Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 31, 1965 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 31, 1965
Page 4
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Baseball card for Garrigan fresh-sophs The Garrigan high school freshman-sophomore b a s c b all 4-ALOONA (low.) ADVANCE MONDAY, MAY 31, 196S team will play eight games this summer, beginning \vith a home contest against Eagle Grove next Monday, June 7 at 5 p.m. The club will have three night practices at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Other games are as follows: June 7 — Eagle Grove, here. June 14 June 15 Juile 22 June 29 June 30 July 2 — July 0 — — Humboldl, there 1 , — Estherville, here. - Eagle Grove, there. — Estherville, there. — Humboldt, here. Clear Lake, there. Clear Lake, here. 68»h — Mr. and Mrs. George Baker, Sr., recently celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary. They arc residing in a nursing home in Hartley. ALGONA Thursday thru Saturday, Junt J-5 "Guns At Batasi" Plus •Ta&gart" with Don Dufyea Saturday matinee at 1 :JO only 'Men Of Sherwood Forest' Plui « Color Carteoni Sunday thru Wcdnetday, June »-» "My Blood Runs Cold" Troy Donahue — Joey Heathcrton Thursday thru Saturday, Junt 10-11 "Ride The Wild Surf" Fabian — Shelley Fobarcs — T«fc Hunter Sunday thru Wcdnetday, June 11-14 Carroll Baker — Gcorfe Maharlt "SYLVIA" Thursday thru Wednesday, June 17-21 "Ski Party" Fronkle Avalon — Deborah Waller Thursday thru Saturday, June J4-2t "633 Squadron" Cliff Robertson — Georfa Chchrris Plus "One Man's Way" Don Murray — Carol Ohmart Saturday matinee at 1:10 Only "Thunder Over Arizona" Plus i Color Cartoons Sunday thru Wednesday, June 17-10 "Cheyenne Autumn" Richard Widmark — Carroll ••*« Thursday thru Saturday, July 1-1 "FLUFFY" Tony Randall — Shirley Janas JUNE • 1965 Wednesday thru Saturday, June 2-5 "RETURN TO "NORTH TO ALASKA" PEYTON PLACE ' John Woyno _ stewort Granger Carol Lynley — Jeff Chandler Saturday Mldnlte Bonus Show at No Ixtra Charge "House Of The Damned" Sunday thru Tuesday, June 6-1 "THE NEW INTERNS" "A NEW KIND OF LOVE" Michael CaNan — Dean Jones Paul Newman — Joanne Woodward Wednesday thru Saturday, June 9-12 FIRST RUN SHOWING! "STAGE TO "COUNTRY MUSIC THUNDER ROCK" ON BROADWAY" Barry Sullivan — Scott Brady Saturday Mldnlte Bonus Show At No Extra Charge "Witchcraft" Lon Chancy Sunday thru Tuesday, June 11-15 "MOVE OVER DARLING" "MAN IN THE MIDDLE" Doris Day — James Garner Robert Mltchum — Barry Sullivan Wednesday thru Saturday, June 16-19 "RIO CONCHOS" "YELLOW CANARY" Stewart Whitman—Anthony Franciosa Pat Boonc — Barbara Eden Saturday Midnlte Bonus Show At No Extra Charge "THI HORROR OF PARTY BEACH" Sunday thru Wednesday, June 20-23 WALT DISNEY PRESENTS "LAW OF THE LAWLESS" THOSE GALLOWAYS" Do , 0 Ro be,t,on Thursday thru Saturday, Juno 24-26 Big Surprise Attraction . . .Watch for Announcements — Saturday Mloalte ienus Show At No Extra Charge "Children Of The Damned" : Sunday thru Wednesday, Juno 27-30 .Stan Cannery as James Bend In "CfOI PM HOURS" Ian Fleming's STOLEN MOUKb "GOLDFINGER" Suson Hoyword COME ON OUT AND TRY OUR f .„.-•< ujrWJi.vy.rt*' ••••• ; .v».;:v.,.wu»r jj DELICIOUS fr-H 1 1 1 1 I 1 I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I i I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I HI I I I I I M I I I I 1 I I I I 1 "H-H-H-HH^ We're not clowning... . . . like the Circus clown above. We just wanted to get your attention to tell you that the East End Grocery SPECIALIZES in delivering your groceries free of charge. Besides owr friendly service when you come into our store, this is another way we have of offering yog the best of service. You'll also always be assured of name brand canned good*, fresh fruits and vegetables and QUALITY meats when you shop with ys. U3II 0"i! • DA • Phillips & State $tretts End Grocery ALGONA •J"^^'H'i•1••l•JiJ•a•i'il••l••l•^••^J•J••^•^•a•a•a•a••^•l'J•J••^•^•^•l••l••l••l••l••^•l••l••l1•a••H• Swea Eagle