Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa on July 14, 1948 · Page 5
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Postville Herald from Postville, Iowa · Page 5

Postville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 14, 1948
Page 5
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ffEDNESDAT, JULY M, IMS. lid Picnic Dinner Lull's City Park. picnic was enjoyed at the Poste Tourist Park last Sunday with following people In attendance: i. Ellen Johansen and girls, Mrs. en Johansen, Mr. and Mrs. ert Backhaus and family, Mr. Mrs. Clarence Reinhardt and Hy, Mr. and Mrs. Harvey istofferson and family, Tennis •It, Mr. and Mrs. Lorence Rein- It and Mr. and Mrs. Lorence E. ihardt of Postville. rs. Fred Steiber, Mrs. Ed Coop- md family, Mr. and Mrs. Harold lehorn and family, Mr. and Bernard Sterber and Mr. and Ferderick Sterber, all of sing; and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd e and family of Chicago. group of the young people t to the Waukon swimming in the evening. These includ- Mr. and Mrs. Lorence E. Reint, Miss Elinor Englehorn, and Meyer. Miss Englehorn is ding a few days with friends relatives in Postville. Sander Families Hold^ Reunion Sunday. ^he-annual Sander reunion was held last Sunday at Myrick Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin with a number of the Postville family in attendance. The group left on one of the Burr Cook buses. Those attending from here were: \ K~,Mr. and Mrs. LeRay Foels, Mr. and Mrs. George Sander, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gordon and family of Luana, Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Neuh- ring and family of Elkader, Mr. and Mrs. Eldo Sander and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harlan Heins and family, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Sander, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sander, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sander and Wayne, Keith Muchow, all of Pgstville, and Mr. and Mrs. Carl Diederich and family of Harmony, Minnesota. ) THE POSTVILLE HERALD, POSTVILLE, IOWA PAGE FIVE. Gather For Picnic. tend Picnic Dinner. r. and Mrs. Myron Krambeer family, Mrs. John Krambeer Sharon Kay of Ossian, Mr. and . Louis McNally and daughter, and Mrs. Arnold Mueller and Mrs. R. E. McNally, Maiiys Marlene, all of Postville, Mrs. ie llcFaul of Waverly were -ts Sunday at a picnic dinner nt home of Mr. and Mrs. Miles es of Castalia. Relatives who gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Rex Medberry and Gene to enjoy a picnic dinner, Sunday, included: Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Frieden and family, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Medberry and family, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dennler, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Sanders and family, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Medberry and family, Mr. and Mrs. Max Medberry and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Medberry and Reva Belle, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Medberry and family, Kenneth Medberry, all of Elgin; Mr. and Mrs. Perry Medberry and family of Volga; Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frieden of Indianola: and Miss Bonnie Kerr of Elgin, Illinois. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Olson were Sunday guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Nelson of Decorah. Catholic Women Hold Meeting Here Sunday. One hundred and fifty members of the Ossian deanery, National Council of Catholic Women, of which St. Bridget's parish ladies' are a unit, met in Memorial hall Sunday, July 11. Mrs. L. F. Molumby of West Union, president, presided at the meeting. The opening and closing prayer was given by the Rt. Rev. Msgr. M. J. Thiltgen, dean, of Ossian; Rev. Francis J. Vallaster, pastor of St. Bridget's parish, welcomed the guests. Other clergy present were: Rev. P. J. Freidman, Calmar; Rev. V. J. Peters, McGregor; Rev. H. P. Nos- besch, Fes'tina; Rev. Daniel O'Sullivan, Decorah; Rev. Steven Kucera, Fort Atkinson. Reports were given and the reelection of officers followed. They are: Mrs. L. F. Molumby of West Union, president; Mrs. Phil Leahy of West Union, secretary; Lucille Dessel of Ossian, treasurer. A program of song and music by Barbara Abernethy, Nancy Kneeland and Marion Sonnkalb and well presented, preceded an interesting talk by Rev. Peters. At the close of the meeting, refreshments were served. The Spillville unit will entertain the group this fall. Naomi Past Grands Club To Hold Annual Picnic. Th Naomi Post Nobl Grands Club will hold their annual