The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 23, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1892
Page 4
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MADCAP; xo aote upon mo ever. -on— THE STORY OF A SIN. What Tonr Great Grandmother Did She botcholod tbo flax and carded the wool, and WOT* the linen, and arum the tow. 'mnd nuwle the clothos for h«r hueband aura ton children. Bbo nuulo butler and ckoeeo, she dipped tallow candles, to lliba tha hones at nlrhl. and ehe rook pi 1 all the food for tatr houaoholil by an open Urn place aod a brick •ran. Yn; and whon aho was forty yean of •fe, aha was alrwuly BJI old lady TVBOM bait daya were over. Ucr Khouhlcra were bent and her Joints enlarged liy bard work, and aba wore rrptoUiclee and ft crip. Her frett rrainhUufchtnr, with all tha modern eonvenieru-fw fur comfort, rrftaeiawal and luxury, may lxi ns ihiinnliifr and attracts Ire at forty-llvo na at twenty. Esiieelallj in thia true II aha preserver! hjr health by tha DM of Dr. I'larcu'a Favorite l'reecrlptlon, which wards off all ferruilo nllmenta and Ir- reeularltlca, ourm them If thay already exist, keeps tba life current honllhful and vigorous, and enable* tba wimun of nj.ldla age to retain the freshness of ftlrlhooil uiion brow and cheek, tlie light of youth In her eyes, and Ita elasticity fii her «U'|>. Oo to your clruir alore, para dollar, gat a bottle and try Itr-try a second, a tlilrd If neo- esNU-T. lleioro the third olio's been taken you'll know that there's a r ... ,ly to help you. Then you'll keen on unci n curo'll come. But if you shouldn't fool the help, ehoold be disappointed in the results — you'll find a guarantee printed on tbo twttle-wrspper that'll pet your money back: for you. Can you ask more I BT UELKN U. MATHERS. "O, mnmmyl" no enen, nis eyes wandering over her howl to the opun window beyond; "mo rjuitn forgot—ns isiro- Inj; cowsipiiiK wiz'oo; lota of time for pairs blinebyl" "No, no," B I IO said, the rod of her chook pressed to tlio warm wlilto of his npok, "1 want to lienr tliem." l'orhaps tlio mini who bnllevos in lotliltiK rccelvus no ercutor shock to his unboliof tlwn when nu hoars his child lisping out at its mothor's knoo— I 'lty my simplicity, 'i'eiioh mo how to oorcn toThoo. Know ' all Women j i^novv i mo,t ,ror <" , K n iy s «i> P. cessful rcmeily science has ever produced for the cure of all forms of Female Complaints is I.ydia E. /'inA/tam'j Vegttablt Confound. It has stood the test of many years, and to day is moro widely and successfully used than any other Temcuy. It will enlirelv, cure Ovarian loublei. Inflammation and Ulceration, l'ail- big and Displacements, also Spinal Weakness, and is particularly adapted to tho Change of Life. It will dissolve and expel tumors from the uterus in an early stage of development, and check the tendency to cancerous •umors Lydia E. Pinkham'i Liver Pills cure consti- 3£>! petion, biliousness, etc. p v "•' ~ " • let! II. or lent 1,-' All PrtiHlit* %j mall. In form of I'llte |m<uKr«.oa rec«lt.t of S 1 .OO. Uft I'liii, «r.c. cott«- •oeadence fp-Hy eniwered. ferula. B. I'litKHm Ilia. Co* ywii ,<*<hCf*m _ • LYKM, ilAU. y ssleeeeeeeeeeoeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeef "MOTHERS' FRIEND" To Young Mothers Makes Child Birth Easy. Shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Endorsed by tha Leading Physicians. Bmh <• "Mother •••mailed r&M. BRADPIELD REGULATOR OO. ATLANTA, OA. •OLD BY ALL DRUOOKTt, Ho would \m hiHH than human could ho diUach those ltLllo folilitil haiuls, cloud with doubt that innocent mind; as he batons ho must surely put himself in tho child's plaoo, and, for ono brief mo- monl, iirliViV!. "And pceso Gawd, don't send diulily 'omo till wo'no bin cowsiplng, 'cos row- alps Is nearly over, Amen," coneludeil IJody; adillng In thn HIUIIO breath. "Ol look nt that little boy In your eyoHl" "Is 'oo going to ky'r"' ho said, In won- dor; then, spying n brown mole on lier beautiful neek. and thinking that It was HOinothing that hurt hor, lio loaui'd forward and pressed with devout faith his tender lips to it, "to make it well." as she had now and u;;;un done for him in Ills childish aohes ami bruises, and for want of which he had so often cried himself to Bleep. "Madeapl" said a stern voice behind them; and they turned auhnst to see tho master of tho I IOIIMO looking with a frown of strong disapproval at tho group. "OIT with you!" ho said, glancing from ono child tn the other, for Douno hnd just reappeared, bearing his brother's clothes; but the one stood motionless, his brows drawn intoan absurd reproduction of his father's frown, whilo body, mado ilesperuto by vanishing joys, actually dared to nod his small lioad gravely at his father, and remark— "Us is going cowsiplug wizmummyl" "Next year, perhaps," said Mr. Eyro, dryly, and pointed to tho door with a gesture that ueithur child dared resist; they ran to each other, and not dating even to pause and kiss their mother, clasped hands and tottered down tho corridor, sobbing bitterly as they wont. "Good morning, ma'am!" said Mr. Eyre, with trenchant emphasis, as the sound of those little footsteps died away, and still Madcap had not advanced a step to meet him. "Good morning, sir!" sho replied, wiping a tear away with equal spirit, "And pray." said he, "is that tear duo to my absence, or my rotiiinV" "To noither." she said, sitting down by the open window, anil looking up at the pale sky as if she sought and found her I'hildreu's faces there. "So Hint's over," said Mr. Eyro, as ho loosened his riding-cloak and throw it aside. "What is?" said Mndcap, looking round. "No moro than I can make shift to llvo without," he said, as he sat down at some distance, and stooped to unfasten his spurs. "What could that have been?" Bald Madcap, the mother in hor oyos dwindling to two specks as sho insensibly approached him. "Only a sweetheart; not much whon you get n besotted mother in her placo; and then for the husband to object to bo sunk in tho father of a tine family— what follyl" And Mr. Eyro dotached a spur with a vigor worthy of the thought. "Itisabeautiful character—a father," said Madcap, slinking her head gravely; "but somehow—somehow you don't seem to tit it!" 