Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 11, 1961 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1961
Page 15
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TUIWDAY, APRIL 11,1W1 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Obituaries Bin. Hoppe EDWARDSVTLLE - Mrs. L* orw Hoppi, 80, of 824 Aim St., died Monday morning at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Belleville. A resident here the past 33 years, she had been employed 13 year! at the Oberbeck Paint Store. Born May 14, 1910, at Mt. Olive, a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Charles Williams, she Is survived by two sons, W11- lard Hoppe of Edwardsvtlle and Clifford Hoppe, football oMch nt Bethalto High School. Mrs. Anna Daugherty Rites Conducted Funeral rites for Mrs. Anna Daugherty, wife of Chris Daugherty of t28 Park Dr., were con > ducted at 9 a.m. today In St. Patrick's Church. The Rev. Father Thomas O'Connor was celebrant of the Requiem High Mass and officiated at committal services In St. Joseph's Cemetery. FeefeTV Can Help Good Taste By CYNTHIA LOWRV AP TV.fltdto WHter NEW YORK (AP) - Producer ANNOUNCEMENTS IT BXCLU»tV5 SALES . RlGHTf *• Now Av«il«bt* for Lvt\tt. C" m«tct. Write to Shirley Baal IDS Portland. Belleville, ill. GARDEN PLOWfNO — Roto-tlllef. Blade work, y«rd levellni, lawn mowing. Work guaranteed. Pr*« estimates. tnsur CmnptflMttpn. CL EMPLOYMENT tT~lit? " WANTED MAN.-ate M-48. Mir- rled, T« service established life insurance d«bt in Alton Area. Salary and commission, will train. .117 Commercial Bnlidlnt Alton or pfione HO S-8022 for appoint- fhWt. BUSINESS SERVICE RENTALS H APARTMENTS — PLATS OAROEN PtOWINO aW ellng; alto small roto-till*r fori elq««_ jUactj. Ct 44437. OA R DEN PLOWING tnd Blad* work, yard Itvtllftf. »-23S3. FrlMirllv hna a fhonrv that HALL po * RENT — Suitable for friendly nas a tneory tnatj lar , e or „„,„), irmip ». bay and if television keeps on steadily! evoning engagement* accepted. HO tVi«wu«,i«» «..> i>ifAMM_>i<««i ««j 5-6913. Berry Harfli. AGE 21 TO 40 $450 MONTH GUARANTEED SALARY PLUS BONUSES CARPET—Q«llty Pins i«» 0r1ott. AM wool wlri wiiton. IS dicorai- ivt color, ffl flyion. Supirviitd m- siaiiatim, Prm estimates. Madison County Carpet. Lou-JuiB Mills. 4 mliai loutn of Edwartsvina on At. _UI>. CHI collar. ATl r ««tlC 8-7371. •» CONt RACT1NO A.J CARPENTER" REPAtR-Roof. Inc. porches, rooms. Interior, exterior painting. Reasonable. HO 2-aMI. BLOCK air 8131. <:ONCRBTS WOftK- pslr_ work. Fret aitimatai g." -fll , HO out inform atlonul and out iniorrnationBi ana educational programs, mass audi- Here l« en excellent opportunity for I CLOl.KMAKER and JEWELER -• wo men to Join an organization «w day, antique, and cuckoos. All which is the acknowledged leader, work guaranteed, ftji.m. to 9_p.m . . . . ... . iwu _*IT 11 '. •.., r5 II Casketbearers were Donald! tflste for them Doyle, AnthonyAustln, Newell i " Lfke children," he said. "All Hagerty, Vincent Hasler, Robert ! kld8 would rather eat Popcorn ence eventually will develop a n«v«s minor ac»« •«« pilnt. ra .„.,. ,^. ,u"~ * P iucti aid pontrou »e»r fjwre : Prti torn* demonstration. Rental may apply o» mreniNi. CENTRAL SEWINO SUPPLY CO. U w Broadway HO 2 MH Also surviving are her step- <Ca Id well Jr., and Larry Nlchol-l anfl cand - v tnnn string beans and \ NOTICE"— From mis day forward *• *~r~. V ^•.l ___ _». «•«..• ._ . .« ^ __ ._. _ . _ * t H>III un 1n*k«Mv UA t-A^HJlM alKlM frtV Phone HO 2-22.10. Pr«ncl» "Pete" Davey Jr.. 1913 Liberty St.. Alton. »,.!.•«. ... »...., BOB WOODS — c«rrem Contractor. I2 lni 2t.?.r5J*.L v *." union "ork. Free estlmttai. HO in lt« field. The position is interviewing persons after a very Intensive advertising campaign. Pull office - - - each man selected Requirements i 03407 • re: Good background, desire to — * ~ . meet »nd talk with other r>eiplc. '< CARPENTER REPAIRS — Bloek NEW, ATTRACTIVE 3-ROOM ALL- MODERN DUPLEX — Located 1820 Worden. Attached carport private basement, gas heat, shown by appointment. « M 4I- RENTALS 4 HOUSES PSW Itlfr POR RENT— A small nonM in the country. Inquire Arnold Stahlhut, 4 miles east of Bethalto on tt I4fl DFCORATHD. PRIVATE FRONI AND REAR ENTRANCE. HEAT AND WATER PURN13HED. STRICTLY PIRST CLASS. NO SMALL CHILRHN. JlOO. HO 2 0085 OR HO 2-0315. RENT OR SALE—S house on corner Mh It- Wood River, CL 4-8635. . ... RENT—4 Room house. Modem, 463 McArthur Cottnne Hills. Call Trangle 7-7052, Granite city, III., ONE 5 room all modern house for I rent In Wood River. See Herman! Sirader fit 2*14 Viewland, at Alton NORTH ALTON— 3 rooms & bath. __ _ _ ... d ,?£ or . a it d ' A " utllltle » fur -i ROXANA— i room houne. 6a» heat. ,.' . mshed. HO 2-6572. _ ___ I carport, W5 month. Also 3 room UPSTAIRS' UNPURNISHtD7 S\ dup/ex with ga* heat, »80. CL.4- rooms,, heat, water furnished! 7801 ' ' '" " "l ln' UPPElTAtTON~^NIce. mo'de7n~S '" children orhoSd en ed. $85 mo. 2438 Alhy. lon '"win": I . Rodgers, Alton. . heat 222n VACANT—4 rooms and bath. Heat 48 HIUCRitr earnatM livtnl MKWi ...... .