The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 9, 1954 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
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Sunday, May 9, 1954
Page 17
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Sunday Edition Single Copy lOc THE SALINA JOURNAL Sunday Cloudy Monday Warmer 40 PAGES ENCLUDING COMICS SALINA, KANSAS, SUNDAY, MAY 9, 1954 Founded February 16, 1871, Pledges Could Lead To War By John M. Hightower WASHINGTON, May 8 . (AP)—Secretary of .State Dulles, following up an unusual Saturday meeting of the National Security Council, today opened diplomatic talks on proposals for a Southeast Asian alliance to block thej | Communist drive in Indochina. Dulles is prepared to urge ^ •FASHION ILLUSTRATIONS have won Caioljn Cornncll national honors in a high school art contest. (JOUKXAL FHOTO) Fasliion Sketches Bring Her Honors Carolyn Cornwall,. Salina high!in Wichita sponsored by Scholastic school senior, has won a national scholastic art scholarship to Denver University., The honor was given by Scho!- asfic Magazines and a group of art firms throughout the country. The award was given for her portfolio of fashion illustrations. Earlier this year she won nine gold keys at the regional contests tentlal Southeast Asian allies-and |of the faU of Dien B ien Phu. the a.S. Congress-to/undertake i. There appeared to be increasing firm pledges of action against Red' hope that instea(J of sllatter jng aggression in the strategic area. j Frend] Union moralef &e Red cap .. These pledges could lead to.inter-,' tui;e : of the Viet Nam fortress vemtton in the war by the United i wou ld' harden tlie resolve to stand States and other members of thei firm againstRed prcssures coalition. | Eve Of Peace Talks Dulles conferred today with Newj The fortress fe!l on the eve of Zealand Ambassador • Leslie Knox| the open ; ng of j n( i 0 china armistice: Munro. to push forward plans forj talks at GenBva , French and ^^.i a conference of proposed alliance ican sources here said th( , y ihought members as quickly as possible. the GcnBVa posilion of f^-^, Munro is New Zealand's deputy j^^ Bi(]alut wou!d be so ' member on a three-power South-,, str .. ong as<to j irmly resist any . cease west Pacific Alliance which Pre-j{ ire agreement on terms that would sumably will be .one of the corner- ;. iand the Indoc h !nose state of Viet stones of the projected new co- Nam over to the Con)mlmists . alition, The Alliance is composed) The$e in j ormants r e CO gnize that of the United States, Australia and ^ 0 ,, ]y alternative may be'toj carry on the war.. The conference which Dulles is THE WINNAH! ~ Larry Marshall "jockeys" his car into position so his left wheels will pass between the two balls along a 100-yard course. Marshall.won. the JayCee sponsored Road-E-0 Saturday afternoon. (.JOURNAL PHOTO) ,.„-», Wins Road-E-Q;- Two Speeders Lose trying lo'arrange apparently would] Larry Marshall, 15, 1700 Gree-jway Patrol Captain Don Antrim on | Morris, 37, of 501 W. Wilson, who New Zealand. Lasts go Minutes Dulles also talked with British Ambassador Sir Roger Makin'.be concerned primarily with jointjley, won the Junior Chamber o!|tVteir return from a spin up East scored 320 points. about the situation in Southeast 'action for securing ,as much of 1 Commerce Teen- Age Rnnd-R-Ol Crawford. Thev were- aiven a In 3rd nlace wa, Asia. Indochina as possible from Com- j Saturday afternoon. The Security Council meeting at munist conquest in the shortest Among losers were l\vb young appear bcfbre Judge Ray Brax, As- the White House under Presidentjpossible time. That is the, purpose drivers not entered in the contest jjaria, for trial. and. ran thfe coiirse in reverse. A parallel parking test gave the In 3rd place was Mike Prewett, young drivers 'a space 22 ; feet 6 17, 518 W. Republic, with 298 points. 1 inches long and seven feet wide in Eisenhower's chairmanship lasted]of the first stage of his united They were arrested for speeding! 90 minutes. H brought together thejaction diplomacy which, to a later Jon East Crawfo.'d near the site ofl President, Dulles, Defense Secre-jsecond stage, is expected to pro-j the Road-E-0 at the senior high' tary Wilson and other high admin-duce a mutual defense pact em- istration officials for a new look!bracing 10 or 12 countries. Magazines. ''I haven't-decided to accept the scholarship until I know what it involves," she said. Her work is on display at Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa. Nearly 165,000 entries were submitted from students in 48 states and U. S. possessions. Carolyn is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Cornwell, 825'a. iUh.ion "President Eisenhower to assert! unjustly accused and show in the! Calls