The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 18
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Cuff Stuff- John M. Bichel, Syracuse. N. Y., vice president of the Carrier Cor- IKiratioh who was here Friday for a sales meeting of his company, .,has -another distinction which he "'didn't mention. He is a brother of 'Frederic.March, stage, screen and radio sctor. 7"'/Ue'« got to quit slapping my £h'prse around, Mrs. Evelyn , Al••Jen,' 812 N. 4th told, police. Every •night after the taverns 'close, a man comes down the alley, * grabs her horse by tfte :halter ••'ami slapsjt. Mrs.-Allen told police. This is making him very mean, she said. She doesn't know who is doing it. '•' :". * * * . : -" : -' An over-eager chocolate candy fan was reported to police Friday by Ralph Hill, Crown drug store official. He told police' a pregnant woman of m e d i Urn heigfith had picked up a box of chocolates and walked out with it. • • , '" '. I':' .'•*.+ * Th« embarrassing mo m e n t •award of the week could easily go to one .poor mother, due to the antics of her son A car, • moving slowly down West Iron, suddenly became the center of attention Saturday morning when i 'Junior dropped an open roll of I toilet paper out the window of j The car. The white streamer j rolled several yards io the de- I light of Junior. Mother hastily j stopped the car, broke the paper I and drove away. • ! •'.'*** ' . I Arthur Billings, son of Harlowi Billings, Delphos, has been ap-j pointed CARE Mission Chief Yugoslavia. Billings was ualed from Kansas University in) climaxed its Hospital Admissions Visiting Hwin: 14 pm. 7-8:M pm) St. John's — Juanita Smith, 337 'enter; Mrs; Kenneth Goheen, 12(M ;. Cloud; Wendell A. Faulkner, 205 W. Crawford; Mrs. John Fris- ue,"845% N. Santa Fe; Richard [arlowe, St. John's Military Academy; Kenneth Brungardt, FOR 50TH A^'IVEKSUn < fleb<-adi>n of SUffcl's store in Salina, founder MosCs Sticfel, flanked bj son Milton and mjiliew FranKI, receives gold anniversary plate,:Makii>g presentation on behalf of employes is Birtha Medcrstedt, who has been with the store for 45 years. Other pic-; turns and story on page 32. (JOL'RXAL PHOTO) 241 Gondida/es i Convention Here FOr Salina will be host to a big, new; A total of 241 Salina high sdiooli^^^M^Dj^g^^y^^^i in'convention in 1955. ;• seniors are candidates for gradua-jorake, Donald N'or«s Eiiot, constanc grad-i The Kansas Federation of Labor j tion. The graduation ceremonies j l^eth' Fek S^jeafSh. 11 " 1954 convention 1935 and completed two years of i Hutchinson Saturday by. voting toinasium. . • ' • study in Paris. France. He served'come to Salina next year. ) The list may be increased .as as a member of the American! The meeting will be the firsti few move students meet Embassy in Moscow for three; Thursday in May and will last { tion requirements, said Owen years. He is the grandson of the: three days. Over 400 persons are Hodgson, principal. Isi.a Grace Bedell, who wrote to' sure to attend. The candidates are: Abraham Lincoln suggesting the!' The Huichinson convention drew .sm?i*y ADH ward. Charles s<i«-ardj .,, ., '„ i, , * • , t Lucas, Jo Autt Rutfv CQtttad. LAnda president grow a beard to improve; 3/9 delegates plus assorted guests. I Lemon, Matnm sue Adams. Eiia Jane Me nnK/"irn*,,~o i ..* , ,* ,r . n .» ! Alklre, Dolores May -AMlfion, Barbara MS appearance, j J] a fc e Salina's Bid JAan Anderson. Donald A. Anderson, •* ic 4- '; ,, , . r. ,. , , . ,..ISaUv Sns Anderson. 