The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa on July 16, 1892 · Page 3
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The Postville Review from Postville, Iowa · Page 3

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 16, 1892
Page 3
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The Postville Weekly Review POBMSHEB EVERY SATURDAY W. N.BURCICK. BY TfiJRMS: Sl.bQA YEAR IN ADVANCE. LOCAL REVIEW. —Fred. Tangcmnn has gone «ait. Hogs touched $6.30 yesterday. Orr has put. up a new bay -Jag. barn. -The to-day. SUMMER now license law take* effect —Six Loaves of Hread for 26c, atthe liakarv. tf —Mr». Bonj. Smith is visiting; at Monona this week. —John Moir's new soda fountain is a daisy. Try it. --The Ossian postofllce was burglarized last Friday night. Veal Wanted. Calves at the Central Market. —Mrs. Dr. Green, accompanied by Mrs. II. O. Dayton, of Wankon, loft for New York on Friday of last vrtek. For Sale. My residence on the north side. MRS. H. B. HA/.I.KTOK. —We see that Mrs. Dr. Brown, of Kockford, was one of the New York excursionists with the Y. P. S. C. E. HAPPY GRANDPA JOSKINS l| He Introduces the Bridal Party' in Postville. Hiss Anna £aston, Instructor on tho piano and organ, I'oslville, Iowa. —Tho Burlington trains finally run into Dccorah again. —Hanks has had his bicycle remod- cled and improTcd. —Mrs. H. J. Schulti house up and inclosed. has her new — Lorcn Hollows is putting out four or five acres of tobacco. -Trado is very good though the {armors aro extremely busy. - -Clioico butchering stock wanted at | the Central Moat Markat. l'itf —Ellison Orr will raise his largo new barr. tomorrow (Saturday.) Molt & Taylor are the carpenters in charge Miss Nollio H. Abbott, Poacher of Vocal and Instrumental Music, Postville, Iowa. —Harvost is approaching and in tho main small grain looks well. The hay crop is also heavy and a good deal of it is already put up. Dr. 0. L. Topliff Will be at tho Park Hotel, Poitvillo, on Tuesday and WodnesiUy next, Jul) 19lh ami 20th, WITHOUT KAIL. —Hiss Cora Wheeler visited Sunday out at Adam Fisher's. — Dr. Blumberg, tho oculist, who will be hero next Monday and Tuesday, comes woll recoinmendod. Call on him. at the Commercial hotnl. WAY DOWN. —Mrs. S. W. Hoyton will go to ad.i next wook to visit rolatives. - Choi.'e varioly of Smoked Meats of all kinds, at Central Meat Market. wmm S88HB (Hum Tiielr Experience. "I havo oftoa thought Mis3 Mobley —that -Ella—that perhaps it would be belter—er—that—er—" "Yes, Howard." '•Well, to be short, wo have known oach other so long, that now. if you— that is, »f course, that—that—" But here ho runs against a 'snag" and stops short, but Ella moves closer, entwines her arms around his neck, and murmurs "yes" so softly, so ton- derly, yet so full of moaning, that the deed is done. Ella and Howard are engaged. • • » • * * Scarcely had tho peal ot tho marriage bells died away among tho rock-ribbed hills of Vermont boforo a letter caino to thom from happy Urarjdpa Joskins, inviting them lo come and live with him iu Postvillo. (Jrandpa now has hepes of becoming gi \i »r. grandpa and is in great glee. He promises to start thom in lifo and foot all tho bills. In fact he had alroady visited tho yards of tho county to find a place whero he could get tho choicest lumber to build for them a homo of whioh ihoy might bo proud. But when ho readied S. F. Clinton's yard hu saw thai if prices suited ho need go no further for ho thought this to bo tho best stocked building material establishment ho hail seen—hard and soft lumber piled heaven high, and sash, doors and blind* to such an extent that lie was bewildered. Whon lio came to prices they were so low thai he Can- — It was impossible for Dr. I'oplilT to meet Ids appointment hore this week, but he will bo "on dock" suro noxt Tuesday and Wednesday. —A good many of our people are out pleasure riding thesn pleasant eyenings. —The Postvillo Slato Bank makes a magnificent showing for the last quarter. Demorost Contest. There will be a Demorest Contest on Friday evening, July 32nd, at tho M E. church. —W. J. Hanks makes a change of advertisement today. Bo sure and peruse It. —Tho Misses Carraigher have gouo out of tho millinery businoss and moved away. Again we are overstocked with locals and give our readers a supply on the other page. determined lo bnild to twice tho extent ho had originally intmuled, and to-day ho will take an oath