Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 30
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 30

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 12, 1950 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FAOt Wave of Selling Delays Stocks Jan. 12, UPt— A sudden wave of selling flattened stock prices late today. < Losses of fractions to a point or so were quickly chalked up «as the market staggered under a load of offerings. Selling pressure was so Intense that the high-speed ticker tape lagged as much as six minutes In reports of transactions on the floor of the exchange. The tape also ran behind at the opening of the market but price action then was Inconclusive. Blocks of stock running to more than 5000 shares each were transferred at rapidly declining prices. Among the losers were U. S. Steel, Bethlehem Steel, General Motors, Chrysler, U. S. Rubber, Montgomery Ward, Boeing, Schcn- ley, American Smelting, 1>u Pont, Eastman Kodak, General Electric, Philip Morris, N. Y. Central, Southern Pacific, Nickel Plate, Standard Oil (NJ), Gulf Oil, and United Air Lines. Bonds weakened with stocks. Abbott 51 Al Chem A Dye 203 1-2 Allied Strs 34 1-8 Allis Ch 32 1-2 Am Can 107 1-4 Am Car A Fdy 27 Am Gas A Elec 50 3-4 Am Loco 16 Am Pow 15 1-8 Am Rad 14 1-4 Am Smelt 54 1-2 Am Snuff 41 1-4 A T A T 147 Am Tobacco 74 1-8 Am Zinc 7 Anaconda ... 30- Armco 28 1-8 Armour 8 A T A S F 103 3-8 Avco 6 Bald Loco 11 1-4 Bendix 35 Beth Steel 31 3-4 Borden 48 3-8 Borg Warner 58 Briggs 29 1-2 Case 33 3-8 Caterpll Trac 33 1-4 Ches & O 29 5-8 Chi — NW 12 3-8 Chi RI A Pac 41 1-2 Chrysler 65 Comwealth Edls '30 1-4 Congoleum Nairn 27 1-4 Cons Edison 28 3-8 Cons Gas 44 1-4 Container 39 1-2 Cont Can 35 3-4 Cont Steel 15 Corn Prod 69 Corn Prod pfd 185 1-2 Crane 28 1-8 Curt Wright 81-4 Douglas 72 1-2 Du Pont 61 1-2 Eastman 47 Eaton 30 1-4 El Auto Lite 44 1-4 G E 42 1-2 Gen Foods 47 3-4 G M 71 1-8 Gen Tire 1 23 1-2 Goodrich 72 1-2 Goodyear 45 1-4 Gt Nor Ir Ore 12 7-8 Gt Nrthrn Pf '.... 42 7-8 Greyhound 11 1-4 Homestake 46 1-4 Houd Hersh 131-4 Hudson Mtr 15 1C 35 7-8 Inland .39 1-4 Ins Con Corp 14 Int Harv 27 1-2 Int Harv pfd 180 Int Nick Can 28 5-8 I T A T 11 Jewel 58 Johns-Many 48 Kennecott 53 5-8 Keystone SAW 17 1-2 Kimberly Clark 24 7-8 Lib Glass 64 3-8 Libby McN & L 73-4 Marshall Field 25 5-8 Mont Ward 55 1-8 Nash Kelv 17 5-8 Nat Biscuit 38 3-4 Nat Cont 7 7-8 Nat Dairy 39 1-2 Natl Steel 89 N Y C R R .". 12 3-8 No Am Avia 11 1-8 North Amer 19 Northern Pac 17 1-8 Ohio Qil 27 1-4 Owens- Glass i 64 Packard 45-8 Pan Am Air 9 1-2 Param Pic 19 1-8 Penney 55 1-2 Penn 16 3-4 Pepsi 9 1-8 Phelps 49 1-8 Phillip Mor 51 3-4 Phillips 60 1-2 Phoenix Hos 9 7-8 Pure Oil 28 3-4 RCA 13 1-4 Reo 10 1-2 Repub Stl 24 1-8 Scott 69 Sears 43 1-2 Shell Oil 36 7-8 Simmons 28 Sinclair 23 Crushing Blow 'Seeing-Eye' Dog Succumbs- Edwardsville Man Blind Again Produce Pricei At St. Louis ST. LOUIS, Jan. 12, Of) — Produce and live poultry: POULTRY — Heavy breed fowl 19H-20, commercial fryer, broiler and roaster whites 22-23, reds 1922, grays 22-23, nearby reds 19, capons, 7 pounds and up, 32; under 7 pounds, 28; slips 24, young hen turkeys 32. Other prices unchanged. S • i Livestock Prices At East St. Louis NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., Jan. 12, UP) — (USDA)—HOGS- 12,000; uneven; weights 220 pounds down and sows steady to 25 lower than Wednesday's average with some of 140 pounds down off more; weights 230 pounds up 25 to mostly 50 lower; bulk good and choice 180240 pounds barrows and gilts 15.5016.25; about two loads early topped at 16.50; 250-300 pounds 12.7515.25; few 325-250 pounds 13.25-50; 140-170 pounds 13.50-16.00; largely 14.00-15.75; 100-130 pounds mostly 12.00-14.00; few down to 1.00 or less; good and choice sows 400 pounds down 12,50-13.50; largely 13.25 down; heavier sows 11.0012.50; stags 8.50-10.50. CATTLE — 2000; calves 900; heifers and mixed yearlings steady with weights 750 pounds down fairly active; weighty kinds slow; cows draggy and about steady at Wednesday's late decline; common and medium cows 15.25-16.75; few medium to good cows 17.00-50; can- nors and cutters largely 13.0015.00; bulls steady to 25 lower; decline on top; medium and good 19.00-20.75; 15.50-18.00; cutter and common vealers unchanged; good and choice 27.00-37.00; common and medium 18.00-26.00. SHEEP — 1700; market not established. Chicago. St Louis Grain Quotations Chicago Cash Grain CHICAGO, Jan. 12, UP) — WHEAT — No. 4 yellow hard 2.19 U. CORN — No. 4 yellow, old, 1.31 U; No. 2 yellow 1.-32V*; No. 3, 1.28-30U; No. 4, 1.23-27. OATS — No. 1 heavy white 76%78; No. 1 white 76U-77; No. 2 heavy white 76%. BARLEY — Nominal: Malting 1.20-60; feed 90-1.20. SOYBEANS — No. 1 yellow 2.34; No. 2, 2.32 Vi-%, both track Chicago. Chicago Grain Futures High WHEAT— Mar. ... 2.17% May ... 2.11% July ... 1.92% Sep. ... 1.92% CORN- LOW Close Mar. May July Sep. Dec. 1.30% 1.29% 1.28% 1.23% 1.15% OATS— Mar May ... 69% July ... 63'.i Sep Dec RYE— May ... 1.43% July ... 1.43% Sep. ... 1.43% SOYBEANS— Mar. ....2.33% May ... 2.29% July ... 2.25% Nov. ... 