Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on March 24, 1927 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 24, 1927
Page 6
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fPOTERlS Despite Fact That He Has Been Shdt atidBeateA,' ; H.ltf; Flanders Is " StiU Working. I feoperton. Ga.l Mar. 24. f ?t . takes more thin a shot iii the back ;^ and an almds^^fatal beating by a 1 .band of >hoode<| mep to! curb' the editorial pen lot H. M. Flaniiers, i editor of The' SoperXou News; ' -StiU unablle to leave his be/d a!s :_ the result of the latest attack^ for 'which Sheriff^-iv. L. Thigpen. of Tfeutlen connt}% and several other men have been:arrested,jPiaifders keeps his little weekly paper iom- ing out regularly througji a loyal 'lieutenant, who [served just asi val- • iantly tlirefe years ago |xvhe(i he was shot. , ; , The lieutenant is his jwifo, Ihe mother of"a 17-joar-old boy iijid a ; 12-year-old daughter who • helps heri. ' She writes the eniiy. soJirits the adycrtiseraents, Bt'i;ij lht•^n to the prehs and looks i»fl«r iln'- tir- ' <if I ac- colloctiau cjilatlon and cqnnt3. i .In additjon. Kill- Is ui.uiac^r <ir the Hopcrton "bold," wliiili '.cufi- [ilsts 'of two e.xlra rooms fitf lij -r notnc^ where imvi-lors may ;i >aHH ilic nigt;t. Ilut rin I'liurxihiy. :|iiib-| llcullon' day. gui-MtH or no R J OK I S, fivcrsllilng iH slile-inuki'^l .sojilmi iiho ;re ^ord of lli«? .. N' HWH lof liuvijr ml^liiK "•> lfi«iif nuty noV Huffi-vl Bdih ntlniks jtpon KlinnbM '5 fot low(»l the Mpjieu'niiici 0F GAS Cin Skrins .Moie-iloii<ie ti> Krplure One ntNlroywl liy Klre—"Piilli ArroHH fhe JIIIP Frl^ i Any M^'ht. ^owfr/jeft- H.M. riAN06(fS urging law cnforccnifnt niid'con- rteninlnif alleged . l)oolU(j;Kln(t w- tlYltloB in TrcuUfii. of wlilcrt So- pcrton, a town of only a few |hundred |»pOj)le. Is ;tlie coHuiy Kent. j HI H ilrst assailant was Hent^mc il ia thC; penitentiary and j thf, nu-n who are tharjjefl with be Uinrfi him were arrested b\- his eonhin. Kher- Iff W.;>. Flanders. »f EniHnuel county, 'ti"landefs still w;ls a .semi- 'ihvalid at the tfine he was r^mov- "ed froBi his automobile had beat- in. : j " ; "I personally have alway.s ;stood for low and oriler and expect to make my paper stand fo-r it'" the editorisays. "They iiiay kill-me if .they so desire.; IJut 'so! long as Gotl Rives me -ijtrengt)) tjo p^ish a pisncil they can hot make me'n'uit.' Mar. I!'. 'I'lu- ; iiiilil iiT Iiin iinil till'-voiif! oli tlir iiiiili'. di'l of (•ililOrlals '"' l"'i'rd in Iln- firlds fnnii illrcitloiiK, :inii nUibc farmoib ini^y phnvllii;; .sinvlim oals. |il iiig iiol^iiucs and llicii it .i'atn('<| •,\Ir. iind Mrs. I.iniolii H.ivi.t .Siriiiid. Okla.. ami .Mr.s- Ma I g('iil )0lhani of Ivlsmore. Kans.. lied the I). K. I.UW tlnnily on i day aflenioon of wci'U. .Alter an abs<'n<L' nl twi'uiy- ycais. l-:d IVrkliis is visiiiiic brollit-r. .lohn ami oHicr n-lal of lhi.-< and I'.n^nson vicinity. .1. I>. .lacksoii b;is lici-n eniplo^od oil piiimu':- for Urafii while ('litis I'ricV tlie regular piinipeiv is iiiakiji liusiness trip Idltlif Tcxa?; fluids.. Iliram linoili iniriluiscii a i ot .\Ir. (!otl m-ar Uroiison last v and Wilbur led it jliomc as In- >• SlIIMli ^•(•rvli o.iiK ,.r .1. l.ijllaniriionK. They were of ilii- KailolH variety and fine jiiuality. .Mr. laiid Sitii. Kd Voiiiig attended jv siibool and preadiInK at ^.North Falrvlcw last l.SiiiHlay. ' ' ll;c l>i uker. oiii' township truslee, firs 1 < .