The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 21
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 21

Salina, Kansas
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Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 21
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To Shorten Hearings? Sunday, May 9, 1954 Page 5—The Salina Journal By Jack Bell and G. Milton Kelly * WASHINGTON, MayjS (ft-Com mittee Democrats and*Army officials held out tonight against a Republican leadership proposal to cut short the McCarthy-Army row by calling Sen McCarthy (R-Wis) Monday as the final witness in public hearings Sen. Dirksen (R-1U) said, with the outspoken backing of Sen. | Bridges (R-NH), the Senate present pro-tempore; that he will move m the Senate Investigations subcommittee Monday to-supplant Secretary of * the Army Stevens on Dirksen the stand with McCarthy Dirksen explained that his proposal, would open the way for the committee—if it chooses to do so— to take testimony later behind closed doors from Roy M. Cobn, McCarthy's chief counsel. Army counselor John G. Adams and other present "principals" in the controversy. Solid Backing Dirksen predicted he will have solid backing from the subcommittee's other three Republicans, al though Chairman Mundt (R-SD) said he had'not-been approached! by his Illinois colleague about the proposal. The Democrats, outnumbered 4-3 gave immediate signs lh?t they would fight the move. They regard it as ah attempt to end a:public spectacle which they see as po litically damaging,to the GOP. Sen. McClellan of Arkansas, top Democrat on the subcommittee, announced in an. interview that he will vote against,Dirksen's motion if the latter makes it, as. promised, at Lhe opening of the 13th day of televised hearings Monday special events planned for the old cars. The parade-through ..Beloit willj begin at 10 a. m. Saturday, May morning "All of the accusers and the accused should be heard in, public •'hearings," McClellan said. "They should have their day, just as Secretary Stevens has had. All the principals should be treated alike." TFVRS KOMuOW * \IJ,~ Ralph AYl.ite, 2, doesn't appcu fo leahze it, but he's a pretty lucky boy. He fell ont of a second stort vinflow at hit Seattle. Wash , home bat esiapcrt with minor injuries. The tears came at the hospital (AP Photo) Deaths Mrs. Minnie Martin Ray Oldfield. 508 N. Front, has received, word of the death of his sister, Mrs. Minnie Martin, Winlock. Wash. Mrs. Martin died of cancer. She was born and reared in Canton, Kas., but had lived in Washington for many years. Mr. Oldfield will not be able to attend the funeral but his daughter, Mrs. Harold Johnson. Jefferson, Ore., formerly of Salina, will attend. Otis W. Beach Otis W. Beach, 73, 121 E. Minneapolis, a retired hardware salesman, died at 8:50 am Saturday at Asbury Hospital. Mr. Beach had lived here since 1032. He was born in Dennison, la. He was a Mason and a member of the First Christian Church. Surviving are the widow, Mrs. Marguerite Beach; two sons, Otis H' iV /~!t-«,-Jn,» /""mlt. . _^.J VT- __!J Children Suffer Minor Injuries Two children suffered minor in juries and one man was arrestec in connection with a traffic accident at 9th and Pacific Friday night ' Injured were Terry Hardesty, 6, who suffered a bruised back, anc lis sister Shirley, four months, who received a bump on the head They are the children of Harold Hardesty, 345 S. Ohio, driver ol one of the cars. They were treated at St. John's Hospital and dismissed. Police charged Darrell McDowell. 316 N. Front, the other driver, with failing to reduce speed to avoid an accident. The Hardesty car had stopped for a red light when the McDowell vehicle collided with it, officers said. Police are looking for a third car which also was believed to have struck the Hardesly car while it was waiting for the traffic light. 