The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 16, 1892 · Page 4
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 4

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1892
Page 4
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"Martha Mistake, you aro found guilty by your own confession, and on tho clearest possibio evidence, of tho murder of nit infant, name unknown, in tho Shifting Pool, in the village of Lovel, (ivennd a half years ago; mid tlionctli the recommendation to mercy will bo forwarded in due course, I can hold out no hope that the sentence- I am about to pass on you will beeimiinnted." And tho Judge proceeded to pass sentenco of death in the usual way. Sordid and inexpressibly mean in tho faint light of dawn looked the court in which these words were spoken: tho sentence itself seemed too line a thing for tho wretch who received it, her lips parting in an audiblo "Thank L101I!" ns the Judgo ceased to speak, and, jerking aside the black cap, threw his scar- It;! robes about him, and instantly left •.lie court. A clamor of tongues broko out on bis departure, and a trampling of fcot set in toward tho one narrow exit; not a glance of curiosity, not a word of pity was Ihiitg toward the prisoner in tlto dock; every emotion usual to tho occasion seemed to be in abeyance, as jurymen, and spectators, and officials hurried to quit the place, where for so many v.-ary hours they had been incarcerated. • O.10 person alone kept his plueo— a man in the prime of manhood and full intellectual vigor, who throughout the trial had sat by the Judge's side, keenly watchfng the progress of tho case, anil slill kepi his gaze lixed on the prisoner, who, in tho very act of removal, had thrust aside the jailer's arm to look back and return that curiously Intent gaze. l'or nminulo she hesitated, plunging in Ids eyes a strange look, to which he had no clew; her lips moved, sho mailo 11 hull' gesture as though to beckon him, tin 11 turned and left tlio dock with a lit 111 step. ••One of those rciarded intelligences that think much and speak little; that combine the simplicity of thought with the directness in execution of a savage or a child. Unloved, as a virgin she has been aide to bring tho whole forces of her nature to a dilllctilt undertaking, and so far has—succeeded." So thinking he rose and made his wav to the Assize Inn. where ho found the Judge already retirod to bed, his g sti.'.pcudcd above him on the bed- st. •Is that you. Eyre?" ho said, opening his eyes. "I wisli I could have hanged iosc twelve fools as well as the woman. Nine boil's' deliberation and a ominendalion to mercy, on the lace, of such a smiiming-upas inino! I'ou'll turn in now, of course': 1 " No; my hovsu is waiting. I'm bound for home." The Judge mado a wry face. "So you're still—slill I wonder what it's likoV" ho added, as one thinking aloud. •Try it." said Mr. Kyre, with asmilo. l'he old bachelor shook his head, •Women." he said, "are—are " but (he remainder of his sentenco was cut short by 11 snore. "And now for Madcap," said Mr. •Are. as he sprang into Ids saddle— •Madcap, sunshine of my breast." lint even as he spoke the governor of the jail hurried out. and begged oi him to deter his departure for live minutes, as the condemned woman had been asking eagerly to see him. "She lias been so iiiveterately silent," he said, as Mr. Kyre dismounted, "that 1 feared if this opportunity ot hearing the truth were missed, another might not. occur, and so ventured"to detain you." •'Oh. s' • won't confess," said Mr. l'".\ re ear. .cssly. "I have linen study ing her; she fears only lest hur crime be discovered to the parents, whoaroguilt­ less in tho business, or I'm much mis taken." "If tho summing-up had not been so clear," said the governor, "she would have got off; as it is, that recommendation to mercy mav save her neck vet.' "Not it," said Mr. Kyre; "Ishall'send u private line to town—guilty sho is and hanged she shall be." These words—for I lie cell door was at that moment thrown open—were heard bv 1 ho prisoner. •'.Shall Ij"'sli» said, lifting her head from her knees, and lixing on him a strange look as he entered. •Ay," lie said, "your crime was an inhuman 0110, and your lifo pays the forfeit." If all were known," she said, "I should no more die on tlto gallows than von." •Then tell all," said Mr. Eyro, in stantly. "Heveal the facts that provo your innocence—denounce tho guilty and let the parents bo brought forward"! \y," ho added, pursuing line rising terror, "mid they shall I.e,' if thoy are living." They're dead," sho said, in tuicon trollablo agitation, "and I did it—1 laid yourself on him, have only called down punishment <!•> what yoii loved, lint what brought you to l,ove'r"' he added suddenly. I got a clew," she paid, "but 'twas a false one. It's been a black, bit>ir mistake (liko my name) from tho beginning." "Vou came here In search of tho father?" said Mr. Kvre. "I'll tell you no more." she sa'tl doggedly; and though there's one or two iptestions I'd like to ask yon. I won't do it. I'll leave nothing Whin I as ulic could know me by. if she caine after I was gone. I'll be just a nameless woman as neither she nor you could bo sure was her as she was looking for." "Your conviction will to-uiorrow be in every paper," he said, 'and draw momentary attention to your crime. Your absence from her, too", mayhavecxcited her suspicions. In all human probability you will see her liei'oro you die." "To-morrow," she said, below her breath. "AY, but Jo-ifni/'s mine." "Not so," said Mr. Kyre, rising; "for since your intention is known, means will hi) taken to defeat it. You will be closely