Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 10, 1963 · Page 3
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 3

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 10, 1963
Page 3
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Page 3 article text (OCR)

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1963 /HE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS Russ Plan Fertilizer Factories By ANTHONY WHITE MOSCOW (AP) - Premier Khrushchev unfolded plans today for a Rreat leap forward in chemical production to increase farm harvests and provide a hotter life for the Soviet millions, lie proposed to triple chemical industry output under o seven-year program. Khrushchev told a full-dress meeting ot the Communist Party Central Committee that never again will the Soviet Union export grain and let its people starve—-as he said was done in the days of Stalin. And lie warned Western countries against trying to force Soviet political concessions in return for aid at a time when the Russians admit they are deep in difficulties because of farm production failures. He told the West the Soviet Union would triumph, if necessary, "without your support." The premier announced that between 1!)(V1 and 1970 the government will invest more than •12 billion rubles ($16.62 billion at the official exchange rate) in developing the chemical industry and getting fertilizer to the farm when; it is needed. During the seven-year period, he said, approximately 200 new chemical plants will be built and more than 5 existing plants will be reconstructed. Khrushchev said the program would increase the output of chemical products 3 to 3Vi times. Khrushchev said his government wants to buy "a whole complex of chemical plants and a number of other enterprises" from capitalist countries and "will pay them what is duo by commercial standards." "However," he went on, "bitterly disappointed will be those who expect to make fabulous profits out of that, taking advantage of the seemingly advantageous situation, who expect that the Soviet Union would be compelled to accept any agreements because it allegedly has no other way out." Khrushchev also warned that the Soviet Union would make no political concessions in order to buy chemical equipment or foodstuffs from the West. "This is what the most reactionary and embittered enemies of socialism — (former West German Chancellor Konrad) Adenauer and the like — are calling for," the premier said. 'They say outright that before selling wheat or supplying chemical equipment to the Soviet Union, political demands The NIGHT, The WOMAN By Stephen Ransomo Copyright © 1862, 1903 by Stephen TUnioma Distributed by Newspaper EntcrpriM Am. XXX Now that Win and Val were both dead, Todd had been released from the necessity of secrecy concerning Win's crime. But Todd had said at the beginning of tonight's talk, "I've lied to you, but there's no need for it .. . for most of it." There still was need, then, for him to go on lying about some of it? "I had just handed you three thousand more, Todd. Val was already out on the bay. Why didn't you wait until morning to give the money to her?" The question did not disturb Todd. "Yes, there's that to add As I told you, Val had been drinking; she'd worked herself into a vicious mood. She'd been brooding over the Mannings! and why the sale of the house and the boat had fallen through. It threw her into a savage fury. She called Tessa on the radiophone — fortunately when Tessa took the call, Win and the judge were in the workshop — and repeated her threats. "Tessa phoned me right away, panicky again, and begged me to get Val sobered up and calmed down." Blake had heard Todd taking that call. Well, I had the three lhou-; tllc darkness, sand and something else be I used the catboat." "You knew what would happen if Val dragged Win into court," Blake said. "Your wife's father would be disgraced, sent to prison, his life ruined. It would hurt Ruth and Tessa very badly, and everyone else who was close to Win. Your own father's reputation would be damaged. The integrity of this fine old man would be questioned—either he had let the court be hoodwinked or he had let personal influence cor rupt it. Dirty politicians would ask how much his cut had been. He might be investigated. At the very least he'd be under a cloud; he'd feel obliged to re sign. It would tear him to pieces inside. For all these rea sons Val had to be stopped. And the only way to stop her was to kill her." "That much is right," Todd said quietly. "The only way to stop her was to kill her. I told you last night, frankly, I'm glad that unmerciful she-devil dead." Todd walked along the pier toward the sea wall. Blake called after him. "Todd! That's not all." Todd paused, looked back, then turned again without answering and walked on through He hurried to his desk. This had to be important. His father rarely spoke to him in his office. "Blake, I've just had a call from Paul Shellam." He sensed uncertainty and a deep but controlled uneasiness in the judge. Shellam was the county prosecutor. "Paul asked for an appointment with both of us," Judge Carden said. "He wants to see us privately. At home, Blake, at four. Can you be there?" "Of course. Did he say why?" "No, but it must be an exceptionally ticklish matter with him. Otherwise he wouldn't have suggested such an approach. Four o'clock then. Good-by, Blake." Disconnecting, Blake sat still, full of apprehensions, but