600 Perform In Concert When the elementary and junior music students gave their annual spring concert .Friday night more than 600 performed. Previous estimates had been that 400 would take part. The concert was given before a "packed house". . C F. Lebow, head of the department, said. : W. jr., Greeley, Colo.; and Haroldj He and Ralph Bengtson directed! W.. Abilene: one daughter, Mrs. Helen Hunter.. Greeley, Colo.; a Todays Birthdays THOMAS B. COSTAIN, born May S. 1883 in Brahtford, Ont., Canada. The famed author of historical romances started as a reporter on a little Canadian paper and later became an edi- Age Before Beauty At Beloit Show By Alan Houghlon (Beloit Daily-Call) BELOIT, Kan., May 8 W- — Come May 21, it'll be age before streamlined beauty is an autp- mobile popularity poll taken hereabouts. That's the date of the opening of the National Midwest Tour of the Horseless Carriage Club, and ancient vehicles— their operator's bedecked in dusters and goggles or costumes suitable to the age of their cars—will,gather here from as far away as California. Arrangements are being made Club members and their 'families. The three-day event is expected to attract thousands of persons .to' this north-central Kansas town. Two Highlights Two highlights will be the antique auto parade, and races and other Block Cease-Fire Plea Reunion To Open The Salina Consistory of the Scottish Kite will hold its spring reunion Monday through Thursday in Masonic Temple, The event will be climaxed by the annual banquet at 6:30 pm Thursday. The week of activities at the temple will close Friday with the spring ceremonial pf the Isis •Shrine. A stag party and a'parade Prisoners Herded From Fallen Forf By John Brodcrlck . SAIGON, Indochina, May 8 US- French planes sighted columns of men marching north from Dien Bien Phu today and Gen. Henri Navarre said they were apparently French Union forces taken prisoner By Lynn Helnzerling ' PENEVA, May 8 (AP)— French Foreign Minister • Georges Bidault, his voice" choking with emotion, asked for a cease-fire in. Indochina in the Geneva conference today, 24 hours after the fall" The Vietminh are a -few yards' of Dien Bien Phu. from the radio over which I am] He rah immediately into a Corn- talking to you. They are every- jmunist blocking action. • 7' where. I have given the order to; Soviet Foreign Minister V. M.-inflict -the maximum amount ofjMolotov, pointedly ignoring the damage. We will' not surrender.''! French proposal, tied the confer- of novices through downtown Sa-j a f te r the fortress fell to the Com- reToir ' . De Castries- then added his "Au «nce up in a procedural knot by lina will be part of the celebration. officers work are j. R . able master; Howard Engleman, rhunist-led Vietminh. Trance." Vive 'la; asking for the admission to the {talks of Red representatives of Laos, Whether Brig. Gen. Christian de! The last words from the. radio j and Cambodia-part of Indochina Castries, the heroic commander of j»P«ator wtre; "In five minutes !"<=t directly connected w,th the cur- Dien Bien Phu, was among the , wise master; Richard Morgen-j marchers was not know. A Viet-' stern, knight commander of court honor commander; William S. Childs, KCCH; R. H. Cravens, secretary; and John H. Lehman, Abilene, KCCH, director. md electricians are John Soldner, KCCH, chairman; Paul Merrill, assistant chairman, Frank Bonnifield, Cy Marts, minh broadcast said Dien Bien Phu's commander had been taken everything will blow up here. The | rent fighting. enemy is only a few yards away.! Greetings to everyone." Suppress News 'Phantom Regimes" France has called the so-called Communist governments of Laos" A uu o i»umuiauu\;v iiau utrcu lalieu --»•» '- -• . . . „ -but did not refer to him by name. The French military Cornm3n d!and Cambodia phanom regimes His last words before he vowed to! i" Kahoi deliberately suppressed .France *nd he United Stales fight to the end were "Au reV oir,'>U'news of thrall of Dien Bien | promptly | rejected the idea of issu- m™ oono rai vir» i a p,.»n n » » I Phu for manv hours after Premier ! ln S an - v bld lo them - , 200 and 300 horseless carriages contests wiUb C gm,lj other 1 p. m. Sunday, May 23. A total of 69 trophies and plaques will be awarded in such events as a cranking contest, Model T race, and races for 1, 2 and 4-cylinder cars. Awards will be made to lut- standing vehicles in such