The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas on March 23, 1927 · Page 8
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The Iola Register from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 23, 1927
Page 8
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PAGE BIGHT THIS Eight: C«ge TeaM OJM , InrGirlsNajti^naUtaco John Scoti Announces to Mien That Football and track Practice Willv Open Together This Year. | Coauli .lolin jjcolt announced this morning rlial Spring footl/all iiiufl- •tice would IM- fommenced this ev- cniuK and 1"; also told Ibn nieptH -which would be enlcrwl •, by ilii: IiJKh nchool • in Irpck this .>-iirinB. yUo nicetinc which wi^s held at J\ib hiKh selrool for all hoys inlcif csted in riJhcr track or .s|irlnB foot bail :^'aK the second such mectinp this jrcar. The first track nieet to be -held will bo the Inter-class nieei held 'at the track two weeks from Ft-ldtfy. Other jneetK will itrobubly be n Fori Scbll-Iola dual meet, the k U. I .lelays HiKh School Invitation moot, till! Baker llelayK invi- latiu'n liiert for high sdiools. the dlijtrlcl nice), the <-ounly meet, 'and Ihr Tri-City meet. The hiRh Kirhool «ame lhroii(;h the track Heaison iwitji a good record last lyear wintilnu Ni 'veriil inei 'tK anil taking (jeveral CII|>M. TUIH year they lia 've IjopeH of doing ewo more. A new ilvent for lola wHl probably he a iiilje relay team, AVIchlfci. Kan.,. M^Hr.\ 23." (AP) Eight b^kutball teams swing intc action t ^ilH evening In the rirst round of the national high: Kch6ol girls' biwketball tournuincnt. OX three K ^nwaH IciiniK entered.,Caldwell wiH meet Elm (rrejk. iNeb.; Cathedra • high school. U'ichita.| drew a; and Cockerill.' Kan.s.. champioiiv. will meet Itnlil, Idaho. RECilYERASKED FOR K. T. OIL CO. • f' r Minority Stockholder, in Suit, Ghargcs ^ Fraud. Wiclut*. Kaij.s., Mar. 2:!. (.M 'l- A pi'jitiOM was Jiied in federal court IH'N- today, asking tliat a receiver appointed (or the K. 'I"Oil coriifiration. ca |)italized , ff>r ?1.2 .">(i.()iti.« by Steve St haiiiiier. a= minority Kttickholder. The cujirt waK also asked to restrain tile direi -to)s 111)111 se'lilii; the eiitii 'e assets "of the. linn li .1. T. .V^ttle. ;t!re pi'''sidtiil.. for $177,111)11 «is they votcl in" IID in a recejil .S'liw Viirl^ llieeiliig: .\l''.• Schandler. wlio !•< a liiriiii'r. (Oimdnued. from I'Kice 11 when the iioiilli"rii soldiers cilrne Into .Shanghai. It Is staled In llritl.Mi .<|ii.'ii h-rs Ibat the Chinese inislonis men were itiliinid.-ned, being warned liy slriki- agitatoi 'H tliat unless they (|iiit work tliey and their famlllo.-i would Wlffcr the consuqueiic-e.':. The customs ami post • ollice iitrike put tlie liuisli to such little foreign .business as was possible uniier llie present disturbed conditions. .\s a coiisccinciice.-Shanghai Is undergoing a temporary! eon|niev- (!ial eclipse. All inlernational mail is being held up. The American troops suffere<l their first casualty last night When a marine patrolling a customs jetty was slightly wounded by a'sp<'ut bullet. Three American' marines were arrested by: the Cantonese a."