-tee; dinmt --— " kitchen and sun bedrooms (master 20') and bath up. DeuftU driveway. Big bnck barbecue pit. ....,,.. Allan It Nlmmont - Rtalter. HO J-9248 RUTH (Clark.I BARNIS HO 2.6700 . ft i rater furnished. Adults. Oa ; rage available, HO 5-8744. FURNISHED HOUSE John H. Hunter mottt«r, MM. Ann Williams of son. Glrard, H]., three brothers and two sisters, Clifford and Ster* ling Williams, both of San Ber-j nnrdino, Calif., Charles wn-J Rites Set Saturday liiimn of Decatur, Mrs. Vivian' _ •«,,... "—• •••.••«• -...-.. -. -.. Maddrill of Riverdale, 111., andi ttruneral rl t cs tor John Henry! Friendly is a big. rangy man cc,. A v BO \« inf For, Mrs Esther Braughman Lin- Hunfer ' 51 - of *"<>««» Homes, Iwith enormous enthusiasm and re- nino '•"• Anr " In """ coin' Park, Mich. There are * in be conducted Saturday at "-- '" "•'— h - """ •""•"" four surviving nrrandchlldren. !*? a>m - ln Sm)th Funeral Spinach. But no decent parents; ' will no longer be responsible for, ate emnloymfnt , . , , .... , . , any debts contracted by anyone] would let children have steady! other than myself. Dated this loihi diets of popcorn and candy. And) £*£"• j*'• Jser ^ vv ^ rrl ?, < ? n ' 7 ' 7 , , I ?r.« XP °*1 ! M T IK ;! ! NOT.CE-From this day forward".' spinach, they'll eventually like it; will not be responsible for any; prefer it." debts contracted by anyone other ' than myself. able to be away from home four nights each week, cur in good condition, and available for Immedi- Herman D. Strader, i PERMANENT POSITION SALARY BEGINS WITH TRAINING SEE: MR. PETTI6REW 10:00 A.M. TO 2.00 P.M. laying, concrete woik. Plumbing, electrical wiring. HO 5-1439. ROOM ADOlfIONS" "Let George Do It" HO 2-0386 14 3 BEDROOM furnished house. E.I 5th street. $80 month. Real Estate! WORDEN APT ' E?^""- H0 i' 9797 ! I, 2 and 3-badroo'm apart-' 3 ' LARGE ROOMS—Bath, furnished. j menu. Also efficiency apts. Newly jCLji-9815. _ _ decorated. Heat and water fur- ,-, ROOM HOUSE—furnished $75.00 j nlshed. Adults. HO 2-4812. Mo . 17 20 Scovell, JHO 5-3833. , ; WOOD RIVER—5 RoonTaptT private 3-ROOM MODERN FURNISHED ; .entrance and bath HO 5-1776. HOUSE — Reliable couple, 116 i ! '. ". Ohio. East Alton. CL 4-:ii;i9. : 4 ROOM HOUSE—With basements 125 W. nirch. Hartford. . . ! 4t FURNISHEP APARTMENTS _ "'" f ' a Apr " '° 961 sped for what he calls "realistic NOTICE— From this day forward I programs." He is executive pro-; *'" ...,„„„.. „„.„.„,....„„.,. Home. Alton. Burial will be iniducor o( "CBS Reports and other than mvseif. Dated this toth WEDNESDAY, APRJL 12th ILLINOIS STATE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 87 Henry St Alton. Illinois PAINTING and wallpapering. Inter-i 2 OR 3 ROOM APT.—Furnished or Irr and exterior. Complete home! unfurnished. Also sleeping room. i maintenance. HO 5 5048. CL 4-8780. j "09 Washington. H 5-7514. i INTERIOR - EXTERIOR Decora! : 2 " ROOM FURNISHED" apt"? AlT'u'tlT- i ln«. patch pl»sterln«. Removing; mes furnished. Milton area. $13 I wallpaper. Ni lob too smalt. HO; week. CL 4-9633. ; 2 7083. i tlon tncnl -U14 Visitation hours at the fun- a f - v P e hp helicves constitute thp frey.'in. R. R. 4. rVlrmiPm M «'.. tn h* r«H eral home wl " be from 7 p.m., j »"' s ^ and sinew of television. NO lTcro7~ATToN "CEMETERY Koquiem MOSS is to DC reaa Thursday until time of the fun- Friendly believes that the pnpu- LOT OWNERS ANNUAL MEETING nt 9 a.m. Wednesday at St. Bon- erB j ;larity of adventure programs and iface Church by the pastor, The, ' 'Westerns ran be attributed to a William Ollpee 'dc.sire on thp part of many adults ,'"to escape the terror around us RllCH CoilclllCtecl * J-V a( ' t ' n ^ ''^ e ostriches or by re- trfating into the safety o f thc Following funeral rites at l,19tb century." p.m., in Streeper Funeral Home the body of William Dupee, for- to escape terror is with knowl ary is to be recited at 8 this evening. J. A. Williams $111 PER WEEK TO START MINIMUM EARNINGS Owners of Alton Cemetery will be NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY ^n1ne%.o h0e r,rf~F,r7«°N a Uon 8/ i »«- '° expansion we need is man. Bank & Co.. 200 West Third If , vou are neat, honest, ambitious. Street. Alton. Illinois, on Monday. nf «vera H e Intelligence, between the the seventeenth dav of April. 1981., " BCS °.L" -2 1 ?, nd * lllln R tol . 1 "'° rk : it 7-.10 pm Ollr million dollar firm established ' ' . , , - . S5 years ago Is announcing an ex- As part of the business of the p( , ns | 0n pr0 grnm. meeting, two trustees are to be ' "But I say that the only way, el'cted for five years (the terms Wc guarantee you year around job °-ou j ? Tl " W " h n °.-! ay -° ff! Do not a P ply unless mer truck gardner, was interredipdge, by knowing the truth and; Dated this third dav of April, 1961 in Upper Alton Cemetery. The i what we must face," he insisted.! Rev. James H. Killion officiated The problem, of course, is that l_ SIOftAqE-MOVINO ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. N6VLIN MOVING STORAGE Utilities. Private bath and entrance. Adults. 329 E. 3rd. Apt. 1. RENT—Beautiful, like new. i 55'-10' wide Mobile Home $120 mo. Hurst Motors. 