending the Spanish-American War was signed. Under its terms the United States gained sovereignty over Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines and Guam. On this date: In 1607, Capt. John Smith left Jamestown, Va., to explore the Chickahominy River and subsequently was rescued by the Indian princess, Pocahontas. In 1869, women in Wyoming Territory were given the right to vote and hold public office. In 1917, Gen. AUenby's expeditionary force captured the city of Jerusalem during World War I. In 19-11, the British Cruiser Repulse and the battleship Prince of Wales were sunk by Japanese torpedo planes off Ihe coast of Malaya during World War II. In 1918, the U.N. General Assembly adopted the universal declaration of human **ights. Ten years ago. . .AFL President George Meany quit as advisor of the foreign operations administration on the grounds that the U.S. agency had ignored free labor in combating Commu- All but the last three are con- 1 nii i nl abroad, tagious. ! . Elvo years ago. . .Internation- November 21) Get rid of doubts and fears now and impress others with your dynamic, dependable ways. Be sure you are dressed in the height of fashion. Be practical. SAGITTARIUS (November 22 to December 21) Concentrate upon talking less and listening to others for the information you require now. Take the time to assist others who are in need. Kindlier at> titude toward mate is vital in PM. CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 20) You can rely on a loyal friend for the cooperation you need to achieve greater success at this time. Social affairs bring new understanding, ideas in PM. Be cheerful, charming. AQUARIUS (January 21 to February 19) Higher-ups and the public will support you in any large charitable or humanitarian projects you may have. Speak to as many key people as possible. State aims clearly. PISCES (February 20 to March 20) Delving into new and interesting outlets at this time can make the future infinitely more profitable and fascinating. New acquaintances are very helpful. Be friendly. IF YOUR CHILD IS BORN TODAY ... the main idea in the m ! n d of this dynamic youngster win oe to gel results, and without delay. Hence, it behooves you to give the finest possible education of a practical nature in order that the energies may be channeled along right lines. Much money can be made in various fields. Teach to listen to what others have to say. "The Stars impel, they do not compel." What you make of your life is largely up to YOU! Carroll Righter's Individual Forecast for your sign for January is now ready. For your copy send your birthdate and SI.00 to Carroll Righter Forecast The Mt. Vernon Register- News, Box 1921, Hollywood 28, California. (Distributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) )NewS SHRDLSHRAA Communications Clnrlcsville, Ark. Ml. Vernon Register-News: We send you greetings, and also wanl to thank you and your paper for all you did lo help us get a line on our Bean kin in Mt. Vernon area. The response "Vu .-i was good. A number of our books (he night club operator who J wnth t0 yom . town; m batiks Cut Down On Ruby's Use Of Phone In Jail DALLAS (AP) - Jack Ruby, killed accused presidential assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, is described as "getting a little grumpy" in his jail cell. "We've cut down on the number of phone calls he can make and told him he can't have some of the visitors lie wanted," Sheriff Bill Decker said Monday. "He's not too happy about it." The sheriff reported earlier that. Ruby, 52, was a model prisoner. Meanwhile, Decker was thinking ahead to Feb. 3. Ruby is due to appear in Criminal District Court that day for trial on a charge of murdering Oswald. Decker will be responsible for the prisoner's courtroom safely, and the sheriff has received numerous suggestions. One proposal is (or Ruby to sit inside a capsule of bullet-proof glass while in court. There is a question in the minds of some lawyers, however, about how far Decker could go without risk that the Texas O/urt of Criminal Appeals would set aside a conviction. Lawyers speculate the appeals court would rule that a capsule of bullet-proof glass or other elaborate arrangements could