'Not I," ho said, grimly; "such folly for ninllinrq not men CHAPTER in. His cortsln llfo tbnt never could deceive him, Is fuil of thousand sweets and rich content; Tho smooth-lonv'd beocbes In tho Held receive him With coatoit shade till noontldo 'a beat ti spimt. His llfo Is neither toss'd In boisterous sens O'er tho vexutlous world, or lost In slothful easo: Plons'd and full blest ho lives, whon ho bli Qod o:in ploaBO. Two littlo faces—one tear-stained, the other proud and angry—at nine o'clock saw tho horses led to tho door, and Mr. Kyro camo out leading his wife, whol was laughing at something he said, and ( somehow forgot to look up at thecase- mont and kiss her baud to tho children as sho passed. Sho remembered them too late, and then hut for a moment; her husband llllcd memory and landscape alike, ruling her every thought, and carrying her back to those days when, deprived of his company, sho had tried to live without him and noarly died of tho attempt. Thn momentary coldness of tho morning had in its recoil drawn them but the closer, and something of that yearning sense of lovo being before, not bo- hind them, rode with them as they went, and gave to the life around that subtle touch which brings the lowliest blade of grass ('finally with God's noblest handiwork, into sympathy with the heart's content. There are moments when momory i|iiii 'kiiis and becomes a living joy; the mere hue of a flower seems to say, "Do you romcmber?" and tho note of the liird to cry, "Have you forgotten?" when a so I—a scent—is as a word spoken by one to another; when if your belnvi'il be at your side, in fancy you clasp hands and go hack together to tho remote beloved past; and when—ah, God!—If you have lost him, but not by death, he comes to you living and real an tho glass at your feet—your very own, as when together you plucked the (lowers that look up nt you with clear eves that remember both you and him. Strange that the past should have such power over us, turning our present gold, as it. were, to dross—dimming tho sunset hues Unit point to a bright tomorrow; reaching out to us from tho darkness like a dear dead hand to hallow our living joys, as tho good ship that lies at anchor casts far beyond her on the waters a silvery track of light that she herself shall never traverse. Mr. Eyre's heart exulted in him as he bared his brow to tho air, "nimble and sweet," ami looked around—Madcap, honor, fame, riches; all these were his —and what lacked he? Lifo held not one joy that he coveted, or did not hold in the hollow of his hand, and through tho gathering years he saw himself as now, for love is immortal, and Madcap was youth, and with Iho twain ever at his side he might defy age. He had lever before counted up his treasures thus—whence, too, camo this odd sense of power and mastery over fato that swayed him as though ho were unused to sovereignty, mid must take the braggart's loud pitiful prido in it? Dear to him were those peaceful breath'ngs that, ascending from tho village below, spoke ol 'duteous toil, followed in its turn by grateful rest. Not a sight or sound met eye or ear but spoke of happiness in the past, of sine coming peace in the future. Content was h" to dwell anion,' clods, so ho might share the clods' noble portion of air, sky, nnd earth. A sweet without a snare—a pleasure that brings no pain—to sow and plant in hopo waiting in the rainbow promise that harvest shall never fail," lie said, thinking half out of his own mind, and half from a well-loved book. "And fTank's first, his only sweettiearti" "And that is better than being a man's last," said Mr. Eyre. "And why not llrst and last'i 1 " said Madcap, that spark of faithfulness in her eyes which, once lit In a woman, from however unworthy a source, is quenched but with her breath, "Might not two people love each other in youth, and grow to each other in middle age, till at length they toddled down the steep inclino more in love than ever?" "As you and Frank might have done?" said Mr. Eyre; "and now I come to think of it, yon seemed to love each other very much. That box on the ear, for instance " "lie had been worrying me," said Madcap, hanging her head, "and so I got on the ladder to count tho plums." "And ate six," said Mr. Eyre. "I reckoned them as I stood at the bottom." "You camo three hours bofore you were expected," said Madcap reproachfully; "and who would have thought of your walking straight to the kitchen garden?" "You came down backward," said Mr. Eyre, smiling at his recollections; "such a young shape, and such a slim foot and ankle, I wished tho descent had been twice as long; and half way down you stopped, and said you would stay there till doomsday unless I promised not to try and kiss you." "And you promised," said Madcap jogged by memory into llcvcer blushes than tho actualities of lifo had caused hor theso live years. "It sounded just like Frank's voice; but when I turned round and saw you—why had you got that look on your face? she cried, stopping Bhort to laugh. "Of course I boxed your cars—who could holp it?" "And so my acquaintance with Frank's sweotheart began." said Mr. Eyre, thinking of his friend. "Why did I go?'' ho added, as ono thinking aloud. "I loved tho boy, and I suppose loved you for his sake before vnr I saw von." FARM AND HOME. THE PAST. WILLIAM CULLZN BftTAKT. BiOAUaviLLK, Hamilton Co., o., June, 1889. One bottle of Pastor KooiuVi Merva lonte cured ma entirely, after physicians had triad unsuccessfully for 8 months to relieve me oi nervous debility. W, UUENNEFEU). OST, Heno County, San., OoL, IBM, A boy eight years old suffered severely from nervousness aud tvdtoblngs. Aftar nilng PAS- Ton Koaaia's Nunvu To MO for a thus, be was entirely restored. Another oase Is that of a J ouaa lady who alter using u bottles of Pastor [oenlg's Touio a positive cure was effected from epUsptlo fits. REV. JOHN LOEVEMOH. HOVEN, BOOTH DAKOTA, Oot. 07,1800. My health was eutlrelv ruined by epilepsy and I could do no worn. I used Pastor Koenlg'a Narva Tonlo. The effect was such that 1 dally (raw better and stronger; since four months X nave (lone hoavy labor, and have had no more nts. 