The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1927
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHT ^nbition' in climbinie grade. Here's hopii bare u. laudaljle amb to a higher gPat. Tiilsa Sports Writer Says «Pat" Has Chance of Satisfying His Ambition This Season. Floyd Pattersoni a Quennmo . youth, who is well kiiown in lola, is ri'tciving favorable mention from l.on Dntfy in bis Sportograms at Tulsa. According to Duffy, "•Paf~lias a ;«c)od chance of advancing intoitlie 'big show" within the next year. Here'.s NV 'hat IJuffy Jias to say: There "is a rejuvenate^ athlete In the Tulsa Oiler ranks and. that is Floyd Patterspu, the sciutlllant cenjterfielil. "Pat" as he is familiarly known has a distiiict ambimou. He de- 1. i.larOs l^eisgoing to iiave ascason which \yill - result in a climb in the major leagueB next season. Pat is going to leare no; stone un-l . turned in his- endeavor to graduate I from the minors and he believes | • hat the. 1H27 season will he the ripe lime for him Jo prove this. PittcTSon ' was no slouch last • Ki >aHon. His: figures compared favorably with Freddie Briokell. the Wifhila phenomwhp went to (he PIllslHirgluPirates and Kllas "L\z- . zip"' Funk of Okl.ilioma City, who "went llie .\cw York Yankees. Iloth nii'|i :lin\"e a fair chance of reniaiiiiiig under the big top. Pat had one weakness last .season and lhat was .a| wt>ak arm. It was not necpssaVily lacking in strength but ii cold contracted i^i tne spring settled in the ; up])er limb and ! proved a handicai/ all season. The report-got around that Pai- could not throw anil the opposition took advantage of it. ! This year Patterson Is not going i to .|»e so ncgirgehr and is nursing | -his arm through the damp and' cold spelJs of early spring and will! .,iiot unlciish it. in a hard effort un*• 'til the wai'ni sun brings out the grease to oil the hinges. At that the Qiienenio, Kansas, brilliant is 'traveling at a faster pace this , spring, thitn this tim«> last vp•^•• ai"l ' with a few additional pounds In I' heft added to a .solid frame the! lad seems destined to fulfill his . } IJIractorj IVork (AVork has b^gun .on| rflctory for' lola wh niade by. the H. L. P^ C<^mpany, as annpmli'ed in the Register isome weeks -of four men, Mr. 1 Hugh. .Mr. Kettle and You Starts. the City bi- ch is to be blk Directory (ago. A foi ce uncan. Ir. Mr. Bla ce. THE TOLA DAn.Y REGISTER. THURSDAY EjVENTyG Sitx now making a ca nass of ^be town, under the gene al directi )n ofi ,.Mr. H. C. Ford, o 702 hUst stfeet, a^ citizen of It la who ; h is bejjn in the employ >f the Polk Company for sereral years, ai d who will superintend he public i- tio^ of the lola Direct iry. it has been more tha ii two yea s sirice a directory was jiublislied n Ida and a. new ohe is gVeat y nel^ded. The R. U Po k Company is the biggest director} publishitg ciipipany in tlie rnitcd Statep aid the. book they propose to g^t oi t foK lola will-be a bigg'r and be- ter J>ook than we havb ever had before. The canvasserlt expect to j call at every house ajii wijl mahei every effort to avotd eirors lit n- cording the names and adilresse Ini order that their work may lie saiisfacfopy in this r<spe<t it is necessary that they hnve'llic ci- operation of all cilbets and' the Uegister bespeaks this for tiicm. * iREALESTATETRAliSFEBg fi ^ JBBued Dally from ( fflce ot y * • . lola Abstract Go. v, + .. • f + 4, 4^ 4. 