401 No. Main; lidwardsvllle. III. | FOR~R~E NT—Furnlshed~~house." "Al- I ton, 2712 E. Broadway. 6 rooms, 3; bedrooms, basement, oil heat $100 per month. Fred E. Thompson Realty Co. CL 4-5514. WE PROMISE More house for the money A luxury home A prestige community , A sure to grow Inveitment^mpf WE PROVIDE Schools. Churches, Shopplnf every city convenience within walking distance Of Downtown Wood River YOU'LL LOVE IIDDCD ii TON t rnnr,i^~r^an ' rhe magnificently destined homes Private entrance. Air condition modern. 222° N~Rodge?" Alton "* John Slore * of Storayland Homes S2-ROOM FURNISHED APT Garage, Adults. HO 5-8276. BUSINESS PLACES '•'1 MODERN ROOMS—$35 mo. 1228 LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE B ?'i e H0 2 - 4277 - H0 2-7216 2 SMALL OFFICE SPACES avail NEW FEATURES Washln«lon Ave. Dial HO 2-068:- 2 ROOM furnished apt. for rent. Apply at 632 E. 5th or call HO 2- AERO MAYFLOWER iloan's Moving & Storage Co. Exclusive Agent .oca! & Long DUtanca Moving warehouse and Fenced Lot Stora*< Ph«n* Ht) S 6(87 - 2M E. Rim RENTALS ALTON CEMETERY. J. A. Ryrle, president, Wm. H. H. Blerbaum, secretary. vou will start your training immediately which will be at our 41 expense. We will see that your _ earnings will be $111 at a very 2 SLEEPING ROOMS—Private en- SLEEPING ROOMS ai iiiiiBn win uc 4111 ai a vciy £. a L. n. c. r 1 11 V i t\\j\jnict— -r-i ivaic an- ^ i*r\r\\AC »«n,,M«f minimum to start. As you learn our trance and bath, on bus line. HO 3t ^n°- M *i" r ? U rin able Utilities furnished. Rest j 2 fully tiled baths. Patio doors to rooms. One available now, one outside living. Fully Insulated. All available May I. Will rent sepnr- electric kitchen. Lovely Birth ate or will moke arrangements toi cabinets. Spacious basement!, Attic 2 ROOM "furnished" basemenf'apt.' ie -' connecting. HO 2-5773 be-1 fan. Lights, heat and water furnished. tween la " oon and 3 P m - ! *..«»• -,*+. *.>>.. Close to Wllshire Shopping Cent- OFFICE or store "building. 506 < $ I 7,900 TO $ 19,900 er. $12 week. CL 4-/479. _ R | dge street . HO 5-6624. 2 A .I-'ROOM FURNISHED APTS— 53 "^MISCELLANEOUS j Available for Immediate occupancy Clean, private. Beatty Apt., HO ._ -— A «/•»»./».. **n *• n > rsf 2-1427 FOR RENT OR LEASE—310 Wash- 10 % DOWN OR TRADE i* ROOMS-Nice and^c, S an.-I.p- %&"»££• bK." HO WEI Flnancln8 arran88d ffi' f^l,hV n HO nC 2'237 H B aBt and ;Jl 0 L OI18 _ 0r -.9f» a L 3413 Jl°_ Wn ' REAL ESTATE SALE DRIVE OUT TODAY work, your income will grow $128 Per Week. EDWARDSVILLK — Funeral at <he rites. |the programs usually labeled, services are to be conducted Pallbearers were Isadorejworthwhile, including "CBS Re-i _ at 2 p.m. Wednesday at Lesley! Cornish, Abe Robinson, DiUyjports" and NBCs "The Nation 'si; ^ r % CA £ ue ^° w £% ,TV Prmn ! MSSai'bomfl^ " : Marks Funeral Home for James Conners. Clifford Holman, Jo-iFuture" and others, win critical' Teamsters & chauffeur* Hall. 2. Quarterly bonus Sponsored by Degree of Pocahont-; 3 Training to Rites Coiulurterl Albert Williams. 20. of GIcn' s PPh Griffin and John Baker. Carbon, who was fatally injured i f ^ _ -.-,,1 early Monday morning in an au- l»eorge J. Miller tomobile accident .just northwest of here on Old Alton road. The funeral services will he in charge of thc Rev. George O. Ankarlo. pastor of Maryville Assembly of God Church, followed by interment in Sunset Hill Cemetery. i acclaim and awards, but attract i comparatively small audiences. | In addition there is a network; tendency to drop them in late eve- as Llllmaee Council No. 222. Free pie and coffee. Donation $1.00. Pocahontas Llllmaee 4. Car furnished 5-8227. 2707 North street. FERGUSON '.-( WEST FERGUSON—in downtown Wtod River, steam heat, extra clean. Plenty of b th facilities. Str- ia beds, private parking, lobby with TV. Special weekly rates. irin«..v Clean ClUSelS. AM 3 FURNISHED room apt. All utilities! W _^ BU i l ^l? S ..± ROP A RTY paid. Hartford. CL 4-5618 or HO 2-i INCOME PROPERTY ON ELM 0844. i STREET—9 room house in front , p R rv A TE"FURl.TsH¥6~roo^..! 2 room nougJnJ.acfc-gLJ.MM. All utilities furnished Including! — Take Edwardsvlllc Road to Sixth slieet, in Wood River, Turn Nortn. STOREYLAND HOMES Office CL 9-1613 or CL 9-1508 After 5 P.M. CL 9-1976 For appointment call Personnel LARGE SLEEPING ROOM for rent. Dept., 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. only. H0 ; Prefer one or two ladies 401 E. blade work. 2-4821. . 3rd. heat. $45 mo. North Alton. HO 24454. .'t ROOM furnished apt. In Alton. Adults. HO 5-75?0. FARMS and LAND time spots or into periods; RO § EWO ob""'~AFRICAN" VIOLET : te HELP WANTED—FEMALE when the competition for audi-! SOCIETY—Showing * Tea. April; > > i .. » « 10 «ftftw trv 0 ** m Anrtt '3 t 10 tO i 10 ACRE FARM, 5 ROOM! i modern home. Close in j $7,950: gas heat, 722 Alby St. HO 5- ROOM APT—Bath, garage, small! »/,TOU: ALTON h«?i iJOHN CURDIE—HO 5-5863 HOME AND INCOME- AIRLINE st - .See our School Class 12a ad and call Pilot Foster, collect PE 1-5000. water heater, private.; • 2 family is tough if not hopeless. , f • £$? e £ ' JH ^t m Miller, retired broom maunfac- j n a recent speech, NBC board; Publicjinvited. Free. were conducted Monday chairman Robert W. Sarnoff ! TO O"UR"M"ANY friends andi custom-i B 7^"TiTTER""-~ More~~fo7"hSrrre m.. in Stater, Chapel. The claimed that although 23 per cent; ^ dloweanadreT (J perr e a p t a?r 8 service "ndl.