The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 23, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 23, 1892
Page 3
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The Postville Weekly Review PQBMSHEft EVERY SATURDAY W. N. BURDICK. BY TERMS: $l .bO A YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. -Raspborries by the ctis«, at JOHK Tnosti's. —Six Loaves of Broad for 2Gc, Rtthe Bakerv. tf mmm wit mmmm§ —All the saloons license, ten in all. have taken out - -Choice butchering stock wanted nt the Central-Meat Market. 12tf —S. W. Boynton is painting tho into riorof J. II. Wnrtield's store. ALL SUMMER —Look at 11. (.'. IIonn'8 new advertisement and vary low prices. —John lloir's new soda fountain is a daisy. Trv it this hot weather. - Choi e variety of Smoked Mauls of all kinds, at Central Meat Market. Wanted. Veal Calves c.t the Central Market. I'or Sale. My resident:* on the north sido. MRS. H. U. HAZLETO*. Hiss Anna Boston, Instructor on tho piano and organ, Postville, Iowa. Sties Nellie H. Abbott, Teacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, postville, Iowa. Horse-Shoeing. No hit ami miss, but a good job every clatter and prices very reasonable. TlIOS. SllOltTUKEll. —There have been a ceuplc of changes in tho saloon personnel during the past week, but the number romains the same. —D. A. Jerahl writes us that ho will be at homo noxt Monday, butter than over prepared to do all work in the tailoring lioc. Ho is well pleased with Stouo's paramount system, which he has been learning. —We rcgrot to learn that Mrs. Bettys is seriously indisposed with tho grip nt Mr. Mcl4nsler'&. Bemoreet Contest. At the M. K. church to-night. The contestants are: Charley Harmnn, Fred Staadt, Leonard Dresser, I.ibbie Langenbechcr, Theodore Wilko, Joy Dresser, Birdie Gray. There will be music bv local talent. Admission 16c. —Rev. C. A. Marshall made one of his pleasant periodical calls on Monday. We should feel hurt should he over visit Postville without a friendly call. Thirty-live years of acquaintance and unbroken friendship have cemented us in a manner that we desire to have continued to tho. end, which cannot be many years more at best, as compared with the past. —Moxie, Milk (iiuger Ale etc.. Shake, Soda Water, at JOHN THOMA'I. —It is B»id Harnum's circus will be at Docorah some timo in September. - Tuesday was the warmest day of the soason. Various places in the state report 102 ° in the shade. It was not warm a» that hero, but it was a eealder, and mado tho corn jump out of its boots, so to speak. — Ward & Noblo have put a new gas engine into their mop wringer factory. —If you want to buy a farm cheap go and see Jas. Konnedy, flj miles west of Postville. -11. A. Stowo's son, of Kort Dodge, and Miss Vesta Ketchum, are visiting the Hurling familv. — I'red Sc.hara is getting considerable enown as a tamer and educator of ild beasts and birds and common everyday cats. His luonagorin now onsisls of two grey squirrels, a "nice oung" chicken hawk and a sky bluo Tom-cat. —.Sanders & Kapler have put now entrance and crossing on the ido of their lumber vnrd. in a cast -Tho following is our "roll of honor this wcolc, three being new subscribers. Thanks, gentlemen: C. V. Clark, Goo. Senholz. C. B. Guy, C. H. Wattles, Frank (iliuc*, F. M. ("lark, Mrs. lienj. Smith. --S. W. Boynton is now a lone, lorn grass widowor, his wifo having left him —for a visit down oast. -Mrs. Dr. Spaulding passod through Postville on hor way homo on Tuesday, stopping a few hours with us. —Matt lSencher has put a new two inch walk in front of his properly on the south side of Green street. — F. M. Orr and family visited Postville relatives again last Sunday. They can't slay away very long at a tiro*. -Louisiana Dimenson, Cypress Shingles and Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, f ov sale at SANDEKS &KAI'I.EIl'8. —MISS Clara Mott returned from St. Paul for her sunnnor vacation, last week, and is teaching a little music for d Ivors ion. —Madam Mitchell is building a noal lllllo house oast of the one recently purchased of J. S. Mott, on east Will