Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on July 21, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 21, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA WEDNESDAY, j UlY „ , Harm J. Kramer announces this week 1hat Hansen and Matson Company will hold open house at the new building located south of the fair grounds on Saturday, July 24, and the public is invited to see the new plant in operation from 1:00 p. m, to 9:00 p. m. Free coffee and doughnuts will be given during that rime. The new plant is a definite contribution to Postville and a proud addition to the business life of the community. The company has been in operation here for the past year in temporary quarters and has in that time, thru the efforts of its manager, Harm J. Kramer, fitted into the community picture and taken a definite part in community affairs- The new building now housing the company gives them opportunity to better handle their work and will, as business warrants it, allow for expansion. The community extends its congratulations to Mr. Kramer and Hansen and Matson Company which he represents. It costs the federal government 10 times as much to educate Indians in Federal schools as in public schools. * » » * * Louis L. Hill last week was given the highest honor possible by the National Retail Hardware association, that of being its president, and by so doing became the fourth Iowan to hold this office. Mr. Hill has been an active participant in both the state and national associations for a number of years and "had held previous offices in both of those organizations. This national recognition of a Postville merchant has brought favorable publicity to our community and indicates the forward thinking of our small town store owners. The entire community is justly proud of the honor received by Mr, Hill and congratulates him on his progressive business career which made this honor possible. * • • • The relative closeness of the countries of the world was brought to mind Friday on receipt of a letter from Major and Mrs. Robert Bachtell from Weisbaden. Germany. The letter, traveling by air mail, left the U. S. Army post office at Weisbaden on July 12 and was delivered to the post office here Friday afternoon, July 16. The "distant" countries are now only separated by a few days in time. ***** Observed a cigarette salesman the other day do his famous magic trick of putting a 50 cent piece in a "76" bottle. The silver piece appeared to pass into the bottle thru the bottom and was removed thru the neck of the bottle which will not normally allow passage Of a dime. He convinced me that the hand is quicker than the eye, at least in that particular case. * • * • can leader recently quipped: "The Democrats shouldn't have gone to all the trouble of drafting a, platform this year, they have a perfectly good one left from 1932 that they never even used." Good Attendance Is Reported At Parks The following item is reprinted from the Ossian Bee. Seems like everyone is finding a way to take care of the kids swimming desires for the summer. •'At their last regular meeting, members of Brockman-Hammersland Post No. 503. American Legion, voted to again furnish transportation from Ossian to the Decorah Municipal swimming pool for the children of this community. A private school bus has been chartered which will leave Ossian from the city park at 1:30 p. m. each Thursday, beginning July 15, and returning to Ossian at 5:30 p. m. Each trip will be supervised by a member of the Post or Auxiliary unit." ***** Asked his opinion of the 1948 Democrat platform, a Republi- WATERVILLE HOMECOMING! RAINBOW GARDENS. Waterville Friday and Saturday, July 30-31 sponsored by Waterville Baseball Team and Rainbow Gardens COUNTY BASEBALL TOURNEY FRIDAY, 1:00 p. m.—Postville vs. Waterville FRIDAY, 3 :00 p. m.—Waukon vs. Lansing Harpers Ferry vs. Bye First round winners play at 1:00 p. m. Saturday A GOOD TIME EACH NIGHT! FRIDAY EVENING PROGRAM— Tug-of-War, Fats vs. Slims; Pop drinking contest; Amateur contest; Modern dance with Chuck Hall and his Orchestra. SATURDAY AFTERNOON and EVENING— Weber's Rides and Concessions; Stage entertainment by Klem Klein Orchestra; Rifle range contests; Pie eating contest; Prizes; Fireworks display; Dance to Klem Klein and his Orchestra. GOODYEAR BATTERY SPECIAL FULLY GUARANTEED 20 MONTHS - FOR - $ 8.95 Exchange FALB'S Conservation officers report record crowds attending the State's parks, reserves, lakes, and streams. Prior to the war, more than 2,500,000 persons visited these areas annually. This record attendance will no doubt be greatly exceeded this year. Picnicking, camping, swimming, fishing, boatirtg, and other outdoor recreational activities indeed play an important part in the health and happiness of the people of Iowa. In addition, thousands of non-resident tourists are attracted by the natural beauty of the State's native flowers, topography and landscapes. It