«!?" wage5 ' Ho 2 - 9610 Rolla Harrison Agency D -. . . , .: " : ruuiu anu i v icpaii rtci vi\.c anu . . f i ne\. urrm Anderson, pastor ofi 0 f his network's programming is; sales to give you better and morel LADY WANTED—For light house->RoOM — 2 blocks from downtown „..,.. . . , . i First Baptist Church officiated-In the infnrmatinnal area it at efficient service. Member of IBEW! work—stay HO 2-7549 or HO 2- Wood River. Private entrance. Williams, who had been em-; ' aa >' 11 * 1 *-nun.n, mutiBi'-.u m tfte miormationai area, it at- U73 Electronics service Techni- 1 5759. ployed as a laborer at Granite! a( theun | es at the cha P el and'tracts only about 13 per cent of -clan. Hershal A. Smith. Smittysj City Steel Co., resided the pas.! a ' Va ha ' Ia Memorial Park. , the viewing audience. ROOM — Private entrance. 4 blocks $(>5. Foot of Milton Hill. HO 2-7886. downtown. 40] Wood River. ,. r RO O M air condUioned""a~pt~Pan.! 1-? ACRES. 2H miles from Godfrey. °J^?L . i el.^d wood walls, ceramic tile bath. ! 10 acres tillable, o room modern ROOM FOR LADY or girl, home prlvllenes. Reasonable. CL 4-4170. CL 9-6153. 13 years at Glen Carbon. He' Casketbearers were John Bak-l 'TREES TOPPED—Trimmed. Safelyi womans apparel" Must be neat in removed. Fully insured HO 2-0150. appearance and have pleasant per- electric stove. Venetian blinds fur.! buildings. Has nice lake. nlshed. Located Connor's Apts.. 12 TOM GIBSON - HO 2-4258 4 N 3869 h -'•"'•' ~°°-*.'--:- ~ L : E " M Greer A8enCy Phone privileges. CL 4-3947. '— MANAGER TRAINEE—Must have: SLEEPING~ROOM for~genTieman. 3 | O ??t?on extensive selling experience in Close to Glass Works. 507 Pearl ' St. HO 2-4247. *' ' ; .... - _._ __ ROOM AND BOARD u-ae hm-n \ta,-r.h •«! io^i _ f ! er, William Meehan, Henry Ford Thp new Nielsen ratines mit^ Was OOin JVlarcn 28, 1941, at ' * " >l - " ew '"'ciaen IMLJHB» pui ;t . UK 1Hl ,_ BC , S i m yBro gvBamn. plicant apply at Illinois State Em '* «*MWIT. ^.i-.^ ov,r.r.^r , Granite City a son of Harvey -, * r - Henr V * ord Jr - Henry three Westerns in the top popu-;Barden plowing. Rich Gvilio. CL, p , oymem 'service. 87 Henry. Ai-icooo 'MEALS—Nice rooms. Close Brown. and Fern Hoover Williams In Gaffnc y- and Wa y" e Sullivan. ;i (l riry spots - "Wagon Train,"i -122Z!: .'«n_._for initial interview. in._828_Aiby._ ,4"TuRN addition to his parents, he is i••Gunsmoke" and "Rawhide," in ;poR YOUR CONVENIENCEi^nM^o^fou^ pVr^me^^^^.^^gr^ay 011 " PM survived by a brother. Jerry, | Fred H. Thiele li^'J^f' c""^^ .^^Irou can plaet your classified fu "- time - Earn S5 ° to $IO ° week home In very convenient location In duplex arrangement with separate entrances, each side has 6 rooms with 2 baths 3 bedrooms on privare"""ent'ra'nce"' il ""R'efnaer'a7o'r' ; homs - Machine shed, other out- each side. Exterior construction private entrance. Ke.iigerator., W ... 1J1 _.. „„ „,„„ „,,. , s br)ck wl(h alurnlnum w t nt i ow s and screens, plastered walls, HWF. fireplace on each side. Ample closet space. Each side has separate basement with gas heat and gas hot water heater. Property In excellent condition, Good Income. Call for appointment. MILTON AREA after 5 and Saturday, CL ; month. Real HO 2-9797. Estate Exchange. 3 ROOM APT. Utilities furnished j per mo or $15 week. 2011 HO 2-3212 or HO 5-4361. 35 ACRES— Southeast of Palmyra. Illinois. Mostly timber, good build- Ing site. $2500. Will trade for equipment, boats, etc. will finance. Narmonl Machinery Co., Auburn. Illinois. Phone 2901. 140 ACRES,— 5 mile west of Jer seyville. will divide. Russell Sin clair Jerseyville. 2-946R2. 59 NICE 3 bedroom home. Attached carport. Oil heat. Close to parochial or public schools. Immediate Edwardsvllle! possession. Call for appointment. f urnUh e d funnshed. two sisters, Tammy Colieen and; Robin Kay Williams, and his maternal grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Elam of Granite City. He was affiliated with Assembly of God Church at Maryville and was a member of Laborers Local 30, CIO. Granite City Steel Co. Rites Conducted Funeral rites for Fred H. Thiele, retired Alton Post Office employe, were conducted at 2 p.m. today in Gent Chapel by the Rev. Ralph Lynn. Burial was in Valhalla Memorial Park. Casketbearers were Jack - Baty, Val Delaney, Victor, Wil- from the U.S. Army in Decem- llam c)yde and George Waltei .. her, 1959. ai eeived a medical discharge ry Moore Show" and "The Un- . touchables." Who said the horse lO "' operas were on the way to Boot Hill? Car necessary. CL OF doss!- 1 1212 for interview. HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS day. . r---^---- „ •:---- —7—-•-.