watched, ami the escape you meditate rendered iinpns-dbl"." "You're a hard man," she said, looking up. "Have yon got a wife, or a child, or any that may want pity, shown to them some day? I'm thinking luey'll get hard measure if they're judged by the mercy you've shown to other..; and though your high, iiod-a-iiierey's higher, l'erlians llf'll call me aioru I'm fetched on'SatiUiiay." "Miracles are rare in these days," he said, as ho struck the door with his whip. Then added, as the turnkey hurried 10 unlock it, "You have nothing 111. re to savr"' -No; I hat's all." she replied bitterly. "One ruined lile, tuo broken hearts."a murder, a hanging—that's all; and enough too formic man's holiday work!" "And who is the lii-.mV he said.paus­ ing on the threshold of the now open door; but the woman had sunk with a sullen .silence, her lace shrouded on her knees. "She has confessed nothing but what we knew or guos-.i',l bet.uv," said .Mr. Kyre to the chaplain, who was wailing without: "but a watch must be placed in her cell, and relieved nigln and day till t'ne end. Sinuihi a Mr.mgercoiiiu to see her, send for me iuiucdiatelv." "Colonel Ilusby is interesting himself about a. memorial." said the governor, as they crossed the cour;yar.l. "and talks of himself taking it !•' town."' "I'o.ili!" said Mr. Iv. re; "he'd h-ller Btay at home. Thoueii il he i:oes he'll lake no harm; no creatine smarts so little as a tool.' " lien; he is," said the governor, repressing a smile, as at. that moment a .short, pursy man rushed ihroii-.h the go, ; :l iid unfurled a scroll on which a dcrable number of names were iu- •d. >'e want your sig i.ilure, Kvre," he said breathlessly. "You see 1 began betimes, knowing the verdict was a foregone conclusion. Hut with the recommendation to iiiercv to back il, 1 Hatter myself that llth will put a different face upon matters." ''On what ground do you base your application?" said Mr. "Kyre. quietly. "I'ho woman pleaded guilty. Ii sho did not actually drown the child, she deliberately abandoned it to its death; the crime's till ono in tho eyes of tho law." lint the length of time that has elapsed." said Colonel Ihishy, "llu> certainly that theie are others in the background as guilty as herself—probably in this very neighborhood." Ilis sidelong loot.: fell before Mr. Kyro's glancu, as Vim latter said— You will not count on nie. Indeed, I'm about to send aprtvate line to town, pointing out the tacts of the case, and now the gross ignorance and stupidity of the jury is responsible for the error of justice contained in a recommendation to mercy." Colonel IJushy turned pain. Mr. Kyro's inllueuce in l.inli quarters was "well known, and did lie choose to exercise it, the memorial, though vouched by every signature of note 111 the country, wtw so much waste, paper. With a brief good morrow to the two gentlemen, for dawn was now giving place to day, .Mr, Kyre mounted his horse and rode off at a good pace, pausing, however, on tho outskirts of lliu town to burst, out laughing, as at a sudden recollection. How true," he said aloud—"how true that 'with slupidiiy ami a good digestion wo may front much.' " fairies' footsteps all along V110 silvered grass. .Business was clearly In its mind, but, to a truant of threo or thereabouts, thoro aro IHty things abroad at this hour of the morning calculated tomako him forget why he got up thus early; and it was not long before ho foil in with a Initio blackbird before whom he went down on his hands and knees, the twooxchanging confidences without ft trace of shyness on either Bide; and thou thoro was a squirrel to bo assisted in tho fascinating duty of washiug her face, and a bird's-nest lo be peeped into—though to be sure, he was soon scared away from that by tho fierce, wistful eyes of tho mother-bird; and two fleldtnico to bo put back into a hole; and altogether lie wasted much valuable time,and brought down on his own head tho fate that presently overtook him. lie was just trying to coax a butterfly to perch on his foiellnger, when a slight sound in tho distance made his heart sink like lead to where his shoes ought to have been. He set oil running in the direction of a cerlaiu rosebush, but loo late; the next moment .something Hashed past him, and tho coveted llower for which he had risen so early, was snatched from him by his pursuer's hand. "And me got up (0 yerly," said Dody, too dejected even to hold his nightgown up, as ho approached his brother. "Me opied the door all alone, and every- *l,;,.1.-10 FARM AND HOME. IIITTRK AND SWKKT. 1UIIM BTUAUT. II. IlYVM, &UM. PILES Mllui, :ill4 in on rXT .U.U 1ILB 1 U1IU for I'lLUJ. Price, tl| at druiiKixlu < T by mail. HainpipH frmi. Addrom "ANAKKSIS," Soxaui Xiw XOBK Orrr. BorrYm WITH PAIN. THE OWEN ELE-OTRIO BELT WILL niLiava AND HUM YOU. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES in English, German. Swedish or Norwegian will M mailed to suy udUrcaa for 6 coins UOBUIKO. The Owen Electric Belt and Appliance Co. CQt TO 1M1 8TAT« 8T., OHIOAQO, ILL HIW YORK OPPIOI. 829 BROADWAY, PleuBii menUon this paper, P AT E N TS&SSv? 8 ' • lyrtlututmir, 15a.IJmlicnlliiijciu.liu., »tty«luce. 