Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1927 · Page 11
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 11

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1927
Page 11
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^1. THE TOLA DAILY REGISTEB. THURSDAY ENING. arARCH 24, JOZZ. PAGE E T I E VEW- MARKET Prite Winner I'rofesjjioBais in domestic science Have for,'se»'eral years «-xi-<>riiijeiiti'.il Willi pineaj>i)k- iii C '(>nibiiiatiu[i wilii otlK -r fortils an<l liave found 'among ' other things tliat pineapple lieli>s to bring put the Jell- cHie. easily elusjre flavor -of eggjilant. wiiether balieii or stuffed:, that it' couiiterat!>- tile mealiness of sweet potatoes: that it is exeelJeiil as an iiicredient in stuffing for fowl. . iisii. or.'even tomato: and that it provides a. rfeslrable tart- with starchy foods su<'li as;rice and tapioca. ' lowing recipes illustra of ^iiese interesting conibiua- tions.—S. K. XX HOUSEHOLD ^pfx JLtePARTMEN 1 .Address all letteri and Inqiii -ies to Aunt Naiicy. of the House. Ibold Depaniuent, ib care of tUe lola Daily Riegister, lola, KauMs: r.l.WIX; MEAT. i?onie time ago w« article in this lolum jiiijg meat by i!ie col nifj We were glad ti| receive tljie j fnlMowing Io!|ter lom-e^niiig this r printed ;|n ii about can- he fol-, e some My Dear i\u,ut |.\iibiy:—I red wifh interesi a shOrt yoitr method of cahni mtjWhg the bones froth necessitates quite 'fi vrojt-k for an alrea ly NTIKI -Kp SW EKT I'OT.tTOKS. Hake •> evefl-sized swe<'t puia- tnct-, cut in halves lengthwise and scoop, out nio^t . of tiie contents. , . , . . .Mash, and sertson with 2 table- j "'•>'" January and! eB spoons teaspoon salt, and ' "^"t , Decetiiber. 'a cup well drained crushed pine-i ke^PS Perfectly, bone apple. IJc4l in -Vt cup ;iliupped j ana busy farmer's! wi e. For fi yesrs I liave beeii c< nninf; ine'^t. I cut the ribs into SIEHS that w 11 pack w'clj into the Jars We ha 'e caiint'dl iheal with tlije bouc:i 1< ft en the sane ' The mejat ; and all. |r 1 am seni r*clpcs! As salad time , nuts and fill the potato'shi'Ils. I'ut '"K niy fa.vorite . >' marsbmallows .m top of tadi * i Snrfmp 'filled shelland hrown under the ..^'•™;"*-'V J^ttul* I'eanrps on broiler flame.—S. K. j vjijliialjsalad iJlaUS. j)n this pliicej ; a Jnertiuih largri' sli< TOM.\T»ES WITH. I'lNK.Vl'l'LK 1''•^r fltis ••i'MJJit wl':1pped mayonnaise cr^inblo dry shrimp. -$- -$- 1 cup corn meal INDIAN CREEK ilMrs' .1. h. OreKory.ij • .Mrs. .\. .1. .\s:h was shopping in Colony Friday .Mr. and -Mts. '^.iv M-nilrii :-.>n Hilly, spent Sunday evehing at Heiiry AV 1 cup a lev. de'r flour el teaspoons baking puw- .Irff \'>-i'; > li.iniH. K;i:iner~ w.-iy busy ia- (guests. The club a<(3o!unied to meet in two weeks witih Mrs. L. • Uosha. •• I ' i j nd Fred Brooks spent Clifford. \ Sunday at ks auil i liome. , ern part o i iriffiii!,'-i.'i po!;i:.>.'s and o;iis. liut! work. week j Ilie week where he 3iu.^ the Lake F . olf left Cijr ' the Stat*-! t consistency. Mort» tharshmallows ' may be added if desired. This .