The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1927 · Page 9
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1927
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

SKCTION TWO THE lUl.A. KAN.. THIKKDAV KVF':.\'IN(;. MAKClf 21. H»27 J'ACES NINE TO TWIELVE (L'HAPfEK Iv •(Jood evening. Mr. Curtis. Jiist dropped in to show you the doublt- tnuk advertisement on bur Janii- :iiy wliite sale. And I ran into (•ititor of our paper. Hje. pulled a jirool' for me of their big Sunday featjire on the new roof garden iliiy j nursery. Say, Mr. Curtis, it's ;i kiioclt-oiit! Betclia iheyU be senlliuK reporters down.-from -New \ ork and Chicago to take a look iit'that day nursery. .Vothing" like it in .-iny' department store in the lountry."' i Thorivas Quinn Curtis, ki own fa- jniliarly to. every, membeif of his iniauinotli (ieparinient stiiri- lairiily iiw • (»ia T. Q.' though he ^-as only :i:ty-iliree years old. .sniiljd ' wryly at liis enthusiastic youns t'dviTtis- ing manager and nnolionecl him t» .•J seal near his oW.n at thejbig ih'.-k in the library off the Curit'is mansion, one of the show ilijuus^s of Colfax, a rapidly groMip,; ciiy whose ehamber of coinmijri-e claini- eil a ])opulation of a quarter of a. million. ••You're all wound up like a lihoiiograpli." T. Q. grumbled good- iiaiuredly. "Um-ni-ni:" Me iienl liis handsome head, over the double-page advertisertienl before him. His ileep-set grayi pyes, narniwed iiiiiier heavy hlack brows, scanned the advcrtisenient with li;:hlniiig rai)i(lity. ' • ".Vow, iooka here, Hrenner. yoii\-e got. the linen sheeting priced loo liigh. Who give you them figgers'.' Talton'.' I'll fire him if he tries t(f sliii in anyihiitg like this again. I've-hail a •wliile -sale' in tlu- Curtis Store every January for thirty years, and I've never yet stdd a s(|uare inch of cloth itr tlie •white sale' that wasn't a real'bargain for my customers. Taku '2t> per leiil off the price of that l>olt sheeting, :ilid tell Patton I want to see him tomorrow. Anybody eU<e playiiig shenanigans in this .sale'.'" "I told Patton you'd catch that." /{reiiner •'admitted- ruefully, "liut liis department's been showing a bad sluiiip. iiiKl lie wouldn't niark the stuff down as low as you told !'im. Sqw, sir. just take: a look at this lay-out. Picture ot'i the store rig!;t in" the middle of ja Sunclay page, and close-ups of tlie kids on rocking-horse.s and drinkitig their '^•P.riiig some cjgarets—wh brand it is that my .<;on si And you might bring a fe« of my cigars,, too." The lio| be home again any minule Kvfiything ready tor him".'" ••Yes. sir. .Mrs. Moon- has lie supper r^ady for him. to if he'd like a tjliack before to bed." ••Site would have.^' T.- Q. g; wryly.; "She pampers the 1 de;it!i. .All iil Us do. I sii Sawyers. That's all." Tin- 1iiiy that ' veryoue panj arrived ten minuies later. "Weil, boy. you're liack-" voice tried jo be jocular, alfi ale, but that unblinking, stare defeated his ellorl. "j riulit. wasn't r.' She lurtio lioivu, just as I knew .vjii. when 'he.found Vou'd be peii^iiles if yii" married h<'r. tiood rid lioy."' Cl.iy ("!irlis lounged fofwar [itever u>kes more will] now a lit-: 1; .sir, oiiifi innei (ly t< JIDSC p -'n 1 clion blacH wa ypii ould, an<«i V1927 I^mM Service Inc. then, his stormy blai-k eyes fixed unwin^ingiv on his tall "Vcs.- I'm; hack! " He flung lillimself into'th that Hreifper had dniwn t< desk unit dropped hlH heail his arms, slrelched' out in a i.-h; trjigic- ieesiure lii>on his IliH Kluiuld^rs I liter's to heave Mlj a sudden fit of bfug. •Tin sorry, hand on hi^ girl like I hat over. Kver.v si id ir. fhair th«" lipo 1 bov- .1^ Clay.' T. Xl la' son's head. "Uil aint worth ;worr rich man's son • n-4 nil like C inilk-pretty swell.