1 Making Salinas successful bid! Barbara Pearl Armstrong, Loren Bacbofer, Kerln Bader, Joseph j Eltiauei ln| will be May 28 in the school's gym- Demresaan Fisher, Glenn Leroy IWItliam H. Kitzpatrlck, sonoTa Flessne ^011 1Q\§ iilari* Sue Flora, Vera. Elaine Foster, j ' r . Collyer; Clyde Gardner, MancheS' er; Mrs. Robert Fassbinder, Solomon; Rebecca Kenyon, 433-S. Dele ware; Mrs. Nettie Bowen, 528 W. Republic; Mrs. Emma Crawford, 33 S. Minneapolis. Asbury—Mrs, Maurice Baer, 152 'ueblo; Lois Meier, Tescott; Deira Ruth Cushman, 115 E. Claflin; .aDonna Johnson, 612 N. 7th; ackie Helstrona, 808 Broadway, VTrs. Henry Coup, Manchester; 'hilip Brodine, 239 Oakdalc Dr.; Charles Lundgren, 312 S. 4th; Linah Swanzey, Minneapolis; Mrs. Robert Brookhart, 308 Russell; VIrs. Quentin Hopkins, 1026 State; Duane: Drown, Lamar; Roger Scott, 838 E. Minneapolis; Stephen Whitworth, Abilene; Mrs. Lewis Jieber, Brdokville; Mrs, Minnie Blackledge, 731 S. 9th. i Hospital Dismissals I St. John's—Rebecca Sue .Hoffman, 934 S. Santa Fe; Mrs. M. D, Peterson and son, 946 Osage; Mrs. Lillian Allen, 710 State; Mrs. Lena Kelly, Solomon; Robert GJassburn, 1205 N. Front, Mrs Dean E Collins and son, 110 S. :9th; William H. Holt, Ellsworth; Clarence Smith, RFD 3; James R, McCullough, 624 Highland.. Asbury — Lois Meier, Tescott; Mrs. William B. Parks arid daughter, 930 N. 12th; Albert Wesley, Ada; Mrs. A. Lee SpeUman and son, J>47 Beatrice; Mrs. Frank Shel \V. H. Young, 431 Outdoor Church Services Planned The Bavaria .unit, of'.Si. Francis Boys' Homes will hold an open house bfegmning at, 1 pm Sunday. A luncheon is scheduled in the atternoou and a membership Say rr>eeting at 3 pih; Open ajr church services will be conducted by the boys at 5:30 pm Mr, and Mrs. Bert Cromack, Tulsa, Okla., and Mrs. E. T. Boyd, Denver, Colo., will be among those attending the events. . Cromack is a,member of the St. Francis' advisory council. , Mrs. P, V Pennybacket 1 , San; Antonio, Tex., will be a Monday of the boys' homes. She is a member of .the national council of i the Women's Auxiliary of the Episcopal church. .' Sunday, _ ^ May 9, 1954 Sal|na Journa j ' MAKE Save ;il; , Earn Current Rate Local Taxes Paid Each Account Insured up to $10,000.00 THK Homestead Bldg.& loan Salina, Kansas An excitingly different gift... so"glamorous ....' -••yet so lasting and serviceable! Dirilyte is a • .'••• wonderful metal alloy, the color of gold all through. These gifts are solid, not plated — will last a lifetime. And they're FEDERAL TAX-FREE! Bonnie Fritr. Leona June Gardner. Wil- jr., Jack Leslie jr., Qeraldlne Gsbhart, Henry Loticlla George TOtt'nSCnd. LeavenWOrth, i °!e Louise Black. Patrick D. Bolen. Una Irwln, Jlmmie Ernest Ja'nkV, Jams'sjSt John's Corsage.'-nntin,,-,- -,, if,..,*.,,, Ti>..j m _-i;-_lRobtrt Thoraai BOWIM, CTwrlottc LoalsclP. Jarvis, Jack Gilbert Johannes, Bar-l , LUllUllUCa <JI» rvt^UdtJ.'l r CUCldUUll l «rarf« Puma Tftsn Ttmef laM Tiav. HanlVinrn /Inn Tf>Viner,n TLla^n,-^ Ifa.-o 1~t,.,.i GlflS Mr 3nd MrS ^Honolulu ts a long way from S*-'^ ne Melvin CuJlurn. president ofjf; iir.a out Sailor John D. McCloskey. tl|e Central Labor Union; Howard!?mior," doesn't Jtt distance interfere with! Djsmj% CUJ rice . president _ tee observance of Mothers' Day.! Uster Frankfort , a delegate. Sunday Mrs. B. J. McCloskej', 904 E, Ash, \s'ore aa orchid from sc,n John. He's on the U. S.