The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 19
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 19

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 19
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It's A FACT! At Date Reese YOU NOW HAVE YOU* They Conquered Cancer It was just 10 days before our leer in time. Come in for regular wedding that I discovered that I j periodic checkups for one year." had cancer, I went to the doctorJThe checkups went on for two with a painful swelling on my left ankle. It was diagnosed as Swing's sarcoma, a bone tumor. Powerful X-Ray The orthopedic surgeon at the] life .as a commercial artist but all Editor's Note—Thousands of persons have met and conquered cancer, a fact many people do not realize. To show cancer is not always a killer, here are the heart-warming personal stories'of three brave individuals who stood up to the disease and won. Each of the stories was preparnd for the American Cancer Society. -* * * NEW YORK OR - Case I: "Prettiest Girl in the Class," by Avis Flury, Atlanta, Ga.: My doctor came to my bed in the hospital and said: "Avis, thej' ne patient was kept revolving in, -| Bible says if your eye offends you, [ a cnair so 'hat the other tissues j would not be harmed. . . & After six weeks of these radia- : | tion treatments, the tumor in my :| my trouble was cancer" did something to me. I had worked all my Lahey. Clinic, whose care I was hinder, recommended a new kind of radiation-treatment. This X-ray machine used two million volts. It was so powerful that its use was only-possible because scientists had) learned to aim the lethal ray dir- |jj ectly at the cancer itself while ;| the time I had really wanted to paint pictures but never bad the courage to launch out on this career. not." So l v gave up my work as an advertising art director and started io paint! That was thirteen years ago and 1 am still painting. I have had a one-man show in years. Paris and more recently in Chic- Well, the shock of learning that a &° and am at work now to line paint for a couple of years,, untiliword "hope" in big dramatic Iet-|circu!ar buttresses between tread I learn whether I am'cured orders to stand out in the text, "Early elements. Engineers say the but-l up a. show in New York. These have been the happiest years of Diagnosis the Only HOPE for Can cer Cure." It reminded me of my — own fight against despair 13 years ago. Sunday/ May 9, 1954 Page 3—The SaUna Journal my ,! lfe , This year I Squealing Tires On Way Out? ' AKRON, Ohio _ Squeals, oC picked up where I j auto tires on sharp turns may be ' - J •- (- V-U»U **'"J •**• left off 13 years ago and' offered on their way out. One company to design a poster for the Amer- here (Goodrich) is marketing ican Cancer Society. 'Beside the [tire, which it says won't squeal. "Now." I said to myself. "I willjcancer sword symbol I did. the'Secret is the molding leg was no longer active. They i dialed my chest as a precaution- 0 ary measure to prevent further!^ spread of the disease. At long last L* I happily went home to settle our,* new apartment. ' <Sf Back To: Clinic jjf Some months later a lump ap-|^ peared in the groin of the affected j;j leg. Back I went to Lahey Clinic, lilt was malignant and called for 1 "I more radiation. However, I TAKE YOtIR 20% SAVING HUM OII6IMI FACTOR PRICE TAGS First Tiros m mm »»KM KISTOtr . . . SUCH AK AMAZING OFFER! Save 1Q% On Sifts FOS WEDDINGS •'ANNIVERSARIES GRADUATION • BIRTHDAVS . . . MOTHER'S OAV . f AtHER'S DAT.... YES ... AND EVEN FOR CHRISTMAS Credit, too! At UTUE AS $1 A WEEK FOR ANY ELGIN tfc* Watch with DUKAPOW" »'""S«" REESE JEWELEES Your Elgin AVatch Dealer^ pluck it out. Or if your hand offends, cut if off. This old leg of yours has given you a. lot of trouble, so let's take it off." I was only 10 at the time and I wasn't sure just what he meant. But I loved my doctor so I just said: "Okay." That's all there was to it. Wonderful Life .1 don't think I even knew what the word "cancer" meant then. ! thought maybe he was just fooling. I couldn't imagine .myself ^ without a leg either even when j they wheeled me away to the operating room, I still couldn't .imagine what was happen to me. Just put yourself in my place. Can you imagine yourself being' minus a leg: Well,-after eight years of getting along on an artificial leg, I can't imagine what it would be like having two legs. I don't think J've. been handicapped. I don't feel that I've missed a thing out of life in the! 1 feel tnatl am cured even 'bough| past eight years. Of course I don't!| he . fiv e-year waiting period for! [o in for strenuous sports but I'm " cure d cases" hasn't passed yet wouldn't do that, even if IT'S OUR BIRTHDAY IT'S YOUR SURPRISE! . seven months pregnant at that| time and such heavy doses of ra- ! |j diation might harm my baby. Soji; I went home, waited for a month, then had .my baby by & Caesarian section. I returned to Boston immediately and stayed there nearly two months, having my entire system of lymph glands radiated. .That was over two years and there has) been no recurrence of the disease.' Something Big and Wonderful Is Coming Your Way — Something You'll Not Want To Miss! IT'S COMING TO sure I woman do tnat. even I did have two legs. I think I've had a wonderful life. I don't know how anyone could have a better] Case 3: "A Job that Saved My Life,'^ by Harry Hult, Chicago. Thirteen years ago I volunteered nt to "go-together" with jour beta—in flhoo CMUB!«, too? Tell—Booiterette put* you on the Mtnft hjutdftotae, cutul footing—matched or faarmoiuxed to .the oolot of thfl Booeten HE wean, like the idea? It's NEW. And, of omme, Boo6t«rett« baT« that fuaoot sole 90 lighUt float*. i Do you want to buy or sell, trade or rent? The classified section of The Journal gets results. Phone 6363. one. I drive a car. I can dance. j'° ^° a J°b that saved my life. I love to go on long walks. I have! As a commercial artist I offered boy friends. There's scarcely a to des 'g n a poster for the Amer- night that I don't go out so'me- ican Can cer Society. The society where. The only time I get an-i sent me s( "ne printed material to; noyed is when someone rushes upj'\ eI P stimulate ideas for the as-! to me and says: jsignment. Among other things they! "You poor child. . . . You have sent m ? was lne "seven danger' only one leg." signals," those signs to watch for Well, it's true. I do have'only! as a warning of the disease. As one leg. But this year I was! 1 read tnis material I suddenly picked as the prettiest girl in our! rcalized 'hat I myself had one of senior class. I lead a pretty active life by any standards. Besides my school and social life I am in our church, I sing in the choir. I am a worker in the Sunday school." Case 2: "Honeymoon in a Hospital," by Mrs. Richard Sullivan, Johnson City, N. Y. I spent my first honeymoon in the Lahey Clinic in Boston. That's why I'm alive today, I guess, and was able to spend a second honeymoon in Florida, this winter with 'my husband and two babies. these signs! Life Saved I dropped everything I was doing and went right to my doctor. He passed .me on to a specialist who turned me over to a'note surgeon at the Roosevelt Hospita in New York. He operated fo polyps in my lower bowel and sur enough, one of them proved to be malignant. When the doctor toll me this I thought for a momen and then asked him: "How long have I to live?" 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