is therefore fitting and timely that attention be called to some of the common outdoor hazards which may be encountered by the recrea- tionists. The following is a brief discussion of the more common health hazards which, if recognized, will aid in the safe return home after a pleasant outing. Water Supply- Drink water from approved sources only. Many of the diarrheal and other intestinal infections come from contaminated water. Ailments such as these soon take the joy out of picnicking and camping. Water from streams, springs, and wells of unknown quality should not be used for drinking purposes. Food Certain foods are by their nature subject to rapid spoilage unless properly refrigerated. Food con taining dairy products, such as custards and cream filled pastries, are of this nature and should not be in eluded in the picnic basket. Meat spreads and salad dressings are particularly vulnerable to bacterial spoilage if not kept cool. Avoid serving food that has been held for several hours in warm outdoor temperature such as may oc cur at picnics, re-unions, and simi lar gatherings. Sanitary Facilities Attend only those parks and recreational areas which have ade quate and properly maintained sanitary facilities. Many state- owned parks have modern sanitary sewerage systems; others have sanitary' sewerage systems; others have sanitary type privies. . Garbage Parks and picnic areas often become depositories for garbage and other refuse. Don't be guilty of creating these nuisances. . Covered garbage cans are provided and conveniently located in all state-operated picnic areas. Swimming Swim only in approved, supervised swimming pools or bathing places. To do otherwise is to invite disaster. Eight out of ten reported drownings in the past have been in unsupervised areas. Wait a reasonable time after eating before swimming. If you see some one in trouble, call the lifeguard and let him make the rescue. The records show that otherwise he may have to save you and two others as well. Poison Ivy Poison ivy can be extremely painful and even dangerous to some people. Learn to recognize the leaves of the plant and avoid areas infected with it. Should such an infection be accidentally acquired, immediate medical at- tenion should be obtained. • Left To Write By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. 'Til bet yon can't do this. I'm getting' to be an all-around athlete. Mother is my trainer and she gives me plenty of WATERS' PASTEURIZED MILK." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese, CaU 237-J. U-LTL. • n U Elgin Postville Guttenberg POSTVILLE '?k *K 237-J The State Convention With the biennial Republican State Convention in Des Moines on Friday of this week, Iowa Republicans will fire the opening gun of their campaign. Sounding the keynote address will be U. S. Senator George A. Wilson and there will also be addresses by Governor Robert D. Blue and Rep. William S. Beardsley, the Republican nominee for governor. There is every reason to believe that this year's convention will be one of the largest which the Republicans have held in the state in many years. There will be 3,396 delegates, the most a state convention has ever had. The most important business to be taken up by the Convention will be the selection of a nominee for Secretary of State. Eight candidates sought the nomination in the recent primary, but none received the 35 percent of the vote required to nominate. Two of the primary candidates have since withdrawn, but another candidate has entered the race so there will be at least seven seeking the nomination from the delegates. The successful candidate must receive 1,699 votes: Other business, which will come before the Convention, will be the selection of two presidential electors at large, and the adoption of the Party's State Platform, which will be offered by the Committee on Resolutions. The Convention will convene at 11 a. m. with the keynote address set for the morning session, but most of the other business will be deferred until afternoon. District caucuses, however, will be held at 10 a. m. when each of the eight districts will select a chairman and vice chairman, who will hold membership on the State .Central Committee, and name one district presidential elector. Three present members of the Central Committee will not be candidates for reelection they have announced. They are Willis B. York, of Madrid, Sixth District, and former State Chairman; Ben A. Webster, Mason City, Third District; and Mrs. Helen Vandenburg, of the Eighth District. Mrs. Vanderburg, who served as vice chairman of her district for a number of years has moved from Boyden to Shell Rock, which is in the Third District. One of the social functions which will be held in connection with the Convention will be a breakfast given by the State Central Committee to which all successful and unsuccessful candidates for state offices on the Republican ticket in