On Ike To Stem Red Hysteria NEW YORK, May 8 (/R—Former I who wish to desfroy others through jPresident Truman tonight called!tear and innuendo: to defend tliej school grounds. Midway in tlie contest two young hot-rod drivers unfortunately picked East Crawford as the site for a drag race. Salina police 'and state, troopersi were at (he Road-E-0 on lhe school j grounds bordering the street. The three top drivers wjre pre-j which to park, jscnted engraved plaques and certi-i The final driving test was a Had Bel On [ficales by Salina Police Chiefjstop from 20 miles per hour with-' tlie drivers as' Henry Sa!mans - jin 40 feet. The cars had to stop Twenty-five (ccn-agc drivers (without jerking and without hit- were entered in the contest. i tins stanchions places 714- feet i spa ft The course included driving a j A)1 contestan!s took a written Raymond 0. Swisher. 20, Bridgeport,. .and Robert Lee Keinhardt, IS. 945 Highland. Antrim quoted one of the drivers as saying: • "We had a bet. but 11 won't pay this fine." Marshall scored 321 points out sinigfa line with the front 8 nd ; , Ml before drivi rear wheels passing between rub- j Marsha!! will CIlter , the ber balls placed litt inches apart. mcc( . at WcMta JUM , 5 state Parking Test winner there will, go to •Washing. The youngsters weaved their cars jinn, D,-C. -in August for the na- Tlie drivers were met by High-jot a possible 400 to edge Duaneibetweon barrels set 20 feet apart|tional contest. ministration trf the entire execu-! live branch. government cannot fimc- JLVVOtt ED WENGKR plante -Portland Rose" in backyard, with an assist by IT engineer Oscar U Mailiiy. (,KHJRXA.L PHOTO) himself as "master in his own j executive branch of the govern- i ! lon P ro P«* unless .th« President! not support weight if they .are house" and stern the "growth Ofj-ment that the ancient principles i Is ,.*'' m ' us mvn house am5 ' bent.. They have to be in the hysteria" about communism. of fair play and decency prevail. | un ' ess lhe <«eculive departments "Then perhaps our television! "By such deeds and acts the' 3 ™ a § e " cl es °f fh « government, sets can return to normal," Tru-presidency can reassure the n a-i fflc ' ucimB the arnled forces - 3re man said. straight, stiff-legged hold up the wearer. position to Good Hews For Amputees By Rennie Taylor Associated Press 'Science Reporter BERKELEY. Calif., May 8 Wv- University of California scientists are working on a new kind of arti-; ficial leg and foot designed to givei Kefauver <D : Tenn) today con- amputees greater springiness and 'firmed arrangements to address a;p 0 werS~by'to- versatility in their step. j Jefferson-Jackson day dinner ofay's version of The leg nas a little hydraulic | Ka , nsas Democrats here next Sal-| th g radical Re . unit which permits it to bear a load while bent at the knee joint. The foot contains alternate wedge- shaped pieces of rubber and steel Kefauver Is Topeka Speaker TOPEKA, May 8 I^t-Sen. Estes Without referring directly to the McCarthy-Army hearings, Truman declared t h e country cannot { afford an attack on presidential urday. ! publicans" of Eugene W. -Davis ot Topeka i t . civil War | former U. S. district attorney and((3 avs '* general chairman for the $25 a In a speech ':S£s which give internal'flexibility to|P late dinner, said Kefwver'sj preparcd fo , a Truman the ankle. Ordinary artificial feet, !S P eech . is expected to embrace thej rijnner htmoring his 70th - n irthday, tion and "stem the growth of hys-: res P onsib ' e to thc President." teria Power Oozes "Again, we see today history re-' ™ ess lHe Presi(i ent takes pealing itself as the legislative^ 1 ™ st f nd against encroachment branch of the government, under! by . he 'eg'siative branch, Truman : the overshadowing fear of com-! salcl ' " ls "'""possible to have or- : munism, expands its functions and j^iy government." Activities into the very center of <. '^ Ie « Isla Uve power will ooze into the executive offices," he said. the power of Lhe executive branch, j "The President is responsible! Il Wll! influence and the 'for the administration of his of-j , dec!S ' ons of the execullve branch ' - jfice. And that means for the ad .