The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 23
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 23

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 23
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Page 23 article text (OCR)

THE SALINA, KANSAS, JOURNAL Sunday, May 9, 1954 Page 7—The Salin* Joura*! T-V Log, May 9 to 15 (Listings are based OB Information furnished by sUtloni. Last minute change* make complete accuracy Impossible.) HEAR FRED WARING SUNDAY at 6 PJH. FOR GENERAL ELECTRIC Stiefel's has a fine line of General Electric appliances. See them advertised on T-V ... see them for yourselves in our Downstairs Appliance Store. Ask about our gift of an ice cream freezer with th« purchase of any G-E refrigerator this summer. Dial 3721 Television headquarters The Zenith Colby Handsonw modern Jtyle in mahogany finish Pyroxlin...rugged and jcrolch resistant. Scutcheon forms an ideal picture frame. BloxidV piclute-lube *«h FULL SIZE picture Kreen. Home Owned Home Financed Dial 2281 "Where They Sell the Best & Service the Rest" Be Sure To Tune in to "Toast of the Town" Sunday at 6:00 P.M. Over KTVH - Channel 12 Sponsored by: LINCOLN-MERCURY DEALERS Tour LLVCOI/N-JIERCURY Dealer 800 y. A'inth Salina, Kansas, Phone 540fi See *FORD THEATRE* KTVH.... Channel 12 8:00 Thursday Night T WDAF - Channel 4 7:30 Thursday Night KHOL - Channel 13 9:00 Wednesday Night na, Keep This Beside Your T-V Set Bugs in your TV? Let 1/8 Take Them Out For You. Next Time For Service WALLIS EQUIPMENT CO. 516 N. 9th FREE PARKING Phone 4354 . KTVH CHANNEL 12 1.00pm Contest Carnhal I'SOpm This Is the Life 2:15 pm The Christophers 2:30 pm Youtti Takes a Stand 3:00 pm Adventure 4:00pni The. American Week 4:30pm You A« There 5:00 pnv i.He WUh" Father 5:30 pm Private Secretary 6:00 pm Toast or the Town' 7:00 pm Fred Waring 7:30 pm Man Behind the Bafi 8:00 pm The Web 8 30pm ftocky-King:, Cetecti 9:00 pra you Aslied For It 9:30pm News, Weather, Sports 9:45 pm Invitation'Playhouse 10:00 pm Paradise Island 10:15 pm Theatre International KHOI- CHANNEL 13 1:55 pm. Highlights and News 2:00 pm Jian of the Week 2:30 pm. youth Takes a Stand 3:00pm Adventure. 4:CQpm The American Weelc 4:30 pm Hans Andcrioc 5;00pm This is the Life 5:30 pm Private - Secretary 6:00pm Toast or the Town 7:oopm Fred. Waring 7:30 pra NBC News Review 7:45pm The Christophers S:00pm Counterpoint 8:30 pm My Herd ' 9:00 pm Break the Bank 9t30pm Hour of Decision 9M5pm industry On Parade 10:0 pm Weather 10:05pm Sportscope 10:15 pm. News : WIUF CHA^XEL 4 •11:00 am This Is the Life IV.3Q am rrontiera of Faith 12:00 am Street Corner U.S.A. 12:15 pm .Going .Places 12:30 pmiLaURh Time 1100pm Western Roundup 1:30 pm TBA 2:00 pm Roy Rogers . 2:30 pm Zoo Parade 3:00 pro. Halt of. Fame. 3:30pm KuKla, Fran & OUle 4:00 pm TEA .4:30pm.ThC Cisco Kid ' J. 5:00pm Pulpit Portraits 5:05pm Sports 5:15 pm News : 5.'25pm Weatherman 5:30 pm Mr. Peppers 6:00 pm Comedy Hour 7:00 pm Television Playhousft S:OQ pm, Loretta. Young Show 8:30pmMan Against. Crime 9:00 pm News 9:10p.