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The narrow mean face suddenly became fixed and sharpened to an intensity of expression that almost reached power; still thinking intently, her right hand stole to her throat mid gripped it, while a faint smilo crossed the mtonsity of her gaze, as one who in secret nourishes a pleasant thought. " When'a my hangingV" she Bald abruptly. "Saturday," "Those fools rocommended me to mercy," she said slowly; "I want you to look to it that none of that rubbish comes between this and Saturday," "Motliincr wl"- It's llxed as fact." , "lour days," sue said, titmuuighard, "lots might happen in four days. You're a maaistrate," alia added suddenly; "couldn't you give an order that nobody's to be let come and soe me before I die, not if they begged ever so? and if I die between this and Saturday—for folks Bometimes die as quick at home as on the gallows—couldn't you make them bury 1110 quick, so as them that come, mightn't be able to take a look at me?" Mr. Eyre glanced round nt the tall narrow grating, the straw pallot, the wooden bowl and spoon; no, there was no instrument of sulf-destruutlou here —not even a beam whence she might simulate that awful leap in the dark which iu all hiimuu probability awaited CHAlM'Ktl -TwlYt (lew ami hlril ISO sweel II silence Mllnifilm'Oi!, (lint t-eemeil til iHeil II I 'm' 11 went lJotween the darkness of night and the brightness of morning, there Is in spring and time of full summer a space llint surely outweighs, in its peace and beauty, all tho hours that have gono bo- fore, or will come after. It is that in which Nature still slum- j bers, yet trembles each moment toward ] awakening—when no quiver of leaf, nor cry of bird, nor footfall of her lightest eivaturo, breaks the intense stillness— when, in tho hushed pause botween earth and heaven, mini involuntarily hearkens for the voice of (hid, but llnds it not; tJ'iiiaokinir upward and deserving that Presence iimue manliest, In llidit instoiul of souml, draws ns nigh into his Creator as human being may. Nothing moves but the dawn, whose outgoing' breath is that wan pellucid bluo that overruns the heavens—whoso footsteps fall in hyacinth and gold on tho edge of the sky, and who climbs with a measureless calm, a grand austerity that oltimes lifts to its own peace the soul of him who lonely worships from below. So will you see tho skylark, as though caught out of herself by this moment BO solemnly sweet, so divinely still, broak suddenly away from earth, and springing sheer up to Heaven's gate, pour her exalted song in at it—then, that throbbing rapture over, Bink heavily to earth, the music in her quenched for sorrow that she must roturn to tho hauntB of men, nor make her home in that cold, pure splendor whioh for a moment her oager lioart and wing have touched. That magic voice breaks the charm; slowly above the horizon shows the blood-red disk of the sun, whoso beams, arrows-straight, pleroo to the very hoart of Nature—and lol there is life in the air, there is color in tho hind Boape; like a choir led by an Invisible hand uprise the million subtle sounds and scents of the morning; day has come, and with it unrest, joy, sorrow; and we look to the fading jasper in you for-off sky with a dim mysterious pain stirrinir at the heart, ami tho nioiuis of pruiso around us ring in our ears 11K8 rude echoes of thewovshlpthivtbutnow lay like an unuttorod word 'twlxt God and the soul of Ills creatures. At such a moment Mr. Kyre, checking his horse on the brow of a hill that overlooked his homo, sunt his glance in search of the rugged pile that crouched at the foot of the rock wheucoit sprung, Us summit clothed with gorue that at sunset Hung a blood-red banner above tho ancient house, so that far ami wide it was known as the Bed Hall. But, in the smilo of the morning one thought less of tho grim battlumeuts than of tho little flowers that crept between, and peeped over to those brighter sisters below, that bloomed in the old oourt- thinl. "Vou couldn't exp ct to beat me, you know, Dody," said Dunne, with .some contempt; "and it's a pity you can't dress yourself—/ can." "Vou is not dressed proper," objected Doily, "your strings is hanging out." j "()! that's nothing; Josephine often does that when she"s in a hurry. 1 say, Doilv, I know something that you don't." "lss,"said Dody, too humiliated by hi^ recent failure to hazard oven a guess nt the secret. "Now what would you say to going eowsliping Ihis morning with iiiolher.-" Dody clasped his hnudsln momentary ecstasy, then his face fell. "Daddy won't let us," he said gravely; "we've never I ecu cowsiping wiz mummy all our lives -not never." "All our lives'." sa d Doune, with im- nieiiM' eon tempi; "why you're only tour; I'm live, .'iiiil I went "eowsliping when vou were u baliv. pap and all ihul." "Vou was a baby mice," said Dody, Willi dignity; "so was daddy. Wonder if anybody ever 'mucked "daddy, eh, Donuy." "Nobody 'ml dare," said Doune; "ho puui-hes everybody. 1 heard Josephine tell Molly la^t iii'jlit he was awav punishing a poor woman, and that's why we're gmng to have a treat." "Poor 'ooiuan!'' s.ihl Dody, shaking his head with much concern; "rather not go cowsipiug than hurl tier, Doonv. Won.let' if he whipped her Very hardy" "<).' he doesn't v. hip her." said Dunne, "t don't quite understand what hedoes, but he won't be back till breakl'ast- tillle." "If, MI;;" said Doily, hugging himself all up together with delight; "do .-i '00 think mummy 'II wake iipsooii, Doony?" "Sic'll have her cup of tea at seven, you know, and " "l'n 'II lake it to her." cried Dody, shout ing with joy, as he set olf running toward the house, his thoughts thing 111 and out of a thousand golden hells that for him were nodding out yonder, while his heart sped heforo to the mother without whom eowsliping was no joy. She heard that happy laughter iu her sleep, and, waking, looked through her window, and saw the little brothers I\M- i:ig the courtyard, so that when li'.