- eh'.' I 'l real sob story-=-how the Curtis S<ore takes care of th^ iiifants of i s women employes and_amuse.s th • customers' bids while the moll ers .shop. iThev've played up the i angle of the employes' babies moie than 1 would have {liked, lor our Hit.-^y customers miy not like.the idea of having thejrjkids associating with working w6meii"s habie.s. bui—" ."I don't-give a hoot whiii women like that Ihinik of the Curtis Store." T Q. said violently, 'I started tjiis <lay nursery on tlie roof for the children »l tho Curtis family, so the mothers won't worry al)cml their babies while they're working. .\Iv idea was that those kids needed sunshine and fresh air ami good c-lean milk and trained nurse atten- liou, and they're getting it. If the society womi -n of this town- don"l want iheli children to play with working women's kids, they can drag ihem ovi -r Ihe store with ibe'm while-lhey shop, for all I ^are. Tell the newspaper peopit! I appreciate liri.i. aiiil I Uke-the \\uy It's lian- dled. .N'OW, you'd biMler g.el these lorrected proofs back In a liui .ry. 'I 'JieJr lorms are locked uj) ai eleven, unless they've changed vinie I was wiiliiig' copy for the (.'urtis Slr)re," •neadllnp 'H slill ' eleven." and voitng I IJreiiner grilllieil aflection- aiely upon the owni'r of Ihe f';iriis Stori', !'Hy fieorgi'. .Mr. Curtis. 1 • jKipe I'll know jusi half as much alioui .running a departnieni store ;is you do.-time I'm as (dil as yo\i are." - ••Yoii'd have to start Jike 1 did." T. Q. <j:urtis leaned bacl^ in his big Iraiher-uphdlst-ered chair and [regarded the >X)ung advertising nii na- f;cr - <iuizzi<-ally. "1 started b isi- ness in this town in a lwenty|by- len-foot. hole" in the wall, iind bought my first bill of poods with money I'tl siived up peddlini^ calico anil 'Kingiiam a'nd nubleacl^ed do- uies'ic from house to housej You Jo '.ing fellers ;ain"t -got thei* nerve "to start that *"ay liow. Y (>u just look at the eight-story huilding I got now, and wonder how old T. Q. hornswoggled the public int6 mak- •ing him a millionaire. Weji. run along. You've all heard li/>w old T. Q. got his start. I must be getting <dd. or I wouldn't be '< aught . bragging to a young whippifrsiiap- pi-r'like you. flood nighTl" j .After ihi> ••young whippiirsnap- [lei^^ had hurried sprlnglly and laiinlily out of the rooni, "old T. Q." slumped in his chuSr, his' tjHiarled brown hands lying Joosely on his knees, his ilong, leu^i hinly iin<} his gaiinl face, that hud been ((•(HiiparM «!0iinilesH times to Ab'a- ..'hiini Lincoln's, rel'uxed in! utter weariness. In renose. the face was iJlamped *flh soiil-wearlnes < and ilisllluitionttiijrit and lonellnesH. (Inly his eycHi were ciiriouxly (hlldlike mill wIMtful and trusting • Ihe eyes of an Idealist. .\iiyone . seeing; hint ofigiiard would have known his secret in- stanfly, would have known that his li'asclble IiMiiper. Ills gnifi spci'ch. Ills hard-heiided conimerciallsm. were a di ^fence agaliifli a world constantly ;on the alerl to prey on fdeallsl-:. .\fter a few mliiules T. (). .stirred wlih II sigh of weariness and press- 111 a 1 )utioh on Ihe edge of his desk. When the butler appeared at the iloor, T.'Q. Hpo 'ke iu hU usual atrt voice;, , r [see ry m ill up against gold-diggers ibonnell—." ' ••Oh. f<u^ <!od 's sake!" the flung up his bead, sliakin.; angrily to fii.-^ln.lge his talh I comforting bami. ••('an'i; you it i>t!'t) just <;iuiri'".' It's ev lliinu- -life's'^ mess for tin j'.tsi a ridiinian's son. I fal love with ;i gii!. ibiuk sb angel out of heaven, worsl-.ip. writ;,' music to her. lay my at her feet,I and all the tim she -sees is Jlhe label pinned on me-^rich man 's son: (lood for no in:;, iianipcr^d. spoiled, wrappc in dollar hills—somel )oi |y t... dollars, not;mine! Do .you kn{> what she sifid to nfe whvn I . her you'd di.sinherit me it 'I married a chorlis girl out o a nijd levue'.'" His eye.s glared iviJdly his father: ;his sensitive. pOel niocth 'remblcii like a iragec^.v s'ricken girf's. ••| can glii 'sS; buy." T. Q. swered gently. ••She said'•The old boy will U give us aufj ki<k in. He's giv you everythhig else you ever wai ed. hasn't fle'.'' 