The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1927 · Page 10
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 10

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1927
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

t»A'GE TEN THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER. TflURSDAY E\tENING, 5»-- .1 ARCH 24^1927. Editor Slain—New YorkMy&Ufied •ihitUANdl-KilS VICTIM TlifH .In AIJHTi SiiyijiT. iiiiiKiizliii'. !irl ! I 'lHtor: wln> :ii laiiKliil I'l li'iiili .tn lilH Ikhim- i'Hinviiif VilluK'-. ;i Nfw Vork miliiuli. Ilis skull ^vil^• Im -iiiriMi iiiiii iii-.'iv.v iiji'iiiri" wiii' - btiiind- his ihrd.i!. Scon^i itf il"-' ; ttclivi's ucic Ijil I 'nsl mijiljli' In •find il iiiDlivr 'l (ir ilic kliiiuir. SLAYINTi \VIJ)0\V Stiyilcr. willow of All)*-!'! iii:ii,'iiy.liii' ill'! cillior. wlios luK is N'"-v Voik's • slak- nii 111 Oldest of the Navy MAIMII MI-MS. *. , .M;ic:ir(iiii Cliccsi' ; nisliiril !:ik>>il I 'otHlors <'ri 'aiiiccl I'l-as 'al)l)iim-i' Salail willi Raisins— Carrots graU-il on lop Mroad ' JUiltiT ^ L( moil 111' XiiC Cookii's I 'l'U C'ol'fi'o S!iifl'»-il vUoiiiiil Steak CrtainVil I'olatops I'mteriil StriuA JJcans ,< lluVc S;Uail Willi Tlio(isaud| Island Dressing ' ntfi 'l-ifnt :TpIly 1?rrad nmtfr Dalfl'ndding roflce MARKlfT ! BKowx utrrv i'ri>i >iN«. Mtdt 2 tabiiispoons ut tUt, and Htlr III 2 Hoft liread, lirumbs. I 'liuc a layt'i-; of sjlct-d in >(>k-» on Ilif bottom oCilintlcred ImkinK ilisli and Kpi -lnkU- wiili a littl'' '"' oranui" jiilif. and soiiii- ' "rn synii of criiiiillH; ri- la :f: -Inyri l>n ad 1 hojir. and iiunii'-'.; or lidded. ! SoiiH i.ruinbt<, ill the egg and then into crumbu. Drop-.In hot deep Crisco :!!tu dcgrcf.'i K,. or when a pUctr of bruad browns in 2i) stHonds. until brown. Drain on .soft |)ai/cT and hid Hoilod Ham .Mas Spinach, Coin Meal .1 Tea wjlh .Milk (iravy Potatoes IJiiitered IJeets .Miillius ilutter Lenijon Cream Coffee Tlii 'ii add a Uiy peat. niakiiiK lli< cruOlhn. ' Ituke aliiiin .fevf Mi 'dj-d lal.-iilis ciiinamoil may I i pour on j-iioiiKh liili.iiiilk to jnols- ten. b^role bukin ;. ilovtr llie buk- •'ijiK dl.>ili 'dnriiii; lirHii pari of bak- liiK- Serve with !•< am or pudding Miiire.- C. It. i i»Kiti,i>i sA!i.i.n. liird, juice 1 leiin n. '.i <1'ip creum,! paprika. I • Cook In duuUle boiler uutil llili k. will 11 eooi aiid ' •: plni ol 'wlilppi'd eiyaiM. I e;in pineai'i'li-. eu|> ol peeaiis. 1; lioillld wllile- (••rajieH. I imuiid (•ii<ipiHil iii:ir«li- mallows. 'I 'liiii mixiiire j 'lvt r iriiil and let «laiid :'. iioert-i /loje i i;gs and less ereaiii may lie used if di-sireil. —I".- |{. ; KKIKl) VKIiKTABI.K HMA.S. _ '1 iu |is ((Hiked ve;;elables. ehop- | ire.l j '1 tablespoons CriM-o 1 tablespoons i;i;iUil onion •"^S cups dry bread cninilis I 1 eK^' yolk ,' . 