The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1927 · Page 7
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1927
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

MOIWN POP •HAVil-HAW-rtAW 3L HEARD A FUNMW STORV TaOfW — HAW-HAUJI — ^^^^^ THE IOT.A liyMT-Y UECISTKR. TIIUUSDAY SWELL JOKE—JNOW. STOCK PRICES GO UP TODAY Melon Cutting and Rumors Send Markets ' Soaring. ,l<>\v.i-.: faiilLv supply sli ' in sjtt.rkiTs Hiiil lii'diMs .ii-joii: iijul- .-low'; v .i -iil; i<i low 'clioiii.' hi-ii'v sli'i-rs Iw 'ld ;iroi Jul iiicililllir' 10 S<)<nl olfi'iipKS $'!I.IKKw l 'i.'>(': I'M' 'vi'.il.-. in .'i'i. ; • Siici 'i' Ihiiilis .'t";icly t <i li -'ic !(-ip sliitip.'i^- iiilicrs to !j.^.-k'-i's $ll.:t "i 'ri ir.,l (i: shoin w ho lih- Ni 'w York. .Mar. -lATl —Kf- suniptton oi' tho upwaril niovi 'mi 'iit of -))ri!f»'s in today 's stock uiarkct WHS ^fCcleraU 'd l >y ''nii !o:i cut- tuis" and minors of fiirihcr favor- al)le divi<U'nd di.slribiitioiis. With a nuiilber of weak speculativo ai - tountsi eliminated in lite rfiivui rt- a''tionl thereby strenKthoiiijiK tlir niarkejfs teclmii-a! , posit ionioper- ('Iiica!;o. Mar. \Viicai: Cm til. j 1. (AIM- -. f"orn: 76's to Oafs to ''s ; .1 ily I' May vr-. to '4 -.1 ?I{ve: May MsVj .Inly -i::' •ill-: -Inly f'l SAY POP-IS TM(S T H 6 OWE WHERC TKe QUV SAWS Tt) the ac*iDocroR *X'D GET OfTF AND Vi/ALVt eor MV . setofte THE Tr?A\M l"S QUE? ' I'onJtry and SuppIIrii Number 1 (Continued from Page 1) . arors |or the rise suirtod loj l )id uj> tlii-ir favorites. I ' Tliei dei'ision of the AiiuriiaM ' Hr.Tke'Sl^je and Foundry director. Ill inireas-e the aiitlioriz.d coni- nion sto<-k and to issac four nvw shari s for each one now -h'']d. I losely following tlie aclioi;i ol the I .ai kawanna directors in c mint; .i- .TiC'.iiiiO.dflO "inelon." iielpcd 10 cre- :ii<- liullish ! .scntiiiieiit 'al!iioii);h hoiii iliose stockH feil hack sharp- iy on the l|raditioiial ••selling; on lliV KOOrj 'news." There ;W;ts ni> <iianKe in the creilii silii; lion, al- ijioiit;!i il was,ai;aiM rcpo tivl iluii lit'- I',;! pvr cent tvficttai<- I'li \ Ciri) •'I'l'in": lif.-it heiiry si • (iili loans was hciiig >iiadc(i' in ^l.'.T-''; i"'si y.'.ciJTii; ni' the ontside market. • ifui •.vcj'.-l;!, on lonr yi'arlin;; on Huyiu^ of the rails was stimn- ..4l:i.Ii>; Imik I 'o si( < rs alioyi - hiled 'iiy rnniors of an iiiic.rii'.scd 1 Ij.r.u ly .• run: fat ic:w:! or e.Mra liividend Oil Itf4idluR coin- ^iit .ly ^i;.::'li 7 .T.'>: ' lijilit veui niou. which nio -,"i|- uji. : ovir . .s^i ti.i';; lo'^M . oiilsidcrs •'>l:i..">o. ' pj)!nls liefore ^;ess ^on ^wa^ iMlf i .-^Ji,'. l:;.i)eii: ciioicc lanil).< oVer. I'uhiic inililies contiinicij to .^laiip"!. .•rU ;<»i: . .irlv lui!!; woo] respoiui to merger--, and jiiiviil. rnniorH. National I 'ow -r aid I.'isii' aiKl I.oiiisviMe Cas and IJi'ciric moving mi io new high l .vi i!- .'.r till- vi-ar. Till' lal.l rnonejr rale was hnvi -r- '•il lo i' , p.-r I i-iii iliiriii;,' i li.- toiirMi lioiir. The utuuber of Amerieaiis . left in Naiiking eonipriso iii W |Omen. L'n children and !I0 men, ihe report sail!. [ • ; i Admiral Williams declared the foreigners <'oncentrated on Sooony hill' were attarked by ;<:anioiiese and defended hy the nrliisii and the American shiiis. The | three -siicUed the area arotind>-tIie hill to protect the foreigners, opening fire about .