Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 29
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 29

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 29
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Page 29 article text (OCR)

fAOlTMrtTY ALTON EVENING TELEOHAMI THURSDAY, JANUARY 12,1MO .coo*\\ '.\M V coov» »>4 ^ CAflVtt K SHOT Of NOO M*V GO »» wow ,10* . KEEPiTOU OF SIGHT, TILL HE LEAVES' con. tuo rmu MsvetL me T • ata. ». *>»«T inirtitiiiiittiittiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniimHHiiii Tonight's Radio Program \\\M\m\m rn* felegrapn radio boMflyM •> mad* up rrom program! provided weekly by the station* It cannot be responsible (or change* mad* In orocrami tine* malllnt b» ttalMtts HOW CAN Y0U 1 PUP OUT YBR HANP-PAINT ./CRAVATV, AN 1 TIES 60 Tgfl*\JL 5HOW YA/ FAST. M YER A\Y PIKST BUSS ? M\^ CUSTOMER/ I AINT SO MOT AT THIS SPRAYER YET... ...BUT THAT'LL GIVE YA TM' ACNCRAL NEITHER CO I ...BUT TO MOPED THI5 Rid WOJLD ME THROUGH THE AMAZON RANKS UNNOTICED.' HO.'OBVUTUSLY I MI6HT A6K TH SAME C£ YOU. 1 HC7W COME YOU IN THI5 LAMP OT \M0M6N NEEC? NO SUCH SILLY ATTIRE TO PROTECT OUK SKULLS MflJ'VE LITTLE FAITH IN THE .MA6IC OF MIPPOLYTA'S (3IROL6.' CHARACTERS OUR BOARDING HOUSE — WITH MAJOR HOOPLB wleffAM HIM OPP TVA6 P.IELD GOOD LAST TIMt LIT MERE-*- BUT I GUESS TVAE PHANTOM OP TrAE OPERA COULD WALK AROUMtS IN HCRp: IF W&'D THE MA3OR SAID HE OReAMeD ABOUT TEETH AMD CORM, AND TMAT AHeAfJT I WAS CO(W- INfi POR A VISIT •*— ME; OP A DIMMER AT MY AUrJrs—•wweiosne <" ASKED UNCLE RUDY PASS HIS PLAT6, HE SAID •UPPER BOVS.LETS 8t Nice- TO HIM OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS YOU STILL ARE -AN 1 <36T THOSE 1 CLOTHES RIGHT OFF AGAIN* J . you ear TO BE A BETTER ^ V ' J PR^FTSMAN THANJ THAT TO \ POOL PEOPLE WJTH A SLACK J CRAVON WATER LINE-A f WATER LINE IS PERFECTLy/ THE WORRY WART £Jt !£ f. «?Um. e* 1 THOUGHT *3U SAO A . MjUJON/ wwew.' is TWAT A RELIEF/ A BiLLiOM. LARD/ AND SOME SCIEMTISrS COCO ALL SUMMER, AND THE STUFF JUST iTH&r KEPT CONAIM&- /A BILUOM DOWM/ SIEMK IT MIGHr HAPPfN CAUSED i^ ERE WORLD? I WON'T WOMDER NO MOM WOT A STEAMED ClAMrm*UKE.CUIEF *0« MF0CMATI0M WiTM MATiR, 3» INCHES TOGO, AND WEVF IN MUCH MIAT Iff OU ON IDE DIAL. KID. M*i KXUtk «N. WEW 7T*i KFUO MM; KMOX, llfO: WIL. IMS; KWK. IftMt WOKE (Fall tn.ll Mag. IS7* falUHBAf 8:00 P. M. KSD-News JumplB' Jaek KXOK—Green Hornet KFUO—News. KMOX-News WIL—Jack Bennett. KWK-Stralght Arrow. 6:U f M KSD—etuaM KFUO— Science News. KMOX- Work) New*. < tOO P M KSD— New* KXOK— Jack Armstrong. KFUO— Meditation. KMOX— Curt Massejr KWK— B-Bar B Ranch. 1:45 P M KSD- MUSH- oi our Tim*. KMOX— Lowell Thomas. WIL— Sports Extra 6:00 P. M. KSD— News. Sports KXOK— Hollywood Showtime. KFUO i FM )— Concert KMOX— Beulaa. WIL— News KWK— New* •:1» P M. KSD- World New*. KXOK— New* KMOX— Jack Smith. WIL— Mlka Douglas. KWK-OU Newsome nrtt rive. •:30 P M KSD— Slnatra-Kirstan. KXOK— Counterspy. KMOX— Club 16 . WIL— In His Steps. 