-n Weather 9:15 pra World Report 9:30 phi Your TV Theatre 10:00 pm Easy, Chair Theatre 11:15 pm. Musical MONJMY, May 10 KTVH CHANNEL 12 fi:OCiirn The Morning Show 7:55pm Weathcrvanes 10:00 am Film Jockey 10:15 am Love or Life 10:30 pm Search for Tomorrow 10:15 am Portia Faces Life 11:00 am Tho Brighter Day 11:15 am R. p. D. 31:30 am parry Moore 11:45 am ileryl's Notebook 12:30 pm House Party 1:00 pm The Big Payoff; 1:30 pm Bob Crosby 2:00 pm Helen Card. 2:15 pm The Secret Storm 2:30pm Robert Q. Lewis 3:00pm Kansas Kitchen. 3.-30pm Strike It Rich 4:00 pra Kaleidoscope 4 MS pm Barker Bill's Cartoons .1:00 pm Hutch 'n' Stuff 5:35 pm Evening Edition 5;25pm \Vijatherfaeta 5:30 pm Douj? Edwards 5:45pm, Perry Como 6:00 pm Burns and Allen 6:30 pm Talent Scouts 7:00 pm. I Love Lucy 7:30 pruned Buttons 8:00 pm Studio One 9:00 pm Liberace 9:30pmstump th« Professor 9:45pm News Review 10:00 pm News Final 10:15 pm Weatlierviews 10:20 pm Sports 10:30pm Wrestling ItHOL CHANNEL 13 2:30pm Rbftt, Q. Lewis 3:00pm Woman's Voice 5:00pm Children's Matinee S:i5 pm Capt, Video 5:30 pm Fay Willing: 6:00 pm World Report 6:00 pm Marge & Jeff 6:30 pm Weather 6:35 pm News, Jack Gilbert 6:40 pm Market Reports 6:45pm World Report 7-,o pm Hopalonc Casidy 7:30pm Red Buttons Show '8:OQpm Llberace 8:30 pm Theatre Tonight 10:00 pm Weather 10;05pm Sportscope 10:15 pm News, Jack Gilbert WDAP CHAXXEt 4 6:00 am Today 6:55 am Today In Kansas City 7:00 am Today 8;00 am Ding Dong School 8:30 am One JIg,n f s Family 8:45 am, Three Steps to Heaven 9:00. am Home 10:00am Bride .and Groom 18:15 am Hawkins Fall* 10:30 am Betty White Show il;00 am. Kitchen Kiub 11:30 am Continued Story U :45 am News 12:00 pm Crest. Treat re 12:30 pm Talk of the Town l:00pm Kate Smith Hour 2:00pm Welcome Travelers ^:30pm On Your Account 3:OQpm Pinky Lee Show 3 30pm Howdy Doody 4;00pm TBA 4:30pm Siipermaa 5:QOpm Sports 5:15 pm News 5:25 pm Weatherman 3:30pmTonj- Martin Show 5:45 pm News Caravan 6:00pm N'aine That Tune 6:30 pm Voice' of Fireston*. 7:OQpm. Deunls Day Show '- T:3o pm Robert MontRomery 8:30 pm Hollywood Playhous* B:00pm News 9:10 pm Sports 9:15 pm Telenews Weekly 9:30 pm.air. and airs. North 10:00 pra Weatherman 10:05 pra This is the City 10:35 pm Men & Women on Star 10:45 pm Royal playhouse •TUESDAY, May 11 KTVH CHANNEL 12 6:00 am. The Morning Show 7:35 pra Weutliervanes 10:00 am Film Jockey iO:l5am Love of.Life 10:30 am Search for Tomorrow .0:45 pm Portia Faces Life 11:00 urn The Brighter Day WHS am R, F. D. 11:30 am. Garry Moore 12:30 pm House Party iJWpm.Thc Bl B .Payo£f 1:30 pm Bob Crosby 2:00pm Helen Card 2:15 pm Secret storm 2:30 pm Robert Q. Lewis 3:OQpm Kansas Kitchen 3:30 pra strike It Rich 4:Q9pm Kaleidoscope 5:00 pm Hutch 'n' Stuff 5:15 pm Evening Edition 5:25 pra Weatherfacts 5:3Gpm Doug Edwards 5:45 pn> Jo Stafford 6:00 pm Superman 6:30 pm Red Skeltoo 7;00 pm Meet Millie 7:30 pm 1 Led Three Lives S:00pm Danger 8:Mpra Sec It Now 5:00 pm Pepsi-Cola