-. is ROOM COTTAGE—Right across carrcctions 24 hours o WANTED—Baby sitter, in Brighton, i . r r.r A,' . W nrk« HO *•"•*"•«» *•• •"»••» «•! Ca]] CL 43764 af(er 3 pm trom oiass worKs. MU FURNISHED ROOMS -Private; {30^*^"***- neai ana. Highway frontaae. 5 plus acres.} will lease. _ atn - ! Terms or trade. Only $8950 YODER . 1LSHIRE MALL i OSCAR — 4-room modern home. CL 4-4627 CL 4-1484 Gas heat and water heater. New — - I alum, siding .large lot $6.900 2113 JOHNSON,— 3 room apt Up- stair. Partly furnished. Screened in front porch. Utilities furnished. Wilson Gets Marshall Infant JERSEYVILLE—Rhonda Joyi Marshall, daughter of Mr. and! Mrs. Fred Marshall, died today; in Jersey Community Hospital.! The baby was born Monday and j lived only seven hours. ' Surviving in addition to her! parents are nvo brothers. Randy;—- -— Eugene and Von Dwayne; her Recommended tonight: Garryi Moore Show, CBS. 10-11 fESTi—| George Gobel as guest star; j "JFK, Report No. 2," NBC, 10-11 : —another look at the progress of the new federal administration. Call HO 5.6511 6 p.m. te 8 a.m. Cart Missing Everett Scott, 213 S. Dooley Dr., an employe of the Mason Bottling Co., 610 Oak St., reported to police Monday that hei HINTS ON USING ELECTRONIC AD TAKER: i. GIVE YOUR NAME AND AD DRESS and PHONE NUMBER. tSpell your name out). IWANTER—Baby sitter, housework: ; must stay. References. CL 4-8044. j ' WANTED—White girl to help wid- i ower with 8 year old girl. Some light housework. Stay. CL 4-3063. . 58 LOIS FOR SALE j wnnnpivco ROOMS — "Close to aiass factory ' APT. FOR RENT—2 rooms furnish-1 LOTS FOR SALE—$2.000 and up. WUULJKIYCK UtOHes paid 1426 and 1202 4th St i ed. Utilities paid. $35 mo. Private; All utilities available. Fire i police ; 1399 BRUSHY GROVE - New 3- HO 2-3568 entrance. HO 2-6704. protection. Will arrange financing! bedroom frame home. Large b«se- nu ^ ojoo. , __ for bu( | d | ng Fischer Bldg. 4 SUP-I ment, attached garage, beautiful ply HO 5-7701 ' birch cabinets in kitchen with —. — i electric oven and surface units. NORTH ALTON—Large residential; G ood financing. Reduced. 4S APARTMENTS - PLATS WANTED—Woman to baby sit and do light housework. CL 9-2572. i WANTED—Woman as companion. ' $1.00"day. Stay. Kitchen privileges.! Write Box 870 Care Telegraph. i WANTED—R.N., 3-11. Wag-: Heat i ATTRACTIVE 3-RM. FURNISHED j APT. — Garage, adults. 842 Lewis. w»h~bTthTTrTu^d"lio^r. Wood River and water furnished. No i CLEAN—Alton, 1-2 rooms furnished, : Private bath, entrance, utilities. CL 9-2100. CLEAN, NICE APT. — Extra large. pets. CL 4-1801. 3~~ROOMS FIRST FLOOR located in very good area in Rosewood Heights. $55 mo. CL 9-1508 — CL 91978. lot. HO 2-7404. WOODED Mi ACRE on Tall Oak Drive. Rosewood Heights. 100 ft. front. DU 4-1124. utilities paid. $50 month. CL 4-5669. j 627 Madison. Wood River. ' •>» 8TH STREET — 4 hedroom home. Bath and %. Large living room and kitchen, gas heat, glassed-in porch. Older home tn neighborhood that has been kept up. Concute driveway, 3-car garage. Very deep SPRINGFIELD, 111. (AP) — Slightly more than a year after was missing a two-wheeled bot-j '• "• n | ie ! nbtt [ tie-case cart. He said, sometime between 8:30 and 9 a.m., he left the cart in the 200 block of E. 3rd street while he was making a delivery. He said when he returned the cart was ».__. - , .;, .1 ROOM APARTMENT Be <ur« to state the number oti ej »I5.50 per 8 hours, with decorated, private entrance times you U.slr. your ad to runj 2 weeks vacation pay. Call I ? r ? gr e ar8ae ,or Ut "fu"i S Se a d d - Siabfe HO 5-9124. 2348 Virden. I about April 12. HO 2-8149. Mathers' Nursing Home. HOUSES FOR SALE _.....,_,. „ ^_. „_.„„.. ._., ,. ,.„,„! 4"Rb6"M"FURNis < HED' X A Y p'r.—LarRp j a^~nwl^fall^~~rnnm~hrlrif 3~bed-i lot - c ' al ' f " or appolnTment to see h£h y i enclosed porch, lights, gas, heat. "I O m, S13000 56oT Central Wood' th!s lar B e far "l' v home. Good fln- bath -l water furnished. 302 So Main at i '^.om^.^BU s>. central, wooo anctng wn , cons | der con tract for deed or trade. Speak flowly and dUtlaclly. Is device. It will answer your call and nlve you recorded Instruc- sit. HO 2-9664. WHITE mtddleaged lady to baby-1 River. i 3-ROOM APT. — Private bath and i entrance. 303 A Lorena. Wood srrrr.—r-f^r:.'-, •- — : r-r~. BY OWNER—5 room modern house. a P i<r ~~ G h t - fU " basement ' oil furnace, cabinets, NEAT 3 bedroom frame home. All HO'2-8814 ae et "" anCe " ** 2 g ^ots. tlons OB whit to do. but other gone. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK"! ANNOUNCEMENTS than that cannot answer question you may have. ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH NIGHT CLASSIFIED NUMBER HO 5-6511 6 P.M. TO 8 A.M. any WHITE BABY SITTER—To care for 3 children in our home. Shift duplex. 3 blocks from downtown. Heat and water furnished. HO 2-8392. work. Stay or go. $15 week. HO 5- 3 RoOMS-Private bath and en- i 1125. trance $30 month. Near Industries. |WOMAN to baby sit and do light! UJLJ^f 01 ]!! 6 —! 10 2 ' 7591 ~V£l* h t 1 a L Si $1? WK- i-1 ROOMS — Private "entrance and LARGE CLEAN 2 room furnished apt., private bath and entrance. HO 5-6806. Bunker Hill. JUniper 5-.' NICE 2-ROOM FURNISHED APT.