Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 24
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Page 24 article text (OCR)

»A01 TWENTY*! OUR ALTON EVINIMO TELEOKAPH TMUMDAY, JANUARY Put Emphasis On % OAttrOlt MAttDOX MBA Staff Writer Many American Inns from coast la coast feature dishes every home can use, too. Briefly, here ai*e a law examples, each featuring cranberries, now on the list, of abundant foods. From the White Turkey Inn at Danbury, Conn,: Cranberry Muffin* (Make* 12 muffins) One-quarter cup shortening, 1-4 cup sugar, 2 eggs, well beaten, 2 cups sifted all-purpose flour, 5 teaspoons baking powder, 1 teaspoon salt, 2-3 cup milk, 1 cup whole cranberry sauce (drained). Cream together shorting and sugar. Stir in well-beaten eggs. Sift flour, baking powder and salt together. Add sifter dry Ingredients to shortening-sugar mixture alternately with milk. Blend thoroughly. Fill greased muffin tint Mfull, making a hole In center of the batter. Put In 1 teaspoon of cranberry, then fill tins until % full. Bake In hot oven (400dcerees F.) for about 30 minutes. Serve hot. From Stone's Restaurant, Marshalltown. Iowa: Cranberry Crunch One cup uncooked rolled oats, 1 ,-; cup flour, 1 cup brown sugar, V4 cup butter, 1 can cranberry sauce (jellied or whole). Mix oats, flour and brown sugar. Cut In butter until crumbly. Place half of this mixture In an 8xS- Inch greased baking dish. Cover with cranberry sauce. Top with balance of mixture. Bake 45 minutes at 350 degrees F. Servo hot In squares topped with scoops of vanilla Ice cream. From the Victor Hugo Inn, La guna Beach, Calif.: Cranberry 1'nrfnll In a parfalt glass, place n spoonful of whole cranberry sauce. On top of that place a scoop of vanilla Ice cream or lemon nherbel. Then add • layer of whole cranberry saiic«..and more led cream. Top with a cranberrv. Dessert h Served — the Hard Way One of Ihe most startling carom shots ever performed outside of a pool hall resulted Wednesday noon In a homemade whipped cream shower for a prominent Alton citizen. The citizen, whose nnme is withheld for security reasons (Ihe writer's security), wns nenled at lunch. Ml* snn, across the fable, was squee/- Inu whipped cronm from a tuho onto a piece of cnko. The cream eflrne out, In n thlrk hloh. hmmrrd upward off the cnke nnd drnped Itrelf In soft white folds over the face and clothes of the prominent. citizen. Comet Head* nro Kronen CAMBRIDGE, Mass.— </P>— Dr. Fred Whipple, Howard Observatory, has a new theory of the stuff that forms the heads of comets. This Is a combination of various Ices and of meteoric particles. The Ices are forzen water, dry Ice (frozen carbon dioxide nnd an unusual dry Ice which is posionous cnrbon monoxide, frozen methane or marsh gas, ammonia and cyano- gen. Frozen methane and ammonia are part of the surface of the planet Jupiter. The meteoric particles would be stones and bits of nick'el-lron. Dr. Whipple thinks that the ices melt when the comet jgcls close to the lun. They freeze again when far away. Th« Mtenc* 0f fwtriptty Is 6tt« to a large extent to developments started by Alexander von Humboldt, a German scholar born In 1769. Pakistan ftparta that •Uhouftft facilities have been extended for foreign capital participation in In- dustrie* there, "suth capital li still conspicuously absent". SiMck Tfmt...D!f Datp, Brink Nttrty Try Corn Chowder For Healthy Meal : By GAYNOR MADDOX NBA Staff Writer Canned corn Is on tho Unl Statei Department of Agriculture list of plentiful .January foodsA It's