Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 12, 1950 · Page 22
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 22

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 12, 1950
Page 22
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PAGE TWEMTY-tWO ALTON EVEHIMO TELEGRAPH TMOMIDAY, JANUARY II, It* Try Celebrities' Favorite Foods By OAYKOft MAOtJOX MCA 8t»W Writer ) If you like to follow the eating habits of celebrities, read through th> SflO recipes of the brand new "Brown Derby Cookbook." Al you know, the Brown Derby restaurants are an essential part Of Hollywood's glamor. This book It a collection of favorite dishes of •tars and starlets who have helped make those restaurants popular. Fortunately all recipes have been tested and edited by Marjorle C. Husted, highly credited American home economist. Smothered Sprint, Chicken Dcrbv (Serve* 2) Two and one-half-pound broiler, 3 ounces butter, 2 cups pastry cream, 3 cup chicken broth, 1 tablespoon finely chopped green onion, ',4 teaspoon celery salt, salt and peper. Unjolnt chicken in 6 pieces; flour, salt and pepper. Heat butter In heavy skillet, add chicken and aaute golden brown on both sides. Add cream, chicken broth, onion and celery salt. Cover and simmer 20 minutes or until well done. • If gravy should reduce too fast, add more cream or chicken broth. Add salt and pepper to taste. Serve with noodles. Brown Derby Potato Pancake* (ScrvM 8) Two eggs, well beaten, \i tea- j spoon nutmeg, 1 teaspoon chopper parsley, 3 potatoes, grated fine tablespoons flour, '/» teaspoon baking powder, salt, % cup butter. Beat together eggs, nutmeg parsley and potatoes. Add flour, baking powder and salt, to taste Blend well until smooth. Fry In butter, a tablcspoonful nf batter for each cake. Keep worm in oven 2000 Abducted Women Fret in Pakistan NEW DELHI, India—<Jfc—Two thousand non-Muslin abducted women are being kept by government servants in Jaklstan, the government of India claims. Transport Minister N. Gopalas- wamy Ayyangar told the legislative assembly that India had sent Pakistan a list of 7520 abducted women still to be recovered from Pakistan, Including "specific Information" on 2000 allegedly kept by government employes In the other dominion. The abductions allegedly occurred In the wake of the Hindu- Muslin riots of 1947. Ayyangar said that India has recovered 12,000 Muslim women and Pakistan 8000 non-Muslim women. Fruits, Salads Combat Fatigue until served. New Recipe for Chocolate Pie By OAVNOR MADIMIX >EA Stuff Writer It's rich, it's smooth and It melts In your mouth, this marvelous new chocolate pie. So let's sit right down and get first-hand instructions. Bits Hrown Velvet I'ie (Makes deep (Much pic) Pastry Shell: Measure l'i> cups packaged pastry mix, or same amount of homemade pastry mix, before liquid is added. Blend ihto dry mix H cup finely ground or chopped pecans or walnuts. Continue as for plain pastry. Roll out and shape pastry shell with high, fluted, or built-up rim. Prick thoroughly. Bake in hot oven (450 degrees F.) about 12 to 15 minutes. Cool completely before filling. With a cookie cutter, cut stars of leftover pastry for' decorations. Bits Brown Velvet Filling Let stand about five mnlutes to soften: one tablespoon unflavored gelatin, M cup cold water. Combine together in top of double boiler over hot water: three egg yolks, % cup sugar, 1 cup milk, H teaspoon salt, 1 package • '(1 cup) chocolate bits. Cook, stirring constantly, until thickened and smooth; remove from heut; add softened gelatin; stir until dissolved. Cool mixture completely. Add % cup undiluted evaporated milk, 'A teaspoon vanilla. Chill until mixture is thickened and almost ready to set. Fold In 3 egg whites, beaten stiff, .but not dry. Blend lightly but thoroughly. Pour into cooled nut- pastry shell; chill until firm. Flute with a band of chilled whipped cream just for extra delectation. Christmas holly li supposed to represent the master of the house. By OAVNOR MADDOX NEA Staff Writer