Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on July 14, 1948 · Page 8
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 8

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1948
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT. THE POSTVILLE HERALD. POSTVILLE. IOWA WEDNESDAY, J|JLY „ ^ See It by \V. D. to another there is an arousing amount of friction. The two participants in this biggest of games are thinking each move thru trying to visualize where peaceful means will end and violence will set in. A war weary world watches and prays to God that neither of these great powers will unwittingly up A recent payment of S7.790.025 on primary road bonds leaves SI 1.765.000 outstanding of which it is planned to retire ST.2OO.000 in 1949 and | the balance in 1950. according to j the Iowa Taxpayer. Between 1919 and 193S. 98 counties issued a total of S11S.1B6.000 of bonds. Our program for 1950 on is now in the making. competition fighting for the league lead. Lets get behind them and BOOST THE TEAM. » * • • The old Stone House out on the Yellow Kiver is becoming quite a picnic nren again this year and many families from Postville have j enjoyed the cool comforts provided set one of the pawns and release j there. Picnickers in this area the mail fist for action. | should find little difficulty in find Thru war one totalitarian power; ing a suitable spot in which to was eliminated while another one i brave the wrath of the motorized grew to stature in the wake of the j insect life, first. The one thing I can't elimi- j •»•*.• nate from my mind is. after the ! Went thru the new building now fall of Communism, what next? i housing the Waters - Dairy on my [rounds Monday and was astounded at all of the mechanical gadgets Saw a car jack on my rounds , • . ~ ~. j Monday that seems to have reached ! us ^ d ™ «! e Process of pasteurizing 'the ultimate in simplicity but pro- j and .bottling of milk. The milk ..... vide* a highly efficient and labor coml "f from the Pasteurizing vats The ... old w , r - beln „ w ,„ cd jn i saving tool. The jack is nothing'f* 8 *™ a.™«*an,cal process of me LOW uai Ct .ng \\ m , - - „,.„ bottling and capping and human Tnronr. wm< to npi hot mirier thf> i more than a hinged bar about five - f u » i» • J iarope jevm* v o gt.s not unatr mu - : hanas touch it only after it is ready collar wiih increasing regularity i fcet lon - s w,th a foot P ,ate 51 the • for deliverv VI.TP of We ^< thp hiimm ,,„,,•„, : hinge and a chain extending from; n<.rt oi .-i* int numan paw n» - The plant is modern in everv re on the continental chess board « ,o~ ^ the ! spect and is well worth the time j chain is fastened at the rear bar > s P ent in observing the operations moved from one jockeying position j DANCE Saturday, July 17 BENNETT-GRETEN and their ORCHESTRA •The Latest In Music" Tuesday, July 20 AMBY MEYER and his ORCHESTRA '"The Sweetest Band Around*' NEW LEGION CLUB North of Decorah on Highway 52 Everyone Is Welcome ! end producing a V-shape bar which j > is pushed under the axel with the taking place in the back room. The plant will be open for inspection jack resting on the" foot'plate" and j Saturday during open house supporting the axel by the chain, j SERVICE TIPS OFFERED The rear bar is a telescoped affair;, N LABELS FOR SHEETS which is extended or retracted by j turning a crank handle. As the bar I is extended, the chain is tightened producing a lifting force on the axel. and the handle from whence the work originates extends free of the car. Label-reading ,j)ays when you're buying linens, too. Features you , , .like for longer wear are usually It provides a solid stand also , mentioned on the label . The Postville Pirates have completed their first half of competition in the Scenic League in a three way tie for second place, just one game out of the lead spot. Most of their games were played out of town during the first round but the second half of competition will see them on the home diamond much of the time. The team, made up entirely of amateurs, has provided the town with a good team to watch and has maintained a good record. The team will be on the home grounds most of the next half of league ' Grand Opening... WELCOME PATRONS AND FRIENDS SEE OUR NEW BUILDING Saturday, July 24th There will be FREE MOVIES, DOUGHNUTS and COFFEE FOR ALL BRING IN YOUR EGGS AND SHOP IN POSTVILLE! EGG PRICES: 42c-39c-29c Hansen & Matson Co. Telephone No. 251 Postville, Iowa Some sheets will be coming with both hems the same width, says Nora Workman, Iowa State College home furnishings specialist. Either end can be used at head or foot to equalize wear. A label may tell you that there are extra threads woven into the center for added strength. Watch for double selvages. Best wearing sheets have "tape selvages" —heavy, closely woven edges with extra lengthwise threads woven in to strengthen and to reinforce the edges. The label should tell the percentage of sizing. Five or six percent is sufficient, and the less the better. If the label doesn't say, rub two sections together. If white powder rubs off you're fairly sure there's too much sizing. "Torn size" should also be mentioned on the label. For straight ends after laundering and hems that lie smooth, you'll want to know that the sheet was torn to size before hemming. Best-wearing sheets are muslins with high thread count and high thread count combed percales. Thread count equals the number of crosswise threads plus the number of lengthwise threads per square inch. A good sheet has about the same number of yarns both ways. Persale sheets are