| p res i dent for anott^ryearrHeTooklB" S. Pomt Cruiz, an escort carrier atj oycl . lhe post when the - ! •' 1!or ' olu!u ' i president, C. E. Solander, was I found dead in his wrecked automo- j biie. Solander's term would have j extended until 1955. Other officers elected at Hutchinson: ™,, _, George Harrison, first vice-presi-i I in IDirff^^'f' *"'' '• T °' ln ^ rv ' n ' P'ttsburg, second! lip V-L/fJlCTOl vice-president; R. A. Willis, Man- Misfortunes of farmers figured batten, third vice-president; E. C. Bailey. Bruce Hudson Bafcer Beth Corse. Geraldine Gray, Konald Max Carl Greene. Mitchell GriWn Jr., MHHcent K&e Gruhbs, Virginia Maurlnc Hahn, James E. Haley. Linda, tee Ma mm, Shirley Jean Harland. Shirley Louisa Hartzt:Jl. llary An.n H3«'k<ns. PhylU» 01^, Kaydcn. Janet Harriett Heatti, Jean Marie He«l- tocer. LoRee Wynne Henderjon. Ardltb Maryldeno Hill. • Virginia Lee Kindman, . . , Jack Eugene Balatm. Ernestine Virginia. Lec.Hines, Elizahcth Ann Hln- Put your . feet in ourhands. Dr.Hiss ,;Bau. Loral'.e Baiiuu. 81101 Bell. Harry E. Bcnncu Chrisune Joan ISers^strom, Barbara |Kat BBltersotl, Eichard Ear! Bills. Car Gerald IE. Kirwin; Mrs. Aziz Aljaberi and daughter,'120% NVoth; DebraKuth Cushman, 115 B. Claflin; Paul R. Sias, Solomon; Mrs. Maurice Eaer, 1528 Pueblo; Roger Scott, 838 E, 'Minneapolis. Births Boys—Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hederstedt, RFD 3, May 2, at Asbury. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fassbinder, Solomon, May 7, at St. John's. Mr. and Mrs. John Fris- ila-lene Jeanneuo Hoync. Rob«t| . njei/ »j c.nfa To Mov R nl Chase Hurst. Paul F. Inman Jr.. JJorothy I qUe ' Z45 ™ "• banCa * e > ^^ °< 3l Phyllis Sarline Iher. Kichard P.usscll Hodges. Gayle Hogan. Sfarilyn Lee Howe. Janet Btastleld. Kay 105 Woman Wins Contest atcii&r. Robert , Janis Claire Broman. Fredrick Piilllip former j Brown. James Lee Brcnvn. Beverly Jo jBumsted, Sarah Ann Carlln. Barbara j Jeanne Carpon, Xancj- Lee Carter, Clar. ence Eugene Case. L*rry C. Caaa, George Ancel Cleaver. Bonnie Jean Cobb, Carolyn June Corn* , lbara Ann Johnson. Marilyn Kaye John. son. Wanda Clarlne Johnson. ' TT , . 1nn ~ „, , , r _ . . Olenda Gay Johnston, Fayo Lorene: Hopkins, 1026 State, May 8, at As- Jones. Harry Douglas Jones, F rederlck j Knrv Floyd Kastner, Danette Sue Kenison, • ' Robert Sirkpatrjck. Rene Hunter Knight. Ruth Elaine Koclier, Louis A, Koelm v ilarcta. Ann Koehn. ilyrn* Sue Koehn. Frank L. Kohiasch Stewart, Hutchinson, fourth vice- president, and A. J. McCalla, Wichita, fifth vice-president. Floyd Black, Tbpeka, was reelected to a 4-year term as executive secretary. !o the two top stories in The Journal's weekly tip contest. Mrs. Leonard Reynolds, Delphos, wins the $5 award with herj story about a neighboring farmer who broke his leg while working in a field. Mrs. H. K. Bruce, Marquette, is S3 richer for her tip on an accident involving a farmer near her home. Mrs. F. A. Kean, 635 N. 10th, is a $1 winner for her latter about n safely meeting honoring a Salina man. Ex-Salinan Wins The other $1 went to a former Salina teacher now living in Wich- ila, Mrs. Dorothy Wallerius. Honorable mention went to Mrs. Anna Dickey, 840 Hancock; Mrs. Raymond McCall, 925 N 12th; and Mrs. Johnnie Keener, Delphos. Mrs. Keener just missed Ihc ?3 award. Her story, too, was about the farmer who suffered a broken! Geovge C.. Brown will