Playhouse [f>;00pm Newft Final lonspm Weather-views 10:20 pm Sports iO:30pm Rasslln' Wjt!i Buss KHOL CIIANXEL 13 2:25 pm Highlights &. News 2:30 pra Robert Q, Lewis 3:00pm Theatre Matinee 5:00pm Kfdillea Korner 5:iSpm Captain Video 5:3(}pm Kit Carson (1:00 pm Marge & Jeff 6:15pm Sports 6:25 pm News Commentary 6:30 pm. Weather 6;35 pm News 6:-10pm Market Reports f>:!5pm World Report 7:00pm Ran?» Rider 7:30 pm Hollywood Off-Seat 8;Q(ijirn Stars On 8:30 i>m v/restlinK 0:30 pm Dangerous Assignment 0:00 pm Weather 0:05 pm Sportscopa ,0:15 pra News WDAF CHANiVKL 4 6:00 am Today 6:55 am. Today iu Kansas City 7:00 am .Today S:00am Ding Dong School S:30am One Man's Famtty 8:46 am Tlirce Steps to Heaven 9:00 atn Homa 0:OOamBrldft and Groom 0:15am Hawkins Falls 0:30 am Betty .White Shew 1:00 am Kitchen Klub 1:30 am Continued Story 1:4 5 am News 2:00pm Hollywood Offbeat 2:30prn Talk of the Town 1:00 pm. Kate Smith Knur . 2:00 pm Welcome Travelers 2:30pm On Your Account 3;00pm Pinky Lee Sho 1 ^ 3:3 Opm Howdy Doody •1:00 pm Korean Story , 4:45pmWhftt Person Cati Do 5:00 pm Sports 5:lS pm New3 5:25 pm. Weatherman 5:30 pm Dinah Shore Show 5:45 pm, News Caravan 6:00 pm Milton Berle 7:00 pm FJrstde Theatre 7:30 pm Circle Theatre 3:00 pm Fred Allen show 8:30 pm Seems Like Testerday SM5 pm. TBA : 9:00pm News 9:10pm Sports 9:l5pm. TBA Amer. Forum 10:00 pm Weather 10:05 pm Gounterpolnt 10:35 pm TBA ll:00pm Klreet Corner U.S.A. . May 12 KTVH CHANNEL li 8:00 am The Mproing Show 7:55am Weather 'Vanes 10:00 am Film Jockey 30:15 am Love of Life 10:30 am Search for Tomorrow 10:45 am. Portia Faces Lite 11:00 am The Brighter Pay 11 MS am R. F, D.- 31:30 am. Garry Moore 11:45 am Meryl's Notebook 12:30pm House Party- -•- i:OOpmThe Big Payolf 1:30 pm Bob Crosby 2:00 pm Helen Osrd 2:15 pm Ths Secret. Storm. 2:30 pm Robert Q: Lewis 3:00 pm Kansas Kitchen . 3:30pm Strike It Rich 4:00 pm Kaleidoscope 4:25 pra Organalres 4:30 pra Kit Carson 5:00 pra Hutch 'n' Stuff 5:iSprn. Evening Edition 5:25 pin Weatherfacta S.'SOpmDoue Edwards 5:^5 pva yeiry Corno 6:00"pm Arthur Codfriiy 7:00 pra Strike It Rich 7:30 pm I've Got a Secret 8:00 pra Blue Ribbon Bouts 8:45 pm sports Spot 9:COpm The Goidbergs S:30pmFIlm Shorts 10:00 pm News Final 10:15 pm WeaUiervlew's .0:20 pra Sports iO:3Q pm Kuectcotner, USA. KHOL CKANXEL 13 2:25 pm Highlights & News 2:30 pm Robert Q. Lewis 3 ;00 pm TJie Woman's Voice 3:30pm Theatre Jlatlnee 5:00 pm Kiddles Korner 5:15pm Captain Video 5:30 pm Foy Willing 5:45pm Marpe A Jeft 6:00 pm, Arthur Gadtrey 6:30pm Weather 6:35 pm New* 0:40 pm Market Report* 6:45 pm World Report 7:OOpmRtiyal Playhouse 7:30pmLIfc with Elizabeth 8:00 pm Blue Ribbon Boxing " 9:00pm Ford Theatre 8:30pm Wild Life Siiuw 10:00 pm Weather 10:05 pnv Sportotopa 10:15 pm News WI)AK CHANNEL 4 6:00 am Today 6:55 am Today m Knnaas City 7:00 am Today 8:00 am DInp Done School 8:30 am One Man's Family SMSam Three Steps to Heaven S :QO am Home 10:00 am Bride and Groom 10:15 ant Hawkins Falls 10:30 am Betty White Show 