-they attempted t <i readi the tlolfjir hine docks Utrongh tlie Cliinesic city. Tlieir arms and mtilor tiu<k w <;re seized. Tliey were released after "a shoi ;t time however, when the Cantonese were c<mvinced they Were on a peaceful mission. Only one real clash has occurred [belweou the Cliiiiese and for»igii Itroopsi. since the Nalionutisls ociu- |I ied SIlangliHi. This v .us wliei' P 'ortherii troops fleeing bcfiire tlie pantonese iitlejupted to rush ilic British cordon to get into the in- brnutional areq,. i Some of the .Shantuiigese'tired on t-jie Durham battalion of the Brit- sh defense force, and the IJurliams' ^fslHilierl llje lire. Italian defense ruops had a similar eiicounfer.. 'It is estiiwited'In-the Uritisli military uutlioritijes 'that llie. ('Iiiiiese cas- kitilties Ifi these:clashes were fifty {killed aitd Kio woundeil.,. Af the,close of the day. tlie Clia- pei diHtrict pn-seiiied a picture of earnage.'l (odl< s littered tlie streets nil *liboutj were, heaps III ilebris while Ilia ly hiuises had lieen burned the gr iiind. Thiiiisaiids of iniio- fcnl Cliliiese. shorn of 'their per- S'tnal' belongings and ilnirhed 'd their liomi-s. .waiidi 'ii'd alioiil' alni. lessly. . L . charges tl dirci'tors^- traiiil to ji pany. He at Niitrje and th" <ith>'r have ninsiiired ^lirmiuU ilain coulriil of ih ini spi'tlficiilly cliiii'i;e>. tli;i| the'(orpiii atioii iipcnit'MJ at a !i 's< of $:'ii,(mu |a >i yi-ar 'and at the same tliiii' tJie .^al.iry uf the pin'.^i- dent WaH-lllcri'amd fliaii .f.'i. ) lo $ 11!. "Kill .;i veil-. The <iiiiipaiiy ninTule A a ri 'fiiii'ty lii'ie and siMv lilliii- i>latli)ii.< in kiilis .i .'i. ' Numbers tt'ontlniied from I'age II 'of iilhir wilnesst'^f prove llie in- i aei iirai y of tlie artlc Irs. Ciimrriin. in tlii' wilniss, <!iair i lor lije fourtli day. wa.s not (iiics- • tioiK -d by Sa |iiio .j w iid ini'i-ely read ' to tlie Jury exfi i^|f s fr-iin Iiiu k Is- I sues rif iiiii lM>r ;il -iiuii"'d' iJearliorn ! ludepen'dcnt tint (•Jallaglier 's j voice, badly usT'cl in'argiiinetits , and reading ycstriday. .might be} spared. ; • ? I W'illiaiii .1. {"aiiieriiii. editor of thej f'onl owned l),-arlmiii Ir.dependenr j iii^ whirir were printed articles al-j leged to have liljelled Sapiro. was | in the witness.c-liair for the fourth! davVheu Sajiiil) faced him. j .Sapro. .-peaking in a. well mod-' iilateil voic,<> that Iiehl the cUisi- attention of till", .iiirois, read flo :ii back'iiuiiiliers-of liie llearliurn In-i dependent, ahicles lie a:;seited ', were libelous. tJ/illaghei's vniie j 'was worn wlicn lie lirsi adilres^iMJ i I the court tiiilay' after m-ariy a full | I ilay of riM<liii (.i and argnnieiit yc s-, lerday. ; , Till' six woiiien and si.xj men of Ml': jury closely looked Saiiiro overj from th'^ top Hif his black haired lietid to bis hlac!: shoes as be fated them f <ir the IlVst lime. wore a ii.itly gray fuli. In ving cliaiiged from the bluehe h^s worii previously. Illc is rather'slight; of .s|;.