also on the family's list of favorite meal-ln-a-dlsh specialties. .Corn Chowder (4 generous. Servings) Four tablespoon* ham fat, but- 1 ter or fortified margarine, 1 large onion, sliced, 1 No. 2 csm whole ;' kernel or cream style corn, 2 cups diced potatoei, 3 cup* milk, 1 cup . diced cooked or leftover ham, op' tional, 1 teaspoon salt, 2 tablespoons chopped parsley, U teaspoon Tabasco. Add onion to fat In large saucepan and cook until tender, but not brown. If whole kernel corn Is used, drain corn and add corn llq uld to saucepan. If cream-style corn Is used, add '/4 cup water to saucepan. Bring to a boll and add potatoes; cover and cook 10 minutes. Add corn, milk and ham If desired.. Add salt. Heat thoroughly. Add parsley and Tabasco. Here are two more gobd corn recipes, each by cooking experts of the Department of Agriculture: Corn Fondue (Serve* 4) One-third cup of bread cubes, 1H cup cream-style corn, 2 teaspoons minced onion, 2 teaspoons finely chopped green pepper, ->i cup finely grated cheese, H teaspoon salt, pepper, 2 eggs, well beaten, H 9up scalded milk. Blend all the ingredients Into the eggs, adding the scalded milk last. Pour Into a greased loaf pan (4x8 Inches) and set In a, pun of hot water. Bake in a moderate oven (350 degrees F.) until set- about one hour. Cheese, Corn, Tomato on Toait (• serving!) Three tablespoons flour, 3 tablespoons melted table fat, 2 cups canned tomatoes, 1 onion, sliced, 2 CUD canned corn, 2 teaspoons salt, K pound sharp cheese, shaved thin. Brown the flour'in a heavy skillet. Remove from skillet and blend with 3 tablespoons of the fati Brown the sliced onion In the re- nialnlnf tat, add all other Ingredients except cheese, and cook about 10 minutes. Ada* the cheese and stir until It melts. **««rve on crisp toast. Garnish with allies of hard-cooked eggs. Gun Trumps Bottln CHICAGO—(^Pl—A man who kept his hand In a coat pocket In a menacing manner walked Into « liquor store. He turned to Abraham Yanes, the manager, and ordered him to open the cash register. Yanes opened It and took out. a pistol. That was the trump I hat turned the rllck In that, gnme of wits. All the frustrated robber had In' his hand was the neck of a broken bottle. — ——— , ! Moktly Female* Among the cochineal Insects, used as a source of dye, there are 150 to 200 times as many females ns males, according to the Encyclopedia Brltannlca. BEAD TELEGRAPH WANT ADS (MANOR-CRUSH AND POPCORN Hot, buttered popcorn and cool, refreshing Orange-CRUSH, now there ia • swell combination. But when you nerve it, remember to have plenty on hand for the family, and your friends will really go for it. Serve Orange-CRUSH too, with peanuts, potato chips or any other snack food, And for a quick, hearty lunch, try Ornnge-CRUSH with juicy hamburgers or frankfurters. Always a favorite with the te«n- •ters, Orange-CRUSH hit* the spot when the Saturday gang gathers before the game or after. You'll find that Orange-CRUSH is always a welcome treat. Ita "freeh fruit." flavor M protected by the "krinkly" brown bottle. Ask for genuine Orange-CRUSH in the flavor-guarding brown bottle. And for home use—buy Orange-CRUSH the economy way, by the case. Then you're sure to have plenty handy. fRESH FftMT FLAVOR Protected by the Flovor Guarding Brown Bottle FARM FRESH FULLY DRESSED FRYERS ...... 45 IAJER'8 KINO \ IJVVER fl MORRELL SLICED BACON . 35c| CHILI BRICK . 1 39c OUR OWN MAKE, SEASONED, AND FRESHLY GROUND PORK SAUSAGE 25 TENDER AND TA.STV PORK CUTLETS . - 39e WIENERS . . . 