2.02 2.15% 2.10% 1.90% 1.91% 1.29% 1.28% 1.27 1.22% 1.14% 69% 62% 1.41% 1.41%' 1.42% 2.31% 2.27% 2.23% 2.00 2.15%-% 2.10%-% 1.90%-91 1.91%-% 1.29% 1.28%-% 1.27-27% 1.22% 1.14% 73 69%-% 62% 61% 62% 1.41%-% 1.42 1.42% 2.31%-% 2.27%-% 2.23%-% 2.00 EDWARDSVILLE, Jan. 12. The death early Wednesday morn ing of his faithful "seeing-eye 1 dog, "Phil," was a crushing blow to John Merkel, blind operator of the soft drink stand here in the court house lobby. In fair weather and Jtoul, Phi had guided his master daily be tween home and the courthouse concession stand the past seven years, and his death seemed an Ir reparable loss. Mindful of the expense and re< tap* involved in securing a re placement for his 9-year-old guide dog, Merkel faced the prospect o making his daily trip to and from the courthouse for many months to come without, the companionship and watchful guidance of a see ing-eye dog. But today (here was a silver lining in Merkel's world of darkness Learning of Phil's death and the distress it brought his master Mayor William C. Straube and local civic and patriotic organizations have launched a fund-raisinj campaign to provide Merkel wltJ a new seeing-eye dog as soon as possible. The drive is meeting with a generous response from Merkel's many friends and courthouse em- ployes and officials who had be* come attached to Phil during his seven years of service to the concession stand operator. • One of the first seeing-eye dogs brought Into the county, Phil was acquired by Merkel seven years ago last November at the Seeing- Eye Kennels at Morristown, N. J An intelligent German shepard Phil was 21 months old at the time and Merkel had to spend a month at the kennels, going through the required dog-master training thai makes the canines invaluable to the blind. Recently Phil became afflicted with an intestinal disorder and an operation performed by a local veterinarian New Year's day failed to relieve the condition. Yesterday morning, when Merkel went into the basement to feed his faithful companion, he found Phil dead on the floor. "Phil cost me $203," Merkel recalled today, the figure representing the $150 purchase price from the Seeing-Eye kennels and expense involved in making the trip to New Jersey and the four-week stay there for training. A hunting accident July 19, 1931, cost Merkel his eyesight. He has operated the courthouse concession stand the past 10 years. The father of six grown children two daughters and four song, he lives with his wife at 914 Grand. Three of his sons saw combat duty in World War II and the fourth enlisted in the navy upon graduation from nigh school at the close of the war Attorneys Continued From Page 1. St. Louis Cash Grain ST. LOUIS, Jan. 12, Wl — WHEAT — Receipts 8 cars, sold 1, No. 3 red winter (tuff) 2.15H. CORN — Receipts 106 cars, sold 5, No. 3 yellow 1.32-1.34, No. 4 yellow 1,28. OATS — Receipts 24 cars, sales. no Acheson Continued From Page 1. Socony Vac 16 3-4 South Pac 51 Spiegel 9 3-4 St Brands 22 1-8 St Oil Cal .'. 62 5-8 St Oil Ind 43 1-8 St Oil N J 67 3-8 Sterling 37 3-4 Studebaker 27 1-8 Swift 34 3-4 Texas Co 60 3-8 Timken Axle 15 1-2 Trans America 15 5>8 Un Carbide 43 1-4 Un Pacific 86 Un Air Unas 14 3-8 Un Aircraft 26 14 US Rubber 40 34 US Steel 27 1-8 West Un 20 1-2 West Elec 31 1-2 Woolworth aatsttaa 48 3-8 Wor P *V M Pr pfd .17 5-8 Zonit* 5 N«t York Curb Ark Nat CM A n 1-8 Cltlfa Svc T4 1-2 El Bond * Sh 18 5-8 Hecla Milt 11 3-8 , Kaiser Frasar 5 Kingston Prod 3 1-8 Niag Hud Powtr 15 5-8 Is a place where a small amount of aid and at very small cost can prevent the further spread of Communism." After describing Taft as a person who can "jump from doubt to no doubt," Acheson said he was reminded of a one-time Supreme Court justice who said "this court is often in error, but never in doubt." Acheson's appearance in a public forum follows two lengthy closed door sessions with Senate and House committees on foreign affairs. Tuesday he spent more than four hours with the Senate com- rnijtee and yesterday talked for five hours with the House group. No Chance in Policy Following Acheson's talk on [he Hous* side, Committee Chairman Kee (D-WVa) said that he knows of "no proposed change in the policy of our government in the Far East or anywhere else In the world." President Truman last week Meat-loving Peterson Manlm was flnsd 840 in Platercbucii. South Africa, for forging a note ordering a local butcher to give him a quantity of "kooKvlets" (cooking mean, roast baaf, top< •Jde. *•**, and Allot. h made clear that the U. S. govern- ernment would give no military help toward saving Formosa, where the Chinese Nationalists are holed up. It was understood that in his confidential talks with Senate and House members, Acheson had discussed Far Eastern Issues to a much greater degree than he would consider doing on the record. Objects to ftcpoHa There was some Indication that he objected to reports of his Tuesday talk as given out by Senate committee members, These members were In tome disagreement as to whether Acheson told them that the U. S. has an Impregnable defense line In the Pacific without .Including Formosa. Taft tied into the administration'* Formosan stand while Acheson was still cloewted with the House