Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 9, 1963 · Page 13
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 13

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1963
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1963 fHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 13 Prince Edward Island in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence is the smallest province of Canada. It has less than one per cent of the total population and area of Canada! Weather there is variable as the island lies on one of the most heavily traveled storm tracks in the North Atlantic. Washington Column HOW -TO-KII.K-I.ADV- ItKI'OKTICItH WAT. »V WASHINGTON STAIT Newspaper Kntnrprise Assn. WASHINGTON — In Ihp wrsi lobby of (ho While Minisr, ;i newsman accoslod Sarah Mr- C'lenrlon, reporter for .sevor.'il Toxas newspapers. He ribbed her will) Ibis line: "Let's see now, Sarah. Lyndon Johnson is Ihe first Texan lo be president since, er, who? General Eisenhower, isn't it?" Ike, of course, was born in Denison, Tex., though he claims Abilene, Knns., as his home town. SKN. HUGH SCOTT, R-Pn., is not about to concede the 1DB1 presidential race to the Democrats. "In my many years of observing politics," Scott says, "I've always watched the Connecticut towns. Over and over again, in the year before a presidential election, they have given a pretty clear signal. "TliLs year, the Republicans came out a lot better in those ("'mneclieut towns than anyone figured. The results weren't conclusive, but i think they indicate a close race next year." His Pennsylvania colleague, Democratic Sen. Joe Clark, interrupted him: "Yon remind me of a drowning man reaching for n straw, Hugh. You Republicans used lo say. 'As goes Maine, so goes the nation.' Then you stalled to say, j 'As goes Maine, so goes Vermont.' And now you're saying, i 'As go the Connecticut towns.' i "That's what I call real pro' grcss." ! A LATIN A.MKKICAN repre- I sent alive who could speak no i Knglish walked into a Washing- i ton post office with a letter to be i sent home. The clerk, who spoke ] no Spanish, tried for five min| utes without luck to ascertain j whether the man wanted an airmail or regular stamp, j in desperation he finally flap- I ped his; arms like a bird, mid was rewarded with a "Si" and a grin. THE mriJlMlB over the fad lhal House of Representatives Dining Room head waiter Ernest Petinaud accompanied a U. S. delegation to a NATO meeting in Paris reminds Rep, Robert Tuft Jr., R-Ohio. son of the late con- servalive Sen. Robert A. Taft, of his lirst day in Congress last January. "I was pretty green," Taft says, "and loo embarrassed to admit my ignorance by asking questions. I took my family to lunch in the House dining room, and when the check came, I didn't know whether or not to leave a lip. "The bill was S7. I tried to I look around to see what other Congressmen were doing. To kill time, I gave Ihe waiter a $10 bill and said 'Thank you.' "He answered, Thank YOU, sir,' and next day the word was oul lhal I was a 'big spender' in spile of my father." WW S3 YOU CAN C.KT n 7xS>-fool segment of "Goldwatcr wallpaper." Actually it's a big- ger-than-life-size blown-up photograph of the senator. Bui probably nobody at Draft Goldwaler headquarters in Wash i n g t o n imagined one use now planned for it by one of his young fans. The enthusiast is Carole White, 12, daughter of F. Clifton White, execu'iv? director of the draft committee. In her bedroom in the Whites' I home in Rye, N.Y., Carole plans to paper the ceiling with the big Goldwatcr picture. Commented her mother: "There may be just enough room left for a little border trim." SFIN. WflXIAM Proxmlre, D- Wis., under an unusually heavy appointment schedule the other day, told his secretary, "Get the Senate dining room to send me over a low-calorie lunch just as fast as they can." The