1 told liei lir^ I Ibol 1 Dad. I've tried lo Icll "you befor ; that I want lo lie a musician, a ! ciiriipuscr; thai the only thing that ; m";iny ali.vdiic.i ti> inc, besides .vnu. I is nuisic' You t-t mi> liav.- funr '!yar- in Kuniie. ami I've studied •and listened lo the be.-^t music in : thr world, and now you want me j til run a •lepain;;ent -^lore. wljen 1 j 'Ine.'t know a thing about lliCbusi- • ii-^s and !\;sviii't the faintest de' -''I 1.1 I'-aMi. Can't you see. Dad. I that my only hope is to clear out ! of here ami earn'my right lo my ,<c.v.-i ijic'.' 1 (;!;i't write big niiisic ^iiiiiiil I vc siruguted. slarve'l." ••.Mji.'^ii's all 'right -lor girls." T. (J. siirred iii hi?; .seat and .:;r.o\vl- ed al his son. ••IJu'l I never thought iuheriled each other—all my fatilt, of course. Hut I doii't w int to get jobs on the strength of n y name— your name. 1 don't want think they're doing you i giving me a .soft snap of fteckon it won't. need Ji plaining, when the word that you've left home," said huskily. "I wonder ma^d say to all this. people to favor-by , n job.'" much ex- gets out old T. Q. what our boy'? She dreamed such- fine dream.? for youl" • I . "1 have a hunch she"dj be glad." Clay Curtis stooped over his father and offered his haiid. "Giiess I'd 1)eiier be getting along. Dad. 1—I'll ilear out tonight. • if you ikin't mind." 1 ; : .\fter the hoy had leftjthei roorn. r. Q. Cunis hitched ihis chair about so that he couldj face his dead wife's -portrait. He star^ into those melting black eyes for a lopg lime before he bfgan muttering aloud, talking to ler, as lie often did when, alone. j •"Well. Pm all alone, .Mary, gjiil. A;| .-'lon.e. He don't ihink mucli of-onr :;tore. .Mary. I'd. liavfe give h>ni a good whaling if he hadtt'f looke:l at me with yotir e.ves, Mary^ He was silent for a long! time. losing himself in the. .softness of those , a .-^on of mine would want to spend.;''luldlike. yet womanly e.ves. Then I his lii'e iliumping a piano or writ-; lie drew a deep breath. |.seemed to |ing love, si.iigs. Reckon you are : I'pmember something: "You always, I soft'"' said you wanted a girl, flidn't you, houev"? .\nd 1 was dead set on-a .III II' III.-., 11 I ni>^ ill iiu«, ii» . 1*. , ' my courage just when I've got it I ^'''''^''V.V f"-<'l'l "<r«'. sc.ew.d up by seeing myself clear-I „ ,„ .L^. Clan Curtis fhnnj himsvlf i)ito tlic chair and (hopped hia It rad spend from now on—and if I <an't earn enough lo livt' (MI. Tli starve.'' "You've done migiltv lillle slarv- ing in yinir life, boyi You don't know how ii l-els to S'larvc. 1 lio. .Me .mil your ma. too. I if -he ^nuldj have lived lo see l(i> djj. could! tell Voii a lot about plain auil laiiiy : starving. If you'd been raised as ; her ncighborliool. but " J I IC S I her work, even! when the •-iiirv bi'iildJiig Was put up a ami make,my own way. Uuel, iios. or die. as vou jiut it. Yrtu gave IU"- everything un indulgent, a too j 'indulgent, patent cnuld ;;!Vi. a buy. i Cuit is Store golUo bi- talked Mini now I've iiecii liimipcil luird in <'iillax as a cnuccrn eiiiiiigli by rcalilv In sii- liial il \v ,is "••••.ti !i>i >i;. Site JKH I I II'< jila all w .'i 'ii^. I .--liniild liav.' iiaii to y .,;i. diiamud bi^ dr-iiiiis fi stiiig .iile. In (Jill Hi!ii<; Ilia-.' lor ui.\ - inid I ,uu«-;s 1 did my ii .iri of i s -'lt. I'm St. II cj. :rr lo tin- man-o.v nm.. ion. "rii«ii —well, yoii U pi)ii ilis (intii. w.; Were, your ma and ine both, iu.oi tiiy bon.s. I);.il. ami it',-, ymir an orphans' home, .-iilil kicked out niiin> y and ynur dc .