iarus street. —C. 1!. Guy's latest invention is limp wringer. It is simple and cheap, and if it works all right it ought to bo a good thing. Tho rain on Wednesday caught | considerable hay down, but it did ijood deal of good to corn, potatoe | and pastures. Headquarters For -H. Dressor has commenced the eroctioe. of his rosidenoo, opposite ex-Mayor McKwen's. Ed. Wilson assisting him. Dress Fingor Smashed. Last M:mluy I'ohn llnrnack, liviug in the south part of town, desirous of fixing the platform over his well, raised the pump out of tho well several iuchts and propped it up and while fixing the plank that fits around the pump rod the prop in some manner was knocked out letting tho pump down which fell on Mr. IPs little linger, grinding it into tho plank and making a very painful wound and it is expected amputation will bo necessary. that Lost! On Sunday, Aug. 17th, 1892, between Warlield'a store and iho Minnick rcsi- deueo, a pair of gold band spectacles. Finder will bo rewarded by leaving tho anio at tlio KEVIEW olllco. Mits. II. MITCHELL. The Teachers. The school board met Inst Mouday evening and selected a teachor for the intermediate department, thus filling tho list, Below we give tlio completo list and the departments over which they wili preside: Principal, K. 11. Ilurd. Assistant Principal, Alice Tetherly. Grammar Department. Ellison Orr. Intermediate " Cora Kinsley. 1st Primary, Cora Darling. 2nd " Gertrude Wheeler. — Dan Keunedy, who has beau suffering a. slight aberration of mind for sororfcl days, was taken before the insane commission Thursday, but was pronounced all right anil dismissed. His many friouds hero will bo glad to hear of this and hope that his rocovery may en permanent. —Tho Valcler BIIMIIOSS College and Normal School at Decurah, Iowa, has seven courses of study: Commercial, Normal, Seientilic, .Shorthand and Typewriting, Penmanship. Teachers' Keview. Common Sobool and Select. •12(1 students duriug tho past year. 1*0 graduates. 200 cnrollod from Wmiic- iheik Co. Decorah is the cheapest place to board and room in the northwest. Text-books aro rented. Fall term opens August 2'J. Drop a postal card for catalogue containing full information. It also contains a large list of students who are holding paying positions. Weather and Crops. DKS MOINES. July 19, 18U2.--The past week brought the most favorable weather of the season for hay-making and harvesting, and for the rapid growth of the belated crops. The days were generally bright and warm: the cool nights, however, reduced the daily average temperature about three degrees below the normal. The rainfall was generally sullicieut for tho needs of all crops. On the night of the llth a severe wind squall, with considerable rain and light streaks of hail swept diagonally from X. W. to R. E. through the central counties. Corn and oats were considerably flattened, and some damage was done to light buildings. Tho crops, however, have mostly straightened up and the damage will be light. Corn has made rapid growth during the week, and the crop is generally clean. Kust in oats is tho burden of complaint in many localities. Potatoes aro doing well. Having is well advanced toward completion. As one reporter puts it. "Farmers hare no limo for murmuring and not much reason for it." A Road Improvement. Convention has been called to mcot in DesMoinss, August lGth and 17th. All should attend or send representatives. N'OHTU EAST DISTlllCT. ALLAMAKEE (Hossville) — Tho bright sunshine and warm weather beneliticd all crops. Coin growing rapidly, but can't make, a full crop. Oats, barley, rye and winter wheat promiso line crop. CLAYTON (Grand Meadow)—Warm days but cool nights. Crops comiug splendidly. Small grain tilling well CLAYTON (Elkador) - Fair weather and corn has made rapid progress. Mean temperature, 74. Rainfall, 78. Heavy shower in progre-s now (18th). KAVKTTK (Hawkeye) — Corn laid aside, llav not so heavy as expected. Rvo and winter wheat blighted considerably. Rain 0.(!',». FAYETTE (Fayette) - Fine weather for corn, which !