>ial- i I ad may be served on indiVidual . I dishes and topped with wliipped pack mein- , .ream or by the addition of a cu of diced celery as a vegetable .N'. .V. v.—Wilmore. Kans. Some time when you are making 1 level teaspoon salt ', '4 cup mo!a »?K« 1 <up milk 1 egg. well beaten 1 tablespoon -melted butter .Sift, together; thoroughly coin- : sini •• the big jrain. don't I whetht-r they ;ire ahead or i KlH-a !Jio«k.-| spent the ' week visiting fritjuds i"ny. ! .Mi.-s li.rnici WViis sp.f Reynolds the west- he first at \ carpenter know j Uavises hare rectjwred from the \ nii one else ! n this dis- I til .McGill Week at the j lot. I measles and luckily: last of ! htis taken them soi fsi in Col-! trict. . I f'earl fuller- and lit the I sin-iif one evening laiit d your apple salad .V. .M. V.. try put- jwhile ago if'ting in a few nut meats and a ^ meat. R-I .sprinkle of cocoannt. I think it rib slab j improves ;the flavor. And If you little ext a 1 wish to turn it into a vegetable i livierburden^d I .^alad try: puttiug on the mavon-| in ffe j liaise instead of whipped cream. J j Your way of canning the meat j would indeed :be a labor saver j and I 5hall try it. _ I When making your sausage put i add egg and butter, greased gem pans twenty minutes In hot oven MWi-ihV degrees K.> ^ —_ M.UAKOM IHKK.SK (I .STAKU. 3 cups cooked macaroni cups milk 1^ lerel teaspoons salt '» teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon melted butter ^ eggs • I cup ciKJppeli cheese hxu!^ in .Missiiuri hist [ *e l.iitimers iiiom the Carlyle neighborhood Ijave moved' on the tji-o West furtu- t , Coldt 'U 15. Davis and fumi y were j Friday Sav the spelling contest in shopping in lola .Saturday. .which ..several schools : took part, i .Miss Marie ^mith. spent Thurs-j Fairricw and Triatigle j were win- iav night wirJi Helen tJrHgory. The C. C. elijb met at Mis. J. L. f.ri-gory's a wjeck ago Thursday. There was -a good attend; nee of members. Quijting was the work , .1,.. it '..„ 1 .1. I tUojmltk. add the butter, of the afternoon. Mrs. .cuiiuu ... .... » ..... , m.'a. ! IVn^r! wn i^ir ^? . u '•''c^s^' and isea.sonings and pour; i,ay. j.Mrs. Othci Smith. Mri. A. J.J wbip.^after being thoifoughly chillf ! meat before should bej .Asir and .Mrs. K. A. Gre.gory were' ed. .toe .Adams and family spent last Sunday at the parelntial .Matter liome. I |School was disntisseil at noon aers. Indian Creek i generally! wins, but Of course needs a rest once in a wlule. ! ;; Cream which fails to whip be- Burton i cause of it. being too jwarra wi]^ K'-oo]) the centers from" 6 toiiiii- ttirs. To make the ilressing rhtip H slices of fried bacon.' 1 onion." . the lomiiito centers, and add to i ! -: Sal*(I. <ups Crjished idneapple. enough I •'">' f'Y" la^gt [apples .ind -breadcrumbs ti> make the right'""*' dozen inarshn^all ).|vs. MIxj In amount tio fill thp toniaJo"!^ Cov- " ^mall tan of shred(|od piueaplple • r with jfrumbs and gratcdcheesesn3ur to taste, .•ind b.iku -.