'i; leuspoon salt . i lablespoou.s grated cheese teaspoon alls'dee ' .More dry erniiilis and 1 egu; fi»r^ •'lirc.idin;?." Combine iiijjredielii.s*; and let stand lor lo uiiliiites to ; swell eriimbs. Silapc: inio bills' I if not stiff enouKii lo handle add' more crumbs). Ueai eg.i; with '4 (up water until mixed. lloU into ; FIM».STKI» ,\l'FI.K.S Tart, firm apjdes are' best and should be cored and peeled; tlifli roll each a |i|>U> in melted butter :iiid Clieii III Kianiilaird sugar and I lien ill cfii-oaiiut. Place I hem in a bakliiif pau and fill eenlerh with chopped dales, raisins, and nut** in ei|iiat (iUunlllleH: add I cup biiiiing i water mixed with 1 eiip xugur and bake, the apples In a slow ovni. :!.'iO deKreesF. till lender. Ite- movi! .fioiji oven and »i/rlnkle .with coco 'iinul ami serve with whipped or plulu cream. -.\. V. Pour this overt the chcrriks and balce ',2 hour. \ When clout cover pudding with beaten wWUh of 2 eggs and brown lightly. Cut in square-s and serve with v hipped ( ream and a niiarasehino cl erry.— C. \\. UATK KKLISII. I clip r)iopp<d dales 1 I up I hoi'ped- nuts 1 Clip powdered sugar ^4 cup flour 'I teuslnions baking powder J eggs, beaten well i 1 teaspoon vanilla I!ake In slow oven: ciil • in squares immediately, dcred sugar.- \\. !loll in pow- Line a biscuit jian with rieli pie erust. ("over the crust with clierry preserves from which, the juice lias been drained. Crt'ain '-i cup of butter :)iid 1 cuii sugar together .:nil add Gi'cgg yolks, well beaten. Wlitn .Vimirals iUms. Kberle and other illii.sirlons li!&li. < (imina'nbrs "l of .the • .\iliuirU'an Tiiiiv .v ^ of this \ <Tec«d»'' were In their , swaddliiip • clothes,^ ('harles, .4. .Sclieiky. Iieie »hown witii Ills pel pipe, was call•• ing-the seven .sean with, a captain .s braid on his slCeve. Captain .Seliet- k>' Is not only the iddest, liviiiu American naval officS'r- his P'o •years make htiii also the oldtjit -MasoD. He's a member of hodf;e iVo. 3, Philadelphia. 'lyle spent Sun'ilay at .1. I^. jDlack'; : .Mr. and Mrs. Fred .Miiutzurl cal \ e<l; iji I he evening. | : , There are ei^bl new soliblars , sehcKiI l.his week, making 24 iail. \V(.' have si.\ weeks of selioi^l ycl..' ' , • .Mr. and .Mrs. .Ifm Black speiit .Sirnd:f\' evening with .Mr. and .Mil*. ; VA JC"ii'i<-.U. ! CARLYLE CONSTIFATfON IS THE ENEMY OF HEALTH Kellogg's ALL-BRAN brings prompt, natural relief! ' CHERRY GROVE (Mrs. L. Hartmant . . March" 22.—.Mr. land .Mrs. Fred Mnntzert of F:h:Jnqie were siipjier ' giiests of -Mr. ami Mrs. Arthur Myers last Sundav; Mrs. Ploucli bat: done in Itar- tlesville to visit h <ir d iiii :hter Mrs. Jack Pi-6volt and family. Mr. andi Mrs. (jran \dams drove •fo Chanu^e last Mono i.v afternoon to see .Mr.s. J." Will .Vc ams.' who is • in the hospital there. Vilas I .Kilhruiii i'.as been abfi-nl , from school for .sevcial days on account • of sickness. 