-ire lo givi' n;e at lb" age of foiirleen' with a halt-• all that you inisseil iu life that's s'arved body and ihe, brand of' matte mc^soft and useless a para- charity all over yon. but must of .-ile, jusl as Claire Donnell called s didn't know you. that you meakit what vou said, and then I begg her to marr"y me anyway, told I 'd .work- niy fingers lo the bo iri ;ii| to h-j-ill on .v<i[ir soul, jou'd not !)•• so ]ilp : iiuic!: to talk i'!' via: vim;. .Siaiv- iilg ain'l so poetic, son. .IS you have imagined, i r-'c kon" I wouldn't try il. lon;j as ilie Curli- Store is running full Idasl and Hid T. Q. CiKtis owns it." "Yes, old T. Q. Curtis owns il. atid. old T. Q. Curtis would own till-. • <'lay rose and stood bendiug over his father, his voice «iiriously steady to come fi-om such pale lips.; , "Yoa had ymir (-bailee t..> make a man of |yoursell. The orphanage did kick yon out. didn't it. even if you were branded'.' They diiln't keep you prisoner, and force you ro cat their starvaliim rations and wear Mn-ir charity clothes. <lid th<»y"y- W<dl. I>ad. I'm going lo mc a»- il h!i-r for lier-and she laughed. I)a|i: She laugbey; .Said 1 couldn't a joli it th';.' wei-e giving 'em awjiy (as ClrcistmjKs pr-esenl.s. She call me a parasite, ^^.^id 1 couldn't /lort myself to save my I4fe. a id ibat I'd liavelo be a good biiy .-) id mind my dad for the rest of i ^y lite, if I didn't want to starve. .\ i|l the nexl day slii- announced !i|eir eiigagemeiil lo a fal. bald-head biillei-aiid*"egg man that sin' nearly dlc'i laughing al when been taking her around to i Hi.s, liead went dfivj ••.\il "ouii II ain't like (lain lioiiiicll. bi.y.^'. T. i). siialcliid .ii j I 'w.kcil old. and II;.- i|l<-!lillK. ••'lll «I.- .in pl-'lltv (if I v.-;i ;-.ilcl Viillllg) giiN ill tb*> loMii tliai would la 'I ill loVe with V (.u. !iollcsll>- in love. .s!ic died, died riglit in lb 'I'-i work, oi iiearl failur-. said she'd worked I IH) hard life." • i •: (•Id T. (). [laiised. bis vo hu-iky to go on. and iioili tlie mii>dl>'-ag( d lufin wiio III.- I wen man wlio liUi- a: lioy 111 iiini'lecii tiir if ji -i ked .by lili.-i'cn wires, i icli 111 I Willi! the about wiirtli is: tor r you. reani- iiow- - siiire, al Doctor III her viiu 'r. ready Iu take l!l-e, >oon as 1)1 V place." "But had." till- liny ii|i. i iiipted eagerly, "th 'at'^, .jii.^i ii.: I e :in ! eVef take your plaee. i li.i'i'l li .ve a deiiarliiuiii sior.- yoiiri. nr mine or anyone (Isi "You see —;• the boy stood up. his pointed chin oiitthrust. so that he liii.ked strangely like Ihe pnr- tr-.iil of iiis molhcr. "We can't get together. Dad. . The orphanage kicked you out. told, yon to sink or swim, and jyou're frying to hold | on to me.. If I give in now, lose- 111 s< ly for Ihe first time in my life, I'll never b" worth a thing. I'lu glad I ("laire Doniiell turned me down, i She may be a cali-iilating little} gold-digger, as you sa.v. liiit she j wa;-- right—I icoiildn'f have snp-j ported her and myself to save my i life. But the. next woman llovt-— and I'don'l feel now as it Cd ever love another—-w-oh't be able to throw that in my face! You ought to have had'a daughter. Dad. Cirls are made for luxur>\ .Money.(-an't biu-t them, make tliem soft and i- worthless. I—I wish .von had a ! boy. .-V boy to carry on the Curtis jiiaine. .-V rgirl wouldn't have left j me. like Clay's doing. Siiid I ought ; to have had ii daughter. Well,." and he sirin-k (he arm of hi^ chair defiantly, as if arguing jwith ithie. Iwninan seri'uely watcjhing him well-:- (To p,p Continued) * - • . I ivni riny Curtis weaken In his defernilniitinn to iret along witb- mit his lilt Iter's IIIonejr! In the next eh.npter he finds it place to live—aiid something: elfie. The library of the Vdycan contains the most valiiablt^: collection of manuscripts in the world. —Telephone your Classified Ada to 18. - 1 i 1 luvau. if you'd stay iionie long . up at-ii porirail .