Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa on April 19, 1962 · Page 2
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Fayette County Leader from Fayette, Iowa · Page 2

Fayette, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 19, 1962
Page 2
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Established In 1914 NATIONAL EDITORIAL 62 ^H&gyfift Subscription Rates In Fayette and Adjoining Counties Outside l'ayeite and Adjoininc Counties $3.00 Per Yeai $3.50 Per Year The Leader is published weekly in Fayette, Iowa, and distributed on Thursday morning. Entered at the Post Office at Fayette, Iowa as second class matter, under the Act of March 3, 1879. Maurice S'oneman, Owner and PublUher Editorial Comments - - - What's The Excuse For many years lowans laid claim to being one of the first states to Set out of the mud with paved roads to replace the old dirt roads which doubled for cow paths. But the progress hasn't kept pace with that of the surrounding states. A prime example of that was brought to light thi.-; week when paving on the new Fayette bypass was postponed due to an embargo on highway 93 Ix-tween Fayette and Sumner. Due to this embargo, the paving project will probably be held up for two to four weeks. Are we still living in the dark ages? In this 'MU century why does a highway commission build roads that have to be embargoed several weeks out of car!-, , uir because they won't stand the traffic? Why not build out of material that will hold up and can be used',' Highway U.'i is of blacktop construction, and is very much affected by weather conditions in the spring of the year, making it necessary to limit the load limit of vehicles" which travel on it. Our understanding is that paving costs about the same as black top. so why not use it? The Carlson Co. of Decorah, who have the paving contract on the bypass around Fayette, had their plant set up*here this week, and were ready to begin work on the road. They were unable to go ahead, however, traffic would have to be detoured over highway 93, and the company would be hauling gravel over the same road. The embargo would prevent this. The bypass itself never appeared to be too Intelligent a project, and the suicide corner which resulted from the summer's work and was used all winter, was worse. But this delay in paving the by-pass seems to top everything else. We would suggest that instead of trying to convince lowans that there is no California ... urging travelers to spend a little time in Iowa...and then building by-pass to get them past the towns and through the state faster...the administration look a little closer at the activities of the highway commission, and possibly save the taxpayers a little money. Homemakers Dateline by Dorothye E. Busching Fayette County HOME ECONOMIST Improved containers for canned 'hams that will save both fingers and tempers will soon be available. The new key opener cans have three features designed for safety and convenience. The key is redesigned to fit a woman's hand, and tear strip stays on the track so the coil will not spring back and the exposed edges of the opened can have a finished edge to prevent cutting yourself. These safety cans will first be used for hams and later for other types of foods. D-E-B Watch for a new drapery fiber called saran flat monofilament yarn to be soon appearing in our stores. Outstanding feature of this yarn is that is is fire resistant. Fabrics of saran are easy to care for, durable, resistant to abrasion and not attacked by moths and mildew. They are colorfast even under constant exposure to sunlight and best of all they are easy to sew on. This fiber is just another result of the research constantly being carried on with the homemaker in mind! D-E-B When is a bargain not a bargain? Sounds silly doesn't it, but not all soo called bargains offer real values to the consumer. If you have no use for an item, it Isn't cheap at any price. And bargains you can't use immediately aren't good buys if storage space is a problem at your house. In shopping at "sales" take time to look over merchandise carefully. Be sure seconds or irregulars don't have flaws that affect their use. Remember sales can stretch or waste your dollars, depending on you! D-E-B A brand, new book of planning data,and working drawings is now available to families planning to make home improvements. The 48 page book, "Home Improvement Plans", contains helps and drawings tor kitchen storage, room dividers, closets, sewing and laun dry centers, home workshops, and finishing work. It also provides helps for selection of plans, materials and meeting FHA minimum standards. The idea packed book 'Is available at the Extension Office;' Fayette, for W.00, • Do you give your sewing macbr in© the care ft deserves? To operate at peak efficiency the wayi-youi like tk..topAt 'n0i ^ , tim ^ : ~$m; oJMng regulflriyvA lint bru% Jaa, must for cleaning your.inacblnes; at least once a rpontyto remove bits ing m ^m ;m ^^:m m^mi Dry am recwatttuitfl in to the directions «rtt£ PgjWl can be vM-ia, mr^mfm^' recipes where liquid milk is required. Or, you can mix the right amount of dry milk with the dry ingredients in the recipe and add the water instead of liquid called for in the recipe. Using non fat dry milk, you can "pack" the bread you make at home with extra vitamins and minerals. D-E-B How many of the long line of spices on the grocer's shelves are you familiar with? Once you transfer these neat little packages to your kitchen, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Spices retain their aroma and flavor longest when stored away from the heat—not over the range, please! Close each package carefully after using it to protect the spices from moisture