picnic at Lull's Park next Thursday, July 15, beginning at 12:30 o'clock, it was announced today. In case of rain, the picnic will be held in the I. O. O. F. hall here in Postvill. Hold Potluck Supper. Mr. and Mrs. John Koelling of Orange, California, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Oltragge of Westgate and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Noack of Oelwein were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Schultz on Monday and in the evening .the following guests came for a potluck supper: Mr. and Mrs. Emil Aulerich, Mr. and Mrs. Otmar Bruns, Gary and Brent, of Monona; Mr. and Mrs. Don Witt of Elkader; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schultz, Joan and Dellene, Mrs. Orma Schultz and her mother, Mrs. Charles Meier, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Meyer, all of Postr ville; and Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Aanes and David of Clermont. Sunday Dinner Guests. Sunday dinner guests in the home of Charles H. Hoth and W. H. Behrens were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fogt of Waukon and Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Hoth and sons. In the afternoon Mr. and Mrs. William Sunderman, Mrs. William Goettel of Waukon and Miss Erika Anders of Munich, Germany called. Miss Anders has recently come from Germany to make her home in Los Angeles, California. Now Is Time To Serve Cool and Quick Meals Save Kitchen Time With These . . . FOODS for QUICK MEALS Save energy and kitchen time these warm summer days and enjoy more hours of leisure by keeping; a supply of Clover Farm ready to serve foods on your pantry shelf—they're the best you ever tasted. A number of these foods are ready to eat while others can be prepared in a jiffy. They bring; to your table many a hearty meal at an economical cost. Get a supply today and keep them on hand for warm weather meals. FOR JULY 16th and 17th SPORK, Clover Farm— CO Serve hot or cold, 12 oz.__ DLi* CATSUP, Clover Farm, OO Fancy thick, 14 oz. bottle LO\* SALAD DRESSING, OC Clover Farm, pint «)«/V PARAFFIN—Quick Melting, 1 lb. pkg COFFEE, Clover Farm, Vacuum pack, 1 lb COFFEE, Green Cup, Ground when you buy. lb. 15c 49c 45c CLOVER FARM Pork & Beans OVEN BAKED New England style in molasses sauce 2 No. 2 cans W W V CAKE FLOUR, Clover Farm, 44 ounce box— WHOLE CORN, Clover Farm, 2 No. 2 cans GRAPE JAM, Clover Farm, 1 pound jar 35c 41c 19c Granulated Soap, Clover Farm, large box for CHERRIES, Clover Farm Maraschino; 8 -oz. bottle. MARSHMALLOWS, Angelus; 6-oz. pkg 29c 29c 14c CLOVER FARM (Radio Special) Grapefruit Segments No. 2 can I9c SUNKIST ORANGES, Full of juice; 2 doz CANTALOUPES, Arizona Vine ripened; Jumbo size CELERY, Michigan, Crisp, Crunchy, stalk— TOMATOES, Red Ripe, per pound only.: 49c 16c 10c 15c SUNSHINE SPECIALS Fresh Factory Packed Cookies Nut Sundae Cookies, pkg. 23c Vanilla Wafers, per pkg. 25c Hydrox Cookies, large bag 23c CHILI SAUCE—Clover Farm, 12 oz. bottle 32c CLOVER FARM Wheat Puffs AN ENERGY 8 -ounce NO-COOK BREAKFAST package I3c PECTIN, Clover Farm— t% | Makes jellies, etc., 2 pkgs. £t 1C EVAPORATED MILK, | r Clover Farm, tall can— IDC CLOTHES LINE, 50 feet 43c CLOTHES PINS, 30 pins 19c YOU USE MORE SOAP these warm days, so stock up now at these low prices jgNSO, per box. 33c BREEZE, per box —-31c UPEBUOY, 2 bars for 19c ?JVAN, 2 large bars 33c ]jg FLAKES, 2 boxes 27c FREE DELIVERY EVERY DAY! Heterson's Clover Farm Store ivu . ^ Postville, Iowa Telephone No. 247 A sprig of cool mint, a half-slice of lemon on a glass of iced tea— they're the things that can make a meal worth eating these hot summer days. Making your meals attractive and cool-looking is one of the secrets of hot weather, cookery, says Margaret Kagarice, extension nutritionist at Iowa State College. And it's just a matter of ideas. The foods you serve can be light, and still be just as filling and just as nutritious. Roaster Helps This is the time of the year you'll really be grateful for that e'ectric roaster. You can use it for your main dislv-a casserole, a roast or swiss steak, for example. If you're having a top-of-the-stove main dish turn on the roaster when you start preparing your pies or cake. The electric roaster will do a good job on all these things and on cookies, rolls and muffins, too. And many roasters are equipped with a broiler unit you can use for steaks and hamburgers. Meanwhile, try the family out pn a few summer appetite-whetters. Our first is apple sauce, because apples are coming out of the orchards now at their juiciest. For summer, all sugar and cinnamon to spice your apple sauce and serve it cold. Then a relish tray instead