-v came down the gallery on tiptoe- there was a wild cry ol "Mother! mother!" a rush forward, an 1 then two fond anus closed upon the pair, and heaven was in that narrow compass; and even to Doily, earth, with its store of cowslips, w'as forgot. Then, as you will see a young apple- tree, overborne by Hie weight of its liist -l 'ruits, bent proudly to earth, content rather to break than lo forego t.hem so sank this voting mother wah her treasures to tuo giouii.l, wueretliey clung about and kis ed her as though thev could no more lie a-wvary of her lips' than sheol theirs, till,out of breath, thev kissed 110 more, but squ. \\ hello 'them with all their little tender might—the truest, fondest pair of lovers Woman ever had yet. And to such lovers as these she never grows old, nor waxes their love c twenty years hence, whether her 1 or (villi (iod. she will be as dear, as he 11 i fill in their eyes as now, while far away (whether here or beyond) in the inner most recesses of lier heart, she will 1 radio them warm, the liny creatures whose lender feet had neither will nor strength to stray further from her side l'nan her voice had power lo win thorn hack. "Happy a year, mummy 1" said Dody, her lace with a little velvet nauii; "it's your burfdav, bin I've got wi'nuj for you," ho a 1.1. si. his voice, rising as his heart swelled. "lie means many happy returns of tho day," said Doiine, presenting the rose anil struggling out of his mother's nuns; "but he's so very little, you real ly inusL CNCUSU him." * "Thank you, my sweethearts," sho said, and her voice might have painted her to a blind man us she stood, Dody' pink toes curled like rose-leaves at her waist, tin.I on her young face such glow as makes the mother yet Tile holiest tliliuv niive. "Hut these cold wet feet," sho added feeling them anxiously, "and this drip ping night-gown"—and she shivered though'a blast of death had struck hur, as she wrapped her arms about him Dody clung lo her in almost ns much fear as love when she carried him over tin) threshold ho was so rarely privile ed to cross; but when he found hims warmly wrapped iu her elbow-chair and she 011 her knees before him warming liis cold feet at her breast, while against his little limbs sho laid her head iii the old, old worship that requires no teaching, ho resigned himself to cir cuinslaiices with all the unconscious Hiaeo and dignity of childhood "Vou is a suv.d little mummy," ho said, framing her chestnut, head in his hands uddiiur as ono struck bv a slid den recollection, "would '00 like to Ueai me say my pairs? mo knows such pit ty worses, and 'oo's •new heard mo say them—not never!" "Say them to mo now," whisper.. Airs. JSyru, hiding her facu in his 11 that he might: hot SCJ the color that overspread it;—not for her bad been Hit 1 joy ot folding these little bauds in prayer, as rarely,'" indeed, hud she stood by tier children to bless them us thoy slept; hot' husband's love overshadowed all lior lifo, and demanded of her an undivided allegiance iu which her motherhood f'ouud no nlaco. To he Continued Hough lmlr*(l li» tho wny of llfw, ltoiich and ntiM>[i nml long; Hold Urn ftms which tweet our path, Uuld mid kppn and alron^. lllttor, too. In I lie IOPB of Inpo, lUtlcir, tmikpn vown; Snil ami litdpleiiR tho woiiry *otil, Hnd Its loiifletR honglm. All iHtgluuttiHM mui«l UWIIH !W* Mualt, Hiutrk* llio tire hepin, ltlll nml Hlrcftinli 't IT* 1 rlvor wide, tlntw hMurn Ihfl iniui. Clinriicter mni.'. ho nlowly hull!, ^ Iti'i<l COIIH'H ilftor tdrifi 1 , l'umo troiule nwltt on llio noblotd door, Dentil give* hirlh to lifo. Flight find win, IH tho poldter'i* cry, I''i|jllt nml four no fool (.'rui,t.en tunny procodo tho crown, llntve men ptillem-o oliow-. HI111II wo dlnpnlr if sorrow cnmof > Faint, If htirden IMOI 1 ! 1 ? Fleo In terror if florin cloud htirntr Vleid to feiirV carcet 1 ? (led forlilrir Wo will llvo nnd .cork, Kver Imnl and pray, Count ttie imM an a training echool, Hope for brighter day— Couriij;e take from Iho lives ol men < "nut In hero neild, Froltt ! 11I11 li_v tlm erron* grave Made In diiyi of old. So our live:, Hhmild bo fraught wlttl good, Wurdo IIL'IOW w till cheer. Fvery iiclion Inspired bv love, Holy Itiuii^hli. more dear. Then tho way Hint wax long anil Bleep, llliler, roiiK 'ti and Hail, I'rlr.ed will he aw tho key to life Sweel calm and gtiid. — Spilnglleld Sunday Heiiubllcan. FAItM NOTKS. Ilillohore for Currant UonttH. 'llii« is one. of the surest remedies for destroying the currant worms nr caterpillars that we have ever found. If taken in lime it will save the current cro,<. It cm lie dusted on from 11 llmr dredger when the Indies are wet with u recent shower or with dew, or ;t can he well mixed with water aid applied with 11 Hprmkler nr garden syringe. .Satinfacfory re ults will follow, if taken in time, from either method. It taken hut little lime to go over a long row of currant, I. mhos, l'lie (iirruiit is KO popular with linni-keepcrs thrt it should lie preserved if pos-ible.— Whale oil soup ia also destructive Co the worms hut in lens pleasant to use Hum the hellebore. '1 he latter is 11 line powder and is kept by druggi.its generally.—Kx days. Theynhould have, some kind of gieon food nucli an lender onion topn, lettuce or cabbage, cut fine enough to swallow. Sua- son llio egg custard with a little black pepptr, nnd iitM some bread crumbs. Give the poults 11 drink of sweet milk onco dally, but HOC 1 Unit thev do not get wot. Arrange Ihe p»n of milk HO Ihey cannot get into it. Do not leave it within roucb nil the time. If the weather is warm nnd bright let them out for a run of a few hours, but. wntch the mother and the poultry dourly. Turkeys wandor awny mid hide it not wnteueil carefully. Count less dangers iillind younfr turkeys —the moHt defenseless of all ycuiip fo.vls. When, they appear tired put thcin into 11 coop. As the brood be- coine -i Htronger incrmisj Iheir time in the open air, until two weeks old idler which l"t their, cut in tee morning as soon in I he dew is off the gra u s and they can flay out until sundown. Most of those who raise turkeys, find their greatest loss from fntigu'.'