•!:.!i> |>. im.. after which th«» landing forces were sent to the ip.sciie. I . Rear Admiral H. U. Hough ar- . rived at Nanking on the iconverted j yiKht. Isabel, flag ship of the Yanptse patrol fleet at G::;op. m. His ilispatch. forwarded to the LIVE STOCK ROOMS AM) IJOARD 49; "noonis iiir IJuI^^eIl {^:t|tillS *«• J KMC.S Pure bred Buff. Koek. 1 "cr! i-atcliii!.:;. r >'i.? pt:r setMiig. Kelley 1 Karn . I'licar se^F":!. : • •• HOtrSKKKEIMN'.; filri-hed. liuiuir' ir.if street. - ROOMS Partly -'tiite North Wal- diiv at Nanking. Three cruisers held for his orders ati Honolulu, the IlUhriionil. tlie Marhlvhead and the CilR -innati. were disiKltched .to ioill fthe fleet. j Heavy Calibre Xiuns Fired for First Time •\Va:-hinKton. .Marl When the «>e?iroyeis!Noa and I'res- loii sent .ialvols ut shell fiJ-<' oyer Nanking today it mark<»d the- fivsi 61= days ....... T iree dava . fz.'f <lzy Miiiiiiium charge. • Miiiiinupi ca.*lb. ..'So 12c , r.«c on aiiy ad. !0o. Count fiv(> w«rds to a Unei PHONE VOL 'R tn.ASSl^ED An TO l.s Errors m ad\crtisement.s ANNOUNCEMENTS timo since the Worl.l , W.r tlu.t Vm .nerVat'^—Theh"^^^^^^^^ Ameruau; wai <hips have utid iwiu i-.ot lit- resi*)nslhle for more than large calibre suns e.xciit for train-, i ant- in«-orr »K -t iri.wH-'n j inj; purposes. ; j Tht^'-Vmcricuii naval ji-.-.d marine • forces were sent lo C'hini .-<• wa-, .Vinerii iin': lives and i propier.ty. ,aiid they ne-dW no in-f IJOV S Ch.AS.SKS^-Tortoi j .slr|l(tionsf Iri.m Wa.-hin itosi. .Acl-' irini.-. Finder please leav Williams, in command o. iiiei :sier office, i Kew'ard. StruyeU, Loft. Foand I he shell! 'i'11.^0:' 200 1 ,1 Ills', ftlu.'fi'ii >tlii.:.';.: pius sil.T:'.'" l:.MO;" li"i|vy 'viriulii liouJ li'.T 'Ko 11.2 ^1 : ini'ililiiii ;il'i.'-\"i'''( IiV 'Hi; .«ll ..;."i''<( liM .'i; •l-ulii liiilii -j 1 1.2.'.12.5(1; pacl>in« •;^iws Mir,i iii..|u;' sUiimhter p • • lioii'i (.•I: - ii!;!; IjUlili'- . • I- •l.^li; ;iT-,i';iid . i I L ill .-'i-cl'.i;!! .^1-; .'ill il :'.."iti. I'l .iin:' • !l!- -hcii ir...'r',': •••w i-.\!ri cll ;i|ii d lanjilis . handy :hl woolin CI lis f .i- ,'• Wl-S .^>|.."|0 4iiiik Kansas riiy l .itf -<>|ock. K .in :-::s City. 1;M-. ::!. if. .s. |i,i'; (if Attriciillun 1 lloMs t;,.'iiiii; .-ilov. r t:l.-.idy In I'll-,liif;l: •!•: la.i'Mly >!• .-uiy wjiii Wi -thii -.-^t ^a^'s avvr;ii'.': .-f^n-ti pj;;s ?-!';ai;>' ^ 1 1 ..'v'lf 1 L*.: lop ;ii illi.L '.'i ijM 1 J'l lo ir.ii Ills.: u. -iiM ;7ii :(, ifiu iiis. i\\.:,:.'.i'\i:-->-. •i>-< lit L '::il III::, ill. I.•.'II Il .."i 'l ;iriii iiis.. jiii .riip '.i 11.10': 11^1 ,1 i'I2 iiilfii iLViifi; ;i .!.'l.inK M,W: in.iiu.' Caiilt- 2,tiJHi: ci-.i .i--' r.iiB: killinf; ila.-i'.--i luUy ^ii-:id> Mock •scan)'-; Vi-al.-ri ing Standard Oil Inuise while the Knierald covered with shrapnel ami il''- .N'oa and the Prenlon clfiared Ilie linnd .".nil the far >lioie of snipers hv firing fidin the .-l«ip^-. , : "The landing forces successfully brought off all i!ie foreigners I'rom the Standard Oil Iiou-se in- [cl'iding the Ainerican-couaul aud "ht-i family and all .American naval personnel. One .American sailor was slightly wounde'd. The .\oa and I'restoa were liil many times during ihe day .i ••Dnrlnje ihe afternoon the Cantonese iroops looted .Vmerican. Uritish and .lapanese 'consulates, wounded the British coj)-«ul general and are reported to have killed liie consul. Number 2 n;!i -K' AicTioN— rubiii ; evi-ry Saturdliy at 1 o r .i^h':|)"s Salij.s Pavilion. '2-1 Kord road.ster; "22 Ford coupe, gmiil: '18 l-'Ord coupe cht»ap; '22 Mmlsiiw .se<Iaji. gof^l sjiape; '21 Siudebaker 4-pass.; ciftipe, tine shupo: r'2t; (.hevrol^t : coach, fine .shape.; '22 Dodge coupe, good; '23 Dodge coupe. Some | other very cheap earn. Cash, terms or trade. Hobart-Stee'e^lotor (to. 1924 'FOHD ROAUSTIEK Cpod tire.c .i new paint job. i<ood lop and ."