•illlntv "11 the peiiplf last I'rs wci'U. Ilu.diil not .stay very long ill! bill a'-Ucd awful lot of (|iic.slions ai- ! wliclh 1>" called. I Gas Pains Goine, , Now Sleeps Well -(.Mrs. .\. y. Holteni CAS CITY. .Mar. 23.4 The W. C. T: 1.'. rCWntly held a contest and the winning: .=lde in this contest w£s entertained bv the losers in the home of .Mrs. J. K. (;:iriii,Fi^: day niglil. A in;)«;ram was given s follov.-ji: Ueatlifis. i-afa Luue; piano solo. 'Dini-J'toii Lane: rt^ad^ ins. Mrs. .Maude Smith; violin solo, Chester Kithy; leadiiig. .Mrs." E. E. I Wright rijiio .^olo. .Merle Olffiii; vocal srdo. Uoroiiiy (llflin. an:l a Dutch song iiy Mrs. Frank Ni;gle npd Mrs. .1. K. Ch'tin. The remainder of th!^ evening was spent in music and r.ames after which re- frfshment.s oi pio, .>ii!:dwiches and coffee were servo:!. Sir. and .Mrs. SkcJn had tluir' house, which thL-y recently pur-., chased, moved to tlv ir place ii^ the north part of town whtri! tlieir hcfme was destroyed by firo Minic time ago. Xext Friday night, .March L'.".. ilie play. "The Path Across the Mill." will be presented at the school- hoiiso at 7:301 < .Mid-week services at the .M. K. church. Thursday night at 7:.'!o Miri. ICdward Hu'ssell. .Mrs. K. K. Wright and .Mr.s. A. F. Unltcit attended the ntcetiufi of the Wonien'.H .Missionary auxiliary at tin- Trinity -M. K. church in lolii Tiichduy afternoon. Mrs. Isabel Wright Is on the skk list this week. ofi ig-, , , _ is-^ "I had licadaclicslahd'gas; pains ri-'i .so bad lor IS months I could not • sleep nights. 1 aiiji thankful, for ivejtlK- help 1 found!in AdU-rlka. 1 his now enjoy. restful nights." — .Mrs. •it-- sHbslitiilu Pfolby i^ves lie ett. k a oil and moves ostonisliing ^monnt wa-iv matter from'' the r. . , ifroiii lirousoil li'!-!! scliobl an YATESiCENTER j acted very mnlish'at tim.«v and -Mar. 22.—Mr. and Mhs. Vl. K. j .'<" • v.Jth Wilbur. :Re<lfern went Tuesday to Wichita i • -Mai.shal (ailed on. fori a, few Id^ys visit with relatives. I • last Thiirsday. afteni 111'- cek I mi- it !lia;l' [iJjys They expect tn return FridS.i- eve- ning.: • ./ ' • 'Mrs. M; .1. Helew returned - Mon•'day evening frotn EI Dorado* after . a si^ i»eeks' visit with bet' son. 'Howard Belew and family. Thos. Ricliard"; who is attendiiig . teachers' college: at Emporia, jpeht i thri week end ,;with his. pai-ents. I :Mr. and Mr.s. S. iE. Richard. I Mrs. Clayton; ^ AVest ; rel^iriied I Sunday evening|||roni a two weeks' ' visit in Wichita with, her daughter. Mrs. Holla Liptiap and .Mr.-Lip- trapr '!'•;•; Mrs. R. F.. Cook is recovering after several'days' severt illness. Mr.s. Frank Si-honick. icasJ of L. S. Lovings. Kv<n the FIRST .-jpoonful of Ad- leiika relieves ga.s and often re of old system. .Mrkes you enjoy .vour meals and .si. ep belK ••. .\o iiiatter what you b.iv.- tried for your sioma<-h and 'ibov.els. .-Vdlerika will surprise you. l'al;ice Drug Store.' ^Irs. Kill. )on ind a rk. . 1 1987.- . \V. Brpthefsl) Russell'Am oats Friday Stevens wat Monday. Brothera's ottjer cami City for a Urothcrs russ fin- a Hum- mother, Friday klsit. is help- Jim (Mrs. J March 22.