4. + 4. + i^. + + + 'f I .MaiTli -S.'.. Vrdl P. 1). Hamilton and Walter, he huslmiiil. to Williaiii Weaver, lot f> ann ;» block .1. Kdw.u-ds Kas Add. io lola. $l.i '0. Wakcr J. Caldwell and wif( Ruth.; to I.loyd S. -Nortlicutt and .Mayme P. .Vorthrnlt. lot 6, block 7 Hendiiison & Powell Add. to lola, $1.0(1.; • • Ijlovd S. .Sortliiutt 5 ami wifi srayipv P.. t(i .;. Waltffr Caldwel and-IOitli Caldwell, lot;.", hloclt 7 Hen(ler.s<'in & Powell A«Id. .to lola $1,110. . Itatt'ling -VfUoi). tie Yormeii lightwtiKhl'champion, was cunsid crcd by many cxiriTi.s (in piigilisn to liav*; bpi 'n the greiitji 'St fii;hiinpj champion in any class that tli (j world ha.s cvur kiifwn. with th< possible .fxi -cption of . IIK ' Wolcott * .;- - ^_ { • -1 TliOjKerins that Scarry coUL '^jcaA b<! pniJM-t<'(l tw.'Uty fi.'ct in 6r(li|- nary t'onversation-. I : COCKERILLIS FAYOREDNOW Southeast Kansas Girl$ Are Favored to Win National Tourney I Stared at ; Wichito. i Wichita. Kans.. Mar. 21. (API-- ijlie national liigh school girl's bii.skethall tournament will go into its second round tonight, with Coekerill, Kan.^as. ihampions of the Sunflower stale, an outstanding favorite. The Kan.-<as girls, who have no gymnasium in which to work out and have had to do niucli oi; their practicing out of doors, meet Pleasant IIHl. .Mo., the rtark horse of the toiirnanicnl in the first game of -the secomi round. Last night they beat Iliilil. Idaho, 'the irre-lournaineiil f^vor- itt-s :!1 to 2t! and thereby clfeck- ed a winning streak that has e.v- teiided over'n^ consecutive games over a period nf ihl-ec years. The /(;ockerill -Muhr ganie.-which was till' last <if the first roiinil, ' was a.s fast a game as many hoys j contests anil ai no time was_ there i more than si.'c points separating: the two teani >i. Buhl led by four points ill the middle of ilio first quarter hut at the end of seven minutes of play (Nickerill fought tlii^ir way to Jhe lead and, held it. Cathedral high of Wichita, play] Caldwell.], Kansas'.- in the second I giime of the second round tonight, j Caldwell, which won ihird place in the national tournament last year, disposed of Elm Creek. Xebr., -10 to 12. in easy fashion last night. Thomas. Okla.. having " defeated Franklin. "IViin.. :!4 to II last niglil. won the rishi: to play Manna. \Vyomiiig. a leiiiii lias, not yet 'played in the toiirnaincnt. Thonuis and Franklin were ilie elianii'ions of their respective states. I Huntington. W., Va.. will get into' their first tournament. game loniglit when they meet Lawton, Okla. Lawtoa disposed ot Sharon, Pa.. 30 to 12 last niglit. \^ Tire second round pairings: «:30 p; m.—Huntington, W. Va.-. •vs. Lawton. Okla. 7 :.:o p. m.—Cathedral of Wl< h- Ita vs. Caldwell, Ks, S::;it p. m.—Hanna. ^ Wyo.. \H: Thomas.! Okla 9:ao p. m. -Cockerill' Kans. vs Pleasant Hill, M.., SCHOOL CODE GRi a ^ARCH 241 1 House Names Representatives on jUode Con|iniis- " sjon Today. Rev. C. I. Goldsmith Addresses "Yl" Hoys Topeka. Kail.. ..Miir. -'I, The Kansas school (-oil slon,.which Ui,|' legislature The llev. C. I. CoI.ISiniHi of'I lie laid'for leeonMnendilig ch First M. K, chureli spek.