influence jurors as they weigh a verdict. Defense counsel Tom Howard talked of seeking freedom on bond for Ruby after he shot Oswald in the City Hall basement Nov. 24. It appears now, hu«- ever, that Ruby will stay in the county jail until his trial. Today In Washington $1,000 Fines For WASHINGTON (AP)-In the news from Washington: Cambodia broadcast: U.S. officials expressing shock and outrage, sought to verify reports that Cambodia's government- controlled radio had called for a celebration of the deaths of Thailand's premier and President John F. Kennedy. A State Department spokesman said a Cambodian broadcast had been heard apparently rejoicing at the death of state "enemies" in Thailand and in South Viet Nam, along with "the great boss of these aggressors" —taken here as a slurring reference to Kennedy 1 ! assassination, Nov. 22. Quick Quiz Q--Ho\v many islands make up the Thousand Island group? A -No complete count has ever been made, because some of the islands are only small points or rock above the water. But. there arc at least 1,700 islands in the group. were published. We mentioned your help in our books. The letters coming from Ihe Bean folks in your area were very Interesting and enthusiastic. Without your help, wc might not have learned of them. At the lime we were making up the hooks, we lived in Alhambra, Calif. Now we live in Clarksville, Ark. And we live where there is a nice group of Bean folks also. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. GUY L. KING 201 Cline Road. Clarksville, Ark. Nixon Wrote Best Essay NEW YORK (AP) — A veteran court official says Richard M. Nixon wrote the best essay for admission lo the New York bar that he has seen in 28 years. Lowell C. Wndmond, chairmnn of the state Appellate Division's Committee on Character and fitness, released the text of the former vice president's 500-word essay Friday, after getting clearance from presiding judge Rernard Botein. •»«ACHE Caused by^ 1 —— Sluggish Kidneys DeWitt '8 Pills help flush kidney* to relieve backache, body or joint pains, mild bladder irritation* and restlessness. DeWitt's Pill» use direct diuretic action for in*> proved kidney activity, and • mild analgesic for fast pain re* lief. Double-action DeWitt 'a Pills often mean a moro oclivq I lif ei _ ^ DeWitt's Pills NOW THRU WED. Adult- Entertainment Not Recommended For Children GRANADA Vicious Trick! COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. (AP) ! —A man and woman have been j fined 51,001) each and Riven six-! month suspended sentences for i handing out tranquilizer pills as "trick or treat" candy to children last Halloween. They are Mrs. Edna McCrory, 39, a Philadelphia divorcee, and Frederick E. Waterhouso, 60, of Collingswood. Mrs. McCrory stated she gave the pills to the children by mistake. YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING IN THE WORLD LIKE... lOSEW E. IEVINE prtnnti yV WOMEN OF THE WORLD TECHNICOLOR® Joseph B. Lcvine prcaciito SOPHIA L0REN Technicolor* Techuirama70'mm tolirtiSjrdijtsMea i TIMES TONIGHT—TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY "Women of World" 8:30 "Mndnnio." 6:30 Open 6—Starts 6:30 Phono 242-3175 Coffee: Informed sources said today the U.S.-sponsored international coffee agreement appears in danger of dying for lack of U.S. congressional approval ol legislation to make it operative in this country. The agreement, hailed as a plan to save coffee-producing countries from economic chaos, provides that importing and exporting nations must ratify it by Dec. 31 to make it effective. Congress is planning to recess for the Christmas holidays Dec. 22. The agreement cannot be operative without U.S. participation. Complications include sinu- al Teamsters Union President HUMOR He refers to "the terror, Ihe persecution, the assassination • of Medgav Evers in Mississippi, j brain the death of four little girls in a Birmingham Sunday School bombing" as an accumulation of events demanding faster ac; lion now. ' "Within '-M hours after Argentina threatened to confiscate American oil properties, there were demands in Cnn- I gress that foreign aid be cut off," Wilkins points out "If Congress can gel that excited about nil," lie asks, "why riin'l