group, -Taft said that the, United grossing, but expressed the opinion that the "schools are now In such shape that such delay would not be critical. Last summer, the board spent $111,100.97 on repair and replacement in the schools Reports on Library Plans The board also heard a report by R. R. Ready, administrative assistant in charge of curriculum, advocating a more extensive public summer library plan for the schools. The plan Ready advanced would provide for all schools to be opened to the public at some hours of the day. Ready also announced a plan to extend the summer school program in the district to the elementary level, allowing students who fail to be promoted because of illness or other absence to make up their work and progress with their class. The board also accepted bids on equipment for the Johnson street school kitchen and cafeteria. Low bidder on the kitchen equipment was Duke Co., of St. Louis, with a bid of $13,598.90. Low bidders on the cafeteria equipment were C. J Jacoby Co., of Alton, for chairs, $1171.60, and Len A. Maune Co. of St. Louis, for tables, $1011.85. The board also approved tentative .plans for the new vocational building to be constructed on the Alton High site and instructed A. H. Goedde, the architect, to proceed with working drawings and specifications. In conjunction with the building, the board also passed a motion to hold ah election Jan ^8 to approve the construction Because the building will be financed by a gift from the Olin Foundation the election will be only to construct the building and will not concern additional revenue The new builldng will not require an increased tax rate to the district. The board also discussed the problem of placing fire escapes on Horace Mann school and decided to ,.u d) S; uss the situation further with Fire Chief James Lewis, Jonnsqn recommended the resignation of Miss Verna Robertson as a teacher in the district be accepted and the -hiring of Miss Marian Heldlnger as a teacher. The board voted to accept both recommendations. Blondes Help Japs Following an appeal for fine blonde hairs for its hygrometer- Japanese black hair being too coarse — the Mizusawa, Tokyo, observatory has received enough blonde hair from 14 people In the United States, Canada and France, to supply the instrument for 20 years. It measures humidity; the hahr contracts or expands according to the amount of moisture in the air. Harper to Seek Democrat Choice For Treasurer Guy Harper, Wood River, today announced his decision to «eek the Democratic nomination for county treasurer at the primary election next April. Mr. Harper, a commissioner of the Wood River Levee and Drainage District, has served the past nine years as president of the Wood River Central Labor Union. One of the original organizers of the Wood River Social Planning Council, he also is a member of the board of directors of the Wood River Township Chamber of Commerce. As the Democratic candidate for county treasurer in 1946. Mr. Harper made a commendable race in his first venture into county politics and earned the respect of people throughout the county by his earnest and clean- cut campaign. Establishment of the Wood River Township Hospital was among the major civic achievements in which Mr. Harper played an Important role. He is a long-time Wood River resident and property owner. Mr. Harper resides with his wife at 241 Ferguson avenue, Wood River. A son, Buford Ardean Harper, now deceased, served witli the Army Air Force during World War II, and a daughter, Mrs. James Searcy of East Alton, served in the U. S. Navy during the war. Employed at the International Shoe Co. plant at Hartford, Mr. Harper is a member of the Loyal Order-of Moose at Wood River and the United Leather Workers International Union, Local No. 31. FHANKLW LODGE—No. 2.V A. f. A. M. Special meeting Jan. lath, s P. m. Work In 3rd degree. Visiting brethren welcome. Verne Williamson. W. M. ie LOST—STRAVF.D-STOLEN LOST—Scoflcld Bible between Brown Street Baptist Church nnd Upper Al- J°J1'_ F|nder rail 3-72S1. Reward. MAN'S GRAYISH TAN~~TQPC6AT — Taken by Isbrl his 4-8244. mistake New year's Eve; name Stevens, LnGrang*. LIOAL NOTICES NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice i* hereby given to ell persons that rirst Monday in February. 1890, is the Claim Date in the estate of George F. Magulre, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and that claims may be filed against the said estate on or before *ald date without Issuance of summons. Dated this 21st day of December. 1949. ALTON BANKING tc TRUST COMPANY, Executor. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. O'NEILL & DAVEY, Attorneys Dec. 29. Jan. S, 12. NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all persons that First Monday In February, 1950, is the Claim Date In the estate of Susan A. Jones, Deceased, pending In the Probate Court'of Madison County, Illinois, and that claim* may be (lied against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of summons. Dated this 31st day of December, 1949. PAUL D. DAVEY, Executor. Attest: JOSEPH HEALEY. Probate Clerk. O'NEILL & DAVEY, Attorneys. Dec. 29. Jan. S, 12 THANKO FRED KEENE—We wish to thank all our friends, neighbors and relative* for their kindness and sympathy shown during our recent bereavement. We especially wish to thank Rev. Sparks, the pallbearer*. Staten funeral home, those who sent floral offerings, the donors of cars and all who assisted in any way. ' " Wife. Son, Brother* and Sister* LADIES BLACK COAT—Taken by mistake at Clifton Terrace, Sunday nigh 3-3025 or 2-9109. LOST—Frmale black and tan dot wearing red collar. Answers to name o "Dlx Ic." Hew a rd._ 3^5233. LOST — Black, tnn and white female fox hound. Will be Identified by three Initials in each ear. Liberal rpwar* Leroy Caftney. Medora. Phone 50K. II NOTKS DRIVING TO CALIFORNIA — Sunday Jan. IS. New Ford. Will take 1 or References exchangee _ ____ ______ __ _ WA"NTED— Ridr from East Alton tc Upper Alton. 8:30 - 5 p. m. Dial after S p. m. ' SOILED RUG SPOTS DISAPPEAR— Instantly when odorlet* Flna roam I used. Buck's Paint Store, 655 E. Bdwy HARRY A MOORE PIANO TUNING and REPAIRING 003 Forest Ave,. Alton. Dial 3-7S2S STATE LICENSE AUTO, CHAUFFEURS DRIVERS. Etc C. CLARK, 1904 E. Bdwy. ALTON CEMETERY HAS LOTS FOR SAL* aeverei aundrod 6-arave lot* IB vartoui part* of the cemetery err available. INCOME TAX RETURNS BOOKKEEPING SERVICE INCOME TAX RETURNS PROPERLY PREPARED BY A QUALIFIED ACCOUNTANT AND TAX CONSULTANT (Over 20 Years Accounting and Tax Experience) • COMPLETE SERVICE • ALL FORMS FOR INDIVIDUALS • FARMERS BUSINESS EAR! w. MA&NS ACCOUNTANT •) TAX CONSULTANT OFFICE 201 W. Third St. (Over Hollywood Shop* Phones: 2-8232 — 3-683S ALTON, ILL. J. E. MURPHY Watchmaker - Jeweler At New Location—Jan. 16, 1950 630 E. Broadway — Alton, Illinois ItA INSTRUCTION VETERANS Why accept anything less than the best? Thousands of mechanically in dined men have benefited through C T. I. Training. We will assist you in getting part time work while attend ing school to add $80 to SI 15 per month to your government subsistence of $75 to $120. Learn one of the followlni splendid pay trades in only 20 weeki Auto or Diesel Mechanics Body and Fender Repairing— Painting Hefrlg- — Air Conditioning Radio - Television Servicing Electricity - Electronics. You will be taught on modern equipment in our large shops under exper supervision. Free placement service after graduation. Living facilities available. Write today for complete details No obligation. Commercial Tradea Institute, Box 1200. care Telegraph. II BBLP MANTEU—MALB IN MEMORIAM IN LOVING MEMORY—Of our little son, George Eugene Hasting*, who passed away 7 years ago, Jan. 12, 1843 A happy home we once enjoyed, How sweet the memories still; But death has left a vacant place This world can never fill. Oh, how oft he comes before us, His dear face both sweet and new, Resting now In peace with Jesua, How our hearts still breathe for you As we stand before his picture, And look upon his smiling face, We realize he is gone forever To that happy, glorious place. Where there are no dark shadowi To dim the heavenly H<ht, Where flowers bloom forever, And Jesus is the light. We know there is no more suffering, In that home so bright and fair, We Ions to be with you, "Gennle," In that beautiful home up there. Sadly missed by Mother and Father, Mr. and Mrs. George Hastings VIRGIL R. HOSFELT—In memory ol my dear husband who was killed at the Alton Box Board one year ago January 12: I have lost my life's companion, A life linked with my own;. And every day I misi him more As I walk through life alone. The call was short, the shock severe, To lose someone we loved so dear. No one knows the silent heartache, Only those who have lost can tell Of-the grief I bear In silence For the one 1 loved so well. My heart is filled with sadness, My eyes shed many a tear, God only knows how I miss him At the end of this long, long year. Sadly missed by Wife. Leone, And all who loved him. IN'LOVING MEMORY — Of our dear friends, Mr. and Mrs. William C. Turner, who lost their lives Wednesday night. Jen. 12, 1B4S: The midnight atari are shining. Upon your silent graves, Beneath them sleep the ones we love, The onei we couldn't Dave. Although your aouli are now at r«t, And free from care and pain, This world would seem like heaven If we had you back again. But< still we »«y "His will be done", Your souls are with the best. And we who grieve (or you today Are the ones who loved vou best Sadly missed by friends, Mr. and Mr*. Kenneth H. Brewer, Mr. and Mr§. Wesley Dunn. MUNIIMKNTa—4)1 MONUMENTS —' MARKERS ALTON MEMORIAL SALES •10-Main Bt. Alton, 111. States should serve notice on the Chines* Comunlitg that it would use the navy to prevent the lri< vaslon of Formosa. , He expressed the opinion that such a declaration -would be enough to block any Invasion plans and would constitute a far lesser wnr risk than the U. S. Is running In Europe. Moreover, Tait argued that thU would not involve the use of additional npvy forces beyond those already In the area, Meanwhile demands continued to be heard in the Senate, particularly from Calif) for from American military leaders «* to what they think about Formosa and its strategic importance, Sen, Knowland (R Information directly Phone 2-S421 Established to serve Alton and community' M AUTHORIZED DEALERS 'rom our modern display room featuring all leading granites. Quality - Service • Satisfaction At price* which are competitive Order now for spring delivery from local firm NOT representing any _______ outside Interest* MONUMENTS MARKERS ORDER NOW AT SPECIAL WINTER DISCOUNT FOR SPRING DELIVERY EXCLUSIVE DESIGNS IN ALL LEAD. ING GRANITES. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED DELANO GRANITE WORKS, Inc. PBBSUNALa FOR AVOW PRODUCTS —• Dial 3-SS3S Mrs, Crtntwtll. 413 JejMer«on. WILL THE GENTLKMAN-Who aiiiited the colored lady who fell In downtown store, Wednesday, pleue call S44MT RUMMAGE SALE—Sponsored by Godfray Congregational Church, Friday, Jan 13, l to s p. m. Saturday, 0:30 a. in. 624 E. 3rd street SIS. •BTHALTO LODGED A. r * A. M. Special meetlns frUay. Jan. 13, 7:15, p. m. Past Maitora' nlihl. Work In 3rd de«ree. Vielllng brethren welcome. Wm- La>h, W. M. KRANKUN CHAPTER—NO. S, M. A. M Friday, Jaa. Maitow, 13 T:M p. m. Mark Gregory Flynn.lct. P. FURNITURE FINISHER — And driver Experienced and competent man, for a furniture store. State experience am salary wanted. Our employe* know o this ad. Write Box 790, care Telegraph WANTED — Aggressive salesman t handle life insurance debit for well established company. Guaranteed sal ary and commission. Age limits, 24 49, Must have car. Apply 230-31 Plasa Bldg. 6-8 p. m., Thursday and Frl day evening, 8-12 Sat, morn Ing. MAN WANTED—To work in auto part* store; must have typing and selling experience. Write Box 760, care Tel*< gr«ph. WANTED AUTO SALESMAN Good opportunity for right man. Sell ins experience helpful but auto sellini not essential. Salary plu* commission Apply in person. 60 Alton - Edwardsville Road WOOD RIVER SALARY. OVER RIDE AND COMMISSION Will be given to experienced insurance salesman by an old line Legal Reserve Stock Co., specializing in the finest hoipilalizatlon contract* avail' able. If he can qualify for office man ager's position. J. P. Schmidt, Reserve Life Ins. Co.. 517 Metropolitan Bldg. East St. Louis, III. IS HELP WANTED—FEMALS WANTED—Light housekeeper. Advise weight and candlepower. Box 810, care Telegraph. GRADUATE HOME ECONOMIST — To work In Alton, III. Young woman who can live in the community to do group demonstrations on electrical and gas equipment; platform or teaching experience helpful. Must be able to drive car, In reply give age, height, weight, education and where obtained experience, and enclose recent snapshot if possible. Write Box 1)00, care Telegraph. MIDDLEAGED LADY^To~sla"y~night* with mlddleaged lady who is partial invalid, in Alton. Write Box 780, care Telegraph. WOULD YOU LIKE f O "SELL — Make good money, yet attend to household duties? That's what I do. My company needs women, 30. HO, on same Write me about this grand opportun ity. Mrs. Lola Rosenburg, 2230 Clave< land. Granite City. 111. _ WE HAVE OPENINGS NOW—For cap' able ambitious women, In South Hox ana and Roxana. At lea*! 20 hour* weekly and cir. 8th, Alton. Writ* Avon. 615 East VI SITUATIONS WANTED—HALS, OFFICE MANAGER - ACCOUNTANT — Wants job where some sweat stain on "white collar" might spell IV Rel- ume and reference* on request, Box 820, care Telegraph. __________ WANTED — By experienced man. work of any kind. Truck driving or pipe __ __ _ _____ __ WANTED— Miscellaneous" job* or work of any kind. Call Z-B074, WANTED — Farm work on share crop taubls. Write Vernon Davis, Dow, 111. HOME REPAIRS—Miscellaneous work electrical, plumbing, linoleum tile, gut- terlng - any repair work in L Phone 2-8175. •It WANTSB-FiMALS BEAUTY OPERA tOH—WantiT work, full or part time- Write 417 N. Buchanan, Edwardsville, YOUNG WOMAN, 25-Would like typ. Ing or office work of any kind. Some collag* end office experience, Phon* 2-4003. _ WASHING "AND IRONINOT -""WcnTed byexperienced Judy. Dial 4j>534, EXPERIENCED STENODHAPHEH Would like part time work._OlalJMNMl. DAY WOMK WANTED - 5 day* per week. References, Dl is a)|iaiM».»» _ BACH'S CONFECTIONARY-And pool hall for «kle. Bctohtowa, HI. H»Ai)tt __ SEWING WANTKD-I lurnliih _ __ _ WHITK LA DY^-WanV washings In own horn*. 8-SS7S. w'AlHtNOI V IftONlffitT WANTiS) Phone 418-W, Bcthalto. OFFSET PRINTINQ OUft SMCum Olfle* Fniiua farm Utten DIAL Mill •utliMM Sorvtot MM to. tlfwrfffftr— Alton, IB. INCOME TAX SERVICE I'HONB 8-8662 THOMAS P. KiENEY Fermcrlr tnttrn*) Revenue I»*p». SI I.AVNDCMINO WASH,INGS and IRONINGS WATJTED— Dlnl 3-7091. WASHINGS AND IRONINGS — Wanted. Dial 3-7091. WHITE LADY WANTS — "Washings "and lronings._ ReJlabJe_work._Phone 2-818.1. CURTAINS - Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered. Dill 3-M7J CURTAINS — Washed and stretched. Called for and delivered.,2-763(1. n BUS* ANMnuMDkaiiMTa REPAIR — Carpentry work, brick work, block laying, concrete work of ell kinds, 4-5951 or 4-2118. Till SPECIALIST Trunmlns. topping and removing; we haul awaj the brush fully insured and reliable. We also have some sweet gum shade trees left. Free estimate. M. C. LOVE 4-7922 GUTTERING—Spouting, metal chimney covers. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1484. TREE SPECIALIST " Trim Top. Take Down and Haul Away Insured. ED KRAUT. Dial 4-9343 BLOCK LAYING—I2c each; cess poolf and septic tanks built and Dumped reasonable rates, 2-5415. 3-6500. fo"PROPERTY OWNERS - Beware of termites. They are destructive to your property. For free information call Century Termite Control. Phone 182 1019 Ruskin Ave.. Edwardsville 111 All work guaranteed, DO YOU NEED A TRUCK? Or do you wont a hotter truck them you hovo? SEE HARV & PHIL RETLLEY'S USED CAR LOT For a foal Deal in a Track Wo Mean Bu*ta«M OtDOKATINO SLIP COVERS—Tailored to fit. guaranteed workmanship: draperies, custom made. Phone 2-1306. PAINTING & DECORATING—Removing wallpaper and patch plastering. No. money down with 36 months to pay if so desired. All work guaranteed. Free estimates. John Ewlng. 2-8785. WANTED—Paper hanging.' Good work at reasonable prices. Phone 3-5967 or 2618 Yager street. INTERIOR PAINTING — Removing or cleaning wallpaper; floor reflnishlng. Special prices now. 3-6364. WHY WAIT?—Get your decorating done now before the spring rush. There la no plastering job too small or too large for us. Will we plaster your celling? Yes) Will we plaster your complete room? Yesl Yes! Will we remove your wallpaper, paint your walls or hang wallpaper Ycsl Do we guarantee our work? Yeil Will we decorate your whole house and givt you eaiy terms? Yes! Why not phone us today No ob- llgatlon. Of course not. Phone 2-4726 INTERIOR DECORATING — Plastering, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. Reference. Free estimates. Dial 3-S17? DIAL 2-2141 — For free estimate on floor sanding and inside painting. FURNITURE AUCTION FRIDAY EVENING, JAN, 18, MM, AT THE JOUETT AUCTION HOUSE SALE STARTS AT 7 P. M. 1—T. T. GM ftanie 1-an-ft. Norfe Wee. Refr. t—0-pe. Oak Breakfast §•! 1—Small Cook Stave l—Small Oil Heater 2—Walnut Dressers 1—Rnllnway Bed ' ' l—Elec. Recording Macktae Electrir U ushers, Ilrntem, Radios, End Tables and Hundreds of Articles Not Mentioned. NOIIKIS AUCTIONEERS ROLLAN JOtffiTT 170fi WASHINGTON AVE. 2—3-|>r. Walnut Bedroom Suites 1—Chlffcrobe 1—Maple Orsk nnd Chair 1—Maple liookcanc 8—Sin trie Red* t_Cerlnr Chest 1—Lot SuiteHSM 1—Standard Sewing Machine JOHN APARTMENTS—FLATS 3 UNFURNISHED ROOMS—All modern. Private bath, private entrance. 3-7997. aiaa Rockwell 3 MODERN—Unfurnished rooms for rent. 601 Washington, —In Godfrey. Large yard, heat an water furnished. $75 month. 3-859 TWO ROOM APT — $30.00 pcF~m6ntn Two rooms partly furnished $42 pe month. Lights, heat water furnished G. H. Fomting. Hartford, 111. 3 BASEMENT ROOMS — Dry. Phon JM.202. NORTH ALTON—For rent, modern rooms, unfurnished apt. Utilities fur nlshcd. Dial 3-8183. 4* rtlBNIBHED APARTMENTS 3 FURNISHED ROOMS—Bath, lights water, heat, refrigerator. Another Frl day. Apply 1212 Main. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS fc BATH—Up stairs: large living room and kitchen combined, bedroom. Frlgidairc am f as atove, laundry facilities, all utll ties furnished. $10 per week. 21 North Central. Roxana. 4-6160. 2 FURNISHED ROOMS — East Altoi couple; heat and lights, gas, hot wa ter, refrigerator, 4-9148, _ _ •2 ROOMS & BATH— In Wood RIveF Washing machine and refrigerator constant hot water, gas range. $12.0 per week. No objections to baby.. AI private. Front entrance. 4-8512, THREE FURNISHED ROOMS — Private bath and entrance, electric refrlger ator. 1140 West 9th street. 1 LARGE ROOM—And kitchenette. Ho water, lights, gas and heat furnished Liberty street. For information apply 309 Genital after 6. 2-ROOM — Furnished modern cabin 4-7193. 10 a. m. - 6 p. m. 560 St. Loui avenue. East Alton. FOR RENT—Furnished apt. in Wood River. 2 large rooms and bath. Steam heat. Good location. Dial 4-6251. WALLPAPER STEAMER FOB RENT— Dial 2-2141. 1004 Phlnney. FLOOR SANDING - And reflnUhlng also painting. Reasonable rates, free estimates. Dial 3-6514 or 3-3230 MAKE OLD FLOORS LIKE NEW—Ren our high speed under and edger pla 2-2141. 1004 Phlnaey PAINTING, DECORATING - Removing wallpaper, plastering, patch plasterlni our specialty. All work guaranteed References. Free estimates. Dial 2-8664 3-6172. INTERIOR PAINTING— Plastering «n< patch plastering. II you are tlrad o old wallpaper, call us today, we wll remove your wallpaper and. with in latest ttyla colora, we will remodern Ize your home. Call today -for • free ^- _ _-.=WALL & FLOOR TILf Baker Aluminum Awnlnsa' Retail or installed Free Estimate ^__ CROXTON BROS. TILE CO. 3-3060 1406 Rodgera Ave ELECTRIC—BADIOB RADIO & TELEVISION SERV. FOUR MEN TO SKRVIC* YOU SQUARE DEAL SHOP 720 E, BROADWAY - 3-9411 BREGENZER'S Radio, Television Serv ice at your home. Guaranteed. Dial 3-5022. 1222 State. •YOBAUE—MOVIMU FOR QUICK MOVING" Or rURNITUM AUK) REFRIGERATORS, STOVES. TRUNK* BOXES OB WHAT HAVE YOU! CALL 3-7S30 or 2-SS40 PRES. BELCHER SMITH BROS. MOVING LOCAL - LONG DISTANCE DIAL 4-6561 IS W. Ferguson. Wood Hlver After S P M. Dial 4-232S Used Furniture Bought and Bold _ ""HrATNTVUN MOVING, ~ STORAGE ACKOBB THK BTRtfEl OR ACROSS THE CONTINENT LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1828 WASHINGTON AVE OlAl McCOY TRANSFER CO 1SS FRONl BT ALTON ILL DIAL a-asaa - 3-rrsi SORNBIY H 6vrN O * Local and Long Distance Sieving PACKING CRATING SHIPPING Co FURNITURE BEPAIHED MEFINIBHEO NORTH AMERICA VA*N UNI* SOS W Broadway, Alton Call s-noai Alter 6 P n» 3-3T37 41 ROUMII UPPER ALTON—Sleeping room. Kitchen, laundry and phone privileges; 2 bus liiieti, one block from business district. 