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" My spirit yearns to being The lost ones t>ack—yeurna with deslrs Intense, And PtriipK'^s bard to wring Thy bolts apart, and pluck tby captives thence. In vain; thy rates deny all passace save to those who hence depsrt; Nor to the streaming eye Thou glv'st them bsck—nor to the broken heart. Thine for a space are they— Yet shalt (hon yield thy treasures up at last; Thy Rales shall yet plvn way. Thy bolts nball fall, Inexorable pastl All that of Rood and fair Has gone Into thy womb from earliest time, Shall thfan come forth to wear The glory and the beauty ot Its ptuue. They have not finished—no! Kind word-, remembered volccf, once so sweet, SmtleH, radlani long ago, And features, the great eoul's apparent scat. All shall comeback; each He Of pure affection shall bu knit uguln; Alono shalt evil die, And sorrow dwell a prisoner In thy roigu. And then shall 1 boh old Him, by whoso kind, paternal side I And her. who ftlll and cold Fills the next grave—the beautiful and young. they will grow again if they should come in contact with fine earth, under favorable circumstances. Second, if you have a quantity in a pnsturelol, keep them cut down with a sharp hoe, cut them every week and jalt them so that the stock will nibble them occasionally. Sheep are especially good for this. Third, if tho thistle patch is on arable land, put it in some cultivated ciop, such as potatoes or beans, and confines as long as their is a thistle left. No matter which of these suggestions is practiced, it will be seen that the main ol jict is to kep them cut under the surface ot the ground which is tho only feasible rule, never allowing enerjrv or patience to wane until the object is accomplished." 1UE HOME. shot over. But lium-lo»os hear!; now that the deer law stops hunting, and he strolls away to the deer trail n'onc When I go hunting small game I have to play tricks at the railroad depot to leave him behind I will wait till the train is moving and then jump on. II>: follows me a few blocks but soon gives up the run in disgust.'' "Are you not afraid of losing him V" "Not a bit (if it. He knows the city hotter than myself add gets around forj wl ere. Look at him now—bo is s>t.itfi;d with a paper bed. At ni-jht he would get up on tho cases anil take a rug or cloth to lie upon. 11c wants to have things comforathle and tocijjy himself either out hunting in tbe country by Inms-lf pelting a bini or sleeping. Thai's Hum."—San Francisco ExAminer. Crossing tbe liar. TBNSrSOM. ever 1 saw you. "Hut when did you begin loving mo for myselff" said Madcap, coaxingly. "Let mo see," ho said: "was it when you tucked your skirts round your ankles and walked out of the room on your hands?" "You had no business in tho schoolroom, nor Frank either," cried Madcap, ashamed. "I had forbidden him to come there; and—and how do you know It was 1, nfter all? No one could positively swear to another person's heels!" "And, when next we mot, you walked demurely and woro boots," said Mr. Eyre, gravely; "yet 1 could have sworn to those shoes as the very same that I had seen twinkling down the ladder. Xo—I did not fall in love with you then." "Hut perhaps you had done it already?" said Madcap, saucy, though abashed. "Perhaps," ho said; "and you?" " Y"ou were so old, so grave, so—so respectable," said Madcap, looking away. "Do you know, I was so amazed when I heard that you had tho reputation of being—wiclied." Did Frank tell you that?" Applying: Parts Green. F. Scott, of New York, Bays ho has tried all ways of applying Paris green to potatoes and has nettled on using it with heat middlings and applying with a ieve. If fine ashes are mixed, in part it works just as well. T^evel Cultivation. The level cultivation of nearly all crops, both in field and gurdon, is to bo prefered to tbe old andoDCi popular niethou of hill- g. Level culture is more expeditious, less lahoroes, and ennures a more oven distribution of moisture. Teaching Agrlcaltnra. Next to tbo principles of physiology any laws of temperance in connection ith physical and moral health and do velopment, tho attention of the public should bo directed to the elomentii of agriculture in addition to what is now taught in tho public public shools of the stato. is for mothers, *^Yes," she said, sittingdownopposite laac e"iiTt7ri~trrr i— '-- — t- —-tV y •( ^ " a young light shape with bare arms " ?jssed lightly on its knees, and upon brow and lips something lovelier fnr than tho childish dimpled beauty so dear to lover's heart; "for mothers, like me. Have you over thought of it; that I must lovo them because—because I am their mothor?" He turped and looked at hor keonly, for the llrst time in his lifo consciously regarding her as tho mother of those mere unconsidered trifles that ho called his children. As idolized sweetheart, wife, friend, and the littlo wild Madcap who, in electing to dance through lifo to tho tune of his own sober footstops, had come to him to Fill till tho stops of llfo with tunoful brouth, ho know her well; but this motherhood —there was to him nothing lovely or sacred in it; on the contrary, a lloico pang smote him as ho realized that bis solo, undivided right to hor was gone and that others had as great a claim upon her as himself. lie snatched hor In his arms, as lough by sheer force he would keep her still; then put her from him, and heavily, with tho fires of lovo suddenly grown chill in his eyes, turned away. "There—go," he said. "Forty years of my life 1 managed to live without you; the rest of my existence, as I told you but now, I'll eko out somehow." For a moment she shrank from him— from this selfish virile lovo that swept aside all, even duty, in its course-; then with an instant recoil of feeling, the woman 's heart thrilled to tho muu's exacting devotion, and sho approuchod him softly, "Love has no second place," she Bald; "and