•> doing well. Haying in progress. Now meadows pretty fair. Old meadows rather poor. Mean temperature, OH. Rainfall, .'M. CHICKASAW (Lawlor)— Another week of good weather. Considerable hay made; quantity and quality good. Oats lair; barloy good; wheat good: corn poor; llax unoven. HI.IWAKP (Cresco)— Snmo (iebls of corn are up to time ami looking very tine; tho past week having been dry, much hay has been saved in good condition. Potatoes are healthy but the Colorado beetle is still in our ni'dst. Max. temperature, 81; Min., 60. Rainfall, .08. WI.NN'KSIIIF.K (Docorah) - Another full week »f sunshine. Corn has made a wonderful growth. Large amount of hay secured. Help very scarce. nmw mm THD S.. P. GLl^TON, A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings and Building Paper, yellow pine Flooring and Ceiling' oak, ash and maple Flooring. All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult their. own interest by obtaining figures from me. Particular attention to filling bills. Best of grades only handled. POSTVILLE, \ r A. vovr.:..\ - v JAS. Mo PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000, ,. ' Do a General Ranking Business, liny and sell Foreign and Doiueuic Exchange. Accounts ot Farmers, Merchants and others /ccuiveil am'., carefully pn>tc-"'.<? I. Inlere-t oa'd on Yinio Deposits. Investments made for outside parties on favorable terms. Bfiy-Protected by lire proof vault .it:<'. scrov safe. Safety deposit stud drawer; for rent. door, time lock, burglar proof. Stoamboat Excursion. The steamboat -excursion which was postponed some weeks ago on account of the washeuts on the railroad, will occur on Tuesday, August 2nd. Tho time of train ami the price will bo tho same as before. Time of train 0:35; fare for the round trip, $1.00. FOB SALE! Buggies of All Descriptions. Guarantee: Aftor two week's trial if tho Kico Coil Spring proves not to bu the easiest rider on (iirth, will exchange and give any spt ing desired—with tho "Handy Top," tho most convenient buggy. W. S. WKUSTEK — A lUhing party Inst Sunday came homo with some large lish and turgor stories. Bnt "whero, O, whore, is that bologna gono?'' BARGAINS AT SKELTON & TANGEMAN'S. G-o look at their CENTER TABLE ! Henriettas, Bedfords rons, Ghallies, Silk Silks for Dresses Trimmings. Serges, Ghev- Foulards, and Miss Frances Caward, of Cresco, and Miss Jonnie Morten, of Decorah, visited Lois Tuttle ovor Sunday, returning on Monday. -Haying will ho qulto generally tin- i ished this week. Comparatively little ! of tho crop, which is a largo ono, linn been injured by niiu. —Geo. Senhulss has gouo loGriawold, this stale, for a soason, ami like all goed young won has tho UEVIKW follow him to give him weekly tidings from home. Dr. Will Ode's Dental Booms Will hereafter be open every week day, as I havu lusociatod with mo Dr. M. A. Humphrey, a graduato of the dental notiool at Iowa city, and a gooi operator. I shall continue to visit Post' villa on Tuesday ami Wednesday of each week, as heretofore. WILL COJ.K, D. D. S. Tho Universalists of Ossian aro making an effort to erocl n new church there. The ladies' aid socioty have, in the lire months since it was organized, bought and paid i?240 for a site and in the same time paid the oxpenscs of their minister, Kev. Crum, of Dubuque, and hare qiii'.o a little money iu tho treasury. Last Sunday they chose directors and a building committee ami received a good many pledges of material aid. Kev. Crum preached '.wo able sermons and all enjoyed a great picnic dinner. It was a very pleasant and profitable soason to nil who participated. MARRIED. WINTER -HOLLMAN- At tho residence of tho bride's parents, near Frankville, on Wednesday, July IS, 18*2, Mr. Harold Winter and Miss Lillian Dolliur.n. Tho wedding ceremony was performed at high noon, Key. T. F. Hcntly, of Frankville, officiating. Tho happy pair have gone to Chicago, their future homo. May their life ho ever blessed with happinoss. *„* Iioth theso young people aro well and favorably known in this section, and the UEVIKW extends congratulations to llieiu and hopes their bark may float gently down tho stream of life and at last make a