3-7058. 2621 College. TWO NICE WARM ROOMS — ciose bath, private entrance, laundry; near restaurants and bus. 3-5764, MODERN ROOM—For one or two working people, near bath; living room and telephone privileges. Near downtown. Reasonable rent. 123 F- 5th. WOOD RIVER-Gentleman. Stoker, hot water. 416 Whltelaw. 4-5639. CLEAN, QUIET ROOM—On bu» stop. Ladles only, S38 Washington. 2-55UU IUEEPINC ROOM — For 1 or 2. Gai haat, continuous hot water, garage available. Writ* Box 750, car* Tele. graph. •lARQB ROOM—For 1 or 2, on bui line. Phone 3-8406. 688 Henry. EABT ALTON - Quiet sleeping room. Girl or woman. In modern horn* adjoining bath. Dial 4-BBB5. LEEPING ROOM — And 'garage 'or rant, 121) Acton. W. R. 4-47M. NEW FRONT ROOM - AutomatTeThect, hot water, adjoining bath, gentlemen. 2-6713 after 5 p.m. MODERN SLEEPING ROOMS '^Private bath and entrance, Stoker heat, 1424 East 4Ui. 'OR GENTLEMAN—In new horn*. Private bath. Dial t-JSW after *Jt-JT>, ATTRACTIVE* ROOM-^ForT' or »"Tn nice home. 1216 Brown U-75S3. BUUSI AMB BOABB idbM * BOARD-jor"ofiT'i sioners. S03 State. pen- HOUSBKEEPINU BOOHS NB a-KOOM APT.—One apt, for light houMk**pln«. Telephone available; on bui line; private an- tranot. SSO Belle. UNFURNISHED ROOMS — 43& Eait Broadway. Alton.. __ FURNISHED — Light T "housekeeping room*: private bath and entrance alec- trio refrigerator, 510 Woof River avenue. Wood River. AST ALTON—1 large hOUMkeeplnS room. Dial 4-tSfS. rmvy 'fuHNi8H¥D lioofn -"1609 4th street. »>-ABiaiKirra— HATS I6A "wiNKLEH-l Urge room. Uf*t« and water. Call alter SiaO P m. 8-M4S. ROOMS FOR RBNT-rAdult* OB!*; Picl 3-«360, 10 «, m. • i m. m. FURNISHED APT. —Adults only. 589 Wood River avenue. Wood River. 2 ROOM APT. — Girl's preferred" 20C East Fifth. FOR RENT — Two room furnished apl Gas, light, heat and water. 3-8093. 2 FURNISHED APTS. — Private en trance, utililities and washing prtvl leges, adults only. 329 N. 3rd St., Wood River. 4-4172. 3 ROOM FURNISHED — Basement apt in new home. Electric stove and ic box, lights, heat and water .furnished $50 month. Call after 5:30 p.m. 455 Tip ton, *Wood River. FURNISHED — 4 room apt., private bath and entrance, all electric kitchen excellent area, in new brick horn 2-8830. ANY YOUNG COUPLE — Interested 1 a clean, well furnished all moder apartment {3 roon\ efficiency) In nlc residential district at moderate ren apply 655 First St., Wood River, east o swimming pool. MODERN 2 ROOMS—Private bath, pn vato entrance, gas heat. Adults. 821 E 6th. HOUSES FOB BENT TWO HOUSES—One 3 rooms, one rooms; lights and water. Boy Scou Lane. Will accept small child. Ola 2-6935. TWO-HOOM HOUSE FOR RENT—2-7ZBI 4-ROOM COUNTRY- HOME — For ren near Brighton. Electric lights, al weather road. 3-3014. G'ROOM MODERN — Close in. Refer ences required. $75 per month, Write Box 540, care Telegraph, 411 KIIHNISHKU MOUSE* 4-ROOM—All modern home In Wooc River. $GS per month, Harry F. Hemp hill Agency. Dial 3-3584. BUSINESS PLACES STORE, 25 ft. x 60 ft.—Occupied for 20 years by dry goods, clothing, var iety, novelty and business location built-up trade, Ideal location for any kind of business, Nice show window* automatic gas heat, brick building Will be vacant in short time. Investigate. Dial 4-5161, For information, J D. Null, 312 Church street, E. Alton FOR RENT or SALE—Masonry build' ing. 28x42. at 197 Goulding avenue East Alton. Suitable for grocery, etc OH heat and water furnished. Tw< apis, above now occupied. Dial 4-BBB< WANTKU TO BENT MANAGER — Of radio station WOKZ wants desirable furnished apt, No children. Call 3-9506. ENGINEER & WIFE—Desire completely furnished 3-room or larger apt., or house; prefer Edwardsville or Wood River area. Call 4-7301, extension 53 Mr. Bruner. week days before 5 p. m SHELL ENGINEER—Desires 4 or S-room unfurnished house or apt. 4-3IS8. CHEMICAL ENGINEER — Employed by Shell Oil wants approximately 5-room house, unfurnished, Day, call 4-4821 evenings, Hotel Stratford, 3-8821 __ TWO or THREE-ROOM—Furnished apt, First floor preferred. Vicinity of North Alton or west of Central. Two adults. Phone 2-4032. __ WANTED—By young couple"" with ( months old daughter, two furnished rooms and private bath, In Alton. Box l02._Jeraeyvllle. J-ROOM — Unfurnished apt. Modern. Working couple, Call 2-7506 after TiOO p. m. WANTED — 3-room apt. with private entrance and bath unfurnished, 3-0474 VETERAN, WIFE — And 4 year old child want to rent 4 room house. Rot' erencet. Dial 4-2140, WANTED—2 or 3-room" furnished apt. Responsible party, Alton. Call IMUfl. WANTED TO RENT—5 or'S-rodm hbufa. unfurnished, Alton. Phone a-lMfi. _ liu'SiNEBS BUILDING — For sale. 1106 and 1110 E. Bdwy. Good Income. Bin living rooms up sUlr«, Can bo Men daily from 11-5 p.m. 3-0733, _ HMU IAMI» 60~ACRE FARM — 6 room, all modern houit, located on ill weather road. Good outbuildings and plenty of water. C. H. AUTEN AGENCY 3-8422 Or.w-2-1296 Tuetkan-3.5095 Hila-2-2246 5 ACRES-w" acVeriljlable." S-room houte with electric lights, telepaoae •nd plenty of water under root ol back porch; we have plenty of tltade and located on new Butt Aid ro*4 Price I3MO. c. B. Aiuteraoa. 