1 Frances and MabI.e Hair. KiTna Kalrli and llilen. Owens visited at jtiie .Mobs home Sunda .i aflernoon. ' Oran Adams allende^l the sale of Mrs. Sadie. .Xdaiiis in iola l-'riday .afternoon.. • Dewey Smith visited I.Ioyd Wrestler Sunilay. | Mrs. Rlack spent Tijesday .-ifter- nobn with Mrs. Oran ;.\daiiis.] The ba-»>y of .Mr. an.lj Mrs. Frank Carrey has ' been • .vi'i-.j III but is ^reported better :it lliis wrilins:. Mr and Mr.']. Ixar'l Cregi; of Car- ;' I Fern Honey I ."VJar. ."2 Mrs. .1. K. Powell his lie',:n Mificrliig with an ulcerated toiiih. We are .gluii to hear it js soltiewlial belter. Mr. Murphy had the .1. II. He i- dcrsoii house in Carlyle moved ko thij soinlicast corner of his farm a mii .e west of Carlyle. We are glad to know that D. C. Chambers wjll li.v!' there wlien the house is |ii r( a din ess.. Freil CliHinhers has .uone o where he has • se- with ai: .Mr. ran a ill the jiajit resume hij lola. high Pueblo. Colo.. <i ;red' work. Mr. and Mrs. CuTlis •\'owell Kliia 'spent Sunday .Mrs. W. I'. Archer. Mr. .lohu Carter is havin.s; .son>e needed work ilonu on the rojd running west ;ol" Carlyle. Wo are glad to hear tliat iiertl .U'clier. who has been week, is now able, to sivhool work in the school: Owing to bad roads there wa^ srtiill alteiidunce at church Sui] dily. . . _,Th<" Ilev. Mr. Hamilton reports '^l•l•>. Hamilton auiong those on tl spji list last week. .:The W. C. T. I', and the missUJu Sfiidy class will hold an all-d^y m'ieiing at the church Thursday Week: The weekly jirayer meeting atjd study ciiiss'StJll meiet Wednesd:l enilii^;^'at the-'c!'..urch. t [iis '^f Tbrrc*» a promiw of-lli^ rp.ili.«lic appraranre of the finidKd >a-nr in ^ic;organizef) pioTrmrnl* vf Magr-hand« .iiid mccbsniiis.. In jii»l tlir »nir va^'. 'individnald and lni«i- nffwf wl tbp Hagc for ^eltin': ahead by tailing c^e of drlail^ u«w. ^ . ! ' 4^orminga clorr connection vriib a itrong. pro- gtc^^ivrv experienced baking institution is an e^.-rotial for financial pnigrefS. , you'll find n hearty welcome here FIRST IOLA KANSAS Hid your K >'steni of conrlipnlion an'l help voiirself to health. Headaches, bad brc-atli, inponinia, nuidily complexions areoniy a few of the .sym|iloni:i of this widespread «;vil. Con.stipation is -the. actual oausu of )nore than forty' diseases. No wonder Kood health is irapossiblu when il is present. Guard against it! Protect your health! KenogK'.s ALL-BRAN.' i.'; 'guaranteed to relieve constipation. Tv.o tablospoonful.s eaten: daily—in chtohic cases, with every meal. Doctors recommend Kellogg's because it is lOOCr bran. Because it works as no part-bran product can do. Delicious with milk or cream— and add fruits or honey. Mix it with othcrx-creal.s. Use in cookinc:. .Sprinkle over soups.- Recipes on the package. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Served by restaurants, hotels, cafeterias. Sold by ail grocers. ALIi-BRAN MRKET Phone 193 .•\}j;;iin this week wi" are .uttiiig .sume Extra Faii- .y HiLi-vi'v, cofii letl Beef ' PaKists Boils. This is of f.