^ide (iiriains open wi h door. Min visor; fender braces.; An excep- tionnjly good hnv. |Ka .SV terms. AicCiu-thy .\l(;tor C'o .J 212; South Wasliiugton.- PhoneSO:;. ! at K^i- 113^5 OVKRLAND ilEDAN 192S i Chrysler "."iS" coupp; 1 192*; Chrvs- lev •711-' sedan: 1926 (fhrysjer ".^S" 10 KGfiS—If you want size, heavy; pro.luctij)n. vitality, and beauty,; get your eggs Irora Carl Abbott, j Yates Center. l-l.OO for If) eggs. 1 =" — They Iiave purchn.s"d tiie;r eggs | REAL for at least' ter. years dfre^'t fron> i •"Hlllview's" best .lrapii-s;(d ex-, position S. C. Whjti-. I.e.:;horn. A •few choice < oj-kercSs. Piio. iDCi'.i-ll. Yate.s Cehter", jKaus. ROO.^IS -Two funjishod for light hoi! "k^^euing. evoiythiug Vu'rni.'Jh- ed. ' "'t:.' .'v>rili Wuliiut. ESTATE FOR RENT Farms .nnd I.aiul forKciitT* .\!:t )rT ."o -VCUt'-.S -Of farming and niowj!. niiles porth- we.;t of lola. -lolin lienthei-. U/GHEST MARKET—Prices paid; for cream, eggs, and poultry., Our triick and chicken coops are : at your service to pick up pful-^ try. Darkei- Produce Co. Pho, 658. H.vrCHlNC ICC.CS, This season,! Ntandai'd bred, Snn:lhiiie. S. C. K. i., Red.--. .'lOi- per selling, dark nil. loiiK back, bred lo Jay. .Mrs. ii.iii Rice. •! miles tti-sl. 2 si>u;li,of lola. : ill .VCRK FAi:.M—Improved. .lack- son Ue ;Jiy Co.. over IJrown 's Drug Sto.i -e. ' / 4ti .VCitK l-'.\i:\l -Coii.d improvej;^ nilins. : e.'llis I a-;! Mild'cil. Vi !;iil.- til s.'aovil: .-ej'or r< 111. Karl iji. ii.iiaii. Mililr.d. QUAIilTV KLICCTRIC H.vrClIKRV, Gas City. Kans. Custom l^jatching. ?.c per es:,', or r >c per chick. I.'aby ^chicks, heavy fbreed. :jl2 per lUo; light breeds, gio.r.o xmr Kli. IDil .'.CI,!.S ^Javoiiliiir.:;. l'"llllk.: Ki-i ACKK:-; ]•('-;-!• i.-ie!l thor .'w. Tv., for Hill ^! e:ist :-.l.wart Of Uiiiirow a I oii(-e. ;. Koiid land,A. I). Haw- WHITK ROCK Phono lliiit. KCGS - For: se!!!!!.:;. Sr,'i;ih OaK siret-i. Wanted—Livestock 170 ACRK FAK.M-Very well ira- The .\!len Coiiniy luveat- ii-.-nr Ci;.. I->-ll.y fl'olel FJldg., Kansas. lola. P.VSTURK—Open cattle: i popular sponsible for, br*iecl!.v s -Keefc, N. Kentucky road for Houses for Itent 77 April first, prices. .N"ut r.--1 -pf ,;,K:K ROO.M IIOlL'SE—EIec^riq tock. .1. .1.; ijg ;;ts. city water, loiated at •'iOS 1 lialf iiiile. i j;,,„tH Chestnut. See Nl. A Schlick. WANTED TO BUY—All kinds cat- ; tie and hogs. J. C. Butcher. ; Suburban for Kent 80 MERCHANDI Articles for S -A X H srci'RBAN— 1:! air.'.-?, city, -lyater, uas. frait. good soil.| VaiiKyning, kelley Theatcj\ _' Re- loach; 1926 Chr.vsler j-sn" . cftach: CHUNK AVOOD— For sale, $2.50 fn timber or S .rS .T delivered. -A. J. Swinford. Phone 51S. 7.-^ REAL ESTATE FOR SAE^ Ilcnses for 81 1SI2.-I Essex coach; l (»2.-. Maxwell, 192.-. .M:i.\wen ilubllRON BARRKI.S— A\ uIi l^ei'd club :sedan: couTio: 1926 Ford road.-rer. A\e; traiK Ro.s;? Arbncklc's Carage,! Ciirviler Dealers. Phone _r.6. (•lit out. ideal for trash burners: si im deliverivl. City Oil Coiniiany. cti'i'TACF-Cliiap |i )oni mortem, ; u..:a.^e. lor ;iiul l-.i.lf. Deal wvlth . o-.vner. W'l Soi:lh CtieslMUt. auction , clock at Aulo Trucks for Snle nlinued from Page 1) \ \ naval i-cinmauder ai .Nankun; v.