-[ Ished sowing i Mrs. J : W. •boldt caller Mrsl Will .Mrs. Katie 1 from Kansas Fred Saving Is overhuliling his tracloK' WJU Iflfe him. I •Elmer .Mailes had his ijattle dehorned Tueslay mornli^g. Adams did tl e work. Maude Conibs spent Wk^diiesday everting with Mrs. Will Jrothers. ' Jlrs. Russell Andruss attended chorus"' practice at the Christian church -Monday nigh . Mrs. Dave Woods at d Mrs. Floyd Slater called on .\ rs. Will Brothers Thursday morniiig. Ben Gliddeh did some paper hanging' for Russell Andi uss hist week, i I : Mrs. Winifred Chaddork iand Mrs. Will Brothers visli e<l .Mrs. Mac Ivowe ami Miss Sar ill Itop- kins .Thursday afternoon. Will ' Brothers di«ce( iome ground for Russell Andri ss jWed- nefday and "thursday. •.Mr. and Mrk Fred Hub-r called at the Will Brothers hoiiie Wednesday dveniijg. Mrs. Winifred • Ch:id'!< i k and .Maude CoinIi.-i attended tl e roceii- lion for the; new minister and family at the Ciirisllan church Thnrs<Iav (-vcjning. Ik-(i Clldden received u Thursday fr<jin his sl.^ Olive Morton, of' Sumii Hijmboldt 8liopi)er8 AI mday after;| ilr. Colby .-.nd Fred lluber have be4n very busy the ^st week plowing gardens. ' ; Maude^ Combs rcturncil to her. hotne Sunday after spending a wejck with -Mrs. Wif^ifred f'had- do<k. i .Mrs. Irene Saving vitiitcd Thurs-, day with Mrs. Karlr ijcrkeii. : Mr. ami .Mrs. .1. S. nrother.s re- ! tunied Saturday from a visit with! their siin. .1. T. Urotheirs and fajn- j ily: of Coffeyvilli- aafl daughter. ' .Mrs. W. A. Reiiner and family of | Independence. KansasJ Bobbie Ilamm spent .Muuday ; night with Richard C^crkeii lo help ^ him cele irate hi.< iJir.lhtlay. -' .\Ir.s. M unie RonsicH. Billy and JackHno, Mia^ .Mary Peak, Mrs. P. G.'Kraus, Mi Gaissler vlh\ ken TuesdaJ-. C.' Kraus, M sses Anna and Ameliii Gaissler viifEed Mrs. Karl Uerj- , In Fratit'o Oootl Friday Is calleil I'asnioii ,l;V|ldfiy cind. In tJerjuan.v it Is cumnluiily Knt •lav,. knoWn » as Still Frl- >taiiuK the ! sad news husband had j died. .Mr. uiid Mrs. Harry. Kc l.i'legrani er. .Mrs. i;r. lowil. that her illey Were YOURweofPLES i§ no dlir*ront {ram ether*, itnii if atM* h(va fabtnlmd aliseluta rallcf >y ul' PAZO OINTHBNT. M can you Krirr draccilt ••Rf PAZp OINTM :NT unjr'r II KUftfanU*^ ffuM It^nV^ lUlaif. I l«Mlnil i>r Dennis Dnzah isj helpiii,:; Hour St;Wford with his Ispriiig work also helping. I'.o^trboii lireal;! bunch .-'if yoiiiii: horses to w Deii'ii'^'-is ii real l|ronco husu-r Oii-.' can hear oyer nlie leleplij -^iich coiivcrsatioli-s as. Have made aiiygariieii'.'; How many I are yon getting'.'• Mow are little chicks doing'.' Which ivhii us that the women folks of farm are busy jifople at this t of the year. i I'ntI! the n-ceiit :aiii Waljter Stafford has been very busy w his threslviug mai-biiie. thre.sli kafir'coriu Walter >ays he hi to gel the kafir otj las! yiar'.s )ne oil >ur ids he line crop is rearly. liobert .Morris liis .~ .Weak stomaclis causei "town, was shopping iu Yates (,'en-j'''' ."""'"'''"•'I ''>' i'''-* '''»'(• ihi ter .Monday. ; Cleo! H:^rr6d spent several [days in Hamiltbui Kans.. the gueit of . bis cousin, Roy Smith. j Irvitr Bedford returned j Sunday oyeuing from AVichita where f he had been akfng treatment im the St; Francis} hospital. lie Is much Improved. ; The many frieiids of D. S. .Hell lire glad to know he is stesdily improving after his recent illne.'s. • Mrs. Carlyon Mc'CuIleugh of Neo- Bho' Falls "spejnt s'everal ilays ;last week In YaJlea Center on busiifess. Messrs. Davis, ; Brown, Purhey. Kalstob, Marks, Cfeason. Dr. Oarl- inghouse ^'ild ..Mi6« Mcflee.