The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 24
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 24

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

New 'Thought Control' Campaign By.'j. M.'.Robert! Jr. . .Osociated Press Xews Anilytt " NEW YORK HV-T.he Coinrounist party in the United -States is reaching out to people it has never contacted before in a new "thought control" campaign and a new, direct, political effort. New names are being added to its mailing lists, new books and pamphlets to its publications. The party recently adopted a new emphasis on "Americanism." The latest pamphlet, a general outline oj the program, is entitled "The American Way to Jobs-Peace- Democracy." in the New York Smith Act trial; ages to offer almost all the most; significant and most.familiar Kremlin policies, including: A return to what it terms the Roosevelt policy of big power ne- "The American Way," published gotiation againstHPresiunably-the and the summation speeches by Pettis Purry and Elizabeth Lurley Flynn. Distributed By Mail in April, carries the imprint os New Century Publishers, 832 give weight to the desires of all 1 Broadway^ New York, does not carry the author's name, but is being distributed by mail accompanied by a letter signed by William Z. Foster, Pettis Perry and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, on stationery of the Communist Party. U. S. A One phrase in the letter calls It joins numerous recent fractsifor "resolving differences, not their playing. on the prejudices connected with racial and labor problems, arid in defense of the Communist leaders convicted during the :past couple of years. Among these tracts are "Sew Opportunities in the Fight for Peace and. Freedom' by Andrew Stevens;, "Next Steps in the .Struggle for Negro Free- sharpening," and calls attention to United Nations system designed to nations, large or small. Would Halt Rearming An end to the arms race. Promotion of world trade. to join the Communists. Many phrases in the pamphlet actually are designed to play on the emotions of the'racially prejudiced ' and the. confused liberal. They are followed by many whole paragraphs which are almost identical with the official instructions of the old Comintern as to how class disunity is .to be created. The j American Communists don't say publicly, but the Comintern did, many and Japan. No intervention in the affairs of other nations, such as the Dulles effort to encourage the European satellites that liberation is eventual. "the American way" for doing s'O. j The third section attacks Mc- Tbe pamphlet starts out with theiCarthyism—an Atack which the flat 'statement that the United!senator must find very helpful-atj States is on the verge of an eco-jthis moment—and pays -the usualj nomic depression designed by the Communist lip service to the Con- An end to the rearming of GerJhat tha disunity thus created shall be seized upon at the proper time specific appeals to small business men, farmers and laborers as the Cominform ordered. Seei FaKitl Link It attempts to identify "anticom- munism" with fascism, as the Cominform-ordered. The party in 'the United States announced originally that it:- new outline of > ( objectives would be issued in a million-copy edition. That is "The American Way." People who never received any Communist propaganda before are receiving it now. It makes efforts to appear interested only in America, even to the point-, of asking for criticism of the program in an ef- with all peoples who have pioneered the new irontiers of history toward socialism." That i* the as the basis .for armed revolution, jfort to achieve, a coalition front All this new campaign is being carried on against the background of instructions recently issued byj the Russian-controlled Cominform. fr*ternily ~ disowned by True' Socialists ~ upon which the Lenin- Stalinists have always proclaimed Sunday, May 9, 1954 Page ft—The Sattna Journal their, reliance for world revolution. with non-Communist Americans— as ordered by the Cominform. -I But it also says, in the so-famil-b isr words of the Kremlin Commu- monopoUsts, aided fay the government, to,flatten small business and the common people. It goes on to stitution and the Bill" of Rights. The treatise admits that no onej group can meet the nation's needs, dom" by Hugh Bradley; "Thirteen American foreign policy, and the! and calls for unity of all the"dem- Communists Speak to the Court,"]section might have been writtenjocratic" and "peace-loving" forces, being the speeches of defendantsjby Molotov. It is brief, but man-jwhich in the Red lexicon is a call Cars Leave Road, Two Airmen Hurt High Court Okays Parking Lot Law Three Smoky Hill Air Force base airmen were involved in two weekend highway accidents. Two were hospitalized. j acquire off-street parking sites by as an independent write-in candi- TOPEKA, May 8 «!