-hatevlr aclioii lie :iniN ii m. i^s- tp lake to n-sciii- Aiii-ricaii iri5i.ic ACCTio-v )N .1 will I't Pishoi;. in •!-S lo I ed; vy :ne : ••ii'.ry (i :/>-Ii .still in the 1 iiy. Thre^ Cruisers Arc Ordered to Shanshai P .'.riiion. Sahirilay. I p. 111., s head of hors.\4 of L'oo I > Dvv-i.- calves. 20 !ii :;;s. (hii-I.eiis,' f.iriii i!>ae!iiniTy of all .-••Is 01 v .orl; harness, siii .-il! garden tools, and of ;;ooi! household funlitij fJi ^ bi^p. • A net jijpi^er. sell at s Salc-i Manili 26. at r. head head of autiuioiiiles. Ikiiids. 2 lo: of 1! kinds ;-e. C. S. ii'Mii a today ll ".A number of .An^ericau civil-11 Ic.noln > Kair-a* ( illi Gfirai. * Kaira'- Cily. .\|-ui;. 21. Wli JiiTii ^i- 7r. I 11.-; iini-lianj ^i -d ;o t.".-:: NM dark l::,rd .>1.2'| Xo: -.i ii,2n••:.';/ 1 .::2: No i\- i,:;:;; \ No >l.2r.'i; :\'o Z M-ii ji"' j'o I.2i;: No .\di>iiial ! .\lliei ic; iask.-tl f lih .-ni [It: ; 2C I :.'M i::-l: lllii; i silV I.-. • I wh r. No. 2 <'•'.}*••< ':;(-: .No. :; i:i'ii72i-: .No! •.Vlllli' lOLA HU!)E. FLTR & WOOL COMf^ANY \ ,fJet "ur prices "n • FOILTRV AM) E(J«S We nil! conic after poultry. B. A. JONES 111 So. Ohio Phone 1.W7 t Clilll IO ll- ll.« - . .1 7 i -^^i- : No. :; nr. K }t -l'ou 72'...'!/7i ' a ; .Vo. 2 iiiiMii '„ t;:i } 1).!:.-^- iini-iiaii'-ed. .No. 2 I 'i'.f r -i ; .No. :; i::i_.(if MU-. , .'.lilo iiiaizc .rl.l::'<i 1 21. J K.'fir •> I.iil'i/ 1.21. ' ^ ;;>•• 9i"iiii2c. ; n. y vnif7 -ii-. . ( lose: -\Vii.'al : .May,old .n.2i;i le ;v; ii;;;-;'^ : .; iiy • i IM ; <'oi;i: >!;:y 7i ••,!•; .Iiily 7 :^• a '•^f\i\. 77 'ic. lie o. ;UH(»N( IHTi.S-"F(H,KV.S" tMVFS ; = :• .J .S! KK IM:I,II F. MARKET i -Foh-y's I limey and Tar Co -^poiind reii.ves at on<e dislressii GRENNAN'S iTlvll^ ^loosens Ihe -harsh .ough, rai> \o •» Fifes""""" —--^!pM'-=^ib ''iiaily. soothes the irrit ^.ji* :j ' 1 V f^*^'' """•""-'^ nieinlnan.'. cases !1- g. jfialiting in the 1911 revolutiou Itjvvleii the provisional government les|r>i;de the city its capital. Ill the 111- le )plPon of 191:!. Nanking \vas the ;sh died by government troop.s Hens' ' 7-""7''.il',' h''""""^"'''*'''''' li«'"n"'fs ihal grovsifwo weeks. <,,u„„., i'c„ V ^T. i^^"""^'- '"^vi.rd nightf;jll. From M s. i jeneral Pal T.sung-llsinj. Cantoni/^lf iiide ;r-::::::::::.„L5i ;^v^ • • • - • • Oreen Hides 4 6c-:?.'"'' '1'''' ^ Honey atid We will co'nie aft*r jonr ponltrr. i, as a reha^de ' ' •" •medicine, .sate and etfeclive (or J l? r<».nLn<.4« Tt^^A.^^J scoughs and .lolds in children . r. Urennan JrrOdUCe L/O .jgrown per.-,ons. Your druggist seils Enst Monroe lind Elm iPhone STftland rccomnrends ii. .Ask or plidne j ilola, KanH. Jfor it. ' ! I alls have been killed; auit wounded. The number inv <ilved is iiii- cerlain but ii is .feared that the number is large. TIW' .Ann riean.s 1 left in the <Miy comirrise •)."> v ;i >iu- lU. 20 (•liildreii. W men." ; ; ... , . , , '.I 111 'held i\ord was given several days a ,"^li for Iho foreign women ami ehil- ih -i'ii to evai iiate .Nanking, as it w IS ap |i :ii-'III tli;t( ih<' drive of the CMiili .iii 'se III sci/i- llii>-: inipJiiIaiil railroad ceiiti -r and Vaiigtsc river 1, po- I 'voulir be succ -i -ssflll. The i iefii!<ees 'well- aciiiinmoiiated on I in 'o-i -i |;iiii; ships and olliers were;. Iilioed on hoard the ileslniyers .N'oi'i and Prestiiii which took par'- In i ^hvllinK today. Women aud 1 ill- 11 were-also pi!l aboard I'.ritish <-,riiiser l-'merald. ngion. .\!ar. 24. lAPi Tin- iiisiT.^ Kiciiiiioiid. Marbled (inioiillati were oliii -i i-ii I ;>|-oi-ei-ii ;,l olii e fiiiii II 10 .SluMlgnai. 