less for himself than for his father. Shellam was Lee Barcello's chief, the man to whom Barcello reported. Shellam would possess all the incriminating information Barcello had picked up and put together—no doubt more of it than Blake could know. The appointment suggested that Shellam and Barcello had built their case to a point where they would ordinarily take action, but thought it wise to put on velvet gloves. sides. I'd been to a lawyer in town — naturally I couldn't come to you for this, kid — and The next morning Blake reached his office later than usual. Vera Avery, her straight I'd had an agreement drawn up. spincd back turned toward him Win and Tessa had alreadyj signed it. If I could make Val realize that this was the best she could hope for, and get her signature on it, it would go a long way toward getting the matter worked out. I thought the sooner I tried the better, so was peppering away at her typewriter. Jean was at her desk, using the telephone. She said to it, "Here he is now," then to Blake — with a firm but unreadable strangeness in her face, he thought — "It's Judge Carden." Blake looked up. Jean was coming in and closing the door behind her. She was pale and unsmiling. There were fine lines around her eyes, as if she had spent a restless night; but also there was a strong hint of resolution in them as she stood looking at him steadily. "I'm terribly sorry about Win." "It's a bad shock for all of and almost the end of us everything for Tessa." "Blake — You're in a terribly bad spot, aren't you?" "Lee Barcello doesn't waste his time. You know he's been investigating me. For reasons —I admit." (To Be Continued) must be presented too. "Messers imperialists, by such statements you only betray your impotence against the new world. The Soviet Socialist system was bom without y o u r blessing. We are living and developing without your support, and we expect to cany out the plans for the coming seven years also without your support, but with our own forces, marshalling our reserves and potentialities." Khrushchev's speed) to the 6,000 parly delegates ran Hi hours. Strike Ends At Decatur Plant DECATUR, HI. (AP) — The five-day strike among 350 workers has been settled at the Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. Production workers returned to work Sunday night after leaders ot Local 713, United Rubber, Cork, Plastic and Linoleum Workers of America, AFL-CIO, i reached an agreement with the ! firm. ' The workers o ft he newly- formed local struck at 11 p.m Tuesday after negotiations broke down over an initial contract. Under the terms of the agreement, incentive workers will receive a 5.1-cent an hour raise in June. Other production workers will get an immediate 3-ccnt an hour increase and another 4- cent raise in June. The nicest grand opening of the year will come Christmas morning. And we've decked our tree with a magical array of shoe stylings ... absolutely perfect gifts for every very important person on your Christmas list. Sparkling designs for pre-walkcrs and first steppers ... for tweens and teens . . . for jaunty juniors and sedate senior citizens. Do your holiday shoe shopping for family and special friends early . . , while our selection of styles, sizes and widths is at its best. Size a problem? Purchase a GIFT CERTIFICATE in any amount from $jjOO DOLLENS SHOE STORE Jefferson County's Finest and Only Home-Owned Family Shoe Store Shop Murphy's for Complete Selections of CH&tSTMAS TRIMS. DECORA TIONS to Give Your Home and Tree A Holiday Look! : * BLOCKS • CONES • CIRCLES IN EASY-TO-DECORATE STYROFOAM For making your own centerpieces and all kinds of lovoly Christmas decorations easily and inexpensively. iBSl^slJP to SNOW BALLS, 2 to 6-inch sizes 5c to 79c GUTTER 29c GOLD • SILVER SPRAY PAINT -79c C $179 1003 BROADWAY MT. VERNON DIAL 242-1046 STRIKING EFFECT with ALUMINUM TREESl REVOLVING LENS mun^sx ^s. SPOTLIGHTS 't>> s* Big 12-inch wheel in •four colors, red, green, blue and ambor, with '•'electric motor, stand, |-i 8-foot cord and 150- watt bulb. For indoor use only. SEE OUR BIG ASSORTMENT OF ARTIFICIAL TREES ^pSMs^ A 4Sk E ^m>x c MU0R X S INDOOR & OUTDOOR LIGHTS MULTIPLE WIRING — String stays lit when lamp bums out (A) Indoor set with seven imported pearlized A'T|< bulbs wired in multiple. With clips 0# (B) Indoor set with 15 imported pearlized bulbs. $tift7 Multiple typo with clips JL (C) 38 feet long indoor set with 25 imported $<ftQQ pearlized bulbs not in sockots £ (D) 15 imported outdoor bulbs on 21-foot mul- $ftQQ tiple cord. With clips and plug £ (E) 25 imported outdoor bulbs on U.S. wiring $^QQ with plug and clips [not in sockets) ^J" 24 fancy replaceable miniature imported bulbs J^SCA wired in multiple. 2 extra bulbs J[ 10 petite midget base EOc replacement bulbs %Jw 5 Westinghouse bulbs in £t^%r OOl! C-6, C-7l/ 2 and C9i/ 2 . .. J|| • W« and QC REALISTIC PINE TREES 99 78 inches tall with 5-inch green vinyl needles, heavy trunk. Metal brackets support limbs. With stand. 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(B) The 15-light glimmer set gives a sparkling effect when lit. A new kind of beauty for your tree! (0) C-6 Glimmer Lamps, OQ* 4 on «»rd C-6'/i or 0-9'/i 4Q« • Atk m Flasher bulbs «9V WB 1 on e «rd STURDY TREE STANDS |«l/ r incfi IVA-FRESH rtand wit* •* tra deep bowl for huge wafer supply to. keep tree fresh and groan. Heavy gauge steel; baked enamel finish.

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