\tni line (iiialit.v ami a real liarjiraiii- ^Ve asl< yoii to insiiecl our ^lorreH's Sii^ar Cured Daeoii. You will be more tlum pleased with it. i Fancy ^teaks per lb. 25c Extra Fancy Roast per lb. 17c Extra Fancy Boil per lb. 15c .Morrell's Side Bucon 1 to 2-lb. piece, ll>. '.iHc Morreir.s Pride Hams 10 to 12-lb. average p«r lb .31c X 21 Different Kind.s of Cheese ' I'ork Shoulder Per lb. _ 20c Pork Loin Koast, lb. 2.5c Pork Chops, lb. .__-27c The .Alarkel Where S$S are larger. W..L. Harper "RICH IN FOOD VALUE!" Grandmother's BREAD is rich in food value. Nothing is quite as nourishing for young and old. Tiy a loaf TODAY! WHITE BREAD 9^ White Sreai 6^ Rabin Bread IS^ Rye Bread ii^ 9^ Whole Wheat IfP i THBRS IS AN A \l P STORK IK YOUK TOWN AiiAifiic^Rkanc^^ Biisn' £STABLisnn> ism t .\|{>ATIO>l I.KJIOX '(li yiK. % eui> Carnittioii mtik with -Ti <•»!) water,-H4 rups .'i iHblesjioonH lemoJi! Juice, spoon uratejl rfnil, 2 ettKU. blesijoons flour, plncU «ul iile.H|Mion butter. Seaid (lllnteit. milk: al niixinre of rlopr, sugur diluted KUKar, 1 tea- 4 lit tu- 1 ta- ubd Into Hall, Cook 25 minutes stirrlog occasionally.. Remove frpm firt,stfr iu beaien egg yolks, cobk 2 minutes: addf batter. lemon j^lc« and rind. PoUr into baked paKtryl sliell, coy.- er with meringue, brown.—X. F. Il, kvabl After frying fish, jwabh the pan, then put: a little vlnbgair in it and let' boll for a few fnliiutes?. The vinegar will remove }h& oflor from both pan and kitchen. ! No inan sueceeilM what he iun'l. It! I« Juul aa lianlj mi)nn\ tin\ It i> to boj pav buck Iroiw II. East Side Square . Every payJa^Q^Efrw @ Connejet"'" oi^K in being Phone 417. i|k Store, riirains Cane Sugar in 25-Jb. kack Per .'Jack _-_ — - — ]. f AS-lb. Sack lied r>all Flour for I : I 18-lb. .sack Fanchon Flour for L I{t'd River lOhio Seed Potatoes Per 2-busliel sack — BacjiMi Squares Per lb. Two Pounds ()!eomargj|rine i. Sweet Pickles Per dozen: L Dil! Pickles I'er dozen! 1 j .'5 cans Monarch Pork and IJeans . 1 • . . Morris Sum-eme Milk tall cans IGc: s(nial! c $3.45 I Regular no-Pound Ulock White Saltl ins - — a7c be 25c 25c 5c 'ride Wsishing Powd([r leKular 2rjc package,! 2 for _ IJananas ;5 pounds for --J --Mead Lettuce .'5 heads for Oranges, lier doxen 25c and ,L .--.j ; Phone 117 45c 25c ^5c 40c ^We Deliver $3.00 Orders more You buy groceries every day. You ca|n effect quite d savins^ in a peirioi} of tinie by buying where your dollars have cents. Watchithe CRACKERS-3 lb SUGAR-^100 lbs. . Vatcnt iWur sold iu Ivla) iS-Ut. iMg i>«erle«s (Best iiuur sold Ikt th» price) 48-IW iMig box Loose-Wiles Krispys 45c 'ure'C, & H. Cane...;. iWO BEANS4-7 lbs. FJincy Idahos '.. .1. .':.50c RAISIN^ libs. Thodpsbn Seedless..... .j. .5Qc RICE—3! lbs. Fan|y l^iue Rose...........i. .25c SWEIST -3 .'mod. cans Van Camp PORK & BEANS SARDINES—F,F.6.0.i Large Ovals, 2 for. TUNA—Light M^at ' SALMON—Fancy Pink, 3 tall cans. OYSTEKS—Punch Brand, small 15c; largc| MACARQNl—Bui <, 2*A. lbs. for...... . PUMPKliN—2 large cans Van Camp's.... CORN arid PEAS-fGood quality, No. 2 sijlej.. 