Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on October 13, 1959 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 13, 1959
Page 6
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U.S.-Soviet A-Scientists Cooperating Hy I'RKSTON C.ROVKR MOS<'<i\V. 'AP' - Chnirrnan John McCi'iir n( Ilio I'.S. Atomic Knercy ('orrm'iis'-inn s;iys further collaboration will bo plnnncd br- (\voon Sin iet and American scientist* vprknu: on peaceful uses of atomic McCono is hero with five American scientists inspecting Soviet atomic plants. A Soviet delegation will lour r.S plants in November. The Ai-T chief said that after the visits a further step in col- Inboration in research will be planned. He added, however, that no formal agreement for an exchange agreement seems in the works. Accompanying MrCone are Dr. Alvin Winebere. director of the Oak Ridgo National Laboratory: Dr. Lyman Spit/or, director of thermonuclear r e s e a r c h at Princeton University. Kenneth Pitzer. dean of chemistry at the University of California in Berkeley: John Williams, a member of (lie U.S. Atomic Knen:y Commis-, . sion. and Frank H. Pittman. di- i Wednesday evening. Three addi- rcctor of the AKC's reactor dc- \elopmont division. IflfiO AMBASSADOR V-8 ... American Motors loday introduced its compact luxury car, the 1960 Ambassador V-8 by Rambler, featuring new exterior and interior styling, and a new three-scat stntion wagon. The Ambassador series also includes a Super and Custom sedan and two-seat station wagon, and Custom hardtop sedan and station wagon, all with four 'doors. Tlie new Ambassador is powered by a V-8 engine which develops 250 horsepower and operates economically on regular grade gasoline. The wide doors provide for easy entrance and exit. Mrs. Irlbcck Entertains Club (Times tlrrnld Nrus Scr\ Im) DKD11AM — Mrs. Frank Irlbeck was hostess to the Euchre card club members at her home Highlight of the U.S. delegation's tour so far. McCone said, was a four-hour cruise on the atomic icebreaker Lenin. McCone said the ship performed well but is not yet running at full power. Only two of three reactors in the ship were used during the cruise. We prefer seeing what's being served in a restaurant by looking at the menu, not the waiter's coat. tional guests were present, Mrs. John Seidl Sr., Mrs. Joseph Kitt and Mrs. Bernadine Irlbeck. High score prize was captured by Mrs. Joseph Kitt. low by Mrs. Seidl and traveling by Mrs. John Weitl, Lunch was served after the games. The next parly will be at the home of Mrs. Ludwig Seidl. C. J. Rothmeycr. Dedham, Mrs. John Rolhmeyer, Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Rothmeyer, Glidden and Andy Rothmeyer, Lidderdale, returned home Wednesday night after attending the funeral of Mrs. Dolores Rothmeyer Reisner. 38, at Calmar. They stopped at Manchester on the way home to visit Mr. and Mrs. Bob Rothmeyer. Ladies representing St. Joseph's Guild at the Convention in Sioux City Wednesday were Mrs. August T. Meyer, Mrs. Edward Bluml. Mrs. Elizabeth Grossman, Mrs.-Joseph Haverman, Mrs. Louis Bueltel, Mrs. Adalbert Irlbeck, Mrs. Ann Roderick and Clara- Meyer. The Rev. Henry Meyer, pastor, also attended. Americans spent $75,000,000,000 for food in 1958. Food and grocery advertisers invested $148,96(5,000 in daily newspapers last year to tell consumers about their products. Norbert Eischeids Visiting in Holbfcr (Times HiTnlil N>\v< Si-rvlri!) HALBUR - Mr. and Mr,s. Norbert Eischeid and children, Sagamore, Mass., are visiting Mr. Eischeid's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Eischeid. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Friedman left Friday for Dubuque for a visit until Monday with their daughter, Sr. M. Raphaela. En route home they will stop at Waterloo where they will visit their son Merle and family and at Cedar Falls with their daughter, Mary. Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Heinen returned Friday from Denver, Colo., where they spent a week visiting their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Richards. Will Khrushchev Keep Word?Donna Has Personal Reason to Hope By AL OSTROW NEA vSpcrial Correspondent CLEVELAND - <NEA> — What is Nikita Khrushchev's definition of "very soon"? This question dominates the thoughts of Donna Armonas, a 24- year-old secretary who has been counting the hours since 1:15 p.m., Fept. 24. That was the moment the Soviet Premier leaned over from the speaker's tnble in a crowded Pittsburgh ballroom, patted her hand gently, and said: "Little girl, expect your mother very soon . . ." Donna hasn't seen her mother for If) years. Their last embrace was in the Lithuanian village of Pasvilys in 1!)40. John Armonas, a Cleveland machinist, and his wife, Barbara, had been visitng relatives in the "old country" when World War II erupted. i;hcy had planned to leave Lithuania earlier, but were tlelayed by the birth of a son, John Jr. When Russian troops occupied Lithuania, the State Department evacuated John Sr., who was born at Cambridge, Mass., and Donna, then five years old, who was born in Cleveland. But the Russians insisted that Mrs. Armonas and her son, both born in Lithuania, would have to stay. American officials advised Armonas to leave with his daughter — "your wife and son will follow in about a month." "You have no idea what it means to be without a mother to turn to," Donna says, explaining why she started crusading for a reunion as soon as she learned to read and write. ANNOUNCING THE, NEW STANDARD OF BASIC EXCELLENCE... NEW RAMBLER FOR '6O I960 RAMBLER CUSTOM CROSS COUNTRY—newest edition of America's compact station wagon leader. Six, Rebel V-8, Ambassador V-8. 2 or 3-seat models, FROM THE WORLD'S LARGEST BUILDER OF COMPACT CARS Now see Rambler for '60. Proved by 10 years of building Compact Cars. 25 billion owner-driven miles. Two full decades of pioneering in modern airplane-type Single Unit Construction.* See what the brilliant new 1960 Compact* Ramblers have that the rest of the industry is trying to imitate. See how smart, how roomy, how fine a performer a compact car can be. Ramblers give most miles per gallon, proved in Official Economy Runs. See styling that's fresh, exciting, tasteful. See entirely new models. High, wide doors let you step in, not stoop in. See the new standard of basic excellence at your Rambler dealer October 14. * Trademark An iff tort 1960 Ambassador V-8 by Rambler-The compact luxury car with new improved fuel economy. 1960 Rambler Custom 4-Door Sedan-Higher, wider doors offer easier entry and exit. -/"I See and Drive America's 3 WIDE SEATS, 5 BIG DOORS. Room for biggestfamilies. Swing-out tailgate has positive keylock so children can not open it. No climbing over seats or tailgate to get in third seat. Only Rambler Gives You the Best of Both: Big car room and comfort Small car economy and handling ease By popular demand-AII-new Rambler American four-door sedan lor 1960. Success Car NO. 1 in compact car sales NO. 1 in established resale value NO. 1 in owner-proved economy NO. 1 in balanced qualities NO. 1 in airplane- type Single Unit design NO. 1 in quality construction and features NO. 1 in economical, trouble-free operation NO. 1 in owner loyalty SEE IT OCT. 14 ... AT ALL RAMBLER DEALERS RAMBLER PRICES START AT Su!i«»t»d daliwsd pllci al Ktnothi, Wisconsin, lor Arotrlun 2-doot Deluie jedan abo»« Stats and local Uiti, II any, iulo- malic or ovtidnvi Itanimiiiion anil optional aqulpmant, iit/i. Se« Your Ramb'ot (>«jlai—and Savil McCorville & Son Motor Co. Hw " ° '- Times Herald, Carroll, I*. Tuesday, Oct. 13, 1959 TO BRING together John Armonas . . . father, . . , and her mother, Barbara, after 19 years . . • Donna wouldn't take answer. •no" for an One of her first childhood read: "I want my mama." Donna wrote appeals to Stalin, the United Nations, Andrei Gromyko, two American presidents, and anyone else she thought might help. She made a trip to Washington to consult Soviet Embassy officials. Friends told her she was wasting her time. When she read that Khrushchev was coming to the United States, Donna enlisted the aid of Louis B. Seltzer, editor of the Cleveland Press. Seltzer cabled a plea to Khrushchev that lie bring Mrs. Armonas and her son with him as a demonstration of his sincerity in desiring better Soviet-American relationships. Kremlin paper shuffling prevented the cable from reaching Khrushchev before .his departure. Determined Donna went to Pittsburgh when Khrushchev visited that city. She .struggled desperately to get to KhrushcheV to tell him her story. She was rebuffed by Russian and American secret service men, turned back by Pittsburgh police, pushed away by State Department security officers. Finally, a few hours before Khrushchev was scheduled to leave, this, reporter introduced her to Gov. David Lawrence of Pennsylvania. "That's awful," white - hair e d Lawrence