classes as cars built before 1909, high wheelers, steam and electric cars, and the -..ancient auto •• which has the most, mechanical trouble in reaching Beloit power. . Many Reservations To date, reservations have been of S N stage mon general. Vive la France." ' Pnu for manv hours after Premier There was -no word also on tlie' Lanl ' el announced it in Paris. Not! ^ . ., 4 <» e « to Red crews are Phil Frederick and Ralph Summers, scenery; J. E. fate of Genevieve de Galard Terraube, the 29-year-old French nurse who was the only woman in the fortress, for of the 1,500 to 2,000 . a line of news was permitted to! China into a proposed Big tour be sent out of Hanoi all yester-^ iscussion of lhe P^posed mvila- day and nothing until up to 9 a.m.| tions - This the 0mted StatBS re- '. Hanoi, time today. jected. ! YT..«» LUlU^ad, 1U1 Ul UIC l.iJUU LU ^,UUU, """•"*• -"•'« »w«"rf ' ( n» it 1~ n ft* — seriously wounded French Union Navarre talked informally with! Huang Hua, press spokesman far . fighters for whom she helped c^reJ newsmen here. He said the, fall iu s , oo. Navarre, the French commanderj in chief in Indochina, said planes . , China, sa.d BidjuU s Dien Bien Phu Aid not alter ab fora cease-fire were no, Whittecar, chairman, R, E. Bent-j dropped food and medical supplies ley, KCCH, and W. E. French, over the stilled battlefield this aft- master of wardrobe; and C. .F.jernoon. The pilots saw the para- Tressin and Claude M. Allen, UK chutes picked up. Highlighting . the degree work! will be music by the choir com-: posed of Verna Fowler, Mrs. Har old Crawford and Mrs. R,L. Forced Back The last three battalions in Isa- |-i . jDelle, the diehard southern strong- sopranos: Mrs. A. R.' Shroul and today to smash their way to free- Mrs. Nina' Farmer, contraltos; I. Paul Myers and Paul Berger, tenors; R. R. Shideler, Wayne Far- received from;: club. memtieiv in mer and C. F. Lcb'ow (director) that th 5 had bOTcd to su P CTior ! invasion and preserving the Ton- Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado and Cal- tor of newspa- ifornia, as well as Kansas, pers and maga-| Helping a local committee plan zines. His firsti the affair are the Kansas City and published novel!Wichita groups of the- Horseless was "For My i Carriage Club. Great Folly."' Other books have been "The Both the Kansas City and Wichita clubs are planning caravans to Beloit. THOMAS s, COSTAIN B1 a c k Rose," Since March 15, Beloit's males "High Towers," and "The Silver! have been growing beards. Chalice." Also has written two women are helping prepare the bass, and Harry Huber, organist. dom. But the overwhelming pressure of rebel opposition forced them back and there was no doubt his over-all plan calling for de-! sonab!e '" He said thcy cisive action against the Vietminhj to . "dissolving" the Commumst-led. not tin's year but next. Vietminh army and the "resistance In an order of lhe day to his governments of Khmer (Cambodia) Indochina forces he declared: "Thej and Pathel-Laos (Laos), struggle of the free peoples against! 11le United states resemd lts sla«ery docs not end today. The! Position on the Biaault P ro .P° saJus '. fioht continues" ' An o!ticial spokesman said the, The.order said the sacrifice of; United Slates would " do il . s part ' the defenders "has not beenin Howard achieving restoration of vain; for -in five months a dozen battaiions have fixed and con-|' ow '- ' tained more than 3Q Vietminh bat-! achieving the discussions winch fol- talions, saving upper: Peiping radio claimed the "annihilation" of 2,000 French Union j forces at Isabelle when they tried! to smash their way out. French observation pilots i oai-i /« i i . from! Celebrates kin Delta.- 73rd Birthday Sees War's Spread Mrs. Agnes Lindquist, 509 Mont- Navarre said it 'was possible rose, celebrated hcr 73rd birthday. the Vietminh would move its last week. Carllon Store Is Burglarized CARLTON—The Zink and Rues- , . .„ „., „„ .„_.„ „ ..— --. ner grocery store was burglarized P he Freneh commander at Hanoi, )leavv guns al D i en Bien Phu, he and Mrs. Roy Nelson and Richard, . ... . . ... . . (!l«f T1r» r^Tipd'inp flrirtfoccorl hto Idei '..