- in !Jll*^',^^^^^^^^^ iToys of tin- college "Y" today :it ' their weekly meeting oii tliej .iiliji -el of "lilving ijtraiglit ;iud is l:--- wiirds." The talk, which was larj ;i |y il toil .iy. The cominis.sion rtinMists of tliif, fidlowing: I ' W. M. Itichal'ds. city siipi Utit of sehoois 'at Heringtoil ;, ill, l.anili. Yt|t <|s Ceiiter. (Al'i- commis- has cre- inges in •omplet - )f sevtrn of the :i.lviii!tagi-s oril""h ;i|ipointcdi by Cpv. Karick. profejssor < f rui:al n at tbe Hays '1 ejidii ^rs coiiipariSiiii •living a'MiaigMforwanl l•ll:•i.•^I i.iii i <", K. life was one of the lie.-,t giv.n i„ jeiliicalIon Ihe lioys liiis y.-ar. Me d.-aii JaiKc-i collece. appi:iii<ed hy (U-n. ly with the pio'ilems that lli^- "V! jr.. state superintendent oft members will niei't; wle -ti I roiil )!es ' instruction. arise for them and his talk was :i.n ' Itoliert It. Spiliiiaii. .MiJnhaltan iiisplnition t <i the boys to keep on 1 lawyer and W. K. Herg. Pra the "V" in its joli oflty fanner, both .meiab<'is gaining Christians. j Mouse of KepfosentatnT-s. =-d bv Spenk ij .1; l». M. Ha Dpilas W. IKnapp. C<S l:iwyi r. and V.' K. H:"nnnioi Coolidge fie<s Season Pa .SS to Ball (James I Isnpion luml.-n dealer. Washington. .Mar. I'l. (.\l 'p .\ , pass to all .National hauiie ;;aiiii-.-.i lor this year was |iie.-enieil t.,' Pre.sidin! and .Mrs. Coolwl ,;;e today: liy .lohn .\. Ileydler pii-siilelll of: tliT league. Tin- pass was eiicloseil in' a cii -ie niaile from the hid" of; the el.i-phalit ••I)licll ;ss" wliieli^ was presei;i"d to the I.iiieoln I 'ark i Zoo in ('hiea;;o by^ the Itite I'. T. ' Ihirniini. / sfn:Mors. appoi^jted |i. A. .\', Chase T'lf eoinniiss lust }| im licetiny Jilay l.y will Mr. W, .\. Alford enee. ' K.IIIS.IS was in liie inli-rest of the Hunipli vestment CoiiJpany of. tli; i >f Indeirend lola tiilay in the trav.eling le In vest men ie y.iilh games field That ceiiniiiis Ill -tore lln' niiig of the Christian era ill of ai ;i ieiii Crieee pl;iyed almost' identical w:ili tin hoi key.and volley hall of today i shown by has-relii-fs carved on j stones unearthed near ..\lhen.s, 1 Mention was iiifide in iast night's UeKistei- of the lUntss of .Mrs. .M. K. Pancoast. Meriopdi- tion today is; considered hy her jihysician as eritical and lier!i;ips an op'era^ion will he necessary. Mr. Alford s"ntati\e of t puny and was' j-illiiig npouj Cuiiuinpliani. hical agen^ compaiiy. F LU" GRIP Check before it stnr'.s. I Rub on—inhale vapors. yicK Action scaijts as soon sis taken into 1;he mouth. It is quick gelling and cjr- ;tain. Packed in han ly tube.'?. 50c at your ^ reLiiiJer. A Nibble Kills nrTel0!)wl «fc \ \ ^ fiat '. al M<!U<u> InytUutcuf llr.imrrh by -"..-I Itcj-ji:*l ftDOTrt.ip MOHEY BACK IF A ND it makes us •«\vell up XA. with pride to think that we sell Cook's House Paint—the best paint you can get for all exterior painting. It is solid covering— dries with a smooth, lustrous firiish-=-and is mighty durable. Itj will'not crack, peel or scale. One coat gives \a. good re-paint job. Made in a wide range of colcjrs. Satisfactory results guarantped.