-S. R. gf tomajto. I Will soincone .send in the e.tact a third olj a i proportion for the ^Id southern Top w • biid over or firm, in, the middle, lake about .T> minutes. thjway of sugar "curing meat? Savj P>--»''i' » strip of tape over the ^ bill for 201. pounds of meat. i'"" T end of the corks of your] ! There is nothing iK -lter than well f'avoring bottles, allowing both ! cured bacon to cook vrith vour i''"''« hang over..Then tne t-orks F" Put in Lastly iidd in hot oven -M minutes. ]f>V&'PP*<>. fc^^^j M^'^ desited s( Ar .uirKn .SMKKT poT.\TOK.<i. 4 alternate layers. :; i ui/s COFFEE • old boilbd sweel potatoes cut in 'i inch slices, and I'-j ci:ps crusli-. cd pinealiplc. ' Sprinkle eacii lay- ' yr with salt, brown sugar, and dots . ci ^.biittPti amounting-in all to- '-j J cup browin sugar, i; teaspoon salt, ^ -) . tablesiioons butter.—S. R. 1 : , 4 For "Getting Up Niglits" Don't Take .Vstrlntrent l>rng». Vou Mliy iiei the Habit. '-.-I'.Iadde'r irritation which i-aiis- es "Cettipg I'p Nights" shoul.l lie treated with medicines .whi.'h stiiu- II [.lie. neiitraliie -e.\i-ess acids, .ind lirivf out foreign matter. Dnias whiih (hetk the'action of tli'. l)l ;id- der are dangerous. Yon may liav.' to confinii^ their use or b.- fmi -iHl eventually to aid naUire aniflcial- '>. l.ithiaieii Buchu iKfiler Foi- imilai acts on the bladiier as .-;.<(,in salts dii on t !i<- I MJ'.V.- N (<^'K. H.^idfie. Unity. 111., says: lie ,will i "!l or write luiv he wns •.-••• ..f '.•('.ett^n--' t 'l) .Viirlits." Iv(!!'-r .-,1,". J,a-tKirator.». .Me< banicsbm sr. f'lliio. Sold by -alj druqiiisis. l..ii.iriy at Cook's Drug Stor•-. LOWESt ffl YEARS Within Kow ( n'iir l'rlc«k 'f he anti.-lpat.-d largei coffee c iii^ltrazil. the world's leading i fe.i-raising center, i is sil.'Ie a return to iprai>?s that • ' •PcrTfeepiflg lilckel" in g.iod condition. V^asli Ihoronghly "with liot sn;ip SIK I S and wipe dry w:;t;i ;i -.lit I lutii' If i: nH'ds sii .Tii! a :tei;- tioii a paste ojf wliitiiie and ani- tiionij nia\-'4>e ilst-d. Silv .T pnlisU- ••s are ttlso good C'oarx.' s .-crrr- ing |iOwi!»-rs will ni;n aii!< k-l finish. ] ! . • • ; wi;hin a few (.•mis iu'effecl in the gobd lofe the .. Ollif I) chj 'iin stole grocerjie.s pu' inti) effe( t Tli- lowl < ii/ft.e in rnaii.v y Prior to ih'.- war, in P'(",. t!i.' aVer.ig.- [Jri jOl .tiilit -e. act oriiiUf; th^ f. .s. Depariniem was 2 'j .!t vents. With At^i-ri.'a iiitt) t":i.- 'w;! C'i!,;'i>e W '^nt su .Tring. . :ht.y- dropped slightl.v. th.'ir p^^ak in I'.f.T,, an> tliv average jirice of 1,1 crurs. I T js b|-!i an .iii :i;''a !ed larg.- ' \-v tin! a c.^iitiimrii:'(M pru-s linrii '.g liCT.' yii-' !>''r < apiia io.1 DROP vegetables. I have trouble with can easily be removed, without meat that has been in the brine, breaking by. pulling tue tape. (King so soft and flabby that it is; ~ bard to sUcc. Maybe some of niy ! When poaching egg.s.. ad.I one readers can tell me why? . tabl(.s|«Jon of vinegar to the boil- .\r.