Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 11, 1961 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 11, 1961
Page 10
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PACK TEN ALTON TELEGRAPH Ho*pttctl W |lb, ^^|L^^^^^KA*^M|h. , PU lljjfMiUJr MKIIfCAL Mist Carolyn Wood, 222 Nortf* Woof. Ewt Alton WfflHwn EmmW VVathern Jr., ^«1 S. 9* fcrtl. Betty J. Undsey. «2 Bender. Eatt Alton Mrs, H« V. Howe, 20? Carolina, Bast Alton Mrtt tfclta A. LOTWM 1176 u<f JaMe L. East, Grafton Robert Rufcy, 204 Alben * Harry Hartman. Godfrey Mrs. Anna Roach, 5W Ridg* DISMISSALS Pete Spitos. Columbia Hotel Mrs. Ida B. Reydon. Godfrey Mrs. Anna Klocke, Brussels Martin S. England, 1002 Dart- forth Judith K. Carter, 204 S. Wood River Jennings Mrs. Thetait F. Myers. GilJham, Alton M. Baldwin, 219 E. Mr*. Martha F.. Davis. 710 3th, Kast Alton 3520 Joffcry F.lder. West Alton, Mo James R Gorman, 1702 Alby Robert A. Heavy Buying Boosts Soybeans CHICAGO (API — A bOrtt of hwivy buyinf «t the opening of the Boarfl of Trade today sent old crop soybean futures tip to or near the limit of 10 cents for a single day then held them within a relatively narrow range most of »-«• -•••—"•» \n~t IA4 ^^t_ D*il^H"< \ T JAM 1^4* X*rttV> ) v»v« « •• frVajBt A If on ' ^*i^^S v-yninift ».'. Mroj • liHriiOin; » Honard D. Cope. Cottage Hills Mrs. Helen I. L^w, Cottage Hills;the demand Mrs. Kathe L. Jones. $10 E. j Joseph L. Mohr 1 03 E. 5th new crop c the time thereafter. Trade i n the commodity Penning Pamela Picker SURGICAL Michelle Gray. i Christopher Robinson, 1U4 ! Pearl 218'Mrs. Theresa Slaughter, 1219 Hazel was Into nlso Lfaeatock Prices At Ea*t St. fault NATIONAL STOCKYAKBS, Hi. — (USDA)-Hogt 12,80^ 14 lb barrows and g»t> It.95- spilling over contracts which worked sharply higher. The grains generally continued i weak. Corn came into a sudden Rene Gray. 218 Picker Robert H. Stevenson. 225 Ham-iflurry-of buyins; orMh.- early aft- Richard Lee Luecht. 1130 Seiict ilton jyton Mrs. Josephine Stewart. 1426 Mrs. Alice C. Roberts. 112 Cooper j Whitelaw 'Mrs. Florence C. Tremmel. b20; Mrs. June R. Ottwell. 102 12th | E. 4th Sv Louis. East Alton ' \ JERSEY COMMUNITY James Franklin Shewmake, 245 MEDICAL Church, East Alton Mrs. Delbert Allen. Dow iernoon and posted gains of around in . Carlot receipts today were estl- &{ . mrn oats none, rye none, barley 8, soybeans 7. CHICAGO (AP> - No wheat or soybean sales. Corn No 2 yellow l.OSti-07H: j(6»i: No 4 No 3 yellow low- llow 95'i-99*4; sample grade yel- Bobby Gene Johnston. 324 East Mrs. Agnes Pohlman. Meppen Drive, East Alton ; Floyd Ray. Jerseyville DISMISSALS George Pruitt. Fieldon Miss Carolyn Wood. 222 North- Mrs. Mae Langley. Jerseyviile moor. East Alton ; StTROICAL Archie F. Lockhart, Mattoon Mrs. James Ray Jr., Jerse.wille:h eavv w -hite 64 James O. George. Cottage Hills; DISMISSALS j soC-hpan oil 13 80n Herman F. Highlander, 196 ! Wayne Fundel, Jerseyville | ™>'* an °" "„; Rosedale, East Alton George Pruitt. Fieldon ! Barley: malting Mrs. Delma L. Dmtis. Bethalto i Donna Hudson. Jackson. N.C. ;I 20n: feed 93-l.OOn. Mrs. Gail R. Sumpter, 413 Ohio. Woodrow Robertson. Jerseyville j East Alton Mrs. Gerald Gray. Jerseyville Earl W. Runyon. 853 Esther Mrs. Rodney Delp. Jerseyville Mrs. Ada M. Rush, Cottage Hills William Barnes, Elsah Richard Leo Berry, Cottage Gerald Dunham. Jerseyvilie Hills Mrs. Delos Mensing. Jerseyville, Jul ; Elba Sibley. Kampsville igpr yellow 1.03«i 99; No 5 yel- 19.00-24.00. 