woven of finer threads and so have softer texture. As for length the 99 or 108-inch torn length is usually best for a 72-inch mattres. Planned Plantings Make Yards Beautiful FARM KERNELS. For some specific purposes sodium chlorate may be far better than 2,4-D for killing weeds, says E. P. Sylwester, Iowa State College botanist. It is especially good for controlling deep-rooted perennial i weeds in small areas. ***** A cow grazes seven and one-half hours each day, regardless of how much feed she gets, according to a study made by Cornell University. GOODYEAR BATTERY SPECIAL FULLY GUARANTEED 20 MONTHS , -FOR- Iowa ranks fourth among states in total milk production. the A reporting service has been set up by Iowa State College to keep Iowa farmers informed on danger of corn borer infestation in this year's corn crop. *8.95 Exchange FALB'S Elgin Postville Guttenberg • "One reason you're so skinny, Bud, is because you don't drink WATERS' PASTEURIZED milk. Far be it from me to dictate to another man, but plenty of WATERS' PASTEURIZED milk is what you need." For Pure Pasteurized Milk, Cream, Chocolate Drink and Cottage Cheese Call 38-F-62. POSTVILLE 237-J Working toward charming home grounds is labor which has its reward in the pride of creating a beautiful recreation area for your family and in the compliments you'll receive from neighbors and guests. It will take plenty of planning and perspiration, but it's absorbing work. Later, this summer you'll know it was worth it, says Margherita Tarr, extension landscape specialist at Iowa State College. Here are some suggestions from her newest bulletin (not yet oft the press), "Our Home Grounds," to help you with your spring plans and planting. Many Iown homes may need some large shade tree plantings. Others may need only a border of lowgrowing shrubs along the foundation to make them more beautiful. The flower-loving homemakers will want to plan borders along the backyard fences. Shrubs and flowers are just a boundary for your lawn. The lawns should seldom be broken up to make room for them. You can plan shrub planting to serve as a transition between the house walls and the ground by- taking in hand just a soft lead pencil and dull or mat-finished snapshots of the, house. Height is the most important consideration in this kind of a border—greatest height usually will be at the corners, .with minor accent plants at the entrances. After you've made your sketch go outside and measure up on the house, to learn the height of each plant you've shown on the picture. Shrubs are listed by height groups in Pamphlet 5, "Iowa Landscape Plants." It can be secured free by writing to the Extension Service, Iowa State College, Ames. And when you're plotting which shrubs to plant, remember that evergreens have year-round beauty, but an all- evergreen planting is depressing. From Pamphlet 5 you can also decide how many shrubs of each kind you'll need for the space you have. The "spread" as given in the pamphlet is the total area which the plant will take when it's full grown. Take three-fourths of the spread to figure out how far apart you'll plant each one. It's fun to plan the flower borders. If they're to have a background of shrubs it may be best to plan a grass walk between, so that there will be no shrub roots in the flower beds to compete for plant food and moisture. If a wire fence is the background, try planting some vines on it. Your flower borders will probably be four or five feet wide. A border is meant to bloom from early spring until frost. You'll want masses of flowers that go together during the entire growing season. To get this mass effect, plant several of one kind in a group, except for plants like peonies, oriental poppies and baby's breath, which give a mass effect when they're put in singly. If your flower border will be predominantly pink, try repeating white blooming flowers through the whole border, so that there will be white v blooms in each season. If your border is predominantly rust and orange, repeat yellow flowers instead of white. Flowers with yellow-red blooms should not have to share the same border with blue-red flowers. They do not look pretty together. So plant peonies,, pink petunias, phlox and hollyhocks with white and blue flowers in one border, or at one end of the border. At the other end, or in another border, with yellow and blue flowers, plant your tiger lilies, oriental poppies and lychnis. LeflToWrite By Bob Klauer. Opinions expressed In this column are those of the writer and do not necessarily conform to the editorial policy of this newspaper. BAD LUCK Roland Bachtum of Riceville lost both legs while serving in Germany but hard luck is still dogging him. His specially built car upset near Grundy Center recently when the brakes failed to hold. The car was damaged but the occupants were unhurt. KILLED Two year old Virginia Mazur of near Rowley tried to climb up cn Daddy's truck as he backed it around the barn and met death when the rear wheels fractured her skull. She had been asleep and her father did not see her come out into the barnyard to play. What A Contrast This week the Democratic Na tional Convention is meeting ii Philadelphia. The Convention i: being held in the same hall where the Republicans gathered just three weeks ago. The setting is much the same, the speaker's platform, the delegate sections, the press rows, the big lights for the movie and television cameras, throwing their sizzling rays upon the delegates and spectators, the same state standards and decorations. Even some of the hot dogs may be left over from