that lli-re is uo place liko Mayor Clinton's. Finally they are to pome, and grandpa arrayed in a new linen duster drives eld Nell in to meet them. Having had the mare put in Cornell's barn, whore he knew she would be oaied for as woll as if she bad a record of 2:10, and would bo hitched up for him whon ho was ready to go, h« gave his whip and robe to the kos'ler and went away happy. Ed. makes a specialty of raring for farmer's toams, as well as furnishing the nobbiest rigs in tho town. On his way to the depot ho sees the pair entering the Commercial Hotel. "Will, by gum," says grandpa, "it's just the place 1 was going to take 'cm, for I waut to make them pleased with tho town, and to my notion theru is nothing that makes one more happy than a uioal a' that brick hotel. They We aro indebted to both t*H »>• drummers come a hundred milos to spend Sunday there, and many of Iho first families of tho town dine thorn in and been here for years and has carefully studied 111 o wants of his trade. As hfs stock is poleell'd from the finest in the land yon can get a hat there that you can smash all day and the cracks won't show! Ano as for suits, ready or custom ma lo, ho is "in it." "Well, I do declare," ejaculated grandpa, "wo should have called on my friend, Ed. Sheohy. Ho carries tho finest lines of pipes and tobacco I know of, and then his sample room, Howard. It makes my mouth water to tell you about It. Boforo wo go home wa'l! go over and see Rd. for ho is the jolliest man in town." "My chango is getting scarce, children, still I havo enougti left to get a cool and refreshing drink from J no. Moir's new soda fountain. He also has the very best peanuts and popcorn always hot from his new led roaster, and ' AIS cigars are nil long Havana*." "But excuse me, where can I go for dry goods? I must have a new dress." "Well, girl, if you want to seo the fin- ost in the land, come down to Luhraan & Sandsrs' double front. Miss Sanders knows what tho ladies want and buys only the best and most fashion.iblo goods. And they buy lota of thom too, because nearly everybody buys there. I am going lo buy you one of those black or colored silk dresses; take your choice. I suppose you ought to have a Chicago Waist too. For dress goods they are just behind the band wagon." When they wore ready to go homo grandpa ejaculated: "To my surprise, nil tho money that 1 intended to use in getting you started is not gone; there is yet a few hundred remaining. This you shall have and do with it as you choose." They agreed to start right and put it in a good hank. So grandpa takes them down to the Citizens State Bank, which has a capital of 82,'),000.00 and a surplus of $2.. r i00.00, and is managed by men whose honor and eonsorv- nlism's provorbiai; and allows interest on all time deposits, (irandpa also told them should they ever need to borrow, that thorn was no better place to got a loan than here. But they were, so happy ivhen they got. their certificate of deposit that they thought they would novnr nnod anything but Happy (irand­ pa Joskins. A complete and full stock of Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings andBuilding Paper, yellow pine 'Flooring and Ceiling oak, ash and maple Flooring. ..... . All parties intending to do any building the coming season will consult, their own interest by obtaining figures from me. "reticular attention to filling bills; Best of-grades or .iv '••handled. - •t >r\>" TOY/A. N. DOl'CI.ASS, IAS, M< I 'Kr .s. KWKN J. V. SMITH, CASHICV PAID UP CAPITAL, $25,000,- Do n (ienenil Banking Business, liny and sell Foreigi. .'mil Domestic Exchange. Accounts of Farmers, Merchants and others received and carefully proleu'ed. inti'vett pan! on Time Deposits. Investments made for outside par- tics on favorable t«rmi>. jKft-Proteeled by lire proof vault and screw door, timo lock, burglar proof safe. Safety deposit steel drawers {or vent. AN ID NOW WBS3M i Horse-Shooing. No hit and miss, but a good job every clatter aud prices vory reasonable. Titos. SHOUTREED. -That genial, diod-in-the-wool ilem- [ ocrat, Tom. Medary and his estimable wife, were over from Wankon this woek I to soe their grand children and the rest I of the folks: for A very pleasant call. informs that his -Mrs. Nicolay and family rusticated this week at the pleasant country soal of Honry Poesch. —Misses Bertha Meyer and Kate Horrigan have closed Iheir millinery shop at Clermont. —Harry Winter ami Miss Lillian B.ill- man wore married on Wednesday. Wo havo no particulars. —Fred. Uoedy was laid up several days with an altnck of summer grip, but ho is out again now. -Mr. Abram Hart pet grandson, Mrs. Towns' oldest boy, had tho misfortune to got a leg broken recently while at play. It hurts Mr. Hurt almost as much as tho boy, us he thinks all tho world of him. Say! Do you want to raise a good road team? If you do, breed to Appleby; Jr. Ho will bo at my barn in Postvillo on Saturday of each week. The rest of tho timo on my farm 11 milos north of Luaua. Terms, §10.00 to insure. 