it do somcthlni; about killing little girls'.'" i From 'J5 to 50 Washington I representatives of > the 80 or- sitis, middle car infection, pneu- James R - HofIa announced a monia, arthritis, meningitis, and' tim ' e to unionize every police- kdney infeeton. All are serious, '» a " in the United States, and all are cured by antibiotics, | One year ago. . .The Ameri- cspecially penicillin. lean Farm Bureau Federation H — Is histidiiie which is failed on farmers to join in confound in protein the same as vincing Congress that the fed- histamine which causes al- cral government should get out lergy? Whntd rugs reduce the of agriculture. histamine in the system? • A — Hlslldine, an amino acid essential for growth, is found in all proteins. Histamine is an amine and it too is found in all animal and vegetable cells. In high concentrations histamine acts as a dilator ol small blood vessels. When this occurs in the it causes th" so-called histamine headache. Both of these chemical names are derived from the Greek "histos" meaning tissue. There are literally dozens of antihistaminic drugs. Some of the most commonly used are diphenhydra­ mine, hydroxyzine and prome­ thazine. <} — I am tuliliit; Dexamyl to reduce. My doctor is also giv-! f , ni ing me Elavil. What is it for? ' A — Amylriptyline (Elavil) is Kidnaping: State Department officials portray the seizure of four Americans in Bolivia as more of an accident than an anti-American act. They said Monday they believed the Americans just happened to be in the mine area when left-wing tin miners got word two of their leaders had been seized by the government. World News SAIGON, Viet Nam (AP) South Viet Nam plans to send an emissary to Cambodia to explore possibilities of restoring diplomatic relations between the two countries, it was learned today. Cambodia broke relations with South Viet Nam in August after president Ngo Dinh Diem's regime raided Buddhist pagodas throughout South Viet Nam. Nearly all Cambodians are Buddhists. HIST GOIN' FISHIN' A vacationer stopped at. a country store and saw this sign: "This store will be closed August 20 on account of the weather." As it was then only August 15, the traveler asked the proprietor how he could know what the weather would be in five days. | "Well," he said, "if she tains light, I'm goin' fishin.' If it's' a heavy rain, I'm goin' to stay ' home and work on my tackle." "But how do you know it's going to rain?" asked the visitor. Don't care if it rains or not GENUINE BREAK-RESISTANT STET5UIM M ELM AC® DINNERWARE Quality, Beauty and Guaranteed Economy.« 45-pc. Service for 8 Stetson M ELM AC GENUINE MELMAC h exciting new patterns created for your finest dining ... so safe they need no pampering. VOGHEREA, Italy (AP)-Two trainmen were convicted Mon^ day night of multiple manslaughter and causing a railway disaster in which 64 persons were killed. They were sentenced to 13 years in prison. The disaster on May 31, 1962, injured 75 others. Lanfranco Pigiani, 29, the engineer, and Soriano Fabbri, his assistant, were sentenced on charges of multiple manslaughter and causing a railway disaster. Pigiani and Fabbri were at the controls of a freight train that rammed the rear of a crowded passenger train standing in a station. a mild traiuiuilizer. Persons who lake it should bee becked hp sniped. "If its sunny. Ill every 6 months for signs of S° fishin' or work on - my increased tension in the eye. j 'ackle anyway. All depends on I cused of trying to smuggle in balls (glaucoma). I the weather." 'txplofiv**. Milne wu tcquitUjd, OTTAWA (AP) - The Cuban military court that sentenced Ronald Patrick Lippert of Kitchener, Ont., to 30 years in prison lias rejected his appeal, foreign Secretary Paul Martin told the House of Commons Monday. Lippert and William Milne, of Montreal, were arrested in Havana Oct. 24 after landing in a small plane. They were ac- SENSATIONALLY SALE PRICED * 8 Dinner Plate* * I Sugar *8 Soup -Cereal * I Sugar Lid * 8 Salad Plates * I Creamer *8 Saucers ^ I Platter * 8 Cups *l Vegetable Dish TWO GREAT STORES IN MT. VERNON, ILLINOIS II SOUTH I : ILLINOIS BROKERAGE . J Under Supervision ol Store Management. Inc.

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