| " will affect promotions and trans-' Dear Sal- have socket joints at the ankles. These appliances are only in experimental stage so far. A lot of : situation and the present Me-' row. testing and refinement will be KI1EK Sundae for MOTHER oni Truman saici a!I tne people 1(lok | to the President wlien they are! ; beset by fears, and added: ' • Mother's Day - today - at Adv. needed before they can he put into;FREE2, 2H" \V. Kinvin. actual use, said Prof. Howard D.j . . Eberhart, a civil engineer who di-j reels the program. j The hydraulic feature is intend-j ed to be a big help to stair climbing and olher leg movements be-i sides straight walking. The experi-i DE TROIT, May 5 ui -Mom mental foot also plays a part in these movements. TASTEE' " ll is to the President that (hey ... And guess who's in the kitchen fas usual) preparing that bountiful Mother's Day dinner? Yours, look to say a firm 'Mo' to those Her'200 Children'Home fcrs. It will warp and twist policies. "It raises the threat of legislative dictatorship." Declaring "our country has acted firmly and resolutely to hold! Communist imperialism in check," Truman added: •r > Creates Fear J,nCT.: "Nevertheless, concern has created fear and fear has been played upon by persons who see in it an easy way to influence votes. There is no dispute any more that this unreasonable fear exists. The lead- Conventional artificial legs can- Building .... Cuff Stuff.., Deaths Editorials .. Farm News ri- iJGrubba's house likely will be full of warm and grateful hearts '.o- morrow, Mothers' Day. She expects many of her "200 children" to stop by. For years Mrs. Ida Mom) Grabba has taken forsaken cbil- 141 Market 29;.dren to her bosom, and brought Journal Directory most people would probably prefer [or two. Then the mother took them to sit back and rest. back. I missed them so much I ; edged it. "I hope and believe that we will She found them. Ultimately MrJ paSS lk ^ this present crisis The Grtibbas, whose own two'Grubba attained official ystalus .j^cessfully. I do not beheve that daughters are grown and married, (The Wayne County Social Welfare I. Her husband, Emil, enjoys it, looked for more.' too. live on a S9-acre farm west of Division boards some homeless Flat Rock, south of here. Since 21 Oil News 5J Radio, TV 4| Sports .. 17 to I9i200—I cannot remember exactly." 291 them up. 41 She says it has been "at least 26J Tip Winners .. 2 Garden News 15| Women 9 to 13 Mrs. Grubba has been doing this kindness at a time of life when 1930 they have been taking in children. It was that year that Mom took in her first two tots. "They were tiny babies," she said, "and lived with me a year 1 children with her. Presently, she has three—Bobby, 7, Donna, 9 months, and Skippy, ? months. As soon as Donna reaches her first birthday Mom intends to take in another baby. Farm And Home Show Opens Tuesday ing over the functions of the executive if the President presents the problem in its constitutional light. Weather By Lil Johnson The Jaycees figured it is the If a little man from Mars and only place large enough to hold his wife were lo step off a flying (the 40,000 or more persons expect- Sr.ucer this week for a visit in Sa-ied from Salina and area, lina, Agriculture Hall in Kenwood! Their Farm and Home Show- Park would be the place for them.!last year was such a crowd-getter The building will be crammed!that Memorial Hall threatened to with everything from household! KANSAS — Considerable cloudiness Sunday and Monday with scattered showers or thundershowers i mostly south portion. Little change! ;in temperature Sunday. Slowly! 'rising temperature Monday. High! Mayor Gefs A Rose--Buf Thai's Only Half The Story And if Mr. and Mrs. Mais wantithrough Sunday and Saturday and!Sunday 65 northeast to 70-75 south-! Tne Unicm Padflc a home to wrap around all their findings the Real Estate Board furnishings The items to farm machinery. are so ultra-modern thing pre-1953 look like a prehistoric souvenir. •• , The-six-day Farm and 'show formally opens at 6 pm Tuesday. The hall will be open night at 6 pm and close at 10:30 bust out at the gussets. Big Agriculture Hall is being dressed up for the show. Her car- Sunday matinees. The audience will be seeing the will have a representative there to performance she gave before such! SALI ' N ' A WEATHER help them pick one out. ! notables as the Duke and Duchess! Saturday- will be a dream kitchen of Windsor, the king of Denmark,! Diwnlovrn: Temperature at mid..« j' «_j-_i_ 'ii._.- 11 .•„. i i . ^ .. 1 ! nif*M 50- Prpnin nast 2-J lire. railroad; Salina by Union Pacific engineer'invitation to attend Portland's should be blushing like a red, redjOocar b. Maddy, 239 N. tth, ami:Rose Festival next June John Brown. UP general agent, j Wcngcr. who plans a trip .to the Thc UP has a train which serves: northwest with his family, said he Salina called'the Portland Roso.jwn'W probably accept. . And did thc rose bush.make (lie rose. Here's why. for the women and ' gadgets that Prince Andre of Greece, the! Prccip. ' past 24 hrs. Will send the men folks home talking to themselves. One of the new items which will they are guaranteed to make any- nival finery of ballons and crepeTie "big" with tha men • is ' the a ,„-„ ,-i. ,:,.. _ ....,.,. S [ reamers velour hangings as background for Home the $200,000 worth of