10c BANAi^AS—3 lbs, for .25c ' P0TATOT5R—8 lbs. forr........!! .25c s ..25c . .20c i ;48c .:JOc . .25c .25c BUNCH .tARROTJS-F'cyCalifornia, 2 for 15c GREEN BEANS—per pound .!. .20c FRESH trOMATOES—pier pound .1 .15c BEAD LETTUCE-3 heads for ...... .1. .25c APPLES^Fancy Winesaps, 3 lbs .,25c GANOS45 lbs. for .25c GRAPE-^RUIT-^ sizes: 4 for 25e; 3 for 2i5t, 10c ORANGl^S—per dWn .. 20c, 33<f, 45c LEMONS—Large >ize, per dozen1.25c Brins: your Van Camp's Soap Coupons to' us. Uutrena Chkk IVIash, Chamberiain's Starter. Bulk Oats, Rich ^rain Scratch FeMi and Oyster Shell! ' WE ARE TK E fiOiVIE OF THE EGG. Food Sale t^ai^ist Ladies, Saturday OBUieS«ikeat Reliable foodstuffs Reliable Groceries are, the only kind we sell. Our foods are fresh and tasty, of the l)e^t iiuality |and are reasonably priced. Y<Ja can depend upon our idelivery service, too. phone ^101, 402, 403. Here arc a few sarnple values offered for the week end. I VAN CAMP'S DEMONSTRATION FRIDAY AND SATURDAY SPECL\|. PRICES ON ENTIRE LINE Rainbow Corn Flakps, 2 Pkgs Sea Shell Macaroni, 2 lbs. .. Peas or Corn^.No. 2 Can, 3 cans .. . •Fresh Roasted Coffee, ^ lbs. Ba^ei^sjCocqa^iit, i%-ih, Pkg Ba|i:erfs^)c6anut, Vz-lb. I Mixed I^iuts, 2 lbs. 1 lb. Glass Humidor Prince Albert .. Brisket Boil, per lb. ... Beef Roast, per Jb. Good Bacon, per lb. Milchner Herring, p^r keg .. .15c ..25c . .30c UM ...9c -. 17c .•35c ..45c ..1,0c . 14c ..29c. $1.45 • i Three Phones 401-402-10.3 s Goo4 JudgffleBt In Your Choosing ADERSON'S GRaCERY To Deal mm | It has the jjoiods arid the service .every day in the year 1 you wish to'call upon it. FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Beef, Pork, Veal, Lamb and Chickens Special Demonstrition fromi Armour & Co., Saturday, demonstratinsr the quality of Banner Nut Special Price During Demonstration. I T. ^'pam Wa^Le^, Machine Soap. It does'M^Kfers. Per , Wigwam Syrup make.s your waffles and" > cakes taste better, per can , and Sanborn's Seal Brand Coffee, per lb. ; —: — I '• . 1 Meinz Sweet.PickleW Per dozen __. 25c 4Qc 15c .\o better ijuality in PnineK from California Oftrh Two pounds for . 09C \Ve also have Dried Pejiches, I'cur.s and Aprii-ots. Maple flavored Syrup in jflas.s jug _ •.. ^5c Two Cans Van Camp's Red Kidney Beans for . ^. |5c Two cans good quality Corn for 25c 2 cans good quality O CT Peas for _-—L_----. __L. ZOC Just Received^a new supply of PurrStrained Haiiey. We'll buy your Eggsiand Chickeiiis iWe Have Parking iRoom For Your Car. Phone 292-291 ^ ^ We'PeUver Have Yeu^ fitUMe fw SM|t? Or for Siilc? anything? Use the Classified Columns I :f.. Want 1» imy I

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