Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois on December 9, 1963 · Page 11
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Mt. Vernon Register-News from Mt Vernon, Illinois · Page 11

Mt Vernon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, December 9, 1963
Page 11
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MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1963 fHE REGISTER-NEWS — MT. VERNON. ILLINOIS 11 UK DII> TAKK TIIK CAR OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — An Qklnhomn City used ear dealer thought ho had n real enthusiastic customer. The denier, Bill G. Rhodes look the man who was dressed In sporty clothes for u "test drive." Then the niim look the cnr after pulling a .38 caliber pistol. RAY OPTICAL MEANS LATEST STYLES! Hundreds or latest Myle frames with highest quality Kryntok hlfoeul or single vision lenses. Also prescription Snn Glnsscs. S 9.50 Tlioicmgh Kym ExH.mlniUlim $3.50 New Frnmi 'H And Itapalr* While You Wnlt flours: n:00 to 5:30 Daily - Frl. Vo 8 :30 P.M. Closed Wednesday Afternoons PAY OPTICAL CO im " RAY E> DA,;r0N ' °- !> KM I UrllvHl, w No Al ,p 0 | lllnlM , t Necessary 117 N. Locust Ht Phono: 383-1018 Centnilla, III. FIGHT TB WITH CHRISTMAS SEALS Plan to buy a farm? JM 1 9 X»> XI * vvl ttyvy v u <v A lawyer can answer your questions Is it all right to sign all those papers? Is the property you're buying exactly as described? Who pays the taxes for this year? Which is the best way to take title—in joint tenancy or solely in your name? (There may be a tax advantage, in your case, by not owning the home in joint tenancy with your wife.) Your lawyer knows the answers. He will explain the purpose of each paper, make certain that your rights are protected, give you the best advice about the question of joint tenancy, in terms of your personal circumstances. Your lawyer will explain to you, also, the importance of receiving a good title. The safest way to be sure is to ask the seller to provide a title insurance policy from Chicago Title and Trust Company. CMcagoTitleandTxust Company Ml WEST WASHINGTON STREET. CHICAGO 2, ILLINOIS Local Representatives: Fight Again To Keep Oil Depletion By CHARLES HASLET WASHINGTON fAPI-The oil producing industry is brat-ins itself for another round in lis fight to retain the 27',b per cent depletion allowance now in the tax laws. Tlie industry's attention is directed to the Senate where the Finance Committee is considering 'he House-passed tax bill. William I. Powell, assistant general counsel of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, suid ils s|>okesnini are asking that the Senate leave I he depletion figure at 27' '•< per cent and that the method of computing the allowance remain unchanged. The House, on recommendation of Its Ways and Means Committee, did not include in its tax bill some administration proposals affecting the industry which it was estimated would result in some $210 million a year in adifional revenue. The administration, however, had made no recommendation for a change in the 27la per cent figure. The House accepted only one of the late President Kennedy's four pto|)osa|.s to change the oil industry's tax treaimnl. This one would remove from tax laws the oil and gas producers' option to aggregate properties for the purpose of computing depletion, resulting in an additional revenue to Uncle Sam estimated at $40 million a year. IPAA spokesmen want the Senate to take this provision out of the House hill. They take the position that oil industry activities have been declining and now is not the THE GREAT ATLANTIC A PACIFIC TSA COArfrANT, INC. $uper Markets AMERICA'S DEPENDABLE FOOD MERCHANT SINCE I8S9 Specials For Mon., Tues., Wed. 'SUPER-RIGHT" PORK (HOPS 59* 'SUPER-RIGHT" • nStr ,HIA.hC tit. ittf. u.i r». oa. •There's been a mistake somewhere! She's been summoned to serve on the Grand Jury!" PORK LOIN ROAST Rib Portion 1f \C Loin Portion )A< Lb. J7 CALIFORNIA time to further •-,-i ^gravalt> an already had situation." Some industry officials say they expect Sen. Paul II. Douglas, D-lll., and possibly other senators again, as in the past, to try 1o reduce the 27per cent figure. The three administration tax proposals affecting the industry which tho House declined to accept would: 1. Require losses in any year on a mineral properly to be j carried forward to subsequent years to reduce the taxpayers I net income on such property for | the purpose of computing percentage depletion. ! 2. Tax tlie gain on the sale of j ! a mineral property at the high- I er ordinary rates rather than at the historical capital gains I rates for such sales. Increase taxes on income | earned abroad. NAVEL ORANGES 3 Doz.