exploded. "You're entitled to see your mother. I'll be standing beside Mr. Khrushchev in a receiving line in a few minutes, and I'll tell him so." He did. Khruschehev agreed. He sent for Donna.. "Little girl," he told her, "expect your mother very soon. Since then, Donna has been marking off the meaning of "very soon" on her calendar. Officials, at the Soviet Embassy in Washington assure her that the "necessary paper work" is being carried out, and she may expect her mother and brother home by Thanksgiving Day. "That's wonderful," says John Armonas, who has mainlined correspondence with his wife though their 19-year separation. "We can go on a second honeymoon . . . and we'll owet all our happiness to our little Donna." The White House is "watching closely" to see when Khrushchev carries out his promise to Donna and two other American families to issue exit visas to relatives in Russia. Donna hopes that her mother's homecoming will be a landmark in the development of more amicable relations between the U.S. and Russia. "You know," she philosophizes, "there'll be a lot of problems involved in adjusting to a mother you haven't seen for 19 years. Dad and mother will have some problems, too. But we'll solve them all. Everyone will have to be considerate and give a little . . . just like everyone will have to do in international affairs." BIG STEP FOR HIM ELIZABETH, N. J. (AP) - A deaf-mute Hungarian refugee has had to learn to speak two languages in silence. When Paul Vida, 26, first arrived "in the United States, he knew only the Hungarian symbols of the sign language. A couple here has taught him English end the American sign language. Daily newspapers appeal to all members of the family all year long. Circulation remains constant —unlike TV's audience, which drops as much as 29 per cent in summer. Legal Notices QtJAIlTEHI/V FINANCIAL STATEMKXT Carroll Independent School District Maple River-Grant Township of Carroll .County of Carroll July 1, 1959 - September 30, 1959 General Fund Beginning Balance $117,^49.35 July, August, September Receipts 14,767.13 Total July, $132,016.'18 August, September Disbursements 87,072.44 Ending Balance September 30, 1959 Dlflbnrgemcnts Allied Radio Corporation $ 14.19 American Education Publications C 12.50 American Heritage 10.95 American Journal of Nursing _ 5.00 American Library Association 1.25 Anncberg. David 23.40 Arkfeld, Ben = „.... 400.00 Balfour Company „ j...- 6.50 Beck, Ray 112.00 Belter Oil Co _ _ 28.88 Berndt, Donna Rae - 4.20 Bliss Tire Service 7.50 Boje Construction Company 34.47 Boone Blank Book Company 7.47 Brcklert, Jeanotte _ _ 38.50 Bro-dart Industries 5.09 Brown, William C. Co 24.75 Bureau of Dental Hygiene 5.72 Burgess Motors , 441.16 CadHlac Plastic 47.52 Cambosco Scientific 183.78 Carolina Biological 9.09 Carroll Gas Company 17.00 Carroll Machine & Welding ... 30.17 Carroll Refrigeration Co. 29.80 Carroll Water Dept ;. 288.21 Children's Music Center _ 9.35 Coast to Coast 18.42 Collinge, Colburn _ 138.00 Compton, F. B. Co .. 112.35 Creative Playthings, Inc. 73.45 Grouse Cartage 65.24 Daniel Electric Co - 177.31 DeLuxe Cleaners & Launderers - 220.17 Denoyer Geppert Co 41.08 Des Moines Register & Tribune 71.40 Dolezal Insurance Co 450.52 Dress Heating & Plumb- Ing Co 1,928.71 Educational Audio Visual Company 12.54 Educational Music Bureau 29.65 Edwards, Ronald 213.00 Emarines 695.45 Encyclopedia Brltannlca 268.70 Farner Bocken Co 174.00 Foreign Policy Assn 3.39 Forney, W. Paul _ 71.39 Frank, Joe P 140.63 Garrard Press _ 3.88 General Biographical Supply Co , 5.76 Gilberts 517.10 Globe Machinery & Supply Co 88.95 Golla, Jack 5.00 Green Bay Lumber Co. .. 38.79 Hannasch Super Valu 9.49 Hanson, Roger 347.00 Hauff, Dwlght Sporting Goods Co 3.25 Herald Publishing Co _ 335.97 Herff Jones Co 25.22 Hlgley Chemical Co 31.00 Honey Music Store 255.00 Holley School Supply 9.58 Hot Lunch Fund _ 478.75 Informative Classroom Pictures 23.20 Inter-Collegiate Press _... 2.44 International Business Machines Corporation ... 327.80 Iowa Ass'n. of School Boards 40.00 Iowa Center for Research In School Administration 25.00 Iowa Electric Light & Power Co 202.96 Iowa Public Service 483.53 Iowa State College 29.38 lowan 25.00 •Jefferson Music Center 8.55 Joe's Paint Store „ 167.30 Johnson, Francis 18.50 Joyce Lumber Co 1.30 Kalmbach. Publishing Co. 6.00 K.C. Air Filter Co. „ 72.00 Klenapfel, Bruce 173.00 King, K. L. Mifslc Co 6.18 Kllpto Loose Le,af Co, .. 