- With all utilities. HO 5-7331. FOR SALE—Completely modern 6| room home. 2-car garage. 2 full lots plus 5 acres. Rockbridge. 111. Jusl 25 minutes from Alton. Must be seen to be appreciated. See or call Lestr.- Sample, Greenfield, 111. ONE FURNISHED ROOM — Cor-1 office phone EM 8-2175. Home ner, 413 Henry and 5th St. 6 p.m. 1» HELP WTD., MauTiTFemal* __ i bath, ground floor. All utilities fur nished. Screened porch. $75. "" 5-9161. phone WA 6-2575. WOOD RIVER—48 W, ActO». Du-i INCOME PROPERTY—East Alton; plex 2 room efficiency apt. Conven HOI lent to town and bus. Rent $65 a month with all utilities furnished, ROOMS—Large closets. Private _. Dial CL 4-8284. „ . . , ,, ilhcn scandal-tainted Chicago Po- paternal B randp B ren s . Mr. and lHw Dflpartment , one of h > chlefi _ maternaUrandparents Mr and '' l ' efQ ''" 1S ~ machlne| y desi f" «* t0 ' 2 ____ __________ ...... . _____________ nurse. Apply In person, minol. colored bath, furnished or TXT ' n u * r. i -r ""'tighten department discipline — j CLAUD SMITH — We would like RIDERS WANTED — From North ' State Employment Service. 87 Hen- nished. Inquire 1424 Milton. Mrs. Robert Baker. Jerse.vvil]e,;: is , aw today - " ~ — CARD OF THANKS ''* "" i WANTED — Statistician, degree. ,3 j chemical engineer, degree. Em- entrance. Water and heat furnlsh-i WOOD RIVER — 2 • room apt. ! ploymem interviewer. Auditor, de- ed CL 4.577,1. ; Screened porch. Block downtown. • free. Stenographer. Manager worn- ———-— CL 4-6847 en's clothing. 20-30. Registered 3 ROOM APT.—Garbage disposal. | r . ^^^ ,, , ,, v ,, r ,, ,^_, nurse. Apply in Per.on IHIno.. colored balh '"[nished or unfur- |Y OUR APARTMENT HOME BETH ALTO-3ibedroo..;.home; with MELROS.E - 4 room _and utility. four modern 3-room brick apts. Income $320 per month. Shown by appointment. 149 Haller. CL 4-0583. modern. Gas heat and gas hot water heater. Large kitchen with nice cabinets, aluminum storm windows and screens. Convenient to schools and park. Approximately $500 down plus closing costs with monthly payments of $79 plus tax»<i and Insurance $12.590 INVESTMENT PROPERTY WOOD RIVER — 2 or 3 business ta this bldg. in downtown Wood River. Rent part and keep part. That r»- oulres only a few hours a day fw giod income. Off street parking. \-{>~^ SALE by owner. 3 bedroom! full information available to qtuu- home. 203 S 14th. Wood River, ified parties. Excellent location. Furnished or unfurnished. Ph. CL 4-0075. SOUTH ROXANA to take this means of thanking all, Alton or Upper Alton to Union or: ry, Alton. NO FEE CHARGED. anrl the folloxvint? treat crranH : "V"" '"""-'• | our friends, relatives and neigh-j West Florissant, 6:30 to 4:30. Ph. dr.., me mno\\mg gieat-grann- ; Gov otto Kerner Monday signed' bors who were so Kind during our' HO 2-6548 from 7 to 9 p.m. parents, Mr. and Mrs. Richard .HP hilk nm> nf rlWii altorprt fmm recent bereavement. Especially Rtirk Hm.stnn T»v *«•*« ' dltereO Itom Rev E f , C | agB pallbearers, those nn Burk, Houston, Tex., Mrs. Wilson's original proposal. ! who sent card? flowers or assisted IID James Watson. Brighton, and One measure, creating a civilian | in any «&.•*'&£& Sm ith Mrs. Leta Marshall. : five-member police board to bej "IfL^LEi?^ ed "" ' a|) ° n ° y • 1 > • .__!- 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. on Drown Bras FunetHn h • Bios. Funeral Home by j board. It has operated under a! orlal Park. Garden of christus. the Rev. M. Kdwards Breed, | dty ordinance about a year. $25 ° HO 2 ' 1278 ' pastor of First Presbyterian The second law transfers from Church. Burial will be in Oak the Chicago Civil Service Commis- INCOME TAX ! INCOME TAX — Evenings and Sat urday by appointment. Charles i WHrich. formerly U.S. Internal, agent. HO 5-7429. j n. wv,» ivi u u i u i 1113i ic i-t «H I • "" " i "" •* ' , 4 i ^ f. St. $45 month. Real Estate EX-I entrance, private bath. $ 100 »u.,_„A u r\ o n*ro^ i . .*._.. » t i t included. i change. HO 2-3797. 14 ROOM APT. In Mlddletown, $60 ! per month. HO 2-1013. 4 ROOMS—Private bath & entrance. 47 HOUSES FOR REN1 Grove Cemetery. i sion to the police board the power Some snakes are known to live for one or two years without food by absorbing the fat of their own bodies. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS —Help problem drinkers. P, O. Box 183. East Alton. HO 5-1612. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" 2:00 p.m. Wednesday Funeral Home JOHN HENRY HUNTER 10 a.m. Saturday Funeral Home to hear police disciplinary cases, which could involve dismissal ] 8 RUMMAGE * PASTRY SALES SOCIETIES and LODGES FRANKLIN LODGE NO. 28 A. F. & A. M. — Special meeting Thur» day. April 13. 