|- pruyidcd i the wisliiligton liiolice with cine of {the iii<)st i puzz[inp cases '""' from tlimc to liiiic by police of a dozen iither citieK, the authoVitics grtipeiB through in an |effort to she had H maze of k-lues stablish Hiitether had -been killed, whether she committed sijicide lir whether L ^onccaled aouic- siic was alive ant where. .Mrs. Houck was last .seen on the night of L)i-ceinl>er 17,' sL-veral doctors- ianie over St. Klizabeth's htisirital to call on her ami her hn^bunil, . who wks tl;en a-young member of the hospital's psychiastr^sl i.iaff. Two ilays later llr. Ilouck found tramping aroiinti tlic stlreet.s llorne:!. i-lotlieduii his u alive ^•hen from Bill Legalizing Ten Bound Bouts is Passed by Senate Today'. Jeff.Tstin City. .Mo.. .Mal-.ij:!. (APi The American hegion boding bill I to lepaliztr lO-round. no-decision. exb|biti<m bouts in Missouri, was passeil late lotlay by the state son- ate (1» to 111. The action tiariie after the measure hail»onc<» jbeen |de- featjed 15 to l.l. when .several .senators who favor its passage were absent from the chamber, j senator William .Maffit bates of St.' Ix>iiis. one of the sptHi.sors of th'.' 'bill, changeil his vote when the' measiir" first came uj> toibiy from ^ ALPHABET IS FOR QUINN WUOCAH STILL TMROW fiPITTERS FDR THE ATHLETICS-AFTER 19 YEARS INTHE>|AJORS Woman Is Charged Wjth ' Slaying! of Her Ilusbahdl i.ler-l""'= to be the vol I: i any light on his ;wife*s disap j aii<-e. aUhoiigb he had expr These pluitos iiidlcale how badly .an .\rkaiis;is tfnn .ido .Kiiamlileil the iiiwn of (;ietii-Kori'Ht the ntlier ilay. The sli>i-m'Klllid a -'-eiii-.-. 'I 'h nplii'i' pii'liire sliow.s wljal was lifl of tin- liuiiie ul W ill Tai( the WricUage ol the to -An MIIOOI. jr .'low I.S Wear. He was never, able to. ijirow liear- iisserl confidence she still was allvijiuft- er undergoing treatment both here [anil in Ualtiiiiore. Dr. Houck went to Wisconsin to Join his rela Ives. mall'child. left alone b\ the couple, was taken in cliarge by .Mr-<. Hinick's, parents. Sii ihargc has lever been plaeed i a^'aiiHt tile phy .sician here. The liiiily lod.'iy wa,^ lifficull to ( eler- CONDITIONS ON iROAD RULING IS TRANSPORT^GOODj TOBEAPPEALED nfluonza Kpideniic Being; A Jewell County C^onqucrcd oh Ipoard | Holds Stale Highway Chateau-Thierry. ondition of the su'h that il w;is mine how death !was caused. I Dr. Hpuck Is in A<lbany Oregon, WashliiKloii. i -^lar. IJ.'-'f, 'Al'i ilidltions iiliiiaiil tliea^iny iraiis- ml.l l'lla''''ili|l lie Direct. Ti I I'oi'llalid, Orego Dr. Kliiite Hout WasliliiKtiili. I). (' ot a cousin, Dr .Alliatiy. lire., havi tliri'p days iago. today. . Cousin S^ays .Mar, 2.'!. 1 A1') no" so tljal reconsldereil, Tjie measure now Aitrs: to house for consideratloif. The hoiis<- earlii-r toilay passed llii?' house bo.xing bill which Is exactly the same as the senate hill, i The bill, should II be passed by both houses anil I signed ;by (iov- erniir IJaker. would ' establish a state boxing commission '[of three menibers. Itoiits cinild bi' stnged only by bona fide nthltitiif, fraternal or similar organizations, at least a old. The state license for each show woiilil he Sin. I Tondpah Adds 500 to the! - • Town in Two Weeks ! lAl" fiiriiierly is at the I >ean Crowe! ig arrived I of oine at lere lid Dr. CriAvell Iiiilenile "if ,fill I < a. Have v.'