75. large store 16.60 down, about 90 head I?,*; 23 head No 1.210 Ib 19.00: mixed 1-3 and 2-3 1804* ft 17.25-90, few 14 early 17,60; tew 24tK3» lb 17.0f>»; mfo grade l«4fO Ib 15.25-17.28: 100130 lb 11.00-14.90; 1-3 sows 400 Ib down 16.00-78! over 400 Ib 15.50-75, few 16.00; boars over 280 lb 12.50, few 12.75; lighter weights 13.5WJ5. Cattle 4,900; calves 380; good and choice slaughter steers 22,5025.25: few standard and good tots 19.50-22.50: good and choice heifers and mixed yearlings 22.0024.50: 2 loads high good and low choice 23.50; utility and commercial cows 16.50-18.00, few high commercial and standard 18.50; earners and cutters 14.00-17.00; utility and commercial bulls 18.0020.00, several 20.50; canners and cutters 15.00-18.00; good and choice vealers 24.00-30.00; high choice 31.00-32.00: standard and good and choice slaughter calves Sheep 93'a-95 l 3. Oats No 3 extra j wooled 400; utility and good slaughter lambs 15.50; Ismail lots good and choice mostly (good Wheat High Low 196'3 1.94H 1.95 16.50-17.50: choice and prime choice 1.10-lscarce; half-deck good and choice ! shorn lambs. No 2-3 pelt, 16.00; Prev.(dozen head choice, No 2 pelt. Close close j 17.50: cull to choice wooled slaughter ewes 6.00-8.00. 1.96 1 ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Albert Eberhart, Rt. 1 Edwardsville William B. Downing, Hills ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL ' Mrs. Leola Hooper, Grafton Cottage i James Orban. Brighton (Lisa Mittler. 3531 Franor Frank J. Fink, Edwardsville (Mrs. Cordelia Stove. 1256' Gregory Scott Walter, T20 i State Spring jMrs. Ada Brown. Bethalto Mrs. Francis Fredrike Fry, 3332 Richard Helens. 2403 College Aberdeen i William Jones. 914 Brown Mrs. Ida M. Whittenberg. Ed-i Diane LaClaire, East Alton wardsville i Frank Dickerson. Roxana Marc Leslie James, 2666 Rodg-;Mrs. Bertha Fowler. Godfrey ers Mrs. Clara Stahlhut, Rt. 1. East Alton Miss Judy C. Peters. Godfrey Miss Mildred E. Black, 2425 College Miss Marjorie E. Taylor. 2300 Pleasant Mrs. Dorothy M. Boren. 2319 Tibbitt Melisa R. Rosack. 2334 State Wilford Beard, Godfrey Mrs. Martha E. Burnam. 3-iCl, Jerri Corzine. East Alton Come-In Place Arthur Pitts, 2323 Humbert Mrs. Hattie Bratten. 1105 Milnor Mrs Mrs. Marjorie A. Ducommun, 329 McGinnis Michael J. Palen, Godfrey DISMISSALS Mrs. Gertrude Kirschner, 1113 State Reinhard F. Wisnasky, 2870 Hillcrest j Mar j Corn 'May j Jul iDeo Mar Oats May Jul Sep Dec Rye 1.88 1.87U 1.87*1 1.87' 3 1 1.90'a 1.90 1.90'i 1.90U 1.96N 1.96' 1.96'i 1.96 1 *! 2.00 1 -s 2.00Vi 2.00U i 1.07% 1.094 LOS 1 * 1.13% 1.11 1.134 1.12 1.16 1.13 s s 1.15*4 1.22% 1.204 1.22U 1.20% Sidney Hobbs, 2614 State Clark Moore. Godfrey SURGICAL Dr. Walter Witthofft. Wood Riv-;May er iJul Mrs. Olivette Ruyle, 424 Pen- JSep ning. Wood River .63 .65% .69% .59% .62'i .64% .684 .60% .63 .65% .69% .604 .63 .654 Mrs. Rosalee Ingold. 1030 East Broadway Fulton Wright. 2217 Alby Mrs. Maxine Westbrook, 2529 Randalph Oara Boccaleoni, Edwardsville Mrs. Mildred Dublo, Bethalto Mrs. Dorothy Herzberg, East Alton DISMISSALS Kristine Wollard, Cottage Mrs. Helen Pelt, East Alton 1.16% 1.13 l.laii 1.17'4 1.20 1.15% 1.18H 1.204 1.22 1.174 1.204 1.22 1.23% 1.22 1.23% 1.23 Sovbeans May Jul Jan Mar 1207 1, ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Mrs. Gema Rose Foster, Main Raymond E. Hamilton, Rt. Bethalto John N. White, 1429 Thorpe Mrs. Lillie Love. 1809 Belle Sirs. Lucille Brownlee, Rt. Godfrey Mrs. Sarah R. Renfro, Hartford Mrs. Eva L. Prehn, Bethalto James Robert Wood River Mrs. Edith Combs, 626 Leonard Mrs. Jessie Storey, Alton Mrs. Marie McGuire, 629 Olmstead Ex-Greene County Teachers Organize 3.3014" 3.26 3.30V4 3.20 3.32% 3.274 3.32% 3.23 2.53% 2.48% 2.53 2.47% 2.57 1 4 2.52 2.57 2.504 Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP) — Eggs and live poultry: Eggs, consumer grades, AA large and A extra large 33-34, A large 31-32, A medium 29-30, A News of Stocks Late Market Stays Higher NEW YORK (AP) — The stock market continued higher late this afternoon despite some pretty sharp profit taking. Trading was