. It used to be the custom lo keep young turkeys penned up until thev could fly over the fence, but such conliiicuient, was disastrous. The plnn given iiliovr is much better. Fresh air, sunshine, exercise, and the opportunity to pick up insects an I some fresh green stuffs is needed. Never let them gel. wet, keep them near home so that should 11 shov or threaten yen can at once get Ihem hack into I lie coop.—.1. *"'. Quimi in Orange .Imlil K.inner. TIIK HOME. Tim Mlmilow. iEATOR IIONOIIO. rlecos Which Aro Now -Too Soft foe IJne. t'roiluctloii unit CouHuinptlon, 1'iirefiilly compiled statistics furnidi arguments that are difficult to upset. I'lioso which bear upon tin) production an.I consumption of food in this country imiicato that the two linos arc rapidly drawing together, and that if we continue to proceed in h-th at the sumo rate thai we are now doing the hitler will soon overtake Hie fonurr. This would ho a pretty good thing for the farmers, hut pretty bad tor all the rest of the people who depend upon their daily labor lor their food; hut we probably shall not got quite to the point where will bo any actual scarcity of lood, or where prices will becoiun t x'.rav.i- aiit, but we shall very soon be whero that bug-bear of over production will be crush- d forever. Then, as tho actual needs of our population grow, farmers will increase their production by Hie application of the new mid better methods ot agriculture which wo are now experimenting with, to tin 1 end, happily that wn may be provided ith means whoa the time comes tor their use. tV showery harvest not only increases tl.o labor of tho faiiuer, but is liable to impair tho quantity of tho grain. It is t beret ore tho wisest policy, considering the uncertainty of the weather, to shock wheat 111 such a manner that it will stiinil eood rain without geltiug wot on the inside. Rural Home says: "A good way is to set up night bundles in open Dutch shock, saving out two of long straw for cap sheaves. Take the cup heaves and biuu ii .e lull's; have the butts even. Open the tops, dividing us near as possible in the middle, and place the bundles on top of the shock, butts upward, spreading tho tops evenly over the two sides of the shocks. Some pn' 11 lour band around Hie two butts t( hold tho sheaves together. If done rigid tliesu will make a roof that will shed 11 soaking rain. Another way ia to sot up a round shock of eight or len bundles mid lay n bundle 011 top, butts in tho middle, and spread the top around ovor one half of Iho shook; then lay tho butt cf anolhor bundle on top of Iho first and spread its lop over the other half. It, might cost halt a dollar ur acre to cap shocks in either of these ways, but if it should provo .1 rainy harvest it would probably save twico that in labor of Htunding out and perhaps opening the bundles." lfaolliijr Hurried Probably nothing tires ono so much as fouling hurried. When iu the early morning tho day's affairs pious on one's attention beforehand, and there conies the wondor how in the world everything is to bo accomplished; whon overy liitirruption is received, impatiently, and tho olook is watched in distress ns its mouients flit paid, thon tho mind tires the body. We wrong lo drive ourselves with whip nml spur in this way, Bach of us n promised strength for tho day, and wo inubt not, wear ourselves out by crowding two days' tu»k into one. If only we car, llurveatliic; Whotit. COINED BY BRIGHAM YOUNQ FIve-Ilollur Cold Itnrlllen County Commissioner l'.allard, of San Francisco, Is the possessor of a rnro and envious gold coin which foil Into his hands in California In 1810. It Is a Mormon five-dollar piece, and for many years bus been employed as a charm or banglo on Mr. Tlallard'n fob chain. Tho owner himself was a 'f.lor, anil took part in tho early (fid excitement In California. lie told a New York Recorder man that the Mormons, who were among' the curliest in the gold fields, returned to Halt Lake with (Treat quantities of tho precious yellow dust. AInch gold also found its way to Utah through otheravenncs. Uri/rluiin Young-, who was at that time running a littlo government on his own account, established a mint and coined probably one million dollars In live-dollar gold pieces. These coins very soon found their way to California and passed current. At that early date, Mr. llallard says, tha coins were welcomed us a great convenience in matters of exchange. Tho metal In the coins was unalloyed— no soft and pure, in fact, that it wore away very rapidly. On this account they soon disappeared from circulation almost ns rapidly us they bad appeared. On 0110 eido of Mr. Ilallard'B relic aro two clasped hands, probably symbolic of brotherly love, while around tho margin aro tho letters, "O. 8. L. C. P. G.," standing 1 for "Groat Salt Lake California Puro Gold." Ilelow tho clasped bands aro tho words, "five dollars," and tho dato "1819." On the other eldo, In tha center of tho coin is the all-seeing eyo, and below that a beehive, while around tho margin tiro these words, "Holiness to the Lord." Mr. Ilaljnrd has had some trouble in keeping hiscoln. Oncu ho accidentally lost tho keepsako, but was lucky enough to find it again. Another time a thief got into bis h+use and took all tho money from his pocketbook except this odd-looklug coin, which, at a glance, resembles a