—A 1953 lawi first ^ ^ pmm . ^j Whitson, defeated in Uie 1952 primary election, ranj Most seriously injured was F. Murray, 23, Squadron, who suffered a broken back. . Charles N. Harris, 25, of the same squadron suffered cuts, ,™ ™» j hek , y. Air Refueling I* . . , .. Va - Sl) . „ itutional by the Kansas Supreme date in the general election. He polled 702 votes, to 704 votes for; 1 Court today. The law also permits financing of such projects *«ith revenue (bonds to be retired from the oper- j Roberts, the Democratic nominee,! and 636 votes for Reuben Magson. the GOP candidate. The official canvass found two , . Both are in the SHAFB hospital. Supreme west of Solomon as be was return-'. istitutional, the court ruled that a' 'contract between: Topeka and a remams there ^ has been termination by » contest court that 'iatiort of the parking facilities, and! more votes for Whitson, making! ,. jif needed, parking meter revenue.[the result a tie. Roberts won the !S "' — - Court's decision &P of a cow '" deciding the elec-j lute'came in a state court suit Flipping Not Enough hVrfr^n^r^.rTh^^id^Uga-stthe.Cityof.Topeka. The high court said the flipping! , = , between ,30 and 3 ™\™™,^^l*^^l£&& Rolls Three Times Martin said the car, traveling i municipally created corporation, „,..,„ around a curve, went out of con-jPark and Shop, is illegal in that-, 3 ' ™ s ' . IroU Plunged into a ditch and roll-Sit delegates powers conferred «P<>nj C( Jr other decislons ' the Su P reme «T over three times. It rammed and possessed by the city. j " ' about 200 feet ,nto the leld. It. was Mu ,i Cel Fees ^ by Jgck ^ ^ m [ pensively damaged. Murray was! The court saki thc ci(y shall j mcr > wjcMta resident who is serv- riding with Harris. i establish (he rates and fees to bej in g a life sentence in. the Slate Ihc second acndenl occurred on( dlargcd for uge of off . street park,ip m it cn Uary for the 1948 murder I m about 1:45 am Saturday,, ing faciMlies and p rescribe th c ! of Ernes , j.^ , Red) Dorman ; I Sheriff «,I. nous. said.-fhc clny«| mcth(K , of opcration . These powers! Affirmed a Sedgwick Countyj >vas Uiarlcs t hcriiggs „>. of t ie| cannol be delegated, wholly or in |D istr!ct Court decision overruling! 802iifl Installations Squadron. The 1 —• '- —- -..-.—i- •-J-— •-*—< —'.. - - ' cnr flipped over, near the Sbella- biirgcr terminal. The sheriff said Scrugss, who was alone, was uninjured. part, to any private individual or: (he demurrer of Lee J. Sproule corporation, tho, court said. an( j ^ G. Foy, Wichita drive-in theater owners, to a suit filed by t ln an appeal from Cowley County, the Supreme Court held that C. G. Whitson, former county commissioner, alleged sufficient contract under which Sullivan was grounds i.u contest the election of their exclusive movie booking his "successor Albert Roberts. i agent. 0. F. Sullivan seeking $105,204.29 damages for alleged breach of a First Aid Course Red Cross courses in water safety and first aid will be held Monday through Friday. i Gilbert. Gribhle, RC safety scrv-l ice representative, will be the in-1 structor. I All persons who have had standard and advanced courses in first aid are eligible. Courses will be! mu "* aluul! "«' <"• ™ UKU rv ™"" : luncheon meeting at Wiegner's at Riven at Asbury Hospital from 1 to| n '8 h scl ' oo! will give a spring rc-; nooni Tuesday. Reservations may 'I pm anil at Kansas Wcsleyan Uni-!cital at 8:15 pm Tuesday in the j be made by calling Jerome Cush- versity pool from 1 to 10 pm. pring Recital To Be Tuesday Music students at Sacred Heart To Hold Mental Health Luncheon The Saline County Association for Mental Health will hold a $3000 Added To YMCA Campaign Lincoln School auditorium. !™ a n at the public library. In tbe concert will be Mary Bcr-j iK.'in, Ella Rita Drees, Freda Gott-j A p Kami Hanimcll, -Delores! JHccker. .Margarita Hernandez.- WICHITA, May 8 ((ft-Bris, Gen.I (Ann Hogan, Agnes Huser, Maryj H . R Spicer will de!jvcr the dedi-j iKay Huser, Phyllis Marks, James | cal i on atidres c on Armed Forces i A total of S30W1 has-been added i Napier. Patricia Serrault, Mary| D3 y, May 15, when McConnell Air! (o the YMCA building fund the; A1 ' ce shca . Marcia Snliln . -lack| Forcc Base is formally dedicated.' vast two days making a tola\ of i Smith, Kay Svredenbcrg. Kay! Maj Gen G)enn 0 B j •$26.796.82. Grnver Simpson, drive i Trowbridgo and Frances Werth.i, ' . ' ," ' ; . . , .