of a salad will give the family all the fresh garden vitamins—tomatoes, carrot and celery sticks, radishes, lettuce and sliced cucumbers. Melons are a summertime favorite. Miss Kagarice suggests trying honey-dew melon with lime juice if you haven't. Cantaloupe and ice cream are "naturals," and melon balls are made to freshen summer salads, fruit plates or even fruit juices. Cut cantaloupe and melon balls with your measuring spoons, marinate them in pineapple or lime juice, add a sprig of mint and you have a refreshing summertime cocktail. Include Garnishes Let your imagination be your guide when it comes to garnishes, and use them often. They make a meal look cool and good even when the temperature is 100 above. Chilled fruit juices with a sprig of mint will brighten your table. Try parsley or even carrot tops with your roast or meat loaf, crisp lettuce under spiced peaches or ap­ ples, or green and red pepper strips to make whole kernel corn "Mexi can." Of course you're robably serving frozen desserts often. Ices and sherbets are recommendations from Miss Kagarice, because they're not so rich and are even 'more refreshing than ice cream. Lime and lemon flavors, she says, will pep you up in hot weather. Lemon sponges, made with gelatin, are good desserts, too. On very hot days, try a light broth., An easy main dish is hot potato salad on luncheon meat cups. You can make the meat slices curl up just by frying them lightly. For a salad, try tomatoes stuffed with Mexican corn, and for light meals, fruit plates with cottage cheese, vegetables plates and salad plates, with toast sticks and cheese straws. For a cool-cooking Sunday dinner, start a roast in your electric roaster. When you return from church you can line the pan with young green beans, adding a bit of chopped young onion for seasoning. On top go new little potatoes. Grasses and legumes have a feeding value, pound per pound, of about 80 to 90 percent that of corn silage. Complete Label File Help For Homemakers A special file for labels might be a good addition to your household. That's the opinion of home management specialist, Iowa State College. Keep in it the directions for care that come with the waffle iron or vacuum cleaner, suggestions for laundering that come with a new dress or blouse, information to help you readjust or repair a scale or any other gadget about the house. Proper care and upkeep means longer service from your purchases. And the manufacturer's directions should always be carefully followed. Some manufacturers of irons and other appliances suggest sending the article back to the company for occasional check-up and for repair. Some rain togs must be sent back to the manufacturer for restoration of a temporary repellent finish. Not only will your, file insure your having oh hand the label when it's needed, it will help you find the label or guarantee. There are always those times, too, when you want to duplicate a previous purchase. Having at your finger tips the label indicating the manufacturer's name, size and other helpful information will give you the clue you need for replacement. •Ml nil At the Elevator SALVAGE WHEAT * Coming Soon Another carload of Standard and Flour Middlings Hall Roberts' Son Postville, Iowa I 9m& COOKER SAVES UP TO 300 KITCHEN HOURS A YEAR I PRESTO Cooking makes delicious meals in just a fraction of ordinary time. Retains food colors and flavors. No intermingling of flavors. Retains vitamins and minerals. Kitchens are cooler, cleaner. Fewer pans to wash. PRESTO Cooking saves money, too! Order your PRESTO COOKER today! HOTH BROS. Hardware, Heating . and Plumbing While politicians talk about lower prices, we're doing: something about them through our continuous campaign to bring you the best foods for less. Here are this week's leading candidates for Economy on our Meal Ticket—super values brought to you through our policy of searching the wholesale markets for the best buys of the week—every week. So elect to save. Come in today and choose your winners for appetizing dinners. Fruit Cocktail Del Monte No. 2'/ 2 tin 45c Pork 6* Beans S 3 for 49c Cocoanut Bars, 10 oz. 29c Coffee, Yacht Club, lb 45c Catsup, Monarch, 2 bottles 45c Cheese,-Longhorn, lb. 59c Chocolate Syrup, Hershey'sj 2 tins for „_31c Orange Juice, Monarch 33c Royal Ann Cherries, No. 10 size tin for $1.19 Grapefruit Sauce, 2 for only 43c TIDE pkg. 33c <////M Marvelard 3 lb. $1.35 PORK SAUSAGE, 1 pound roll SMOKED PORK SAUSAGE, lb BACON SQUARES, lb PIG'S FEET, pint ja,r TREET, £1 12 ounce tin «)1C CHEESE TASTY LOAF 2 lbs. 97c HAROLD'S CASH MARKET 1 - PHONE 2.1 POST V I LL E

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