7 p.m. Worl g Th k In 2nd degree. Visiting brethren welcoma. Refreshments. L. E. GU.LELAND, W.M. from the force or suspensions of! RUMMAGE SALE — Milton School mni-0 thnn 9Q riuv« Thp nnlifp sun i Mother's Club. Friday. API 1 " Uth moje man jy aays. me ponce sup-1 al g am 5I9 B e n e . erintendent retains the power to: hear lesser cases and impose a maximum penalty of 29 days's suspension. | The second measure e mbodies! one of Wilson's major aims — to; put police disciplinary procedure under the department. But it represents a compromise rather than Wilson's original plan. At first Wilson called tor al) police disciplinary cases to be heard by a so-called police board of rights consisting of police captains drawn by lot. But the rank and file, led by the 9.000 member Chicago Patrolmen's Association, protested the plan, claiming it would put them at the superintendent's mercy without the right to appeal. WOOD RIVER ZoDGE No 1062 AH*AM—Wednesday, April 12, 7 PIASA LODGE NO. 97 AF&AM - Tuee.. Apr. U, 7:30 p.m. Work In E.A. degree, visiting brethren wel- C ° m *' FBANCIS PAINTER. W M. INCOME TAX SERVICE 609 E. Broadway. HO 5-8022 Hours: 9:00 A. M. -3:00 P. M. Evenings—5:30 - 9:00 P. M. No Appointment Necessary Roger Stumpe, Albert Belanger INCOME TAX — Bookkeeping serv Ice. Garol D. Brokaw. For appoint mejit HO 2-9351 or HO 2-728». INCOME T\X — And bookkeeping) service for individual* or tausl-i ness. Milton Business •ervlce. Marlon D. Keyser. Call HO 2-43711 for appointment. INCOME TAX SERVICE — S. G CAREER OPPORTUNITY AGE 21-45 Garage Heat ' ft water. Workins I For higher caliber men to enter pro- 1 _1?_^£[! _° r woman. HO 5-5720._ _| 2-ROOM, $10 a month. Water furn- I fessional sales field. Complete 15 LARGE ~R'bo~MS. including Jiving | lsh , ed - "Wre at 1322 1st St.. For j training program at full weekly, room dining room and kitchen. 3 est Homes! salary, with bonus added for incen-1 i BrKe bedrooms. Private entrance.'9 ROOMS —Wood | live efforts. You must have a car H eat and water furnished Clqst-1 after 3 pm _ , . i i n • i i HWF, utility and TV room, $10,000. —3 room furnished. Private! DU 48126. 4 ROOM HOUSE with utility room. | garage and work shop — Aiumin 1 urn storm windows and doors throughout. Gas heat, CL 4-4080 month.- Utilities HO 2-5456. frrrne, brick siding. 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, carpeted In living room. Electric water heater, oil heater $3500 5-ROOM MODERN FRAME In nice area. Enclosed porch, full basement, new oil furnace, electric water heater, home tn very good and be free to travel Monday through Friday, home weekends. Close to busline and schools. HO 2-1916 i —' between 5 and 7 . jJ-ROOM ..'f. handle the fourth highest neces- sily on teh sales market and a'e|ALTON — Seller, near Brown. 5 one of the top rated companies in' large rooms, modern. $70. CL 4- Us field. ""'" basement. 4-B803. MODERN HOUSE Roxana. Adults. and CL Battles. 472 S. DU 4-4461. Prairie, Bethalto TAX SERVICE—At your home In privacy. Don't wait In line. Carl Roberts. CL 4-9600. Salary S105 per week ' Plus Bonus For Personal Interview SEE: MR. KUHN WEDNESDAY, APRIL 12th STRATFORD HOTEL ALTON, ILLINOIS 7212. 3 LARGE ROOMS. $35-3010 Glen-1 «« s furnaceV $58ob.OO Ivo Cumming, 6th. wood. HO 5-2072. HO; _r i3 ROOM rrodern house to couple. $40 month. 3514 Ida. Alton. 2-3859. HO ATTRACTIVE—Modern 3 rooms & bath. 1104 Milton road. $65. James i Pooling. HO 2-9347. 4 ROOM DUPLEX — $55 mo. 419|4 bedroom, bath and 'i. fireplace, —-—— „•-- -. Whitelaw. East Alton. CL 4-4964. '• attached garage. Will consider BETHALTO — 3 Large Rooms and ., trade 0 , contract Price $17900 hnfh Hfl *> H411 -* nrtr ^*'* KI«..,I.. ^^. * A j ..i, I iiduc ui uuiiiiav,i. riik-c *»i,jwu EDUCATIONAL IIA INSTRUCTIONS AIRLINE JOBS The commercial airlines need youns men and women today for: JET AGE expansion: high-paying positions as ground hostesses, reservatlonists. oommunlcatlonlsts and passenger agents, offer opnortunlty ta m«*t .celebrities and FREE TRAVEL to Interesting places. If you are hlph school grad. between ages 18-35. In good health, vou may qualify for class now forming at air field. Par MEN interested in saleswork, phone HO S-S53S, anytime. WANT"fb~MAkE~$2T.OO"OR~MbRi PER DAY— In pleasant route work? Can use ma,n or woman, full or part time. Write Beulah Davis. Box 125. Mt. vernon. 111. 11 SITUATION WTD.-MALE BEAUTIFUL 4 room unfurnished all modern apt. Garage, air conditioned, $112.50. Exclusive location. By H Q 6-3828 appointment only. HO 5-5426. < — r". L . -— ,5-ROOM DUPLEX HOUSE — Mod- Ct.EAN 4 ROOM DUPLEX Reason-1 ern G as heat. CL 4-2385. able rent. 405 Whitelaw, East Al- — — ' ton 5 ROOM HOUSE—Close to Glass . --_.__-_ Works, shopipng center. $65 mo. DUPLEX APT—Rosewood Heights.: HQ 5-7260. 3 rooms bath and garage, com- — pletely private and draped. Call'838 LONGFELLOW — 4 Room CL 9-1856. ! Frame, Basement, Garage. Fenced BY OWNER 3 BEDROOM FRAME. Wood River. Near school. Can ..._. ... .„., „ assume 4 l /a% FHA $ CL 4-j condition. Storm windows, screens 124^ i and doors. Large kitchen. Located vfi-inuuM «5 mivm hnnep •> lnrei>i lrl E - Broadway. Consider a O.I. MODr.RN 5 room nouse. j largei « 0 nuatiftftH nnrt.r «o OKA lots. One block west of school in; ror ( ' ua "f | ed party $8.950 Chesterfield. 