give'a'con- les. But the winner, Mrs. Rey- C ert at 11:15 am. nolds, was first with the infnrma- Organists To MeetlnSaiina The Kansas unit of the American. Guild of Organists will meet in Sa-| jlina Tuesday. Homer A. Frank of Southwestern College, WinfieW, will preside. Chapters from Winfield. Hutchin-! son, Wichita, Lindsborg, Salina.j McPherson area will be represented. \ Registration will be at 10 am at the First.Methodist church. The Kansas, Wesleyan Philharmonic Choir under the direction of lion; This week when a news story happens in your community, write or call The Journal. We'll pay for the call on major news tips. Student Recital At 1 pin there will a student organ recital at the First Presbyterian Church. Students participating will be, Carl L. Anderson, You can share in the weekly $10 pricnds University; Marilyn Pow-j that goes to the amateur news paper reporters throughout The Journal's circulation area. Salina, Norton . Students Elected Jerry Friesen, Kansas state college student from Salina, has been elected treasurer of the Arnold Air Peterson, Morion, been elected executive officer of|R. L. Clem the college Air Force ROTC group.' ws, Southwestern College, andj Beverly Trapp, KWU. Franklin Mitchell, tonal consultant of the Reuter Organ Company, Lawrence, will give a demonstration at 2:3(1 pm. The meeting will end with a banquet and business meeting at Wiegr.ers at 6 pm. Salina organists include Mrs. Hans Beerman, Mrs. Edwards A. Killer, Harry Huber, Mayme Porter, Mrs. Jim Mortimer, Paul Ry- hHberg, Blanche Scliaaf and Mrs. Marriage Licenses George R. Leiderbrand, 26, and Betty Hartman, 19, both of Omaha, Neb. George W. Selander, 54, and Olive Tullis, 48, both of Salina. Ellen Lltchraan, Claudene Lloyd. Nels Colmsn Lorenson, Rlcard L'tsne Loren- ROn, Ronald Glenn Lflrer,A-',u. ijhlrl^j' AU-e,- Louderbatiph, Leonard Max Ltiy, Ronald! McBiliney" 1 ' s '" r '""' Lync "' w "" !lm F ' Deeds Eeeorded Patricia Ann ircBride, Donalil E. Me- Clanin, Connie McCresdy, Kenneth Max MeOanelrf, Edna. Rose McOllvary. Patricia Sue MrKinney. Richard J. ilcKln- nt-y, Darlene Main. GeraMlne Dean Manchester, Yvonne lllller. Gleoda Carolyn Merrimnn, Pc?sy Earleac Moas, Dave D, Moody, Mildred Ann Mooriey,.. Max I*. Morgan. Joyce Artena Murray, P.oger A. Myers, James VeRiey Neal, Douglas E. Newland, Darrtll Max Nichols. .Toyce N.ithern. Daniel Harry Okesoa. Barbara Jean ParKer. Dixie Lee Putter- son. William Kevin Patterson, Harold Leon Pearcc. Shirley Ann Perkins, Charles Allan Peters. Gall Edward Peterson. Donald Armon Phillips. Robert Leo Pinkall. Gaylord I.. Ptnney, Robert Lea Piper, Jean Ann Porilman, Fredrlo A, Powell, Doris Mae Prater, Palmer D. Price, Marilyn Frances Pugh, Helen Pauline Rayla, Mayelta Jean Red-i oes We EJfJOY recommending' _ DR. HISS BALANCED SHOES liecause we know you, wllENJOYthtir.' WALKING, COMFORT Visit Your Foot Doctor Regularly Gco. self* Shoe Co. fittj 3ncreA Shell »sh tray $2.50. Salts,, peppers, tali $6.75 en. low $3 Creamer, sugar, $17,50 each. Ova! tray, 9%' long, $12.50 Magnificent grooved canBclabrs, ?32.50 each.' Fruit bowl, 9%" diam. 537.25 Bon bon dish $10.50 CREDIT is convenience ING CHARGE. just a part of our service and we make it a real ! for you with XO 1X1EKEST AND SO CARKV- UI £ L Santa Fe Phone 4422 Paul Bryant and wife to Munro C. Smock and wife, second lot! east of 4th on south side of \Vil-j son. Neal Belmick and wife to Addie