-fall.v jhe last usii il Andrew llerJ). i\ar departii(\ii| .More tli.-in; li lira (i ''Veli );ri i| < now III ariiig •lur d'-aths jm-i ronj).^. In a'idi •.isi's of miiini': (M'liev.ll lli'io lis' li.-ir:'.i'il 'froi; il y< >ie! liiiy, ion w..- well II -i No Violence in Death Of Mrs. Gladys IIou<[k? Port Wi .M.'n h II- jinrl me- t\i San Ki .-iiK isio rile a liny i;-; Thii'rry. \vit;i r s iif iiiilu' n.-.'l alin.iri if ils !Miii pa -S 'li;;! rs jip an iinrl:m'-'ii:r ri San Kran(i .ico tuclay wli Hioii.- :i|i'.i<'i'ri.d iu\\ ^hil^> |ii!sa. Kan-. . .\Iai-. I.'.;. (.\l'i allnri.iy ^ene'-al '.-i ofriei- w;i.. Iiierry. ^vliere an j p 'li .p.,lii— HKIMV to i.» th • ii 'inza iirt"!."' iKit a' i state siipriiip' eoiirl I w ir d.'< i>'I'li..; Inilii'iV'd dii'iiii; ; hand'-.' cluwii vi -lerdav liv .l:idi'," y^. .M^Miji' fli'iii-i-.-i' i \V. |{. .\liii|ii-ll ill liii- .K-well mtiniv r.. I e;ii)ijici| In the J (lisinrt i i,::rl auain-'t !li>' •-lati- today by radio, j li;-lr,\ :i\: i omniissiini and I In-.lew <1| ty la^c.-^ <lf infli:-.|' "'I'i'y hoar-' ul '< ( •-. .Iiili;.'. -Mitciiell h.lil iha' rnad^ i>l' l!n- state higli vay sysicin niiiM cii!iie -il •:ilir.-i:lly" -.villi ^oiiniy >'-:Ms. prjii'-'pal c Iii'.-; ;iiid 111:1 fleet • in-j, <cnl>rs ami ii'il wi h a loiiiii'il- iiiu vuai!. Ili-s del i;i. !i W -.1S L :i'.< 11 i;i an a •• li-^ii !ii i)ii'.;iil to : i iiisiinl ,1 1 lia'n-.;" •II !li< ; lonlili;: ni tvi • rlil 11 u! Vi- 'I 'll.. hiKh«ev nii~sf; tiie i ilv • if M.-'iilv.-ita liy i;iiM) lift .luii.u. \lil< !:ell al 11 lu'M iliai llie .iliit.e li'rli.v .-ly sy<tem !iiil.>l lif < MIII- 1 'iM'i'. lot riiM .ls liiitl ii>l«<<ii lii'' iti'ilml |.oi!i|.- .ipj): jvi-d liy the fml- ral ^-i)'. ••!':nr •nl in I'.iS.'. Mis d. li j Kiiail (Jlolhiers -i'.n. \Viili:iiii IJiiil.. stall- higli w: y : iidil tlie as-^ociatio^i • ii .-.ilii ei' suiii. Udiild not |ii|-'iiil : vi 111 'oii here today, . haiiiii-s in ilie iii |it ''d piiinls ^n I ! tiiier. whose sloi-e Ul'- .--l.J'. S>--!.MI. on tin- ^h'fl. w-jiicli jSaii Fr•ln(-l^-•(•n. :!iid •iirr.'d aJiU'i!-.!. l!ie inn. iit.arly a iln/;ea iii-iiirri'd. . .-aid l."i casi's Wire 111', ship's liiispi ;nu til'. ..^iin.i- llillld. ; Til-. \es..iel wli;h .-il.--i <-,ii ,-ies .1 Dimn-s-clonal I'aMy. ij\Mi--,li'd to eacli ?=an Kranlis.n trmicjn. ; Wa^hinuton. .Mar (AIM aut'ipsy liy Ii>|iiit,v' Coroner : tyn'lnday ilist-losifil noi mark violeiii e iiiion 'he body. of (:ia;i.<> lloinl;. Iniind toilay braiii-il iif the I'otomatr river fin-ilx.r autopsy' will be held. riit .\ttoiiiey Cordon t>!e};;-aphed aiitlmrities at iiri'.min. to liold Dr. Kuti her hnsbaud. for i|iie-<tioning. lames .Madison was l|ie l.-i.