11:00 am Kitchen Kliib 11:30 am Continued Story 11:45 am News 12:00 pm Crest Theatre 12:30 pm Talk or the Tmvn 1:00 pm Kntft Smith Hour 2:00 pm Welcome Travelers 2:30 pin On Your Account 3:00 pm. Pinky Lee Show 3:30pm Howdy Doody 4:OPpm 3'Musketeers 4:30 pra Wild Bill Hlckok 5;00 pm Sport* S;I5 pm New* 5:25 pm Weatherman 5:30 pm Eddie Ffsner Show 5:45 prn News Caravan 6:00 pm I Married Joan 6:30pm My Little Marpf* 7:f)0pm Television 'Chealt* 8:00 pm This Is Your Life S:30pml Led Three Lfv«s 9:00 pmNew? 9:10pm Sporw 9:15 pm TEA 9:30pm All Star Thcalrd 30:00 pm Weatherman iOtOSpm Youth Wants to Know 10:35 pm Wen & Women on Star 10:45pm Royal Playhouse May 13 KTVH CHANNEL U 6:00 am. The Morning: Show 7:55 am Weathervanea 10:00 am Film Jockey 10:15 am Love of Lite L0:3fl am Search for Tomorrow Portia Faces Life IT ;00 am The Brighter Day 11:15 am R. F, D. 11:30 am Garry Moore 12:30 pm House Party 1:00 pm The Big •Payoff 1:30 pm Bob Crosby 2:00 pm Helen. Card 2 i5 pm The Secret Storm 2:30 nm, Robert Q. Lewta 3:00 pm Kansas Kitchen 3:30pm Strike It,Rich 4:09 pm Hopalong Cassldy •'StOQ-pm Hutch 'a 1 Stuff 5:l5pm Evening Edition 5:25 pm. Wealherlacta 5;30pm Doug Edwards 5:45 pm Jane Front an fi:00pm Amos and Andy 6:30 pm Four star Playhouse 7:00 pm Lu-X 1 Video Theatre 7:30 pm Big 1 Town 8^00 pm Ford Theatre 8:30 pm Place Uia Face SiOOpmShovf Time 0:GS ?S1 News Final 10:15 pm. Weathervlews 10:20 pni Sports . 10:30 pm. There is An Answer 10U5prn Chronostiope K1IOL CHAN.VEt 13 2:30pm Robert Q. Lewis 3:00pm The Woman*j Voice 3:30pm Theatre Matinee 5:00pm Kiddles Korner 5:i5 pm Marse and Jeff 5:30 pm Western Roundup .G:00pm World Report 6:iQpm Sportscope 6:25pm News Commentary B:30-?nt Weather 6:35 pm News. Jack Gilbert fi:40 pm ifarket Re ports . 6'.45pm World Report' *• 7:00pm Joe Palooka 7:30pmlieart of City 8:00 pm Capture 3:15 pm Industry On Parade 8;30 pm Plnce the Face 9:00jmi Honest John Show 9:30pm Armed Forces Day 10:01] pm Weather 10:05 pm SportBCOpe 10:15 pm News VDAF CHANNEL 1 6:00 am Today 6:55 am Today In Kansas City " ;00 am Today S:00ant Dine DOOR School 8:30am One Man's Family S:^5am Three Steps to Heaven 9:00 am Home 10:00 am Bride and Groom 10:15 am Hawkins Falls 10:30 am Betty White show 11:00 am Kitchen Klub ll:30am Continued Story 11:45 am New* 12:00 pm Counterpoint 12:30 pm Talk of the Town 1:00 pm Kntc Smith Hour 2:00 pm Welcome Travelers 2:30 pm. On Your Account 3:OQpmPinky. Lee KIiow 3:30 pm Howdy Poody 4:00 pm On The Trail 5:00 pm Sports 5:15 pm News 5:25 pm Weatherman 5:30 pm Pinah Shore Show 5:45pm News Caravan fi:00pm Gioucho Marx Show 6:30 pm Justice 7:00 pm Dragnet 7:30 pm Ford Theatra SlOOpm Martin Kann S:30 pm Bston Blackle D:flO pm News 9:10 pm Sporta 9:15 pni Drama Theatre D:30 prn Life of Rjtey 0:00 pm Weather 0:05 pm Who Said Tliat 0:3S pm Win Lose or Draw 0:55 pm Hollywood Offbnat 10:00 pm News Final 10:15 pm Weathervtew* 10:20 pm Snorts 10:30pm Jridustr>r on Parade' KUOL 'CHANNEL .13 2:25 pm Highlights &. Wews 2:30 prd Robert