J. Brownell, 818 W. Elm. j Russell A. Jones and wife to W. I 0. Luehring et al, 809 Merrill Fire Alarms 11:47 pra, May 7—Called to il-irold Wm. Reeil llnp, TVjiorog Ann Mary Frances Keh- Kclch. Reinharti:. Robert Cordon Rich Joaji Diane Rice. Gilbert Leroy Rilcy, wash gasoline off street at 536 S. j Santa Fe after automobile colli-i sion, 1 5:17 pm. May 8—Cigaret lighlerj shorted in car owned by Donna Ca- i hoone at 424 S. 5th; loss estimated at 55. Courts Police—James Nunn, 1004 N. | 3rd. illegal transportation of liquor j and no license tags, $10'line and 30 days, paroled on jail sentence! jpiene sou- to attend two sessions of traffic Sydney Leroy Rlnard. Donaid Fredrick- Rollins. Nancy RsmcJser. Arlen iat. Clafr, IJcaa Samuelson. Mar- Iha Irene Samuelson, -oha WllJtam Sarvis. Tuts* Lea Schaeriei. Robert Dale Schneider, James Gary Sclraltz, Sally Roberta Scrfven, Rosemary Elizabeth Shelley. Roger L. Shrole. Gerald F, Simpson, Margaret U?.ry fi!Bi;gnter, Alice May .Smith, Larry Le»: Smith, Moretta Joan Smith, Ronald «j- Eene Smith. Shirley Ann Eralth. Sally Joler.e Sondergard- Pei;ey nauRIe. Sally Ann Stautfer. j Joyce Ann Stelnle, Patsy Lou Sutton, School. LtitTence Pickering, 612 N. Constance Anita Taylor. Hulda Amy Taylor. Note Arleen. Taylor. Barbara Jane Terj. John G. .Tliodls. Sandra Lee Thomas, Delia Dean Todd, Carlene Van 10th, no driver's license, $1 fine. City—Rosemary Oniki, failure to Wancia Leon R. . Darlene W«p;ner. ' . Waller, DonHd Lcroy Ward, " Donald Frssi: Warders. Lclth S. Watts. [ Donald William Wehers. Norma Jean '"iddle. Jerry s. Wels. Meryle Edward ... ._„ , , ... stop at a highway u'S40 traffic •._ .. n __j n _ 0 f c I ,, lr . n i,,l „„ Sl ^ n . 5 10 and costs ' PafO'^ 11 on of fine. Anna Sylva, driving while under the influence of intoxicating Pearl Wltaker. Emma Jean (liquor, pleaded guilty, $100 filiej Richard ^Wilbur. Lloydenaj g^^ gQ days, to be paroled Oil j Lynn Wlntersleun, Gary Lee'woos- j sentence after psyment of $50. , ter, I. Jtan VVooster. Douglas D,. Wright, Barbara Anne Wytitl, Norma Joyce Zel- cnka, Joyce Aylene Simmerrnart . The Stilina Journal, Inc. Dial fiSfiS Furnisher Dully except- Saturday _ - Kntered as Second C!ns5 matter at the 'Postofttcfl nt SaUna, Kinaas. Mtificr set n; March 3. 1S73. Whltley Austin Klillor .*; I5;irl C. Woodward MK.M11KR ASSOCIATED J'RKSS Tho Associated Trc/is u entitled ei- chidlvoly to th« U5ft for publication of ill thi local ncwn Drlnied In thU newt- paper as well aa all Al* newt dispatches. __ . _ •. . SUBSCRIPTION BATJaT ~ hy Ciirrlnr In Snilntv« SlnglB Copy 60. Sunday ICC, 00« w«dR • 6 Mnntbs ' or $1.30 a month. • Ky Mull- In Katlttiil Ono ye&r JS.M. 3 Mtmthn J3.on, 1 .Monln »1.'!5. l'"lxo\vhoro. One Yftar J12.00. ti Monthf fM«._Ono Menih _ If you fall to receive Journal In Salina, dial 63G3— Weekdays, between 6;00 and 7:30 pm. Sunday's, between S and 30 ani. WmsfcySto/en From Sheriff MADiLL, Okla., May 8 Si-Marshall County officers would like to know who stole the whisky fronv their vault. • They advertised in the Madil! Record: Two Professors To Have Recital Roast Buffalo Dinner Planned Roast buffalo is the delicacy i *hich the Central Kansas Fish and Game Commission will serve at a will be presented at Kansas Wesleyan Un-| iversity Tuesday at 8:15 pm in' Fitzpatrick Auditorium, Sams Hall of Fine Arts, Presented will be Prof. George dinner party May. 25. 