2w W. F. WAHNEU. Headquarters For Dress Goods! • -Louisiana Dimeusou, Cypross Shingles ami Arkansas Yellow Pino Finishing, for sale at SANUEHS & KAl 'LEIt'D. —John Boith, Waters & Nicolay's timior, rocelvoil tho sad news of tho drowning of his son, in Nobraska, weok. last FOR SALE! Buggioa of AU Descriptions. triiarauteo: After two wcok's trial if tho Rico Coil Spring proves not to bo the easiest ruler on earth, will exchange and give any spiing desired—with the "Handy Top," tho most convoniont buggy. W. S. WEBSTER. -J. II. Gray and Mrs. Craig, uiothor of Mrs. Gray, went oast last Friday night, to spoud several weeks at the old homo. Henriettas, Bedfords, Serges, Chevrons, Challies, Silk Foulards, Silks for Dresses Trimmings. and New dark Prints, only- Comas Cloth, in new styles, Black India Linen plaid, Silk Drapery Fringe, Brocade satin ribbon, 3 in. wide, Satin Ribbon, 1 in. wide, Outing Flannel, only Check and Plaid Shirtings, Damask Towels, 13x28, all linen, only Oe»t'» Colored Bord«i* TTcm/i 3c per yd 7c <( << 8c <« <t 10c a « 10c u (< 2c << a 5c a <( 5c >c a —Walter Chriss wont to Docorah on Wednesday to moeta salesman of whom ho buys goods, to mako his fall pur- ehasas. Dr. Will Cole's Dental Rooms Will hereafter bo open every weok day, as I havo associated with mo Dr. M A. Humphrey, a graduate of tho dental school at Iowa city, and a good operator. I shall continue to visit Post­ villo on Tuesday and Wednesday ouch woek, as heretofore. WILL COI.B , D. D. S of -Hardy Barnes and Poter Smith, Iho | long timo invalids, arc feeling batter this woek. Wo wish it might bo permanent. —The price of hogs has beon on Iho boom for the past ton days, as high as 85.20 having been paid. This is a good healthy price. —Post street has boon graded, and with Its new sidewalks on both sides it prosents a real ginger broad appearance. That part of town is getting to bo a daisy. 8c each — Mrs. Smith, a slstor of Mrs. Jos. HIley, it hore from Nebraska visiting. Miss Nora Uiley arrived homo from Milfovd on Tuesday, to remain until Soptember. - Ben Nawollwas over from Watt- Icon several days tho other end of this week slinking hands with his friends day times and visiting hammocks with girls iu at uight. —Mrs. Tnloott accompanied hor sister home to Itockford last Saturday. We aro sorry lo note that she Is iu poor health, and hope she may be speedily restored. —A Chicago advertising agent lias written up some of our leading merchants In tho rouiruoe whioh Is published this week, entitled "Happy Grandpa Joskins." LOST .—On Wednesday evoning, between Mr. Crambier'g mid W. A. Owen's, a chilli's cloak. The liuiler will bo suitably regarded by leaving it at Pinker'a barber shop. —Mrs. H. V. Spauldlug, of Water- —C 1 I*H . Sehnra and Will Makepeneo bought this wook, of w W. J. Holahan, a Nichols & Shcpard steam outfit, including a swinging stackor and patent bag­ ger and measurer. This outfit cost in all $2,2 r >0.00 and isthe most complete over brought to the vicinity. The boys are practical threshers and No. 1 men and we hope they may do well with their purchase. Blacksmith, and Wagon Shop. I have scoured tho services of ouo of the best blacksmiths and horse sheers in this part of tho state, and am prepared lo do all kinds of blauksmithing and wagon work on short notico and in the bost mastier. New wagons, buggies, road carts, etc. on hand and made lo ordor. Call and examine work and prices. 