and strong light. If you date each package when you buy it, you can be sure just how long it has been on your cupboard shelves. D-E-B To prevent the green discoloration of the yolk in hard cooked Easter eggs, remember not to boil, but to simmer the eggs gently for 20 - 30 minutes and then cool rapidly under cold water. Have a Blessed Easter! D-E-B Emelda Kunau, Extension Applied Arts Specialist from Iowa State University, will return to Fayette on April 26 for a second all-day workship on picture frames. The meeting, to be held at the Extension Office, will be from 10:00 a. m. until 3 p. m. and is open to homemakers who attended the first session and others interested. The lesson will deal with the finishing steps in refinishing and reclaiming picture frames. Chattin' My Neighbors With Stoney Looks as though we were wrong again. We thought we had a good idea, but it was evidently just wishful thinking. We thought it would be nice to honor our Fay etto athletes with a banquet- even thought the sports seasons haven't been too successful. But it appears that our opinion was shared by very few. There are nearly 80 hoys and girls who took part in athletics, either actively or as a team manager or cheerleader. All of them were asked to sell tickets to their parents-but only 15 tickets were sold. Wc think that's a rather poor percentage. It looks as though the parents don't feel their youngsters should be honored. So, In view of this fact, the banquet Is cancelled. We don't feel we should put on the party for the entire- group without a little support. Such a poor turn out of parents and sports fans would-be an insult to both the speaker, Tate Cummins, and the athletes. In the "letter to the editor" column, we were chastised for planning the banquet for this Thursday evening, which has been brought to our attention to be Maundy Thursday. We regret that this error in dates was made, but we do not feel it is entirely to blame for the poor sale of tickets. In establishing a date for some particular event it i» necessary to check several sources of information as to whether there will be a conflict with another event. This we did—but being in an occupation where we have numerous things to plan and work out each week we neglected to think of the pre- Easter worship services. We do not feel that this in any way lessens our stature as a Christian or that of anyone who would have planned to attend the banquet. In our opinion there are many devout Christians who are never privileged to see the Inside of a church. This we do not advocate, but do sincerely believe it is true. Nevertheless, the banquet is off. It apparently didn't generate much enthusiasm, anyway. Sort of has that familiar ring doesn't it. Now then, on a much more cheerful note, we would like to congratulate the merchants of Fayette on their successful promotion Friday night. And we would like to commend B. J. ( Buzz ) Thayer for his part in the event. Part!—he was nearly the whole in the first place, and even though he has only been in the furniture business In Fayette for about a month, he took considerable time away from his business to help sell the promotion. For this we owe him debt of gratitude, which could nicely be repaid by throwing a little more business his way. Although we had to miss the event, due to a press conference, we have it first-hand from several of the merchants that it was a whoppin big success. Practically all of the retailers and professional people in Fayette cooperated In the promotion, which played a big part in making it so successful. Of course there were those who failed to see the value of the promotion. And of course everyone had the right to his own opinion as to whether the advertising was worth it or not. Those who participated did, however, indicate they would resent anyone free-loading on their advertising dollars. It's impossible in any town, however, to entirely prevent this. A person must simply let his conscience be his guide if he is not financially or otherwise capable of taking part. Extension Council Activities Calendar Creek Bottom Comments — By Reuben itudes, and vague philosophy coming out of 2300 Merchandise Mart, Chicago, too .much of the time. We NEED something MORE than somebody to sell us "ninety per cent of our farm needs." It is not too soon for farmers, and businessmen dealing with farmers, to give some thought to the farmer's "price-cost squeeze" and the real reasons why the farmers are in the economic vise. A spokesman for the U. S. Chamber of Commerce recently stated before a House Agricultural Committee, "the goal of equal income for farmers not only is impossible to achieve, but it also is contray to the public interest." Vince E. Rossiter, of the Independent Bankers Ass'n., recently said," the whole morbid story of the deliberate debauchery or agriculture is reflected in the Wholesale Prices Index. "This thing is NOT a matter of party-line Republican or Democrat political philosophy as some people would so much like to believe. Back in the Truman Administration, it was planned to start letting the American farmer "live off his own fat", as a means of stabilizing the "national price index" and thereby fight the Korean War ( so vigorously called a "police action" ) on a "peace time" economy. In Letter to the Editor Dear Mr. Stoneman: I have not had an opportunity to speak to the other ministers of Fayette at this writing but I feel quite sure that they would stand behind me in the complaint I want to register in this letter. WHO may I ask, was responsible for choosing the date of the big high school athletic banquet, with Tate Cummins as featured speaker on MAUNDY THURSDAY, EVENING, APRIL 19, or Holy Week, one of the most sacred and