heavy. Volume for the day was estimated at 5.5 million shares compared with 5.55 million Monday. Gains of fractions to a point or more outnumbered losers in the same range. The market was higher from the start. Optimism was fed by Monday's rise to a new peak in 'the Dow Jones industrial average and by a continuation of good business news. Around mid-day some vicious profit taking sliced the prices of big gainers, then the list steadied and improved slightly in late trading. » American Telephone fell back about 2 points. DuPont and Allied Chemical lost more than a point apiece. Zenith slipped more than 3. small 22-24, B large 29-30; International Business Machines wholesale grades, large extras!held a gain of half a dozen points. 60-79 per cent A 32-33. 40-59 > American Bosch advanced more per cent A 31-32, medium extras'I"" 1 2. Magnavox held a gain of 28 v i-30. small extras 21-23. ab °ut 3 Coppers continued to forge 'The Mate Animal 9 yttle Theater Does Well With Demanding Comedy Alton UtQt ThsrtBfr the fMra <ff offflcuft cuWHHly, *ftd earn* out *!<& a distinguished production at "the Mate Animal," Monday night at The Showplace. The play by toe noted James Thurber and Elliott Nuget Is a skillful bit of writing, and makes demands on the players. And the Dorothy Colonlus-coached cast achieved some of Little Theater's finest work. In voice projection, in diction, In the nuances that make a show professional, the cast produced a fine evening's Entertainment. the play will be given again tonight, and Friday and Saturday nights at 8:15 at The Showplaee. Members of the cast — without exception — Identified well with the characters they portrayed. About 200 persons attended the first night's performance. The play locale is in a small Midwestern college town where the women are women and the men are "pussy cats." The townspeople enjoy the quiet, refined life, until the college football team is to play Michigan for the championship and a chance to play In the Rose Bowl. Joe Ferguson (Don Fable), the all-time star of Mid-Western College's football team returns to his home town to see his team play for the championship. He visits his old girl friend, Ellen Turner (Birdine Groshong), who is the wife of Tommy Turner (Charles Lyons), an English professor, who would like to live the gallant, romantic life. The professor is content with his books and cocktails, until he decides to read to his class a letter written by Vanzetti, who was executed after a crime that attracted national attention 12 years previously. Michael Barnes (Richard D. Little), an intellectual student, writes an article in a literary magazine which states the board of trustees are all "fascists." Dean Frederic Damon (Harry Heil) and Ed Keller (B. Thomas Samples), a trustee, visit the Turners and give their views on the article and the reading of the Vanzetti letter. Damon is a quiet, soft spoken individual, while Keller is always in a hurry and speaking very fast. The problems multiply when Tommy tedls Ellen he can do without her. He says Joe came back tor her and she should leave wtth him. Shortly thereafter, Tommy and Michael "tie one on," at which time Tommy says he is tired of being a "pussy cat" arid compares himself with Almost every male animal imaginable. The east rounded ofl the rough edges and presented an exciting climax to "The Mate Animal." Lyons and Samples put forth much enthusiasm in the presentation of their respective parts. Mrs. Groshong, although timid, helps bring the exciting climax to the play. Fable was good as an active person. Little played the intellectual student well, and also was outstanding in a drunk scene. Other members of the cast distinguished themselves. The other players were: Thelma Benson, who was Cleota the maid; Eva 