could you llvo without mo?" she added, all the mother gone, and the sweetheart 's aire and graces In full blow, "Indeed I oould. It 's living with you, and taking a second place, that I won 't endure." "You might do worBe,"sald Madcap sadly, and uplifting to him two such sweet mirrors of fatherhood as a man might look in and find himself ennobled, not dethroned. "And better," he said. "For Instance, be might breakfast " aud ho opened the door as he spoke. His will carried him across the threshold; but flesh and blood is sometimes stronger than iron, nnd somehow Mr, Kyro found himself lod back to a chair wliile Madcap, In a moro accidental way. seated herself on his kneo, "Aud pray, ma'am," said he coldly, "what do you do here?" "Ol I'm used to it,"she said, nodding, as she clung to his coat lappol to save herself from slipping from the ungra clous support afforded. "Precisely," he said. "Mero habit- duty—what yon will—not a spark of real incliunj'.an itj, it—u chair would do oa well. Off with you, ma'am, to tuo nursery; there thread your daisy chains, weave your cowslip balls, and be happy." "And supposing I would rather stay lu re?" she said, twining an unwilling hund about his nook. "Hesidos, you— you 've forgotten somothingl" "What's that?" he said, looking with cold and grudging eyes at the little mouth Wl.oio tho untlrod emtio of youth, Bid light outward ltd owu sighs; "to wish you more years in which to see me grow old? Your babies have done that. To kiss you? It was Madcap that I used to kiss—and she 's gone; it 's a body without a heart that perches BO oonHdentlv on mv knee." "is it? 1 ' she Buiu, Huuuemy cuisping two round, young arms above I I I B ebon hand- "Umii U, •-• " there are those who pity us. Madcap— who smiled at this 'rich attendance on our poverty,' and who would beckon us out of our content to tho feverish delights that would pleasoyou about as well as a jewel would in comparison with thin.'" Ho turned asido to pluck a palooarth- star, lonely, belated, seeming to shrink within herself fioin tho too vivid, voluptuous life around; for they were passing just then between hedgerows sparkling through spring showers—hedgerows upon whoso banks the season met and clasped hands, the bright young beauties of a month agostandingbrave­ ly up in their faded smocks side by side with the bold, gay new-comers, about whose skirts tho breath of early summer clung. And these wistful eyes, that Boomed to say, "Do not pass us by be- causo wo wear so happy a mien, but gather us for the sake of the yestorday in which we and you wore 30 happy, and that perjiaps will have no morrow," are Madcap's so that it was a tiny knot indeed that at length sho placed lu her breast. "And I lovo to see you so," said Air. Eyre, "with a simple flowor in your hand, and your hair with only its own light to view it by. After all, what is every ornament with which a foolish woman thinks to adorn herself but an imitation of those natural ones that ui.orn our birds?" "And how much loss beautiful I" said Madcap, looking up to n gold-crested wren who sang atease.swingiiiguniittst tho yellow tassels of tho hazel: whilo, ham by, as if in mockery of the tiny creature's soulless splendor, a russet thrush poured out his song—the careful thrush who Blnps ouch sontf twlco over, Lost you should think ho novor oould recapture Tho first lino ouroloss rapturo, and whoso song, whon wo are happy, is the song of our own hearts, and it is tlmVilril who iH'hearkenlnc' mill wnwhn are pouring out that triumphant, throbbing joy "Whiil LIFE SAB NO CHARMS. For three years I was troubled with malarial poison, which caused my appetite to fall, and I was greatly reduced In flesh, and life lost all its charms. I tried mercurial and potash remedies, but to no effect. I could get no relief. 1 then decided to try A few bottles of this wonderful BBsSal medicine made a complete and permanent cure, and I now enjoy better health than ever, J. A. K ICK, Ottawa, Kan. 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"Something—some one—and yet I saw only you—atone—hating all the beauty on which you looked because I was not beside youl" "'that's true enough," said Mr. Eyre; "not a twig, leaf, or blossom pleased me on my way homo thia morning; nil I saw was Madcap at the end of my ride, aud 1 found " "Something that could think of you, not them, if " "And so you are to die In spring, Madcap," ho said, as ho hold hor close, "and, like f?ir ThomaaOverhury's milkmaid, have good store of flowers to cover you; well, you'll let me crnep undor tho same coverlet, I hope—hut no, not even for you will I submit to bo made ridiculous. Two sculptured lovers weening under a willow-tree never inspired mo with anything but disgust; they ought not to have died—hud they tolllea to live they must have done so." "But. before now, lovers hn/vo willed each other to die," Baid Madcap, dreamily;, "ami all—for love!" "J<o—lor jealousy," said Mr. Eyre; "and what a man has reason to be jealous of, la not worth killing—he should equally scorn to harm, as to detain her." ^'And so you could not be jealousV" said Madcap, some of tho old color aud mischief stealing baok to her pule face "Not II Do you mean to try me?" "LookI" she said, as if in answer; and they turned on the brow of the hill, and together gazed down on the vast woods of Level spread out below—woods upon whose brown surl'aej tho young greeu had encroached littlo by little, like the sea upon u coast set thick with little islets aud promontories, till at length, growing bold, it Iwul overspread all, and now lay pulsing in the sunlight—a tide whoso ebb uud lli.w bore mysterious whiapci'lng» with it, rising at momenta to a SOUK more awoot and human than "Frank! Xo; it was Lady Hetty." "And what did you say?" "That it must have been so long ago. I wondered people hadn't forgotten it!" "Did l seem such an old fellow to you as that Madcap?" said Mr. Eyre, laughing. "01 yes," she said, gravely; "you see Erauk and 1 were so dreadfully young —and two of a trade never agreel" "And so, as I was old, tho tales of my wickedness did not troublo you'r" "No," said .Madcap, very low; "only —whon you staved away so long—sometimes they would knock hard at mvenrs to be lot in; and when I/tdy Uetty screamed out, 'He 's got another sweetheart; ho 'll never come back' I began to say to myself that I was to ho punished just as X had punished Frank." "No," said Mr. Eyre; "others may suffer, but you nevor shall. It was our first parting; would to Uod," he added, with sudden bitterness, "that I might never have left you for an hour since the moment that wo first met." "Aim yet you stayed away an ytsiei- day and last night," said Madcap, as they left the high-road for apart of Mr, Eyre 's estate that ho rarely visited. 