Mrs. Kenneth Bfortei •*•*••**•••••••••••••••• Jerry Anderson had schoolmates at Grant Wednesday for his birthday. Guests were Patty Pederscn, Dawn Clow, Karen Quain, Kristi Mino, Lori Work, Valeric Farrow, Monica llaag, Julie Tokheim, Vicki Richardson, Alan Eiscnmann, Brian Farrow, Joel iStevens, Dennis Richardson, Eddie Payne, Robert Briggs, Clark Patterson and the teacher, Miss Trcnary. Receptions and parties were held at homos of Swca City seniors after Baccalaureate Sunday evening. For Howard at the 0. R. Person's were the Warren Broncses, Andrew Broneses, Arnold McFarlands, Roy Heins, Ed Stewarts, Tom Barneses, William Phclpscs, Van Devenders, Reuben and Agnes Olson, Mrs. Ruth Carlson, the Monford Petersons, Melvin Logemanns, Ledyard. At Orvillc Thoreson's for Petrea were Mrs. Otto Larsen, the Walter Goraczkowskis, Harvey C. Larsons, Elvin Swansons, Mrs. Cora Mather, Morris Johnsons, Wallace Johnsons, Claude Johnsons, P. A. Holcombs, Reuben Holcombs, Paulette Kracht, Agnes and Reuben Holcomb, the Walter Schmikings, Martin )ahls and Milton Petersons. ". At Cecil Thoreson's home for Paul were the Everett Jensens, ,ake City, Mrs. Minnie Jensen, Vlgona, the Palmer Jensens, Jancroft, Lloyd Thoresons, Kevin Thoresons, Reid and Lowell ""arland, the A. B. Tweetens, Mrs. Carl Lofstrom and William, he Art Hansons, Rolfe, Walter Sclnnikings, Wallace Johnsons and Chris Bahmanns, Ceylon. At Albert Anderson's for )anny were the Ed Andersons, Sioux Falls, Arthur Andersons, lobcrt Andersons, Warren Thompsons, and the Kenneth Broneses. At Johnie Tobin's for Marjor e Lee were the Jim Brocks, lingsted, Rev. Maus, the Mancil Hurlburts, Ormal Guinns, Wendell Ditsworths, Paul Wiech- manns, Ole Johansons, William Brocks, Kenneth Kollasches William Van Devenders, Warren Broneses, Frank Spears, Sherburn, Minn. The Ed Godfredsons were Sunday visitors with the Henry Hoppes, Fairmont. A wedding of interest here was Saturday at the Methodis ^lurch 'at'BUffalo'Center/ when Ec'ah KafTOr'thel and'"Carl D Nelson were married. She is a daughter of the Lee Orthels Buffalo Center, and he is the son of Mrs. Charles Nelson and the late Mr. Nelson, Mason City, a great nephew of Mrs. Ida 0'- Green. Attending from this area were Mrs. Ida O'Green and Harold, Mrs. Gust Larson and Richard, the Harry Larsons, Gunnard Larsons, Mrs. Andrew Larson, the Vic Prokniks, Fairmont, the Walter O'Grcens, Richard O'Grecns, Mrs. Orrin Smith, Palo Alto, Calif., and the groom's grandmother, Grandma Nelson of Armstrong, who is 96. Mrs. Gust Larson was birthday guest Thursday at her granddaughter Mrs. Woodward (Ellen) Helmers, Armstrong. Guests were Mrs. Ida O'Green, Mrs. Andrew Larson, Mrs. Clarence Foslind, Fairmont, Mrs. Gunnard Larson, Mrs. Vic Prok- jiik, Fairmont, Mrs. Harry Larson, Mrs. Laverne Larson and Mrs. Leonard Larson. Mrs. Joe Preston and Mrs. Nina Traub attended baccalaureate at Estherville for Janet Anderson, daughter of the Kenneth Andersons. Janet won a scholarship for one term at Estherville Junion College, in addition to the scholarship she won previously for a semester from the Estherville Women's Society. The Tom Prestons and Mrs Joe Preston and her sister, Mrs. Nina Traub, plan to attend the graduation of Mrs. Joe Preston's granddaughter, Marilyn Nelson, daughter of the Alfred Nelsons at Henry, 111., Friday. The Clayton Clarks, Hopkins, Minn., were Sunday visitors of Mrs. Elizabeth Holm. The Glenn Olsons were weekend guests at Roscoe Nelson's, at Jefferson. The William 'Schaubergers, Fairmont, were Sunday visitors at their son, the Carl Schauber- gers. Betty Clark and Marlene Bel- Ihius were weekend guests of the former's parents, the Glen Clarks. They teach at Grundy Center. Ron Anderson fell from a pony last week and broke a bone in his right arm. He is the son of the Robert Andersons. Ron's brother Paul broke an arm in February and again this spring breaking the same arm. The Harold Carrs were Sunday guests of the 0. B. Koons, Lakota