8.14 Kratoska Ins. Co 199.77 Kuchero Displays, Geo. ... 9.90 Lane Audio Visual 425.00 Langan Paper Co 141.35 Latta, J. S. & Son 2,341.81 Llmbrecht, Andrew 15.00 Lockhart Company 186.19 Lowe & Campbell 5.24 Lyons Band Instrument Co 128.00 McClurg, A. C 78?"' McCoy Motors _ _ 7.32 McGraw Hill Book Co 24.04 McMaster Carr Supply „ Co 53.44 Macomber, Gene 162.50 Maplewood Book Bindery 77.47 Matt Furniture Co 9.80 Matt Hardware 24.42 Mleras, Catherine 60.00 Missouri Kansas Chemical Co 783.73 Morrison, Dr. Roland 5.00 Nat'l. Council Teachers or Mathematics 7.00 National Education Association 1.68 National School Public Relations Associations ... 67.20 SJelson Woodwork 135.00 No. Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools 15,00 Northwestern Bell Telephone Company 291.32 Ohcle Melvln 2,895.04 Olson Radio Warehouse ... 48.76 44,94.1.04 Omaha School Supply Co. 10.H5 Oxford Book Company 2.!if> Payroll, Gross 62,029.84 Peer, Ralph Music Co Petty Cash i 69.48 Playtime Equipment Co. .. R.!M Pratt Paper Co lf.i3.iS1. Prentice Hall 39.41 Professional Publications 5.OO Psychological Corporation Rarldon, Donald 24.70 Readers Digest fi.41 Relnart Service 138.52 Rettenmaier Drug Co 3(i!).7fi Revolving Fund 584.62 Rlchey Color Center ,12.01 Royal McBee Corporation 1,185.00 Safeway Steel Scaffolds Co 13.40 Saint Louis University 1.65 Schatz, Grace _ 150.00 School Playthings. Inc 9.21 School Service Co 1.64 Science Publications 70.S2 Scientific Publishing Co. 15.14 Scovel, Don 14.oo Slog Fort Dodge Co 22.68 Singer Sewing Machine Co. 602.01 Slinker, Phil Sporting Goods Co 167.46 Sportsman, Inc lfitf.78 Stone Printing Co 44.15 Strauss Lock Company .. 21.20 Tandy Leather Company ... Treasurer's Office, County 46.40 Triangle School Service ... 269.22 Tropical Paint Co _. 17.til Uptown Club 62S.22 U.S. Postmaster 63.00 Vetter, Merle 2S.70 Waters Dept. Store 4.05 Wayne State University Press 1.89 Welsch, Wm. Mfg. Co 528.97 Wesleyan University Press 9.75 Western Hollostone 140.00 Wllke Drug Co 5.95 Wilson, H. W. Co. 39.70 Wlttrock Motors _ 70.0] Woolworth, F. W 5.37 Total General Fund $ 87,072.44 School House Fund Beginning Balance ,$ 7,069.44 July, August, September Receipts _.. 344.68 Total $ 7,414.12 July, August, September Disbursements None g Balance September 30, 1959 ,? ' 7,414.12 Helen Romtaough, Secretary Board of Education Oct. 13, 1959 NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOKS STATE OF IOWA, CARROLL COUNTY, ss. No. 7783 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as executors of the estate of B. B. Lemkcr deceased, late of Carroll County, All persons Indebted to said estate arc requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present thorn, duly authenticated, to I ho undersigned for allowance, and file In the office of the Clerk of the District Court. ' Roy Lemker Acme Lemker Duffy, Executors M. R. Tan Cretl, Attorney Dated October 5, 1959 Alfred J. Klocko Clerk District Court Oct. 6, 13, 20, 1959 IN OK THIS IMSTIUCT COIJKT IOWA, IN AND FOIl CAimOlM, COUNTY NOTICE—I'ISOOF OF \VII-J, STATE OF IOWA, Carroll County, ss. OKKilNAI, To All Whom It. May Concern: NOTICE IS HEREBY' GIVEN, That an Instrument In writing, purporting to be the last will and testament of Frank Carr Deceased, was this dav produced, opened and read bv the undersigned, and that ] have'fixed Monday the 26th day of October. 1959, at 9:00 o'clock' a.m. nl the Courthouse In Carroll, Iowa, as the day for hearing proof in relation thereto. This Is the first and only miblt- carttin of this notice. WITNESS my official signature, with the seal of said Court hereto nff'xod, this 12th day of October, 1959, (SEAL) Alfred J. Klocke Clerk District Court October 13, 1959 NAMED SUPERVISOR DES M01NES (AP)-M«u-Kiiret C. Michelson, chief of nursing service at Veterans Hospital here, has been named supervisor of Veterans Administration Nursing Service in an eight-state area with headquarters at St. Louis, Mo. NOTE thisl We're giving you something to sing about, *. to the tune of FUI/OFEP hog feeds $8 OFF PER TON on all Ful-0-Pep Hog Supplements and Pig Feeds Savings are always welcome, but especially now with current prices. From September 15 to November 15, 1959, you can buy top quality feeds at a real discount and lower your production costs. Stop In today Mil plac* your ordir Meehon Feed & Supply 220 N. Clark St. VA\\\\\\\^

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