Q. Lewis 3:00 pin. The, "Woman's Vole* 3:30 pin' Theatre ;M»Mae« 5;00 pm Kiddies Korner 5:15pm Captain-Video• 5:30 pin Foy Willing 5:45 pm Voice ol the 'Viewer 6:00prrt Marge & Jeff 6:15 pm Sports 6:25pm Newfl : 6:30 pm.Weather. Views 6:35 pm News SMQpm. Market Keport 6:45 pm World Report 7 ;00 pro. Playhouse of Start 7:30pm The Visitor S:00 pm Wylrna Fletcher S;30pm Doug Fairbanks 9:00 pro Theatre Tonight • 10:00 pm Weather, 10:05 pm Sportscope 10:l5pm News WPAK CHANNEL 4 6:00 am Today 6:55 am Today In Kana&s CUV T;00 am Today . '. • ' 8 ;iJO am Ding Dong School 8:30 am, One Man's Family S;45ant Three Steps to Hcav«n 9:00 am Horn* . 10:00 Hi'ii Bride and Groom 10:15 am JIawk'IiM. FallB Oam Bftity White Show 11:00 am Kitchen .Klub ii:30 am Continued Story 1] :45 am News 12:00 pm Crest Theatre 12:30 pm Talk of the Town 1:00 pra. Kale Smith Hour 2:00 pin Welcome Travelws 2;.10pm, On Your Account 3:0f)pm Pinky Leo Shaw 3:30 pm Howdy Jloody -( : :00ptn0n the Trail 5:00 pm Sports 5:15 pm News 5:25 pm Weatherman I 5:30pm Eddie Fisher Show j 6:45 pm News Caravan 6:00 pm Pave Garrowny Show fi:30 pm Paul Wlnchell Sbow TrOOpm Bfp Srory. 7:30 pm Soundstage S:00pm Cavalcade of Boxing S:45 pm Greatest Fights 9:00pm Ncwp 9:10 pm Sports 9:15pm TEA 9:30pm-The Bl? Picture 10:00 pm Weallicrmaa 10:05 ppm TBA 10:35 pm Sports 10:45 prn Kcyni Playhouse FRIDAV. MJIJ- 14 KTVH CHANNEL 12 6:fH) nm The jtorninK Show 7:55 nm Wf-atliPirvanea 8:00 pm .lack Pnar 9:00 pm I'll Buy That 0:00 nm Kiirn Jockey D:iS nm Love of Life 0:30 am Search Tor Tomorrow 0:45 am Portia Fa CCA Life 1:00 am The Brifihter Day 1 ;15 am R. F. D . l;3f)am Garry Moort 2;00am MeryJ's NotebflOlC 2:30 pm House Party 5 sm. FUnv Shoits 1:00 pm The B!g Payoff 1:30 pm Boh Crosby 2;00pm Helen Card 2:JS pm The Secret Storm. 2:30 pm Kob«rt Q. Lewis 3:00 pm Kansas Kitchen 3:30pm Strike It Rich 4:00pm Kaleidoscope 4:30 pm Recital Time :45 pm Darker Bfli'a Cartoons 5:00 pm Hutch V Stuff 5:15 pm Evening Edition 5:25 pm Weaiherfacta 5:3flpm Doug Edwurrta 5:il5 prn. Perry Como G:00 pm Range Hider -.30 pm Topper 7:00 pm Playhouse of Stars 7:30 pm Death Valley Days 5:00 pis My Krlend Irma pm Person to person 9:00 pm Ttnckct Sqund 9:30pm Travel Time SATtTKDAV; May 15 " KTVH CMANXfiL 12 9:00 am. Wtnky Dink and You 9:30 am Rocket Rancer* 10:00 am Cowboy Classics 11:00 am Film Jockey 11:45 am Dizzy PCRII 11:55 am Game or (he Week 2:15 pm film Short* 3:15pm Horae Racing 3:45 pm Frontier Roundup < :45 pm Teon Time 5:15 pm News-Weather-SporU S:3f)pm Boat the Clock fi:00prn Jackie Gleason Show 7:00 pm Two for tho Jloney 7:30 pm Dollar A Spcond 8:00 pm That'* My Boy S:30pm The Name's the Sams 8:30 pm Ne*'s-\VR:uher-Bpor!» B:i5 pm Saturday N'fght Play- housft KIIOL CHANNK1. 