*. . . ... . _... , .» I heavy .artillery surrounding Dien! She recently moved from Falun . said JBien Phu into the strategic Redi to live with hcr daughter Mrs. only deathhke silliness reigned| River nelta wjthjn thc next M Lil)ie Rcpaz . over the battle area today. ,It was to Brig. Gen. Rene Cogny. i davs. Possession by the rebels Guesls present from Lindsborg of included Mrs. Freda Nelson, Mr. volumes of a popular history of England as part of 12-volume series—the Pageant of England. Celebrated Saturday: Mrs. Henry W. Anderson, Ellsworth; Mrs. Lillian Strait, Concordia; Robert James Prochazka, Lee Jonos, Bonnie McMickell, Salina; Victor Dvorak jr., Abilene; Judy i Holgerson, Jamestown; Rodney Baird, Russell; Jamie Lindfors, Assaria; Kay Hanson Morganvillc; Mary Margaret Earlcy, Formoso; Linda and Diane Nonken, Rope; Vivian Bush, Ellsworth. proper atmosphere by wearing old-fashioned garb each Thursday, the day "kangaroo court" meets here late Friday night Taken was I about $100 worth of food stuffs, mostly meat, coffee and cheese. The Dickinson County sheriff's office is investigating. Carlton is about 25 miles south- words. each week. The kangaroo court system includes cops, justices of the peace, an open-air courtroom in downtown Beloit, a portable hoosegow drawn by a red paddy wagon, and! portable fireplugs used lo "trap" unsuspecting motorists. east of Salina. Marjorie Haynes and Mrs. Mar- sister, Edith Beach, Lawrence; and J° rie Wendell directed the 7th, 8th, eight grandchildren. I and 9th grade chorus numbers. Funeral arrangements await word from relatives. The body is at the Guy R Ryan Sons Mortuary. KWU Speakers To Be Busy High school commencement audi- the hand ^"oSrT^ Z**, 0 *** will hear ad Mrs. Rhoda King BARNARD-Mrs. 98, one-time Barnard resident, died Friday at the home of a granddaughter, Mrs. Chester Hill/Malta, Mont. Mrs. King was the widow of C. H. King who died about 25 years ago. Relatives live in the Barnard community. Mrs. King moved from Kansas about 30 years ago. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. Vera Plant, Harier., Mont., and Mrs. C. J. Merryfield, Harrison, Ark. j The body will be brought to the! Fonts Funeral Home, Minneapolis, j Funeral services will be at 2 pm | Monday at the Barnard Baptist Church with the Rev. J. H. Reynolds officiating. 3-CarCrackup Albert Serrault, 20, 920 Custer, suffered minor facial cuts and Rhoda King bruises in atfhree-car collision Fri- r«irfpnt AM day nig"'- Two of the cars were parked. Serrault's car collided with an automobile owned by Ray Robinson. It was parkeS at 542 S. Santa Fe, police said. The impact caused the Robinson car to hit a -vehicle owned by William Serogum, also parked at 542 S. Santa Fe. All cars were damaged. dresses by speakers From Kansas Wesleyan University in the near future. Commencement talks will be delivered by President A. Stanley Trickett in Ada on May 12, Formoso May 13, Clyde May 21, and St. John's Military School May 23. Dr. Trickett also will be the principal speaker at the honors convocation at the College of Emporia on May 24. Dr. Jack W. Vanderhoof, associate professor of history and political science will speak at graduation exercises in Lorraine on May he delivered by John E. Horner, assistant to the president, in Montrose on May 18. Court Rules" Receiver Needed District Judge A. R. Buzick Saturday ruled a receiver should be appointed in a partition suit involving the Rocket drive-in theater. The suit was filed by V. C. Anderson snd C. M. Alspach vs. Evart Mills, Saul Frank, and the Citizens Slate Bank of McPherson. After Mac's Informer WASHINGTON, May 8 MV-The Army said today that its agents were engaged in an intensive investigation to find out: 1. Whether it was actually an Armj- Intelligence officer who gave! Sen. McCarthy the "letter" quoting FBI material on the question of drowned out. addressed his last ad(Jc ^ had turnw , lhe ln d oc hiiia|Mr. and Mrs. Gotthard Danielson. war into a new kind of conflict.! Mr. and Mrs, Wesley Gabrielson Tfllls Of Last Minutes He said/this makes internalion-jand Carolyn, Mr. and Mrs. Wes- He