>.t rresldeiit to wear kulckejbockerif instead of long, trou.sers. when dressed up for Stale mcnsloiis. Toiiopali. Nev.. .Mar. T. With a lull-in activities surround- I ing the camp of Weepah. Tono'pah took enough time out today to take an official census and found that influ.v ill population iluring' tli-j past two weeks amounted to about f,t)i>. To actommodatc the newi-omers. Rotary and Blks clubs' wtlfare ccmniitlees have org.inized a t:en- tr:«l bureau to see tjiat new arrivals are hoiiseil anil fed at prices to meet their purses. • Despitt! the recent rush, the cost of living has not been materially increased, although gasoline sells for .l.'i ceiils .1 gallon. I'r.voi^ Okla.. March; 23. (Al >— Kfforts to rcinove the word "c an- •lestine" from tlie friendship between .Mrs. .Vnita Greer and Sen Schuh were made|by the defense today in the trial of th6 former tn a charge of murdering her husband. Leonard Greer, a Spavinaw chant. ; ' .Mi .sK -Myrtle Millf-.' 18, a slate, witness, who yesterday tcsti Sed that the touple had attended )ic- nics where they were left alone for long iieriods of tiine In a par ied. .-lutomobile. was on the atand ur iler cross examination this afteirnt oq. She atlmllted thatjat one picnic tits cars were parkcil as glosc tO; the crowil as possible and that llic trips of the couplb to. Tulsa, ah )ut which she told yestefday, were arranged by the slain man for the piirpoHe of buying supplies for his store. It was Mrs fJreer's custom to ftuy the supplies, the ivitncHH salil.^ On*! rc-direta tesllmojiy. Miss Ml ler told of llnding Greer's body and tif the fire. The liglitjs went out In he Crei-r home abouti 7 o 'clock on ho niglit fif October i<!, 191!6, she' si hl^ anil a few- minuli -H lat 'cr the iro w!is dist.overed. The ilefense clalns the lire slarled from defective wiring. Greer's Imdy: was found ly ng ion a naming hed.i / An lar-- > of Mrs. iiU a I A! has AI 'liMl.V. Htiuck. : Clearance Sales Are Passing, Ober Asstjrts \rmy Transljort Incurs , ani-. Lcnii.;. .Mar. I'l!. (Al'i - 'Clear- h Mc ^ny Sick s.iles'' arej of Lawrenci- lii.nt of ll:e .Vatioii passing. Kans.. Hi 111 Associatira! of and Fiirpishers. lAI'i I 'ii .itian I'I'I' M 'lllt' anii tiiiir '•ad. ' kept iiiwird Ic indica- diH-liirs in annual lire anil stretched to his fii as he reatl ait articlo 1 height ; iiiebtioning j h. down I "Otio Kahn. ISiirnard IJaiiui to Aaron Saplf'o and lesser jews." | There was ifi) trace of :iii iiieeiil ' as the former.-f.'alifornia news boy! read. • . , , 1 The (dement iif .iddrd damages i may be siiliniilti'd |o Ihe Jury. ^Iiidt'-e : Fred .M.-Itayinoiid staled t(ii ,lay! in 1 exjilaining lhat; (iltliongi ty cm | line or paragralih of an .-irlii |e fm'- majly had ; lieiai I declared libelous ill Sapiro's det ^laration all of ilie arllele VMiiild be -perniitleil as ivi- di 'iice for- lplerpielali ,ve pitrposeH- j "llowevtrr. Ihj- plaiiitifr ean I'e: •over oiily'iipoii the parts declared I upon." said lhe.|'oiirt. The clement I of added daina>,^i's VMIUIII he baiieil i upon malice, ill. will (ir hatred, he said aiul is kiuiwii as increaseil j —- ilaniages. wiiilc the damages Shanghai. Mari;h II.'I. - f.VPl — The j claimed in iius suit would be .coin- 1 Iqtachtiient of...Vnu'rltjan Marines 1 pcnsatory. or injuiy damages. ruarding:tlie .MarkliHhi ^roa 1 bridge i Sapiro allegeif that the Dearborn j 4eross Soochow tTeek silent an nii-j Independent arltcles naiiieil hitn 'in! Veufful day in life'cold rain watch- connection wilh^aii alleged "jiilei iig ihe-opposite bank of the.creek, iiiiiiimal ring ol 'tjews seeking to, hich separates the international dominate .