safe entrance, into tho harbor of Heaven, whore lovo and joy and pcaco roigu supremo through nu omiloss oteniity. Old Days in England. Without going further back than tho reign of Charles II, writes Meredith Jackson, in a charming papor in the August "Peterson," it can be 'announced as a general rule that tho furniture of palaces and the houses of the nobility consisted chiefly of pieces transmitted from generation to generation along with tho landed estates, and belonging iu great part to the Elizabethan epoch and thai of James 1, with some acquisitions from abroad, brought home by ancestors who bad traveled. On tho other hand, eommercii with France, chiefly under Leuis XIV, had iiilro- ducod a small number of Parisian bits of furniture from tho workshops of leading French artisans. tu the houses of the middle classes, on tho contrary, only tho simplo and common oak furnitiiro of tho time of James II was to be seen: cliaits, chests, bureaus, and ward.tobos, often of clumsy pattern, tho like of which aro still manufactured in certain remote loual- ities of conservative Ekgland. AND 1SJOW We Want to Tell About our repairing department. . We have engaged the services of a finished workman in addition to. our regular force, and shall be able to do all manner of work promptly and in a first-class.'manner. A trial will convince you Springing, Timing and Adjusting high grade watoh- es a specialty. Engraving, Etching and all manner of jewelry work is in our line. Prices lower than ever and a written guarantee given with every piece of watch work done. Q-ive us a trial. Respectfully, W. J. HANKS & CO, —F. M. Clark was down from Limo Springs over Wednesday night and we aro indob'.od for a pleasant call. It is very seldom in this world that a better all around good follow than Fred, is allowed to tarry with us so many years. Ho reports Limo Springs on a healthy boom this year, and that his banking business is so good that ho will at once proceed to build a new brick hank building with all tho modern accessories. Are you going to buy Lfjmv Carpet this spring' is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, • "A Taste of tho World" is the titlo of an attractive summer story whioh Harriet Pioscott Spofford will contribute to tho next mi in bo i- of Harper's Bazar, published July 2,'id, Take Notice, Thai the Postville Stoani Holler Mills will grind Feed, Corn Muni and lira- ham Monday and Saturday of each woek hereafter. Having aildod n lino of wood-working machinery wo aro prepared to do Planing, Matching, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice Bring in your logs and havo them sawed. Hospoctfully, K. 1). STILUS. New dark Prints, only Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only C&«ck and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Gent's Oolofo^ is— Tr - " - Mr. Alter, of Teoria, 111., W. J. 3C Per Vd Hanks' new jeweler, has arrived, and ' now lie is prepared to do as fine work as is dono in any city, Including engraving in tlio highest style of the art. 7c (< <c 8c << i>. 10c << a 10c (( (< 2c << 5c a a 5c a —In placos hnil aeootu pauied the rain on Weduosday. Down on the McKluloy and Dan MoNeil farms, iu Grand ilondow, it was especially uovare, doing great damage to all j crop*. - Wo boliovo the new walks orderod havo n\\ been put In on west Post stvoot, tia fans tho walk ou tho north side of the Lutheran church. This has been n groat year for sidewalk improve moots. 8c each - The local papers aro not peculiarly juicy with locals this week. Too hot weather ami too busy a time for farm ors. But the corn is growing juat the senio. and Hint "•» Farm For Sale. I now offor for sale the Win. Mitch ell farm, 8J vuilos west of Poutville containing 161 acres, with good house barue and outbuildings, an unfailing well and running water on tho premises, and fenced in several Holds. Cause of Belling, advanced years and inability to superintend it. For tonus enll on the undersigned on the proiu isos. (!7iuS) OAS, KENNEDY -The Luatia correspondent of tho AfuUregor News has tho following to say of tho 11. E. services at Luana