secretary placed the order, stressing the need for promptness. A male voice replied: "Tell Sen. Proxmirc that the Majority Whip, who's nothing but a workhorse around here anyway, will see that he gets his lunch right away." The speaker was Sen. Hubert Humphrey. D-MInn., who had picked up the dining room phone when it rang. SAVED CROP, TRACTOR CYNTHIA7 'kyT(AP) — Fire fighting is a family affair with the Dewey Kuster Jr. family. When a corn picking macluho caught fire, Kuster drove it Into a pasture to save the field <>f corn. Then the urass cmipu. fire. The Blusters and their children, 8, 10 and 12, beat It nut before flames reached a new $7,000 tractor. Asthma Formula Prescribed Most By Doctors-Available Now Without Prescription Stops Attacks in Minutes NM . York, !S. Y. (Sprr .ian—The asthma ! formula prescribed more thnn any other by doetorn for their private patients is now available to asthma «nfTcrers without prescription. Medical tests proved this formula stops asthma attacks in minutes and gives hours of freedom from recurrence of painful asthma spasms. This formula is so effective that It is the physician's leading aRthma prescription—so safe when used as directed that now it can be sold — without prescription in most states Relief Lasts for Hours! —in tiny tablets called Primatr-n«*>. These Primateno Tablets open bronchial tubes, loosen connection, relieve taut nervoun tension. All without pninful Injections, The secret is—Primatcne combine* 3 medicines (in full prescription strength) found most effective in combination for asthma diflt.rr><,3. Each performs a special purpose. So look forward to sleep at nie;ht, and freedom from asthma spa urns. G«t Prlmatent st any drugstore. MOST WANTED MAN—Timothy Goulding, 61, is the kind of man most wanted by the New York City Police department. The department now has two openings for full-time blacksmiths, providing they have five years experience shoeing horses or, ns an ad might read, "the equivalent." Job pays $24 a day; all interested please aDDlv. LEGAL NOTICES Pimi.IO NOTICE OK MASTER IN CHANCERY'S SALE STATE OK IU.INOIS ) COUNTY OF JKFFKRSON 1 In the. Circuit Court thereof .VIt. Wrnoii Loan and Building Association, a Corporation, Plaintiff, VS. Albert Cenllos anrl Alpha Gentles, James Ranmar. an individual doiiip business as Ran­ mar .Standard Tire Company, Raymond York, d/h /a Oil Field Tank Truck Service, Byron W. Stephens, d/h/a Stephen* Oil Field Service, Independent Oil Well Test inn Company, n Corporation, and Joanne Murphy, Defendants. IN CHANCERY No. 6K-20IH Public Notice is herehy Riven that in pursuance of a Decree entered by Ihe Court in Ihe above entitled cause on Ihe 31sl day of October, A. D. 1!X!3, and Ihere- afler filed in Ihe above cause on November I, 19K1, I, Denietri Hassakis, Master in Chancery of tlie Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois, will, at the hour of 11:00 o'clock a. m., in the forenoon, on Tuesday, the 17lh day of December, A.'D. loai, at the South Front Door of the County Cotirl House in Ihe City of Mt. Vernon, County of Jefferson and Slate of Illinois, sell at public vendue to the highest and best bidder or bidders, the following riescrilied real estate and premises, to-wit: Tract I: Lots Thirtv-one (.11) and Thirly-lwo (321 except 140 feet off the North ends thereof, in Gibson and Stratum's Oak Ridue Addition lo Ihe City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois, beinn a pari of the Southwest Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 29. Township 1? South, RaiiRO 3 East of Ihe Third Principal Meridian. Tract 2: Beginning at Ihe North wesl corner of the Northwest Quarter of the .Southeast Quarter of Section 6. Township 3 South, Range 3 East of Ihe Third Principal Meridian, running I hence South along Ihe West line of said Quarter Quarter Section, 260 feet, thence East to the