-ibove ibc li enough to give them a I'liance.". |,behind T. IJ.'s »;liair. "-•Viid hou .would 1 kruw tliey'rel |t was a badly liciie. in; "hand-painted oil portr .i; T. tj. jilways lUscrilied it. all its c}ie:ii)ne.s .-i and i (ould not completely dim tji and (-mirage of ilie lace por and iTe droiiiieil his head for f.i mo-• .\|;,| y ClaV Curtis, al the ti meat into the crook of bis arm.,'i,ii,u'ogra|ih from which lli.e liki- a hurl small boy. ini; V;:„i been made, masi i -1 reckon you can't know. boy. i,,.,.,, ;,,,i ,„„i . tii ;in thiriv nut like Claire Douin!!, at'bean'.'i That any single girl of liieiu all could love me, tor myself - and Cod kl'ow.^ I (loifi .-ee why anybody sli.'uid'"" His vui.c liriike iaga-n. 1 e. to(nil !i heady y-li'.e lo.iki d .titled by e.111! alien or tasti-"for de- I parlmciii slore vvork. . .\noiher 'thing, if I Went to woik in the I Curtis Slore, in any i-ajiacity. no ' iiia'l.'r bow "lowly. I'd" .sliil lie a 'C .irlis. Tile MS. of Ilie employes w.juid 1 .lie; tn 111..; tiiose, abov«- me . "(iitl.! 111", liut they'd promote .\iid liii not • daughter. Dad, to comfort von for ' 11 III tile .vay I 've thrown you »lown." Old T." (J.'s head went up at that, and there were unashamed tearx in his t-yes. --I wish so. too, bov. I- I .guess I'm going to lie pretty, lonelv without you. Clay. Hut I won't try to keej) you.. You i -an come home anv time you like, (lo- ymi witli good i-eports I ^^^y around town, bo.v?" irie. nil mailer how rotti'ii I was iiijniy job. it woubiu't b" m.v own lied, as f-eiioris liiat pusli. d me ahead, but I slai e , my name."' {•place I '-Veil (oulti l.'arii Ihe busines-: i ;iiid I ;:itid take c !iar-.;e when I 'm ready to i it's a •i. <lid ! !i;iw much you're have-jT. Q. slielcjied oi; le my cliance: too. I'm going to Kick {hi- sun's lii;cl. then aiiniplly niyself on*. I 've got to, if 1 ever,drew it. "I didn't expecl ;,o live uinoiint to anything, if I'm ever Wi to sec the da.v when my own sim. lie the kinti of man a girl can love ! my oulv son. wmiM turn against for himself and not tor bis fatlt<-r 'H j m • for nn lie :ier reason than ili .ii si ^ji-1 millions. You had il easier than 1 ! I 've civen liiin evr.vtiling his.heart have -" .; idesifed. l-'or I weiily-five years I 've ; "K.isier!"'!". (). Curtis banged bis Miveii MUI you.Cla .v. jiiled iiji money hurting nil ."' (Il.l I j,i„ii;M! forty—all exi ept hWr out a hand to loinli , i dreiiiniiig, swcl. •.•ti-:ic. as imt 111! riiditv. fire ilt-ayed, tie the paint- have imt she "Why. 1 ilon't know. I — I liaven'i had time to plan re.all.v". I 've lieen so knocked out. But—Y'es, I am! You made your way i-i this town. will, too." But —Well. sir. funny thing to ask. bnl I .'liiir." T. (). persisleil .suibiiornl.v. j wish you'd give it "£!ul I don't wjinl to take cliarce. friends that we've out sort to of your dis- OLD CORNS COl^E OFF BY THOUSAI^DS Oar clerks are <]ejnoiutratlii« ba^t cully "BND-O-CORN'- removra th* nteafc stubborn old coriu or caUooM*—•Tflik Vaacijiank I ' J. All this 'and next week hsDdrada at men and ^omen wUI profit ttvai tbil demonstration belns ctVea :9tt our fltorM ' about KNEMJ-CORS; | AU dioae wlio liave atubbBrn earoa rallouKfi and wtio liavs baeom* dlae«Qr> ased by the poor reaulta oUtaliMd frea» the use of advertised "cora carair •ttonlA'i surely come rljtht away toj haar aboot-- ••XSD-O-COKSJ' tha only |r«iMdy that' wUI. surely remove all conu and .ea)« louses quickly and without IpalM. If you livu too far away, write it KND-O-COK.V LABORATOanai 4 OuC field Blvd.. Ctilvago, aad V* wlU that jrou reteiv* » Jar. f ' COOK'S DRUG STORE t III to le ive i.s nighlclnbs,'' again, but he. did :iioi .sob. His ie.t| hail been^dlied in Ihe fire of 1 anger. "Well. iMiv, I'm glad to have y liom" agai)i. I'm sorry ihls had happen, but maybe it. will all for the lu'st in the long riiii. I niaiie a pf-ice tor you in iTie Ciir S'ore—J "That'so'ust it- there it is agail^ Clay Curiis raised his head shout tlie words at his fath 'You've niede a place for me: j assistant* general manager. 