'A'illi.iiiis. ; i-oiiiiiii'i'.liu?; III naval . loi< is :ii C.:i ::i;., .1- {'.:>• -hij's. wi.i.Ji will ~i:|. .'it nil- furi-^s already iiiidi r miniainl at SliMi-'iiai. T!i> y , •c 11 ord In ri s AlITOIVIOTJ\'^ Aiifonioliile Agencle* A I SKI) CAR- Is til" d.alcr who S.iles and Ser.ii s-lls it . Till- b! Ill buy good, d p-iuhible 1 dependable as ' .•ri-d to HOI.OIHIII lo . rvi- niiiii .-111 h pre.-,« lit line o! liolh pr= •••d els, w<- have a |p' 11 and do: to Ell ill'- a- ;i.(u! ! iU.-lli-d. eiafl. tli.' ai is iii-i-il lor Ihiii^ in Cl.ina . Itt ar .'Mliniral i R. V. ill ritiiiiiiaiid of l!ii- llin- - j ''1- 211 .North Washinfi4n. AntoiiKiliiles for Sal^ (nil- III rciiii-nis ..I'jii. ' niarkaiil •''"-i.iim oii.-ii ''"•;iioiir ill r- jllli' Ceiier; .Nanking, \vith Us iiopulation of i |.,.;„}um •Tin iboiit :!8J,OUII. did not have as an icuVranli -i -il.' • xteii.sive foreign population a:-; 1 i.eiieral Motors Aii\. the r -ifiarkaldi- advcr in Ihi.v 12 pagi-' copy of .1- which has ;-ii many ailvi-riisciiK-iiis lliai to SI-:, apart a sp.i-uil •ad' 1 belli all i- liiai ol ll .\loiiir C'l.. iiiid-r tlie liKPKNllAlfl.F rsKi) <-A ;s- prjr. .-;iiiil. Iiaki-i-i';diiplex- loais.ler. AI sliai;'. ; a naj Mia |i |iy i'.iiick ro;iil- 10,11 11. k- liie.-: 1921 Hudson i-iai -h: a IiarL 'aiii il a l?'r" ! Cord JoiiiniK, .Marr .Anti^ SniiiPliy i (,•:. Riiick D'^alei.--. in2r (I'ORD TRICK Good i:iiodim<^cl>ai!ical condatiiui, iirfreo | r!-.:ii:t lioyer .Motor Co., 212 Soiilh j _Jefu j ^sim I ^<)ne. 2:\.[ Anto Accessories. Tires, Parts- 13 ISI.VC.M-: HIT AXFS Spii-ial ori. e i this week only. $1.6-''. -Allen Coim- l.(y Inildeni.-llt Co.. 2117 S.le:-. iici'si-;: . . iiuiii:. Il'' tires. 1 "--:: Business and (hTue E<iiiipnient I.SKi* PARTS eomiilite line ;i lies. ell-. • Phoiie 7S2. • We (-urry a most of- Used! parts, ?)at- ola Wrecking Co. TYPKWfilTFRS- Neiv and slightly : iis»=d. A va;.iely to si-leci frcni. ;: I'eviiis if desin-d. Williams Tyi'i - i writer <'o.. Rcon-. 1". over f;i<.i !e. ! Fuel, Feed, Fertilizers 50 Hol'-SH- 1; room nm ciose in. iii ar .!elf. .loan I £i -uiii-r. IliMSH— 7 r..oi.i <v. '.;ar ;;.m-. i-oriii-r lo'. .-<!;-"•': .^2i)'i i!nv.;!i., reir-. .\i-iiii(-;;!i- i;i 1 BUSINESS SERVICE -4^ LOOSE H.AY - AMaita and 'iiiMiliy. .\I:s. Anna Wilier.. ?ii:li- wesi ae.i! ini!'" north t'ar'yle: ,1'ho'ie ;i^''-2! ! SfriTliii?, Trucking, storage fi3 ;.NUi-: PRAIRIK HAY • ."!_.: f i baie at baru. U-w-is P •CORri TRANSFER CO —Packing.' iMJ-th .ind one ^ias! iro storage, long distance hauling- —• Pal-il. •well, mile • \V: r!:-:.> r:.i>. • ii-.:i.-'-. ' ('i,,i:iiv ?;.s.iiii ',;it .1- PI:K .^ liny- .1 1!> I 'M VeSlnil -111 .. IMI;L IN moved off; iirii. fgarage ^i sou si -hooh dciii house, ave;i .street. lia^:n«e like! l-:s;:)ie. iXTi:! I'niil ood li room '. lire AH..!! Ci'.. Kelley 85^ Reas'onabie rales. Phone 140^ lionscli.old Goods — Dodge st place •:e'l cars omplete ed I'lod- < Molin- Professional Serilces SURfJKRY — .Medicine, X-ray.. Dr. | F. Uei>skl. Phones: ofiica, SSB; i reMidence. 1126W. L i 28: l;|!'-i'-KT Diniir; laUi- 1; • i I;'i". !xl2 .\xni':;':-;' :• r..-. vi-rsal eli'i-irii- corici-r. miis'c .laiilis Lane.-21.^ .'-^out'i I':n-.VOOii slrC'-i. I'llolli; ".'i7. io Kxchangc-Keiil Kstjite FOR Ti:.M>i: I liajv" 2J .^!l-al•r^' lra;is IIKII I Vvj.'.l i!:; for iolai •• idi-ii'-e at a leir Hon'ti ^^;lIl. !'.;t'-h liaT'ca^-j. 1 1. K. Wat-j !