West line of Ralph Melton's Second Subdivision, thence North along said Wesl line lo the North line of said Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter, thence West along said line lo Ihe place of beginning, containing 'i acres, more or less, except all coal, oil, gas and other minerals underlying surface thereof, together with the right hi mine and remove the same, All situated in Jefferson County, Illinois, together with all improvements and appurtenances thereon, subject to ill taxes both g-neral and special already levied or hereafter to be levied and sub.iect to the Equity of He- dem;tiiio:i. TERMS OF SALE: Cash hand at tune of sale. .Said sale and all my proceedings in this matter are subject to the approval of this Court. Bidders are advised to consult the Decree in the above entitled cause from which my authority is derived. Dated at Mt. Vernon, Illinois this 25th day of November, A. D. WG3. D10.METRI HASSAKIS Master in Chancery of the Circuit Court ot Jefferson County, Illinois. Mt. Vernon Loan and Building Association, a Corporation, Plaintiff JOHN A. KIRK Attorney for Plaintiff First National Bank Building Telephone-. 212-0705. 12-3 STATE OF ILLINOIS )SS. COUNTY OF JEFFERSON ) In the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois. King City Federal Savings and Loan Association, a Corporation, Plaintiff, -VS..1. J. Middlcton and Katherinc E. Middlcton, Defendants. IN CHANCERY No. 63-2IM NOTICE OK PENDENCY OF ACTION The requisite affidavit for publication having been filed, notice is herehy given you, J. J. Mid­ dlcton and Katherinc E. Middleton, defendants in the above cn titled suit, that the above suit has been commenced in the Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois by the said plaintiff against you praying for the foreclosure of a certain mortgage made by you as mortgagor, to King City Federal Savings nnd Loan Association as mortgagee, conveying the premises situated in Jefferson County Illinois and described as: Lot Two in Samuel K. Casey's Second Addilion to Ihe City of Mt. Vernon; Also a certain tract beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot Two in Samuel K. Casey's Second Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon, thence West to the Western Boundary of Lot Twelve in Block Six in Samuel K. Casey's Third Addition to said City of Mt. Vernon, thence North 82 feet, thence East to the Northwest corner of said I/)t Two, thence South on the Western Boundary of said Lot Two to the place of beginning; Also a track beginning at the Southwest corner of Lot Two in Samuel K. Casey's Second Addition to the City of Mt. Vernon, running thence west to the Western Boundary of Ix)l Twelve in Block Six of Samuel K. Casey's Third Addition to the said City of Mt. Vernon, thence South to the Southwest corner of said Lo! Twelve, in Block Six of Samuel K. Casey's Third Ad­ dilion to the said City of Mt. Vernon, thence South to the Southwest comer of said Lot Twelve, thence East to the Southeast corner of Lot Eleven in said Block in said Third Addition, thence in a Northerly direction along the East line of said Lot Eleven to a point 20 feet West of the place of beginning, thence East lo the place of beginning; All of said premises lying and being in the City ol Mt. Vernon, Illinois, that summons was duly issued out of said Court against you as provided by law and that said suit is still pending. Now, therefore, unless you, J. J. Middlcton and Katherinc K. Middlcton, Ihe said defendants, file your answer to the complaint in said suit or otherwise make your appearance therein, in the said Circuit Court of Jefferson County, Illinois in the Court House in the City of Mt. Vernon, Illinois on or before December 27, 1963, default may bo entered against you and each of you at any time after that day, and a decree entered in accordance with the prayer of said