~ Simple directions on the can. West Madison i I'honc 115 . lola, Kansjiy ^ VARNISflES ' REG. u^MTjarw. IT DOES NOT KIIL |GiV^, the sign to the man behind i h: jcounter and he will hand you a tih of 1 hi; grandest tobacco that ever snuggled * the bowl of a pipe. Throw back the and revel in that tantalizing aroma of r tobacco^ Load up 4ad light up! There you have it! That is Prince^ Albert, Gentlemen- — smoked by mo^ej men than any 6th :i pipe-i>rand. This overwhelming prefer ence didn't Vjust happen." It exists ft it the single reason that P. A. brings mo -e deep'down, solid satisfaction out of a pi| te than any diet you could put it on. 01927, %. J. Rerndds TAuxo C«iip«iijrWin3too-Sateii, .V. C The very first pull will tell you thaf Prince Albert is unlike any other tobacco. Notice how cool ii^ smokes, no matter how wide you open the throttle. Notice, too, that it ^doesn't bite the tongue or parch the throat, no. matter hoyf ohea, you fill-up and pull-in. -| You may think you are all set on aj smokerprogram. Fair enough. But don't; let that interfere with you^ getting a first-1 hand knowledge of what P. A. offers in rijal pipe-pleasure.: Where tliere'si so much P. A. smoke,!there must be the fire of truth. Try it and see! p. A. i« txlJ ryfnwtirrr In l!Jif rfJ imi, pnund and hatl -fknund tin humU • dtii*,*nd fHjunJ tiyttaU$ilan hutmdort 9tih iftonKr -mohicner top. And atwayt 9ith ryery bit of bite end perch re* motcd by the tiinte Albert froceii. —the nattdnal joy smoke! ft ^^^^^ THIS EVENT IS WOBTHYOUR ATTENTION! FRIDAY AND SATURDAY fevery article advertised here is a real bargain. We have made these special prices so low that you can't afford to miss thej savings. These prices are for Friday and Satut-day only. : Mens IShirts $1.00 High Grade Hroatlcloth.s. .Madra.s and I'ercalt's—-.^ Mo.-^lly -SI..50 .ifradcs. This price for PViday and Saturday only. MFCN'S : \ NECKTIES 'beautiful THc values in a great many designs, 2 for $1,001 \lKN'S SUITS $15.00 Bvery suit in the group is far better than ordinary I 515.00 suit.s. .Several of our regular $24.9.5 suits are: in this group. ;;Big .savings in every one of Ihein.'j MEN'S TROUSERS $3.98 ManJ' regular $.5,(1 promise you big H patterhs to choose! from 5 trousers,arc in the group—We iivin.tJrs on every pair. .Many pretty MEN'S I CAPS $i.oa -ifispiring values for the most of them" are 'regularly 50 and up. I. lihaki Pants itm M-n's Sl.:i9 Khaki Pants ' in all; sizes $1.00 Canvas Gloves Double faced with yellow fleece—E.xtra long wearing, <; pair $1.00 Boys' Longie Suits $1.00 ''T Pick out any boys' long pant suitJn stock—subtract Si:ot) off the. price as your saving—FJriday and Saturday only.j i Canvas Gloves (iood weight 12',iic canvas gloves, full (jut. 10 pair I $1.00 Men's Sox lOc values, plain colors in black, brown, gray and Mhite. .Light weight. 12 pair $1.00 Boys'Suit^ With one knee panta values were up to lill.95 —mostly big^sizes. Many pretty pattern.s, only $2.98 Men's Overalls i Genuine 2:20 weight , fOveralls or Jumpers— ' very low price is ; 98c i Work Shoes Guaranteed Solid Leather. K. .1. Work Shoes in scout St vie $1.69 Boys' Shirts Our regular 98c, gulirah.- teed fast color Shirts-— Famous R. & M. mak^— friday and- Saturday only, 2 for 1 $1.65 .Men's full cut blue or grey work shirts, 2 for $L0O. THE .STORE ra.VT.SELI^S FOR LESS. EjistSide Square \ 'lola, Kansas i '1 „ I •!

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