3 Experts To Testify OnKrebiozen CHICAGO CAP) - A federal ttt Marcussen, who Stanley, sister of was Patricia Ellen; Frank Bemis, who was WflHy Myers, the college football player; Helen Miller, who played Blanche Damon, wife of the dean; Constance Schenk, who played Myrtle Keller, wife of the trustee; and Edmond Young, who played a newspaper reporter. — A. K. Election Judges Payment Approved The city's portion of the fees of the 195 polls judges at the Alton city-township election of last Tuesday has been approved for payment by the City Council at its meeting Wednesday night. The judges are to receive $25 for their services, the city paying $15 and the county, $10. The city's sh^are of the total cost, approved in the council committee session Monday night, is $2,925. The county is to pay the balance of $1,950 because the same judges served at the justice district election. City election bills to total of $3,655 were given committee approval. Largest item besides pay judge says he wants three medical experts to determine the value oi Krebiozen before a $860,000 libel stitt trial involving the ewrtroveis ial cancer drug is concluded. Judge Julius H.- Miner told a U.S. District Court jury his plan to obtain expert opinion will be submitted to lawyers today. If a decision Isn't reached, the first witness will be called, he said. The Judge's plan called for each side oi the issue to select a medical authority. The court, he said, \vould name a third. The Judge said the three experts might Judge the drug on the basis of their own knowledge, In the light of recent tests, or on the basis of tests made by Dr. Steven Durovic, a Yugoslavian who dis covered the drug. "Krebiozen will not leave my court room until the public knows what it is," Judge Miner said. In a statement Monday to the Jury of six men and six women, the judge said "a lay jury is not qualified to resolve this intricate and perplexing scientific problem without the aid of expert test) mony." It is incumbent on the court, he said, "to invite the collaboration of America's most competent and distinguished medical researchers who are free of any bias or par tiality and whose Integrity is beyond question." He told Durovic it is important to mankind that the merits of Kre- biozen be determined. Durovic and his brother, Marco Durovic, were sworn in earlier as witnesses. Dr. Andrew C. Ivy, University of Illinois physiology professor who promoted Durovic's drug, asks $350,000 damages from Dr. George D. Stoddard, former Uni- aoWRSfSf «• Pwfl <SW leflfed prmNtent of the Vdtanfcw flfi tfcJfoHftg « station Monday. Others elected Were: John Bradley, vice president; CHtt Lw. secretary; Don Fletchee, treasurer, Mywn Alford. Bert Darr, Francis Bechtold, executive board. Results of the election were announced at a meeting last night. It was announced that mere will be an "Old Fashioned Dance" on April 21 at Godfrey Civic Center. Refreshments will be served. Do nation Is 75 cents a person. Proceeds will go Into the volunteer fire department's treasury. of judges was S461 for polls rent. ? TUBSDAY, APRIL 11,1961 Paid Cory Elected Head of Godfrey Fire Department verstty of Illinois president now chancellor of New York Univer* slty. Ivy, former U oi I vice president and now a department head, charges his reputation was damaged by a book written by Stod dard, "Krebiozen: The Great Can cer Mystery." Stoddard has been supported by the American Medical Association in his assertions Krebiozen is worthless in the treatment of cancer. Stoddard was not in court Monday. Judge Miner had said earlier he wanted to settle the suit out of court to avoid a trial that might run eight months. •••^••••••••••i t'REE DEMONSTRATION SEdwardiville Area Resident9 Enter Hosptial EDWARDSVfLLE —Eight area