complaint. Dated this 22nd day of November, 1963. JERRY B. GOTT, Clerk of said Court By: Eunice Lane, Deputy (SEAL) DAVID E. FURNALL Attorney for Plaintiff 101 Stumpp Building Mt, Vernon, Illinois. in LINKON'S ANY PART - ANY CAR Equipment, Parts, Glass Complete Machine Shop. Johnson Motor Co. CERTIFIED USED CARS Dili and Harrison Strco'e PHONE -411-1014 12-9: NOTICE OK PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given by the Board of Directors of School District No. 50 in the County ot Jefferson, State of Illinois, that an amended budget for said school district for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1963, will be on file and conveniently available to public inspection at the Old Union School in said school district from and after 3 o'clock p.m. on the 6th day ol December, 1963. Notice is further hereby given that a public hearing on said budget will be held at 7:30 p.m. on the 6th day of January, 196-1, at the Old Union School building in said school district No. 50. Dated this 18th day of November, 1963. Board of Directors of School District No. 50, In the County of JcffcrsQU. .Slate, of Illinois. •• "By'Charlie A. Tucker, Jr. Secretary. DISCOUNT CENTER SACRIFICE SALE! MEN'S FALL SPORT SHIRTS All wash and wear cottons. Neat prints per, button down kor regular collars. INew fall tone col- lors. Sizes to XL. 97 SACRIFICE! ESSES TOYS* 1 LflD,ES ' Hundreds to choose from. For boys', girl's, infants! Dart guns, satelites. plastic blocks, frict'on toys . . and many more! COMPARE TO $3.95 VAL. SACRIFICE! HALF SLIPS SACRIFICE! SNOW PANTS r Ladies' half slips with > Guaranteed water repellent lace trim. Choice of col- | Sizes to 8. Wind proof! ors. Rechter's sacrifice I Washable! Elastic waist! sale! Knit anklets! $|00- 4 FOR 3 SACRIFICE! DOOR MIRRORS Full length. Compare at $2.44. While limited quantity lasts. TEE-SHIRTS Bold stripes .. . long sleeves . . . turtle neckline . . {blue & black, red & black . . sizes S-M-L. SACRIFICE! ALL WOOL SLACKS Men's famous imports, luxurious wools in regular or heirless models, expensive detail. French tab. Sizes 29 to 38. SACRIFICE! SACRIFICE! Pillow Cases I Sweat Shirts Floral prints or embroidered. Boys' $1.59 value. Hooded style. $1,00 1 $1.00 SACRIFICE! 59c value. Crew or Dress styles. 29c PAIR SACRIFICE! MEN'S SOCKS I Dress Gloves $1.95 men's. Fleece lined vinyl. p A $1.00 I $|00 SACRIFICE! SWEAT SHIRTS $1.97 values. Men's sizes to XL, placket collars, zip front. Dark colors, black, brown, blue, grey. $*oo SACRIFICE! ALL-WEATHER COATS Men's $22.50 values, water repellent fabrics. Zip-out orlon lining. Subdued plaids or solids, black, olive, tan. Sizes to 44, H SACRIFICE! ELECTRIC SAW Famous McGraw-Edison brand. Big 7 inch size. Fully guaranteed. Compare at $24.99 H SACRIFICE! PRI NTED TOWELS Smart floral prints in three color combinations. Bath size. Rechter's sacrifice price! SACRIFICE! CORDUROY L0NGIES Boy's regular $1.95 values, fully flannel lined. Fine pinwale corduroy. Boxer style, sizes 3 to 8. SACRIFICE! BOYS' SPORT SHIRTS Regular $1.49 values! Long sleeves, new wash and wear fabrics, New patterns. Sizes 6 to 14. pil 1 SACRIFICE SALE! WINTER COATS COMPARE AT $24.99 Tw aidi, meltons, plush and mists in solids and fancies. Pile or inter lined. Sizes 8 to 18. SACRIFICE SALE! LADIES' DUSTER 59 2 For $3.09 1 Cotton or flannel. Dainty prints Jon light grounds. Sizes 12 to 20. ^Many styles. SACRIFICE SALE! LOUNGING PAJAMAS $3.99 PR. Quilted acetate tricot with Peter Pan collar, medallion trim. Aqua or beige. Sizes 34-36-38. SACRIFICE SALE! $3.49 VAL MEN'S PAJAMAS Pr. MS? Choose from flannel or broadcloth. Wash and wear. Coat style. \\\ SACRIFICE SALE MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS Regular $1.49 values! Sanfori­ zed. Washable. 2 large pock< v ^ ets. Checks, plaids, stripes.:

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