trunk chock. This was nioro than twenty years ago. Mr. Ballard then attached it to hla morocco fob chain, which is anchored to an old-fnsWoncd silver watch the movement of which la also dated 1840, Another of theso rnro coins is preserved in tho National muaoivm at "Washington. Monti ttie K*rtlim jiftth a fhftilow *(,etl: I lookeil nlKive. On uor^eotis pinions fled ,\ bnttertty. Anil ntlll Its nbaitow stolfl l)Ark mi tliftcarttii and voon tbe neighboring air Had Inpt ttie pinions, and the path wai bare. Kvei, fo appear* llie invfttc-wlnijeil font, Kven nn ItH mournful fbailow on llio ground, Mournful, though birds make music, tlowert "urround— And tlien all's Konet It In a a^adow dies, No more, wben Hod commands our pinions rlso' —Washington Star. There is some promine in your Bible ei- nctly ndaped to every trying hour. The difference between 11 wise man and a fool is that Iho fool's mistakes never teach him anything. Seek a convenient lime of leisure for thyself and meditate of ion upon God's loving kindness.—TIIOB. A. Kempis. We grow into highest ChrUtian life by the cordial belief of the truth as it is re vealed to us, and tho living up to that truth. To think kindly cf one unother is good lo speak kindly one of another is better, and to act kindly one to unother is best ot all.—Selected. There are people who would do great act«j but because thej wait for oy porlunilies, life passes, and the acts ol lev.; a H not done at all.—K. W. Hobort. ROD. "German Syrup" I simply state that.I am Druggist and Postmaster here and am therefore in a position to judge. I have tried many Cough Syrup3 but for ten years past have found nothing equal to Boschce's German Syrup, I have gi veu it to my baby for Croup with the most satisfactory results. Every mother should have it. J, H. HOIIDS , Druggist and Postmaster, Moffat, Texas. We present facts, living facts, of to-day Boschee's German Syrup gives strength to tho body. Take 110 substitute. 4 Christians should improve every opportunity to iidlii 'nee those around them to CJ ete.isc all diligence in making sure the ci'ling and election of '.heir immortal sou's. It i* delightful to think that out of thr miseries ol life, so much of which nfllict 111, there shall come some of Iho highest of our t'lijjymcnls. Tho pain i-bnll be fruittill one*, "working out" an 111 ape ikable blcs^ednois. Mnunlnjr. of Life. ' In our planning, the trua meaning ol life 1111 ils lo be understood. Life 11 who 'i- niu -t he reckoned with us including the eternal future not less than thepossibl, threescore years and ten of earth. N plan is worthy of the dignity of 11 liiuiiau nml which limitH itself to this life.—Th~ l.'ongregatioinilist. l 'eaco. J'he New Tcdameiil opens with "Peace on curth and good-will to men;" nnd these were the last words that rang through the or before tho vision fudid: "And the Spirit ami the liridesay come, and let hiai that hcareth say come, and let him that, is illiirst come; and whosoever will, let him come, and take of the water of life freely. And all between these two magnificent notes rolls the anlheiu of God's mercy— Whosoever will." CALIFORNIA'S QUEER CAVERN, Uluta for the Flower Onrileu. Those who want largo rosos should thin out tl.o buds early. If the soil is poor an occasional application of liquid manure will bo very helpful. Thoro are many plants besides roses that need staking and tying, aud tho sooner it is dono tho bettor. Look over tho seedlings and see if they cannot bo still further thinned out with advantage. Many kinds of seedlings may still bo transplanted. It is not too late to sow seeds of tho Cbineso primrose for blooming next wintor, Tho young plants should be put singly in small pots as soon as they cim be handled. As punsieo aro popular it may ho woll to note that seed sown now will preduco pood plunts for autumn blooming. Orchard and Garden, authority for tho foregoing, advises that the seed bo sown in a spol justa little shaded, or, at least, tho soil should not be allowed to get dry. Bedding plants will need attention at times, and so, 111 biief, will all the inmates of Iho garden. WeedB wo have with us ilwuye, but tho stay of each should bo luiulo brief as posaiblo. Wlaoouslu GOWH, The cows of Wisconsin are reported us making au average of 125 pounds of butler a year, but the best make S50 to 400 pounds, while there aro certain dairies that average 300 younds. Consequently some of these COWB nie .st go down to or below 100 potnds. Now, if any of our readers happen to have a cow that is produoing but 100 pounds of buttor a yenr we wish they would sit right down aud figure out tho profit, aud let us know how much it is, aud how it is dono. If we could find oat how to keep, even the sinallost margin of profit, a cow that will make only 100 pounds of butter a year, wo should havi the key to certain success, because it ie not so very difficult to gather up a hard that will make two or three tinifs that, nnd if there ia profit in such a cow then will be a fortune in oows sr. nmoh better; but our private opinion is that instou I ol sanding UB his balance sheet our fiioutl will conclude to sell the cow. Wo are sure he M ill ii he has good common sense aud looks the mutter Btruight in the face. Turkeys. Young, turkeys are BO tender and so easily injured that I fiud it n good plan to DO VOU '00UCH PIS 5 BALSA** It Cam Colrta, COUKIIJ , Sore ThMl. , - innueeltt, Wliouplux F" 1 .'^'..™ 'A™ Aittiniit- A certain euro lerConsurnpUonln Mir7 .rt.1irf m»L>;;.'» 1 Y??."i8J?»'