01 a moro matter of business; It won 't detain me again," he said, carelessly, as through an open gateway they ltode undor Rroves that looked n pnriullau Of blossom, ovor shceta ot liyuolnth That scomoil tho heavens upbrimklng through tho earth; for high above thorn closed vast applo bough3, now nil coral and white with blossom, while at their feet the hyacint h of her million bolls had woven a carpet of azure across which now and again a bird swept low, as thinking that in seeking earth he had chanced to light upon heaven. From ovorhoad the busy eoil of winged life struck out a faint aromatic scent, penetrating as the wild, far-off sweet ness of tlio blackcap 's note. To an ox qulsito rhythm of sight, sound, and scent Madcap seemed to move as sho passed down that long arcade, silont, yet no moro dumb under Iter delight than is a flower whoso language is her breath, or a stormy sunset who speaks living words to us by its hues. Mr. Eyro was no longer by her Bh^ but ho was close at hand; and there lies the soul of a woman 's rost or unrest, whether the man alio lovoa bo within hor reach or beyond it—and Madcap did not miss him as she went, countinii hor treasures upas poor mortals will, when all unknown to themselves the llrst quivering shaft of disaster threatens them. "This apple-blossom looks well for the crops." said Mr. Eyro to the farmer who had joined him. "Well, sir, there 's the late frosts yet; and Providence don 't usually take much 'count of farmers." "I suppose Providence la not rcapon- Bible for all your gates being open,' said Mr. Eyre, who hadonjoyed the ride through half a mile or BO of uninterrupted orchard, but blamed the carelessness that had made it practicable. "It 'Bjuat that old Busby," said the farmer, scratching his head, "he must ride through here Instead of by the high-road; lie 's scouring the country about the 'morial for the poor soul up at tli' jail, and every unborn babo in the parish must sign it, or he 'll know the renson wny. • "Have you signed!"' said Mr, Eyre looking at the man keenly. "No," said the man, sturdily; "the woman drowned the ohild, and an ounce of faot is worth a pound of talk. Whether th' feyther was up at th' Tower ot elsewhere—I beg your pardon, sir," he addded, stumbling in his Bpeech; "and to be sure, you were married to the young mistress then; but somebody she come to look for in this village, that 's certain, and who else could it be but the vnuncr lord?" To be Continued. Use Your Muscle. Something else than a rich soil is necessary to secure large crops. Tho principal adjunct to success is cultivation The soil must he well worted. Muscle aud brains are lequired on all Boils and in all fectionti. A soil that prows crops luxuriantly also produces its full quota of weedB. sprung, FARM NOTES. Sunnet sod evening star, And one cleiircail for me: And msy llier*' ho no rnoiininK ot the har When I put out to pen. Hut such a tide as movlnir reems asleep Too full fur soun I aud foam, When lli it which drew from oat—the honndless deep Agsln turns homo. Twlllcht and fvenlnc hell, And nftf-r that Hi,- dark; And limy l)i»re lw no eiidnt 'M of farewell When 1 iMnlmrk. For tho' Irom nut our lmurno of time nnd pliice The Hood muy lienr one fur, 1 hope to pi-e my pilot fnco to lace When 1 have trowed the bar. Lifo in not worth living unleHs you live for Homobody elso. Him that cometh to me, I will in no wide cant out.—Jems. Sluily to be quiet, cx;ept when duty calls upon you to hpeak. The kind of sanctification that does rot sweeten peoplo nnd keep them that way is nut tho upright kind. I Expetience, like silver, needs continual hurnmhing; like a (,'rowintf tree, it needs to striko roots deeper evory d.iy. Sleep given some interniixiiion to the cares and pains and griefs that afliot us; it is tho parenthesis of our sorrows.— Matthew Henry. Christum life and exneriencu hm four elements: FjrHt, admit; second, submit; third, commit; fourth, transmit."—Canon Wilberforce. Hcliootier Captnlu Urnwnetl. Mfi .wAUKKB, July 15.—Capt. IS. A Anderson lell orerlioard from the K -.hoon'- Irish todiy, and was nearly drowned before being rescued. He was t;iken to u hospital lor treatment, and died at 2:30. "My Husband lias (lull Tobaeco Spltttnc. Ula Ufa Away'* Writes Mrs. J. Ii. Wnldrutb, 170 M irk St., Winona, Minn. She siiyi " '.%'<//<//,/<: is a irrand. good remedy. Two hjxes nn only cured my hti'lund, but his brolh'i na well, and 1 sold two boxes to onr n<-i«h tors, Mr. Jos.Tuylor and Mr. Keolock ar.d cured them both. I have orders for ».• eral boie«. Please send mo your torint to agents. I enclose you letter from my brother, Mr. Rouie." Hero it is: W IKONA , Minn., April 10, mi. "After chewing and tmosnuir t>jWo< for more than thirty year*. I WAS pr <-7ai upon to try a box of NO 1 Oil AC. T > surprise I was entirelj cured ol th'; S !Ui) habit. Money would not indu.e me to commence iU rue. You can u»: "inn ..', way you see fit. P. P. K OLSK " A'ofo&a* acta directly upon the tobi'.'.-'* I diseased nerves restoring tham to a r.or i mil condition and eiterrninatir.^ t'.