-i''i. rniiisoii. K;.ii-i i (',,'- II EMPLOYiMENT I Help Wanled-Male a:: POP.TLR WANTKI) Kell' V Hotel. Call -it once in';' person. at FCRNITrRl-;- New and i;s' !-. "l" 'iH kiiui :. .\No new i iie.-. Co;:[.'ol('-i:ni :ilid M..dresse-. Ilry.-oii I' 1 :iii-.ire St'ire. .North .i. ffi-i^oii. SItuiitlons Wiinled VorVi'; MAN STKNOI .\mli bookkeeper desi: P.o.iiii 7. Kviiiis HId.g. .Male RAPHKR ; e.- position, i id e Car.- :.\ri' lioiildy This ;;dverti.--!ii' ni is remarkabli- lor tli- lad il lie inatiy 01 Ihe other Chinese cities, i ti lies l:!0 miles frcmi .tin- coast jand Ihe Southerners have madi' it Ian objective for seveial weeks as lit is a key position on the railway 'line betwi'en Shangha.i and Tient-,''h.,vi,ig i,;,i|onal circulation. The •sin. jappearan'ce of the Cmnpany'.s afl-j .Nar.king was tht; .scene of much j vertisemeni in ih" Register, there­ in-; PKNI lAl 'iLK CSKIi ( Ct;, 1. nili I cotii-h : 192 ."i 10 :1. li; K-..'ieXi I oach; hod! .I'M-, v.orih Mil' money: l; Chevrolet roioNler. rebii ri finis)!!-!: !!)2.'; Siar 1'•:'.! Clievrolit niadsler. aMil n finish',.1. P.. T. !' cKi-. :'1.1 Wc.;t .street. Ph appear.-: iu Ihe Regi.iier al all. cause lip ;o this time General Motors Coiiipauv has <-onfiiied its ;id- vertising almost exclusively to Hie: . i ^ ^ magaziiiis and vther periodicals , iiCn WIHTi: MOTOR CO. 1926 hevrdilet Ue road- ! ;^ 7 22 F. P.. ! •^-•""'> It anil rjjailster: rebliiU iier (Jarme 5iri. fore, indicated a radical change in j policy which is explained in a let-i tcr from Mr. Bruce P.arion. head ' iOf Hie firm of Parmn. Durstine A '"''iOsborn. through which Hie order rcr aiiv«'rtisini-' is placed, in the j course yf which he says: "W jplaciug these adverlisenient.s Serious for Amencai - On account of niy tu'allh 1 ant*finifting fanning :ind entire herd of extra high grade .leiyey cattle and farming lie Auction at luy farm ;i miles wesV and 2 miles north olf lola. aiKlj -1 miles cast and 2 miles north of Pir <na-. on TUESDAY,: MARCJElZt Regiunihg at 10 o'clock a. m.. ^-he following dcscribei S:l 11K.\1> OF HIGH «;U.M)K:: iiig 2 gallons a day .IKRSEY ('ATTI.K--O111 S-ye;ir-old •! Uirdd' . ilry now. fri >*airy, giving 2. gallons, :i !ilk. lircd'; 2 -year -i )lii heifers. .Atareh "1: 1 >'<-year-<iid;; t. -1. giving ;-non: 2 yearling l.eif 2 gallons milk, bred Oi •• 2: 1 6-' y< .ir ;ol.l .Icr.iey bull year-olii. Tulip, givii'g ' g.iilon-^-;st-red : I f :i: hull inilk.'fresh; i ^-^eal 'd. Li!-' HUG'S :. I I!,. ,lilon: -I •r-.,i.l , iust dlie i •^''••••' niar;- .--.'I'lirli • vov: 4'•'"'••:;i Fijjhi :,<-|i-. VAIfKS U.„ ^lil'ioih :i;i.-.;;;;. It. ilOiljl". . ly. will be.^fre.^h by sale yi.'ar-<dd. ites.sie. giving • milk, bred" Dec; in; i .:!-;. Goldie, giving 4 gal.ons ml iresli; I 2-yeav-olil past." giving 2 gallons' milk, bfcd .29: 1 :!-y-ar-oId. .Jo:,ie. givir j M MtNF.SS^ /One •ivpallon.s milk; fresh in :!0 ,la> i: !in<..^^s: sii.-ne .|id haiii! .Ti-year-tdii. Dimple, givhig : il-I ^1 MPl.K'JKNTS, V. Ions .milk, fresh in rioday-^: ; -i ^^gy pole; 1 :p:!ir shal .vear old." iVarl. giving :i gaii j is Miiacl-ine. .7-iiiiii. gooi milk, in 20 days: 1'4-yeai-onl.i .-ig. •;• -iK.'.-efvcnIt:v;i '^ir; I disc :'"FloV!:ie. will be fresh'soon. (.'i\. - Mow"r ? lorii'iled; ] • 4 gallons when fresh; 1 p-year-oid.I 12 loot li;ii-fou : I Violei, jiist fresh, glviii)^ 4 gallon.* :'V .:i,j|,. win :i! drill: I a. day; I ::-year-old. HufL will be j\y.-i:;(in. iron wheel fresh day of .sale; 1 :i-yeai-o!il : 'o./, ,1 gooii inilj; ,-jtU l^nppel. giving galJcr : , | ;,-,„i ,„;„iv ,„,,' a day: 1 C'.