1 si i pose." His voici- was bitter w i san ,-:shi.' •-Weli. yrs," T. Q. admitted. "I 1 don't fee why you slionld t: my r.eail^olf because ^ give .voU job at ten thousand a year— •Beeaijise I j couldn't earn thnitsaiu! cenfs a year as assist^^t general jnanager, and you know- Yon knoiv there isn't an .office iji: in tbe,.ijutlit that (loesn't ;iiore :}boul merchandise that ilo." "You ;can learu." T. Q.'s anW-r rope al>i>ve his pity for the dls- illiisioni'^d boy. "You're acting lijke a* foi -i. "C'l;-..v, and any offiiie Woy ^11 till- outfit—" his voice miniicljed liis- •.ioirs bitterly—"can tell you that I'til not lonij on palient-e. Irvi tried trt give .V (lil ti happy life, make llii to the miserable -|ill|e till r. I thing IP college, outside my miisii-. Vs.b.ii did Ihev hold back mv degree y 1 kn|olw 1 fist i.n liiki desk. I 've done for you ~" \ "Yes. sir, that's wjiat Clav. alter bi|; .live.i all bee;i would grand Willi- -ii^ :i ebilil who believe f:iirii-s and liia|iihiiid. eiitirmoiis black eves, iler son's, ext-epi llial tin : iiotliiim sophislicated and ;and disilIiisioii(>d in their ] Wells (if velvejy blacklie.--: i mouth betrayed those I tiiean- iiise It .lav. built I (lep.iritiiiiil store ill Ibis si Clay Curtis sloud his'|;;rou|iil "You tji .ii ymi i ould lie' proud name nf Cinlis. j ".Vo dou'l ini 'Triijii ine. boy," If- fsaid. as again llial while Was 1 flung up. ;iiid liiose agiiiii/iiig black eyes colliroiiled him. '-Iteckoll il - my time m i:,ii; ;i little bit. .N'oiv. iio.v. I gm ss .Villi know how , r. I haul lile was for me uiilil aboiii wheilier I deserved promoUWli oi i twenty years ago. Kvcn then Hie not. railroailed llirniigli soim how {struggle wjisii't over; failed in by private lulors. till I got-' itilo < business twice, but come back had il easier lliaii I 'vj- U.iil if .vmi wauled III liiiii voijrSflf- into aj man. 1 ve been vvrap |iei| in reldt -r- dowii. stuffed I Willi) rich fomls.j dressed like the I 'lilue of Wales. | il'ii'lored by speclalisl ; If I had .i j lov ache, sent to ptivale si lioo's, ; promoted from grade to ^ grade be yours some 1 iii^liiH of hard slore, the finest j iijr),| :iii(| ]iriiii,{ -lion so • ' of Ihe toil, for eyes. mysl|c eyes in (jod and Tiu'y were exacdy like e was bitter deep The Ildless was we a ;|ije, . e.-lit was as if it nianeiilly piirsijd over fine .sewing Tlje foVell ble,•broad, full.l I'sing did foi'eliead n-i a bate. Iii iiai rowed in ;i 11 riaii;;!"-.' ll: 1 b'-eks being -.ii-.-lc'icd li:;liil prolllilleni ell.-el; llolle-. Til loiiited 1 liMi jiiUed forward nose was long and I bin and ell. and deep lilies Were ^ from tin; nostrils to the cortn-is per- ! f till plell- r lac.> Iblli 1\ l .ivi r ijilll- The 'jiini II [(-iirved of her mouth. • CI:iv Curtis r .Vol a preltv thouglit for til college -a, coileye lor rich men's j stimig. as the newspaper boys will [.sanillb titii". !>iil an aiices |i >;r sons- where money, clothes, a par-: s ;iV . ill liieir obimaries w-hcn oldjicrribly. clmkingly proud • lor Irick or two, got me into ihe|-r. (j. i ;islies in. Wiicn ine and j "I.'lease, Dad." Cla.v's voi. best .''r.-ilei'nity. 1 didn"t le;irn any-; your ma was married, a thing j w-illi eniolion as he juni ))i -(i hi chair and nut his arm al^uit liis ! try to w .i -'d been planning lo do since we was kids together ill the orphans" | fatlier's shoulders. ':Pleas< beiause 1 hadn't earned it'! .Vo.'home. didn't hav«j money enough ' unde.'-sta'id m-: i Yon and slje wer hjlhey didn't. 1 w-as old T. tj. Cur-| to give the preachclr a dollar bill < splendid, marvidous. There's no i.tis's ::on. and old T. (J. bad given j for his trouble. Kehiember how I ! niie in the world I admire a^ much lit jjhe i :oIlege its stadium, hadn't he'.'" 