The more fruit and salad greens you eat these days of pre-Christmas hustle and bustle, the less tired you will be. Fresh Fcnr, Celery, Nut Salad (Serves 0) Three ripe pears, lemon Juice, (3 ounce) packages cream cheese, mayonnaise, few grains of salt, '.4 cup cream, whipped; 2 Cups diced celery, '4 cup chopped nuts. Iceberg lettuce. Peel, halve and core pears. Sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent darkening. Blend just enough mayonnaise into cheese to make It smooth and fluffy. Add salt to taste. Fold into whipped cream. Add celery. Arrange pears on lettuce cups. Top with cheese mixture and garnish with nuts. Looking for a main dish that's easy and uses plentiful foods? Here it is: Sausage Sweet Potato Pie (Makes • servings) One and one-half cups (% pound) sausage meat, 1 tablespoon rich prepared mustard, 2 cups cooked mashed sweet potatoes, 2 tablespoons sausage drippings, Vj teaspoon salt, 2 cups tart applesauce, fresh or canned ( No. 2 can). Mix the sausage meat and the rich prepared mustard. Fry until meat separates into cooked particles. Whip the sweet potatoes NEWlKEUOGG-QUICK ALL-BRAN MUFFINS WITH RABINS No creaming! No egg-beating I Just one easy stirring when you mat* UUM delicious muffins! Icup HteaspooBsalt Kellogg's K cup sugar All-Bran 1 egg K cup milk a tablespoons Icup sifted sof* flour shortening 3 H teaspoons '/£ cup baking powder raisins 1. Combine All-Bran and milk In mixing bowl. 3. 81ft flour, baking powder, salt Into •am* bowl. Add sugar, en, shortening, raisins. Stir ontyuntU combined. 3, Pill greased muffin pans H full. Bake in preheated moderately hot oven (400°F.) about 25 minutes. Yield: 9 medium muffins, inches across. IfTHI flCftlf OP A •lit Mayrose Dinner-Size Franks lengthwise. Fill with a ^-inch thick stick of choose. Loosely wrap •acb frank, spiral fashion, with a slice of Mayrose Bam. Fasten each end with a toothpick. Place on a nek in a baking dish or on broiler rack split side down. Bake in a hot oven (425° F.) or in broiler until bacon is cooked. Turn fraiika split aide up and continue baking or broiling until top of bacon fe i Total cooking time, 10 to 15 minutes. Get Mayrose FRANKS •f. LOUIS INMMNMNf fACKINft) CO. with the saussje thf salt. Spread over bottom Slid sides of a greased • or 10-Inch pie plate or shallow casserole. Pour in the applesauce. Top with cooked mustard-flavored sausage meat Heat throughly In a moderate oven (350-375 degrees F.) 20 to 30 minute*. Here's a variation on tht carrot theme: foisted Carrots (Settes 4) Twelve whole carrots, H cup salad oil, melted butter or fortified margarine, Itt cups corn« flakes, 1 teaspoon salt, tt teaspoon pepper. Cook carrots In boiling salted water, covered, only until just tender. Dip In oil, then in finely crushed cornflakes to which salt and pepper have been added. Arrange In pan and brold until cornflakes are toasted, about 5 minutes. Baste twice with remaining oil while toasting. Coral of the Pacific reefs and atolls is pronounced to be excellent material as a base for airport runways and roads, as foundation material, and concrete aggregate. You Don't Bake This Print Cake By QAYWMt MADDOX NBA Staff Writer Here's something new in fruit cakes. You don't have to bake It. It't a reflrgcrator cake and you can make It only three days before you use It, And It Is In* expensive. How does It taste? Good but not at rich as regular fruit cake. Don't make It If you expect this easy inexpensive method to pro* duce the traditionally rich and tightly packed friut cake. But If you want a good cake, gayly decorated, wholesome enough for the children to eat, which requires only three days' to "ripen" and needs no baking at ail, then here's Lhe answer. Use » 1',4-quart ring mold. When cake is done, unmold and decorate top with blanched almonds and candied cheerles. Place a sprig of holly in the center and tehold—a Christmas fruit cake. (VtoMi MM IK***** ftaff Nine cups wheat tUMMk 1M MS* chopped, cooked prttMSj .