- d by a«fci *ra »t»rrwli«M. lofteaTiu Utiti mil tljurx i nklnc the Ur*t dose, b' ,4ni«D. keep cool and calm, not allowing ouruulvos ( roraove them from the nest when a few flustered, we shall be less wearied I hours old. The mother turkey on account wlicn wo have reachod the eventido, The lot her BIZO, in liable to crush h«r young A Wonder or tlio I'm lilc Coast WUloh Ilai Never Been Explored. On tho north sido of Tablo mountain nnd near Its top is an opening in tho lava, that has BIIICO Its early days boon known nR "the lion'n den." It "was so named from tho fact that for years It was tho lair of a band of ferocious California lions that, when tho country was largely dovotud to Bheep raising, mado mighty depredations upon the flocks and caused the owners much annoyance and lobs. When pursued the animals would 6celc refugo In this den and no hunter would dare to enter It. Tho ground about tho entrance was covered with the bones and remnants of sheep and other animals. With tho Increase of population tho lions have gradually disappeared, although as late as last spring two of tho annuals were seen to enter tho cave. Orovillo Mercury says no known m.'i.'i has ever pen etrated" this cave to its fulled depth Tho mouth is about f.nir or live feel high unil three feet wide and the open ing descends wiili a sluir";' deciii.e tor about two bun.b'eil IV.-1. Kurt her than this it has never been « v;> 1 <.n il. Now however, a party of ) ' men huv mado iiiTan;,"ciiiciif.1 1.. .-.--]> 1 • :'e it. and If possible, penetiale to ith bottom, That it isof giviil .iitn'm, for ono can stand at lie opciiiii;;' and henv great stones down 1'ie de-livity and the sound will gradually die away in tho distance. The young men have pro cured several hundred feet of ropes, torches and ladders and will thoroughly explore tho cavern. What addB a peculiar Interest to tha expedition and gives zest to tho explorers Is tlio well-known fact that In tho heydcy of his careor as a bandit Joaquin Mui'iotta and his band of faithful followers mado tho recesses of Table mountain tho baso of thoir operations In this section, from there they would swoop down on tho miners, and then, ladou with gold dust, retreat to the mountains. Hearch as they might, tha officers could not locate them. It has been supposed by marry this same cave, was whero tho famous outlaw secreted himself. It may bo, too, that deep down In tho bowels of tho earth Joaquin hid tho greater portion of his ill 1 gotten, but nevertheless just us potent, wealth, Interesting Exhibits. Philadelphia will draw on Independence hall for soma of tho exhibit* which aro to rcpresont tho state at tha world's fair. It has been docidod by tho committee in ebarga that tho articles that wero used by tho continental congress, and wluch are now in tha oast room of tho hall, including tha desk, ohalrs aud pictures of tho signers of tho declaration of independence, shall he sont to Chlougo. Tho commit! toe also wants to borrow the statue of William Poun, in order to sot it up In front of tho state building. Citizen* of Philadelphia are offering some of their pictures for tho art gullory. Among theso are GlacomelU's flub painting, "Tho Festival of the Brides of Venice," and the mosaio pletuvo kucrsrn as "Tho Discovery of tho Homalns of St. Marcus." It contaius ovor ono million pieces, uud sovou ytiws were spent In the composition. Fruit Growing. C minion sense is a great requisite in the making of 11 profitubio orchard. Do ot expect a healthy, thrifty (.rowth of young trees from hind which you hive been continuously cropping in grain ami grass for yours, and from which yju continuo tc tukooff exhausting crops after the trees 111 e plantod. The trees must have something lo feed on if they nro to grow, and if the land does not supply thoir need you must furnish fertilizers. Another important point, about starting the trees is in regard to the pruning at time of planting. Tho rootB should bo cut buck one- hulf, and the top prune! in duo proportion. I'ho branches of n tree as it comes from the nursery are often where they are not wanted. If opposite cacli other there is dituger that the tree will split as it grows older. It is a good practice to tivlie off the top entirely, leaving only buds on the mum Iruiik, aud these cm be allowed to develop into branches whero wanted. All that, aro not wanted should bo removed wilh the thumb and linger before becoming largo enough to require tho knifo.— "C.change. • In (Inly <>n,i Kver l'rliil.,.1 -fun Villi PI nil iho \v ..iii 'I I.. : e i» a a bieli (lii,|iliiy lulvci-llsuiiiuilt 111 ll.l^ 1 :.|,.l lliis ueetl u liieli tins no two IVorUS 111.l.i- . \<i-|,t one \>unt. The. siuiio Is tl'llo ot einli new ono njiiieio inu ciu-li niiukfrotu Tlio |)r. Iliutei Meilieinc. l;o. This lioiisu phictia 11 '< 1 I'MI'III" on everything they muku slid | l.nuk fur it, seiiU tliciu the iiuinu i>i Mi,- wont, unit limy will rulnrii you IIOOK, IIIJAII u-'ci. i.riiioiiitAeiis or SAMIM.US irituu. "Well, Ullllu," said do you stain! iu school theso duysV' 1 "In lliu corner, mostly," returned Bulla. Undo George, "how tliesti duvsV' FREE" :c 1:1 «. .....,j.r< < <•. .\ t-. . 1 • .\ A .SIIAA:, IHii.ilwm v.i., <>., .lunu, li'fti. 1)1 *' InJttlo nf I'antor K(ifiil;;'s Nrrio Ton't cun-il ii 10 tintlrt-ly, nfur pliytticlnns hud trlotl ii'iauccoatifullv for 8 iuont)i» to r«'linvo mo ot n«r\ou» debility. V»'. Hl'KNNKlKLD. OHT, Kono County, Kan., Oct., 1KXJ. A boy of(*ht yrfu^ oM nmTureil Buvt-rely froiu nerTGUfetu'na ami twitching, Aft*r nuliiti l'AR- TDK KotHIti'ti Ni;iiv« l..sii; for A ttinn, bo win' utillivly rohtorM. AimthtT cami IH that of -\ yoniu: l'"ly who after uiinu M iM .ttb'rt of 1'uator Kotoiitj'H Tonic a iiurtilivo euro was offt<ct <Ml from t«i>Ut'pUc lita. KKV. JOHN I,OKVKNlCH, HOVKN, Bourn DAKOTA, Oct. 27, lfciO, My health wan ontlrulv rufnM )>y oiillopay and I could do no work, l un««t Pnsti-r Kowilu"* Nurva Tonic. Tho oftVct wna such that 1 dully «r«w U'ttnr and htrun^'ur; uinco four months I VIETO inn«< beary labor, and have had no morn tltH. JOHN MOIJITOU. —A Valuable IToott en Nervous IMseahOn mutt true to any ntMn«nH, and poor pnUeutH can aUo ulitaiu Uiin motile I no fico or tdmri;o. Tbhi remedy ban Imeu oroparod by tho Ilnvoreud Pastor Koentjr, ot I-'ort Wnvne, Iud., miico aud uaowpKimroa undur Ida direction by Uio KOENIG MED. CO., Chicago, III. SoIdbyDronrlst*ttt»lp«rBotUo. 