\T .VA .Vry. j Ing water. Then when the eggs are- broken into t-ho water, they: nts • i '1 of Pre- feading itiaking I. the prif-es Id days be- the leailiing jhas already St price.s^ After the milk gravy for a roast ; has been cooked, add a little horseradish and sugar. This inakes a 11 delightful change. will set anti not twil to piecs. -. An ineompaijaUa Ii«tiii( of fi»e iroeary Talaet. - • real quality at low pricad Coae i» today • :\ gay bit of niu.sic wiJ! lighten wearisoiue task. , op of|os- irc 101:M4 .)t a p.) > figure> f Comm jtlie t'ntr • prices f:er ihr- but rcai li VM6. w :l pound ved tiiat fcs will on iiiid ind of rce of f.).r ^vilr hed i hen was the i Iper- low clffe" sunir'tioti of cotf'e has ..rrown 'gr'f'atly '.ii thv pjsi few y,-arsi liiitii n.iw average American llrijnks 405 .ifj-ofiie a year, wli* jvas iiis , 'isii cousin drinlis only 4.'>! tbj- people of SWeiji'n. .Vol |)'»nniaik .im! . tli'e ; .N'ether! ,.Jrhik- .1... : nior" lee n|iw tliaii riflg the cups Kng- Only way. ands we It's 12 degrees cotaer without ice-r IS < i o U. S. GOV'T INSPECTED MEATS c5 FOR THIS WEE Era) All choice cuts of Beef, Pork, Fancy B^by Beef and Spring: Lamb, tonjjuefe. Heart."*, Liver, Brains, Spare Ribs. ; A nice lot of y^une hens for roasting, baking or slewi—Live or dressed. • <l Tender Rib Boils— ^ ' Beef, per lb. Baby Beef, per Jb. Choice Roasts— Beef, per lb. Baby Beef, per lb. Fresh pamburger— • Fine meat, no cereal, lb. Pork Sausage— ! Pure meat, no cerieal, lb. 20c Pork Shoulder- 12c . - 15c 17c . 2nc 15c .-- A--20C Roaiits and Steak; lb. ... Sunlight Picnic Ham Small 5 (o 6 lb. Shankfess Shoulder • smoked fine to fry. boil or bake, lb. .24c M eat Loaf— We jrrind your kwif. any special mixture you like. Try one. other Steak or Roast Cut suit vou. Always a Center Cut of Swift's. Premium, Ham MEAT THAT YOJ^AT^AT SPECTED Swiss Steak or. any io > O < V H U. S. GOV'T INJ > *^ MEATS ^ 1 KANSAS MilLLED McKenna's Cash & Carry 6ro. lia South Washinfftion Our Bargains for thi.?.v.eek end are more attractive than ever. Come in toJook them pver. VVe are selUns; out at cost and below cost. • u/' Below We Quote Just a Few of jOfur / Close Out Pricies Reg. Close Out Price ! Price 1 lb. Big Deal Coffee _.1 lb. Canova Coffee 1 can Campbell'.s Pork and Bean.-; _ . . 1 can Heinz Pork and Beans 1 can_Catalina Peaches I can 0. Bi Apple Butter 1 can. Peeled Apricots 1 can LogiCabin Syrup 1 can Asparagus Tip-s — ---- r\:an Sugar Corn 1 can Early Variety Peas 1 can Del Monte R. A. Cherries 1 can Del ilonte Fruit.s for Salad 1 can Sunburst Pumpkin 1 Pkg. Life o' Wheat — 1 Pkg. Cream of Wheat ... 3 Bars Creme Oil Soap .l..:. 3 Baj.s Ivory Soap : 1 Pkg. StarNaptha — 1 Pkg. Troniite - :i5c 55c 12c 15c --_-25c 2Sc 30c 30c 25c 15c 15c - 35c 35c 15c - 25c 28f 25c .....2.5c .._:__25c — ...15c , Don 't miss thi.s opportunity to lay in a ."-iipply of groceries CHEAP. ' cvenr ha!kiry need. MUM Kaam fmm Kjwm ivfaMftt Pink O'CLOCK BLE.ND AfiQ Pideapple CarkatiobMUk Heibz Beans Pabsf-eti ^^ C^H V ESE" Tenitor L ^^RV^S ASSORTED N. B. C Premi^ins krfspy F.\SCY QU.