13 '1 ;45 am BnnebaH Warmnp 2:0n pm Bnsebnil 3:00pm Double Feature Ttm* 5:00 pm On the Trail 6:00 pm Winky Dink A You fi:30pm Weather Views 5:35 pm News 6:45 pm F. f. A. Program 7:(l pm Two for the Money 7:30 pm Barn Dance R'-Qflpm That's My Boy S;30 pm Hit Parade 8:00 pm Theatre Tonight rf):W) Weather 10:05 pm sports .0:15 pm News L0:30 pm Wrestling WDAF.rHA.VKEIi 4 2:00pm Johnny Jupiter 2;30pm Space Cadet 1:00 pm Western Feature 2:00pm. Western Featuure 3:00 pra Film FeaturM .1:30 pm Film Feature* 5:00 pm Ne^s 5:io pm Sports 5:15 pm TBA 5:SOpmEtheV gc Albert 6:00pm spike Jones Show 6:30 pm Tftd Mack Amateurs 7:00pm Irfartha Raye 8:30 pm Your Hit Pfl,radfl 9:00 pm News 9:JOpm Weather D:15pm World Report 3:30 pm Wrestling .' 10:30pm Easy Chair Theatre N N N N iW LOW PR CE C C C FULL YfAR WARRANTY ON ALL PARTS (lallicrafters TV«nty yean of electrpnic engineering leaderahtp now ptyi off for YOU! Revolutionary new "PT-17" chassis pltit nev space saying cabinet* bring you b?c screen TV •t «n unheard of low price. Peak performance, top quality, wood cabinets, all yours from Hallicrafters. Wenger Firestone Dealer Store ,W8 V. \lnth USK OUR KISV PAYJfEST Phone 7-Mtt RCA TELEVISION !1" Table -(Etwny) PEICEP PROM FREE ESTIMATES ON liNSTALLATION SERVICE up 1S1 South Sanr* Fe "A Home Owned Store" M 2230 K-the Bradford FULL SIZE 252 «). in. Kcturt Scretn. Compact bentwood cabinet in rich mahogany finish. Blends harmoniously in modern or traditional sitting. Spotlit* Dial; Bandshtll ipiak*c; 21 in. CINfBEAM pic- tor« tub*. Also in Worn)* M2230E, Th« BoKow. CIHEBEAM TV with movie-like picturw on o silvericreen...anc! twice the picture power with longer Zenith's new "Super K" Chassis brings you "Portrait-Perfect" pictures, even in remote fringe areas—with new sound realism and instant single-dial tuning. p I c T u R E T U B SALINA T-V and Radio : > "YOUR SEKVIC1.XC DEALER" 120 W. Iron St. Phone 7-4466 Your KCA Victor Dealer for 14 Years RCA Victor 21-Inch Moef«rnette. Richly styled, modestly pricodl Compact, functional Modern Cabinet. Grained limed oak finish. Model 21S357. i Table models 199.95 Table models 209.95 Table models 229.95 Table models 249.93 Consoles .. 299.95 329.95 & up RCA Radios and Players -.f. „,- -.n nrr 99 n" 1«.. O> 19.9.), 22.9o and up to §199.95 SERVICE — SALES — INSTALLATION EDGIN6TON MUSIC CO. Sallnn's Jlost Coniploto Radio, TV & Music Store 203 South Santa Fe Salina, Kansas TV Clearance New 1954 Sets Must Be Cleared. 1955 Sets well be arriving soon. 7—17" Coronado Table Model, 1 3 Q New, was 199.95. NOW ....... I 3 *• I —21" Coronado Mahogany Table A ..Model, VHF, New, was '249.93. TOO NOW l ***1—21" Coronado Mahogany, **m* VIIF-UHF, New, was 324.95, /4Q QS NOW A.-T^.^a/ 1—21" Coronado Super-Power _ _ • Table Model, Mahogany, New y AQ Was 289.95. NOW •*"~ ^ * 1—Coronado Console Radio- «•»/% Phonograph. Light oak, used 3 1 /Q Mo. Was 269.96. NOW * ' * * ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT Stoi'c Mari;tgci% Leonard .Martens Store Tlionc 7-3301 M ££ Admiral TV J25 FOR S« -.95 M FOR S« -. Sots ONLY 1/7 !Um W. tforlh • ",U/WvVVS A PMCB TO Ph. 2SM Sr.t Oar Complete 8(ock Before Vo» P«rchx«« * T.V. Set, Hamon, Draper 8 Gregg 615 Ewit Pacifhi

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