and Hardin lust Sunday: "There was a good attendance at tho baptismal services Sunday; wo ostimatii at least 400 people presont. All that could obtain scats wero early in thoir places, and tho balaiuo stood around and made themselves as comfortable as possible, or sat iu tho fifty or more wagons outsido. Aftor an excellent discourse by Kev. Pitner, of Deuornh, a dozon or more yMiig children wero baptized. Then tne congregation adjournod to tho beautiful shady grounds at the crock north of town iu Mr. Wilku's Held, whore several rocoiv- od tlio ordinance of baptism kneeling by tho crook; aflorwards four were immersed. This occasion was of unusual interest and will bo long remembered by thoso prosont. At the even iug service at Hardin the house was crowded; Rev. Pitner again spoke to tin nltonliro audionoo. At tho oloso of this service a goodly number wore added to the church this conference year, and others have expressed a desire to join Inter, and yet others aro on the rolls as probationers, a good year for this oirauit surely," GOOD IT ABM FOB SALE. t My farm of 200 acros for gale. Situ atcd in Madison township, Wiiitteshcik Co., Iowa, throo and a half milos west of Docorah, in sections 11 and It, Well improved and timber enough for farm U80. In good stnlo of cultivation, Well watered and good buildings, School within six rods of house. Long time will bo given on part payment, Inquire on fiirm for particulars. A -l-l-.-"- •-Tho Wiiukon Democrat says: "Mrs. J. B. Hart and Mrs. T. M Millar, of Postville, spout a few days past visiting with Watikou friouds. Tho friouds of Col. A. (i. Stewart will regret to learn that, ho is nursing a totally blind oyo mid Chicago Bpeoial ists inform him that It is a yory serious case and rooovory of sight is doubtful Quite ft ooromotlen was raisod nt tho court house last Friday about •t:!!0 o'clock by the sudden and it was thought fatal Illness of Mr. Will S Hart, county olork. H« ! "— • BODY BRUSSELS, TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, 'UNION & COTTON CHAN —The editor of this paper and his companion, YV. K. Drosser, are under obligations to Mr. and Mrs. John Webster and other Universalisl ladies and getiUomon of Ossian for royal entertainment last .Sunday. Whatever else may bo said of this denomination no one can dispute that as socialists and entertainers they aro at tho head of tho procession. Usury Uales' team had a bad run away last Saturday night, making kindling wood of tho buggy to which it was attichcd ami injuring ono of the horses seriously. Some miscreant cut tho halter strap by which the loam was tied, thus enabling it to start without obstruction. iSovaro punishment should bo moled out to such a man or boy. —llov. N. L. Burton returned from his visit to Illinois ou Tuesday evening, ami services will bu hold as usual on Sunday at the (Joiigrogatioual chinch. Mr. Burton does uot yet know whether ho will go there or not, but the indications nro that ho will. At all events wo do not expect that ho will remain long in P-jstvillo. Ijiet of Iiotte're remaining uuoalled for iu tho postoll'ice at Postyille, lovvii, July 10. 1802. 'Par­ lies calling for any of them will please say "Advertised:" (iottlieb Himlerer, II. Krogman, Bar- uoy White. JAS. PISUHY, P. M. Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you-nothing to . see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS. PAEKBE'S TONSORIAL PARLORS- N13AK THK I'USIOI'UCK. All work dono in the highest style of the art. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. T. PAKKKU, Prop. #1,000.00 REWARD BLACKSMITH & JAPANESE CURE A Guarantooil Cure fm I'iles of whatever kliul ot' dugvcR - lixtmnal, lntuimU, Mind or Hluutlinu, UcliiiiK. Chronic, ttccen! ov Huiodituiy. Tins Rmnotly hat; positively mivi'i' hccii kuuwu to tail, ji.oo a box, 6 (lQxen foi *5 -m\ su » l l*V miv " P*opal;l on I'ccbipt of \nlco, A \\Tjlum GusuAnteu positively given to ouch' Hurctiftsur o£6 boxes, when puu-liuaml at ono titnu, to reduul tho S5.00 paid it not curotl, CJiuuauU'o U'i\'.a\l by

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