'eilli- paused for breath, wiping his |a I fl'ished face with an ininiaiulate. moiiogramiiied luindkercliief. . jn \ "You didn't .seem to despise the and luicury (hat money caiibiliy, and I lell you right now that Irm not g(Mtig to put .u|i with miiHi more (iT this kind of talk from .v ^i I've tried to be p.i'tieUI with y ill, becaus.e I know Thai Donmdl Inn sy gave .vou n knoi-k-out lilow. bu I want .vou lo pull yourself togetliier. son, alid make a m.ln of yonrsel'' in the: funis Slore." "Yoii itilght as well know, Oajil. said ('lay. his face pal.r and Ills (illick* eyes bard vvHh delerini la- ilfui. ''Ini not going'iiilo the stin li 'si v'oiu-''"tore; do you think I'd reaily have a chanci! to i-iiri a Iienny there as usKlstaiil gem ral. mitliiiger'/ I'd be haled by evjery man nlial 'H suppose*! to he under nn uHslsiant general maimgor. And the hum that had p-iilly tfurned the j;"d» vyoiild hiite me most <l)( all. Soi £iad, .I'm guinji to caru grand, be(-ause I 'd paid lorly-iiiiie •cents fur il vvliolesale." He chuckled stadium so. mui-h wljen .voii wer;'i faintly, and a tiny answering grin breaking track re(-ords on it."" T. Q. ;tui;ged at the boy"s sli-aitied nioatb. give him a iiecklie out of my |ieil- ; as I do you. Dad; because yo i made lifer's - jiack: tiiusta been a i>ri'iiy ; yourself. You t-ame out of an <ir- lii'iii.v tie. toil, but l!thoiight it was i jihatiaue. a puny, starvi'd lit le kid. ."aid mildl.v. too mili employe in thy CurtiU" that "old T." (}."" when he was very. viii(!-e and manlier. "iih. I could run!f' Clayi dismissed the subject/with an! gesture. — B UI a man can't |ly. for every Store knew as deadliest very mild of and yo'u nuide this sleepy Ii io-,vn give you a living. To Ihe f"(vii grow jas .vou gre proud of yon. Dad. and 1-' 'urtls ingry make bis living running in track And .while I was wasting iii at Ihe sladiuiii. the professor railroading live through Jlleets. time Were everv •"I aiift just rambling on. boy, | have a chance to make yoi^ like old men do. I got a purpose j of tn.-. .And 1 can"t do i! ii in telling yon how T. I)! Curds got , kick mysi-l: onti of the lap started, and why he's bf -.eii, as ymt | iiry. and strjiiggle as you call il. a too indulgent parent.; gled. and getj the fal off in Ilie lojaml soul." Caji't you see. She to cet niy viewpoint!" Your ma's idea it was -lor o|ien a lillle dr.v goods store iinali. tlloll- to lush' II ll; friim in it all ilay and set] (lid T. (). Curtis heaved night niakiiig tlinky j sigii. then dn.-vv. his brows lie old I;, 111!' am to , proud iless I .% Iu\- i 1-slrug- j brain ' D:|d".' Try | ctiiirse I took. Oh. I was .1 great thai I -was for iill he missed, by i guy al college! because I i ould play seeing Vou enjoy eveiy adviint.ige j (iie piano and saxopliifiie and the • *" - ' ...i .J... Ifi'iti. jinii could sprint faster than any other rich niairs son.- I don't know what the boys-working their way llinuD^i could have doni- Ihe iraik or in I h- fool ball field. They didni have a chance. Tliey liad lo study, b'ad to make iheir glades if thev gilt "em."' "Well. I guess it Comes down to this," T. a .said; in that mild, dan- what 1 used lo <-lcrk up half till, lillle ai-roiis and bood-ivar caps'in a mighl.v frown, and fancy garters iiiid hand em- ! sbooling at the mi broidereil corset covers, lo sell III ll" miilessed, —Yo:i sa.v^ y Hie ladies of. ('(ilfax. to w.rk Well, louiejaliil ".MaiiVs the time she didn't i b-ar tiiy slore. If you watit lo m.ircii ivyenty (-ents above .n-t of materials en a 1 ap or an aiivmi. but she Weill right on. w-orking bi.r fingers to tlie biiiie, to get a start on i for for you. W^- both ihoiiglit -,i lot more aliout you than we di I about ourselves. ;even before vou was born. Wi- IISIH I to siiy, "The bo .v Won 't have 10 e;<t off of oil- '• cloth," <ir 'The boyllBo avvay toj I creal lueiln r "SoiiiJdjS like boy." Ill wa 'lil .viirk in -t-uggl • up from Ihe boltom,.. go to vvj.i U d-.