the Republican conclave. But what a difleronce in spite of this similarity in settings. As the Republican Convention opened the general feeling prevailed that this convention was going to nominate the next president of the United States. Everyone was confident of victory and there was that feeling of party unity in spite of the fact that the contests for the presidential nominations had been spirited and .hard fought. And as the Convention ended, with the nomination of Governor Dewey for President, and Governor Warren for Vice President, it was generally conceded that they are the team which will be victorious at the polls next November. Contrast all this with the Democratic Convention. There is no confidence, there is no unity in the Democratic ranks. It is a party which is falling to pieces and its j members, like the people in general, have lost all faith in President Truman. They realize that Mr. Truman's days are numbered politically. They know he cannot win. But they ned someone who can win in order to perpetuate themselves in office. And thus we have the spectacle of the James Roosevelts. the Frank Hagues and the like, clamoring for a stampede to General Eisenhower, in spite of the repeated statements from the General that he is not available as a candidate. It must be apparent to everyone that these men care nothing about the Gener-1 al except to use him as a means to' keep themselves in the political; ring. j General Eisenhower is a great! military leader, a hero of World [ War II, and immensely popular! with the people. They feel, with him as their candidate, they could win. but with Mr. Truman they can't. So its anything to win with them even if it means repudiation of the Truman Administration. We have always felt that Mr. Truman would be renominated and at this writing our views remain unchanged. General Eisenhower has flatly announced he will not be a candidate and we are sure he meant every word of it, and will not accept even if Mr. Truman withdraws, which is extremely unlikely. But in spite of the dissention which exists in the Democratic ranks Mr. Truman, we are sure, has the votes to nominate him on the first ballot. Which brings it all down to the statement we heard the other day: The Republicans nominated their first choice on the third ballot. The Democrats will nominate their third choice on the first ballot. The Iowa Campaign Within a short time the campaign in Iowa as well as throughout the nation will be in full swing. Although Iowa is a traditionally Republican state, and all Indications point to a sweeping victory for that party both in the state and nation. Iowa Republicans plan an aggressive campaign. The state ticket, which will be offered to (he voters of Iowa by the Republicans this year, is an exceptionally strong one. On it are men of experience and vision who will continue to give the state the high type of government it has enjoyed under successive Republican administrations. Heading this excellent ticket are U. S. Senator George A. Wilson, who is seeking his second term, and Rep. William S. Boa candidate for Governor. popular candidates who enjoy, confidence of the people, Beardsley's popularity was alt to in the recent primary cl while Senator Wilson too sh that his record met with the proval of the electorate. Both are men of experie; Senator Wilson has the distiti of having served in the jujf legislative and executive bra- of the government. Rep. Beat too has had considerable tx ence in state affairs having se in both the Iowa House and ate, and is well qualified to k« state's Chief Executive. In the meantime the Repub"' Fund Raising Campaign is i n gres? In most of th state's i ties. Under this plan, which adopted this year, but one drive funds will be conducted, money so raised will go tu county, state and national patty ganizations. DDT BARN SPRAY For 2c per gallon with our wettable powder and water from your own well. See us for particulars. Postville Feed Mill Telephone No. 244 Postville, Dane* MATTER'S BALLROOM Decorah, Iowa SAT., JULY 17 Music By LES HARTMANN And The WMT Iowa Cornhuskers NOW! ANYONE CAN HAVE HOT WATER QUICK! NEW POCKET-SIZE WATER HEATER COSTS LESS THAN $2.25 HEATS WATER FAST Merely place a portable FAST-WAY Water Heater in a receptacle containing water. Plug in the nearest socket. Lo and behold! The FAST- WAY goes to work at once, heating water like sixty for 101 purposes— a sufficient quantity for bathing, washing, scrubbing, cleaning cream separators, etc. The speed depending on quantity. CAUTION: Directions for using are furnished with each heater. Read and follow. Costs less than $2.25. No fires to build or hot water to carry. No running up and down basement stairs. No heating tanks full when a few gal- « ns * °. r „ a _A uart 's wanted Handy! Portable! Inexpensive WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Iowi Lawn Furniture * YACHT CHAIRS * METAL CHAIRS * BEACH CHAIRS Enjoy the cool comforts of your lawn by selecting your outdoor living items from us. A comfortable luxury at reasonable prices. Louis Schutte & Sons Largest Furniture Stock In Northeastern Iowi illllllllllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllM Go Vacationing with this PROTECTION * Protect your valuables by storing storing them in our Deposit Vault. * Protect the funds you take with you on vacation by having us convert them into American Express Travelers Cheques which are spendable like cash everywhere. If lost, they are refunded. Cost: 75c per $100. Citizens State Bank POSTVILLE, IOWA

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