2iu3 H. C. HONK. Take Notice, Thai tho Postville Steam Roller Mills will grind Feod, Corn Muni and Uro­ bilin Monday and Saturday of each wook hereafter. Having added a lino of wood-working machinery we are prepared to do Planing, Matohing, and all kinds of sawing, on short notice. Bring in your logs and have them sawed. Respectfully, E. D. STILKS. I Farm For Sale, now offer for salo the Win. Mitchell farm. 8} miles west of Postvillo, oontaining 161 acres, with good house, barns and outbuildings, an unfailing well and running water ou the promises, and fenced In several fields. Cause of selling, advanced years and inability to superintend ii. For torms null on <«>» •< * thoro, too." Uo follows tho joy of tho mooting was powerful Ha soon has thom «ui to show them thtj town aud to help saleol their legitimates. "Lot's seo • I promised you a gold watch, didn't I Klla? Tho place of all plates in town is W. J. Hanks', the jeweler, so we'll go there fust." En lering iho popular jewelry storo the old man gallantly acquitted himsotf of his promise, and then directed Kiln's attention to iho superior stock of silver- wars carried by the house. "Pick out your family clock whilo here," he added. Mr. Hanks carries a magnili- cont linp. "Don't forgot another fact," he continued, "if over you iintorliinnto- ly ueod optical goods, this is the placo lo come. Turning to Ella grandpa suggested that they visit Eaton's Bakery. Hero ihoy regaled themselves on ice cream AS delicious k« tho "apicuroan dream of the God's." Then sho made a few purchases of ohoieo confections and fruits, also some of his par exccllenoo ovan products, whioh, are baked daily. The broad was so lino that sho resolvsd never to bake as long as sho lived near Mr Eaton. "It does not foll'.tv." sniil grandpa, "that careful attontion to matlors of the table need only ho paid lo provisions; the meal question is equally essential. To locate the man who carries constantly choice meats, juicy steaks, game and fish in season, is quito an undertaking, but I heartily recommend J. B. Hart. Ho sells cheap, 1 always woll stocked, handles nothing but tho choicest of prime and well conditioned meats, and makes a strong point of combining quantity and quality for the money. 1 As you are going to farming." remarked Grandpa, "you'll need harness. The horse milliner in this section is Wm. Kluss. Ho employs only first-class workmeu and gives personal supervision to the minutest detail of luanufaiiture. Heavy and light, single and double, plain anil fancy, work and buggy harness, ho has them in stock. Ho carries saddles, whips, fly nets, dusters, lap robes, anything a farmer or gentleman horse owner can desire, and as to prices, well, ho can't be ondorsold. Ho also does carriage trimming neatly and promptly." "A protiy good start," said the old man, "ami now we'll go to Watery & Nicolay's hardware store." Here Ella's konsowifoly inslinots had full play in marvels of kiluhen apparatus. Every possible pieco of kitohen furniture, from a tin dipper to' a Clermont, cooking range. If Ella fails lo accomplish wonders iu the culinary art it will not bo for fault of superior cooking ulon- sils. Her purehas-os included a cook slovo and range, Quick -Meal, gasoline stove and n supply of Anti-Rust tinware. This firm has a tin shop up stairs whoro they employ only flrsl-oluss Workmen. "Now we'll pay n visit to the hair dresser," remarked grandpa, "for your hair is rathor long, Howard, and you must have somo tousorial work done. So we'll chop into J. T. Parker's parlor. This is the placo where you can gat a quick, neat, eujoyublo shavo, hair opt or shampoo." "Now," oried the old genlleman. "Now for a picture of the orowd in good old country fashion. Wo'll go to tho photograph gallery, and Postvillo has a lirst-class-one, that of my friend, F. N. Ueed/. His pictures are "out of sight" in lulolily and iiulsli. 1 want some full sized photos for my friends anil an enlarged crayon for myself, and if you over want anything iu nulla ink yen will find Mr. u«edy an artist In every particular. Ho is woll stocked in Paris and Swiss Panels, something entirely new. Also the liuss envelope for sending oiiblnets by mail and the lineal slock of picture friunos In the country." "WttW. P .ltn, n« v.iil QuLt Br. Wm. Blumborp, Tho eminent oculist and optician, of Chicago, will bo in Postvillo, at Ihc Commercial House, noxt Monday and Tuesday, July lfi and 19, for these two days only. Anyono who is sulTering from woak ores, or in need of proper spectacles, will do well to call on him. He measures the sight scientifically and properly adjusts the lenses to the eyes. Hn cariios with him a choice assortment of spectacles and eyeglasses with fine crystals found in Brazil and Alaska. Ho also straightens cross-eyos with lenses by a new method used by him only. The doctor