\nieritan agricullure-" i tjettlcmeni from the Chapei dis-i — - 1 fhet -^iiere lighiiiig "•'<;u<''("i .^''^-ISapiro E^lini'inates Ma;iy . rday. 'I hey saw. a teW small tie-; i,,£ .4, J^. tbchmcuts of .Nationalist troops j Ul iHtS. AllegallOnS; lass, one carrying a machine guii-i Three hundred deiiioiislralors.: American Marines on Job, But No Excitdment me >i-e g.iniiiii; (••iiiT^'iil ti.ei- liii- < jii niw' w liicli sei /'i I'eriving ."Ww Yiiik Si.\ ni 'W pati' llt^ \ ( sterday and th»- 1 I ad ni npeiatc d \ Hie biniiai le list. Arkansas City Awarded i:ie i:r.i-.t -atler re. elilly- w ere r!-;iiprl'd til \> ii-i liii.ea o:t Woman $7,500 Suit Ui( hil:..|Kaii-.. .\M ^iiry in ledi'Val iniiri d .Mrs. Ilaiinali IT allv I.- City $7.".IMI li er liii-'diaiid Cliaile^; gainst, the Iniied iltv and Cuai-aiily I liirll lie lialil an a The Jury was oiil lours. ; r S.: I Afi A liiday ^1 w a I'd • Id .\r- :• lli<' death i>r .M.i I'fisleler Slate,-s- Kidel- Kii'.-inl l''iyiiiii|(. a :i;inr n^y iieral. wlnJ 11 p: e^eiiteij ili lii .;liway eiinini:.--snitl in ll |e trial of the ,-lelinii -iaid Ililil the roll 11 .-, de- i-isiilll V.-|illld lie :i lijiealed. Bodies of Aviators on American Soil Today N- w v'.eli. M;>i -rli s:. I.M'i The','le,~ III ('.:ii -,iiil (''ilili-.n f". 'iV -ml- _iV .Hid l .i -IIH ll.iM JidlM W, I'.elllnlt j : -'.nil I ie;i.j will lli .rs. •••.ho' wire lulled I'l-lnll.U .\ '.>'< lU r .||i .iii)r .Vires V. I 1 • liiiiimiit lii|.- imhiy for --I ll,li .-il ri.luj; |d .-n e 011 .\lei-ri( iili ! Silil Willi .-iriiiV .ii| id.iiie.^ tniiii -Mileh i-ll I'll Id. liiilint: ovei lii.,-iil. Ihe liner V.inli ^iii. II. IKS al half mast, .'.lowly riepl lip. the harbor to ils pier in iliiliiilteti wiih the bodie .\-|ii:y liarli'ii- ei.-Hi In the .llndsniij v-Mhii'il a i;;ied strenii'in'«-ly a till- linyiii); ii:ily tli o: ii;i-to (l.-:le styl ni:iniifai tiirers es prii-es would be I." IllWl'I were if t-ancellati6iis and rofii tlnis eliininat went thn ugh i-bv'rani-e sale, ar- |:;a:ns-t them and r'glit aiuijiunt •s.- citin,^ hat imated t li e 1 r to I'll PIT <cllt 15. esi- •on - tl. riLS HIDE AS voir PAY , THROrfiH OUR WKEKl.Y PAYMKNT I'LAN AFTER ALL —the value of ii tire i.s ^auKcil, not by what the. dealer say.s about it or claims for it, but by the kintJ of .service it rentiers to the purchaser. MARATHON TIKES. since,their introduction in lola nearly; a year aKo, have proven their right to stand on their merit alone. And behind this tire is the oldest exclusive tire shop in Southeastern Kansas. A Good Tire and a Good Shop. TiklE REPAIR SH 6 P IIG East Jack.sbn C. CANATSEY, Prop. Phone i IG 4 Detroit. .Mar. T.'.. i.U'i -aiiinina- tiiiii tif appro-xinbitely one third of ill sp-fcific alltU;ations of the libel in ..\aron Sapiro's Jl.OUU.OOO suit -against Heii^ry Ford, demanded by the court.