6:48 P M KBD— Song Shoo KMOX— E. R. Murrow, News. KWK— Music for Tomorrow. News 7:00 P. M KSD— Aldrlcn Family KXOK— Blondie KFUO (FM)— News. KMOX-FBI in Peace and War. WIL— K-7 Returns. KWK— Count of Mont* Christoa. 7:18 P. M. KXOK— Melodies. KFUO (FMI— Sports. KWK— N*W*. 7:30 P M. KSD-Father Knows . KXOK— Date With Judy KFUO (FM)— Worship Hour. KMOX— Mr Keen WIL— News. Jack Bennett. KWK— Fish and Hunt Club. News 7:49 P. M. KFUO (FM)— Magazine g:00 P. M. KSD— Screen Guild Iheartr KXOK— Amateur Hour KFUO (FM)— Concert Hall. KMOX— Suspense KWK— Gabnei Heatter. •:15 P M WIL— Serenade. KWK— Quiz Club. WOKZ— operation gj. 1:30 P M. KSD— Land we Llvai lav KFUO lFM)-News. KMOX -Crime Photograonw. WIL— Calalcade of Music. KWK— Mr Feathers. g:45 P M. KXOK— R. Montgomery. KFUO iFMi— Melody Pattern. •:00 P M KSD— Suppei Club KXOK— Jr. Town Meeting. KFUO IFMI -Blessing KMOX— Hallmark Playhouse. WIL— Rhythm KWK— Frank Edwards. 9:13 P. M. WIL— Sports. KWK— l Love a M.vstery. 0:30 P M. KSD— Dragnet. KXOK-Sona and Dane*. BVUO (FMl-N*ws KMOX— Hollywood Theater. WIL — Bombers vs. Minneapolis. KWK— Mysterious Traveler •:4B P M KFUO IFMI— Open Bible. 10:00 P M KID-Newtx KXOK— Franc* Lau». KFUO (FMl -Music. KMOX- Work* News. KWK-Sporta. News. 10:18 P M. KSD— Sons* OX— Guest Star. KWK-Orchestra 0:30 P. M. KSD— Richard Harkness. KXOK— Beautiful uruu <rm-M*wk KMOX— Instrumental Crime Rep KWK-Shopper's Special. 0:43 P M.,KSD-Here'> to Vets. KFUO >FMi Abide with Me ENJOY M . KXOK— News (irchMtra KFUO (FM) -Concert Favorites. KMOX-News Orchestra WIL— Dawn Astral KWK— Dell TrTa. ll:l» P M KSD- Orchestra. AXOH- OrrMef . • KWK— P. Traubman. 19:00 P M KSD-News KMOX— All Night rrolles. 6:00 A. M KXOK News fnW-N*W» Musical Markets. KFUO- Call JCMUJt-ram Talks Matkete, FIL— Breakfast Club. KWK— Charlie Ackernon. 6:18 A M KSD- -Hymns KXOK— Town and Country Markets. Nabor News, Weather Chas. Stookey. KMOX— Sunrtae Salute 6:30 A M KSD— Melodies KFUO— Farm and Horn* Journal 6:48 A M. KSD-Weatbet Now*. WOKZ—Musical Entrees. A. M. WEW—Markets. KFUU- Melod> i.ane KMOX -our Oai Sunday. A M KSD-News KXOK—Howdy Neighbor*. KFUO—Devotional Music KMOX-WorM New*. WOKZ— Farm-Market News P. M. KSD—Jack Holt's Notebook WEW—Orandpapp.v Joae*. KFUO—Repose with Christ KMOX-Ma Perkins WOKZ—Fay Willing. P. M. KSD—News. wf£- x N,wrfi ? B""- KWK—To Be Announced. WOKZ—Bargain Counter. I' M KSU What's New to •tores Today, Nancy Duron, KFUU on the Farm From. f iOD A M KBD-AM* Oraset. KFUO Meditations KMOX-WorM New*. WIL—M J B Show. KWK—Blag Crosby 7:18 A M KSD-Tlme and Tempos, KPUO—Hymns Mr th* Home WOKZ—New*. Saddle Bhytnm. KWK—News. 1:30 A M KXOK—New* WEW-News Meloslkfc. Krtio—Musical Reveille KMOX—Weather. Road Info. Ozark Varieties. WIL—News. M. J, B. KWK-Ed Wilson WOKZ—Al Relhl Show. T:48 A M KBD—Newa. KXOK—Breakfast Time. WEW-iSacred Heart Program. KFUO—It Thou Be Near KMOX—World N*w*. 8:00 A M KSD—Tim* and Tempo*. KXOK—N*ws WEW-News KFUO—News. Salute to Morn. KMOX—Clock Watcher. . KWK—News Ed Wilson. 8:18 A M KXOK-Breaktaat Club. WEW—At your Service. 8:30 A M KSD—New*. WEW—Oraadpappy Jones. KFUO— News WIL—News. M. J. B. 8:45 A. M. KSD—Clevelandaires. * KFUO—Varieties KMOX—World New* WOKZ—Western Roundup 8:00 A M KSD— Welcome! traveler*. 