'Guests will be Boy Scouts and 4H club members who cooperated with the commission's .wildlife cover program, The party will be at 7 pm at Camp Wsbster, three miles .north of US40 on the Ohio Street Road. The "piece de resistance" will C. Brown baritone, and Prof. Ed- arrive in Salina on the hoof Sun . ward Schiller, pianist. Brown, who has been director of the Philharmonic Choir since 1951, is a native of New York. He is aj j graduate of Columbi a University, "$200 reward will be given any- where ha received his MA. de- one furnishing information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons burglarizing 1 whisky from the, vault in the sheriff's office of the Marshall County Courthouse April 24 or 25, ! 1S5i; Informant's name will be kept in strictest confidence." Liquor Is illegal in Oklahoma,: and sheriffs store seized contraband for sale later to out-of-state bidders. gree in music education, and.the .Tiiilliard School of Music, Before coming to KWU, Brown was teacher oj voice technique to the day night and will be on display at Beverly-Wilson Sales pavilion Monday. To Show Film The entertainment at the party will be a wildlife film, "Bob White Through The Year" which was so popular at previous showings that it is being broilght back. It was filmed by : the Missouri Conscrva- Princcton University Glee Club, tion Commission, Schiller, a native o( Chicago,! Anyone may attend the dinner came to the Salina college in l!)52. xhc cost will' he $1 a plate except TV Antenna Permits Richardson Robertson 600 S. Phillips; John Jean, 856 Navaho. Divorces Granted—Nina Marie' Paramore vs: Willard .Raymond Paramore, extreme cruelty. Separate Maintenance — Charlotte M. Gebhart vs. Leslie' IT. Gebhart, asks custody of minor children, alimony, child support, division of property. Pansy Kane vs John B. Kane, asks attorney fees, expenses, child custody, court costs. A graduate of the Chicago Conservatory, Ihe pianist was formerly engaged in privale teaching. DuriiiR World War i Schiller served in the Navy ''.yr t i'A years. for honor guesU. the tickets may h? secured ai sporting goods stores. Mai! orders may be sent to Rodger' Bearing, 223 E. Jewell. Students'Art Is On Display The annual art display by students of Sacred Heart and Salina high schools is lip at the puhlic library. The Salina display concentrates on commercial and industrial decoration. The Sacred Heart exhibit—containing 6t pieces—emphasizes design. The exhibit will remain up until May 20. It is in the children's and I adult reading rooms. ; Sister M. Lwcilla is the Sacred Heart art instructor. Carl Peterson is in charge of the 'art department i at Saiina high school The finest name in bedding makers of famous Airfoam THI aturilt Hint m SLEEP PRODUCTS COMBINE TO GfVi YOU EXTRA-FIRM MATTRESS AT A HUGE $20 SAVING • Your Back Gets the Extra Support Doctors Recommend • Your Entire Body is Cushioned on Goodyear "Airfoam" What a bedding buy! Built for better rest two ways: Extra firm support plus luxurious, expensive Airfoam cushioning. Tension-tempered steel coils—hundreds of them. Firm cotton ana' sisal padding. Twin and full size. Guaranteed 10 years against structural defect! FAKJUI BOX SPRING to support H exactly, twin or full size, 39.95 3.95 Down 1.25 per week Payable Monthly OTHER MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS AS LOW AS 24.95 ALWAYS BETTER BUYS AT GAMBLES

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