} all of Tola, jattended court here Friday of ^ast •^•cck. If you »n; bfuui 'b'UIoat. Itrr this honMt (. incixt. First:'i:>t hiBipIerl fi.-«l». ulliwrlnj d| lira Kyytjem so iinim»io.' Second: StimuJato lir lukins! npimbcrlniii'j •r4i>l'!!« firr Olio vi-rk. Tfbnr 4r(>u«a hc/illliy diccsUnn. c i. nnick n>- mlt!!. .",Qn (ir 2.'iC iocli-ii.|»U<-» Vie v^rifa l&MirnlM^laln Med. , ««..e02 SUi IkW 0*s MolilM, u.' Wlien You Catch CpU Rob OnMnsterole.' ^ Musterbleiseasy apply aixi works ith ng les <-op iik.-w el bot- TABLETS "g^^iSa grandmother mustard plaster. j i Musterole is adeaii, white ointment, made of oil of must^ and other hoine simples. It ia reconunended by many doctors arid nurses, mry Musterole for sore throat, cold on the chest, rheimia- tism, lumbagol pleurisy.stiff neck, bronchitis, asthmd. neur%ia, cotwesuon, I pains and aches of the back aha jcrints, sprains, sore muscles, bpiises, diilr>1ain\ frosted feet—colds of all sorts. |7b Motheni Mw erote U abo made in jmilder foria for babies and ama 1 children « Aak for Children a Miuteroie. Jan&Tqbes Batter than a nua^ard piaitmr IS THERE NO Miinil-Cdnifnjue to Suffer li^^tiliiU^anibte Itching? 'Arc you one of; those nnforln- nalcs who are going through lilc euffet-ins w 1{U a sl^a disease, mak- fni! jloii tincomfortable. making you less pnicleiv'l, InlcrCcdng with youp working liQiir:;, ruining your sleep? .You maji have' tried many things without relief;. 'Why not try S.S.S.? iFor more flian 100 years it has'ficen giving relief lit many forms of skin idiscase. Thousands of letters df gralllUde prove its worth. "I feel, so happy for what SS.S. hai- dniic for ipe tliat 1 want'othei^ to knf'.v about It. I sufTesied twenty lun? y^vs Ifrom eczema. At times I Ihc itching was unbear.ibl-i. Durink thai time, I used all kinds of salve i wiihoal receiving any real benelii Alter taking six bottles of S.S.S.. 1 was cured of; this dreadful disease. I rccommcnit S.S.S. lo anyone suf - fcring; from eczema, because I can.^ not praise it enough for what it ba t done for me." Clcophas Forte, Soldiers and Sailors Home, Qulncy,;!!. S.S.S. Is purely vegetable. It u extracted from Ihe fresh roots of medicinal. plants and herbs an I gives to Nature wlial she needs 11 building you up. so that your sy;- leni throws oir the cause. S.S.S. is ^old at ill! gona dru; ••?lore3 in two sjzes. The Iar6cr!si2 9 is mure ccuuomicat. ! ge 1 : : 211 No^tli Jefferi^in OPEN AIL NIGHT l!ilGHTMECH:iiNIC—SERVICE ANVICAR PLENTY OF STpRAGE COX'S BUTTERM^IK Mrs'. U. RhoadcK, of Harris, Kansa.s, purrhami eiffht hundred chicks on feh. 26(h and slartpd them on COX'S BUTTERMILK CHICK STARTER anil ids fed fhem nothintr else dale. Today, March 22nd, she has 9,5 per cent of them feathered and | developing; a Rood bone, ccplionally wclli for her succes.s. These chicks are all healthy dnd <(oini; e.\- Shc is enlt^siastic about (he feed and Kfive.s it much tefl, all d of Ihc credit eli ONE SACK WILLi CONVINCE YOU OF THE MERITS OF THIS FEED. FRESHLY GROUND, FRESHLY MI^ED AND PRICEJD RIGHT. • ; IFOR SALE BY ! McKlnney Feed Slore. Iota, (.'niii^e .Supply, jllnmholdf. IJinility Klertrlc llateberv. .\. T. Tlppl«' & iioni, KimbaH. (ox (iraln Compsnr, Xoran. Taylor k I.HUghlin. Mdnin. .Miiran .Merciinflle ('(»„ Koran. I'ox (irain t'linifnir.