5*OK-Tni* Story B. Crocker WEW—News. Soc. Sec KFUO—Travelog. . KMOX-Quiz WIL—Sunshine Serenade**. KWK-Bandstand Revue 6:18 A M WEW—Mother'* Haaltk Cleat KFUO- -Hortraiu in New* KMOX—Arthur Godfrey WOKZ—Chapel of th* Air. 8:30 A M KSD—Marriage for two. WEW-Ask Fr Lord KFUO—Student's Devotion. WIL—News. R. Manning. WOKZ—Just for You 8:45 A M. KSD—Dorothy Dlx KXOK-Victor Llndlahr \ WEW-Mark*ta x KFUO—Themes of the Ages 0:00 A M KSD—We Love and beam KXOK—Modern Romance WEW-770 Beeord dub KFUO—Music of Master* WOKZ—News. Platter Parade. 0:15 A. M. KSD—Dave Garroway. 0:80 A M. KSD—Jaek Barer. KXOK—Quick as a Flash. KFUO—Homemaker i Chat 11:45 11:00 U:l» 12:30 13:45 KWK-Or Crane. WOKZ—Salon Storenad*. l.-OO p M KBD—Double or Nothtas. WEW-Man About Town^ KFUO—Music Appreciation. KMOX Bacond Mr*. Bunan. WIL—Tello Test KWK—Ladle* Fair WOKZ—Record Shop. New*. 1:15 P M. KXOK—Th* Menjoua. WEW—Music. KMOX-Pem Mason 140 P M KSD-Today s CblMrem. 1:45 KMOX—This is Nor* Drake. WIL—News. Melody Lane. KWK Queen for a Day P M KBD-ugnt M tha .wovu WEW—Books In Brief. KMOX—Brighter Day. KWK-Quix Club WOKZ—Record Shop. 8:00 P M KBD-^ufe can Be Beautiful KXOK—Pick a Date. WEW—Shopper's Bulletin. ' KFUO—Christian School. KMOX—David Harms KWK—Lionel Barrymore. WOKZ—News. Varieties. WOKZ—Girl About Town. 0:43 A. M. KSD—David Harum. KFUO—Recital. WEW-Stein * Grainer WOKZ—Song Fest. 1:00 A M KBD--News Weather. KXOK-Ladies B* Seated. KMOX -Rosemary WEW -Shopper» Bulletin ELM DAIRY HOMOGENIZED MILK KMOX-New* Wendy W WIL—M J • Show KWK-Tom Dallay WOKZ—News. Frankle Carle. 1:15 A. M. KSD—Benny Strong. KFUO—New* KMOX-Aunt lennv. atone* WOKZ—Four Knights. 11:3(1 A M KSD Must IMVM BROW. KXOK—Forest Park Lunch. WEW-Just tot Women KFUO—Musical Memoir* KMOX-Manaane* of tsehsn Trea* WIL—New* M J • KWK-Beoali it and .m* A. WOKZ—Airlane Melodies. MB f M KSD—P Younr<- raatfly. KXOK—Hannibal Cobb. ^^ ^ WEW-St. L. u Series KFUU—News KMOX—House Party. Newt. WIL—News. Melody. KWK—Id Wilson WOKZ—Here's to Veterans. S:4S P at KSD— Right to Hapolaaai. WEW—Sacred Heart Program. KFUO—St L. Inst of Musle. WOKZ—Tha Whirligig. 1:00 P M. KCD—Backstage WUa. , KXOK—Carter Family. WEW—News. Master'* Momenta. KFUO—Wings ot Healing. • KMOX—Llnda> First Leva. WIL—Show Time. KWK—Nawa to Wilson Show. 1:1* P M KBD—Stella . Dallas. KXOK—Bing Sings. KMOX—Guldlns Light Mu P at USD—Loranxo Joaaa. KXOK-aong and Dane* Parade KFUU—Tomorrow i World KMOX—Editor's Daughter. WIL—News. T. Dorsey. WOKZ—Today's Top Tunes 1:4* P M KS& voun« widdej •rawr. WEW—Poetry Center. KFUtM-E.vei on the Future KMOX—Hearts in Harmony. WIL—Harry James. 4:00 f M KSD When • Ulri Uarrlaa WEW—News. Novelalrres, KFUO—Song Shop. KMOX-Curt Ray. News. WIL—Jack Bennett. KWK—Newt Co Wilton Show. WOKZ-VThjs is the Story. 4:18 r vi KSD Portia Face* Ufa. WEW— Crandpappy Jones. KMOX—Curt Ra» WIL—Orchestra WOKZ—News. Sports. 4:10 P M KID—Just Plait) Bill. KFUO— Opan Bible KMOX—Houa*wlv*> Prat Laague WIL—News, Jack Bennett. WOKZ—Sunset Serenade. 