Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on September 7, 1972 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 7, 1972
Page 21
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Page 21 article text (OCR)

CAMPtS CLATTEil By Ltitry Lewis fKOFESSOft ADAMS KlCKEO M£ OUT OP MIS FINAL ' 1 EeW6, M66NIE/ MINEY, MOEO OUT LOUO.. MOOSE today's FUNNY AMANDA PANDA By Bob Weber Today's FUNNY will pay $1.00 for each original "funny" used. Send gags to: Today's FUNNY, 1200 West Third St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. ( HOW MANV CARS S AREON AW \TRAtN? ^•nn --. , ^- Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, Sept. 7, 1972 B4 By HOW MANY © wn *t NEA, f«« PROPELLERS ARE ON MV PLANE? Sou COUNT E.16HTCARSANP FOUR * PROPELLERS?, DAVID CRANE By Winslow Mortimer TIIE WIZARD OF ID Parker and Hart SMIDGENS • I f \ i I INTERESTED? I s //L_. > 7 OF COURSE, YOU CANT REALLY APPRECIATE I. ALL THE NEW SAFETY FEATURED ON THI5 BEAUTY UNTIL YOU'VE HAD A HEAD-dN COLLISION! By A. LEOKUM W II0 INVENTED SIGN L A N G U A G E FOR TIIE DEAF? Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. By Bob Cordray include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: JOANN KLASS, 15, Rego Park, N. Y. Before the Ifith century, people who were deaf-mute (unable to hear or speak) were treated horribly. They were regarded as idiots, incapable of intelligence, and were locked up in asylums or even killed. , \ 'M JACKIE/KMON, TAKING WIJR ENGLISH LIT COURSE YES... MNCHE5TEK , BROUGHT THE. CHEERS WE WORKING ON AMP ;W SURE THEY'RE OKAV, JACKIE CERTAINLY. JACKIE,! -MP X?U'RE BONNIE'S SISTER. TO APPROVE THEM IFX3U WILL KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola LUCK/ TO SET VDU 1 THE ROOF' O7ANE IS THE KEY TO OUR OPERATION/.. THIS ROOM, AVON.' YOU ANP J WHAT WE'RE AFTER IS IN 'THECALYPSO KID'S CORNER APAMSCAN BOTH SEE THE V SUITE, SEVENTH FLOOR," CUE BALL EXPLAINS... HERE/ ..ANP IF r..ANP Jf ..I WIRE- < IF 1 ACOULP THIS IS .) IF I KNEW \TAPPING \HAPTHEJ LEARN AN"IFFY"\WHAT ROOM? WEREN'T < EQUIP- / PLENTY SITUATION..] THEY'RE /ILLE6AL.. j /WENT.. IN THE RIVETS By George Sixta TIGER By Bud Blake HOAAEX IKMOW.IWA^ LATE FF?OM 6C\\OOL) LeAKMlM66OM6fri!NJ<5 POMT SHOOT" VOUF? (MATES PISTOL ATA THE SMITH FAMILY ANxH WEH AXTCK To HOT c.\N s o\_T/\\;^OOC.lV JEFF COBB THE "DEVIL DRAGONS" STOP. THEN... \^- t * > *^(p^m **-' \ K . • '.'••/—-»•. *yv IN ANOTHER _£- -_^ ...HONEY, OUR if* I KNOW, ROOM IS THIS ) BUT MY FAVORITE WAY i >' COMICS ARE THIS ^A » '— - SWl/l ^-WW Then an Italian doctor WLS'THROP .called Geronimo Cardano got the idea of teaching deaf- mutes through 'written characters. These would be combinations of symbols that would be associated with objects. In the 18th century, a Frenchman, Charles de 1'Epee, created a language of signs. This was a system of using conventional gestures of the hands and arms in such a way that they represented the thought that was to be conveyed. Meanwhile, in the 17th century, a finger alphabet was worked out By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith which was similar to the one in use today. Until about 85 years ago, this was the way deaf people _ were taught to communicate ftSs--*? — signs, facial expressions, and the finger alphabet. In fact, some deaf-mutes could spell as many as 130 words a minute. But many teachers of the deaf have begun to disapprove of the sign language and finger alphabets. They say it isolates deaf people by keeping them from communicating with persons who have normal hearing. Nowadays the deaf and hard of hearing learn to interpret what is sa^l by watching the lips of the speaker. They also learn to you [JOSE *>) THE GAMS SOMEBOPV IS THE DUMMY By Dick Cavalli WELL,THIS IS THE LAST BATCH OF LBVONADE I'LL. EVER GEU1_. HENRY fc True Life Adventures By Carl Anderson By Peter Hoffman Th» Dally Guardian "^ / -M.i'iNo «... . ~ %& ;'; If- ^ ^ ',..., ^I*V*A : JUajMMiOISl-'ATCH - |! f- 4-f. 'f.-f,i'-tl4 SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal speak themselves by observing and feeling the lips and vocal organs of the teacher and then imitating the motions. FUN TIME TheChucklPBox Hostess: Mary, wouldn't you likt a chair'.' Mary: No. thanks. We have two of them at horn*'. Woman: Do I have to stick the stamps on myself 9 Postal Clerk: '.No. I think you'd better slick them on the package. CROSS WORD FU//LE Jeffrey Deucker. 9, East Alton. 111., wins a New Book of Knowledge Yearbook for this puzzle. Make one up and send it to "Cross Word Puzzle", Tell Me Why, with your name, age, address. BEARS S^UE WASTE. H.-VvS NV-XK'C'EKHf A\V-\V TO ES tSEEM T-UTH-E IN THE VAST ^^s^KssaaaK^ii^j^^ S --,' • _^*«4S^««isaiSf; • ,j-^??*3S'« BIJT MOTHHK. HA-S «H y Sidney Oma LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE QUINOY Bv Ted Shearer THE \ . MONEY FOR A NEW J >• HOY/ . WAS 60NMATHROWA PART/ 'CAUS&SHE FIKISHEP PAVlN' OFF OUR REFRIGERATOR. ACROSS. 1. NatAC of Arabia. 5- Dogs i-hiw on it. G. Girl's name. 7. Nut fat. DOWN. 1. Son of Adam 2. Past tense of ride 'i (iii'l's name. 4. A vegetable. Win The Nt-\\ Hook of Knuwlcd^f Yearbook. Send your nddlf.i jukes to: ••H:ddlt's Joke- Ti-il Mi- Why " (Jut- X:p Oxk' I OKI-CAST I OH I IUDAY f '.pnt ui'n i Lin ridi.- \vuii ihr tuii.'— 'i .i ^.Ii;i!ii NatiSf^ t;f n<:-, / .ili.u a! SIS.JH i.iii bub- nul-'.vc.ivv ' .1 n dvj' !< .mil i 'Hinft'i ptiir h i . n lA.nlr blir,^ nul t;iki- liu uli.-n- M\'r .It pifilM-i', Itv ;l-ht K.'aili Mf 1 M'M- |ii'i Mills h.Hi- :;.i,,|., and ;:-.•: all- a(hu'\i' (h'.'M: — 'an. 1 '.'.a' »! at: \ me own I r.ul the 10 tie •M-V. -J_- • Uo.\ i'l'l s,,ll ..;n: and \ l\..- is lai.'!\i-.! Hi- ,i!l Sl'.ii I Ki '• .. hc.l.Ir <''•!..^- ; /,..| i.-: a! K.a tJ 8 'AtXIS 'L '311J3X '9 'NiNdVN 'I '3SflCHiHOIl 'L 'lOh 'I •-• U.V.OQ -iNVSVSrid '8 '3\'. 'U> 9 'IV8 S 'SdaVoO V 'NOaiOdVN "L — siojsy -SiHMSi-iV pinii.,.,-.i|ihv. 1'tnd jitti 20}: paitnt-r la :: c.sU'viii N^'A-, 01 tiavcl i a 'HAY IS ^H K BIK1 i!. ai ^ a j.' A\ cH Lit HUh V :au- 'i-p.'^lte .^e.\ InM U. Oi'luber you i.'.t !te,v pail, Whli,h .iiHeiiU. ic and pitlaOll-

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