residents were admitted Monday to St. Joseph's Hospital, Highland, and two patients were discharged. Admitted were: John Bast, Rt. 3; terry Slavlk, 1723 North Main; Roy Shlllato, 664 Chapman! Mrs. Catherine Nemrtch, 315 North Clay; Terry Albl and Qeraldlne Albl, 219 West Fourth St.; Mrs. Helen Poos, 19 Washington PI.; Mrs. Laura Schafer, 216 McKinley. Discharged were: Mrs. Daylyne Johnson, 706 Thomas; Miss Lena Camarata, 214 Fourth Ave. HEARING AIDS Phone Mri. Edwards HO 2*4228 Thrifty Druf Steri 323 Belle St.. Downtown Husbands! Wives! Get Pep. Vim; Feel Younger ThouModi of oouptM m weak, orom-ont, exhaujted (tut becauM body lacks iron. For new youneet feeling after 40. try Ottra Tonic Tablets. Contain iron for pep; therapeutic dose Vitamin Bi. In a tingle day. Ortrex luppUei at much iron u 16 dozen raw oyften,4 tba.of liver or 16 Ibs. of beef. 8-day "get-acquainted" uzeccurtj little. Gel Economy (fae, tave $1.67. All druggist*. NOTICE BETHALTO DOG OWNERS Veterinarian will be at the fire house Tues., April!!, and Thurs., April 20, 5-8 p.m. for rabies vaccination. Village clerk will be present for the sale of Village Dog License and Wheel Tax License. WM. F. DOERR. Village Clerk. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" SPRING PAINT SPECIALS! Buy I Qt. Ace Superwhite Enamel for $2.49 Get Second Qt. for only 1e Both for $2.50 Buy I Qt. Ace Screen Enamel for ...79e Get I Ace Screen Painter for only It Both for 80c Closing out a First Qualify Line of Hot and Somi- Gloss Paint. Savings Up To 40% NEW! DUPONT LUCITE See ft Here/ Brandt Hdw. 712 E. Broadway DODGE WAGONS CARRY j CARROLLTON — L. T. White-,standards minimum 80 per cent 1 :side of Eldred was elected pres-;B 29'2-31; unclassified country! jident of the newly organizedj run 28H-30. dirties and checks ,. .. IQC „„ a . t Greene County Area Retired j 24 . 26 Kennecott was up abwt r* • Dodge and American Smelting j Live poultry; hens, heavy 17- ^ ^ a ^^ each Magma 18, light over 5 Ibs 14-15, under j and Anaconda a bout a point Phelps Mrs. EUeen Zipprich, 35 E. Del-;the office of Mrs. Thelma Wilkin- mar I son, Greene County superintend- Mrs. Helen Groom, 204 Acton, jent of schools. Other officers elect- led were Fred Pewter, Greenfield, Faye Brown, Rt IVK* president; Miss Edith Carmody, Carrollton, secretary; C. 2, Godfrey Roger Scroggins, Bunker Hill Leonard E. Crane. Rt. 1, Alton |C. Cade of White Hall, treasurer. 5 Ibs 8-9'-2, commercial broilers and fryers, "2H-3K Ibs 15'i - 16V.', old roosters 8-10. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" HISTORY IN THE MAKING... Each issue of the daily newspaper can be likened to a page in tomorrow's hit* tory books, and we are all observers of history in the making. The question we would raise here its How well are you keeping up with events that shape the courae of history? The Telegraph weekly news quiz will provide you with the answers. Here is a chance to test yourself each Tuesday on the big newt stories of the previous week. You can ejven make a family game of it, competing with others and then comparing scores. The quix tells you how many points each question U worth. apiece. Fractional losses were shown by V a r i a n Associates, Alleghany Corp., American Tobacco and Schering. Eastman Kodak was about a point lower. The Dow Jones industrial average at 2 p.m. was up 2.17 at; 69-1.23. < American Stock Exchange pric-| cs were higher. ; Corporate bonds were mixed., U. S. government bonds shaded: upward. 12 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:3u p.m. quotations of 12 New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated arc widely held in the Alton area, as supplied io : tho Alton Evening Telegraph by | Newhard, Cook & Co., from its Alton branch office. (The Now York Exchange closes daily at '.':,'!0 p.m. (Alton limei, so these; ,-ire not the closing quotations)-' AT&T 127'-, Con. Motors 47%,! Granite City Steel 43'a, Olini Math. Chem 46 V Jt Owens 111. 