4:40 P M. KiD—Front Pag* FarralJ "JOHN MIAU.V Mt%NT TO INSTALL. IT IN TUB BATHROOM--BUT ME MISCALCMLATfD ABOUT ALTON •LVMINIII WATIKI 00. 162 STATIC •TMVT T ATTENTION LADIES! BOWLING IS FUN Afternoon Beginner Leagues Now Organizing Call MM. Brunt 4-6486 after 4 or BOWL-INN 4-7104 Finnish Parliament Approves Wage Hikei HELSINKI, Finland, Jan. 12, </H —Finland's Parliament, by a 90 to 69 vote of 'confidence today, ap« proved general wage Increase! agreed to by Premier Karl-Auguit Fagerholm's cabinet. It was the fifth vote of confidence the cabinet has won in iti year and a half history. The Social Democrat government had ordered a 7.5 percent general wage Increase after thi trade union federation asked for 6) 10 precent raise. KXOK-Newi. KFUO—Sports. Newi. WOKZ <FM>—Muiical Cocktails. RCA VICTOR'S Large 10-inch Screen Priced at only $199.95 KSD-TV PROGRAM CHANNEL S Thursday, Jan. 12 P.M. . 4:IB Judy Splinters. (NBC). 4:30 Howdy Doody. (NBC). 5:00 Cactus Jim. (NBC). 5:30 Charlie Ackerson Show, 9:45 I. N. S. Telenewi. 8:00 Kukla, Fran and Olll*. Pupptt Show. (NBC). 8:30 Top Views in Sports. 8:45 News Caravan. (NBC). 7:00 Stop 'the Music. (ABC). 8:00 Kay Kyier's College of Musical Knowledge: Ish Kabibble, Michael Douglas. Liza Palmar, Sue Bennett, the Honeydrcam- ers and Carl Hoff. (NBC). 9:00 Martin Kane. Private Ey*j William Gargan in title rol*. (NBCl. / 9:30 Wayne King Show. (NBC) 10:00 Morey Amsterdam Show. (Dumont). 10:30 to 10:45 Fitzpatrick Travelogue FRIDAY, .TAN. 18 3:30 Test Pattern, Transcribed Muilc and News Tape. 3:45 Just Make It Music; Rusi Severin. COMPLETE RCA VICTOR LIME Cash or Credit BILL'S radio shop IS East Ferguson Ave. WOOD RIVER, ILLINOIS Dial 4-5141 GUARANTEED WATCH REPAIRING SCHOENBORN \ I I i i N III How Important Is This Man's "YES"? Ha'i tha man whoM "y*t" halpad to put an ambitioug boy through medical achool, Another occasion, hii friendly "y«i" itartcd a man in buiingag •nd today that man'i buiinat* ii a irowinf, paying propotition. And then there wai th* tim* hit "y*i" *nablad a worriad family to get from under a itack of unpaid bills and hit friendly advice put that family's budget on a sound, secure bails. This man whose "yes" has brought peace of mind to thousand! of people by helping them got a froth start is too manager of the ftiirngf Finance Co. office in this city. Hit job U to make personal loans, and to keep the transactions on a butinoH*liko basil. His yean of wperionco with have taught him to respect the • . -, - . - L -f- , 1 peoplo—Mends, relatives, or otaployer are not brouiht into the picture. Doa't borrow uBBOMaaarlly. But if • IOOB —for B BtoBth or B year, Vr loBger—4a the tenirble tUni for you (asisJ you're tko Mfe) tke VE8 MANager will appreciate tke eBBae* to say "yet." You can telephone him ... or drop in to see him et the r%t*t>*ff Finance Company office. Ho tayt "yes" to 4 out of I. It, • IHtl |l«|| tO) |«f W" FINANCE ca (0»er |t% AM lhe») Ml HUI If., aUTQtt Hi. I I.FI1I • UsWt NyiittaMii, VH MaN

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