\L1TY MGGLY ¥flGOLY YOUR CHOICE *.U4U4'444Aii4i>A», 1 Each shelf a page. Each item more picture—REAL. Each price plainly yoii. The shelves of PigglvWigglyj the shopper a complete catalog from which she may personally select the bestj known food products of the world. than a before furnish f Yet frigidaire makes plenty of ice B E'surc the cicccric rcfri:;crator you isa-^^cmi!nc Frii;iJaire— it makcs coinplctcJy and jx-rmancntly inJcpcnc of oiicsivJc ice .st .'pply. The direct iVostcooUnu: ^iv. ; you a i'o9J comparnncnc colder withi, Lit ice—a dessert and icc-n; • ing compart, jiu al\va\ s bklow i'rcczii: Fri^idaire ; ;iccs arc surprisiii ^tjly and the Gciac 1 Motors plan of dclc payments malv .s it casv tor you to; pay. .Come in tod .iv and Jtc us dcnionscracc Frijijidairc to \u.:. ' . . * 1 L« S. Bustard Co. SALES and SERVICE 208 N. W«i |)ington ' ^ ,ou cnt l-oil iV' ak- IT. low ^rcd PROII U|C T 9 O/>G^NERAI , Mcrross —i.s always, sold on approval. If ii doe .=5 not conform wholly to your conception of the in-cofToe excellence. price is cheerfully refunded. Yolirs is oiir linal testing table. You are the tinat .fudge of quality. COFFE SPECIAI^ Golden Wedding Coffee, 1-lb. can J. i 5^k- Folger's Golden Gate Coffee. 1-lb. can ... .53c Hills Bro.s. Coffee, 1-lb. can . 54c Chase & Sanborn,Coffee, l-lb. can ,53c Red Wolf Coffee, l-lb. can ... -19c BAKING POWDER SPECLVLS Royal Baking Powder, can .-I 23c Caiumet Baking Powdc^, l-lb. can : 20c K. C. Baking Povvd»|r, large can '21c rice's Baking Powder, can 21c umford Baking Powtler, can J 21c TOILET SOAP SI]EC:LAI.S Jap Rose Soap, 3 bars _L--—-i. -------23v Palm Olive Soap. ;i bars . . 23c Creme Oil Soap. 3 bars J -.23c Ivory .Soap. 3 bars 1. . 23c Lava .Soap. 3 bars .... ... 23c The Basket Store IT. A WordtotheHbusewife Save Your Dresses By Getting a Genuine Apron Free AT OUR STORE For the ne:pt few days we will griye absolutely free a nice all rubber aprorilwith an' order of g'oo(jls amounting to |2.5(| or over. These apl*onS come in several different colors and we are sure you would be! pleased to have one, ii A FEW REMINDERS THAT WE CAN S4VEr YOU MONEY I'ltffpe ]|il(>r»tat«>. a nmd uiir tif I 'osi Toa -tieN. Hkr ... .Ur «Meo. 2 Ills. i,,r "... .. Mr I'orlt ( iKip^. KtMMl untf l<^u ! Vir lii . . Roastv. aiml (ciirfer. Vt. lie Siuiitrii Ifaiii. iiotrr tletter Ih. iWr I 'O AV P. tfixnl l>iilk. ritjif^'p jipr- roliitor irniiiiiil 1.:in;e i':in .Milk^ Small ran .Milk I I.imte van Sliifd |iin>^ipi>le Me |^:ibs. Sweet I'uta^uleN .[....Sit Iciioe. .H. M. Canki**, Hil ...27c f-|M >oaiiut .M. -M. kies; 11.. He I'ftrk aiid BeaiiM. .Veti. vi /e .9*- llauil jiaokeit Tnm:it{ •can . Knnc) I'rnneN i Hi'. IVnrhes in oyrjap. ilinferan i.*{f .lOe 21c We have a lijie of Fresh ii'egetables anc^ rruits at all times. Phone 497 701 S. Washington •YoiirDoilari.Go.FartherHere.Tl QurPriefisAif^ Consistenlif^ lower For Friday a^d SatiirW / Calibage New Green Per lb: By Pep L5-Ib. Peck (^aobemes ^7".!^.: L 38c EXTRA SPECIAL " P <»id Lettuce Icebw-g-Crisp Head.s rr Per head ^ .....i YC [er Snaps Bright's Fresh 2 Pound.s Crackers Krispy Salted 2-lb. Cartons ___ Gelatine ^J^v;^?,.^': 10c I^ady Alice 3 Pounds . An Unusual Offering C<^ee $1.00 Catsup Libby'.s- Large Size Per bottle 19c Sweet,Potatoes ^0,;:'^^':"."^ 35c Peas Jamil .Sw 2 Cans fo eets for ... 21c 113 .Madi.son Here you >:erect what you wish picclywiccly"

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