visited this town six years ago, and has done work among tho best families ef this town and vicinity. Dou't fail lo call on him noxt Monday and Tuckday. About our repairing department. We have engaged the services of a finished Workman in addition to our regular force, and shall be able to do all maimer of work promptly and in a first-class manner. A trial will convinoe you. Springing? Timing and Adjusting high graflo watch; es a specialty- Engraving, Etching and all maimer of jowelry work is in our line. Prices lower than ever and a written guarantee given with every piece of watch work done. Give us a trial. Respectfully, W. J. HANKS & CO. DIED, SOPEH-At the homo ot her son, in- North Dakota. July 8, 1802, of pneumonia, Sarah Super, in Iho lilth year of her age. Sarah Soper was born in Monmouth Co., Now Jorsey, in 182$. Was married to J. W. Jonas, of St. Joe Co., Indiana, Dec. 20, 18-19. and thoro retidr ud till 1861, when thoy moved to Monona, Iowa, whom sho has resided tver siuco. Slio united with the Methodist church in 187(>, and has lead a chris­ tian life ever siuco up to the time, of her (loath. The funoral services woro held from the Monona Methodist church. Tiles- day, ,'uly 12, llov. liorry officiating. —Wo had a pleasant yisit lust Saturday from our friend, Hon J. H. Swe- noy, of Osage. The Col. is not soured becauso of his defeat two years ago, but is on deck to do what he can for the republican party, though ho has seemingly no desire for furthev official place. He says it is far nioro pleasant and profitable to attond lo his own pri- vato businoss. Whilo wo heliovo the pooplo of tho fourth district would be far better served with him in eongross, still as Ihey decided oUiorwise perhaps we ought not to complain. At the same time wo believe it will ho a long timo before this district has a bettor man in the plnoe. —Monona Leaders: — "Tho bridges washed out by the rccont. storm* in this uoiinly number nil even forty. G. E. Eaton will immediately move his stock of furniture lo the new building, corner of Main an.I Iowa. Mrs. F. M. Orr and children spent the woek al Postvillo, returning on Tuesday ovoning. Mr. Orr was with them on the 4th. Mnstor Irving Otis has gone to farming with hia Uncle Meior, and Miss Marion is visiting with her aunt Mrs. Meier at Postvillo. Mrs. August L. Moior and daughter k mie, of Postvillo, stopped over between trains on Saturday for a short visit with tho editor's family." GARPET SAIiE! Are you going to buy a New Carpet this spring? Now is your opportunity to see a choice selection of ALL WOOL INGRAINS, BODY BRUSSELS.: TAPESTRY BRUSSELS, 'UNION & COTTON CHAN; Prices Low if you buy. It will cost you nothing to' see them. Also remember that I carry the Largest' Line of Lace Curtains, and Window Shades and Fixtures in the city. Yours Respectfully, WALTER CHRISS. TJa ivernalist Basket Mooting. Tho UniversalisW of Ossiun and vicinity will hold a basket meeting on the llig Platform, iu Ossian, July 171 Ii. 1802. All liberal christians and other believers iu the gospel of liberality and pifayer are cordially invited to join in Ilia plowsures aud benefits which this meeting may afford. Bring your baskets aud coma prepared to remain through tho afternoon snrvico. The Hev. Atu.os Crura, of Dubuque, will preach nt 11 o'clock, a. in., and at 2:30, p. iu. EADIKS AID SOCIETY. TONSORIAL PARLORS- NRi .ll THE VOSIOVFICK. All work dono in tho highest style of the art. Satisfaction guaranteed. J. T. PAHKKU , Prop. #1,000.00 RE WAR D — Maii.nv Mitchell can' toll you tho Past, Present and Future. If you are in trouble over marriageplov-e or business tifliilrs, or if you have boon afttio- ted for yours and think Ihnro is no remedy for you, call and give her a trial, as her powers are wonderful. The Madam has saved thouauds from ruin and made oouutloss hoeiut hannv. nn>i A Guaranteed Cum for I'll is of n'lfnlovor Uiilil or iloBreo—Exicmial, luternal, DHiul o\ ulaeilinK, ' ' ' Chronic. Huixut or lloreditary. This Kemeily has positively nuvor boon known lo fall Itching, Ki .oo a iiox,"o hoxa's'far S5 .00; soul i 'y mail nionaid on ruccipt of prion. A written Giiaranloo posi tivuly ulven to eadl pnrchrt.sur ot 6 boxes, when purciuisuit at one lime, to refund the $5 .00 p;ud If not curod, Gnui-aulue h-suo.l hy : R. N. DOUGIASS, UneootsT. Solo Auonl, Postvillo, Iowa. Offered for any Machine that

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