29c MAYR08R READY TO EAT PICNIC HAMS ",::.' TENDER, JUICY CIIDCK BEEF ROAST . . 45c 100% PURE GROUND BEEF . 42c TOP QUALITY JUICY SHORT STEAKS . ' 49c LARGE BOLOGNA . . . ' 29c .M.VVKOSK HICKORY CLUED SMOKED JOWLS . ' 17c RRISKET OR PLATE SOUP MEAT . . »29e .SLICED riiF.SH PIG LIVER . . . »22c Welcome Worn Out CHICAGO-W-Tvvo gunmen walked Into Fred Krause's fur repair shop and robbed him of 126. It was the seventh time in ten years that robbers had walked In and taken his cash. It may not do any good, but he's going to remove the "Walk In" sign from his front door. GROCERIES CALIFORNIA TUNA . .^ T 25c GROVK STANDARD TOMATOES .... 2 25c HIGHLAND BRAND CATSUP ..... 2 „:,;;'29c PETER PAN BRAND PEANUT BUTTER . . ,:.,;;',35c MARSHMALLOWS . . .\\l\\\'^ OCCIDENT ALL PLHPOSK FLOUR 5 45c KRAPT MlltACLK WHIP Hit AND SALAD DRESSING . . . - 51e 3 PRODUCE ORATED June Wogencr B\KFRY Cake Oonuts — 40c Devil Food Layar Caka . *• 69c GraamPuffs2r'I6c Aapla Tarlt, •• lOc DAIRY Dalrleh . . , " 30c Graamo . . , ". 27a Vulley Farm PsaM*s< * LB< Dllltr a • ROLL KO\Y IIRAND 1 U(GK ICKHKIUi LETTUCE S.*. CAIJI«dl(MA CARROTS . . GOLDEN YAMS 1 ^ ^^ «r 3' "• 2Sc Kraft Valvaala . . i£ 79a HOUSEHOLD TraadDaal2^-3lo \Vilh Holder Old Dutch 2 Saap Pawdar , 26« I'*G or Crystal White Ijiumlry GRAPEFRUIT WEGENER'S 9thatAlbyFOODLINER ,'H&*£ ^s.. ;!*&* Ground Fresh for You t y K>vyvv^ ,t -f* •*<>'.<* . :<•(*,% BUDGET •^«F HI Ho Crackers !# 199 Chocolate Puffi 4 £ 23e TOfMOlT'Amtrlun L«<J» Boyionberrles NC °., 1 3I« * (In litrt HMV» Syrup) Nttlon-Wldt llu. Ubii . Applesauce _ 2 a, 1 29c N«lion-Wld« ltd L«b.l •*•••' I" chil1 9 Ne - * 9ttf» PVsml «f«n — * C«M *»» Nitl«i.W!d« Sw»»t Mallow Paas 2 &.' 29e TOPMOST-AnwiCM Udy Whol* Sweet Potatoes 2 c.V 49e (In Eilr« Hi«v Sfruc) Nition-Widt Rid Ub*l Pumpkin . 2 Noc ,^ 29e , Ftt«r PAR Peanut Butter "£ 34c TOfMO5T-Am«f!e«(i l<dr hir* ' Crapa Jolly . _ "£• 199 TOPMOtT^nt<r!»K Ud» Wild Eldarbtrry Jelly ^ 29o I TOPMOSI-Amtrlc«n Ltd» fur* Chtrry Jolly o, 35c TOPMOST-AmtrtcM Ltd* fur. Blackberry Jolly £ 880 TOPMOlT-AmtrlcM Udr Salad Dreuing _ » 27c TOfMOJT-Am«k« Udr Brown Broad _ _",?..' 28o -mtr Maearanl HOMINY TOPMOST-Amtric Like Fresh Pickles—_. TOPMOST-Amtriean Lady TOPMOST-American Lady Pure Vegetable Shortening QUICK OR REGULAR QUAKER OATS Voul like '• 17 Os. I* Lb. Key OMMF CM 2^31 c c TOPMOST-AmtrtM* U«r ____"& I5e Iodized SaH _. Split Peai % Uc TOPMOST-AlMriut Rice Serve with Topmost kraut SPARERIBS , , 1*390 S the piece rauniohwaigtr <». 45c SLICED BACON - 29c METT SAUSAGE • 49c VEAL ROLLS . -He 1 Ib. tin. PURE LARD . 2»<29e PALMOLIVE SOAP ____ _ _ 3 £ Bath Ho L Par 11 CASHMERE BOUQUET —— 3.«25* VEL SUPER SUDS CLOROX - *»* 18* SWEETHEART SOAP BLU WHITE - II* FAB RADIO SPECIAL PORK SAUSAGE COBCUT CORN •AIUBV OMOCKRV> •Mi BCRTIER, M. P. tin IMI ilk. RING'S MARKCT IM TMr< .1., «aM AlUa. I COMNfR MAMKET Mi lelea. WM* »!»•», III. DOTY, FAY ••after, •AST ALTON GROCERY SIS I«**r*iTllU ItM. last 4JU« BUI STREET GROCERT klai * *lkr. AMea, III. FERGUSON AVENUE IfKT. see i. r«r ( i»B, w** GOLDMAN'S MARKET I. W. HUNT MI»M«a. Ill TONES MARKET II W. r«r|«w» W**« KENNY'S SUPER MARKET set REHREIN. R. •at * JeeatafSi Wee« BARRY ROBERTSON illlaels MAPIJ;, H. L. H*4*r*. GREENWOOD MARKET IMI Sitw* .1 HOUAW'AY'H MARKET Celtaae Mills HORN • WORN, INC. Ml Valea M. MoUI'lKE, JOHN J. 1M •*!!• St. MILTON ROAD MARKET Ml MU|M •••« EPW. MOTTEJt ri«l<*m. Ultoels RUST, FRED IMI Sltl* |i SAMPSON'S MKT. 1M Bail ZllXiENREIN, II. H. ZtTPRlCH, CHAS, areflea. U.

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