-: i poisonous Nicotine from the sjatecn. I: ; is guaranteed when used according to ; simple directions to cux6 any caw:, «o yo > run no financial or phyiieal rule wuer. you tike N01OUAC. Send for our book -ailed "I J ON'T 70 liAL'CO SPIT YOUll LIFE AWAY. Addren ,, iig U-u.cdy Co., l!ox -11 Indiana Mineral S,-riugs, lad. l'enee. Where the peace is that Christ gives, all the troublo and disgust of tho world cannot disturb it. All outward distress to such a mind is hut as tho rattling of hail npon the tiles to him who iH sitting within the house at a sumptuous banquet. I-'llruestuess. Wo plead for the earnestness which is the normal condition of heillhy spiritual life; Iho earnestness which fbws frjji con stunt communion with Cod; tho earnesl- noss which can calmly look on tho scene of continuous indifference, and gather from it strength to plead witn men and plead for God; the earnestness which, like the river iu its course, is fed by secret springs flowing from the "t'irone of God and tho Lamb." Fungus on Plants. All the funguB discuses of plants, such as mildew, scab, blight, rust, rot, etc., ure contugiouB. The contagion iti carried from yoai to year in the diseased parts, he it leaf, fruit or branch. The peesenuo of any of this diseased material in tho orchard or vineyard increases the chance of tho appearance and Bpread of the disease another year. Nothing is so destructive to the fungus spores as fire, and all affected plants or parts of plants should be cut out aud burned. Value of Blanura. A writer in au exchange says a horse produces about 55 pounds of manure per day, worth $2.80 per ton or 7.7cents' worth per day, a littlo less than 54 cents per week. This is a much larger amoatit than is allowed by English and German authorities, who placo it from 38 to 42 poundB of solid and liquid matter per day or less than four-fifths that amount. The sanio writer allows 85 pounds per day for a cow, worth $2.50 per ton; a year old hog $14 pounds, worth $3.10 per ton; and a aboep ono yoar old or more 5 1 , pounds, worth $4.15. We think theso amounts are all too high, and tho value must depend upon tbe quality of foed, etc., a» well as on tho demand font. ODDITIK8. Men who lay wagers hatch disappoint ments.—Washington Star. He: I am rather in favor of the English mode of spelling.—She: Ye-es?—Hei "Yee, indeed. Take "parlor." for iustuuee. Having "a" in it mattes all the difference in the world. Skidds: "Why did you leave your new boarding- house ? Didn't MiBS Small promise to treat you like one of the family?" Gasket: "Y OB . That's why I left." MietreBS: "Oh, Mary, see Ibii mirror I have broken, and think of tbe bad luck 1 shall now have for seven yearn!" Maid: "What, that little bit of a mirror I "But think of me—I have just broken the big mirror in tbe parlor," Mrs. jhawnvllle: "Whluli w/uiid VlarjttnK an Apple Orchard. In planting an apple orchard for commercial production never plant a largo number of varioties. Some do this under the impression that it will be an aid iu marketing. Thia is a mistake, as a commercial orchard uiUBt mainlv be made up of winter apples, nnd a largo lot of one or two standard sorls can usually be sold to better udvantage than small lots of many kinda. Many of tho largost and most profitable orchards of western Now York are made up wholly of ono or two kinds. If you know one standard variety that is uniformly successful in your immediate locality you cannot go fur wrong in planting that almost entirely for your market crop. Planting for homo use is a differout thing, nnd here the drat aitu should be to procure a constant succession of fruits. Planting Strawberries. Two hundred strawberry plants, woll carea for, will produco all the fruit that any ordinary family o»n require for its own use, and thin number, properly culti vated, will give much greater aatufuc- tion than a thousand plants that are handled in a hap-hnzard manner. Pre pare your ground now by deep plowing and heavy manuring, and set the plants the losi of AuguBt or early in Sf pteinbor, and they will produce enough fiuit next spring to repay you woll. Wo have tried many kinds, but for home use nothing bus given UB better satifaction than SharpleBB and CroBcent. Starting a Flook. The way to start a Hook, whore wool and mutton is the object, is to got good common eweH, then buy a good, registered Oxford Down ram. Keep tbe boBt ewo lambs, selling some of the old ones with tho wethers and poorest ewe lambs. All male lambs not intended for breeding should be castrated, as they then muko u better feeders and Bell bettei in the mitr- ket. Butobers will not buy ram lambs late in the season as they do not um'ie good quality of mutton. Never al'ow a shipper to piok over your (look; always do tho picking yourself. Continue thia plan five or ten yean, changing rams every two years, and you never made more money on any stocK than your purebred ram will make you. In seleoting, buy a good ram, and do not uso a ram hecauBO you con get him oheap, if he is not a good ore; ana do not buy a ram because no is pure-bred and registered, unless he is a good individual, for there ore many pure-bred scrubs. Buy a good, strong, vigorous ram, a heavy- boned, hlocky-huilt fellow, well wouled all over, which will stamp hie get with his good qualities. You will be surprised at your eucoere, and have a flock ct shsep that will sell at $5 to $10 a head more than common stock. We have tried (his plan Hou.e Making, Li>t tiny clover woman simply take it to heart, to make everybody nbotit her as hap py as sho can, and the result will, I be lievo, always bo wonderful. Let hir try not so much to make her rooms Bplendia and niithetic'illy admirable UB to make them thoroughly habitablo and comfort ablo for these who are to occupy them. drawing-room, bright and clean, sweet with fiowerB in summer and with dried leavo-t in winter, with tables at which the inmates may occupy themselves; and easy chairs wherever they aro wanted, tind plenty of soft light and warmth, or elso of coolness adapted to tho weather—this sort ot room belongs more properly to a womau who seeks to muko her house a province of tho kingdom of heaven than ono which might be exhibited at South Kensington as having belonged to tho kingdom of Q icon Anne.