-iviiig a delivery -irucli gin-ss i yoii "re one of the best (hiuffeins in (he wor'd b,v this timi- or lii ^i- idle the iiicoiniiig sloik. if y m vv ./iit I lo do scni" r'eiil !^ru:4gliiit| Whv. ; hoy, Pve built iut> tlie Curl - .~;Tore [for you. Cm about read>] lo re- gerous voice of jliis; "'thai- I ought to have ki(-ked yoii ;Oiil of the house whet; you wt re twelve or fourteen. Mild lold you lo roiit, hog. or'diet I gather lliaCs what you mean -jlak lhal yoirre blamiiig me now for 1 was iioi doing that. Thai right, hoy".'"" ••Somi'ihlng like It." Clay siraiglii- eiu 'd, drew buck a lit le before the sleidy glint in • his (alher"s eyes. •I'm not blaming you. Dad. not really. Ijiit I'm trying to explain lo you v>iiy I've got to clear out grand si hools anil learn lo talk pfiper. ami lie somebody."' "When yon was five or six years old I used to try to get your liia to (juiJ working in ihe store, and •. things a little easy, lor -we lirospering by llial liine. inore^ii we^d expected. But she put you in n privjate kindergarten—so's .Vou could begin thai early a.iso- ciailuK Willi high-class children. I u.-eil to Want her to dress up and jilay cards and dominoes in th" atteruoous with the other iudivs,iu| RTeReconunend New Presbriptioo tirest (artorie*, t«Ul<Loiie ufcieii. do- Variiiieot •tore*, i tkujit, una nllliuoa of A-Vul aooually thru; their doitois and Burse* berauas tkef fcauMr it Ifl^afe and I faanulsia, dues ni^t dttf*'* tl>* paart but I dots nop ktadacket', | deiircssUn, rotdi, 1 fever, neuralfia, period bams, •tr!,/4uli'kl7. j We guarantee AiV:ol f itl titealiivyiuu or I 70ur moaejr bark. Tijr this tkmarkabia '• sale pain relief, next tiic*. ICostalBj'so aiplrlo, uetaoUld bun dtpraiMBU •TOMT. or btliir A lit! ouncement II ija.^ ahvay.s boon the objocL of this <*tore lo^ so conduct its liiisiiicss thai it will be of Kreatest po.ssible service to the p(?o-, |ilc|(ir this comiininity—our customers. In .seloclinjj merchan- (lisif it is mir iiolTcy t<) adhere rigidly to this one standard; that u"c iiiiist .sell only those products which will render the greatest measure of service and give the greatest degree of .sati.s- l.;ic ion i(> those who hohor us with their i>atronage. It i/; in iveeping wilh this; jjolicy that .we have .secured the age|ii("y Ifor a line of paints and varnishe.s. which, after thor- oiijr'^i investigation and tests have convincingly demonstrated I hiii" sijpi'rior work. Lowe Brothers Paints and Varnishes WiU Be Handled E.\clu.sivcly By U.s. W'c fee! that our customers will welcome this move on our part, il has riMpiired a considerable investment. Il is a step for- waid. lit puts us in a po.sitidn to more completely and more s .-itjsfat'toi'ily .serve the horiie owners of this community than evt - before. It enables us'not only to render greater .service tlir)uglj liner merchandise, but also to provide, our cu.stomers wii|i ddcorjitive plans, color harmonies arid worth-while sug- jre --^ion ,s in the use of paint and varnish for every Thi'-refore, in order to provide room for thi.s new .stock and to cjcnroijr shelves of the merchandise which we have been h.-md- ling, v,<' welcorrte. A Great Sale of Paint Prii'cs are greatly reducf.'d. If yoii are planning on doing any l>aiming, outside or inside, house, barn, building, fences, or (•vein tlie refinishing of a jiiece of furniture, you can save coii- sidiha'^le mtitiey by buying now. \V(/;i(iyise you to comt; torfiorrow. sure for this is an unusual sitiiatijin tind atr(jrds you an opportunity to sijcure unusual llargaiiis. Co. I 'h(>ht' ]0(M East Side Square 5 I

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