exhibits. Patio Furniture There'll be musical instruments tonec j up w j t |,i W ork of an enterprising manufac- pm. The hours next Saturday and Sunday will be 2 pm to 10:30 pm. Admission will be 35 cents. Children under 12 will be admitted free when accompanied by adults. The opening day honors 'will be and home furnishings shown. Playground equipment, patio furniture, barbeque grills and other items for outdoor living will be ot dis- Comfortable mattresses, awn- done by Mayor Ed Wenger, W. M. 5n 8»'>' beautify the home arid Ostenbsrg and Dr. R. J. Falta j units for cooling 9n(i heatin S hous- presidents of thc senior and jun-' es wi " rai some boolhs ' "' ' " "' Luggage, for trips and a car to go with it will be there. Radios and television sets will be shown and so will pianos and organs. There will be all types of floor coverings. ior Chambers ,-,f Commerce. Gets Preference Actually "Ag" hall is scoring a hit over all other Salina public meeting places in being chosen for the show. ttirer who actually has devised self-storing storm and s c r e en doors! Painting Demonstration Because the nation is being swept with a "Do ; lt Yourself" movement ..'there will be a demonstration on how to apply j>aint and wall paper. Of .course there will be sewing lessons. Swedish king and lhe irincc of Monaco and scores of other niem-j ) trace. • Saturday Mayor Eri Wenger wasj given a rose bush, a good will gift from the mayor ol Portland, Ore., City Airport: Temp., 11:30 pmiFred t. Peterson; Maddy is its engineer. Maddy even helper! Wenger plant! traj| j ? Jiang,' long trip from Oregon by Ihe rose in his yard. bers of royalty Mill. 40; Max. 63; Max. Friday She's a personable young worn-! an who has traveled the world over with her talent. Then there will be "the "take home" feature of the show. J66: Precip. trace. "Take home" prizes totaling CAA report 11:30 pm: Barometer 23.770 rising slowly; Wind east- northeast 4 mph; Relative humidity 73 percent. Lowest tills date 32 in 1938; high- more than 53000. are being offered, i osl 94 in 1887. Show visitors may register at' Sunday—Sunrise 5:23 am; Sun- booths and need not be present to win. Sn automatic washer, a 9 by 12 foot rug, cash coupons, picnic But for some of the audience, grill, garden hose, paint, choice of f> nlff . Tiar) fit f ho ' lirhMA ch/tur > f nir/icit n«nlrA«> nf T\T fn'r' nWnrf!^ i set 7:31 pm. " • . Monday—5:23 am; 7:32 pm. U. S. Woathrr Olwrailom fnr 3t Matin EndlnK *i fi:30 p. m. STATION Max. Mln. Tr*. the big part of the whole show will be when they hear: "At the count of three you will go into a deep, peaceful ^!ecp. You will feel absolutely wonderful. You may now pull out a huge fish." Speaking -will be Joan Brandon, professional hypnotist, who wili give a show every night Tuesday several makes of TV sets, credit on the purchase cf a typewriter, furnace cleaning services, aluminum awnings and a portable radio are among the many items lo be given away. * *• * (Other farm and home new» on pages 20 U 24.) Jlfnvfr 71 'Detroit : .. 52 IS 53 m in .01 .01 Hnvrt, Mom. . .K<nu« Cily .' Little Rort .. 75 S2 NBW Yorn M M .54 The presentation was made in) Along with Ihe rose, came an! H did not. It came by air express. Kansan Killed At Rail Crossing It -The train was. delayed about an|j ack . Cam pb e |i, abo ut 45, manager ihour. . I of the Globe. : Theater in Cliristo- GARDEN CITY. Kan., May 3 Ml; u | lalj j us t.'bccn a few hours pher, 111., died today at.the Mar-, ~ A Garden Cily, Kan., resident—j earlicr thal thc c j ly had staged a shall Browning Hospital in Du- P. T. Hisey-was killed here today when his car was struck broadside at a crossitiR by the'Santa Fe railroad's, slrcamliner "el Cap- Han." Engineer Fred Balch of La Junta, Colo., fair! the train was traveling at 85 miles an hour. He said he saw (he driver look to the east but never to thc west. The train was east bound for Chicago. Thc train was about a mile east of the city before it came to a slop, Bits of wreckage wore strewn along the right oj way and the sa [ S ty parade. i'Quoin. Thc victim wss hMicvod 'to be! Campbell, was a former, resident about 70 or older. Kno^i survivors}of Hulchinson, Kas. He. is.jnr- include two .brothers, W. F. andlvivcd 'by his .-.» ' i-_ tr:. .. • • !» htirf'r'ttfV widow and four. Charles thildrs Important Hews Of TheWorld 'French prisoners hcrclpfl north from•• fallen fortress. Page o. Cease-fir? p!«i brings blocking action by ntissia.'Page 1 5. : . US pledges could Icarl .10 intervention in war, Pago 1. . US Rpd.s cmbiirk on. new 'thought, control' campaign. Page's. Oppose proposal to shorten Mac-Anny hi:nv!ns*. Tagft 5. ; , '• ' Truman calls on Ike to stem 'Uy&iwla over communism, Pa«t >1,

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