}', KNmore. .V. T. Tipple & ."Jons Klsmore. Ilaiston's Sture, ElHntorp. Farmers* I'nlon, SaVonltiinc. . i llauilKon Klertric Inriibalor and Ifiitchery, Onmelt, ' , ' • Sniltli's .Htore, Sinonliiirir. Olson -Mercantile CoinpaMy.'.Savonbnnr, (Mson .HercanlUe Conipnny, .Stark, 1 Itrunson (•'miii Coinimny, Hron<>on. riiiontownvUraiu Conipaii}', I'nionlonn, U I- Kiinkel, Redfifld, ' Farniers'Tnlon, Colony. Xi. v. Uadeliqian, ll^anielt, l'ii|tm (•mhi ronipany, IM<|ua. i 1. ('. .Nelmiiu, rl (|HJi. ' . • I .S. K. Ncull, Neosbci FuIK Hen'sley & Brosiiis Klocaid and .Vitdred. Farmer's I'nlon Troduce Cumiiany, nineMonnd. 0|\«L^ .Xerranfile Co., ('hiinnle| Kansnx. Farmers' I'nlon KleT- YateS ('.entei', Kanojijs. .1. .\. Torter, Selnia. Knh<la^. .('. \S. KIssniu Crlfzer, Kansas. I'otis llatrhery. (iurnett, Knnsiis. Manufactured By^ For the opening of the baseball season to be attended by had w<;ather Is ^lolhiiig. unusual. Hut in these days it, is not likely that the fans ever will see the outfielders pla^ng in hip ruhbe.C; boots', which was the novel spectaelt' witnessed on the opening diifMn the old New Kngland League .many years ago. XewfouniUaud is lar.t!i'''!n are:i as the • State of Virginia but the total i)opu!ation is Iscarcely eitua! to" that of one .N'cw York City block. : • • I -'I NEVER Get Out of A MELOTTE Cream Separator is the only one -with a suspende <k sel£- balancing bowl—the only one with si single bowl bearing, an<i it is the only one with a bowl ^at never gets otit of balance. It h^ -wpn 268 Grand and International Prizies 'on its close skimming, easy turning anci the ease with which it is washed and kept clean. The record of, thovisands of customers!shows that Melotte repair bills az^ next to tiptbing^ 3 i" A' Melott0 will get cream that your old' 'separator is: wasting^ This EXTRAcrcaro—tT<JW •wasted—wSU soon pay for your new Melotte. I will preve this to you if' you will come in and give ma a, chanoj. I always have a fall stoc^ of Melotta Creanb Separators on'hand. iVou can take one home today—and be^at once to realize the cream, and time', and / rouble, that only Melotte ownerk know anything about. ' ! Let's figure this over together. You can see at a| glance wiry-these things a^e true, j SIIANNON^$ Hardware and Implements Over Thirty Years in Ida as inF^l^fornum^^ ^ ^ Everyone saysWffthing.iike it in them^ • The mere'announcementofthe Super-Six principle, . \ freed to the limit, focused on Hudson a dramatic public expectancy such as Jneyer awaited any other car. In appearance and value, as well as performance, it is the most talked of car of the year. .! New ridef-s, new buyers and thousands who merely 1 witnessnt.'l vivjd dash on the road are saying "There j is nothing like it in the world." ; In all it dioes, there is effortless ease, from its swift, smooth glide into motion, to sustained high speed, and liackito the soft instantaneoiis stopping action . j of its fouf-wheel brakes. It has been accorded the greatest'public reception in Hudson histo^3^ HUDSON • * • • The Super-Six Principle Freed,to the Limit, 9il4 White Motor HUDSON SUJJBR-SIX Stindard Models., Coach Sedan Custom Buili Modmla Phaeton - - $1(100 'Brougham i,- - .il575 5-Passcnger Sedan 1750 7-Passengqr Sedan J1856 All prictta f. o.\b. Detroit, plut war exatae tax - $1285 1385

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