-year-old, Question, giv .^eamiiou:; lo iiientidn TEE.MS (•.iSlf-See iourjocjjl iHinker If credil Is , ^ , are 1 ommander iu the Shanghai .,,i.„.i„jj Hiese adverlisenienl.s with 1 arfa, warwed the Chiues'e yester- U-ou becan.-e we believe that the : daiy- that the lives and property of town newspapers offer a real l"o(eigners must be respected. .'advertising oppoiliinity for General . j Motors. My boyhooil was sp-'nt in ap.'^i Situation in China ;a country town. For thir'v years I 1; hav.(^ lived in a country town in , . .the summer. I read every line of: ! 'Jts local jiaper. no; only in the \ AVashirtgton, Mar. 24. f API—The :;«,„,,,„pr.i,„t in niy"5:ew York home killing of .Americans in China, thi!|j„ ,|ie winfer. I believe in the.-' I resort to gijnfire by .Ameriiali <le-1 papers and I believe ibis cainpaisn • ! stroyers. and the rushing of naval I going to prove a great siicce-;s."": reinforcements to Chinese' waters; |n,.j,|i.nially readers of the Riais- bronghl the Chinese situation, as l ,^,J:•;,„;,y help to make it .1 siici-es^ it 'aflecl.s the I'nited Status.. to a ' ),y filling out and forwarding tin- stage of seriousness today which i ,.o„p„n which will be found a' the; officials had hoped would be .ob-i'hiniom of the ad. which is on I'age ' tools al Pijb-jviated by the peaceful occi'ipalio»t ; foiir. I of Sliatighai by the Cantonesi> na- j _ tionalist troops Although the American forces, including the marines, were .sent 1 to Chinese waters (o protect Amer-; ican life and, properly, .officials .1, .). Griflin, prisidet of the Kan- had cxprc'.ssed tht belief that thev i.;!^,; association, announce'! 10 iiiighl not bo n.jeded. on< e the ,|;,-.- t.h.-ii -ihi Caiitonese had opportunity to consolidate ilieir pos-itions and H r 1 >S()N-K.«SIpX ! )i ';ALKR P .nCK. 2 Pt2i| ROADSTFRS. .CHEVROLKT) L't24 UOADSTKR. KSS);N. 2 191;G SIX COArllKS. KSSKX. I'lj:; FDUR TOFl^l.NG. KSSKX. FINANCIAL . _ i l-'f 'rj .NrrrHK—Oil slovi-s ami < 00k l^'\ s'.oves; carlo;;il iii^h t;i-ad" u--d fi!rf:itM>'f jint arrived from Kansas" City. Save one-half, easv pay- nn'iils. free: delivery . Curtis Par gain Store..f^allarpe. I Fi:-^t i; 'JtTU .S;;-le I In .-.lid LEG A IS I .e;;al Xoiict I 'll Hi 111 I. 'Ill Dail.sf I:'-:. I _ I li-!ieil ill 'I r.-i- .Mlnil (»K n \Ai. si;T'n.t :MK \TL Hi' l 'C ::li--:is. ."•.Uija (.'oillily. SSi til" Piiiiiiiie loiiii' ill :iiiil for Coiiiifv. Ill Ihi- li::itl'-r of tlii,^ • r Cliiirles \V. Heui'.ood. de Hiisiness Opportunities ; I 1 STO!-K—Of di'ags; drui: siiiidries:' fountain and luiu-li counter. Only store ini good small town ni-:ir lola. Waint cash o:consider real estale. Immediale poss-.-sion. Splendid bjjr.gain. Call on The .-Mil-;! Coiiniv Co.. J<eiley Hotel Bldgl, lola. Mpliey to~Loari-^3r6ijtKages ~ 40 RANGI 'lS -Large ^ si.^e KVi 11. all hit ' iiir ;:rin. :.-.-:'.S .',o. Il.'iiliiii;;!-! 's Stur- ;viadi.~.on Mir'-ii. ^|lji.\S I ;{S -i-roof ric iiii 11! . V>'i : Wanted—To liuy UA.NTKH TO jiiid'-e po.-IS. - MI'V Clyd.,' i .it-:-' Kslat. .•:i.-e'l. Creililori ami all ,o!her jir-j -.son .'S intensl'll in the aforesaid K.-it :a«^ ai'- lief, li;- .K .iifi,'-,! Ihal i'ly to. liie I'roii:.!'- r. u.- -.i:d t'ouniy. sin iici at i I '.iise. iiT lo!.;. Iiii:y Siliie l:i K.lOsaS. Oil till; A;.ril. A. I). '927. l.f lil '-il Se !ll..!|,,.:<l '(.f s.uil I'.ir an order liiiiliM, Tiioiiipsea. -i.i.iij^ .iiid il:g v.h'i are ll;;. Imirs, ilevisees Icmit-e .iSii .'