111., Bt, No. 1, OB BALI - Chotw lai , wood Hts. Dial 4.»104 otter Bias tus. Oil sXU-New rgA aitproval aapa* In Wood River or Bail Allen a* Wv M »SaO down and Ma per mww. nifss are real buy*. MMI! be **ea to ao.aa- predated. Phone MwanfivlTle SW Ralph H. Udd, OfaaMrCaatM* brick houic. Hardwood in kitchen .an* ^ath^wJra.JJe^atova, Insulated, nace. •nee led, lull bwcmeal, kot alt hit., Lot MsMD. •MOO 4owo. teU aViaat. MI act atanta. Mai BUSINESS BUILDING FOR RENT Center of North Side Business) District. DIAL 2-8824 w NUUSBS FOB BALS FOR SALE - In Meadowbrook. I „ cottage with 2 large lot*. »1900. Apply; J Meadowbrook Grocery. Phone BethaV- to 933. NORTH ALTON — 4 room al modem brick house, just 3 year* old, HWT, • cabinets, (as heat, batement garag*. * , , price »8000. Dial 3-4606. 7 ROOM HOUSE— On T acre* Ol BjrouM, / near Fosterburg. fireplace, ejarale ttl basement, insulated, large chlekcm • house and other out building*. Will coll or trade {or 3 bedroom houae 4a Ws» per Alton. 2-8903. EAST COTTAGE HILLS 5-Room Modern 1-Story Frame, floor*, cabinet* in kitchen, oil turncoat large lot consisting of ft acre, more a* leu, *ome fruit tree*, largo gardcst space, garage. This property ean ba bought with 12000 down payment. Price SaTM. EAST COTTAGE HILLS TRENTSCH GUBSER FELDWISCH AGENCY : 2506 COLLEGE AVE. . DIAL 3-3123 AFTER OFFICE HOURS CALL 2-4870 OR 3-6146 T OUNNIGAN ST.—New 4-room modern. Full baaement, nice cabinet*, level lot. only > seaot MILL - SPRlNG-4-room modern. CaW-, nets, hardwood floor*, wired for alee* trie *tove. Large lot STANLEY E. W1L 2-4294 - 2-4147 Bill Hughson -2-16SB EY "?.* WILTON' AGENCY SSOO DOWN PAYMENT—And S30 pet- month will buy a 4-room home oat , Sanford avenue, close to bu* line. Bale price S3300. Dial 8-6833. CROSH REAL ESTATE MIDDLETOWN 4 rooms down. Modern kitchen, hard* ^ wood floors, carpeted, powder room* down; 3 bedrooms and bath up. Closet*,.• complete insulation, newly decorated,** large screened porch, (as furnace, au- 1 ^ tomatlc hot water. Near, lehool* end-' churches ;.. .SU.OOT ; PHINNEY AVE. fl-room modern. 3 room* end entrance) hall down, hardwood floor*, cabinet •Ink. 3 bedrooms, closets, up: S bathe, . oil heat, good roof.. Immediate pe*«a«" lion ...SBM* DIAMOND ST. Modern 6-room. 4 room* and bath dowav a up; newly decorated Inside, newly K lnted outside, food roof, concrete sement, furnace, (araie. Near Bt.;-., Patrick's and public schools....S9430 WOOD RIVER AVE., " . EAST ALTON Attractive 5-room home and curt roomK. fireplace, living room. hardwoodW floors throughout, modern Youngstowa- cabinet unit, 3 bedroom*, eloket*. bath," shower, part tile, concrete baaement, furnace and garage. Immediate poue*-' NEAR STATE " ' e-room brick. Largo reception Ball, Urge living room, dining room, kitchen with modem cabinet*, > Urge bad* room*, closet*. 3 porehac, ornamental fireplace, built-in bookcaM*. Laval lot 80x144. Large cloMt*. hardwood floor* full basement, hot air furnace, naal bu* line, near Cathedral ttiJOB LORENA AVE.-WOOD RIVER 7-room frame house. Excellent eoadl- tion. newly decorated, modern kttch- en unit. Venetian blind*. • MJBW down, 2 up. tile bath,, automatic kot water, hot *lr furnace, garcae; **l modern apt. in rear, income B4I month, will take 4-room ' GARDEN STREET Duplex. TWO s-room apt*. Beautiful kitchen, cabinet*, knotty piao Chat* board, new pUitie linoleum la beta) apts., living room and dining room*. newly papered. 2 baths, a furnaeeo, concrete basement, 3 garage*. Rom* and income |S5. SS4S9., UPKR ALTON r 4 rooms. Large living room, excellent condition, 3 bedroom*, closet*, bath. • wired (or stove, hardwood floor*, tw*> enclosed porcha*. full batement. fur*' nace, stoker; near Ml*, walking die* tance to business district and ichooU, Price . .. ... ...... NEAR SIDNEY ST. Large attractive 4-room. Newly a>iaf ated. new cabinet unit, now Hneletiam. a bedroom*, bath, large Uvtaw raam, concrete batement. furnace, faraje. Uaw Price $1000 CASH Balance on contract. Hoxana. S roaana. I floor, 3 bedroom*, bath. cUnet», living room, dining room, kitchen, ho* air furnace, wired for etove. CoMMtf, basement. Lot 78x110 .TT-flBM NORTH OF GODFREY Five - room Modern Kitchen cabinet unit. Inlaid, entrance hall, sue*) closet, living room, dlnuil room L S bedroom*, bath, Venetian bund*, acre land, a large chicken house* out bulldlm iintjs, fruit tree* MIDDLETOWN Beautiful S-room brick. Bntra living room, dining room, _ kitchen, a Urge bedroom*, oloaatt, aav bath future*, hardwood floats, vaaai tian blind*, InauUtad, ••• iVraace. Price ,SJO,SOa CONDIT ST. " New 4-room, Hardwood floor*. aaMaft'.j unit, Inlaid kitchen, concrela bar---'' furnace, automatic hot watar, window*, Venetian blind*. WMUS9 , en CQuipment .»,,{ UNION ST, S o room*, a-itory. a apta. Inuau UlaV Apt*, newly decorated, • Baths, Ttw- nac*. itokcr. S2000 cask, — "°"' tMl WAfAi.EE AVI

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