—Frances Power Cobbe. ' Worth the KnTort. A ladv onco eaid to me: "Too firs things I* look at, when I go into a straugo home, is the pictures; when 1 have aeon them I know tho kind of people I nm to HBsociate with," writes Maltiu Dyer UrKts u in nvaluablo paper called "llonH Hints," in Tetersou's Mtignzino for July Then sho Bonsibly adds: "Such lovel, photographs and etchings can be bought in these days for very little money, that uo one need havo hor oyes effended by tho pictured monstrosities exhibited on uiiuiy walls. If you havo u veranda you muy muko it attructivo by a few pots of flowers and an easy chnir or two. It is not necossary buy expensive thiugs. Almost everyone has some old splint oeuted chairs or rocker or two put away out of sight: bring them out, get a small can of red lake aud paint them nicely; then set them iu th veranda and they will attract many a gussa aud often tho remark from BOIUO tired passer-by. "What a cosy place 1" Ptiirt the flower pots the same color, and if you choose to have a rickotty ol stand give it a coat, sec a pot of oxalis or nasturtiums on it and you will udd grciilly to tho effect of your summer re treat. Theso little things aro within the reach of all, whether in town or country, costs so littlo money uud not a great deal of time to bring somewhat of grace an" beauty into our humdrum workudav lives that it will repay any one who will make the effort, KVEHY INCH A SPOUT. "August Flower" I used August Flower for Loss ot vitality and general debility. After taking two bottles I gained 69 lbs. I have sold more of your August flower since I have been in business than any other medicine I ever kept Mr. Peter Ziuville says be wa.imada a new man by the use of August Flower, recommended by me. I have hmi'lreds teli me that August Flower has done them more good than any other medicine they ever took. fiKoifirj W. D YE , Sardis, Mason Co., Ky. U PLEASANT T HE NEXT MO^IIHO I pert a»- GM- «M Q h E 7/ AND / COMPLEXION 13 BC7TE3. LAKE'S PIEDICIHK 'u3 .TI* v- :.t,T.'t Famlir H*l1«*1rm noi«~ THE CHILDREN. another to Waves exert a toice ot one ton per ."i-ia .; itich when they ure only -0 fejt uig.i. At Cassia, France, grauito blocks of 15 cub.c metres bavo been moved by wave forco. K. B. WALTHALL * CO., 4ni |rfrUU, Horse Cuve, Ky., i»y: "Ilall 't C&Urrh Cure cures every UIIO lh»t Uk .01 It." Soil by Druggists, 75c Kussld hm recently celebrated tho 000th anniversary of the foundation of lh« Aral Christian bishopric iu VolhyaU, under the reign of 8t. Vluulmlr. Ir druH -ny after a good nlght'a ileep there 1> Indigestion aud atomach dliorder which lleeeham'a l'illa will cure. It la stated that 40,000,000 of Qieea Vic. torlu's auhjeets In India never know what It U to got enough to eaV KITS.—All Fits stopped free, by Dr. Klj»*\ (heat Xerve ]tttfnrrr. No Kits after Ills! diiy's use. Marvellous riire.^. TreatIsu and f^OO trial boUlc- free to I'll eases. Send tu Dr. Kline, 031 Arch St., Plillu., I'a. A Connecticut scientist calculated that there are 4.1,r>0(),000 mosquito larvae to an acre of iwamp land. "White BoaTor."—Dr. Frank Powell, the eminent physician, baa moved into McMillan'« stouo building, 4th and Main Btreots, La Crosse, Wis. His old offices are now used by other doctors of the sauio name IT SAVES tt i. J . a boo a for sr.v have a remedy in th* bojift that it a perfect safeguard againit croup. This is the Urong point iu regard to II EIII'S G EKMAK C UUOU AND K IDNKT O UUK . It will cure U10 worst caae of croup. The mother need not fear to give it, for it contains no poison nor anything in the least degree deleterious. Even if a little one should ohtain access to tho bottle and take the. whole of it, thero need be no anxiety for no ill consequences will follow. This U • great thing in itself. When the paroxysm comes 011, the little suflererer cat: he given the remedy again and again without thought of future trouble. There is no poison in it, and when, the croup is hrokeu the little thing ^im go to sleep in perfect security. This can not ho snid of any other cough remedy 011 the market. Get ( it of any dealer. S YLVAN R KMEDY C O ., Peoria, 11L I GNATIUS D ONNKLLV hua been nomiuat- ei for governor by the people's party convention at St. Paul, Minn. The party in Minnesota has broken with the farmers' alliance, baya It Never Fulled to Benefit or Core. fountain Count]/ Democrat, Int. Of the many patientu who have visited tbo Indiana Mineral Springs since they wcro discovered, not one has gone away without eit'er being cured or greatly benefited. Of the diseases that are sure to be cured by the proper nee of the watet and mud baths, first of all rhoumatiim in every form. Hundreds of cases of skis iliBeaetn of all kinds have been cured and those benefited aro only too glad to testify to the marvelous properties of the water. No better water exists in the United States and many have made it a last resort to be curea of these afflictions and have been wholly successful when they have failed in every other place and means. A beautiful illustrated book that tells all about these wonderful springs will be 'sent bv mail, free to all, who will address II. L. Kramer, Gen. Mgr., Box 8, Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. The Onl .r One Hver l*rluteil— Curt Toa Flntl the WorilT Thero Is ft 3 Inch display advertisement In this paper this week which has no two words alike except one word. The same la true of cneh new ouu iipneurliigeaeh weukfrom The Dr. Hurler Medicine Co. This house places a "Crescent" on every thine- they make and publish. Look for It, send them the name of the word, and they will return you uooic, llUiUTIVUI. 