^was decided upon last night by Sajiiro and his counsel, j Father Believes Son : Killed iHis Brother tmnal sdtll^meiit. jiine "of \vht>nl were armed, ap- iwared. approacheil the creek dur- ing-lhc tlay frimi^Cha'pei but did not tllroaleu the Ang'lo-Americini guard ho saw . no action. Toniglit tle- .tj lis of Punjabi- troops were Htrengthening the positions willi jbarbcd wire. CMitinued tiring in the ilisiricts rjntrth of th? International settle- Jiient^ known as Dixweir road antl jHongkew. caused the'last of liie' !'• ft reign resiilents of those .•••e'ct ions 1 Chit-ago. .Mar.; T\. lAI'i—Wal- tt withdraxi^ today to the interna-ilaniy Skubelek. latlier of Anilrew ' Skubelek. U yi^ars olil. whose ; body \yas found; off Lake Front park, five mijes ^iasi of Gary, yes- lerda.v^ believes Jiis son was ile- llhi'ra^Jely drownt'd hy another son. > -The body of lllv hoy was ideiiti- lied late yesterdiiy by tile father. The belief wa..! e.\pres..ieil I hat • the igod iimgaTrine .art editpr , were i i,„y i,„d • onie toUiis death thru • . luld at- llio Queen Village lesi-I i,,i,| piav. The bov disappeared lice last iiighh' .Mrs. Snyder's j Aijinh l-". with lils brother .lohn. i ind another companion, lioili ' lo Mount Olivet cemetery were de-' wms. «aiil Ihe liitlier, were always | if|uar|-eliug. The dliree buys were'• 'last seen In a hejit on the Little Calumet river .Majrch IT. Number 2 (CoutiDUed from Page 1) Join the-procession, toilay j a vet'cemetery Were de- w lied. •-, : • - blMIrU-i Attorney New combe aft- •r a morning largtdy spent delv- • Ing into the ''alibi angle .'i." of the -,<a8e. planned'personally toj;o he- ijore the IJiieens founty grand jury present cvliiletu;e seeking in- t> fIctmentH of lef for first lf[arry Rannabarger Ajppeals, Booze Ca^e Id Ciiiy and .Mrs. ilegTee niurder. Sny, I 'Harry,|[lanabarger. fouiitl giiil- of violation of the prohibltor.v Kbuor la.w by a justice !of the ; p ^aco Jur.v In HumlMildt .vesterday liflorninp, was ^lenied a new-trial Bt night and sentenced lo sixty yf. ^He also wa,s fined $200 and I) costs, tliannabnrgor appealed r district cdurC • WHEN VOCRiLlGHTS GO, out on -VOIU PLUMBING GOKS HAD K f Electric and THK KAUHISTOKE more experienced you as a motor car owner, Ae better you will like Buick " r Pow- )jred by an engine vihratlonless beyond belief, this car's performance will win our heart * * * And Buick vajue will maze you—Value made possible by reat volume knd its savincs—the earnings of leadership, which are used continually to fiinher enrich Buick quality. 'HIN BBTTER .^UTOMOIIIUS ARB BUILT. BUICK WltL BUILO THIM MARK AUTO SUJPPLY CO. pi-ll.i E. Madison Phone 252 THAT there are two kinds of advertising -the kind the dealer tells about in the newspaper space he takes and the kind his customer tells about when he leaves the store. ' M \T no kind of advertising vyill bring (.'iTe 'jtive results unless the advertiser leeps his stock up to the standard of his c!nim-:> to the public. THAT the community spirit behind home ljuying is leased <^n 10 per cent patriotism and 90 per cent values. THAT the home-town merchant cannot expect to compete unless he first carries the stock and then tells his customers about it. Tt^e Fm\il Secret of Selling.Is Brisk Advertising At (Me End and Satisfaction At the Other Vi

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