111. PLymouthJM483. | , v i tcH lGAN AND HIGH STREET— FOR SALE —8 room house corner j Large 5-room frame home. 3 bed- nth & Madison $8000 CL 4-5635. ! rooms plus utility room, breezeway. • .. _ - j and double garage, 5 years old. All F"R SALE OR RENT—4 room | modern, gas heat, gas hot water house small down, payment, new; heater, completely Insulated. $10.900 ROXANA. iM, ROOM MODERN HOME — Pull bath, gas hot water heater, good condition. Large fenced-ln yard. Close to school, convenient location (4900 LOTS EAST ALTON, Oak Drive—75 ft. frontage. Wooded. City sewer $3500 HIVER-Uood oulldlng lots. convenient locations. All utilities. CL 4-5635. VACANT MILTON AREA Street. Adults. Furnished or partly! I furnished. HO 2-2823. After 5 p. m. i DUTCH COLONIAL — 811 Oeorge I EAST ALTON—3 nice rooms, built- -—_ . back yard. $80.00 per month. Information Phone pilot collect HE I 8000. or Foster EXCELLENT HANDY MAN—Yard work, painting, etc. Wishes extra work. Best of references. HO 39395 ^fi.>«RJRW «* -I'. E P?. CU "» Scy'aPt 4 In cabinets, gas furnace, gas cook stove Water furnished. $40. Ct 4-6505. EAST ALTON — 3 rooms. $30. HO 63635. any kind. CL 1-3621. Mornings or evenings, i tt SITUATIONS WTD.~PEMALE room Heat, w'ater gas range, refrigerator furnished. 19 S. 2nd, Wood River. CLj 40404 il'MMEDIATE OCCUPANCY — Mod- Redecorated E. FINANCIAL o, CLEANING by m. *W._HOMWO. i em 3-room ap, g writ* for free aptltest. Post O't|c*| WHITE LADV wants ironings and; _ . .* l _"-__ .r: 1141. Airline Career Training I washings: experienced. Excellent 11.ARtiE :t ROOM APT.—Newly re School. Lambert Field. St Louts ! work. References. HO 2-7SM. EMPLOYMENT WILL KEEP HOUSE for lady or bachelor. HO 2-6388. de-.'crated 2 3179 Uoud location HO FRANK R DEHNER Scrvlcaa 10:00 A-M Wedrw«day in the Chapel, Rev. Robert Cochrtn officiating. Burial In Upper Alton Cemetery. In state at the Chapel aft«r 4 P.M. p.m.—F. C. dearer Visiting breth- ,7 HELP WANTED - MALE ern welcome. Lloyd W. Slaughter, — W.M. : I FINANCIAL U BUSINESS OPPOBTUNITIES LOST-8T8AYED-«IOLEN LOST«-F»*n ipay«d female Boxer named "Casey." Not wearing tags. HO »-3563. LOST—One Beagle puppy. $10 reward- HO 3-7*49. LOST—R«xJ Laatber wallet. Bel-Air Driv»-In Theatre. Wad night. RE- WARP to anyone returning pic- valuta M keap »to»- CL : AIRLINE JOBS I See our School Class 12a ad and call ! Pllot_Foster. qollact Pg 1 SUMJ BOYS~T8-J3>~Pree to travel Niw York, summer resort, and return, i Ji"" nnr-KBUAuikin TAII noiur Traruportatlon furntsnad. no •»• !> * OBESMIAKIN&»T4IUO»INO perlence n«c»ss«ry W« train you. dpSTOM-MAJE slip covers Work National circulation work. Guar- • unieed drawing account. See Mrs. LOST ^ << «haba," Mack Labrador. o»ar Thomas Jefferson School; Children's pet. HO 3-7787. MALB SOXBB^Brown with whitt f»c« An»w»r» to name of "Aca". LlfcaraJ Baward HO 2-8653. LOST-ra la MUtoa Mal* pointer liver 4 wnlta. 3443 Oscar. HQ- II PERSONAL SERVICE Chew. Hotel Savoy. Wed -Thurs . 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 P-m to 7 p.m. CREDIT UANA6IR Retail t«par)aaca .,. sad Qlva T«lairai« FIRST CLASS PAINTlB - Yaar- around work. RallaWmv a must Drinkers need not apply. Box 7UO care . _ WANTEft— 2 young men to learn tb« hcatlAf bu*la«i.». Long hours. bard work- fjaod pay. Apply la par- auaranteed. June HO 8-MW. Hale. After 4, SLIP-COVERS—Dr miscellaneous HO 5-3892 'aces, wing. sawing alterations. CL 9-3261. BUSINESS SERVICE 1 BUS. Accommodating All Artat H & H SEWER SEKVICE CL 4-0042. HO 5-1U12 24-Hour Service •~AT THE HEAT—G«t that lazy •tr conditioner cleaned and oiled CJIl Ct 4-3283. _ _^ VBBNCHING — e«ck hoe work. •rajd*4. frewre for '""^ HO tSdll. MILLS. APTS. UPPER AL'JON — Newlv redecotatud. Cute 3 rooms and bath on firnt Moor, iust right for worltint oer son or couple MS. HO 23376 or HO 5-1747. ANNOUNCEMENTS ANUUS - f LAltS HYMAN.M»CHAILS CO. STIIL FOI SALf UO M7W tana. OH Eati Udwav ) HO STONI ARPUANCf •IPAII Alto* IU- la IA STOP Worrying: About Unpaid Bill*: We'll Loan Vou Up To 800 ! www • Confidential COME IN TODAY OB LALL GODFREY FINANCE COMPANY Conveniently located ju*t oH tteltliue liiKhway on Uodfrry lid. Phoue HO St. Completely redecorated. 6-room frime with basement and carnort. Large living room with fireplace and open stairway: dining room, ki'fhen with cabinets, and sun- porch, down. Two extra large bed rooms, linen closet and bath up. Large level lot. landscaped. Gas hot water heat. Good location, close to downtown. One block from ncnool and bus. Other features not mentioned. Asking $16.200. Phone HO 2-5373. HALE REALTY CO. WALTER HALE, JR. REALTOR—INSURANCE Eatt Alton CL 4-5115—CL 4-6565 Walter Hale Jr... CL 9-2934 i iverett Hegeman CL 4-5426 |J. T. Earl CL 4.7454 "io'ndVJn 1 'i ** 0> McPnmori CL 9.6982 basement garage! | A. W. Leitn*r .. Ct 9-1882 ROXANA Carport. Also . Gd'a heat. Lot 60x140. Quick possession. Price $11.950. Shown by appointment. Hessenflow & Coppinger Realtort CL 4-3H93 tunings Cl. 4-7748 or CLjM959_ "MISC. FOR SALE ANNOUNCEMENTS Proper and Btourify Your Monw with BM ALUMINUM AWNINOS PIASA MOTOR FUEL 24 Hour 9urn0r UOMHICKT NKW BE HO 6-2551 CROXTON Tito and Caoinet Ok 3100 Hilkr»»» Pltttic or C*r«mi« W*l)» Rttilitnt Floor Cftvtriiif Cuiton* Built C«bio«ti • 4Jf. I* • P.* INT I t

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