meaningful events in the life of every Christian: It is true of course, Wednesday is SUODosedly, "church night" In our community ana is prewy well honored by the school and civic organizations but how many church people are going to be faced with a conflict this week-a difficult and unfair decision for some to make who would like to show their support and appreciation to the team and at the same time would like to make this sacred preparation for Easter by taking the sacraments of their church at one of our scheduled services. I simply cannot reconcile any conscientious church member planning such a big social event of the year on a night we are to remember the passion and death of our Lord, his last meal with the disciples, his arrest. and betrayal in the garden and the cruel death he suffered on the cross the next next day. I have always been an admirer of Tait Cummins and supporter of all high school activities and would like to find my place at the dinner table too at this event but even if I were not a minister, I'm sure my religious convictions would not permit me to celebrate at a feast on a night when I should be quietly seated in my church and preparing myself to receive Holy Communion. I think it is most unfortunate that such action was taken' in complete disregard of the holy week calendar of our church and where I suppose it is too late to make a change of date this year, I hope it will not be permitted to happen again. I think we would like to have the people of northeast Iowa think that Fayette is a church community with dedicated Christian people in it. This is certainly a poor example of it and the people who would support this 12 pt Electra The Electra Circle will meet Tuesday, April 24, with Joy Curtis. Ina Johnson will give the devotions and Beryle Thompson the lesson. banquet on a night like this are as guilty as the one who set the date. Sincerely, A Disturbed Citizen, Rev. Jerry B, Wolcott First Methodist Church Fayette, Iowa We Couldn't Believe It! THE MAD MIDNIGHT MARATHON was all It wat claimed to be . . . • AND MORE I The huge crowds on the streets end In the stores were heart • warming I We still have some very GOOD EASTER BUYS Available For You ill S Dress Shop Hsfpy a»d Vera Schmidt Cum Scouts meet MAYNARD — After-school snacks were served the Cub Scouts of Den 2 Pack 74 by the Den Mother, Mrs. John Birdnow, when they met at her home Monday afternoon, April 9. Duane Leonhart led the group in tho formal opening and closing of each meeting. Michael Slauson and Mark Birdnow brought their scrapbooks of favorite subjects. Mark also showed two neckerchief slides he had whittled out of wood and gave a book report. There is keen competition among the boys to see who will be the first to earn 12 points necessary to become eligible for a wolf badge. Former residents die MAYNARD — Friends here have received word of the recent death of two former Maynard residents. Mrs. Genevieve Lewis Young died in March at St. Paul, Minn., where she had lived for many years. She was an 1899 graduate of the Maynard high school, a music teacher in this area and a former director of the choir at the First Presbyterian church. Oelwein. Mark Ball, 74, died March 14 in Spokane, Wash., where he had lived for many years. He graduated from the Maynard high school in 1905 and left the community not long after graduation. Both were w icu in iiicn lucai cemeteries. 1954 the Eisenhower Administration, under the guidance of the great ( ''. ) K//.ni Taft Benson, put across the "flexible parity" price supports on basic farm eornmodit ies, as a subtle means of furtlv more letting the farmers "live off their own fat", while wages and industrial consumer items continually moved upward. From 19-1!) to 1960, consumer items went up per cent, food went up 21.2 per cent, and farmers Rot 12 per cent less. In 1914 farm net was slightly over 50 per cent of gross. In 1932, the worst depression year, it was 31.4 per cent, hut in lUa!) it fell to an all time low of 29 per cent. In the meanwhile, farmer investment per farm employee is $21,300, only $1WKX) per factory employee, in industrial enterprise. In 1960 average factory worker wage was 2.29 per hour. The same year, farmers averaged H2 cents per hour. We farmers NEED a farm organization tactfully but FIRMLY dedicated to the proposition of collective bargaining in the market place. That, is the fundamental principle by which labor came up from the sweatshops of the past, to the present 8-hour day, in a fit place to work. There Needs to be a "voice of agriculture", and we DON'T mean the palaver, plal- Savc $10.00 on a Gaslight for your yard or patio. • Nothing Down.. • No Carrying Charge. • $1 per month on your Gas bill. Peoples Natural Gas FAYETTE THEATRE Thurs. - Fri. - Sat. April 19 - 20 - 21 DIANE FOSTER DAVID JANSSEN "KING OF THE ROARING 20V Sun. • Mon. - Tues. April 22 - 23 - 24 HOWARD KEEL TINA LOUISE In ARMORED COMMAND Stuffed Rabbits WHEEL BARROW Filled Baskets 59c & up 49c 59c & up BASKETS 9c up We have all the fillings for you SEE OUR SELECTION OF CUTE IMPORT TOYS TO DELIGHT THE SMALL FOLK OUR COLLECTION OF RELIGIOUS PLACOUES IS WORTH SEEING! COME IN AND ADMIRE THEM BUY IF YOU WISH Cards For Easter — Confirmation First Communion TRY US FIRST LEWIS 5c to $1 FAYETTE IOWA NOTICE TO DOG OWNERS DUE TO NUMEROUS COMPLAINTS BY LOCAL CITIZENS, WHO ARE PREPARING GARDENS, WE ARE GOING TOEN- FORCE THE DOG ORDINANCE THIS SPRING. Dogs Must Be Tied AND CONFINED TO THE OWNER'S PREMISES FOR A PEltfbp OF THE NEXT 90 DAYS. , JACK^ECK - Mayer :.ALL DOOS RUNNING LOOSE WILL BE CONSIDERED A STRAY AND WILL BE PICKED UP. PLEASE COOPER^* ; LLOYD HOLTZMAN '" * . ' i . ii * I< lilt 1 ' ,

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