$ |00 WESTERN The Doctor Says JEFFERSON COUNTY ABSTRACT CO. 107'/* S. 10th St, — Ml. Vernon, III. Phono 244-1519 WEBB AND HARRISS ni'/i S. 10th St. —Ml. Vernon, III. Phone 244-0(515 Hunt lor Canker Sure Balm Is Still Being Maintained By Wayne <i. Brnnilstadt. M.I). One of Ihe most annoying of life's minor afflictions is the common canker sore. Those who have them feel misery all out of proportion to the little white sore spots in one's mouth. My pleasure in passing along what. I thought was a hopeful treatment for canker sores recently has turned to disappointment. On the basis of medical reports I recommended trying iodndeoxyiii-itline (trade name Stoxil). This, it now seems, was a mistake. This is used only in treating ulcers of the cornea of the eye resulting from the same cause as canker sores, herpes simplex. So to those who have called me sharply to account for this false hope, I apologize and give assurance that. I am still on a hunt for the answer to canker sores. * • • Some babies, as a result of a birth injury often associated with an unusually difficult: delivery, have a wryneck. Sometimes the mother can feel a hard lump in the muscles of the neck on the affected side. This is a blood tumor and it may persist for several weeks after which time the clotted blood in the muscle will have been replaced by nonelastic scar tissue. If a baby is found to have a ICEBERG LETTUCE 24 Size ...Each WHITE BEAUTY wryneck, massaging the neck on the affected side and gentle pulling of the head toward the opposit side should be done several times a day. Often this is all that is needed to prevent the deformity from becoming permanent. If the wry-neck is allowed to persist the face will become noticeably asymmetrical. In nhnut 5 per rent of these children the condition is not easily corrected and an operation is necessary. Since correction by simpler means sometimes takes nearly a year, the, child should nut be operated on until after his first, birthday. After surgical correction it is necessary to keep the head in a normal position for several weeks to prevent, it from returning to the wryneck position. Q—My 5-vear-old is ically constipated. He bowel movement every days and then only if him fig juice every day | extra helping of prunes every two or three days. It doesn't seem to affect his appetite or sleep and he has no pain. What would you suggest? A—In some persons it is normal to have a bowel movement only once or twice a week. The fact that, your son cats and sleeps well suggests that he may he such a person. If when his bowels move the stool is not unduly hard and difficult j to pass, he is not constipated in 1 the true sense of the word, j Your policy of giving him fruits and fruit juices is the best, way to prevent true constipation. ' ' SHORTENING 3 i 49 chron- has a 4 or 5 I give and an Mitchell's Have All of The Famous GJE. Appliances! Get tid of tkt Jlcttqwe flmtjk in ih ^Zdilmom £^ See the NEW Automatic washers sometimes look alike, and most do a good basic washing job, but that's not enough! G-E gives you "Filter-Flo" and "Mini-Wash." It's two washers in one... the big 12 pounds and the separate "Mini- Wash" system that uses only 7 gallons of water and 2 tablespoons of detergent— both with "Filter-Flo!" $ With Trade 238 Only $12.00 Down - $12.00 A Month Under G-E "Valid Value" Trade-in Plan, you pay only the difference between th« valld-valua trade-in allowance and the price of the G-E model you select OTHER G.E. COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC ONLY $189.95 AND YOUR OLD WASHER This Gift Will Thrill Your Wife And Make Her Work Easier For Years And Years. The Mini-Basket washes all the things you now do by hand...from frilly frocks to woolen socks, the things that need special attention; and for left-over loads, too. The mini-basket fits Insidt the washer, Just slip R on, then slip it off when you're through. Begin now to enjoy this sensational convenience. miTC H€ LITS Mr. Vernon A REMINDER! DID YOU : ORGET TO GIVE TO THE JEFFERSON COUNTY United Fund? OUR UNITED FUND DRIVE IS STILL 30% SHORT OF THE GOAL! THERE IS STILL TIME TO GIVE! We Hope YOU Will Renew YOUR Support Of The United Fund. IF YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED—MAIL YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNITED FUND, CITY HALL BUILDING, MT. VERNON, ILL. LET'S ALL "GIVE TILL IT HELPS"! This Ad Furnished Courtesy Of r^DQQIl I € DlGlR tfipvpnpd. and ££<xv»v cAAA^clatUytv 117 North Tenth GUY A. WOOD, President 242-5200

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