„ , _ , famed flving commander of the] Accompanists will be Fredai. ' Gottberg. Agnes Huser, Phyllis! 5th Air Force "" Korca> wfll give Marks, Mary Alice Shea and Marcia Smith. the Armed Forces Day address following Gen. Spicer's remarks..; chairman, said Saturday. Thirty-five percent of the cards have been reported and 45 percent of the $60,000 goal has been col- lecie:!, ho said. Simpson said the competition between the 16 teams is strong. j W. M. Ostcnbcrg's team, seventh j last Thursday, has jumpad into! first place, replacing Dean Evans team, which is now second. TOPEKA HV-The horse is in the, Dillinger contended Conrad was Ostcnberg's group has collected 1 !same class as the automobile as! in violation of state traffic laws $2434, Evans* $2300. jfar as the application of Kansas!for riding the horse on the high- Other teams ami amounts col-1 traffic laws is concerned, the state (way after dark without carrying kcted are: iSuprcme Court held Saturday, jany lights or lanterns. j Colbert Miller, $2156.67; Kelly! Facing the court was a question] Conrad asked that this allega-' Slaughter, $1979; Jack Fleming,jof whether a horse ridden on ajtion'be stricken from Dillinger'si J1905; the Rev. James Elliott, j highway after dark must carry! answer and the lower court grant-' $1810; Ed Shea, $1456.50: Vcrla[lights the same as a motor vc-'ed the request. If You're A Horse, You'd Better Carry A Light Ncsbitt, $850; Tom Liilard.'$834; j hide. Milton Sticfcl, $820; Del Weight- The court ruled that it does. The Supreme Court reversed this decision and said: man, $743; Virgil Bacr, $535; Jim The question arose in a suit filed! "The word 'vehicle' as defined' Ceisendorf. ?203 and Bill Penfold.jby Jack Conrad in Cherokee Coun-iby statute is sufficiently broad to! seeking damages from Wayne! include ridden animals. Every per-' me (cams have collected $18,208 -W ' 17, lected mittec. Clubs and organizations of]Conrad. Salina also have donated $605. by v The American Way" makes^ists: "We proclaim our fraternity!/ -——• —• !^->. .._... . ._ „ . j C AUTOMOBILE GLASS CURVED ^WINDSHIELDS Df STOCK Also the New GREEN SHADED AND TINTED AUTO GLASS FIBRE and PLASTIC AUTOMOBILE SEAT COVERS Tailored for Your Car AUTO UPHOLSTERING Upholstering and Interior Trim Repaired by Specialists using the Finest Materials Available. INQUIRE Salina Upholstering Co. Glen TJ. Serranlt. Owner. 127 S. 4th St. Phone 2332 EppsBooteru. 106 South Santa Fe brown sugar or black patent . . . 14.95 spring's' dapper tan... brown sugar to blend with every shade in, your colorful Spring wardrobe. Wear the light fool look ... in delightful little shoes, unmistakably ... P.. 5. Paradise Shoes O O o o o o o o o o o o n * f JI shoes \> o o .o $$$$$$$$$$$$$!$$& 131 N. Santa Fe Phone 5406 (OPEN THURSDAYS TIL 8:30) Appliance Sale-Save $30 to $69 Now WAS 357.95 FREEZER—15.5 CU. FT. 288.88 Larger capacity at fewer cost p«r cubic foot. That's th« new M-W Horns Freezer 15.5 cu. ft. capacity fr«ei« and jtorei 542 lot of food. 2 compartments give you lots of handy Jtorag« space. 2 big basket* and 2 divider! plut a frozen juice rack, utility fray and 2 ice cube trayj for easy jforage of food. Heavy duty Thermex insulation. Wrap-around condenser that ends cabinet sweating even in hunjid weather. Ask about Terms. WAS 254.95 REFRIGERATOR 204.88 Check th» low price and thc many features on this outstanding 8.3 en. ft. Refrigerator. Full-width freezer holds 43 Ibs. Pull-width froster Iray beneath freezer. A aluminum ic» trays with plastic grids. Ask about Terms. REG. 239.95 WASHER 199.88 Now—d completely automatic wajhw ot thii low tato pric*. Wardomatk wathu, deep rinMi, ipray rinses 3 tim«i, spins damp dry and ihuh itKlf off. Washes 8-9 Ibj. clothe*. Fre« demonstration. Ask about Terms. 129.95 DELUXE GAS RANGE 99.88 Low sale price for efficient 36-in. wide Range. 'Many handy features—electric clock and interval timer, appliance outlet, built-in light. 18- in.oven and smokeless broiler. 2 storage drawer*. Installation free. Ask about Terms. WAS 229.95 21-IN. TV 169.88 Here'i Table TV entertainment at yoiir f)ng»f tips. Smartly styled modem cabinet. Th* big 21' picture tube with tilted safety glau gives you clear/ trouble-free pictures. Year Wmty., fed. tax included. TV LEGS... 1.11 COMPLETE LINE OF MAJOR APPLIANCES. ASK ABOUT TERMS OVKKALL VIEW . n«w VMCA dddlUon »t >th and Iro*.

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