The Don Koonses, Estherville, were other guests. The Harold Carrs attended baptism services for their granddaughter, Ann Marie, born May 4, and were guests of the par- the Keith Poshustas. The Poshustases . have another daughter, Donna Marie. Mrs. Orville Budach and Paul, Blue Earth, and Mrs. Harold Carr visited Mrs. Donald Koons, Estherville, Monday. The William Gieses and Eldon Links attended baccalaureate at Humboldt Sunday for Mrs. Gies's niece Judy Van Gronigun. The William Gieses, Jr., Truman, Minn., were Thursday callers at William Gies's. Sunday the Martin Geerdeses had as guests the Robert Geer- dcs family, Mrs. Kenneth Mullarkey and children, and the Jack Reisdorfers, Lakota. The Lloyd Steffens, Okabena, Minn., were weekend guests of the Ed Frerichs and with them drove to LeSueur, Minn. Sunday to see Mr. Frcrich's father, Fred Frerichs. Me came for a weeks Visit. The Harold Carrs attended baccalaureate at Armstrong Sunday for Dorene Reding and were guests at Lawrence Red- Ing's. Corwith Mr*. Harry L. Maw The Jim Zweifels visited Friday with Ben Ross at St. Mary's hospital in Rochester, Minn. They also visited the John Zweifels. The Eugene Wagners attended commencement for her niece, ftoberta Mill, Ayrshire, ai^d were overnight guests of her mother, Mrs. John Rouse. The Ben Kretis family visited Sunday at Val Moore's. Mrs. John Daniel and Mrs. C. B. Robinson attended graduation for Jack Hawk at Renwick Wednesday. A shower was held Saturday evening for Cecila Coney, bride elect of Howard Mullin. Mrs. Charles Hamm and Mrs. Emma Oxley visited Wednesday with Mrs. Art Kraft. The Clarence Jurgensens attended graduation of Lee Hoick at Kanawha Tuesday. Stephennie Bartick, daughter of the Ernest Barticks, returned home from the Belmond hospital. The Albert Johnsons spent Sunday at Marvin John's, Farnhamville. Mrs. Viola Brown spent the weekend with the Harold Browns, Industry. The Warren Lenzes spent Sunday with the Charles Browns in Mason City. The Elmer Marrs spent Sunday with the son, the Richard Marrs, Knoxville. Anton Benson and Mrs. Claire Iverson, Aurora, 111, visited Tuesday with the Kenneth Wagners. Rhonda Puffer, Algona,/spent the weekend with her grandparents, the Phil Puffers. Her parents, the Jerry Puffers, came for her Sunday. D.Y.T. club met Friday with Mrs. Mae Long, Mrs. C. R. William assisting. The William Erdmans spent the weekend with the Ben Ka- tuins, Fairmont, Minn. Mrs. Ed Lenz, LuVerfle, afid Mrs. Theresa Assing spent Friday with Mrs. Harry Fleming. A son was born May 15 to the Julian Sloters, Waterloo, 7 Ibs. and l'/2 oz. The Robert Krafts, Renwick, and Dale Yeomans spent the weekend at Eden Valley, Minn. Paula Yeoman spent the weekend with her grandparents, the Lou Hoovers, Hurt. Judy Black and Cecila Conway, Des Moines, spent the weekend at Leonard Mullin's. The Robert Beers, Lone Rock, and Robert Sloans were Saturday guests of Mrs. Ethel Beer. The John Adams Sr., Marvin E. Meyers, John Adams Jr. family were Sunday guests of the Richard Nails. Helen and Janie William, Providence, and Vickie William and Gene Oxley, all students at Cedar Falls, were Friday guests at John Oxley's. A daughter was born May 18 to the Harold Greens at the Belmond hospital, 8 Ibs. named Lisa Marie. Jim Gibson of Buffalo Center visited Friday at Harry Maw's. Mrs. Gertrude Thronbury spent Wednesday and Thursday with her daughter, Mrs. Dai-win Kaulen, Eagle Grove. Robert Whitmore, Huxley, spent the weekend with the Lee Williams. The Kenneth Wagners visited Sunday with the Norman Chambers. Mrs. William Sloter spent a few days with her son, the Ju< lian Sloters, Waterloo/ The Budd Lawsons returned home after several months in Florida. They also visited their daughter, the Jerry Norquists, Iowa City. The Irwin Ericksens, Thompson, visited Sunday with Mrs. Ethel Beer. DOES SINUS CONGESTION . . . keep you nwakn at night? Malta you feel miserable all day? 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