1,IT1I<)01U1-1IS or SAMl-LKS HI KB. ADoffTUtit Travela Alone to the- ForeetB After Oume. The dog heat and most widely known to San FrauoiBco sporlBmen iB a portly, cunning old hound belonging to C. D. lYuid cn Kearny street. Ho is a strange mixture of the blood and tho fox hound equally divided, aud ho Beotns to have inherited the keen nose and energetio characteristic of the ono combined most idvtintagoouBly [torntlogof his inclinations] with the nervous ercittibility and relish tor sport of the other. Long ago his master culled him "Andy" but with the experience of years the hound grow in selfishness and inellu- gence, BO he now enjoys tho appellation of "Aody the bum." Often he is Bimply "Bum" but still he remains tho satno extraordinary animal, partly street arab, partly sport and moBtly tramp, with nomadic and predatory instincts . His moBt famous feats are long trips into country ulone in cpiest of game, aud the establishment of a free lunch routo which has given him a moans of livelihood. Last evening Bum lay atrotchod out upon a sheet of paper in the roar of his master's i-illee, dreaming of his hist free meal or bia lonely trip to tho Sonoma redwood forests aftor deer. "lie is t'je most uotionost dog 1 ever heard of," remarkod an attendant, who Bum regards as one of liis particular frendr, "When Bum once takes a notion into his head nothing cun chango him. "He goes where he likes and doos as he pleases, hut always makes this place his headquarters. Take that dog and you'll not Sad uny like him. Fuw dogs know where to go for their grub, but he never worries about his meals. "That is settled in his mind he has his routo of free lunches end saloons. "Somo times he grows tired of the oity and takes to tbe country, lie just trots down to the ferrv. milk nimr tn KminaiiLn Wine clarillers In France uas more than 60.0000,000 eggs a year. Life Is Bhurlor In the valleys and lowland* than among the btlli and mountains. The True l.ttxtttlve frluolple Of the plants used In manufacturing the pleasant remedy, Byrup of Fli;s, has a ja-i'iiiiincully henellelul elfect on the human system, whilu the cheap vegetable extracts uud mineral solutions, usually sold as medicines, are permanently Injurious. Uelng well -infiiiined, you will use the true remedy only. Muuuiuclurod by thu California Fig Syr up Co. There ure llfly.three telephone companies In the United States, all belonging virtually to thu Uell monopoly. They have 241 exchanges, 47(1,115(1 tulelephones uud U,4oT> em­ ployes. I 'oin'ii'r FISKUI.H LUNGS AOAINBT WINTBII BLASTS with llii.u's UoNUY oir HOUKIIOUNU ixii TAIL l'ikii's TooTiiiOuu Duoi-a Cure la oae 11 In u 10. RELIEVES aU Stomach Slatraav REMOVES Nau»«, Sense of COMaUTlOX, PAUL REVIVES P AILUS ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Clroulatiea, , Viui TO Toa Tire. ML UAITU MEDICINE CO.. t\. Leak] $40,000,000 Eftrn»4 bj th* B«tl Telaphon* PftUnt U 18*1, T««j invantlon ma/ b« vMuHbla. You ahouM proWot it bj pstenk Addr«« for full and lnt«lllg«st a^rt**, fr*« •t oairif, XV. XV, l>|]l>rUV Jt CO., . _ Bolloitoraai PataaU, Paol»UBU , f,C3FBL. l N, W., lVMahlMff<*w ,»;o. Hwatlon thia paper. KILL HER! la tha nick of tlu •MM Uateher* Wlj 111 I l»r. OorUla d»tk U rilM. Me Men bauhu around your am, or dlrlsf at 70W •«•, Off ooUl«> lag- with 70Ur«7M. UM freely. Prevaat r*»r*Saa- U«> ud ••ouro twaoe. CKKOK OUT OS UUtU CO., HI. Albau, VS. gEflpquflBTgns for LOW FSICES " L ^VVstovuiiiTuur^tjoTs^^ a > JJ 5( 0 ift vjcreeot O.*IJ> large var> iety of imetul arilcJet uesliiof 400 Kinds of SCALES which wo manQracture.fland 'rorClrt-ularfandl'rlL-ei, Iho following aro fcraoiitf the Ar- tlMerwe sell: BI«7*l<*Wo(aMe. 0rra»«.rUni>a.8alof, StHln|(llichUrf .f »rrlacM l rT«fOM,o>a/ t^rU,SleUkt.lluniUtJlane»i,(V)iUbl »r *rM«.4aT]IalliMJool Suu>,ii<Maiu <,u4wiuii <,Ba4 ,ciU£ieoscluoft l -'^^ L YON & HEALY, • S3 Monrue Bt^ Chicago. m\\ Ball r>«e their uawlr enlarsaj Catalogue oi Hand Inurnment*, Uiil- (uru\i and tiiulpwciai, (U0 Flue 11- liutralieiu, ilehcribiui e*er7 article -eiiuirad bf llaaila or Drum Cori*. Ounuloe lulraeUoaa (or Amateur Baud*, Kiereuea anil Drum Ua|or'e Taetlee, hf LawaaadeSalecUdl i at aaad Maale The oldest English crown la the ancient Imperial dluduin mude for Charles 11. to replace the one worn by Edward, the coufoev «UT , which was broken up and sold during tho cbtl war. Hade to Look tike Mew. Dreaies, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, (Mores, etc., lived or Cleaned, Vlusb Garments Steamed, at Olio l 'letcii's Dye Worl-.u,318 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Seud for circular. There era 4(1,000 oil welli la the Uulted Blatei, and their dally output is 130,000 barrels. Of every hundred baby frlrle that are boru In China about thirty ere put to death. Ir you wish to do the easiest and quickest week's washing you tver did, try Dobbins' Electric Soup next washday. Follow tho dliectluiiB. Ask your grocer for It. lleuu on the market 21 years. Take uo other. . Joe Webb, the 17-yoar old giant drum major ot the CitUoiis' baud, of Memphis, When dressed lu full uniform, Is ealu to measure eight feel uud seven aud oue-hall to the top of hie plume, If allllcted with 8oro Byiis use Dr. Issue 'nwinpsou's Kyu Water. Mriiyglsts sell It.liSc FOR SUMMER COMPLAINTS PERRY DAVIS' PAIN-KILLER BEST MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. <TiT»rrs».) The ttrongut and awavS Lje made, Uallke otter Lee, H keuuj a line powder aud patk*4 la a eai with removable ltd. Ike ceaVMla .ire alwayi ready far a*e. Will make the suf pertsued Batdtoas la HO nlualea u-UAoul WUlitf. U la the beat for tlttalaj waass atuea, dlilnfacUac alaka, eleMte, waahlnc boulea, palnli, treee,ete, PENNA. SALT KFO. Ctl, Clou. Alt*., rfclW., !•», Ortr, cornea reault* i icureoCuiixiluiettoai, " - laik Sinai, Maa Yelk Oa/. ANAKKS1S gives Umlaut rollof, nnd It an l.NKALLI- I1UD l (J UK for ViUUi. " ' ' Slat - PILES FAT FOLKS REDUCED Price, n, at drUK «Uu or by mall. Hanutea fraa. "Mywal,? t retl'JotUu. of ltiH.^ E ,oV.V.HNYI*KR .M< Mr*. Alio* MapU. Or**op. M«H.«rl ' " wabht waa tfil) pound;, now It w ,r For oiroulHr* addratja. with ,ttV.ek «r'tTl .Mii*i OhUmo. (Uo »toma.cb, mer aim uomelB, purtv ty the blood, ape ante and effectual t< tbo boat luetlU'liio knowu for Ujlloun- net**, coiuuiuiUon, djawpala, foul bw&tta. i.i!Ai\i>cbe,niHnuu uepreaalou. painful ULgetiUoii, bad oomplexlou, fuulall dlweuwd CAUi ud by future of tbe atoiuacb, liver 01- bowvla to p*^ fonu Uwlr proper tunoUona, 1\« IH>»U » gWt>u to o*«r- iftttlug' aro btiupiHod by takUitf one aftor e *cb UIMU._ l >ril ' ef iftL B * I "li Ia v ,,to ' ^^M*' or t °fi. fc byjuftl '-I

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