0forS5. tAr»«BUe.»l.Tr». G Bottles for *0. LITTLE LIVER \ PILLS M HOT aura IOB iicxn. •mm <M II OS HEAD. AOHK. W^hW *Mte.,MM* Vttol MS»M, IIMIII « MH< au*MMKl5. T l tw4 bladder. Mm lll*u B «rvoaa «1*> mrim, lauklkk M>MI DXULT AOTIOM. ihir iim U a half MlJMKirtwj •»» **er ti« torn aacfc. KM » ,Ul mulu a, Mrrfc4 U vMl ockrt, Ilk. UU roell. IltullltM •>»•>'• t" Tikta Mal«r U«n «uit«r. vbo*. All tmuln< fM<lt WM "OI»««««. H A Doss nr Tiui SATIS NIN » of IIii.i:'s IIONEI 0» HORIUOUNI) AND TAB for coughs. VIKI»'» TOOTUAOUJ Dnors Curt In one minute. A little yaie of Surres waro, once pre Bentod tiy tlio French klnfc to'llppo Sulilb, waa sold In London not long ago tor t7,l2U5. It Is only eight Inches high. "Don't Tobticmi Spit Your l.lfu Away" Is the atartllng, truthful title of n Utile book Just received, telling nil shout Wotobae, the irnnrierfiU, harinh'M, economical, ffiummtml cure for the tobacco habit in every form. Tobucco users who wmit to quit una can't, by mentioning this paper, can get the book uinlled .free. Addresa THE STEKLINQ KEMEUY CO., Box M4, Indiana Mineral 8prlng», Iud. Blggar—I'd baft you know I am a aeU- made man. Dlggar — I law you make a donkey of youriolf, day before yesterday. FITS.—All Fits stopped free by Dr. KUne't (treat A'erve J/estorer. No Fits after llrst day 's use. Ahtrvcllous cures. Trenllne aud f :.UiU liinl hotllo fi-uo lo Fit cases. Send to In. Kline, Kit Arch St., l'lillu., l'tt. One In guiieiiilly loinpelled to enjoy tlie SIIIIK of Hiu tenor without cutclilug the tenor of ltlll song. Y., says: Bold by J. A. JOHNSON, Medina, N. "Hull's Catarrh Cure cured mo." Prugglata, 75c. Man Is not merely tho architect of his own fortune, but he must lay the bricks himself. Ml •T «rr- BW »-i»oI Mui ».f»gttB>«f<book vMhMUD «la BB. HMIU MCDICIWH CO.. St. Ull*. tf. A Stioni; Indorsement. We have olton called llio attention of the renders ot this paper to th| fact that HEID'S GKHMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUUK contains no poison. When it Is considered that the rert of the popular coiifih remedies COD» talu opiates or poison in some form, this claim on behalf of BEID'B IS an Important one. Wo dosire, therefore, to present in substantiation of tbla claim the following letter from Heber Chase, a well-known citizen of Wady Petra, Stark Co., 111., and a worthy man: WABY PHTUA , IH., April flth, 1802.— Sylvan Remedy Co.: Gentlemen—Wo have sold Hold's Germaft Coutfh and Kidnoy Cure about twt years, and found it to be a good seller, giving good satisfaction, and I know that it contains no poison, for my littlo girl, about two years old, got hold of a twenty-fl TO cent bottle and drank It at a dose, and it did no* injure her hi the least It did her good. I cheerfully recommend It t* the public. Truly yours, IIKUKUOHASM. BKBOUISI'B FILLS atlmulate the ptyallu In the saliva, remore depression, give appetite, aud make the sick well. "Snl bus, your chickens come overiuto my yard," "Yes, aud they dou't come back." Auovhor I'lukertou Mad lluml. CHICAGO , July 11.— Jumna O'D .vy, hotter kuown as "Jimmy" O'Dity, is unother victim of the Homestead battle He died tit Oliestorton, Ind. '7 I '.tlltilrnn imiv \\a frnoll'i A Uncoil DrnmatUt. .III'. .IO *4 ',tll llt'Hl' Hi-ii*l., rcti Iv U (il It HU N. \. I 'My, In WW, ut tlm liiiltle uT Fair Onkn, wii« Mtrii'kou with Typhoid fOVfl'* M\<\ llCttil* ft IOWK rjUug^'lo In HobpltnlH, was lUtu'hiii't'oil an liu'inuhl*) with lloiiuitiuiitioii, ilu liuu lutoly titkon iluoil'H hunltli, unil vnntiitlly roo- ommumU IMXUrH MAllHAI'Allll.l^ u li penurnt Ulouil t >u!-niur uutl tonlv iit>illulik , w- licolully to ItU ooiuroduH In tho Q, A 11. llootl 'N 1*1 Ilu ure linud uiuJe, and uro perluvt tu oowpo»ltlpn, proportion •nd ti|i"«i )vuuti0. FOR SUMMER COMPLAINTS 'P ERRY D AVIS 1 P AIN- K ILLER I HH, IU;MMI:UICH. • • • © > 9 • © © If you have no upnatlte. lutUaeti ) FJutuleiiuo, Hluk-Uvulache, ' dowu" or IOHUIJ ; llesh, take v •Tuif'sTiny Pills? Thoy tone up the weuk stootach and ^ .......... . - - 9JL stlon, run | R1PANB TABULEQ rcgulnW the iiloiiiarli, tfrer aim UOWCIH , purity tlm blood, ar« wile olid ertucfual i the Uuu. uiedivloe kuowu forlilllouB- tiomi, coiwlottluu, dytpaiwla, foul umitti. btnuliiouo ,m6ul «I doprtMloii, puluttil dltiwUoa, bad oomriluiou, juid all dlaeuoi oauaed by failure »i : * ^•2 £av iud nil dlaeuea ^••^ tuo utouiMh, llToror bowtlataper. • forui tlielr Dropar fuuotloua. 1'exioru trjven to oTer- J oaUntf aro bouoatod bj Uluna* oue Hiwr each weal. •Mo*, a; i Bnurale, Ho. At DruKKlirta, or lont by luall. J IliriNB OIIEWOAI OO., linTmuiit St.. New York r«r4»ftih «l »1II >(U (I kUlu d»US rUua • I'lkttT a\l>d II l»l l««lrj, >>iab«, ttbUwan, iu. rI>M> flaMl of J«w«lrT IM 4 U n««, so ail kU4a of ••Itl wlu, nlil.illTtt ir alikil. No o>po,l»oo. No ooiilul. tron a«»»» ku i»o<i anato, tUlUt, g.Q.Ptun> 4 Oo .,0 »l««iW.,d, lEIDQUARTEBS for tOW PRICES ,'wooiktoiuiourgooToTVTSuKomEi IfromMU itRw*ut,oaalarar*yar letyoluwtuiarUoloiMildai ,400 Kinds of SCALES BICYCLES ESS

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