the recent Primary, have been invited. This will be held on Friday morning preceding the opening of the convention. On Thursday evening delegates and visitors will be guests of the women members of the State Central Committee at a reception. Feudin' and Fussin' Last week the American people had an opportunity to take a good look at the Democratic Party. If any doubt remained in anyone's mind that that party is utterly incompetent and unfit to administer the affairs of this government it should have been completely removed by the spectacle which that parly presented at its National Convention in Philadelphia. It was a house divided, but discord and strife is what the Democratic Party has always stood for. Yes. Mr. Truman was renominated in spite of the most violent opposition from the southern wing of his party. Delegates from two states bolted and walked out of the convention hall in protest to his impending nomination. No Republican ever condemned a Democrat more bitterly than Mr. Truman was attacked by members of his own party. Yet in his acceptance speech he had the audacity to come before the American people and tell them that this party of dissension was the one in which they should place the welfare of this nation in the most critical period in its history. Mr. Truman's action of calling a special session of Congress for July 26th isn't fooling anyone. Its quite obvious to all that this is purely a political move. Candidate Truman says he wants the extra session so the Republican Congress can enact the legislation which is recommended in the Republican Platform. In this regard we believe that Congressman Ben Jensen, of the Seventh Iowa District, hit the nail squarely on the head when he declared that the program outlined in the GOP Platform is the type that needs to be administered by a Republican President, and not by the incompetent Truman administration with its record of bungling. The nomination of 71 year old Senator Barkley for vice president doesn't add much to the Democratic ticket which is the weakest offered in years. Even Truman didn't want the Kentucky Senator as his running mate but he was forced to take him. Of the Dewey and Warren team we can truthfully say, "So proudly we hail." Of Truman and Barkley, "So miserably they'll fail." Insects Insects, in addition to creating a general nuisance in picnicking areas, have been incriminated in the spread of certain diseases. In wooded areas, the tick may create a serious threat to the health of picnickers. Not all ticks are infected with the Rickettsia of Rocky Mountain spotted fever. However, as a precaution after spending a day in the woods, all parts of the body should be carefully inspected for ticks. Ticks do not usually fasten themselves to the skin for several hours after landing on the person. If not attached to the skin they can be removed with tweezers, if they have attached themselves, care should be exercised not to detach their mouth parts when re moving. Sunburn Acquire your suntan gradually. Too much sunshine may not only result in serious burns, but may produce other unpleasant symptons such as headache, nausea, and sun stroke. SEE BLOW BY BLOW ACTION' OF THE LAST LOLIS-WALCOTT CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT AT THE IRIS THEATER THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY, JULY 22,23,24. the opening of The Nook at the Sinclair Station, west on Highway 18 and 52 Fill up your gas tank and get a token for a free CUP OF COFFEE Short Orders Ice Cream Sandwiches Pop The Nook Victor H. Walter Eileen Sadler West on Highway 18 and 52 POSTVILLE, IOWA HUlji USED CAR VALUE! 1949 FORD with side lights, back-up light, radio, he»te, white sidewall air ride tires and overdrive. ' 1948 BUICK CONVERTIBLE SUPER, Green, with evtrytw,, 'i It's a dream! 1<)48 CHEVROLET 4 -DOOR—With scatcovcrs and heater \ 1940 CHEVROLET—A real bargain! 1939 PLYMOUTH—A car worth the money. 1937 PONTIAC—Completely overhauled. 1937 CHEVROLET—Runs very good. 1934 CHEVROLET—Worth more than our pricc-$l5o,oo 1934 STUDEBAKER—A vers' Kood car, only—$175.00. 1930 MODEL A FORD—Runs good. 1929 MODEL A PANEL—A steal! A USED JOHN DEERE TRACTOR—In very good condition WILLMAN MOTOR Telephone No. 293 POSTVILLE, IOWA | HARVEST—FUTURE by sowing now the seeds of FINANCIAL security. A savings account here means peace' of mind, accumulated funds, earned interest. We specialize in farm loans. . . Come in today! Citizens State Bank POSTVILLE, IOWA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. TODAY- IkTutoG&edtNeu) HOOVER Tht new Hoovor T>i'pl«- Aclion Cltamr. Modtl 28, with excluiiv* "Poiltiv* Agitation" (if b«afi... 01 It ttvMpi.. 1 01 it cltoni*). Cleaner olon«, $ 69* 5 CUanlng tools $lt.00 Tit MW M**»r Ci**r Mnf M» DM Doctor, now U- •» mm pewi Co—liN wW»cl»o*« *79* uoovn oww» J Louis Schutte & 5 Largest Furniture Stock in Northeastern I*t

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