told Cogny: "Thn rii£,y.j al'iaMon of the war s possiblity if j ley Nelson and two daughters, Mr.. have infiltrated into the entire cen-j the Geneva cameras; .fails to Sand Mrs. Lawrence Shields and" tral fortress. Our munitions are in-i work out a settlement, for France; i^c a>««. Mrs. William Youngquisl, • sufficient. The resistance will be'could not bear alone the full brunt !of fighting. "Our Town" KWU Play A perennial favorite among college and, high school plays, "Our roles of Emily Webb will be Sandra Kail, St. Francis, and Clarice G-vJson, Atwood. Ray Fox, 408 E. Jewell, will be seen in the role of George Gibbs. Twenty-three students are in the Mr. and Mrs. (,'m! and son,-Mr. and Mrs. Norman Nelson ami'' sons, Mrs. Malburn Swanson. -J Salina guests included • Mrs' Byran Epps. Mrs. Etta Swenson.V Mrs. Lillie Repaz, 'Mr. and Mrs. Jim Toner and Sharon, Mrs. Gene Moore and Brian. Mrs. George Mullcr and Pat, Eileen Richards. Town," will be given by the! cast speech communications class at! Kansas Wesleyan University May espionage at Ft. Momnouth. 2. Who he is. If the man's identity is determined he could find himself in hot water. Officials said the law provides imprisonment up to 10 years Back From Dallas Brother insurancemen, John and |12 and 13 at The Pulitzer Prize winning play by Thornton Wilder is being pre-|Joe Clennan, returned to Salina sented by an all-freshmen cast in j Saturday from a one-week course Fitzpatrick Auditorium. Director at Southern Methodist University's is Lilybclle Lewjn Carlisle, assoei- insurance school, Dallas, Tex. ate professor of dramatics. John lives at 325 S. Delaware, The part of the stage manager! Joe a *- . Kirwin. It alleged Frank, who is leasing 2nd a fine "P to SW for anyone | will be played by John Morris, 520! the theater, owes $9000 in back P errmt '' n £ national defense secrets! W. Ellsworth. Playing alternating I Journal classified ads get results. rent. | Mrs. Alf Munsbn, Charles Toner, Mrs. Herb Toner. Also present were Mr. and Mrs. Milton Nelson and daughter, Mar- quelte; Mr .and Mrs. Dewey Richards, Minneapolis; Mr. and Mrs. F.dgar Johnson, Bavaria. On Friday afternoon Mrs. Lind- " quist was visited by Mr. and Mrs. Robert Johnson, Mrs. Rodney Anderson, Mrs. Sidney Johnson and Mrs. Arflai Anderson, all of Linds. burg; and Mrs. Arvid Nelson, Salina. to be removed from their "proper"" The judge did not appoint a re- place " or "Slivered to anyone in • i-i . , i vinlaHnn nf Irncf " ceiver Saturday. Wins TV Set Mrs. Alta McColiam, 335 S. 4th, Saturday night won a television set given away by Dietrich Drug Co., 109 S. Santa Fe. For Cat's Sake! SAM FRANCISCO ffl -All rooms in a California St. house are jet black — with while carpets. Two white cats are trained 14 and on Kay 19 in Bunker Hill, to sit on opposite ends of the liv- A commencement address will ing room mantle, facing each other. The house is for sale — minus the cats. Woman Would Be Governor violation of trust. If it ever came to a trial there would be a big argument, of course as to whether there was negligence or violation of trust. That woulc be up to the courts to decide. Army men for five days have been pressing an investigation concerning the letter, which McCarthy said eame from a young Army Intelligence officer. Although purporting to be a letter from FBI Director J. E. Edgar Hoover to Army Intelligence, it turned out to be no Hoover letter, but did consist in large part of quotations from an FBI memo. The FBI memo was sent to the Army intelligence and lo the Air Force. No details were given out on the I Army investigation concerning the ; source of the letter. Burial will be in the Barnard Milo cemetery. By Dayton Blair OKLAHOMA CITY, May 8 ffl- Funerals Mrs. Phillip R. Reed Funeral services for Mrs. Arvilla Daisey Reed, 58, will be held at 2 pm Sunday at the Guy R. Ryan Sons Mortuary with the Rev. •Walter Moeller officiating, . Mrs, Reed, wife of S-Sgt. Phillip Reed, was found dead Friday in the Reed trailer at the Shangri-La Trailer Court. Burial will be in the Cemetery, Culley, Penn. Culley New Daughter A daughter was born Friday 'to Mr. and Mrs^ Harold Press, Junction City. The girl has been named Mifhellc t,inn. Mrs. Press is the sister of Mrs. Paul Kalb, RFD 2. The Press family formerly lived at 1216 Highland in Salina. Mrs. Willie,Emerson Murray, who has been breaking tradition for three years as Oklahoma's.. first lady, is ambitious to smash another one and become Oklahoma's first lady governor. The vivacious, 45-year-old wife of Gov. Johnston Murray is confident her unprecedented attempt lo follow her husband in office will be successful. No woman has ever bscn governor of Oklahoma and no wife of a governor, has ever sought public office. But in the wide-oper, race with 16 Democratic candidates 1 her potential as a vote-getter will have to be considered, at least until July 6 when the primary comes off. The Murray name is well known. Hcr father-in-law, William H. (Alfalfa Bill) Murray, was governor from 1931-1935. Keeps In Public Ey* She surprised the stale in 1950 by keeping up with her husband in his strenuous campaign for election and has worked at various projects that kept her in the public second consecutive term. eye. Willie, as her friends call her, inaugurated weekly open houses at the mansion, a project that broughl chuckles from Capitol observers. But they have attracted more than 57,000 visiors and Mrs. Murray was at the front iocr of .the mansion to 'greet each visitor. In addition, she has spoken before an estimated 60,000 persons at exhibits boosting made-in-Oklahoma products. In her first statement after filing, she said she has followed government and politics closely all of icr married life, adding: "I have been closer to politics during thc past 21 years than any citiion o{ Oklahoma now seeking the office of governor." N« "Burning" Ambition Mrs. Murray, taking issue with some observers, says she is not 'burning with ambition" to be governor. "I'd prefer if Johnston 'could have another term," she said. Oklahoma governors are prohib- ted by state constitution from a She explains-she wants-lo carry on his program and "I have some! definite ideas of my own." Her husband, attending the interview, added with a grin, "That's for certain." They have been married 21 years. To what extent her present position as first lady will mean in the campaign remains to be seen. Hubby Passe* Word Her husband has sent word publicly to his staff and appointees he experts them to support her or Teen-Agers In Suicide Pact throw ; any bricks." Complicating her campaign will be another candidate, W. • C. Docnges -who helped elect her, hus^ band in 1950. Doenges resigned as Democratic national committeeman—a job which Murray got for him— to make thc race. Normally thc governor'* support, at least to some, extent would go. to him. There has been no .outward break i»twe«n the Murrays and Docnges but relations will probably KANSAS CITY, May 8 I/P) - A and girl, their opposed, were high school boy marriage plans found dead of poison today, victims of a suicide pact. They were Caroline Sue Stiles, 16-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Stites, and Rollin Clark Allen, 17-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Allen. Their bodies were found in an automobile near Brighton and In- at least remain neutral "and not Dependence avenues, on Kansas City's east side. They had drunk a' poison potion concocted from chemicals^ Rollin had taken from the chemistry laboratory at Northeast high school without knowledge of the teacher. They left notes to their parents saying they had agreed to the dual! suicide because of parental disap-' proval of their marriage plans. Repeatedly, both told of deep love tor their parents and urged .them] not to blame liitmsclvcs. Said Rol- stralnfld. One of Murray's staff had lin: "We didn't mean to he smart already quit, lo work for Dwngcs.ikids. We just love MKh other." MARK OU«1IN Stirring JOHNNY "In The Book" STANDLEY RALPH SI6WALD » DICKKERR • MARX DUttllf The Moil Wlul Young Glrh in Hie World WtfliCastifSO Memorial Hall - Tues., May 18th V SALINA 8:30 P.M. TICKETS ON SALE SALINA JOURNAL LOBBY 12 Noon ~ 5:30 Daily

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