-aid ^l ^-l';l ^ell. Oi.lVK IIKGWOOD, , j Ailrriinisliiiror oi liei- K-tale of Charl'- W. H.^gwood. deceasWI. i:!( :MII-17-2I. . :'" I shall ap|- ill iiiid foj" Cue Coiitr if .MlenL 2iiii day of, u fiiil and i;~rale. ana a.ijiidgl and I WANTKI) I Kansas Elks to Meet Ili Newton, .June 22-23' Iirope ty: 1 .">-vfnr-<i|l<l. ;^li ;ll b( M- calv can July I'M) 1 b- i92:!|Ft)i;R cor FORD, 192C COUPE. FORD. 192.-I TFDOR SKDAN. I FORD. 192.1 li0AD.STER. FORD. 2 1921 TOURINGS^ FORD. 2 192:! COUPES. HIDSON. 1926 Sedan, lit' "ew. HI'DSO.N, y.r21 S|ieedster[ tlnco fi;iisli; • . • I HUDSON. 1921 SKDA.N. llUPMo ;5ir ,K. 192:1 TOUlil.VG. IIUP.MOHILK, 1921 TOUI LNG. OAKLAND. I92t; LANDAU SKDA.N. OVKRLANp, ;]92H COUPIJ:. .STU1)KI{.}KKR. I92I light six <-olipe. weight 1011 . ray ;,i a Kilt L-Piii iionlh. Weil I lioulde S::. r|'. -One 1 • es: I aiov.i slliipe: 1 •vaIking li oni plalileij- li-:i'.'- : -I Slid b 'i\: ;L somt; ihiuKSi desired* organ- 1 o.l •U i/t'' capturcfl territory.' jith ^h Admiral AVilliams. commanding' --tlie .Asiatic fleet iwiih fall pov.ers.! reported a disiinieting sittialion to•K- ueM slate nieetini; the Elks will a I Newloii. ' association was lielii in' lola last November aud was ininsiiallv sui ci-s<ful. 192:'. Spifciai ^' I 111' held luye 22 and j 1. The last meeting of i .-fTUDKRAKKR. : Roadster. \\'e Trade or Give Liberal 219 S. WASH. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS FARM LOANS—puick Bervice and reasonable rates. Aj D. Hawthorne. 213 S. .Washington. .A used roll .for i-asli or iu exclia:!;;' one. .Address "X. V. Re'i^ister. top di--K". for a new /..'.• lare E. 1 • MONEY TO LOAN—Private and eastjern money to loan on farms and! city property. fLow rate. Terms and payment to 8»|it bor rower. Stewart & Funk. ; FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farmSj 5%, city 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunningham. LIYESTOqK, jHorses, Cattle. TeWcles 48 COWiS—Three good fTCi^h milk ci 'Wis and nii->' shdiils. -iveigSit abojit 7.'i lbs. C- F.i Gent/., lb mills north, on Stat*- Street. jWHIT'r: SOW .\nd nine j i|iiit" !2u .North Elm. |- PISS- In- i; WH1 .TK SIIO.VTS-^ H] G.iTice. i-.. rnutb; 1\ we*t of .Mo|au; Phone I 'iiiri. Aloran. i • S SHO.XTS—-Anil 2 brood i'ows for Ponltry and SnpRliea ! RAliy CIIICKS -Yoa ci i Ac'.:redited Cliftks iiovi ! peri 100• 200.: $2 :'..r >o: 40it: $4G.OO; ".00. .^.•.S.2.". 49 n buy State : for .$12 ,'X> :!00. $ 700. $77."0: Terms. PHONE 180 900' $94..'>0;. ioiio, $10: ..".rt. White Lerihorns. Ic per chid ton( hatching. 4c per i Chi|Lk Hatchery, 220 ' Iol:i. Kansas, less. CilS- |gg. Sturdy .Vest street. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY SOME GOOD BUYS IN CHEVROLET •5 1921 CHEVROLET T01RIN(;S. I 1925 CHEVROLET CHAS-SIS. ' 1 1925 CHEVROLET COIPE. 1 JJ121 DODGE TOURING. 1 1921 FORD TOURING. 1 1921 FORD LIGHT TRUCK. RuckJell Axle and .starter, cai) and bodV. 1 1921 FORD COUPE. 2 NEW FORDSONS. S-IO off new price. CJlEVROLET DEALERS SHELLY MOTOR €0. Authorized 118 West J;aeksoti ('heirulet Deiilers, Phone 60 TAG'.4 HANDICAP. BY BLOSSER 60 OiTTSIDS AS>' «5 2BCA0SB yoO 6^ lAiTD \>OAV." PUAJJSMIMC t OL. W. J. RlLKL-lnclioneer. 1 lijST XATI0.\AL DJLsk of lola. (lit linrich Serred by \U C. Club. ^ THE IDEA OP ViX; AAlD JiAV PI6AT1M6 uksvoy DID vE^rrEJ?PAV=rAv ASTJAMED OF Woo! TOLD yoO To STdPfi^O SPEtUNtoOR MAVE ) 5EP0EEStoO LOSr\«H )RTEMPEP? " VjiAV DIDM'T- SCO DO )|4ArV £SrECDAV?

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