1(1-1. Shell Oil -14 : U, Sinclair Oil 1-1',. Socony 'I.! 7 *, Std. Oil line!.) .Vi',, Sid. Oil (N.J.) -19'a, U. S. 89, Seurs 5S 1 -. MOTHERS, FATHERS, BOYS, GIRLS, DOGS, CATS, CANARIES, BOUQUETS, The news quiz U published in conjunction with the week* ly Visual Education Filmstrip provided for local Jr. and Sr. high schools by the Telegraph at a community service. quick,,, l?i fun! Try ill Each Tuesday, in the Telegraph! Junior* Stage Talent Shoiv At Southwestern PIASA The junior class of Southwestern Hit;h School spon- siiicrt a talent show and ice jcroam social at the school Mon- jda.v night as a money-raising iventure and (he results ex- all oxpfctation. Ralph . principal, said today. ! Mor»> than MO Uirned out fur it he show and many remained for iht j social a.siH.'i-t of the ! event. First prize in the talent show jWt'iil to Jimmy Strohbeck. vio-j Ilinist. Second money, was dl| \ided between a vocal quartet consisting of Mary Ann Lahr, Donna Pointer, Tom Bunt, and Terry Lahr and Wally Hunn, a vocal soloist. Third prjze went to David Swan, also a vocalist. BARBECUES, BOATS, TENTS, LUGGAGE, AND A LOW PRICE I A simple tape-measure tells us that either Dodge wagon, compact Dodge Lancer or full-size Dodge Dart, can carry an impressive toad of almost anything. All kinds of dogs and cats. Boating equipment galore. A handsomely-housed canary. You name it. But we have a hunch that one thing both wagons carry is bound to impress you most of all. And that's a low price. Consider this. Dart is • full-size Dodge with all the name implies. Yet it is priced model for model with Ford and Chevrolet. Our new compact, Dodge Lancer, is priced right down the line with Comet, Corvair and Falcon. And that isn't all. Whether you buy • Dart or I Lancer, here are some of the things you'll get, A unitized body, rust-proofed by i seven-stage process to protect your Investment and preserve its good looks. A suspension system called Torsion-Airt, It will give you • superbly controlled ride on my kind of surface. And the new alternator. Unlike the STANDARD OR COMPACT YOU GET A GREAT DEAL WITH DODGE II- TI i I J **•• fill TII-CI.IP IOMITION KIV to fit your •rt«Mi c«r. Worth |9-fO tt rtH" ~ ' 0nt •'«• fey Uklng • rid* (§ • old-fashioned generator, which it replaces, the alternator charges at idle, makes the battery last far longer than usual. In Lancer you have a choice of two inclined Six engines. In Dart there it one inclined Six plus five V8s to choose from. In the unlikely event you're not a wagon enthusiast, we should mention that there are other body styles available. Sedans (2- and 4-door), hardtops (2- and 4-door), a sports coupe (that's Lancer) ind a convertible (that's Dart). All Dodge wagons have four doors. There are two 6-passengei Lancers. There are three Dart wagons, two 6-passengers and a 9-passenger. To recapitulate, the full-size Dodge Dart is priced model for model with Ford and Chevrolet. The compact Dodge Lancer is priced down the? line with Comet, Corvair and Falcon. Enough talking from ui. See, drive, and p/ie* them both at your nearest Dodge Dealer. For tUndud or compact, you get a great dial with Dodge. SEE THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN KEYS-YOUR DEPENDABLE DODGE DEALER NASHVILLE (vPi - A subcommittee still is studying a proposal to change the name of the Southern Baptist convention. When it will issue a report is uncertain. HOEFCRT BROS*, Inc. GLOSS MOTOR CO, Inc. t •III.IPM i^kiiAM A^MlM H^i^pyii ^v^^^^v r HI. Un *m^ ^yAA^ ftivAv PMP* ^Vl^PW *••**

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