% - Wf 6tH)j)ped dates* % ctip eMopttMl raisins, K cup chopped watnota, Ife teaspoon grated organt* rind, 14* teaspoon! frated .lemon rind, \ cup brown sugar, 1 teatpooft salt, H teaspoon cinnamon, H teaspoon ginger, Hteatpoon nut* meg, 4i cup orangt Juice. : Roll wheat flakea to make 8 cups fine crumbs. Combine all Ingredients and mix thoroughly. Line .ring mold with wax paper; press,fruit mixture Into pan attd smooth top. Cover with tevetal thicknesses of wax paper and place In refrigerator 3 days before serving. To Serve, unmold, top With fruit and nuts If desired; slice. Note: 9 cups of bran flakes may be alternated for wheat flakes. Also, if a higher cake Is desired, use a 1-quart mold. Star- shaped or other novelty molds also can be used. Japan has Issued two.stamps, in honor of her Scout Week and; her Newspaper Week. ' AMI »iw tUttt sttw seme of them to mm along with meat or fish. Remove the skint first by immersing them in hot water, then quarter them and simmer In a dees skilled (without water (until they at* suite soft. Beaton them with but' ttr or margarine, salt, freshly- ground pepper. If desired celery salt Hid a dash of allspice also may It added as well as • little sugar, ItUtOiAM WAMf AM CUP CAKI MIX SUCN QUAUTYI Here's quality that no other cop cake mix has been able to equal. Guptas makes 12 to 18 light and tender cup cakes or one nine inch layer. Precision-mixed for sure resells. Just add an egg and milk v. .^ /> ••:.'::::•••"*•;..>•< ** ITS ANOTHER TIDE MIRACLE/ HARD BELIEVE/ TRUE A UZZUNG CUAN WASH WITHOUT RINSING! TIDE cuts washday work in half! No more rinsing! Just wash... wring out... bang up! "NO MORE RINSING FOR ME!" soys Mrt. Elizabeth Davit or PORTSMOUTH, OHIO "I didn't believe Tide could do it... till I tried it! But it's true! I took the clothes right out of those wonderful Tide suds and put them through the wringer and onto the line. And, believe me, they looked so bright and clean—I was proud to hang them up!" '1 took my wash out of the Tide suds—wrung it out -and hung it up CLEAN! never rinse again T soys AVs. At or WIINAWKSN, MIW JISSSV "Tide now make* possible an amazing new kind of washday—quick and easy, alnost beyond belief. Just think of all the time I'm going to save... without rinsing! And think of the wear and tear it saves on my clothes as well ss on me! Thank you, Tide, for the biggett uxuMay mind* of "My clothes dried so soft andfluffHroned so easily -without rinsing at aUr •ays Morgan! Udrwooo* OP INDIANAPOLIS, INO. •Talk about miracles! I take my clothes out of Tide's wonder suds, wring them out, and the dirt runs right out with the wash- water just as they ssy it does! And what a beautiful wash... fresh, clean, and sweet-smelling without rintiw at all! It dries soft, fluffy, easy to iron. From now on. it's Tide —and only Tide—for me!" YES, another Tide miracle has been discovered—and it's the washday news of the mid-century! With Tide in your washing machine—you can take your clothes right out of the suds ... put them through the wringer and hang them on the line dazzling clean! Without rinsing! Hard to believe? Yes, but when you use Procter & Gamble's Tide, it's a fact—and women all over America are proving it today. HERE'S WHY! Tide, with its miracle suds, gets the dirt out of your clothes and keeps it suspended in the sudsy water. When you wring out the clothes, the dirt runs out with the washwater . . . and the clothes come from the wringer white ... fresh ... CLEAN! YES, CLEAN1 You all know how dean Tide has always washed your clothe* with rinsing. Actually cleaner than any other washing product you can buy. Now we'd like you to try Tide without rinsing and compare the results. It't simply unbelievable how bright, fresh and clean you can get your vnujb with Tide, without rinsing. And think of tha time and work you save! So try TIda without rinsing! If you do, you'll i use anything but Tide again! FOR THE WORLD'? EASIEST WASHDAY. TRY TIDE WITHOUT RINSING! .f,** / •Ac. ?.

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